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  1. Terrance's nickname is Pot Roast. Based on that alone, A+ hire!
  2. Poop is occasionally used in lawn fertilizer, so that sounds plausible.
  3. Too much smoke surrounding Rhule at this point, so that's my pick.
  4. I'm starting to see Jamey Chadwell's name thrown around a lot. I'm not sure what to think, but I'm not opposed to the idea.
  5. The only meaningful event for Husker football that will happen between now and the end of the season is Scott Frost's replacement being named.
  6. Suddenly, I'm starting to wonder why Frost doesn't just call an onside kick every time we kick off.
  7. Sadly, a lot of people still are. I see several people respond with that line every time someone on Husker Power suggests that maybe, just maybe, it's time to start thinking about other coaching options.
  8. "But if we fire him, who's gonna want to coach here?" (Please note: Not once in my life have I ever used that tired line of BS. I'm merely quoting all the people who think that consistently losing is better than maybe taking a chance at winning.)
  9. The offense is part of the problem, but not the biggest part IMO. O line was horrible for most of the game, Thompson was pretty hit-or-miss (he looked damn good when he was on though), and there was more "find what works and never do it again" playcalling, but at least we had flashes of competence. The defense was a disaster all day.
  10. Before his disaster of a season with the Jaguars, I'd have been thrilled with bringing in Urban Meyer, but after that, not so much. It's not necessarily for moral reasons, but more for "recruits probably don't want to commit to a school where the head coach might repeatedly kick them" reasons.
  11. I mean, it did essentially end the game...
  12. The Frost era is about to end the same way as it started... not with a bang, but with a whimper.
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