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  1. I heard on the radio someone claim that we were second in FBS for one score losses. I don't know if that was just this year or all of the Frost years. That sounds positive because it would seem that small corrections would make a big difference very quickly.
  2. DATE: Friday, Dec. 27, 2002; TIME: 3:30 p.m. Central The Independence Bowl pitting 7-6 Nebraska and 6-6 Ole Miss. Huskers lost. 7-7. I thought the Huskers couldn't possibly get worse. Who is going to get in the time machine to go break the news to 2002 me that the $hit show isn't even getting going yet?
  3. Colorado and Nebraska's struggles dating back to Frank are pretty closely tied. That 2001 game was the first time I had ever seen my Husker team on the wrong end of a bad beating. Miami repeated that in the Rose Bowl, but that might have been one of the best teams ever. So it was the Colorado loss that stung. We've had our moments since, the kick and the pick being a big one. Then Frost took over. Colorado edged us in 2018. They rallied past us in 2019. That's not what gets me mad. Close games. We're breaking in new coaches and trying to restock the roster.
  4. If I were to give advice to Coach Frost, which would be pretty rich considering my non existent coaching resume, I would ask him to make this program HIS program. Hire an OC and DC who will enact the Frost vision for football, not their own. It was the reason I had a problem with getting rid of the OC last year. Was he running a bad system or not running the system Scott had laid out. If he was running his own offense, then Why? We hired Scott for HIS offense. From now on make sure that the offense is the Frost offense as directed by Lubik. And the Frost defense as directed by Chin. Lastly, Sc
  5. We've seen 28 games of the Frost era and most aren't pleased. Like the county as a whole, Nebraska fans are roughly split about whether or not Scott is the right man for the job. So as entertainment for those of us who believe he is the man and as encouragement for those who don't, let's hear some stories about how you feel Scott turns this around from where we are now to a place of national prominence. How long will it take, who will be the coordinators, and are any of the major playmakers for the he rise on Nebraska's roster now?
  6. I am a give it to the starter type person. The original idea was to use the jersey for practice contrast so coaches could track the starters easily and manage the reps and what not. When the team got good and the defense was excellent, people started talking about the Blackshirt tradition. Those shirts were hard to get, not because of some long standing code of honor associated with handing out the shirts, but because the depth chart was thick with super starts. You wanted on the field, you had to wade through that to get there and if you became a starter, it was a very big deal. I say it come
  7. I-form and Power Option always seem like the answer, because, at one time, they were the answer. But none of these players were recruited with that system in mind. Nobody would know how to run it. And, even after you got past the learning curve, you have to have a TON of reps to get the rhythm and flow down so that the QB is pulling, keeping and pitching at the right times and places on the field to have it work out. Frost's first year as QB was spent, at least to a decently high degree, figuring out the option distribution and mastering the flow and rhythm. We were far beyond any learning cur
  8. Turn the corner? Get us early or else? Or else what? More crappy play? I made a thread calling this our super bowl because I felt we needed to come out today and play well, if not dominate, in all phases, and gain the confidence for Penn State next week. We didn't and now we're looking down the barrel of 2-5 or worse. This coaching question is something we haven't got right since Tom hung it up. We showed no patience with Frank and fired him before we had a real plan and settled for Bill. Tom came in as AD and without a real national search went
  9. I would love to get back in that conference again. Those quick drives to Ames and Lawrence and Manhattan. Very nice. And I would love another shot at Texas. They had our number a bit. They benefited from luck during a big part of that. It would be nice to get back in the league and hang a half a hundred on them and exercise the demons a bit. These are my thoughts every time I see this thread.
  10. Looking at Saturday and some of the good play we had, and then looking ahead at the games coming up, it seems to me that Nebraska's season boils down to what happens two Saturdays from now at Northwestern, a team which has given us very difficult challenges since we joined the BIG. Not ruling out something good happening at home against the Badgers mainly because I am a fan. But realistically, we are going to be down, most likely anyway, a couple of defenders, and WOW Wisky was really impressive in week one, albeit against the Illinois football squad. Still, it looks like an uphill
  11. A message exchange on my social media compared Penn State and Nebraska. Someone, obviously an NU hater, said that he would like to see that match up annually because Penn State always destroyed Nebraska. Met with the fact that history says this simply isn't the case, the Penn State backer said we should compare records over the last 15 years. So I did. Then I just focused on the last five. Here's the result: Last 15 139-55 psu 116-79 nu Last 5 49-17 psu 28-34 nu Without the last five, it's almost dead even. We're obviously goi
  12. As I recall, it was the direction of the program that was causing pause. More blow outs and sideline blow ups. More close wins against average teams. A win at NW comes to mind. Seems we celebrated a little too much that day. Beating NW at their place is a solid Big win. But is it... Beating the Lions in Beaver Stadium, the Bucks at the Shoe, the Mazin Blue at the Big House or the Badgers at Camp Randall? No. And it's not close. It seems we were on the slow train to sub 500. That was the concern.
  13. Listening to Dan Patrick this morning and his program indicated that the Power 5 schools have limited autonomy. The NCAA still has regulations for a return to play. The NCAA called off all of the sports it has direct control of saying that its not safe to play. The conferences can make their own independent announcements, but regardless, the schools must comply with the NCAA regulations for a return to play. BIG 10 and Pac 12 did immediate announcements while SEC, ACC and Big 10 kicked the can down the road, but if these same conditions exist in a few weeks, it doesn't sound like those schools
  14. Smothers is not ready. Adrian and Luke are going to battle it out for the starting job. Adrian, I am figuring, will win the job. Scott is going want to put in packages that feature Luke instead of wasting talent on the bench. This crew needs all hands on deck. No. 1 and No. 2 QBs are on the field at the same time. What if there are injuries? Before now, you would roll out Adrian and feature Luke. Then Adrian gets hurt, you put in Luke and have Vederal as the back up. Or you can continue to feature Luke while Vederal takes the snaps. Luke gets hurt.
  15. My answer is both. Nebraska needs to go 7-0 in any way that they can get the job done. It would be a huge booster going into a grinder of a finish. Minnesota got their season going with some wins early on against less than great foes and by less than impressive scores or favorable circumstances. IMHO, they would not have upset Penn State had they not pulled out those early season wins. And, as a result, Row the Boat, would have a lot less ring to it these days in Minneapolis
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