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  1. Listening to Dan Patrick this morning and his program indicated that the Power 5 schools have limited autonomy. The NCAA still has regulations for a return to play. The NCAA called off all of the sports it has direct control of saying that its not safe to play. The conferences can make their own independent announcements, but regardless, the schools must comply with the NCAA regulations for a return to play. BIG 10 and Pac 12 did immediate announcements while SEC, ACC and Big 10 kicked the can down the road, but if these same conditions exist in a few weeks, it doesn't sound like those schools will be able to start up with practices, let alone games. Am I way off in thinking this?
  2. Smothers is not ready. Adrian and Luke are going to battle it out for the starting job. Adrian, I am figuring, will win the job. Scott is going want to put in packages that feature Luke instead of wasting talent on the bench. This crew needs all hands on deck. No. 1 and No. 2 QBs are on the field at the same time. What if there are injuries? Before now, you would roll out Adrian and feature Luke. Then Adrian gets hurt, you put in Luke and have Vederal as the back up. Or you can continue to feature Luke while Vederal takes the snaps. Luke gets hurt. Adrian continues at No. 1 and you have Vederal in the wings just in case. No Vederal. Can't feature Luke. If you did, and Luke got hurt, who would back up 2AM. An unprepared Smothers.? Please dude. Smothers isn't getting any time to prepare due to COVID-19 and he has dealt with HS injuries. Add this.... Bunch leaves, well, he was recruited by the last guy, so, umm, OK I guess. But how is it that Frost doesn't have a better relationship with Vederal? Everyone is thinking that Frost and Vederal had worked it out and Vederal came knowing he would not be the starter and blah, blah, blah. Something doesn't smell right here. Either Frost lied to Vederal to get him to come here or Scott and Vederal had their relationship damaged post transfer. None of that seems like good news.
  3. My answer is both. Nebraska needs to go 7-0 in any way that they can get the job done. It would be a huge booster going into a grinder of a finish. Minnesota got their season going with some wins early on against less than great foes and by less than impressive scores or favorable circumstances. IMHO, they would not have upset Penn State had they not pulled out those early season wins. And, as a result, Row the Boat, would have a lot less ring to it these days in Minneapolis
  4. Will Cain, ESPN talking head, and Adam Rittenberg, ESPN's Big 10 guy, recently discussed programs that are down in a segment on the Will Cain Show... Those programs were Nebraska, USC, Miami and FSU. Both agreed that USC has the best chance of the four to get to the playoff soon. That I guess is in spite of Clay. They said Mike Norvell would do well despite the fact that conversations about FSU are all about the bad culture there. Lastly, they settled on the notion that Nebraska is settling in as a sub par program and may never return to any kind of championship caliber football. How many Nebraska fans would reluctantly agreed with those sentiments? I am not ready to do so and find it humorous that they stipulate Nebraska might never come back. Never. Really. That's a long time ya know.
  5. The Big 10, insofar as national prominence, is a one team league IMHO with that being Ohio State. Penn State quite a bit behind the Bucks with Michigan third and fill in the rest however you like there in the east. Nebraska should be the second best team in the west. Iowa's wins over Nebraska should have been dominant but were instead nail-biters. A solid season with an upset over Wisky might be enough to propel the Big Red to Indy and then NU would have to be fortunate to play an uninterested or uninspired Buckeye team in order to have a shot. Last year told us the story really. Minnesota had a charmed year and knocked off Penn State, but they couldn't beat Iowa and then got choked out by a Badger team that was promptly choked out by a much better Buckeye crew.
  6. I thought the idea was for him to be an analyst, not a member of the staff.
  7. Five years was my window, and I was hoping to be wrong, but it will likely take five years to develop on the LOS, both sides of the ball. We are getting ready for the third year and probably a little further along than most of us think. We had one hurt QB, a true frosh and one other solid QB, who got injured as well. Plus, our RB room was pretty empty and so was the WR room. More guys are showing up and the guys that were there are going to continue develop, both at RB and at WR. The QB deal will be better this year if 2AM can stay healthy and also since Luke will be available to use for more than four games. Vederal adds increased depth too. I think Logan will probably sit. I am hearing that he got banged up in high school quite a bit, so that makes sense to red shirt. Relevant... what does that mean indeed? If the OP means National Title, well, that's almost impossible to put a time table on. All you have to do is run the table or have a SOS that's good enough to get the committee to overlook a loss. Then take down two VERY good teams. There are great teams that were in position for a run,, yes, I am looking at you Ohio State. One bad call, and no dice. If the OP means conference title, then I am on that five year deal. A run at the title in the fourth year with a senior QB is very reasonable. The fifth year, provided a new QB, might make it tougher. But year six, with a returner and an even stronger program, maybe conference title and playoff spot.
  8. Pass it more, run it more, swing pass it more... play AM or Luke or have Omar take direct snaps in the wild cat and pass it to himself. Just get anybody out there going. At this point, it doesn't much matter if the guy in the red suit is Santa Claus, we just need somebody to deliver.
  9. This could be really good, as in a chance to have some fun and score some points against a guy who appeared to be clueless from the start in attempting to lead DONU. Or it could be really bad, as in his chance to poke us in the eye after we assumed he didn't know what the heck he was doing in attempting to lead DONU.
  10. What can I say... this typing is my therapy It's a cry for help really. LOL
  11. Nebraska "enjoys" a bye week this week and, meanwhile, Oregon State will be at home against Washington. The Huskies are favored and should roll, but, here is the thing... Oregon State is coming off a record evening win on the road at Arizona, 56-38. Washington might come in hung over after they let one get away against Utah. Washington looked like it had it in the bag. Here's what's sad, Oregon State doesn't have to beat Washington to do what Nebraska can't. They already have done that. And they could add more. The Beavers have four games left, including the game Saturday. Assuming a loss to Washington (and I ask for this humbly as it would be a stinging wound to see otherwise) the Beavers would then play Arizona State and Washington State, two middle of the road teams, before closing with imposing Oregon in the Civil War game, which is dominated by the Ducks. This is the second year of a new coach at Oregon State, and he appears to be doing slightly better than Nebraska. What a crock! This is why we are nervous around here. This should not be happening. Oregon State has been a train wreck. Despite that fact OSU has won its last two on the road.... back-to-back no less. Nebraska has one road win in the Frost tenure. Just one. If Oregon State wins against Arizona and Washington State, they'll go bowling. We likely won't. These are the moments that I just have a hard time seeing what's happening with Nebraska and believing its going to get any better. I am NOT calling for jobs for two reasons. 1. What coach would do well here given that we have had three coaches in a five-year stretch? That's a major recruiting disruptor. And... 2. I am so tired of the fire and hire cycle and the patience bull crap and so forth. I am trying to work my head around the idea that the Husker program I have identified with for my entire lifetime... I was born in the 70s, is GONE and may NEVER come back.
  12. I do think the three games back to back to back with Minnesota, Indiana and Purdue make it hard to stay engaged this year. We should have at least won two of those games. And, had we done that, we would be improving upon a bowl qualifying record of 6-3 and eyeing 8-4 or at least 7-5. The losses mean we have to beat either Wisconsin or Iowa just to go bowling and, as we know, the feel of 4-8 is real. How can you be looking forward to that? I am glad it's a bye week. Looking forward to watching college ball without having to worry what's going to happen in Memorial Stadium this Saturday.
  13. Hmmmm.... let's see, Purdue is 2-0 against Frost. And they'll be healthy this time around. Loss Central Michigan beat Northern Illinois by a similar score that we beat Northern Illinois... Loss South Dakota State is a very good team year to year and put up a fight against Bo's Huskers.... Loss Cincinnati is nationally ranked and 7-1 at this point..... Loss Northwestern ... well, here is a team we beat this year, albeit close... maybe a win... BUT NO... Loss Illinois ... Is very bad. We beat them this year. Maybe we get a win. Hell, why not... WIN Rutgers... TERRIBLE. They suck so so so so bad. WIN The rest.... I will say that Minnesota won't be nearly as good next year. That saves us from an 0-5 finish. Yep. 1-4 I will say two wins in the first seven games... 2-5 Then the 1-4 3-12... wait, bad math 3-9 But it will feel like 3-33 And if this nightmare plays out... Scott is GONE. Sorry, you can't be this freaking bad. Nobody can. Tom Osborne said he fired Bill Callahan because he was holding him to a standard that he felt would apply to him. During that presser, he said Bill would have likely been out the door if he had a 6-6 season because, "We don't have too many break even seasons around here." Wow.... hard to believe how far this thing has fallen.
  14. I really wonder if this transition was handled well by this staff. I mean, we chased away a lot of players. I know they were Riley guys, but it seems to me that we could have used them as a bridge to the Frost guys. I mean, Frost brings in a bunch of guys, and most need development, and yet we are throwing them into the mix out of need because so many guys left. Take 2AM for instance. He played as a freshman. And, yes, we saw the flash that he could provide. But we also saw a ton of mistakes. It seems to me that some of those mistakes have now become habits that he is having a hard time overcoming. We could have went with Gebbia and had him just basically hand it off on power stuff and jet series and that sort of thing, then worked play action off of it and we might have had something at least serviceable. Even if it ended badly, we would still be working with 2AM in the background and getting him ready for the challenges. We saw that at least some of the guys are better than we would have liked to assume they would be. I mean where would we have been last year without Morgan and ZIggy. This year, we would be in a world of hurt without J.D. My strategy of playing Riley guys until Frost guys were ready might not have worked, but it couldn't be any worse than what we freaking have now.
  15. This is the kind of sentiment I want to believe in. I really do. Please allow this to be true.
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