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  1. I feel the same about it never happening again if Frost doesn't get it rolling soon. Who would we even hire next? He will get 5+ years for sure, and longer if Moos isn't canned or retires. I honestly expected recruiting to fall off with another losing season in 2020 but the whole year was a pass in general. I think it definitely will without progress in 21 as you say. Make or break year for the program, even if Frost will continue on regardless.
  2. I'm not saying he isn't trying, of course he is. I'm also not calling you out beyond thinking its interesting you called someone else out for not giving credit for changes but refuse to discuss the changes yourself. I simply thought it would be interesting to hear what someone else thinks is obvious as I know we don't all have the same view. I also learned in my career that you can't assume something about how someone else views a situation ever, you've got to say it out loud to both be sure. Obvious changes to me: OLB coach swap OC swap Benching Martinez U
  3. List off these obvious things if you wouldn't mind.
  4. Maybe this is what we need to turn this program around...
  5. I didn't catch an actual plan in that. I heard things they're not going to do and things they'd like to have happen but that just feels like yet more coach speak.
  6. The bolded statement is where you're getting hung up I think. Luke simply doesn't have the arm talent to be a D1 quarterback, Adrian does. Nothing wrong with that, he could be special at another spot. You can work to overcome mental mistakes, improve the play of those around a QB etc., but you can't overcome a guy who simply can't make the throws. Smothers will be the backup this season, and Adrian might well leave with a solid year in 2020. Smothers could still be a redshirt freshman after this year if they don't burn it, and have 4 years still in front of him to play.
  7. Martinez will still be a junior in 2021, and we aren't asking him to play WR so that's quite different.
  8. I think that's fair yes but was he trying to hire Snyder as just an analyst like Rutledge? Could explain why he didn't get him if so.
  9. My buddy dubbed this a "Tennessee Happy Meal".
  10. Not even in my head. Zero chance any 5 star DT from Florida ever comes here without being a legacy of some sort. Clemson, Ohio State or the SEC every time.
  11. Still fits as I see on the UT boards the fans are interested in Hugh Freeze.
  12. True for now still including half of the 90s. Poised to drop like a rock when you replace current years for those in a rolling 25. The last 3 years' wins combined are one less than 1997 alone. 96-00: 55 wins 16-20: 25 wins
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