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  1. You were doing so well until your emotional outburst of hyperbole there at the end. Comments like this just continue to divide us all. Stop. Your first paragraph was nevertheless excellent. I agree that it seems like hospitals/doctors/nurses are learning better how to use the tools they do have to lower the death rate - which is extremely encouraging. Still doesn't negate hospital systems potentially getting overwhelmed - but I've been seeing this same theory floating around and it's very encouraging for sure.
  2. I'm legitimately confused as to how Jordan didn't see this coming.
  3. The South Dakota State financial team just crapped their pants thinking about the lost revenue from coming to Lincoln. On the one hand this is an announcement that implies there will be football played, but on the other hand it directly cancels part of the season. Next up: Cancelling more games. I know, I know...
  4. I see. You're not calling Rand Paul a treasonous coward per se. Just in the context of needing to have fought tooth and nail against Trump this whole time.
  5. Just so we're clear: You think Rand Paul is a treasonous coward?
  6. Right - because how do have a policy that says students can't be in class sitting less than six feet apart and then play a sport where you're in each other's faces, be it in training, practice, or in games. Again, the big dollar revenue generating schools absolutely want football to happen and their financial teams and admin teams are probably sh*tting their pants right now at the thought of the potential lost revenue (in any amount). But if you do the season roughly as normal, people get sick, and you get sued...how much money flies out the door? Pretty much an inexorable clusterf*ck. There won't be much football played (if any at all).
  7. Yep, agreed. Even if there were widespread agreement over having zero fans in the stadiums (as the EPL soccer league is currently doing) by the end of the third week in July, I genuinely predict what will happen is that staff and players will slowly start chatter in the social media sphere at the end of the month that "we just don't feel safe." There will potentially be walkouts or coaching staffs going to their AD and saying "our players don't feel safe."
  8. My very first question is actually whether or not the tests are the same brands and also what the confirmed rate of false positives are of both testing kit options. Something that I'd say I have basically seen nobody else talking about.
  9. I like your exercise there - that's a fun little offseason thought experiment. I'll be really honest: I think Martinez's absolute ceiling at this point is second team all-conference. Same with Mills. I'd peg Wan'Dale's & Jaimes' at first team all-conference. For anybody who hasn't played a down of live football under Frost yet, it's one of these guys for me --> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. 40th nationally in terms of overall quality of play? No possible chance, sir. No way. Probably difficult to attain even next year.
  11. Still, we're a program that has gone 4-8, 4-8, & 5-7 the last three seasons. Things are so dismal at this juncture that I'll take anything I can get. Just having above average O-linemen combined with decent QB play and slightly-above-average running back play in and of themselves probably turns us into a team capable of going 7-5 in any given season.
  12. I don't think infection rates in southeastern Nebraska are really a major issue - despite what any bar graph shows of infection rates now compared to, say, a month ago. This is because proportionally we really have very few infections, periods. The main issue is in the more populated areas of B1G country. This does not in any way invalidate your point at all. Your point you're driving at is probably the best anyone can do "to do your part in order to have football," etc. But practically speaking, just us doing this to the fullest extent in Nebraska probably won't do jack in the bigger picture. Again...I am not saying to not wear masks.
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