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  1. Nice size. There’s some other updates as well in the article. News press now.com “Lutovsky is listed at 6-foot-6 and 320 pounds. He joins fellow offensive lineman Teddy Prochazka (Elkhorn), who's 6-9 and 285, and defensive lineman RJ Sorensen (6-4, 250) as the early members of the Huskers' 2021 cycle group. “ Link to article
  2. It might be great for a Chin or Cosgrove defense. Could have been a career day for him! Lol
  3. I’ve known since he got here. Frost needs to make a move IF he feels that way. NU can do better.
  4. Time to rake the leaves. The Wisky points will come and the casino will pay again.
  5. He’d be an upgrade. That is depressing to think about.
  6. Those last two losses sucked the life out it for me. I’ll keep tabs on recruiting and hope Frost comes up aces. Maybe next year they can get to a bowl... I have tickets that family uses. I don’t want to sit in the stadium watching that crap show. I want Frost to win, but I’m worried he’s surrounded by some bozos at key coaching positions. I’m betting heavy on Whisky. NU has been consistent winners at the casino thanks to their suckiness.
  7. Hopefully Chin sees the sign and applies.
  8. Bet against NU. It’s been profitable. The running ability of Maryland’s qb and his big arm will kill the no pressure 3-4 base defense. NU couldn’t beat a 3rd string QB and they blocked two punts. Sobering but it’s reality.
  9. I would take a NW defense all day over Chinander’s defense. The NW defense is fundamentally sound.
  10. Frost should get 6 years at the minimum. If you can’t see improvement by then, he will be doing something wrong or the people he surrounded himself suck. The excuses will have run out. A bowl game or two should not be too much to ask in that span of time. Right...?
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