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  1. not sure how "unpopular" this is. many agree with the statement. he had a bad 2nd year. here's hoping that was a fluke
  2. All this Ameer chatter about "what ifs/if" he played for TO made me wonder if TO had still been coaching would TO have offered Danny Woodhead a schollie and if so, how he'd now be perceived in husker lore.

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    2. ColoradoHusk


      Frank would have been recruiting Woodhead, and he didn't offer.

    3. 308_Husker


      Danny would have been great at Nebraska. Over 20 NFL scouts at the pro day for him clocked him between 4.33 and I think 4.38 in the 40 while Ameer ran 4.6 in the NFL combine. There may be a case between electronic  vs handheld timing, but Danny was a generational talent from western Nebraska and it's a damn shame he wasn't given a chance at UNL.

    4. 308_Husker


      I think he ended up doing pretty well for himself 

  3. as an anti sergio garcia guy I'm not sure i can support this guy
  4. My question (except by Husker in WI) remains yet unanswered by the other posters. Frost came in with amazing hype, what he learned was how depleted his department was. So much so that I believe it shocked him to the core. You can say the comparison is irrelevant or argue its relevance but program history be damned, losing creates decline, decline creates bad habits and bad habits create bad results.
  5. So, the HOF coach's results aren't good enough in your opinion, yes? and if we go 5-6 again as the HOF coach did, is that reason for concern?
  6. So, the below stats are those from a hall of fame coach. Are these acceptable at Nebraska? If so, are you as a fan willing to have 3 below average seasons to finally acknowledge the coach is worthy of the hype? Overall Conference Standing Bowl/playoffs Coaches# AP° 1–10 0–8 10th 5–6 2–6 T–8th 5–6 3–5 T–6th 10–1–1 6–1–1 T–1st yes top 10 8–3–1 5–2–1 4th yes 4–5–2 3–4–1 T–7th 8–5 3–5 7th yes 8–5 5–3 5th yes 11–1 7–1 T–1st yes top 10 10–2 7–1 1st yes top 10 9–4 4–4 T–5th yes top 25 5–7 3–5 T–8th 8–6 2–6 T–8th yes 7–6 4–4 T–7th yes 9–3 6–2 3rd yes top 20 10–3 5–3 T–3rd yes top 20
  7. Actually, Paul Johnson isn't an RPO offense. (though I think you fully understand that). I'm saying 80% is obviously not realistic even with a great line but had frost ran it that much last year the results would not have been worse. (Likely not better either) However, had he ran a base formation with a focus on running more the result of that would have been a more through understanding of the base formation fundamentals. It was a young line last year. From the start frost new he'd struggle to win 7 games. Sacrifice the season to develop through repetition thereby better preparation for the this coming season. Install 30-40 plays with each having 1 or 2 audibles and perfect those plays. Perfection through Repetition. Both of frostie's seasons here ended much better then they started, yes? Was it because the players didn't fully understand the complexities of the offense and if so, would repetition be the reason for the perceived improvement by years end? If so, then can anyone disagree that hindsight being 20/20, developing the run the ball mentality thru repetition pays dividends? There is so much truth is the wisdom of "sometimes one takes one step back to leap forward". Step back, reduce the playbook, establish depth, establish fundamental soundness via repetitive confrontation against every front. Once that foundation is established and hardened then add to it but not before.
  8. I (edit I think I) fully understand the RPO.. I fully understand the appearance or resemblance of frostie's offense when compared to Osborne's. What I'm saying is develop a run first mentality rather then audible out when a defense switch to a 8 or 9 man front. I get Wyohusker's post. I get the frustration with people screaming "run the dang ball". What I don't get is the opinions stating we need a highly complex scheme in this day and age. The best RPO schemes are simple. The successful RPO programs (Bama, OSU, Clemson, OU) have the run the ball first mentalities with a sound foundation. Meaning they have a base formation (1 TE, 2 TE, 5 wideouts, etc.. sets) and from that foundation they audible into the adjustments. Do that with a smaller playbook and perfect those instead of trying to ho hum through a complex over sophisticated playbook. Run the ball, IMO, is more about the mental makeup of the program then averaging stats. Hindsight being 20/20, I wish Frost would have run the ball 80-85% of the time last year because the results would likely have been the same (maybe better) but the players would now believe that much more the emphasis Frost wants on the ability to run! Frost knows you can't win if you can't run. As do most here so the "run the ball" is not about stats it's about confidence and fundamental beliefs.
  9. Most agree with you. Pelini was a pretty good coach but the antics were just too much. That said, he averaged 9 wins a year. Nough said!!
  10. Here's my biggest issue.. run the dang ball!! Stop playing fancy feet, stop trying to develop a 300 page play book. Instead, develop 100 plays that work and stick to those plays. Certainly a gadget play here or there but for heavens sake. Stop this mind set of.. if they do this, we'll counter and do this... Just be good at 33 plays with each having an audible or two of those 33 formations and perfect those formations and audibles.
  11. So, my cabinet was getting rather bare thereby forcing me to be creative for dinner/lunch. I made a hotdog chili and it was INCREDIBLE! Sadly, I didn't get to have seconds.. kids flippin inhaled it. Who knew?

  12. Personally, part of me is hoping there won't be a season as that would indicate a considerable effort in self discipline and safety. Safety both of the athletes, students and fans. In this scenario nobody can say greed was the driving force to reopen early. The fan side of me is greedy though.
  13. Actually, medicare addressed this rumor. The fact is, yes hospital administrators flat rate increases when a medicare patient is hospitalized with a critical respiratory illness and tripled when/if a ventilator is necessary. The catch however is, this policy applies to any and all respiratory illnesses not just the covid virus. Below is a 2017 (before covid 19) quote from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  14. In honesty, I think in general it's a hard match for the more liberal West Coast ideals to mix with the more conservative midwest ideals and thereby making it more challenging to recruit those states. Also, many west coast athletes tend to view nebraska as a hick state and therefore and likewise, the university too which also perpetuates into a more difficult task in recruitment. Just my thoughts. Time will tell but even in Osborne's era we struggled with California recruitment. I prefer to look at facts before bringing forth judgement and the fact is since 1943 nebraska's total cali athlete list is only 171 students. So, IMO, it's just not TT that's struggled recruiting this state but every person since and before 1943. I think instead of casting stones we should rather appreciate the struggle. Link of Cali Recruits: https://dataomaha.com/huskers/state/CA
  15. In comparison. from that same article had you read it you'd have seen the US Dept of Education statistics in which Nebraska is way lower then other conference and national schools. (Scroll to the bottom of the article and the differences are rather surprising.) Nebraska is at I think 127.
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