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  1. Who will the TV networks focus on now when they show Purdue football games? That guy was shown on TV nearly every play.
  2. I don't think there was one particular play where Wandale was injured. He injured his hamstring in the Purdue game, but I don't remember it being one specific play. He had hamstring issues in the spring, and may have aggravated the injury during the season due to all the use he had in the first half of the conference season.
  3. Great point. The coaches were very reluctant to play Dime packages once he went down.
  4. The loss of Hunt as the X receiver had a big impact, as that forced Spielman and Noa to play more X and Z (outside receivers) and less of the Y (slot) receiver. I think Spielman was going to be the #1 target for Martinez on most routes, but yes, Hunt's suspension was a bigger loss than most people admit.
  5. Man, Brett Maher sucks. 

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    2. HuskerInLostWages


      There's a reason there were try outs for kickers earlier in the week.

    3. spurs1990


      man how things change quick as a kicker

    4. GSG


      Once the Cowboys get Urban Meyer they won't be kicking field goals or extra points anymore



  6. These kids don't have the same upbringing and support to focus on their education as kids you know. These kids probably haven't cared about school their entire life. It's not an excuse, but expecting every single kid to change their behavior is unrealistic. There are still going to be a number of kids who don't make it out of the JUCO's. While it's infuriating to a lot of people to see kids waste these opportunities, it's just the way it is.
  7. I know kids not having the grades to get into certain colleges are something which seems almost "hard to do". However, these kids have probably never been serious students and have gotten through life ok. Unfortunately, many of the kids don't understand the importance of grades until it's too late.
  8. The wording of the headline is very misleading. The University has kicked them out for 2.5 years, thereby having them kicked off the team for AT LEAST that time period. The Athletic Department will probably be announcing the players' immediate removal from the team forever.
  9. Frost booted them from the team for this year, waiting to get the final word from the University. The University has spoken, and I'm sure there will be an announcement from the Athletic Department of the players' official status shortly.
  10. Exactly!! Frost made swift action to remove them from the team this year, with the status after this year dependent on the school's findings. I don't get the criticism towards Frost.
  11. Frost suspended Hunt and Legrone immediately and removed them from all team activities. I am sure Frost will kick them off the team once the University gives official word of the 2.5 year suspension from the school.
  12. Didn't Frost basically kicked them off the team based on the feedback he initially received? I don't see what Frost did wrong here?
  13. Hunt and Legrone probably won't be back anytime soon, and most likely never.




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    2. HuskerInLostWages


      @krc1995 already taught my daughter (5) the palm of your hand in the nose.  Unfortunately a little boy twice her size and age pushed her down and sat on her pinning her down and she taught him what I taught her, there was a parent teacher conference already.  He bled she got in trouble and daddy was proud and informed her she did the right thing.

    3. ActualCornHusker


      @JJ Husker I wasn't gonna go there, but I completely agree. It doesn't excuse the actions of Hunt or Legrone, but the girl was fully aware he invited her over to have sex, and she went to his place anyways, sat on his bed with him, and apparently didn't say no when he started to touch her... I'd be interested to read the full testimony

    4. krc1995


      Awesome HILW! The greatest gift you can give her. And this story isn’t over, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. 

  14. But if NU didn't beat Illinois and Northwestern, NU still doesn't go to a bowl game.
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