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  1. ColoradoHusk

    Ranking Nebraska's Best Coaches (All Sports)

    I think Dave Van Horn should be included in the list. While he didn't have the longevity as other coaches, getting NU to the CWS has shown to be a miracle. He (and Childress) was able to recruit and develop studs during his time at NU.
  2. ColoradoHusk

    Charlie Mcbride podcast on Big Red Cobcast

    Williams may have been thought of as a good recruiter, but the 2 best WR's the past few seasons were Morgan, who was a Pelini recruit who stuck around, and Spielman who Williams wasn't even in on, and was more of a Riley recruit (based on Riley's connections to JD's dad). All of the other WR's recruited either never made it to campus, flamed out once they got to NU, or are still trying to find a spot in the WR rotation. This is only looking at WR recruits. I am not sure if Williams recruited other positions, based on a geographical area.
  3. ColoradoHusk

    First-Year Coaching Grades

    I laughed!!
  4. ColoradoHusk

    First-Year Coaching Grades

    Careful Mav, you might offend some people with the use of that GIF. Did that GIF make harmful Tweets a few years ago?
  5. ColoradoHusk

    First-Year Coaching Grades

    I get that the team went 4-8 and that's a terrible record. Call me a Kool-Aid drinker, but I think so many of the events in the first half of the year was out of Frost's control. The Gebbia transfer, the Akron rain out, Martinez's injury, the lack of discipline and other traits the players carried over from the Riley era.
  6. ColoradoHusk

    McGriff Leaves Program

    It can be hard for a kid to be moved around positions a number of times. The coaches are also trying to find a way for the kid to beat contribute to the team. Sometimes, the kid and the coaches aren’t on the same page.
  7. ColoradoHusk

    Turner Gill retires

    Forgot about Easy A. Never saw Zombieland. I don't get Hollywood's infatuation with wanting women to be super skinny. Nothing wrong with a woman to have some curves and looking like an actual woman.
  8. ColoradoHusk

    Turner Gill retires

    She's gotten too skinny. She was her hottest in Superbad.
  9. I never heard any rumors like that. There may have been some internal strife, but outwardly TO defended Frost to the media after the ASU loss and the rest of the '96 season. TO ripped into Tom Shatel from the OWH after Shatel wrote a scathing article on Frost after the ASU game, blaming the loss on Frost.
  10. I am not sure if the video is out there from Frost's appearance in the '97 season, but at the end of the interview, Frost starts making goofy faces to the camera as they are headed to commercial. Osborne and the host were oblivious to what Frost was doing.
  11. ColoradoHusk

    Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    I'm a super dork, too. But, most NU fans aren't.
  12. ColoradoHusk

    Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    I don't know if many NU fans would recognize our assistant coaches outside Nebraska. Only the super dorks who obsess over NU might recognize them right away.
  13. ColoradoHusk

    B1G Looking to Change CCG Criteria?

    The Big Ten has always been about themselves rather than the rest of the college football landscape. Before Nebraska joined the Big Ten, the conference valued conference championships and the Rose Bowl over National Championships. Like you point out, they think the conference is "better" than the other conferences in terms of $, prestige, academics, and the overall student-athlete experience. They make decisions with an internal point of view, rather than looking how their decisions impacts things with the rest of the NCAA.
  14. ColoradoHusk

    B1G Looking to Change CCG Criteria?

    Maybe Jim Delaney can create a Big Ten Championship committee to determine who the "best 2 teams" are in the conference, and they can play each other in Indianapolis.
  15. ColoradoHusk

    Martinez and the QB running game.

    I understand the concern for Martinez "running it too much" and how it may result in an injury. However, Martinez's running ability is one of the best weapons of the offense. I think he will an even better/faster runner next season as he gets a little stronger and not hampered by the knee injury he suffered against Colorado. Why should we limit one of the best aspects of the offense? We may limit his attempts against weaker teams, but he should be fully used against tougher opponents.