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  1. Nebraska and Trev chased again the hot commodity over loyalty to one.. I think the curse goes on until the university apologizes to karma by choosing the one over the hot!!! That said, a good coach can and will succeed here and I do think Rhule will rule the curse
  2. I think Rhule would have a mutiny on his hands if he doesn't offer the chance to stay. That said, I think MJ should weigh his options thoroughly. My concern is if there is a winning solution here. Many, many, many Nebraska fans really really Really wanted MJ to be given a chance. So unity might be a huge issue. Mickey will speak with the team obviously and because he's all class will do the best thing for everyone involved. (If he goes he'll do on his terms we hope and that likely should sooth most player emotions. It should also help fans move on too. If MJ decides to stay well.. this becomes a non-factor.)
  3. I'd very much like MJ to remain but I think he has too many loyal fans (me) that need him to move on. We need now to cut the ties to avoid internal strife. I am and will always be a HUGE Mickey fan. Yes I was hoping he'd become our next HC but now is the time to support the new staff. We'll know in a week how well Rhule can relate to young men when announced transfers and commits make decisions. Let's hope for the best for everyone here and give the new staff the support they deserve. On a side note.. I believe yesterday showed just how close we are to righting the ship and honestly, MJ can walk with his head held high. From the start he said he, this staff and these players would stay or go but the team would be better off and they are.
  4. lol, a sandy lawn then
  5. Contract negotiations still going on.. everyone is all hyped about this and as it stands currently the only thing Rhule is coaching is his dog on ways to piss on his neighbors lawn. Time will tell but nothing is final yet.
  6. This imo is a repeat mistake of a hire. Rhule will be a bust here. Karma could have been flipped with loyalty to MJ from the administration but instead the administration is repeating past mistakes and canning a loyal coach. Gotta say this repeat mistake is getting old. On a hopeful note, maybe MJ gets a chance at ASU with BB and BA tagging along with him. Mickey is the right choice but the blind continue leading the blind.
  7. I'm thinking this hire (if it's absolute) is a wait and see. He has had success rebuilding programs but there's one thing everyone is overlooking... state populations. Texas #2, Pennsylvania #5 and then you have Nebraska #37... In the two previous rebuilds (Temple & Baylor respectively) Rhule was surrounded with talent. That's not the case here so we'll have to wait and see.
  8. Sadly, if it's Rhule I doubt MJ stays and that means many (if not most) of the recruits are gone too. Hopefully whoever is the next HC they focus on developing the ability to run the ball. I'm sick and tired of hearing this BS about wide open offense. Shorten the game, control the clock and RUN THE STINKING ROCK!!!
  9. LMAO!!! no, ROTFLMAO!!! Today's BEST POST!!!
  10. The answer to your question (the bold part of the question) will likely reveal itself in today's game. Yep, making a prediction here that I'll be laughed at and mocked for making but... if the game is close (and I expect it to be) at a crucial point a mythical penalty will once again appear. It has happened in every game that could of (should of) been an upset except for well... you guessed it... a blind eye (missed call) or well... that random "I don't see it" penalty. Iowa is the west rep in the championship game (head to head they beat Purdue) and ain't no way the B1G officials will allow a Nebraska victory. This is the most corrupt, politically driven, do anything for the $$$ conference in all of sports and frankly, everyone here knows they don't think Nebraska is a proper fit.
  11. lol, I'm thinking this thread alone has most past the "don't drink anymore" mark.
  12. This ... but really, it'll be Mickey Lando Joseph ftw!!!
  13. wow... 4:30 hit and crickets.. everyone must be going home early today
  14. at least he was bowling just sayin
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