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  1. If we can play the majority of our nine games this will be a stepping stone season for a bunch of redshirt freshmen & sophomores to set us up for next season.
  2. Do you happen to know where their offensive line is at in terms of graduating guys? I have no line on that at all.
  3. Yeah I wasn't going to say anything about the comment on his build but Thompkins isn't built like Washington. He has strong legs and an overall perfect build for an every-down, all purpose back. The question about him isn't about his potential, his talent, or any of that IMO - it's about his knees. If his knees have healed up he could be a great one here.
  4. I feel confident we will. I'm the least worried about the play at center and left tackle. It's the other three spots I'm worried about.
  5. You nailed it for sure. There were some stretch running plays they ran where our guys looked like a JV team that hadn't even been practicing. *Edit: Although I'll say also that our offensive line was terrible in that game, too. Our left guard got pancaked on one play. Vedral didn't have any time to throw the ball at all.
  6. Ha. We'll see what happens. I don't think there's enough player development on the offensive line to expect a lot - but I think we'll be on Iowa's level. And as I said above it's really hard for me to tell how much drop-off or no drop-off Minnesota will have so I have no idea what to expect out of that game. But, they were way better than us last season.
  7. Yeah...but doesn't the homer pre-season reporting always suggest we're in an excellent position?
  8. Have to turn the corner and beat Iowa. Just have to. I think it's extremely hard to say how good Minnesota's going to be. Those two games are the season outcome-makers.
  9. Let's argue politics for four or five more pages before lockin 'er up...
  10. Ha, great point. The Sandusky thing...
  11. The unfortunate part about that article is that really, Nebraska's claim was that we had an actual scientific grounding that said football could be played safely in regards to COVID-19. So to leave that part out and not dissect it as a variable is not only bad journalism but just a disingenuous take on the reality of the situation. And that's frustrating.
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