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  1. Exactly, Martinez covered up a lot of problems, he wasn’t a main problem which a lot of have said.
  2. Will Martinez still be blamed for tonight’s performance?
  3. With Bunch getting snaps, this thread was a waste.
  4. I like the all-red look. I wouldn’t let one game ruin the opinion of that look. I think the all-whites look ok, but there is enough history to show that NU doesn’t play well in them. That’s why they are called the “surrender whites”.
  5. I’m a uniform traditionalist. I just don’t like two “dark” or “dominant” colors mixing in a uniforms. IMO, when using a dark/dominant color jersey, it should be paired with lighter color pants. Red/black/blue jerseys should be paired with white or light gray pants. The exception is to pair the same color pants with the jersey for the “one color” look. I have never liked when Texas Tech goes red/black or black/red. They look like high school or youth uniforms.
  6. Saw this in the top paragraph behind a paywalled article. They are basically taking advantage of lower rates. When the University of Nebraska Facilities Corp. prices $550 million of bonds Thursday, it will use the lion's share of proceeds to refinance and restructure outstanding debt issued under a master trust indenture.
  7. I'm sure Frost had both opinions during and after the game. He had to be elated for McCallum and the players to get the W, but very concerned about how the team played and the injuries which occurred during the game.
  8. As someone who is well-versed in Finance, there are numerous reasons why the University could be selling bonds. 1. Needing a lot of upfront cash for buildings and other capital investments (which the Tweet mentions) 2. Taking advantage of lower interest rates to pay off other debt (basic refinancing). 3. I think NU was going to sell bonds to help pay for the new football facility, so this could be part of that 4. Taking on additional debt instead of dipping into endowment reserves (re-balancing the balance sheet). There is nothing wrong with companies/universities taking on debt. With interest rates so low, it's a cheap way to get extra cash, and the University can use future tuition and state funds to pay that debt obligations. I would rather have the University borrow $ instead of dipping into the endowment reserves, which can be invested in equities and other higher risk funds to earn a greater return.
  9. It's behind the OWH paywall, but if you are a subscriber, here is a good write-up about the 4-game redshirt rule and how NU is applying it this year. https://www.omaha.com/huskers/plus/huskers-discuss-redshirt-rule-weekly-but-things-change-luke-mccaffrey/article_def65ec2-018b-5a93-9d55-c1bbb983bc75.html One thing I found interesting is that the coaches like to rotate different true freshmen into the special teams. Those guys are DBs, LB's, and TE's. For example, Javin Wright played against Illinois, Myles Farmer played against Ohio State, Chris Hickman played against Northwestern. Also, someone like Rahmir Johnson is a back who would have played all season before this 4-game redshirt rule, but now the coaches want to try to preserve his redshirt. I like that all of the linemen (offense and defense) are on track to redshirt. Those are guys who need a full year in the weight room to be the contributors the coaches want. Some may think the coaches don't have a plan, but this article points out that they think about the 4-game redshirt rule and how they want to use players EVERY week.
  10. That's when the real fun starts. We can start speculating on who will transfer and when!
  11. When things sound dirty, when you don't mean to.
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