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  1. What needs to happen is that Ruhle needs to develop the offense and defense and hire O and D Coordinators to execute his vision and not their vision. I am convinced that's what Saban does. He sets the strategy, and the coordinators follow it. If Satterfield is someone that Ruhle can trust to execute Ruhle's vision, then I've got less of a problem with this.
  2. I know, it's another thread about the Blackshirt tradition. Just an attempt to put a new spin on it. Seems like every coach we have is asked about when they'll give out the Blackshirts. If they do, and we have a bad performance, it becomes, when are you taking them back. It might be best to just tell everyone that the Blackshirts simply represent clear cut starters at each position on the field and leave it at that.... Or What if the Blackshirts were handed out at the end of the season at the awards banquet. The winners would be players who were clear cut starters at their positions and cleared certain performance benchmarks. At the start of the next season, you could indicate the number of defenders who are returning after winning a Blackshirt the previous season. The questions would then go away both about when to give them out and when to take them away. And we would have an award that lived up to the tradition of Blackshirt excellence on defense.
  3. As time passes by ... I think many in the fan base are starting to feel this search drifting toward one of two outcomes. 1. Mickey is named HC and then we all find a way to get behind that even if our first instinct is to be skeptical. Or, that there's some splash hire made and we spend the next nine months thinking that Nebraska has a shot to be Nebraska again. The former feels a lot more certain than the latter. I mean kudos to Trev if he has been having high level contacts with great coach candidates and is about to pick from that field while having kept the whole thing totally quiet for months. Or it could be that almost zero conversations were happening. That Trev was getting a lot "thanks, but no thanks." And that he's about to say, "Roll with Mickey" while also trying to convince us that he looked far and wide and just kept coming back to Mickey.
  4. There are a number of ways this could be seen as a fail. Mickey might be one of them. Campbell could be. There are others as well.
  5. We don't know it's not Mickey. It could very well be Mickey and the rumors we are hearing, like Ruhle, are about coordinator jobs and not about HC. We know ZIP. And looking like we won't until probably the Sunday after Iowa.
  6. We all are suffering a bit of fatigue from the coach search because the fans still care about this program. Despite year after year of bad results and with the program on its worst six year stretch in history, the fans are hanging tough, in part because of the hope this search creates. No matter who the coach is, the next nine months are going to be nerve racking as we wait to see what it means. If the new coach fails, the hope created by the search and hire vanish. And, at that point, a ton of us will stop paying attention. We'll care but we won't spend hours on message boards about it anymore. And eventually, we will care less and less until it won't matter at all. I have always loved this team, but like everyone here, I am fatigued from all the bad with no hope of good. And it has been hard to get fired up about games. This week with Wisky. I mean, most of us are thinking loss and realizing that a win just gets us to four wins. It's hard to care about four wins or even five. In the end, maybe we should not wish this search away. It's the hope we need. And as soon as it is gone, the clock starts ticking to the day where we find out whether or not it was fool's gold.
  7. Rhule? But it was supposed to be announced yesterday and it wasn't, so you can't say that. LOL Jerking your chain...obviously. Ruhle would be an interesting hire.
  8. Regardless, Urban could be announced this week. Maybe the speculation was a week off. We don't know. Next week after Iowa? Maybe. Or it could be the Coastal Carolina guy. Or, out of left field, it could be Mack Brown or some goofy deal like that. We don't know. Buzz around Urban. Ok. I am thinking Urban is still in the running because....why not. Could we say Urban isn't likely. Yes. You already did. But what's the fun in that exactly? If I wanted cold rational thinking, would I be sitting around debating who is going to be the coach of a football team made up of 18-23 year olds? Ummmmmmmmmm. No
  9. Husker Power are you the type of person that goes to the convenience store and stands by the counter. I can just see you there when the Power Ball was $2 billion. Every customer comes up and buys a Power Ball ticket and you say, "I don't know why you are doing that. You aren't going to win. What a waste of money. The only way the Power Ball gets to $2 billion is because no one won for drawing after drawing after drawing despite there being millions of tickets sold. But you go ahead. Buy a ticket. I am sure it will work out." Thought so.
  10. Urban as HC Ruhle as OC Patterson as DC Bill as Special Teams Mickey at WR plus AHC and recruiting Ed O as Recruiting Coordinator LOL
  11. Agreed. Mickey with those two as OC and DC. I would be excited.
  12. This stuff about Mickey's wife and Trev's attitude about Mickey as possible HC makes me laugh. We all know what was going on here was about 5 percent related to current on field results and 95 percent related to what Mickey would do the day he was named HC. If Mickey had a staff in mind with a legit OC and DC plus strength and conditioning plus a great plan for recruiting... you hire him and you do it with confidence. Nobody is an island. You don't hire them for what they can personally do alone. You hire them for all that they can bring to the program. If Mickey is out, it's because he lacks a plan and a staff and all that. It's not because he lost to Purdue and Ill and Minny and blah blah blah
  13. I will bite on the Urban rumor. Here is why... because I want to. In a world where Nebraska has made every manner of bad football headline possible, this would be a bit of great news for us. Urban brings swagger. Urban brings credibility and confidence. He also would bring a staff and a focus for recruiting that would be second to none. And mainly, it's just fun to think about. A Sunday surprise, Urban to Nebraska. YES. And if it doesn't happen, then I will return to earth and think about whoever we do bring in. But for the next few days, I am entertaining the Urban speculation. Because... why not
  14. Well, there went our chances for Luke Fickell. Well, there went our chances for Lane Kiffen. Well, there went our chances for Dieon Sanders.
  15. That guy was supposed to be so good. Dang it. Kind of like Betts. Frost had more misses than hits on the recruiting side. He didn't go after Burrow. We could have went after Max Duggan. We won't get the QB from Gretna. And that's just one position. The misses are everywhere on this roster.
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