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  1. True, my parents were drinking booze. The pop rule was one for me and my brothers.
  2. We had a rule at our house. If you take one pop (that’s what I called it back then) out of the garage fridge, you put TWO back in. As long as the supply is there, we would always have cold pops.
  3. I work for a large telecommunications company with a large presence in Colorado. One of our employees in Colorado has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and doctors are trying to use this plasma treatment on this patient. Our EVP of Human Resources sent an e-mail requesting urgent help asking anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 to donate blood (for the plasma) to save his life. It's crazy that I just read these posts about the plasma treatment and then I got this internal e-mail.
  4. No. This stimulus $ should be on top of what you would normally receive.
  5. Accountants never make the wording of items very clear, and I work in Finance. Until the last sentence you bolded, it's still unclear commentary.
  6. That would be a big departure from all of the previous communication. From the linked below article "This payment is not taxable income. Instead, it is an advance refund on the taxes you will owe for 2020. If it turns out that you would not qualify for the money based on your 2020 tax return, you do not have to return it. It’s yours to keep.” https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/01/whos-eligible-for-covid-19-stimulus-checks-your-questions-answered.html
  7. I made that exact argument to this guy and he responded that by driving even a little bit, people would have to fill their gas tank up sooner and be exposed to the germs on the gas pump and keypad to pay. He wanted to be a social justice warrior, and was trying to be upset with everyone who wasn't being as diligent about things as he is (in his opinion).
  8. The guy makes good points in doing what we can to limit the spread of the virus, but then he goes off the deep end about people doing any type of driving. Yes, no driving is better than any driving, but limited driving to a destination where you practice social distancing should be considered reasonable.
  9. I have gotten into way too big of an exchange on Nextdoor (which is nearly as bad as Facebook) with a guy who is pissed off at people who have the nerve to drive short distances during this time, even if they practice proper social distancing at their destination. He is convinced that every gas pump and key pad is full of COVID-19, and every person who gets gas is going to spread the virus.
  10. John Cook has some advice for the government leaders.
  11. That's good your family is taking things seriously, and the time for state restrictions were 2 weeks ago, which would be BEFORE the pandemic got worse in the states I referenced. It's unfortunate that the state leaders are being more re-active instead of pro-active.
  12. That's good that "most" are taking it seriously. That's probably relative of any area of the country. I could see some small/mid-size city people thinking "this is mostly a big city problem", but the issue with that is the smaller area hospitals are less equipped (in terms of staff and equipment) to handle an outbreak which could occur. That's why I don't see why there are state-wide "stay at home" ordinances being passed in all states.
  13. Here is a good summary. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/09/business/oil-prices-us-economic-impact/index.html Extreme oil prices in either direction aren't good for the economy, and I think we are at the lowest oil prices in 18 years.
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