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  1. I've wondered if the "we simplified the defense" rhetoric maybe had as much to do with just giving something to the media that sounded good as anything. The adjustments we made that in my opinion made all the difference against Indiana were: 1. Having our secondary play tighter to the LoS. 2. Being a bit more aggressive with the blitz. It's hard as a fan to know how many different "calls" Chinander actually had in his playbook.
  2. The reason Minnesota is looking so good right now as far as coming out on top is because these are their cross-divisional games: -Michigan State -Penn State -Rutgers They don't have to play Ohio State or Michigan...and they already beat Michigan State.
  3. Interesting that none of these pundits predict us scoring more than 27 points.
  4. I think we've actually seen him run quite a few great deep routes through the first five games, but several times Thompson has either underthrown it or overthrown it. Agreed that if Casey keeps those on the money it'll change the way other things open up.
  5. Whipple is 65 years old. He said in the offseason he had considered retiring last year. So I don't think the guy really cares all that much one way or the other; he's only on a two year contract anyway. He'd probably love to just get the last year bought out and go drink beer in retirement. The comment he made was saying that if Joseph doesn't get the head coaching gig he'll probably be fired, and the point from context was basically "let it f****** rip at this point." Sipple is a dingus.
  6. Totally agree with this. Honestly pretty hilarious, really.
  7. The vibes I'm getting here is that this staff is really leveraging the fact that they've got nothing to lose. Felt like we played that way on Saturday night, outside of the string of drives in the 3rd quarter on offense that got screwed up by penalties. Go blow Rutgers' doors off.
  8. Good stuff. I think the summary is that our offense actually did fairly well against 'good' defenses last year, while this year our offense has also done enough to win...but our defense sucked so bad against Northwestern & Georgia Southern. I really believe if we replayed Northwestern this Saturday with the same scheme & philosophy from the Indiana game we'd win. Same for sure with Georgia Southern. That's what's so frustrating. Northwestern's offense is in reality really bad. We just made it so easy for them to march down the field with soft zone style we were playing. Really dumb, and quite the waste of all of the offensive weapons & resources we brought to the table this year.
  9. He cuts off the line that the guy had to get to Grant though.
  10. You know that from past conversations we completely agree about how the offense was incorrectly scapegoated last season, so totally on the same page there. But I'm wondering what's going on with their metrics; we've had a bye week and only played 5 games so far by the October 2 point in the year, whereas last year we had played six. Are they not accounting for that? Because through the first five games of last year we averaged 27.6 points per game, but this year it's 30 points per game (and I did take out the punt return TD to get those figures). *Edit: I guess if we're talking averages then it's fine to include the Northwestern game last year if we're going through 10/02. We were at 32.3 PPG last year including that one. Still just wondering what metrics they're using. My prediction though is that we outpace last year's offensive PPG average by the end of the regular season.
  11. Mathis makes this play by just driving his guy back initially. Then it's his speed to pressure the QB: I really hope we see more of this down the stretch.
  12. Grant puts some sauce on his block here and then gets in the guy's face a bit after the Indiana defender tries to fight him off after getting his a** kicked, love it: I really like that Whipple has this play in his playbook and called it here. Could have gone with Yant, but just fun to watch a Husker QB get a running touchdown to ice a game.
  13. Just always feels amazing to watch a Husker O-line create big holes in the 4th quarter. Great run blocking here with some guys playing that really didn't contribute a ton last year:
  14. We got bogged down in like three consecutive drives in the 3rd quarter from offensive penalties. It was a lot like watching us last year. The defense really hung in there to slow down their momentum until we found the deep bomb to Palmer. This was then a pretty big play on 3rd & long: Casey was on the money almost all night on these medium length throws.
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