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  1. I got a call from a close friend of mine after that game. My friend's dad was on the NU staff under Solich, and his dad was let go by NU. My friend HATED Callahan, while I was drinking the Callahan Kool-Aid, so I was trying to come up with every excuse to defend Callahan. My defense of Callahan came to an end during the 2007 season.
  2. You are correct, it was 70-10 Tech in 2004.
  3. Especially when not playing "fundamental football" helped cause a couple huge upsets last week (OU and LSU).
  4. Leach's first year at Tech was in 2001. Leach had been the OC for Oklahoma in 2000 when they won the National Championship. Leach brought Tech into Lincoln in 2001 and put up 31 points against NU, but NU still won 41-31. I thought NU was in deep trouble with NU playing OU the next week, but I didn't realize that Leach was the main reason OU's offense was so good in 2000 (along with Stoops' defense). The game where LeKevin Smith blew the game was in 2005 (I was at that game). Tech was up most of the game, but NU came back and took the lead late in the 4th quarter. LeKevin Smith
  5. Texas Tech had the highest point output against NU in 2009 with 31. But that did include a fumble return for a TD when Niles Paul failed to catch a lateral pass, and Tech picked up the live ball and returned it 80 yards for a TD.
  6. Not going out of my way to give Bo excuses, but Leach’s system is known to be really simple. He has a base of about 10 plays which they then vary with formations. Also, watching the game, the biggest problem for LSU’s D wasn’t necessarily Bo’s scheme, it was piss poor tackling. They were missing tackles all game, leading to big plays by Miss State. With fewer contact practices due to COVID precautions, that leads to bad tackling, especially in the first game. Bo’s D wasn’t good at all, but a number of factors went into it.
  7. I have no desire to play the same team from the other division every year. Frankly it gets old, and that type of scheduling leads to unbalanced scheduling within the division. Playing Ohio State every year for the past few years has gotten old, and playing Michigan for the next few years will get old, as well. I would prefer rotations among all of the teams in the other division.
  8. LOL. Understanding that timeline would have helped.
  9. I am not sure about the details of Sayers' recruitment coming out of high school, but I think part of Sayers decision to go to KU was the way African-Americans were treated at UNL at the time and pressure he felt from UNL alumni. He was committed to NU for a short time, so how is that Devaney "didn't offer a scholarship to Sayers"?
  10. Why are you concerned about why you don’t know who the players are? There are nearly 70 walk-ons on the roster, and nearly every one of them won’t contribute on the field. When I was at UNL, I remember guys who walked-on, who had no business being on the team.
  11. Having no fans in the stands has nothing to do with players or coaches safety. That decision was made to appease the University presidents who were looking to limit the liability of having games. I agree with Moos in that should have been left up to the individual cities/states/universities, but getting that TV money is more important than having 25-50% capacity in the stadium.
  12. NU made ~$55 million from the Big Ten in their last payout, this year it's estimated NU will get $40 million from the Big Ten. The exact payout is still up in the air, but the Big Ten getting 9 games in for this year is minimizing the losses.
  13. Agreed. The biggest reason for NU's lack of success in the Big Ten is the lack of success in the Big Ten West. NU needs to turn that around by dominating Northwestern, Illinois, and Purdue and winning 2/3 or 3/4 from Iowa and Minnesota, and splitting games against Wisconsin.
  14. Wisconsin was also in the same division as Ohio State for a few of those games. I can't remember how long the Legends and Leaders were around. But, since the Big Ten went to East vs. West, Wisconsin hasn't been scheduled against Ohio State very often. As Knapplc mentioned, it's the inequality of cross-divisional games which are scheduled.
  15. It's baffling why the Big Ten has gone with competitively imbalanced cross-over game schedules. I know why they do it (TV $), but certain teams are penalized by it. But, you are correct in that NU needs to start living up to their brand name, and be competitive in the cross-over games.
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