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  1. I don't expect a merge. Just seems like a waste of energy. I think the SEC isn't done and in the end I think there's going to be some law suits. There's coming a shift in the NCAA structure and the dust is far from settled.
  2. Everyone can talk all they want about a miniscule $50 million paid out by the BIG conference athletics but the "real" reason Nebraska joined the B1G conference is this: (edit: miniscule is obviously the wrong term) 2019 Fiscal Year Research Grants
  3. Jojo is going to be a great coach someday. Articulate, confident, expressive, humble, to the point and most importantly, believable. Guys, it's gonna be a fun season!!
  4. Totally agree with j-magic... and as proof we need only to consider who is running B1G football operations now. BA is the appointed tool because he's proven he wants to be the tool. Warren is only a mouthpiece for the corporation.
  5. No, it's not. Ryan Day, in his interview, if you listened to it one can easily see the short comings of frost's current scheme. Bubble screens and tempo are not the way of the future. I think that's what Day said.
  6. DONU also has many sexual misconduct allegations that have been swept under the rug. Granted, not by an administrator but wrong is wrong. I'm glad current & former players, current/former victims, current/former family members are now not shunned for coming forth but actually encouraged. As someone already stated, all programs have skeletons in the closets and every coach (including TO) do as well. Just think back to Barry Switzer.
  7. We all know the reasons we were placed in arky's regional and not a single reason was justifiable. The NCAA selection committee literally admitted the reason was "just because".
  8. He gave a powder coat answer when he could have stood up to an injustice. His compliments were minimal at best. He copped out and you know it. He had a chance to make a strong statement. He chose a softball pathetic answer. But out of respect to you I'll stop. I've said my peace.
  9. Again.. false roses because he knows he needs the fan support. He COWARD when asked about the seeding and not only did he COWARD, he scratched their back by excusing the seeding to a "tough job, I get it". He showed ZERO admiration or gratitude. ZERO.. and don't point to his comment about "hard on me to leave". He didn't think twice. He packed his bags and happily headed out the door. At the time I was happy for him. I cheered for his teams each opportunity I had. That changed Monday night. He's coached here. He knows the difficulty in coaching a north school. He knew the committee
  10. He doesn't.. he says I don't like playing Nebraska. "I get nothing out of playing Nebraska" (see the "I", see the me, me, me.) He had an opportunity to boldly stand against a wrong. Instead he says they're (the committee) job is tough, I get it. He bailed, saying nothing, did nothing to support the huskers, our coach, our program or a fan base that has always supported him. It's time we turn on him as he turned on us. #abandonDVH
  11. I know it's a really tough job and I get that... When he could have been bold and said something like (listen, as a champion they deserved a host. They played us as tough or tougher than... etc) instead he sugar coated the NCAA.. I know it's a really tough job and I get that. He sold out. He had an opportunity to defend his old team. His former player. His former fans. AND HE TOOK THE HIGH ROAD. Hoping every Nebraska voice in the stands in TD abandons him like he abandoned us.
  12. We jump started his career or did you forget. WE... We that donated, We that spent millions to upgrade. We that filled the stadium. We that had 10k fans at his first super regional. We.. meaning Husker Nation. His ungratefulness was on full display this weekend and I'm hoping "WE" turn against him as he turned against us. Against our coach. Against our players. Against his shortstop. Pathetic display by him and WE should call him out.
  13. Then why are you busting my chops? Seems to me your defending him because you DO care. If you didn't care you'd have read my comments and moved on. Your loyal to him and it shows. I don't blame you, I was as well. Things changed this weekend. He had 3 post games to say something, anything, positive about Bolt, about our program, about our boys being cheated out of an opportunity to play on the biggest stage. 3 times he held post game interviews and in the final interview he's asked to comment about the placement of Nebraska in his regional. His response.. "it's a tough job being a
  14. Hoping his use plays into their downfall. I'd be elated to see NC State take it to them.
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