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  1. I just highly doubt he'll be the odd man out. Martinez is 6'2" and so is Smothers, according to the official Huskers dot com site. No problems there at all in my opinion.
  2. Yep. Something that may be a biproduct of not really establishing a successful base running game with your running backs and a successful intermediate passing game with your wideouts. I want to believe that the right pieces are going to be in place to fix both of those issues this season but if I'm being honest, I kind of doubt it.
  3. Yep, good stuff. I believe it does make sense for a kid who has a legitimate shot at the NFL, because you want to be showcased as well as you can be in your collegiate career. But to your point, that probably only applies to maybe that 3% of the roster anyway.
  4. I think you're right, yep. I like that the players have the transfer portal; it fits within the same paradigm of the adult workplace where if you don't like your current job, you're completely free to go find another one for your own benefit. But if you bail from a college football roster, there are some potential consequences. Luke just isn't a starting Power 5 QB, in my personal opinion. Not unless that school is running the option like Georgia Tech or something, anyway. He may be better off agreeing to be used as "an athlete" if he wants to best chance of having the
  5. By the way...how f'ing awesome is the play in that second YouTube vid in the post above?? A lot of fans mocked Martinez being a dark horse Heisman candidate in the 2019 preseason talk after the offensive showing we wound up having in 2019...but plays like that were totally legit. I really like Martinez as our QB heading into this season. I believe his ceiling is still way higher than most fans believe it is. ...but it's the other problems we have on offense that really have me worried. Particularly at running back.
  6. Great post, @Mavric. And also hi. Agreed big time on how in year one we had Stan and also JD was really coming on in that season as well. Those two guys got open. Martinez made plays like this one to JD: And plays like this one to Morgan (video will play at the correct start time): In 2019, the problems in the passing game were threefold: 1. Very poor pass protection by our line. 2. Apparently learning after the season was over from Frost that Adrian had been playing injured. 3. Receivers not getting open very
  7. Yep. And the guys in the stable could have a magical breakout season. But the original point is still valid: Year 4 should be a situation where you've got a blue chip RB ready to be the workhorse and move the chains, and I personally don't have the slightest bit of confidence that we actually have that guy.
  8. I haven't read through every post in this thread and so maybe somebody else mentioned this. But if hypothetically some of our QB runs are scrambles on 3rd & longs that are broken plays where we then fall short of the first down marker, or even scrambles on any down that do result in a first down, sure...production is production and you're thankful for good YPC rushing stats. But I feel like what I've seen the past two seasons specifically is that defenses are accurately not respecting our passing game (because we didn't have much in that category). And Frost just couldn't dial
  9. As it stands today, I would take the under on an over/under of 6. Reason: Lack of talent, depth, and experience on offense (and that is not related to Martinez at all...aside from there being no real depth behind him).
  10. There would be a big net gain heading into this season if Robinson hadn't left. I can see the glass as half full by bringing in Toure. But I'm still not exactly seeing a WR room that has the right combination of talent and experience that leaves me believing we'll be all that much better when it counts down the stretch in B1G play at the position.
  11. Agreed. And as much as a Husker fan loves to see a QB diving/stretching for extra yards with contact, he just can't fumble the ball like he did in that Rutgers game. Way better to just go down and live to see another down or another possession instead of coughing up a turnover. I'm in the camp that believes Martinez doesn't have nearly as many weaknesses as a lot of fans think he does heading into year 4 - except for the fumbles. Just turn that around and he's a good QB.
  12. I expect to go 6-6. Martinez needs to retrain himself on how to protect the ball when he's running with the rock. Special teams have to be significantly better than they have been the past two years. Defense has to be at minimum as good as it was last year. Those are my expectations, and I think they're pretty low. If Frost can't accomplish those things I don't want to talk about firing him or anything like that, but I'll have pretty much completely lost faith in his abilities to pinpoint the main problems and to execute a plan to fix them.
  13. Here's my restructuring list: Frost: 1st Head Coach Runner-Up & Supreme Meme Lord Tom Osborne: Head Coach & Assistant Meme Lord Tom Osborne: New QB Analyst Tom Osborne: New Offensive Coordinator Tom Osborne: WR Coach Tom Osborne: Dedicated ST Coach
  14. Agreed there - good points.
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