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  1. ColoradoHusk

    Next year addition and subtraction

    Most of the o-line is also misleading. NU loses 2 of the starters from 5 guys who played every snap against Minnesota. The 2 guys they are losing (Farmer and Foster) are playing about replacement level this year. While they are seniors, they are guys whose talent isn't irreplaceable.
  2. ColoradoHusk

    tOSU Gametime

    For most people, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln represents the school/university/academic side while NU represents the athletics side of Nebraska. In our fight song, it mentions "Dear old Nebraska U".
  3. ColoradoHusk

    Next year addition and subtraction

    Bill McCartney's daughter was banging numerous CU football players in those days. She had Aunese's kid, and it didn't become a heart-warming story until he got cancer and ended up dying.
  4. ColoradoHusk

    Bethune-Cookman Week Pressers

    NU will need to do what it takes to win the game first, then look at bringing in backups and guys headed for redshirt. But, yes, it's possible some guys who haven't played yet to get some game action.
  5. ColoradoHusk


    Martinez looked faster against Colorado, as well. He took a run to the house against CU, but today he got caught/ran out of gas.
  6. ColoradoHusk


    The play action pass off the option fake was my favorite play that TO used to run. I loved the option, but when the QB would go down the line a few steps, and then drop back and hit a streaking TE or Split-End for a big play, I loved it!!!
  7. ColoradoHusk


    I still think Martinez is still a bit hobbled by his knee injury. I don't think he gets caught on his two long runs before his injury. The injury isn't serious right now, but it's still keeping Martinez from getting to top speed.
  8. I learned that it’s fun as hell to celebrate a Husker victory. It’s the first of many to come for Coach Frost and his staff.
  9. ColoradoHusk

    Martinez Sets Husker Freshman Passing Record

    It’s amazing how much Martinez does for the offense. There are some plays where it’s just him making the play that is the difference. I hope we don’t hear too much from the naysayers out there.
  10. You are probably right, but give the coaches credit for getting him to flip to NU. He was their top choice at QB, and they went after him hard. I don’t see too many people wishing that Gebbia would have won the QB job now.
  11. ColoradoHusk

    Look at this moron right here:

    I didn’t look at the game thread, but I’m sure people were questioning the use of Washington, when Oz was having such early success. I like the thought of keeping Oz and Washington fresh and sharing carries. I was pumped when Mo went over 100 yards in the 4th quarter. 3 guys with 100 yards rushing and another with 100 yards receiving. Banner day for the offense!!!
  12. ColoradoHusk

    Look at this moron right here:

    Count me in as Dumb-a$$ #2. I have been down on Oz the last 2 years. He was out of shape and lacked quickness and speed. It’s too bad the old staff didn’t push guys in the weight room, but I give Oz so much credit for putting in the work and proving a lot of people wrong. Nice work, Ziggy!!
  13. ColoradoHusk

    Noah Vedral now eligible, traveled to Northwestern

    In terms of playing time, you are probably right. But, sometimes local kids like Noah want to play for Nebraska, even if it's a diminished role on the team. If he is looking to get into coaching, he is basically an assistant coach on the team as a back-up player.
  14. ColoradoHusk

    Noah Vedral now eligible, traveled to Northwestern

    Vedral’s reps in spring practices were limited behind the other QB’s, that’s why he looked so inferior to the others. Not saying Vedral is a world-beater, but he looked competent running the offense as UCF’s backup in 2017. I think he would be an upgrade over Bunch.
  15. ColoradoHusk

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    I don't get the confusion on the helmet. It's an obvious attempt by the helmet designer to replicate a white leather helmet, which would have been historically correct.