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  1. Funny, I came here to say that it would be amazing for someone with a capable drone of their own to attempt to follow these things and see where to they touch down on when their flight is over.
  2. Maybe it's what he nicknamed his...never mind...
  3. #5 is a good one. Played out really bad for us with offensive linemen during Riley's years also.
  4. He could maybe head one of these up:
  5. Yep. This could be a stretch, but I kind of have to think that Frost examined where his staff's coaching abilities were at about halfway through 2019 and it hit him that some of his guys weren't really on par with the better staffs in the conference. Hence the two departures we've seen.
  6. According to the recruiting site rankings, I'm pretty sure we've "out-recruited" Iowa in terms of average class rank the last five seasons. So why have they produced more NFL talent than we have? I'd say there are three possible explanations, all of which could be true to some degree: 1. The recruiting site rankings aren't exactly what we think they are. 2. Iowa is better at developing talent. 3. Iowa is better at identifying talent in high school film, regardless of where that player ranks on the recruiting rankings sites. I think it's a combination of #2 and #3. But probably mainly #2.
  7. Every time the word "culture" is mentioned, take a shot.
  8. Being paid $700,000 / year means you're a multi-millionaire if you ride your contract out. As such, "greener pastures" in this context isn't likely. Translation: He was fired.
  9. I understand the overall point you're making there, but I'd say it's quite the loaded statement. Oklahoma was about six players away from being LSU. Wisconsin was about six players away from being Ohio State. Iowa was about six players away from being Wisconsin. On and on it goes. There have been so many things wrong with Frost's team in his first two years that it's hard to know where to even start the write-up. In my estimation the Niners were comparatively way closer to success three years ago than when Frost took over for our program in 2018.
  10. Undone

    Kudos to SF

    Agreed. Mostly addressing the throngs of lifelong Husker fans though who - after having retired option football for 17 seasons now - still think we are only likely to be successful as an offense again if we bring back a smashmouth scheme.
  11. It is an interesting thing. Probably bolsters the idea that the recruiting sites maybe don't matter quite as much as I tend to think. Here's another interesting one - The 49ers' starting left tackle (Joe Staley):
  12. Undone

    Kudos to SF

    In the Big 10, 3rd & 3 is going to be a passing down for a lot of teams because of the high level of run defense played in this conference. What we lack is an offensive line to consistently create running lanes. We also need more than just Jack Stoll as a decent run blocking TE. If & when that gets fixed, it will appear to most that "tH3 poWer RUn g4Me iz bAcK!!!!11" When in reality it will just be better overall and basic run blocking quality. Ohio State has an amazing running game and also runs a spread offense. It isn't the scheme on offense, it's the players on the field out there not throwing blocks.
  13. Undone


    Job performance often comes down to two big elements: 1. The pay of the position relative to other opportunities a candidate has. 2. The way the candidate's boss conveys and carries out expectations. #1 is solid, as we were paying Walters $700,000 per year. And as far as #2 goes, Lubick knows that Frost fired the previous guy after two seasons for poor performance. All of the proper motivation is in place for Lubick to come in and perform well.
  14. This one is my probably my favorite of the rituals. Primal and beautiful in its simplicity and execution.
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