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  1. I am disappointed but I'm also very thankful. They could have just said no, they didn't, we won 2 games and they (Northwestern) gave it all they had. Respect to them. Respect for wanting to give it a go. Respect for understanding the importance of the weekend. Respect to them in every faucet of the gamesmanship.
  2. Ok.. so it's cool for you to PROJECT your opinion on them and everyone whom thinks different than you? By your "projection" "get vaccinated" "its inexcusable at this time"... that mate IS authoritative declaration!
  3. Very True but it's not over yet. Maybe it was that weekend performance that gains them the motivation needed to focus a little more. Lets enjoy the season and celebrate when it ends. Lets wait for judgements and "if only" until the last pitch is thrown. Now and for the next however many games, lets enjoy and be thankful for the heart and determination they continue to display.
  4. I don't think you should ever ask a school, an administration, a coach or anyone for that matter to demand you inject a substance of any kind into your body. Totalitarianism is not the way I want this world to go and frankly, fact is, a person is gains natural immunity to a virus is always much better off than one who gains it through vaccination. (That's a fact!)
  5. Destiny remains in our own hands.. Need to go 3-1 next weekend and win the Michigan series. Do that and win the title. but first and most importantly, stay the course. Win the game within the game. Win the at bats, win with strikes, win with strong fundamentals.. If they stay focused on the "one game at a time approach", if they don't become their own fans, if they simplify the thought process and win each step, they'll be fine. Play like champions boys! Play like you've been there before and as always... GO BIG RED!!!!
  6. boys struggle at home.. can't figure it out. maybe they feel more pressure to perform for the crowd.. gotta get it figured out though.
  7. Again.. gonna say it again.. Yes Warren has blame but so too does the each school administration. They could easily voted to play OOC but chose not too. If you're going to spread hate at Warren spread it also at the chancellors and presidents.
  8. and that's the way to start the weekend.. good guys get the win!!! GBR!!!
  9. getting some extra players into the game.. starters getting some rest. Good to see
  10. so, are we currently at a 3 way tie for conference title? Mich @ 24-12, Ind and skers @ 23-11?
  11. So, at start of game we have a 1/2 are tied in the conference standings. Michigan wins 10-3
  12. Its not at all a surprise to me. BTN is nothing but a tool for advertisers to pay on, thereby adding profits to the pockets of the investors. BTN is the worst run conference programming in all of the power 5 conferences. Opinion yes and more so, opinion of someone who likes the schools of the conference but absolutely can't stand the conference administrative group.
  13. Indiana pulls their starting pitcher (Sommer) at 47 pitches. Call to the bullpen in 3rd with 1 out. Michigan has bases loaded. Michigan up 6-2 after 3
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