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  1. Is Pillen planning on shooting COVID-19 with that shotgun of his? Talk about pandering to a certain population within the state.
  2. It may run the "regular fans" the wrong way, but NU wouldn't be gathering interest if these club areas and other boxes weren't doing well at other universities. NU is trying to maximize the revenue from the stadium, and also make it a great spot for fans to enjoy a game. My family has season tickets in the 100s section of the East balcony, and while they aren't club seats, it's a great convenience to have bathrooms and concessions steps away from our seats, and it's a godsend to go inside when at a super cold or hot game.
  3. As long as TO is alive, there won't be booze in Memorial Stadium.
  4. Becoming? More like "we've been" EDIT: I'm including myself in those overweight fans who squeeze into Memorial Stadium seats. Thankfully the last few times I've gone, it's been with my son who is much skinnier, so I can take part of his seat.
  5. Taylor's last assistant coaching gig before Cincy was the with Rams. That was in the couple years where a number of Shanahan and McVay assistants were hired as head coaches. Before the Rams, he was with U of Cincinnati, the Miami Dolphins, and Texas A&M. That's just off the top of my head, so he might have had another job or two.
  6. Sam McKewon mentioned that Joseph may be better in Omaha, because of Omaha's history of sending skills players (RB, WR, CB, etc.) and having a former LB (and LB coach) may not have connected with the skill players. Other than Betts (who was a huge academic risk, so that scared off other teams), the recent Omaha guys were LB's, linemen, and TE's. It's not a fault of Ruud's, it's just that the skill players are probably looking for a different type of coach to recruit them.
  7. With 14 teams, how does it work to create scheduling pods, because 14 isn't easily divided other than by 7, which is basically a division. Unless the pods for each team are different for each team in the pod, meaning NU would play 2 out of the 3 from Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  8. Thanks for that pic. Maybe my TV doesn't do any justice to the skin damage Boba Fett has incurred over his lifetime, and is a big reason he sleeps in a Bacta tank.
  9. Mickey had a 20+ minute interview on 1620 this morning. It's well worth a listen if you want to hear his thoughts on why he came to NU, recruiting, the WR room, the QB's, and other topics.
  10. Fair point. I know it depends on the neighborhoods and areas of the cities, as well.
  11. So a community in a more diverse city is actually more accepting and welcoming to new people (who may be "different") than other cities or areas of the state which are more singular in a "way of life"? Color me shocked.
  12. Yeah, I am probably being stubborn, but I also don't agree with people just giving off opinions without thinking of the other side . Where are you originally from and I take it now you live in the south area of Lincoln?
  13. Born and raised in Omaha. Graduated from an Omaha high school and went to UNL. Been living outside of Nebraska for 20+ years, but I still have siblings in Omaha and visit them regularly, and my wife is from Hastings so we go there too. I also try to stay up to date with the local news and events in Omaha. I read Omaha.com regularly, and check out the OWH sports podcasts and 1620 regularly. I think I tend to know the Nebraska area well, despite not living there for 20+ years.
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