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  1. KCBuc


    Delta 88 Round (FWIW) Hope Cager goes all "N"
  2. let Texas go to the PAC 10 or off the face of the earth, but please not to lthe B10. Their bought off officials aren’t worth dealing with again. I’d rather grab Kansas, get half the KC market and call it a day.
  3. KCBuc

    Turner Gill retires

    Enjoy the retirement! Miss that old offense and power game. Still ticks me off that Fryar dropped the pass in the OB. I swear he dropped it on purpose. Great call by TO.
  4. KCBuc

    Chinander by the numbers

    Frost is like your brother who you love Chin is like the annoying drunk fiancé that you tolerate because you want your brother around. I didnt like the hire from day 1. Still don’t like the hire. I want Frost here so I’ll tolerate him. Hopefully he can come up with an average defense in the coming years.
  5. Please no turnovers mind numbing penalties wrap up with tackling be stout in the middle no drops no special team clunkers block, quit watching the play play with passion for 4 quarters! last game of the year, pull it together! Beat Iowa! GBR
  6. KCBuc

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    So this week the Qb can throw and NU can’t stop the run. Not sure how that gives me more hope. Unless NU has figured out a way to stop the slant.
  7. KCBuc

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    last week nu couldn’t stop the run when they KNEW the qb couldn’t throw. If it comes down to the kicking game...oh boy. Wish I had the optimism some of you have.
  8. KCBuc

    Colorado Sucks- Who Can We Steal?

    Any Samoans? Could use some NTs.
  9. Those people who said the refs were against NU were really onto something. I NEVER would have guessed it was that bad. WOW!
  10. KCBuc

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    Congrats frost. Enjoy it.
  11. KCBuc

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    Miracle of the year!!
  12. KCBuc

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    Lets make sure cover their wrs with our linebackers...
  13. KCBuc

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    time to toll Martinez out. Good thing happen when you do
  14. KCBuc

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    If they go, #17 is getting the ball. Stop him.