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  1. Mitch Sherman was on USC this afternoon, and said that Raiola was NOT at the open house on Sunday when NU hosted a number of local recruits at the football facilities. There were a number of offensive linemen there. If Raiola was going to be under serious consideration to be retained, he probably would have been at that event.
  2. Hope they didn't spend all that NIL $ too quickly.
  3. Word came out last week that Hausmann is definitely gone. There was one interesting rumor on why.
  4. I believe it was mentioned in another thread, that once a player puts his name in the transfer portal, their original school does not have to honor their scholarship.
  5. Me and you have been agreeing too much lately. Something needs to happen where we start botching at each other again.
  6. The PAC 12 seems to have half good/great programs and half terrible programs, with 2 of the good/great programs on their way out after 1 more season.
  7. I get it. I think Deion will upgrade their talent. But, I don’t think it will make CU much more talented than the rest of the PAC 12. Throw in the fact that he will be facing much better coaching and opponents, I think CU will still struggle, and what will Deion do then?
  8. I have no idea. Deion had his son stand up at the press conference today and said his son is the new starting QB at CU.
  9. I agree but the stupid NCAA said they weren’t going to govern NIL, therefore there are no limitations. The whole thing was decided too quickly without thinking of potential ramifications, and that’s why we have today’s environment.
  10. I watched the full video. He basically told the current players that he’s going to change things and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Nothing wrong with setting those expectations. It will be interesting how many guys he does run off, because it will be difficult to flip a whole roster through the transfer portal. He mentioned he will be bringing about 10 guys from Jackson State. While those players are talented, that’s a huge jump in competition for those guys.
  11. Non-athletes have always been able to make money as a student, whether that be through an endorsement, selling items, or other areas. NIL was supposed to allow students to earn money based on their name, image, and likeness (thus NIL) on goods and services. Where NIL went sideways is that it got outside the original intent, and just jumped straight into a slush fund from boosters and cash payments to players. Once that happened, it became nearly impossible to change that. I don’t blame kids for getting $ when they can.
  12. We’re all just cheering for laundry. We cheer for our guys in the red laundry because they attend and play for the school that we once did.
  13. Cuz I said Sanders will leave after a few years or quit when his sons are done playing. So, that was someone's retort.
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