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  1. I grew up in Arthur, Nebraska which is about 150 people. I grew up on a ranch that was 20 miles away and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I currently live and teach in Broken Bow, Nebraska. I'm a big hunter and I love the opportunities that are here to do that.
  2. SandhillshuskerW

    The Walking Dead

    That would make sense. If they jump six years in to the future, are they going to have a lot of flashbacks to show what has happened in the last six years or are they just going to go there and pick things up?
  3. SandhillshuskerW

    The Walking Dead

    Yeah, I don't know where they are going with that. I'm not sure if next weeks episode will start with everything later down the road. It could be a very interesting episode. I have never read the series and I don't know anything past the current episode, but I'm excited to see how things progress the rest of the season.
  4. SandhillshuskerW

    The Walking Dead

    No, I'm not sure how many more there are but it wasn't the last episode of the season.
  5. SandhillshuskerW

    The Walking Dead

    I was wondering the same thing. I'm also curious as to where the helicopter is going. It can't be that far away or the radios wouldn't reach. It's one thing that probably won't be answered this season. I'm guessing Rick comes back down the road, because he looked like he was ok in the helicopter.
  6. SandhillshuskerW

    The Walking Dead

    I'm the same way. It was a weird episode and actually left it open for Rick to come back. I liked the teaser about the next three episodes and really can't wait to see them.
  7. SandhillshuskerW

    QB Transfers

    If the ACC has this rule, then it would really narrow things down. Obviously there might be some other schools interested in him now that they have seen what he can do in college. I'm sure he won't have a problem finding a school that would take him.
  8. SandhillshuskerW

    QB Transfers

    I looked it up and these are the schools that originally offered Kelly Bryant: Duke, Florida, Georgia Tech, NC State, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Virginia and Virginia Tech. I know that things have changed a little bit in the last three years, but I'm not sure if any of those schools might show interest now. I agree that he will more than likely want to go to a school that he will be able to start for right away.
  9. SandhillshuskerW

    Bill Murray's Best Movie

    The Man Who Knew Too Little I don't think it was his best movie, but it was pretty good.
  10. SandhillshuskerW

    ***Official Akron Look-A-Like Thread***

  11. SandhillshuskerW

    Martinez it is

    I'm sorry if it's already been posted.
  12. SandhillshuskerW

    Martinez it is

    I agree. I'm just waiting for that one person to tell me to shut up and that I heard wrong. I like Gebbia and would be very disappointed to find out that my friend was right.
  13. SandhillshuskerW

    Martinez it is

    I would agree with you. I just heard some info from a friend of mine and I was hoping to get confirmation that he was wrong. I would be shocked if he left too.
  14. SandhillshuskerW

    Martinez it is

    A friend of mine just texted and said that there's smoke blowing about that Gebbia missed practice today and is gone. He said that it's nothing official or confirmed but a RUMOR that is picking up steam. I was just seeing if anyone else has heard anything. I really hope he doesn't know what he's talking about. If a MOD thinks my comment needs to be moved or deleted, please feel free.
  15. SandhillshuskerW

    How many PPG will the defense allow this year?

    It's all good here too. It's always hard to tell on a discussion board. Some people just get too worked up when others don't agree with what they are saying. You very well could be right and we will improve to 28 ppg, but I really hope that I'm right and we improve to 21 ppg.