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  1. I think they not only use the WPS as a mating call, but they also scream it out while reaching climax.
  2. And too much of the glory and blame gets put on the quarterback.
  3. Given that last year didn't count towards eligibility, he could have arrived 3 years ago, have 1 redshirt season, 1 "free season", completed his classwork and still have 3 years of eligibility left.
  4. We had much fewer home games this year, due to the COVID scheduling (and NU getting screwed out of hosting a 4-team pod). In typical years, I think that NU has fewer home games due to playing more early year games/tournaments in Arizona or Texas, but I think that would be at most 10 games per season. I don't know what NU nets on an average home game, and I don't know how significant the income difference between NU and SEC/ACC schools would be. When NU baseball was at a peak in the early 2000s, the program was running in the black. With raising costs for coaches, travel, and recruiting, I
  5. I like bringing his salary up to $600K, with incentives to make another $100-200K. That should bring him at/near the top of the conference and in-line with average Big 12 and ACC. Keep in mind, that he's still early in his head coaching career, and NU should show that we are willing to give him more $ as his career grows.
  6. Regarding Bolt's salary, I was honestly surprised he was at $300K a year with his first contract. However, given this is his first head coaching job, that level made more sense to me. He definitely has earned a raise, and I would aim to put him at the top of the Big Ten, and comparable to other top 25 coaches across the country.
  7. I think NU has very good facilities, but not sure where it ranks across all of college baseball. I would think NU's facilities are near the top (if not best) in the Big Ten, and are very good among "northern teams". Hawks Field is a top-notch stadium, and they also have the Alex Gordon Training Complex (baseball-softball indoor facility). As the football team gets a new practice facility built, this opens up more use of the larger on-campus indoor facilities by the baseball team. https://huskers.com/facilities/hawks-field-at-haymarket-park/14
  8. Just like how the sick disgusting human at Michigan State molested gymnastics athletes. Sickos are sickos.
  9. I've seen Anderson at a few baseball events in Colorado. His dad was a big deal in baseball in northern Colorado, and I think that Anderson may have been "too small townish" to succeed at a top level of D1 baseball. Nothing against the guy, but I just felt he would have been better at a smaller program with lower expectations.
  10. That's a fair criticism. I think Frost fell in love with his athleticism, and thought he would either be a decent option at QB after Adrian left, or be a candidate to change positions. Then they mis-read how badly Luke wanted to stay at QB.
  11. The transfer portal sensation (along with COVID) has hit during Frost's tenure, so IMO it's hard to criticize Frost heavily for how he recruited early in his tenure. He was trying to bring in as much talent as he could, without much on-field success to point to. Let's look at the 2 highest profile recruits who transferred. McCaffrey was given a shot to compete for the QB job, which Frost was one of a few coaches who offered that opportunity during recruiting. It's possible that Luke was upset that Frost moved back to Adrian so quickly during the 2020 season, but Frost was making
  12. He didn't enroll in the Spring, but he would have to be enrolled in Summer courses, so he can partake in summer training sessions.
  13. I think that ship has sailed and Frost has moved on. Luke is never going to be a QB, regardless how desperate he is to be one.
  14. I'm not sure. There was talk of him going to Louisville as a walk-on this year, so maybe that impacts his transfer status. The whole transfer portal is clear as Missouri River mud. One thing is apparent, Frost and the staff aren't 100% to blame for the transfers the past year. Between McCaffrey, Wandale's dad & trainer, and other guys who left NU, there is a lot of craziness going on.
  15. Due to their upbringing, I thought the McCaffrey kids would have a good head on their shoulders and be able to handle the tough times in college ball. Unfortunately, it looks like the younger 2 may have been the spoiled kids who want to take their ball and go home when things don’t happen like they want them to.
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