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  1. Biggest thing to me that seems to have gotten ignored/lost probably due to sheer frustration by some fans after the three loss streak of Minnesota/Indiana/Purdue was just how terrible the pass protection was. It was bad most of the season. It got a little bit better around the Wisconsin game (as did run blocking) but still probably graded out as a D or maybe C- for the year on the whole in my opinion. If Adrian comes back 100% healthy next year but the pass blocking still sucks, we'll probably see similar results but as @Cdog923 alluded to, many will parrot the narrative they believe to be true.
  2. Agreed. And the areas where he's struggled in (finding creative ways to get to the QB on passing downs) doesn't necessarily mean he'll struggle there forever. He can adapt, make some updates, and get stronger in those areas. He's a relatively young coach after all.
  3. This comment: and this comment: are kind of in contradiction to each other. That's because Wisconsin doesn't exactly have massive size on their D-line and they definitely don't have big size for their linebackers. I do agree about creating more disguised packages, though. Strongly agree actually. This is the hopium that we pack into our pipe and smoke...but it isn't a for sure thing. It might just be that Chinander insists on keeping things overly simplistic, scheme-wise. Time and only time will tell there.
  4. I'd like Option C to be "It probably doesn't actually matter" and then I'd vote for that one. I was vocal against the 3-4 initially but after seeing definitive results from the way Wisconsin runs theirs (with average to sort-of-good talent), I'm pretty convinced it doesn't really matter that much. The 3-4 should be the best scheme at limiting big chunk running plays if you align your guys correctly. So in theory it's actually a decent scheme in the B1G.
  5. I see it a different way. Coming into the season, there was an air of "Frost is going to go 'Full UCF Year 2'" with the playbook. He tried that, and it actually worked fairly well through the first half of the season. Then Martinez got hurt in the Northwestern game. And then Washington got kicked off the team. I believe Frost played the trump card to redshirt Rahmir Johnson, not Held. So you're kind of painting it as if Held was micromanaging all of these decisions...when the reality is that Mills was really the only viable back by about the 2/3 point in the season due to all of this. Then Frost altered the game plan to make Mills the focal point of the offensive attack, the line started blocking a bit better, and boom - you have Mills with 188 yards against Wisconsin.
  6. I'm not wanting to argue with you here, by the way. Weightlifting and nutrition discussion is a topic I really enjoy. Also, I'm not here to tell you you're lying or wrong about the gains you had in college at all. This part is basic though: If you gain, say, 10 pounds while weight training and at the end of that period of time your body fat percentage stayed exactly the same, it's possible that some of the mass gained was fat, and part was muscle. Hopefully you're not saying that this isn't true because it is no doubt demonstrably true. Totally agree. Arguably the order of importance of the top 3 variables are: 1. Total protein intake. 2. Adequate sleep (and also quality of sleep). 3. The actual training regimen.
  7. Let's say that you actually had a qualified person do a skin caliper test on your body fat percentage (not BMI) before and after you started this lifting regimen. If your body fat percentage stayed roughly the same and you gained 25 pounds, then a decent portion of your added weight was most likely mass other than lean muscle mass. And that's perfectly normal. Notice that I said "most likely;" you have to do a skin caliper reading before and after to know for sure how much lean mass was added. Do you understand what I'm saying? Anyway, what @Moiraine said was correct - once the n00b gains are over, you don't gain 30 pounds of muscle in a year.
  8. Unrelated to the point of your post, I think this is a safe assertion: If and when Frost implements a culture in his program where the two-deep roster on both the offensive and defensive lines live and die by following their offseason weightlifting schedule that Duvall creates, we'll be right there competing for West titles. We have and are bringing in the skill position guys. But the overall quality and development of our lines hasn't been good enough for it to matter.
  9. I think it's just Frost's style. I really don't think there's anything else to it. We want more info as fans, but it seems like Scott just doesn't gaf.
  10. I figured you were saying "Why didn't Frost tell everybody that Martinez was hurt during the season?" Someone else can chime in but I think Frost did actually hint in one of the last pressers that Martinez had been playing injured. He just didn't go into specifics.
  11. No arguments there. I guess I've lost track about whether the main point is our defense getting gassed or our offense not moving the chains. I've said this a bunch of times and will probably say it another couple dozen times throughout this offseason: I think that terrible special teams play was the biggest problem this season. I don't really have a problem with play calling and I'm not even that concerned about Martinez's sophomore slump turning into a junior slump. Fix the damn special teams problems by game one and we go to a bowl next year.
  12. Just as an interesting data point, I specifically remember Frost addressing his weight at some point last year in a presser. He said something along the lines of “he weighs about as much as I did when I played.” And then added (and this isn’t verbatim) “if we can get him up to around 225 I think we can do just about anything we want with him.” I can’t and won’t take the time to find the clip, but I do remember the conversation. So, they wanted him heavier.
  13. That was the Illinois game. You could clearly see Scott saying “run to pick up the first win down!”
  14. Fake news. Here's proof from https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4243539/noah-vedral: No...I'm not going to do that. I wasn't one of the people saying that "Vedral is better than Martinez." That comment is directed at that crowd.
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