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  1. At the start of the season, I was sitting at ZERO confidence that things would be much better in 2019 than what they were in 2018. Yes, we finished with four out of six wins. In that was Ohio State stumbling around and feeling like they had us beat before the game even started. It nearly cost them. Iowa let up on the gas and we rallied. That nearly cost them. One of our wins came against Bethune Cookman. I watched the Michigan State win during the offseason and they had a ton of opportunities to beat us and didn't. I looked for Nebraska to come out and get some things accomplished on the field. To make me a believer. That started with taking care of business against South Alabama. I mean 42-3 or something. Get the back ups some time. And we know that didn't happen. South Alabama is 1-5. They're not some great team. They scored a combined 9 points against UAB and Memphis. They scored 21 against us. A road win at Colorado would have bene great. We couldn't do it. But the Air Force Academy could do it. Ouch. N. Illinois went as well as I hoped. And, despite a few rough patches, it gave me a small amount of hope. Maybe we were turning a corner. Got the subs in.... but we did play, "interesting" special teams. Then Illinois... for the love of God. Horrible. Terrible. Walking backwards. Sprinting backwards. We barely won. And Ohio State. Just got punched in the face. No push back, at all. Save for the double wing fullback excitement. But that was it. That was all. Now Northwestern. Will we win? I am hoping. But I am remembering Illinois and South Alabama. And I am worried. I want to believe in Scott, but if we get housed by Northwestern, I am going to start having some bad inclinations about where this is going. And our recruiting isn't helping. We scored another three star guy today. Up to 12. Ranked 42nd. That's just not good enough. We heard that Ohio State was ROCK BOTTOM 2.0, but I have to ask, don't you have to go up before you can back down to Rock Bottom. Out of everything that has happened. Not much of it. Almost none. Really NONE. Has given me much hope. Rant Off.
  2. I guess I was fixated on 2015 when we did everything possible to lose the game and Illinois finally said, after about 50 pass interference calls on the defense (or so it seemed...LOL).... Fine, we'll take it. And they threw it to that Geronimo guy and we lost.
  3. Nebraska has to climb the hill directly in front of it. Don't worry about next week or the end of the season. Just install the playbook that will beat this team. Ohio State doesn't matter. We MUST continue to march forward and feed the hunger of the players for improvement. A win over Ohio State might have the same effect as hitting a home run when your team is down four in the ninth. Everyone celebrates like something big has happened when so much work remains ahead. If Nebraska beat Ohio State on Sept. 28 and then felt like it had "arrived," it would be the worst thing that could ever happen. For now, we have this game. We have the need to improve. We have the knowledge that the last time we visited this stadium—we lost. We have to prove we can do something different. We have to have that hunger. And all of that is good for this group right now.
  4. When last season started, I had no idea what effect Frost would have on the team right away. And I had no idea what he had to work with. Turns out we were a bit talent poor. And Frost's effect was to chase away some of the pretenders. We were left with a lean team that counted on a combo of inexperienced players and guys with a mixture of buy in. Plus we had not been through S&C for a full year. In this second year, we were all expecting a big leap upward. South Alabama let us know that a big leap, at least right away, isn't happening. Colorado confirmed that on Saturday. We are at a place where we are counting on young players, some transfers, and some players who are trying to reinvent themselves after holding over from the coach change. Still not much S&C. We are still a few years away on S&C. We still have to recruit. And, yes, this will take a while. It's misery watching the team suffer like this but I think we have to count on small improvements here and there and take joy in those. A win here or there. That's it. Maybe we make a bowl. But it's going to be hard. I think 7-5 and 6-6 are reasonable ideas but not without a huge fight. We are here for now. But I hope it gets better. Maybe Colorado and Nebraska finish with similar records and rematch in a bowl. We win and change the direction of the program. In 2001, a loss against the Buffs was the first sign of trouble. In 2019, a bowl win over Colorado might be the sign that things are going to change. That's my hope anyway.
  5. The thing that makes a rivalry is to have high stakes. Winner gets something more than just a lame a$$ trophy. This year, that looks like it could happen. Winner to Indy! Getting to play for a conference title is very noteworthy. If we have a great year and are primed for Indy and get knocked out by a FG against Iowa, the Hawks-Husker series will increase in intensity. I am ready to say they are a rival just because that would be at least one team that I care about in the BIG. Right now, I look at Wisky, and they are kind of a rival, just because they have run the west and we have not been good. But a one-sided rivalry is like Nebraska-Colorado, where we owned them and they beat us once or twice and thought... rivalry. Bo was won in 2011 and 2012, lost in 2013, and then won in 2014 before losing his job. It was not much of a rivalry then. Iowa won 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Those losses sting, but I blame the move to Mike Riley as much as I give credit to Iowa. In the BIG, I think you can see clear references toward Big 8/12 schools. Northwestern reminds me of K-State. Purdue reminds me of Baylor. Wisconsin reminds me of Okla State. Iowa reminds me of Colorado. Ohio State and Michigan are like Oklahoma. Penn State and Michigan State are like Texas A&M....
  6. Adrian Martinez is a great QB. And if he gets better. And if we can get the WRs to step up. And if we get improved line play. And if we find an RB to lean upon. And if the defense steps forward and if. and if. and if. All of the ifs alone sound like, "Hey, we can do that." Add them up and they sound bad. Of course that's not how odds work. If you buy a lottery ticket 100 times, the odds of getting the winning number is the same each time. Similarly, the Huskers might have 10 problems each with a decent likelyhood of being solved. All of the likely outcomes don't add up to an unlikely outcome. Right? Tell me I am right. Please..... LOL
  7. It's the mistakes that bother me. We out gained Purdue, but we got in our way enough times that they built a lead and won the game. Colorado, Troy, Northwestern, Ohio State... I could go on. There were dumb plays in each that just KILLED us. Even in the last game, against the Hawks, Nebraska had a complete blown coverage on the TE on 4th down. How does that guy get so wide open? We let him run to a spot and then turn and catch the ball beyond the sticks. No bump coverage, no coverage underneath. Zip. Nothing. Those things were not forced on us. We shot ourselves in the foot. So in response to would we have beaten Purdue in the tail end of the season. Maybe. But we still would have made a lot of mistakes, so I am not super confident. Football is tough when you have expectations. It's tough in all sports to a certain degree. But you wait eight months to see your team. And then you find out they still aren't going to be any good. It just rips your heart right out.
  8. Like most people on this board, my expectations for Nebraska football are pretty high this year.... sometimes maybe too high, i.e. conference championship and playoff bid. Still, it would seem that the direction of this this team is way up from a year ago. A solid bowl game bid, 10-win season, Big Ten West Division title.... those all seem reasonable. That was until I watched the Purdue game. Nebraska was just really bad in that Purdue game. We had flashes of good but so many dumb mistakes and breakdowns. Can we fix it all in one calendar year? And then you look at how Purdue finished. They went 6-6 and then got beat 63-14 by Auburn in the Music City Bowl. Auburn was ahead 42-7 with 8+ minutes left until half. It felt like Auburn could have scored 100. What I saw against Purdue was a theme of last year. There's good, but then there's, "What the heck are you doing?" Like A-Mart's backwards pass to JD against the Bucks. Why? Just Why? I love the Huskers and I am ready for a breakout season. So I want to believe great things are about to happen. But I also have a bit of pause in my enthusiasm after Purdue. Anybody empathize?
  9. When I look at expectations, competing toward the top of the league, both regular season and tournament, should be a given. This league is fairly weak. Missing the tourney is really not good at all. To win a Regional, it's close to a necessity to host. A few of those sprinkled in over eight years ... 2 or 3 ...is not too much to ask for. Winning a super is hard but we would all like to get to the CWS and win a game or two. We believed in that under Dave. It's almost a complete fantasy at this point. Given Erstad returning, I would not believe in our chances to improve over this year. Not saying we couldn't, but past results say no. I believed Erstad was the man for this job based on his baseball knowledge and his having been coached by Mike Scioscia. That's diminished after year eight.
  10. tmfr15

    Erstad gone

    -- Worse winning percentage than Anderson -- We missed the Big 10 tourney last year -- Big 10 was supposed to be an "easy" conference filled with northern teams that didn't take baseball seriously -- We missed the postseason (Regionals) 4 times... equal to number of times we made it -- Never hosted a Regional. -- 2-8 in Regional play -- Never made it to Super Regional -- No CWS -- Most important... Was unlikely to ever change our circumstances That about covers it for me
  11. Oh... Timmy Miles. What could have been, my friend. What could have been.
  12. Hoping for a nice little run in this tournament. Those last four games, Iowa and the three at the tourney, were fun to watch.
  13. Why can't we get a Big 10 vs. Big 12 match up in a bowl? Or do we have one already? I just would like to see Nebraska have a chance to take on Oklahoma in a bowl game. I am so over the $EC.
  14. Fair points and ones that I am well aware of... I just figured that an examination of the program from inside the program might provide a fresh perspective that I am never going to be privileged to see. Here's hoping that such an examination is undertaken by the leadership of the athletic department and that the resulting decisions put the program in position for a sustainable and satisfying success rate.
  15. As Nebraska limps down the stretch, due to injuries and negative momentum, Husker fans are getting ready to hear the words, "Tim Miles has been fired." And while that's understandable at every level, it occurs to me that Nebraska should stop and determine why this didn't work out. Did the University of Nebraska support Tim in all of the ways that it could? What's the difference between Tim's struggles and Doc's struggles? I get we want to fire Tim Miles because of how this season went.... horrid.... when it was felt that this was the year for the Huskers to make a positive push. But if you don't know what you did wrong in the past, then you can't get the next hire right either. And if you truly want this basketball program to succeed, and an analysis of the facts indicates that the University of Nebraska could do more to help Miles, then don't fire him, support him. And when you do come out with a statement of support for the guy, be clear as to why and what you are going to do going forward.
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