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  1. I'm not trying to say NU should look to leave the conference, but I can still be critical of how the Big Ten Presidents/Chancellors and commissioner has handled the past year. With schools ranging from the East Coast to the Heartland, they should look to be creative and listen to their schools to how they should approach scheduling in each sport. Instead, they have been stodgy and re-active in all of their decisions, with the view of "what's best for the conference". That may have worked when they were a regional, 10 team conference, but the conference is now 40% larger in number of teams,
  2. Just the way the Big Ten does things is not a good reason for how they do things. The way they continue to be short-sighted and lack any creativity is maddening.
  3. They are probably going to do this to raise money and have tax-exempt status.
  4. I don't think he's taking a scholarship from anyone, as those scholarships are good for one academic year. It's not like Frost could have taken that scholarship and given it to someone else to use this spring semester.
  5. Sorry dude, if you are over 18, you shouldn't wear a jersey. It's just one of my life principles. I know people don't agree with it, but that's the way I roll.
  6. Football jerseys are very nerdy, unless you are a kid. They have an exception.
  7. Yep, he probably stayed enrolled at Michigan to finish up his degree and be able to transfer as a grad transfer.
  8. I think the best minds in football would tell Kade that he's fortunate to be on a roster which enables him to play on occasion.
  9. My original post in this thread wasn't the argument of going for the win or not, it was Osborne's methodology and timing of going for two and the win. I understand with a multi-page thread that most people don't go back to the OP and first few responses.
  10. I am far from a Theology expert, but in some quick Google-machine searching, the Bible was changed in the 1940s from a wording of "man shall not lie with young boys, as he does with woman..." to a wording of "man shall not lie with man...". Obviously the first phrase is referring to wrongful acts of adults molesting and having sex with underage kids, while the second phrase is "expanded" to include all homosexuality. Of course, anything can be interpreted differently by various groups of people. https://um-insight.net/perspectives/has-“homosexual”-always-been-in-the-bible/
  11. It's Trinity United Methodist Church, but I think we are referring to the same one. Again, I am not a regular church-goer, but do like going on Christmas Eve services just for the overall positivity and message of love and togetherness. I think TUMC is a different experience because of 1) the building - it's historical and such amazing architecture and design makes it unique to today's mega-churches in the suburbs and 2) the diverse people with a message of acceptance, love, and positivity. It just gave me a good feeling which I like to share with my friends (who invited us) and my family.
  12. I had no idea Stokes had moved up so much in the NFL. That’s strong work for this dude.
  13. Special teams doesn’t take knowing of concepts, it’s a lot about effort, speed, and athleticism. You know who plays special teams in the NFL? The most athletic players. The RB’s, WR’s, LB’s, and DB’s. So, I think part of the issues are not enough quality athletes being willing and able to play ST. That should improve with more depth, but it’s troubling that it’s still an issue in year 3. Regarding ST concepts and coaching, it seems to be all over the place under Frost. That shows me that he doesn’t place a big emphasis on it. Maybe that will change, as he realizes he can’t blow t
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