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  1. Yeah, my bad on not going through the entire thread, instead of the last page. Good job by you!
  2. I don't know how true this is in the college game, but there has been analysis done in the NFL which shows that an effective run game isn't necessarily needed for effective play action passes. Defenders are so keyed on the simple play action that they get fooled on the fake and the LB/safeties bite on the play action regardless of how good the offense is at running the ball. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/further-research-play-action-passing
  3. NU run a similar play to Vokalek at the end of the 3rd quarter. It may have not been exactly like the above play, but it was similar in that Vokalek snuck through the defense on play/bootleg action. That resulted in him being wide open and getting inside OU's 10 yard line, and led to a TD. Those types of plays are all ran with the goal of producing a chunk play. NU has to hold onto them until the right moment. I credit Frost/Lubick for going back to it in the same quarter.
  4. That's big of you to admit you were wrong, but completely unnecessary. I know I have made comments in here that are off-base or under too quick of a reaction. It's all good!!
  5. Did you see Martinez under pressure for key moments of the game? The o line did not play well.
  6. It helps to have a WR with size and speed of Betts, something that Martinez has never had in his time at NU.
  7. NU didn't get any sacks today, but did provide enough pressure on Rattler to get him out of his comfort zone.
  8. I agree that Manning and Betts need to be more involved, but the type of passes you describe also open up the possibility of an interception, which would get Adrian killed by his detractors.
  9. Thank you. One of my biggest annoyances on how people call that play.
  10. Disagree that there was a HC choke job at the end. How is it a HC choke job when all 5 linemen whiff on the first down of the possession.
  11. Yeah, I understand that all of the journalists are treated the same by the average reader, but people need to understand the difference between columnists and reporters.
  12. IMO, it's not a OPI because the pass was caught behind the LOS, but it should have been a penalty for a peel back, blind side block which should have been a personal foul.
  13. Frost did a good job staying patient with those play calls and then sprung them at the right moment. Michigan State will be a test next week, and it's important for NU to take good things out of this week and build on it.
  14. I am not sure what's going on with the RB room, other than the guy who practices the best each week gets the majority of the touches. Rahmir did play well. It will be interesting to see what happens down the road. It sucked to see what happened with Ervin.
  15. Dirk is a columnist, not a reporter. There is a difference. Dirk is supposed to put his own opinions and feelings into his columns. Sam is a reporter, and reports on facts and his observations.
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