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  1. Undone


    I said the same thing yesterday. You'd have to think that's at least part of why he's still going with the hard brace. In the spring game he looked faster. Here's to hoping it fully heals before season's end.
  2. Undone


    Yeah, there's that angle of his strength as a runner. And then there's the whole rolling him out thing, too. Comparing him and Milton, with Martinez being the better runner, those rollout RPOs are just going to be killer. When that instinct for when to throw it and when to run it on those plays dials in it's going to be mayhem. Imagine how defenses are going to have to start scheming for us; how can you not dedicate a linebacker as a spy? Frost will exploit that so well.
  3. Undone

    Purdue 49 Ohio State 20

    Blough is so good. And honestly, Haskins isn't mobile at all and probably isn't as great as advertised. Ohio State couldn't run the ball. Then Blough just punished them. Pretty awesome game to watch after a Cornhusker victory while sipping on some pale ales.
  4. Undone


    659 yards of Total Offense today - the most by the 'skers in our B1G conference play history. That doesn't just happen. It happens when: -You don't commit a ton of offensive penalties -Your play calling is excellent -Your coach and offensive coordinator draw up a great game plan to exploit the other team's weaknesses -Your offensive line plays well -Your backs find their running lanes -Your wide receivers/backs/tight ends bust their a**es to block (Morgan on Ozigbo's second touchdown, and anyone else yell out "Ohhhhhhh" when Washington cuts that guy down on Martinez's scramble????) -Your quarterback throws for 86% -Your quarterback makes great decisions -Your quarterback runs for over 100 yards -Your quarterback threatens the other defense to be able to chip them for a 30 yard run on any given play See the main trends there? The combination of Frost's offensive mind & Adrian Martinez is so good. Yes, the line played well today and I want to highlight how critical that was, not just from a run blocking standpoint but also pass blocking. Ozigbo was a man possessed. The receivers caught the passes that came anywhere near their area. Morgan was a man among boys out there. But Martinez is seriously unreal, and he was at the center of this whole win today. His lateral running blows my mind; he just casually side steps linebackers basically 100% of the time. He plants his feet to throw and his head never stops scanning the field. I can't believe how fortunate it was that we landed this kid. One of the biggest things I noticed with Milton at UCF was how Frost had him roll out to suck in the linebackers to open up the passing game. This play right here is seriously just too good:
  5. Undone

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    That's how you blow a team out though. You pound, pound, pound...and then play action over the top to suck the life out of 'em. Scoring 50+ in conference games will be a regular thing in the Scott Frost era, maybe even as soon as next season. Martinez is unreal.
  6. Undone

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    Maybe Urban's program is committing NCAA violations and maybe they're not. But unless it's proven that they are and his program comes crashing down, one thing is for certain - he's going to be kicking the West's a** unless a team from the West hauls in Top 20 recruiting classes, fields a great quarterback (which we do have now), and churns out a good defense.
  7. Undone

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    **Standard disclaimer** Our program is a dumpster fire and Wisconsin is a Top 25 team; I'd do terrible things to have traded our cumulative record for theirs over the past five seasons. But... Wisconsin won a couple conference titles prior to Urban Meyer and James Franklin getting their programs rolling, but once those two guys got things off the ground it's been obvious that Wisconsin isn't even in their tier. You can't compete seriously with Top 10 opponents with the recruiting they have. And the only time they've had a really good quarterback in recent years was when Russell Wilson transferred in. So it's funny to me how life-long Husker fans gush over their program, when in reality they're a program that will never win a national championship and won't win a conference title unless Urban or James Franklin get fired, go to the NFL, or take up a meth smoking habit.
  8. Undone

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    If he actually does this, this is a great sign. Even if it winds up not working, at least we're trying something different. I'll be watching for this.
  9. And since we don't have any of those on the current starting 11 that are not graduating this year, this could be a bit of a painful and longer-than-expected process to get this team to where we can even win the West.
  10. That's fair. I do think that yards per game allowed is a pretty objective indicator of where a defense lands. Of course on the other hand, part of what helps form that stat is talent, not just coaching. So we're squarely in a "wait and see" situation here on defense, because there's probably a half dozen guys on the starting 11 on defense that aren't good enough to elevate this team to a place where we can even win our division. My current qualm though is...it seems like those same half dozen guys should be good enough to not constantly give up 500ish yards per game. We'll see if the situation improves in all facets next year on defense. If it does, I think Chinander gets a good chunk of the credit. But if it doesn't, he absolutely deserves a good chunk of the blame.
  11. To the bolded, they met that criteria offensively, but probably not defensively.
  12. Frost is probably "validated" as an offensive mind and developer of offensive talent in my opinion. I believe that Mario Verduzco is also validated as a quarterbacks coach. But probably at least 50% of the rest of his staff - especially Chinander - are not, in my opinion.
  13. And this year's team is currently 109th in Total Defense and 117th in Scoring Defense.
  14. What is the point that you think you're making with that statement? Please expand on how that makes sense in your mind and why you think it's noteworthy. Each team is playing football for 60 minutes. Our defense gave up 487 yards. We sucked on defense. 31 points of offense should be enough to win a football game.