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  1. ColoradoHusk

    Noah Vedral now eligible, traveled to Northwestern

    In terms of playing time, you are probably right. But, sometimes local kids like Noah want to play for Nebraska, even if it's a diminished role on the team. If he is looking to get into coaching, he is basically an assistant coach on the team as a back-up player.
  2. ColoradoHusk

    Noah Vedral now eligible, traveled to Northwestern

    Vedral’s reps in spring practices were limited behind the other QB’s, that’s why he looked so inferior to the others. Not saying Vedral is a world-beater, but he looked competent running the offense as UCF’s backup in 2017. I think he would be an upgrade over Bunch.
  3. ColoradoHusk

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    I don't get the confusion on the helmet. It's an obvious attempt by the helmet designer to replicate a white leather helmet, which would have been historically correct.
  4. Yeah, I am not sure why people are so confused about the helmet. It's obviously their effort to replicate a white leather helmet.
  5. ColoradoHusk

    Play Makers

    I think there are some fans that QB's should make every pass 100% accurately. It's just the way they are, and they can't handle it when a QB misses one throw. I saw Patrick Mahomes miss a couple of wide open receivers in the first half of last night's game, so even one of the best QB's in the NFL misses passes.
  6. ColoradoHusk

    Play Makers

    Before the season, I think Frost said the offense was about 85% fully installed. That percentage has probably dropped even more given Frost’s lack of trust in the o-line, lack of depth at the skill positions, and a starting QB battling injury. Fans are wanting to see the Frost offense from UCF last year, but even if there weren’t the issues I just stated above, the offense wouldn’t be anywhere near what UCF had last year. We have seen glimpses of how good the offense can be, but the consistency isn’t there.
  7. ColoradoHusk

    Play Makers

    One thing that will help the young guys next year is that the entire team will have a year of experience in the offense. This year, the coaching staff had to teach the entire roster the new offense, especially the guys projected to be at the top of the depth chart. Next year, the coaches can spend a little more time teaching the offense to the young kids, and the older players will be able to help teach the younger players, too.
  8. ColoradoHusk

    Play Makers

    Good point about not being able to give our key players rest and young guys reps. The offense has rarely had a lead, let alone a lead by 2 scores. It’s tough to play second and third string guys when every play and drive is important.
  9. ColoradoHusk

    Play Makers

    I think there is a concern about playmakers for next year, but it can be hard for guys to come in and contribute right away. Miles Jones has had minor injuries this fall, and that has held him back. Maybe he and other guys who are redshirting this year will get some PT in the final 4 games, while maintaining their redshirt.
  10. ColoradoHusk

    Ozigbo Makes PFF's National Team of the Week

    Count me in as one who had serious doubts about Ozigbo and didn’t think he had this type of ability. He is making runs this year that he couldn’t make before. I give him full credit for getting in better shape and taking on the competition that was brought in at I-back. He accepted the challenge and has flourished.
  11. ColoradoHusk

    What did we learn today

    Other colleges attended allow for the exception.
  12. ColoradoHusk

    What did we learn today

    Two other college teams? Sports bigamist.
  13. ColoradoHusk

    What did we learn today

    One thing I notice about posters complaining about Adrian Martinez, is that they want to go back and compare his passing ability to Taylor Martinez or Tommy Armstrong. Adrian doesn't look anything like those two (and Taylor Martinez put up huge passing numbers his junior season). Meanwhile, Tanner Lee had much worse passing statistics last year, and he was a pro-style, statue QB who couldn't do anything in the run game. It seems to me that people still have a bias against mobile QB's, think they can't be both good passers and good runners, so they go back to tired comparisons to former NU QB's who a lot of people think weren't very good passing QB's. Meanwhile, if you look at QB's that Frost has recruited and worked with in his career, they are very effective passers and runners. I am talking about Marcus Mariota, Vernon Adams, Justin Herbert, and McKenzie Milton. I just don't get the bias against mobile QB's.
  14. ColoradoHusk

    What did we learn today

    NU should have been even in the TO edge yesterday, but Martinez threw up the "hail mary" after getting the bad snap from Farmer on 4th down in OT. Martinez was doing the right thing and trying to make a play.