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  1. But Miller wouldn’t be able to use the 4 game rule if he was forced to sit out this year as a transfer. That’s what BRB seems to be asking. The traditional transfer rule makes that player ineligible for a year, which he can use a redshirt season (if he still has one) or he loses a year of eligibility.
  2. I knew that's how someone would take my post. Yes, the rest of the o-line was not great, but Cam wasn't a big issue by the end of the season.
  3. By the end of the year, Cam was one of the best linemen on the team, and did very well against tough d-lines in Wisconsin and Iowa.
  4. Thanks, Mav. I figured it was something COVID related, but that explanation makes sense. His tweet about the situation at A&M being out of his control was vague, but he probably couldn’t go into too much detail anyway.
  5. Saw on Twitter that Max Anderson from Millard West is not going to TAMU, and is headed to Nebraska. 2020 Nebraska Gatorade Player of the Year, and top player in the 2020 class in the state.
  6. If you guys have questions about how the OWH puts together this camp countdown list, I recommend listening to their Pick 6 Podcast each week. This past week, McKewon went into pretty good detail on how they started to create the list and how he got to his honorable mentions. Regarding Keem Green, McKewon just isn't very high on him, and he was over-recruited by other JUCO guys from this past cycle, and it may be tough for Green to crack the two-deep.
  7. IIRC, there were 5 or 6 o-linemen who redshirted as true freshmen in 2019. Yes, a full spring practice would have helped them, but they will definitely be counted on being the 2nd and 3rd string linemen in 2020. Will Farniok will return to be backup center, as well.
  8. When Benhart was recruited, they always mentioned his strength being run blocking. That's why he will settle in at RT, as a lot of teams like to be "right-handed" running teams. I'm not sure how Frost prefers it, but it makes sense to me. In a zone running scheme the RB's strong leg is probably his right leg, so if he's going right, it's easier to plant that right foot and cut upfield.
  9. They will lean on Benharts run blocking skills and the combo of Farniok-Benhart on the right side should enable NU to be a strong right-handed running team.
  10. The lack of development from Wilson, who I think started as a freshman, has been a pretty big disappointment. Sounds like he was starting because there just wasn't anyone better than him on the roster.
  11. Yeah, he had nearly 2100 yards rushing last year, and returned to Okie State, even though he was eligible to try for the NFL.
  12. Not weighing in on the political side of this, because I think Gundy wearing an OAN shirt shows how clueless he is. But, does Oklahoma State use general university funds for their athletic department? If OSU has a self-funded athletic department using donations, ticket sales, $ from the Big 12 conference, etc, then your tax dollars don't pay his salary. If OSU does transfer funds from the general university, supported by state of Oklahoma taxes, then you may have a point.
  13. Is that like having a season propped up by winning a bowl game after going 5-7 in the regular season?
  14. Tony Veland is a great example of a position change working out for the player, but he also suffered a major injury before the move, and by the time he came back Tommie Frazier had the QB job firmly in his grasp. One other thing, it was over 25 years ago. The mindset for the players (especially QBs) is completely different now. I am not saying it's better or worse now, it's just the way things are. They are going to want to find a school where they can be a QB. They've trained their whole lives to be a QB, they don't want to move to a different position unless it's the last resort.
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