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  1. Rahmir's YPC stats are not as high as they should have been largely due to poor zone blocking. Combine another year worth of experience for him with hopefully at least some kind of blocking improvement and I think he can be the work horse we need. Just has so much potential as a receiving threat also.
  2. Yep. Definitely good accessory work for that, training the traps - and if done with a wider snatch grip also the rear delts - for the top part of the clean/power clean. Also just helps give you a big set of upper traps and for developing that 1997 Joel Makovicka look.
  3. Nice. There's a movement at the :44 mark that is very old school and more of something that Olympic weightlifters train as an accessory movement called a high pull. Really cool to see our guys doing stuff like that.
  4. This is a fun thread. On the last option, my only comment is in regards to this: Yes - I think Trev's patience will be rewarded and that good decisions by SF have been made since Trev retained Frost" I'm in the camp that believes Frost didn't come up with these plans on his own; I think Alberts and maybe even the administrators put their heads together to come up with the meat of the plan to fire the four coaches.
  5. I'm blown away that we got Purdy after Thompson committed.
  6. Agreed, and surely we're at least just this one offseason away from being strong enough.
  7. I pulled up this video and am slowly going through it this morning. Only about a minute and a half in (this'll start it from the beginning): But check the scramble out here: *turns head away from Kool-Aid pitcher on table* *slowly reaches for Kool-Aid...*
  8. We've done a good job of filling the four vacant offensive spots - and in my opinion crushed it with Bill Busch. Biggest question for me is how much is even fair to expect Raiola to turn around in just 8ish months with the line.
  9. Like it was yesterday. Part of what made it so damn sweet when we won.
  10. Just a couple thoughts. Thompson isn't very big. Just so that "run the damn ball" guy understands, you probably can't use him like Martinez was used (maybe that's obvious). I assume this was the plan though with Whipple at the helm. But the good news is, he's a pass-first guy. In 2021 he had 24 TDs & 11 INTs. His completion percentage in 2021 was 63.2% (Martinez's was 61.8% this year). I've been saying that this is what Frost's scheme has needed for two years now. Excited about this.
  11. I kind of doubt it's correct to say it "wasn't Plan A or even Plan B." Busch is a good hire and is capable of fixing special teams. What I really was driving at though with the comment that this shows that Frost & Alberts get it is that we desperately needed a strong commitment towards special teams. This move shows that they understand that and are pouring resources into getting it fixed. Whether somebody loves Bill as the first choice to do the job is another matter, I guess.
  12. I'm officially feeling much better about our outlook with this announcement. A lot of people had called this and thought he was just about the best guy for the job and I'd tend to agree. This move shows that Frost & Alberts get it and seem to be on the same page about putting together tangible plans that build a good football program.
  13. I completely agree with points 1 & 3. But on the other hand, Scotty doesn't really get any points for trying to fix things. He's actually getting worse as the seasons go by. I still believe in the guy, though.
  14. It isn't just about Frost's record, though. It's about his failure to fix glaring problems three years running - like special teams. If we start winning 9 games and the obvious underlying driver of those 9 win seasons are having fixed the systemic problems he has, then I'll give him all the credit. Well...I might give Alberts a fair share, as well. Anyway, yeah - it'd take a real curmudgeon of a person as a Bengals fan to not see the glass as being at least half full on Taylor. That's crazy.
  15. I'd probably put Utah, Wisconsin, & Iowa on the list as well. There are probably a good dozen or so we could come up with.
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