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  1. Use of the fullback. Third and one. Push them backwards. NU had momentary success but went away from it. Wish to see more.
  2. Then why didn’t they run the “I” more? If he wants power, he has to run power not side ways stuff. I hope Frost brings some of the old power sets back to extend drives and score TDS in the red zone.
  3. Using that name is grounds for dismissal from Huskerboard. (Although the “burn the boats” slogan was gold)
  4. Imagine all the ineffective side to side passes they could dream up with two QBs in the game. I hope there is an honest QB competition for next year.
  5. i hope the learning curve isn’t too steep for the JUCOs. Frost will really earn his money to get these guys ready quickly.
  6. Can they develop and win with the talent they bring in? I look forward to the day NU plays fundamentally sound for 4 quarters. Time will tell.
  7. Have you thought about the fact that if she was held against her will the players could rack up some serious charges? You narrow minded flake. The details are important to find the truth. I AGREED with the post that said the players should be punished. Educate yourself and then post.
  8. Maybe context doesn't matter in your world, but it should. I agreed with the original post that what the players did were wrong. Let that sink in a bit. There are curious questions that I have about the case and her story. There are questions that I have about the case that will probably not be answered. I still wonder what all the facts are. Context absolutely matters because you painted a false narrative and took what I said out of context. I still wonder why she went. Why she didn't leave when felt threatened. I think those are fair questions and is possible that those answers could open more cans of worms for the players involved.
  9. It’s you taking things out of context. You conveniently left out the part where I agreed that what happened was wrong. I just wanted to know the details of the story. There probably many that you and I don’t know. She did put herself in a bad position by going over there. If she felt threatened why couldn’t she leave? Is there more to the story? No one said it was her fault. Get over yourself.
  10. Yep. She sure was dumb for going over there if she had concerns beforehand. Why didn’t she excuse herself from the room before it got to that point? Was she threatened or restrained from leaving? Could text friends she didn’t like what was going on but didn’t text asking for help? Sure would like to see a copy of those texts.
  11. Will he come after the QB and give multiple looks? Attack the A and B gaps? Come off the corners? Make the Oline and Qb guess who is coming. If he could tap into some aggressiveness, NU would benefit imo.
  12. https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/carriker/carriker-chronicles-jason-peter-on-his-takeaways-from-nebraska-s/article_3d944f5b-8cf8-5c15-bef8-6ba8027d0d27.html Great interview with Jason Peter. Explains the defense pressure problems and what he sees as the problem. Worth the listen.
  13. The offense, defense, and special teams sucked this year. There are times where the te/wrs are open and AM simply doesnt see them. I have some hope that Frost can get something out of the QB position. I wish Frost would get some more power running in his offense. My angst with the D is that this is not an attacking defense. NU gives up lots of running yards and has no pass rush. Brutal. I saw Wisconsin beat the Gophers blitz, but I sat there and said well at least Minnesota is trying to win. The final drive against Iowa was horrible to watch. I fear the smartest guy that Frost knows will keep dialing up no pressure. Wish they would get some analysts to help them and see the big picture.
  14. The Huskers allowed 4.82 yards per carry to rank 102nd nationally. Won’t win many with that stat.
  15. I doubt Frost wants an analyst or quality control guy. He seems to me pretty determined to do things his way. I think we are stuck with whatever is currently assembled. Liberty always seemed disciplined and ready to play in the few games I watched.
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