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  1. Undone

    2019 AP Preseason Top 25

    Totally agree. I would have thought he would have said, "Nebraska might just be one good defensive line away from a Big Ten title." To your comment in bold above, I tried to put it in those terms at the tail end of last season, too. If our defense and special teams can team up to allow roughly 7 fewer points per game, and our offense can score 7 more points per game we're a 10-2 team that goes to Indy. I still don't know where we'll be at with special teams.
  2. Undone

    Healthcare Reform

    I am extremely passionate about this very topic. Leaky Gut Syndrome is more than likely affecting hundreds of thousands if not even millions of Americans and the last thing that big pharma wants is for the problem to be solved through diet.
  3. Undone

    Healthcare Reform

    And they've also done an extraordinarily good job of changing the paradigm of practicing medicine by general practitioners to be reactionary instead of being proactive about one's health. Because if you actually care for the body with whole-body wellness, you don't need as many drugs that just take aim at the symptoms instead of the root cause. Freaking hate that s***.
  4. Undone

    Healthcare Reform

    Not sure if this is what you were asking about, but just a small anecdote here. A meaningless "sample size of one" kind of a thing. But when I got my job at my current employer 11 years ago I tried to convince a former co-worker to come work at my new company because I knew she'd crush it here and because it paid significantly more. She specifically told me she wouldn't even consider it because it would move her out of the income level where she'd get subsidized housing and assistance. I can't remember exactly what the programs were because it was 11 years ago. That saddened me because she could have really gone places at this company just on a personal growth level and would have been in a position to climb the ladder, both career-wise and pay-wise. But this does apparently exist. Again - simply a sample size of one isolated anecdote, I realize.
  5. Undone

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    The pure epitome of a Kirk Ferentz offense.
  6. Undone

    Frost Appearances & Interviews

    I have actually thought about this concept before, yeah. But demonstrably, you only leverage it when the person leading the organization really walks the walk and is cut from the right cloth to pull it off. So in reality, many can and will try and will fail.
  7. Undone

    Frost Appearances & Interviews

    +1. Goes without saying but it is uncanny that 25 years ago we had those same emotions with Dr. Tom spoke.
  8. We play Wisconsin on 11/16. Both teams will have figured out who they are by that point in the season. If I had the choice of swapping games with the Ohio State and Wisconsin dates, I don't think I'd swap them. I like the idea of our defensive roster shaking out to a solid list of blackshirts by the Wisconsin game and I think playing them that late in the year gives us a better chance of beating them. Gives us a chance to shake out all the bugs with special teams, also. I'd go into strategies for us against them this season but it's way too early for that.
  9. This is an oversimplification, because I know that the 2017 UCF season was in large part a product of the leader, student of football, and coach that Frost had become up to that point. But I was thinking on my drive to work about the following statement: The 2017 UCF season was in my opinion the best thing to happen to Nebraska football since the 1998 season. I wouldn't have expected that to ever have become the case if I went back 15 years.

    1. ColoradoHusk


      Combined with the complete ineptitude of the 2017 NU team, I agree with you.  Sometimes, it's all about timing!

    2. Moiraine


      @ColoradoHusk  @Undone  on a related note, I was thinking last night when I looked at the 2017 schedule again, I would never cheer against Nebraska before or during a game, but I'm really glad we lost the close games we lost. Kinda funny looking at the schedule, we could have had a record of anywhere between 2-10 to 7-5. If one of our wins had been Northern Illinois, Riley might have hung on for one more season. 

    3. Undone


      @Moiraine When you look at the way that Northern Illinois game played out it was clear that there were very few players on that team that cared about competing as hard as they could. I think we saw some of that trickle over in a few guys even in the Troy game last year. 

      Then around the middle of last year that was pretty much weeded out. 

  10. Undone


    Just weird as hell.
  11. Undone


    Ol' Jeff apparently had this painting hanging up in his Manhattan house:
  12. The opening paragraph of that article is the epitome of two big, dumb (and admittedly very physically tough) B1G teams slugging it out in 60 minutes of terrible football: So the article's all about some kind of watershed moment that moves them to a nickel defense. Whether right or wrong, it sets off every stereotype that I've always had about Big 10 football; no mention of innovation on the offense to actually put up more points on the board. This is one of those "it's probably too early" kinds of comments, but this is why I believe the current, visible trajectory of what Frost is doing is going to shred the West apart in just a couple years' time. I'm not saying it's going to happen this season. But when you look at the skill position recruiting (Martinez, Washington, Robingson, Johnson) in conjunction with big bodied linemen like Benhart and Banks...holy crow. It won't matter what defense Iowa runs.
  13. Undone

    Fall Camp Notes

    You have all the makings of being one of Huskerboard's top novelty accounts. Keep up the good work, and keep chugging those Silver Bullets - it'll help your material!
  14. Undone


    It's funny because on Sunday morning, my friend texted me and immediately said, "Just wait for the stories to come out about how the cameras went offline." He was right.