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  1. Road losses don't kill the RPI, as much as home losses. But, yes, a sweep would be ideal.
  2. I hate confrontation, so I am not sure what I would have done. I don't get the thought that everything needs to be videoed now, but it's good that this instance was caught by someone's phone. I probably would have stood there for a minute or so, and then walked off. I am not proud of that, but I don't really like "butting in" to situations which I am not involved in. EDIT: Maybe I could learn from recent times and try to be more pro-active and change things which I don't like seeing, but it's still not in my personality to get overly involved in outside situations.
  3. I don't mind being corrected on items, if I am wrong. I was going by with what I have heard on podcasts and in various articles. The 4 extra sites thing is new to me, so thanks for that additional clarification. I still think they would need to let schools know if they are host sites, so they can have the COVID protocol equipment and processes set. Supposedly that needs to be done 2-3 weeks in advance. I agree that both Michigan and Nebraska won't host a regional. NU has submitted a bid to host a regional, I don't know if Michigan has.
  4. That won’t happen this year because the NCAA is announcing regional hosts a few weeks prior to the start of the tournament, rather than when the brackets are released on Memorial Day weekend. This is being done to ensure the regional hosts have the necessary COVID testing equipment and other facilities to host 4 teams. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2021-ncaa-baseball-tournament-projected-field-of-64-42121/%3famphtml NU doesn’t necessarily have to be a 1-seed in this year’s tournament to be a regional host. If the NCAA wants to spread the
  5. You're right, they were mannequins I like to drive around with.
  6. I agree that most of the time, cops are pulling people over for "doing something wrong". However, they do pull over people for no reason at all, and then look for reasons to give them a ticket or arrest them. When I was in high school, I was driving with some friends in Omaha. A cop pulled me over, and his reason was "There was a robbery at a nearby bar, and the guy was wearing a hat and jacket, so you fit the description." He then had me get out of the car, walk back to his police car, checked my driver's license, looked in my car with a flash light where my friends were sitting.
  7. The RPI is a very flawed metric this season, especially for Big Ten teams, because of the lack of non-conference play. The big question is how much weight will the NCAA Selection Committee give the RPI, because that's the big unknown this year. If the season ended today, NU would be in the NCAA Tournament, likely as a #2 seed somewhere. That's about right for this year's team. NU may get a look as a regional host (even as a #2 seed) because the NCAA may want to have diverse locations across the U.S. to reduce travel. There are a lot of unknowns this season. If NU ke
  8. I’m also worried about the I-back position (that’s what they are called at NU), but it is the position that someone can come in and be a plug and play guy without much experience. That’s me looking for a silver lining because it’s been such a black hole position for the past 2 years.
  9. Will be a combo of Trey McGowens and Delano Banton. The thought is that Banton should improve with a full-year with S&C and training table. Of course he needs to improve his shot, too.
  10. Sam McKewon said that the punters were working in another area of the stadium, so they weren’t seen much. Sam did mention that in a drill where they were trying to get punts inside the 20, Pryzstup was the only one who was successful.
  11. Way to get the sweep!! Although NU is better than Penn State, it's still very hard to sweep a team in a series. NU will stay in first place!
  12. Vertical threats in the WR corps make the entire offense look better, including the o-line, RB's and QB. It's a matter of creating more space vertically, which takes defenders further away from the LOS, and creates more space horizontally. Plus, it's a lot easier for the QB to throw a deep ball to a big, fast, athletic WR/TE than a tiny WR (like Wandale) or a slow, unathletic WR (like the ones who started against Ohio State last year).
  13. I can’t remember the lettering of the receivers, but Toure is going to be in the slot most of the time, with Manning and Betts being out wide. Nixon and Brown will be mixed in at Duck R and will be all over the field. Plus, Frost might go 2 tight ends at times, with one of them in the slot or split out wide.
  14. I think Toure will have the most production in terms of steady number of receptions and yards per game, but Manning, Betts, and Martin will have the opportunities for bigger, "WOW" plays. I think the steadiness of Toure will create opportunities for the other 3 and vice versa.
  15. McKewon spent a minute or two in this week’s Pick 6 Podcast talking about Wright and Isaac Gifford being the backups to JoJo. Sam said that Wright is longer and more of the LB of the two, while Isaac would probably be better in coverage and more of a safety-type (and similar body type to JoJo). It will be an interesting competition for Domann’s backup and who may have the leg up for the starting spot in 2022.
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