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  1. We might end up doing that. Thanks, I'll have to try that. The boys are excited to go to the game so they'll probably be walking faster than me.
  2. I'm going to the game with my 10 year old and a friend of his and I'm coming from Broken Bow. Does anyone know the best place for us to park that's a decent walk to the stadium?
  3. That was a very nice gesture. He must be a well liked teacher. Kudos to your daughter and her friends for helping to make his day better.
  4. I live in Broken Bow and they have been spotted by people every night for the last 3 or 4 nights that I know of, maybe more.
  5. True. You all do realize that I'm not a Trump fan right?
  6. He doesn't have the authority to do that, but he does have the authority to change an R to a D. Sorry, couldn't resist. Last time I will comment on this.
  7. I stated it once, but I'll say it again, I thought this thread was all about hypothetical. I seem to have struck a nerve with my hypothetical situation. I'm not talking about you on that one. I know that politics isn't a team sport, but Trump doesn't follow rules. He seems to do whatever he wants to, so it would be in his wheelhouse to pull that stunt.
  8. I thought that was the point of this whole thread. Hypothetical of what it would look like if Trump won a second term. It's not dumb at all. It would be perfectly in line with something Trump would do. It would hit a nerve with the Dems and get a rise out of them just like Trump would like. Do you think he really cares about doing himself good politically?
  9. If this is in reference to me, it's not how I perceive things it's how politicians are. My comment started with stating that I think it would be funny if Trump changed his affiliation to Democrat and that seemed to hit a nerve with some people. I just said that it seems like something he would do.
  10. Could be, but they might also try to use them to push their agenda. It could get interesting.
  11. That's politicians in a nutshell. They only go with people when it fits their agenda. If Trump would switch over to the Dems, they would all just complain at first and try to use it to their advantage in the end.
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