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  1. Stanford is an amazing school and they have great athletic programs, but you are exactly right. They have a super small alumni base and they don't have a big following. I remember Stanford would be playing PAC-12 Championship Games and they would have no fans there.
  2. It's gonna be TWO. The SEC and the Big Ten.
  3. But what do Oregon and Washington bring incrementally? If you are bringing them in, the value of adding them has to outweigh the cost of splitting the pie 2 more ways. But, mathematically, a 1/18th share isn't all that different than a 1/16th share.
  4. Warren probably making a push for Notre Dame before moving on to other schools from the remaining PAC schools.
  5. And I thought Matt Davison was living off one moment which took place in his college days.
  6. Yeah, according to most R's, Jan 6th wasn't even as bad as the BLM protests/riots from 2020. Yeah, both were terrible events, except one had the President of the United States driving the actions.
  7. I don't know about that. If Trump gets jail time (which I doubt he will), she will be viewed as a traitor to so many people who are loyal to Trump. I just don't have faith that there are enough "progressive" Republicans who are ready to over turn the "Party of Trump".
  8. I have used CBD oils and pills to try and help with my sleep and other ailments, and I have never liked it. It left me with a groggy feeling that I couldn't get over. It's also why I never liked doing pot. I know CBD products don't have THC, but I have never liked that overly relaxed/tired/groggy feeling. Just because I haven't had good experiences, doesn't mean I wouldn't recommend them. I am all for CBD and other uses of the marijuana plant, as I think it's a much safer and natural product over man-made pharmaceuticals.
  9. If the NCAA is getting involved, it's most likely PED's of some type that's on the banned list from the NCAA.
  10. Well it was used by another program in the Athletic Department, so it wasn't exactly "wasted space". The concept with this new facility is that it's available to all student athletes, not just the football team. It is centrally located on campus for all student-athletes.
  11. Northeast corner of the stadium, where the old track stadium was. It's basically on the east side of the stadium, with the campus recreation center on the other side.
  12. Come on, you know Conservatives don't care about ether poor and brown skinned.
  13. I saw that the American Obstetricians and Gynecologists Association came out against today's ruling, with numerous, valid reasons why abortions can be necessary. Good thing people rely on "faith" to make laws over science and the expertise of professionals in that field.
  14. Not really. It's all about imparting power and control onto people with "different beliefs".
  15. You are describing your morals. What right do governments have to impart morals into the people in forms of laws?
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