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  1. I wonder if he's hoping to be a 2 sport athlete? 80 MPH throw speed from 1st is very respectable. Perfect Game write up on him: edit: I like the last part of the quote above "Good Student"
  2. Wow... that is a difficult early season schedule. The 3 former conference foes (gotta get 1 win there) then Grand Canyon (1 there at least, 2 will be awesome) and then to the east coast and College of Charleston (ball will be fly that weekend. Tough series). Hoping we can come out of february with 5 wins but reallisticly i see 4. (5 means we win both the GCU and CC series)
  3. And wouldn't you know it... Wisconsin and Nebraska have beaten all the contenders leaving only themselves as UNDEFEATED... Huge showdown is building!! New D1 Volleyball Rankings
  4. now this disserves a smiley emoji if ever a response did... made my day, thank you @runningblind
  5. For those that don't know (this includes myself until I read the below article on Huskers.com..) Nebraska's new pitcher Kyle Froehlich had an older brother that passed away. He writes about his youth and credits it to the lesson an older brother taught him. In the end he learns the true meaning of sports. If you've not read the article might I suggest you do and as a tribute to Clark and for respect of a hero to his little brother let me also suggest you read his obituary here. Incredible and Awesome testimony to a Big Brother.. Thank You Kyle & Go Big Red!!!
  6. And Rhule pulled Haarberg and put in Purdy too. Purdy handed off to Grant like 2 (maybe 3 plays later) so at best, mute point.
  7. IMO Adrian is one of the classiest, humble, intelligent persons to every where the N. It's great to see him with Trev and back at the university!!! We Luv ya AM!!
  8. We were up by 24 with 4 mins left.. pretty sure every coach in college would have made the same personnel call as Rhule did.
  9. Kudos for him to have the mental fortitude to gather himself and walk off... Takes a "Dude" to have a dislocated hip and still have the strength to get off the turf and walk off the field.
  10. Really, would you have said that in the T.O. days when it wasn't at all unusual for our QB's to run through defenders? If his mindset is to run through the defender then let him run through defenders. Especially if it motivates our backs to do the same. Gotta get away from this mindset that QB's are fragile. Wish a T.O. era player would comment about T.O's "good on good" practices (Umm.. Benning you around?) and if the QB's wore green jersey's in those scrimmages. How often do we hear it said that players get hurt when going only half speed so, lower your frame and dish out the blow. Besides, it sounds to me that HH enjoys that physical style of running. Playing Physical
  11. If we should lose, we'll stand by the road
  12. and how do you know that, do you have a mouse in his pocket or are you talking (like usual) out your arse again?
  13. The weekend is here and come Sunday Dear old NU will be in the winner circle. 34 - 10 win!!! Gotta Believe Peeps.. Gotta Believe!!! GBR!!!!

    1. RedDenver


      Good guess on the score!

  14. I think most of the offensive's woes are mental. Yes fumbles happen but not being mentally sound often results in error. Throwing into coverage, not keeping the ball high and tight (way to much loose exposing while running). Correct the mental part and the errors will be reduced. As for should Sims get this start. IMO, if he's healthy, yes and if his struggle continues then make a change but yes, first home game against an opponent you should dominate at most positions, yep.. give Sims the start without a leash. Short leashing him will just cause anxiety. Tell him it's his time to shine and build him up.
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