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  1. Oh... Timmy Miles. What could have been, my friend. What could have been.
  2. Hoping for a nice little run in this tournament. Those last four games, Iowa and the three at the tourney, were fun to watch.
  3. tmfr15

    Bowl Tie-in Changes - SEC vs Big Ten in Vegas

    Why can't we get a Big 10 vs. Big 12 match up in a bowl? Or do we have one already? I just would like to see Nebraska have a chance to take on Oklahoma in a bowl game. I am so over the $EC.
  4. tmfr15

    Before we fire Miles.....

    Fair points and ones that I am well aware of... I just figured that an examination of the program from inside the program might provide a fresh perspective that I am never going to be privileged to see. Here's hoping that such an examination is undertaken by the leadership of the athletic department and that the resulting decisions put the program in position for a sustainable and satisfying success rate.
  5. As Nebraska limps down the stretch, due to injuries and negative momentum, Husker fans are getting ready to hear the words, "Tim Miles has been fired." And while that's understandable at every level, it occurs to me that Nebraska should stop and determine why this didn't work out. Did the University of Nebraska support Tim in all of the ways that it could? What's the difference between Tim's struggles and Doc's struggles? I get we want to fire Tim Miles because of how this season went.... horrid.... when it was felt that this was the year for the Huskers to make a positive push. But if you don't know what you did wrong in the past, then you can't get the next hire right either. And if you truly want this basketball program to succeed, and an analysis of the facts indicates that the University of Nebraska could do more to help Miles, then don't fire him, support him. And when you do come out with a statement of support for the guy, be clear as to why and what you are going to do going forward.
  6. I don't hate Iowa, because there is no reason to hate Iowa.... In basketball, if Iowa was in position to burst our bubble and keep us out of the dance, then the game Sunday would mean something and would invoke an emotional response. It won't because there is no bubble to break. We are so far off the bubble that, at this point, UNK has about the same chance as we do in terms of making the dance. In football, Iowa didn't win anything by beating Nebraska. Yes, an Iowa team that wasn't going to the conference champ game beat a Nebraska team that had no shot. And yet Iowa celebrated as if they had won something. That's just sad for Iowa. They're satisfied with almost nothing. Now, if there was a scenario where Nebraska went unbeaten in conference play and took on an Iowa team that had one conference loss, then, well that would suck. And if Iowa not only beat Nebraska but then went on to dominate in the conference championship game while DONU limped off to some bowl for an uninspiring matchup against an also-ran team, we would all hate it. IMHO, you develop hate for schools that prevent your school front rising up and doing something great. Those schools end up holding the trophy that you wanted. Iowa isn't going after trophies anytime soon.
  7. tmfr15

    Do we need top 5 classes to be successful?

    My formula is as follows. We need to recruit, in a balanced fashion, eight star level players, four star guys on the recruiting service, per year. Over a five year cycle, including a redshift year, you would have 40 star level guys on the roster. Assume an attrition of 50 percent. Now you have 20. With a balance of defense and offense, that is 10 per side. Now four players on each side are not contributing because they're redshift guys or redshirt freshmen. Six stars. The remainder of the starters and the extent of the depth chart is filled through the development of three star guys and walk on guys. This can work and it can work to a healthy extent against the top teams in the East. Win the conference in a year where the schedule sets up well with a manageable cross over slate and you are in the playoffs. That playoff hurts us because it's easier to get one upset than it is two. But if the bracket breaks right, why not us?
  8. tmfr15

    B1G Looking to Change CCG Criteria?

    The conference championship game acts as a national eliminator and yet teams are selected for the conference title game based on league record only. It's sad when Northwestern 8-4 has the best conference record and would have even got to Indy based on an overall of 8-4, but nothing chaps my rear more than seeing conference title game representation determined by a head-to-head win when overall decides the outcome. For instance, if Northwestern had one conference loss this year, but three out of conference losses and played Wisconsin, which had one conference loss and was perfect out of conference, and then took the lead in the division with four overall losses compared to two overall losses for the Wisconsin team.
  9. Nebraska is in prime position to rise now. Take an inventory of the league. In the West, Wisky, terrible year; Iowa is Iowa; Purdue, replaces QB; Northwestern replaces QB. In the East, Ohio State replaces coach; Michigan is coming off a soul crushing loss to its rival; Michigan State is not very good; and Penn State replaces QB. It's our time to rise!
  10. tmfr15

    Zac Taylor Odds-on Favorite for Browns Job

    Mixed emotions like many of the people who have posted. Zac is a great guy. Cleveland is a horrible job. When would this move happen anyway? I mean, I start by assuming that Cleveland waits until the end of the year and then decides if it wants to keep the interim guy with a modified or same staff of coaches or if they want to hire a new coach and start over. Then again, this is Cleveland. They might hire a Coach In Waiting and have him stand directly behind the interim guy, reminding him between plays that he won't be the coach in two years, only to have the interim guy fire back with, "That's Ok, you won't be the coach in two years either."
  11. tmfr15

    Roster management and development

    Excellent points. That kind of answered my original question.
  12. tmfr15

    Roster management and development

    Also ... Attrition is a definite factor and we can't anticipate that with any certainty
  13. tmfr15

    Roster management and development

    It does effect the conversation a lot with recruiting when you break it down to position groups. And I can see where it would be ok for larger classes as long as they perform well. Then again, if you have to take big classes frequently, the risk/bust factor for the class goes up.
  14. tmfr15

    Roster management and development

    I guess the only consideration is roster development when opposed to over signing. And by that, I mean you want to create a system where you have guys come onto campus, learn and then play instead of expecting every player to hit Lincoln and appear on the two-deep tomorrow. I totally get what everyone is saying about the importance of this class of players in turning things around. But to have a big group of guys in one year creates the situation that Moiraine refers to where you are picky some years and lose out on talented guys and then not picky some years and pick up guys that aren't as good. It also forces guys into the line up quicker, which might in turn stunt their development. We all knew that Scott would need time to turn this around. If he needed to recruit in a balanced fashion and have walk on players bridge the gap in creating depth for practices and games, I would be OK with that. We would not get it turned around as quick, but when we did, it might be better long term. Only super duper talented studs would be playing significantly in those first two to three years of eligibility. The rest of the guys could develop as a red shirt and then as frosh and start giving us a little bit as soph then major work as junior and senior players.
  15. Just a couple questions here about over signing and it's effect on roster management and player development. Over the years, I have heard more than one Husker head coach talk about creating a balance of players with fairly equal representation, freshman through seniors. When you over sign and create a big class comprised of mostly freshmen with a few jucos, don't you upset the balance? Obviously, only a certain number of the freshmen will develop into regulars in the line up and stars. If you have bigger classes instead of balance, guys can't wait their turn because a good percentage of the guys they're competing with share their eligibility status. Wouldn't this make people frustrated enough to transfer and then you feel the need to over sign again and again and again? I didn't know if past coaches were unwilling to over sign because of the negative effect they believed it would have on the team or if they were just unable to do.it and using roster balance to excuse this deficiency as an HC. Thoughts?