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  1. I thought Frost would turn this around but I’m losing faith.
  2. Losing the 1 play maker left on the team and making zero coaching changes. Another bowl-less season. This is brutal.
  3. Imagine what it would look like if they used linebackers to attack gaps and the DL had 1 on 1s. It would almost make sense.
  4. And you may not have seen Miami rise to a national power.
  5. I’m still wondering why Chins DBs are so far back on 3rd down and why the blitz package usually sucks. I also wonder why they don’t wrap up and tackle.
  6. Good news. Hope he is a burner.
  7. That ref hated NU and always made calls against NU. He lived in Chillicothe, Mo. a royal prick.
  8. Chin doesn’t seem to know when to bring pressure, show pressure, and lacks creativity on blitzes. The delay blitz that NEVER GETS THERE and 10 yards off on 3td and 2. Ugh. Fundamental lack of tackling and dumb targeting penalties are a staple in the D. The Rutgers game he finally brought some heat which was nice to see. Wish he figured that out for the Iowa game. I hate the no pressure on 3rd and 12+ (Or 3rd and Chin). Goes into what feels like a prevent D. Still think NU can do better and feel like “give him more time” will produce the same results. Frost needs to realize
  9. I'll wait to see if some coaches move on or are shuffled around before I'd bet on them winning 7 games. How many penalties-turnovers verse Rutgers? Got to clean that crap up if they want to win. Plus, what does the staff bring in grad transfer wise and what will it do chemistry wise? Too many questions as of now. I'd take the under on 5 wins as of right now.
  10. Hitting their QB was fun to watch. Nice change of pace.
  11. Any chance NU will change up to an attacking and disruptive 3-4 with all these extra practices? It’s what I want for Christmas but it will probably be more coal.
  12. The flip side to that argument is after 5 years of Frost and his crappy OC/DC, no game changing recruit will want to come here (and stay). Changes need to happen to his staff sooner than later. This is Calahanish.
  13. NU can fake a blitz and get the DTs one on one instead of constantly being doubled.
  14. I’m not renewing for that kind of crap but will make money betting against them. Money is always against Chin. Doubt this staff figures it out regardless of how long they get. I want Frost to win but just cannot see it.
  15. And get a DC who will blitz on 3rd and long.
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