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  1. Keep pushing that tenth rated rushing O. Chin’s your guy. Good luck with that. $$ on the other team.
  2. The argument is that NU should be able to shut Iowa down. This is a very down year for Iowa offensively. If Chin is your guy, he’s your guy. I think NU could do better.
  3. They should be below the numbers. It’s IOWA!!! Ferentz IOWA. If NU would have attacked instead of sitting in their useless zone on 3rd and long, we might have won. Below the numbers? Let’s start with Iowa had 10 more minutes of possession. This is the telling number...other than the scoreboard. History tells us 285 rushing verse Illinois 245/256 Penn State 224 rushing OSU 225 rushing Iowa 2019 320 rushing Wisconsin 2019 300 passing Purdue 355 passing Indiana 322 rushing Minnesota 368 rushing OSU I’d like the numbers to go down. I’d like the
  4. As for the execution of Frost’s defensive staff, I’m in favor of it. The argument that the team has to be ahead for Chin’s D to work is ignorant. I agree with Rob Zatechka that Chin doesn’t understand the intricacies of running the 3-4. I was hoping NU was getting an attacking 3-4. Instead they got a defense that can’t stop the run or the pass. ZERO pressure. If there was one game to attack, it was Iowa. You can give Chin more time but don’t expect a different result. He isn’t Dom Capers. Florida was right saying Frost couldn’t bring him. They should try some dual coordinators to spice things
  5. Doctalk with Rob Zatechka gave his opinion of Chin. A good listen. Chin doesn’t understand the intricacies of the 3-4 and how to attack with it.
  6. #44 could be replaced by a tree. can someone fix the center snaps?
  7. I guess NU’s not going to suddenly play a 5-2. No sense trying to stop the run.
  8. Can NU run a cross route? It works well with Iowa.
  9. Somehow I doubt he comes up with a 5 man front. It would be nice though.
  10. If you are trying to say Chin’s defense sucked at UCF and sucks now...I agree. It is why I was against the hire from the beginning. He’s constantly bad. Yards don’t matter and points apparently don’t either. Was the plan to play surrender defense and hopefully Frost outguns them with speed? This is the Big 10. NU needs a stout a defense. NU needs big time coordinators on both sides of the ball. I can’t see why anyone has faith that he is going to build a top 20 defense. NU is 13th against the run in the league. Let’s see what he does this week.
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