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  1. Hope Frost has some absolute ballers in mind to replace him. To say we've had a lot of underwhelming QBs over the years would be the understatement of the century.
  2. Honestly, I don't really get angry anymore. This game sucked a little more than most losses because I know a few Iowa fans, and we also had a chance to take Iowa out of B1G contention, but I was really only frustrated. I've been "over it" since the season started. My answer to the question was more in terms of when I'll be over the apathy of watching this program fail, and that'll be when we win a conference championship for the first time in over 2 decades.
  3. If there's one silver lining, it's that if you count games where Nebraska beat Nebraska, we're 12-0 this year!
  4. Logan channeling his inner Martinez to end the game. Poetic.
  5. C'mon Logan, you have to tuck and run on that one.
  6. I'm glad Logan at least checks down... I'll give him that.
  7. The difference between Iowa and us is that Iowa plays to win. We play to not lose (and lose anyway).
  8. Perfect time for Iowa to take the lead. We have them right where we want them.
  9. Can we find a way to not completely implode on this drive?
  10. The team must've realized we hadn't shot ourselves in the foot enough times today and decided to make up for lost time.
  11. Wow... from 21-9 going into Q4 to Iowa having a potential go-ahead drive in under 3 minutes.
  12. That fumbled snap killed our momentum. Need a big punt.
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