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  1. Not sure BTN is all that interested in baseball. We know the B1G isn't so what would make us think their network is? Sad, really really sad!!! edit: looking at the bigten schedule it shows the iowa series on BTN+ (interestingly, it appears Nebraska and Maryland [links shown in the schedules] are the only 2 schools that broadcast the games on the radio. Hmm... that says something, yes?)
  2. Admittedly, I'm over-hyped for this season. I like our chances to finally control our post season chances from the start. I think this team is hungry! (at least I hope it is.)
  3. UNO with a .500 record after playing Oklahoma & Missouri... Win the next 2 series (against Creighton & Kansas) and watch out... That team might make some noise in it's conference. Fun times
  4. I was referring to all of NCAA not just the B1G.. Per Google: Feb 19, 2021 Opening Day for the 2021 college baseball season is scheduled for Feb. 19—now little more than two months away. Those two months simultaneously can feel like a blink of an eye or an eternity, but the time will steadily tick away.
  5. So.. how many games this weekend will be postponed/canceled because of the arctic deep freeze thats hit the south? Might not be many games this weekend.
  6. Not the New Word of the Day but very fitting:



    Now, let's all pretend that none of us have ever experienced even one of these traits/symtoms/signs... lol, Sadly, I experience at least one every hour..

  7. Replying to the bold text... I'd say, you have honest critical opinion BS. In other words, arm chair quarterbacking on young men trying everything they can to be relative and useful to a team being coached by highly capable and much more knowledgeable than any one here that's stating their "critical opinion". To constantly post negatives and then discuss those negatives as if there's real factual knowledge is well... Rather Narcissistic, yes? I'd much prefer to trust in those actually hired to make the critical decisions and behind closed doors have the honest critical discussions.
  8. The way you've been pushing the SEC lately I'd say you're not a fan of Nebraska at all. In your heart, is there an SEC team that Nebraska is above? Seems to me you are here only to push your negative views of the B1G and more so, Dear Old NU... Just saying!! (edit: and yes, i know you've been around longer than me, have had many positive posts but of late.. seems only negative)
  9. I'll believe it when they actually throw a first pitch.. Knowing the B1G's position on spring sports.. I can see them changing their schedules multiple times.
  10. You are a prototypical arm chair quarterback. Also likely a fan that knows more then any coach. It's your way or the highway right? How many D1 teams have you coached or maybe a more reasonable question is, how many D1 players have you coached? My guess is none. My guess is that you're bloviating is a result of well.. a lack of substance within the actual game itself. Reality is, Madden games aren't real life and don't make you a coach.
  11. I won't hold my breath about today being the day a schedule is released. Seems to me they'll wait another week and then maybe make a statement to say the schedule will be released next week and then delayed a week while they hash out how to give one of the original's a slanted schedule to ensure that team gets an invite. (cough.. Michigan/Indiana) It's the B1G way afterall... screw everybody and favor the few.
  12. Again, more assumptions... were you in the locker room? Maybe the coaches office? Hell, maybe a fly on the wall? There's many reasons to sit the young man. Maybe just to get him healthy. Ever think of that? You speak on the boards as though you know facts when in reality you know nothing more than the rest of us. AM's performance after the sitting was markedly better. Receiver play was a part of the improvement. Maybe also was a change in playing calling as frost said he step aside some in the last few games.. Lastly, AM has been through more than most his age.. Loss of a parent, personal inju
  13. I think a bigger problem might be public boards that don't know the entire truth of any scenario spouting negatives everywhere. What I do know is many times I've seen experienced starters benched for a game or two so they can deal with whatever issues they are going through. (Kind of like a paid leave of absence/time off.) They clear their heads and reclaim their position and are all the better for it. Want some hall of fame names.. lets start with Troy Aikman and Joe Montana. (both btw benched in college and in the pros...) Instead of presumptive negatives based solely on the assumptive, inst
  14. Identity, Identity, Identity... What I can say with confidence is, Chin's defensive scheme has been consistent from the start and seemingly as a result the defense now has it's identity. On the other hand, what we though would be a strength, (Remember Frost stating he hoped they'd have to adjust to us comment) has actually been a disappointment and might I argue that is due to a lack of consistency thereby resulting in no identity. If you're identity is stretching the field, than do it. If it's power run game, than do it. If it's RPO to throw at TE, than do it but don't do one thing one y
  15. I think the offense is still a year or 2 behind.. doesn't make sense to me that Frost and Company are having so much trouble with that side of the ball. Wonder what the issue is.
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