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  1. It's also why the coaching profession where nepotism reigns so strongly. One, it's easier for coaches' kids to get their foot in the door. Two, coaches kids' can be willing to stick around the low paying jobs, as they can get help with $ from their parents, until they hit it big on their own.
  2. You forgot that he was a bum to take a job at a small school like YSU, so he could stick it to NU, and make us pay his full settlement. Now that the NU payment is gone, he's back making good money.
  3. $2 million per year is a nice chunk of change. What was the most he made at NU?
  4. I know you’re not questioning Roby’s decision to turn pro, but he still made the right decision.
  5. Wonder if Patton is being shipped to Golden State?
  6. I would probably put him at 1000 yards and maybe 12-14 TD's. I still think Frost will want to spread the wealth and carries at I-Back, and he's going to want a home run threat at RB. Plus, the WR's should be more productive (at least I'm hoping they will be).
  7. Looking at OKC's roster, they don't have a lot of depth at the SF/PF spot, outside a number of young guys. I think Danilo Gallinari is in his year of his contract (or near the end), so there could be an opportunity for Roby to stick on their roster in the next few years.
  8. He will still probably be an analyst. It's just the terminology that Football Scoop is using which makes it confusing.
  9. When I was at UNL (a long time ago), we just had pluses to the letter grades. B+ was worth 3.5 and a B was worth 3.0. If they added minuses to the grading system, 1.8 is probably a C- average.
  10. Kids just need to be full-time students, and do well enough in the classes to be eligible. That's a minimum of 12 credit hours during the fall and winter semesters, and I don't know if they are "allowed" to fail any classes. Interesting that Bradley was named to the team honor roll in 2019.
  11. Maybe instead focusing on specific bands, the docs will focus on genres or eras of music. I have heard the Ken Burns docu-series on country music was really good. I want to check that out.
  12. Wonder if they will try to do a similar role as Jojo Domann. Hannah was really skinny last year, and may be better at a lower weight and be a weak-side OLB.
  13. Teach would want the entire INXS documentary to be focused on how Michael Hutchence died.
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