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  1. I heard a pod caster yesterday (think it was josh pate) say that Stanford, Oregon, Washington and Cal are included. Then Notre Dame and Carolina. First to be announced will be Notre Dame followed by the others. If that happens I can see 3 super conferences evolving with 24 teams and a completely new type of governorship as the NCAA's time has reached an end.
  2. They're talking Stanford, USC, UCLA and Notre Dame with Oregon and Washington to follow.. so, 20 team super conference
  3. I'm wondering if others are of the same mind as I am. I think it would be great to establish a Big 12 revival rival. We are focusing on Texas recruitment more now and honestly I think it would be awesome to renew an old rival in Okie State or even TCU in all sports. Iowa has their annual in-state rival with ISU. Why can't a couple B1G and Big 12 teams do the same. I think an annual Baylor/Northwestern rivalry is very marketable. Two private schools facing many of the same recruiting challenges. Another might be Minnesota vs K State. Seems there are profitable opportunities to expand trophy games and it would also make scheduling future schedules in all sports a little easier if the administrators knew they'd always face this foe in all men's & women's marketable sporting venues. (Football/Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball/Softball) Additionally, with the growth of soccer nationally, that sport may soon become more relevant too. Just a thought.. is it viable at all?
  4. Good for Frank Solich.. Most coaching victories ever in the MAC.. Good Luck Coach

    Hall Of Fame Ballot Article

    1. ladyhawke


      This is great news. Firing him was such a huge mistake! I wish him the best. He deserves to be in the HOF. 

    2. teachercd


      That dude probably LOVED coaching at Ohio...no "pressure" no sports talk shows...2 reporters, if that, covering the team.

    3. ladyhawke


      True. It was probably great to coach in a place where you were valued. 

  5. I don't have a clue as to what the future holds and don't know enough to even guess but what I do know is the team's success lies on the O-Line blocking for a dominant back. Our stats at the end of games should look more like this from the 2014 Miami game. In particular the BOLD text: (btw... Ameer ran for over 230 yards that day) That's the winning formula. Was then and is still... edit: Dear old NU is the right column obviously 1st Downs 24, 27 3rd down efficiency 4-10, 7-10 4th down efficiency 2-3, 0-0 Total Yards 435, 456 Passing 359, 113 Comp-Att 28-42, 9-13 Yards per pass 8.5, 8.7 Interceptions thrown 2, 1 Rushing 76, 343 Rushing Attempts 23, 54 Yards per rush 3.3, 6.4 Penalties 9-82, 7-69 Turnovers 3, 2 Fumbles lost 1, 1 Interceptions thrown 2, 1 Possession 26:20, 32:51
  6. Come on Ladies... this uni fan base is relying on you all carrying the sker's flag high. Not with you in person but with you in spirit. Swing em true, glove them deep and walk away victorious!!!! GBR
  7. and.. when we have the same record against maryland as we do ohio state then what.. at this stage of our men's programs does it really matter who we play. we're currently the worst men's program in the conference. sadly, I personally don't see that changing.
  8. tOSU would be an awesome permanent crossover opponent. I'd love to have them as an annual opponent. Nobody complained about always having to play OU did they, no.. in fact, they threw a fit when that game was removed as a permanent opponent. I want, hope, that we can have either tOSU or Michigan as a permanent crossover.
  9. Actually, the seeding isn't that bad.. we wouldn't have to face FSU until the CWS so... Illinois will have to face Mizzou and if they win that, face FSU to reach the CWS.. Our champions face Okie State and when they win that then they get Clemson... The seeding isn't as bad as it appears.
  10. Lead off with a homer, ended with 2 incredible innings in the 7th and 8th.... B1G CHAMPS BABY!!!! Someday, maybe, the football team can celebrate like the girls did this morning!!! Congrats to our Husker Ladies "B1G Champs"
  11. And... our ladies advance to tomorrow's championship game with a 2-1 victory over tOSU.. bottom of the 7th double to score the runner on and win the game. Tomorrow is a morning game (10:30) early start as they are expecting afternoon storms. They'll be facing either Michigan (2-0 verses Michigan this year) or Northwestern (0-0 vs Northwestern).
  12. My money's on the BUST... but I've been a nellie lately!!
  13. Sometimes it's just hard to be positive especially when this world is so Upside Down!! Man it'd be nice to see a husker baseball victory this weekend. I'd settle for a series win at this point.

    1. TonyStalloni


      Huskers took the win last night. Good to see them moving runners and hitting well.

  14. It's called "Prostrate Surgery" (kidding ofc) I wonder how many supporters of abortion support it because: a. they support abortion or, b. they support another form of birth control. Obviously I am pro-life, not ashamed of that and in answering her question.. My response would be... I hear ya baby, lets calm down, have a drink and talk about it cordially.
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