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  1. ColoradoHusk

    Permanent Blackshirts away uniform ideas

    If NU is going to have solid (no stripes) pants for the regular uniform, the Blackshirt pants shouldn’t have stripes either. I agree that the stick N on NU’s helmet is a huge part of Nebraska’s brand. As long as the helmet doesn’t deviate from that N (in red or black) I am good.
  2. ColoradoHusk

    Permanent Blackshirts away uniform ideas

    I like wearing gray personally, but teams wearing gray for the sake of wearing gray is as bad as wearing black for the sake of wearing black. If NU is going to have a “Blackshirt” road uni, it should be with a white jersey. It would be a clean look paired with black pants.
  3. ColoradoHusk

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Colorado (Game 2) **

    Tebow took over as starter in game 6 of the regular season. While the Broncos did win 7 of the first 8 games that he started, 5 of those wins were when Denver scored less than 20 points. I don’t know how “entertaining” that kind of football is. I guess people were thinking “how the heck did the Broncos just win that game”. I know Elway sure did.
  4. Yes, Fitzgerald is a good coach, but I don’t get why people think NW is such a great team.
  5. Great point about penalties. The best teams will push the limit of what penalties will he called against them. I do get annoyed with false starts, delay of games, and illegal substitution penalties, but the last 2 shouldn’t be much of an issue with Frost’s offense.
  6. ColoradoHusk

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Colorado (Game 2) **

    Are you serious that the Tebow year with the Broncos was entertaining? They won in the regular season despite Tebow. He averaged less than 15 passes per game. I guess the Broncos pulled a bunch of wins out of their a$$ that year, but it was not really due to Tebow.
  7. ColoradoHusk

    Cam Jurgens Great News

    I know some were surprised last year when Martinez was named starter at QB, but it was obvious that he was a difference maker at that position. I have a hunch that if Jurgens can stay healthy, he will probably be another difference maker on the field. He just needs to stay healthy.
  8. Th article from the OWH showed that NU was one of the better/best teams in turnover margin in the 15 years prior from 1989 to 2003. I think one of the biggest failures that Callahan, Bo, and Riley shared was a lack of attention to detail. Too many times, their teams played sloppy with mistakes in turnovers and penalties. I know Frost’s teams have had penalty issues in the past, but they tend to make up for it with positive turnover margins.
  9. ColoradoHusk

    Permanent Blackshirts away uniform ideas

    The away version would probably be white jerseys and black pants, with black shoes. I think a red N on the black pants would look good. Not sure if the jerseys would look better with red numbers or black numbers.
  10. On offense, I think Martinez will reduce his fumbles significantly this year. His decisions will be MUCH better and he will know how to take a hit, along with being much bigger to absorb those hits. On defense, I think the D will start to create more turnovers. One, if NU is up in the game, that forces the opposing offense to be more aggressive, which can lead to turnovers. Two, I think the pass rushers will do a much better job this year, which will create sack/fumbles and errant throws into the secondary. Third, with another year of S&C and more depth, that means a faster defense and swarming to the ball carrier. That means 2nd and 3rd guys coming into the play and punching at the ball. It's really amazing how NU was able to win as many games as we did, given the turnover situation, but a lot of that is due to out-talenting the other team. It cost NU in close games, especially against inferior opponents, and it gave NU no chance against teams with equal or better talent.
  11. ColoradoHusk

    Fall Camp Notes

    I could be wrong, but I don't think they are allowed to have contact with the coaches, which could be considered "practice time".
  12. ColoradoHusk

    Fall Camp Notes

    I'm sure they are being asked to do certain things, but the coaches can't be around for them. I think Frost's emphasis on the walk-on program is to get more players around for more depth, find diamonds in the rough, and being able to run multiple stations during practice. He wants those guys 130-150 to mainly be bodies for the program and success stories for back home.
  13. Honestly, Northwestern hasn't been better the past few years against most teams, they seem to want to hang in the game and try to have the other team make mistakes. It's a good strategy when they are working with inferior talent and it works for them. But, their success is more dependent on the other team screwing up.
  14. ColoradoHusk

    Fall Camp Notes

    Probably doing some type of working out and staying in shape. Maybe they are given film of the practice to watch each day. Realistically those guys are way down the depth chart, so they just need to be ready to help run the scout team on Monday.
  15. ColoradoHusk

    Fall Camp Notes

    As long as Green is ready to get a lot of snaps by conference play, that will be fine.