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  1. Lining up in shotgun on the goal line isn’t power…at least successful power football.(regardless of who is pulling or put in motion) I hope Whipple changes this and will be happy when the Frost power in goal line situations is over. I can’t imagine it being worse.
  2. On 3rd and 1, are they lining up in shotgun? I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Pitt game. Hope this guy works out.
  3. How they run the 3-4 and need of a dominant NT are my concerns.
  4. I hope the Huskers play him in a bowl game. That would be some drama!!
  5. Chin did better this year, and I HATE his style of defense.
  6. I think Frost would fail because he is not committed to the run as demonstrated in a few of the losses. He panicks and goes pass happy. He would need to do some hybrid model of old school power and the current system. This is what I thought we were getting when he was hired. 3-9 sucks regardless of your system but running the ball is the way to win in the B10. That’s one of my frustrations with Frost in short yardage. They line up in shotgun and can’t get the tough yard(s). They play soft and don’t put a hat on a hat. If they ran the option to perfection, they would do better than 3-9 IMO
  7. They don’t have the horses to run it but I’ve been ready for years and COMPLETELY agree.
  8. I can see people jumping off Memorial Stadium if it is Harrell.
  9. KState under Snyder use to fill up roster holes using JUCOs. Frost needs to search the portal (JUCOs too) once they figure out who is leaving. It’s not a sustainable strategy but might help him in his effort to get to 6-6. Hope the OC has connections too.
  10. The cheerleader who was hit with the ball is sexy as hell and may be the toughest one on the field.
  11. I think we all see his ability. If some think he was used to his full potential at NU, I don’t even know what to say that. It was wasted talent.
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