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  1. chills, goosebumps and frankly, a whole lot of awe and respect... that is what every program should strive to do. Make better men/women first and the better athlete will naturally occur. Wow!! Mills thank you for sharing. Hope it inspires other young struggling (heck, even grown and struggling) people.
  2. https://youtu.be/HxUuDPNbkJk there you go BigRedN .. enjoy
  3. Absolutely love this schedule and you know whom else loves this schedule? Frost!! Got a quote for all you cry babies out there, "if you can't party with the big DAWGS, get off the porch". Moving up baby and I'm lovin the fear it's creating!! Husker! Power! Husker! Power!
  4. This thread needs to return to football or be closed.
  5. The speaker was not a politician, known in the community yes but not a politician.
  6. Before Friday night I would disagree. However, while at a Biden/Harris rally (there because I won't vote Trump but hoping to be convinced that Biden might be an improvement. Left certain that I won't vote for either) the speaker commented that everyone should follow the covid guidance being pushed as it is intended to remove the current administration. The speaker was asked about the B1G season and the response was "your conference is home to 4 huge battleground states so I'll leave you to figure out why there's no B1G sports". My jaw hit the floor. Never did I expect leadership in this countr
  7. Seriously, everyone is trashing Warren when really, him allowing his child to play should actually speak volumes to those whom are crucifying him. Warren "did not" make this decision. He has a boss like everyone on here and he is simply doing what he is paid to do. That is, representing those whom make decisions. Anyone continuing to put judgement on a single man for the postponement of the 2020 season is simply thinking irrational.
  8. Not to be political here but isn't that kind of what General Flynn's attorney said? That Flynn was mislead by the fbi team thereby also negligent of the consequences making the charges obsolete?
  9. Can't help but think, 2020 will likely be my least favorite year ever!! Dad always said to "never wish your life away" but damn, this year can't pass quick enough!!!!

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Likely be? This dog is only 7 months old and it needed to be put down about 4 months ago.

  10. are you sure it's not pina colada? Damn.. now I want one!
  11. @knapplc - I agree with you Barfneck.. he's the reason I stopped reading that fish wrap, sip however I don't mind. He at least curtails his agenda unlike Barfneck who constantly injects his.
  12. So really, what you're saying and what I believe is, the letter said exactly what they said initially and completely ignores the question of who vote voted to postpone. In so, the letter has done exactly "nothing" to pacify both the athletes and parents nor the fans all while focusing the blame on Warren and protecting the voter(s).
  13. Though he states a vote was taken the letter remains lacking as it again leaves the reader to assume false information. B1G should immediately reveal the vote for no other reason than fairness to Kevin Warren. Also, for fairness to fans of the B1G universities and their (the fans) ability to address their (the fans) university officials. Frankly speaking, Kevin Warren is be drug over the coals when in fact those whom had the deciding factor are cowering behind closed doors.
  14. lol... agenda, that word is quickly becoming a disgusting word/term.
  15. Hmm... something is seemingly occurring. Outkick Show Reporting tOSU is rebelling.
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