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  1. I will not, I am not their blood relative. #rolltide
  2. If they just get to the point where they play smart, fast and tough football I will be happy. Losing some games while doing those things is fine. I don't expect another national championship, I just want some pride restored honestly.
  3. All of this is true, but it is also true that Donte works for USC now. Hence my vote for USC still.
  4. I won't be shocked to see Vedral start, have a really good year and them go 4-8 with a couple B1G wins. Just hopefully not one over Nebraska.
  5. I had a feeling it was something like that. There's absolutely nothing happening right now.
  6. Interesting....this is bound to rile some feathers!
  7. I agree that if Frost doesn't bring NU "back" it won't happen. No other big time coach would ever come, only those using Nebraska as a stepping stone. I'll take it a step further and say there has to be an impressive showing THIS year. A winning streak to start the year, a winning record overall/decent bowl and either Iowa or Wisconsin must be a W. That doesn't happen, recruiting turns worse because of no on field results in 3 years and this thing teeters on going backwards again.
  8. That makes my dot connecting brain hurt. Betts, Manning, Spielman....ruh roh time?
  9. Or Jigsaw... Which is probably a more accurate image for the recent product.
  10. I read his name at first as "Martinez thrower" and figured he'd be a shoe in at Wisconsin or Iowa.
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