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  1. I think I'd do it for 75% of what Chinander is earning now.
  2. I'd consider subbing in a fourth linemen and playing in a 4-3 on passing downs when substitution allowed for it. I'd play Casey Rogers & Ty Robinson on the ends and then Daniels & Stille in the middle. And then I'd rush a backer like Tannor. In lieu of that plan, I'd play Tannor on the line but lined up a bit wider. So no more just manning right up against a tackle, but a wide set to pull the tackle back and allow a different backer to rush through that gap. No more of this "blitzing from 5 yards back from the line of scrimmage" crap.
  3. From the point that Diaco left the run defense after the 2017 season (which is to say totally in shambles), Chinander has done a good job of steadily improving in that phase of the game. Where he still struggles is rushing the passer. We're a little better in that department this year over last year, I think. But, we're still pretty bad. And it seems to be a 'scheme' issue more than a personnel issue in my opinion. So, that's pretty frustrating. But I personally wouldn't fire Chinander after this season if I were Frost - I would just look him in the eye and tell him to fix
  4. First of all, Banker didn't recruit worth crap. No way in hell does he bring in recruits like Ty Robinson, Pola-Gates, Tannor, etc., etc.
  5. I honestly think Martinez has the better chance of winning the game. Just cook up a game plan of trying to throw the ball downfield to the tight ends. But, I know none of that will happen. The game will probably boil down to whether or not Luke can scramble for 175+ yards and our defense somehow forcing turnovers.
  6. Damn - I added up the 'Carries' column in the rushing stats. Thanks for the correction!
  7. Yep. The stats were pathetic by both teams: When we look at the box score, it's pretty much impossible to perform revisionist history on that game; our offense sucked out loud. 284* yards of total offense? Terrible. They also had a kick return for a touchdown. Special teams was our worst unit on the team last year (by far). *Edit to yards total
  8. Nah. Aside from harvesting corn & soybeans, there's nothing else to do here in the fall on Saturdays except go the games.
  9. Again...I realize these coaches don't want to do these interviews but are forced to as part of their job and the stuff they say probably shouldn't be analyzed too hard...but this right here is absolute LOL material: If it gets any simpler it's going to be the "three yards and a cloud of dust" offense!
  10. I can't get any of the usual free GIF makers to work well anymore. Was hoping to make a clip of this play, but this'll have to do. Just hit play on this video and it'll start at the right point. This was Luke's second worst play of the game. His worst play was throwing the ball two yards out of bounds to a wide open Wan'Dale Robinson on a play that might have resulted in a touchdown. Anyway, interceptions like this one of course are ok for a freshman to make...but they're also a pretty bad sign, IMO. Because of the TV zoom shot that we get, we can't see
  11. I'm fairly confident we're running out of big sets much more often that 3-4 wide sets currently. If you can provide evidence to the contrary, please post it here. Last season, Frost did go empty backfield with 4 wide quite a bit and we looked silly doing it because our starting offensive linemen couldn't pass block to save their lives. The whole thing is a clusterf*** disaster, really.
  12. I realize that these are basically just kids who are trying to conjure up anything that sounds like a plausible answer in these interviews, but quotes like this show just how absolutely pointless they are: I doubt that's what happened, Kade. What happened was that the better passer got benched in favor of the backup who is clearly running Adrian's 2018 "one pass read and then run like you stole the football" game plan.
  13. Arguably the biggest turnaround Frost's program has made thus far is getting our front seven bigger & stronger and being better against the run. It's the passing game where we get torched, primarily because: 1. We don't have particularly great corners. 2. We have basically no pass rush at all.
  14. Where this gets tricky is that you're already running at a stacked box with no threat of the throw. So then constantly running out of double or even triple tight end sets means your ball carrier is just pounding into a huge mixing bowl of big, sweaty bodies. Really serious there. We saw that same problem under Riley in 2017. I think the reason we ran the ball so well in 2018 was because Adrian was actually a threat as a passer, so the field was a little bit looser between the hashes.
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