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  1. Iowa crushed them in one of their 2 meetings in that span. Pretty sure Penn State beat them during the year they won the Big Ten.
  2. I don't know why you all are so butt hurt we have to play OSU so much, we literally can't beat anyone in the conference consistently. We just went 1-8. I don't care who the opponent is if we can't even make a bowl. The issue is internal, not external.
  3. Unless they make OSU one of our permanent games, then we never escape!
  4. I'm with you. He did great with first round picks and Joe Burrow. Let's see how he does with our unproven bunch first before we say he is the best WR coach in the conference or anything like that.
  5. I think a lot of unknowns, new coaches and new players can bring hope for the exact same story to not repeat. There is also concern about how you can get all of those new things to mesh together in one offseason. It will be interesting and as others have said, I would not bat an eye if we go 9-3 nor if we went 2-10. It really is up in the air as to what will happen.
  6. The QB can get a signal from the sideline at the beginning of the play clock, and then read then defense and make an audible on his own rather than everyone stopping to look over with 20 seconds left. That's the point, some self autonomy and knowing what to do with different defensive looks rather than having to get everything from the coach and losing track of time.
  7. They would be incredibly stupid to change too much. Every offseason I marvel at their stats against us. 10 B1G games now and they have averaged 307 rushing yards per game. That's just ridiculous.
  8. I am at 0-4 until they prove they can actually win one of these games. To expect anything else is just silly.
  9. I have to use two Hawkeye photos?! You're on.
  10. Ceasars is out at 7.5 so you win, and I frankly I am shocked to see 8 wins expected. Would you like to choose my new avatar photo for me?
  11. That was with me, I said under 7 and you said over. I will own it if I lose, but let's let the big Vegas sportsbooks weigh in before declaring a winner and not just one online startup. Deal? I saw Wynn released Big Ten East odds a couple weeks ago but they've yet to release the West also.
  12. Others have already debunked that line of thinking. It's not that they didn't used to be allowed to block and are now firing off the ball all of a sudden, that's all spring coach speak. When you run a lot of rpo/designed pass plays your lineman can't just drive forward every single play and then have the play be a pass, that's asking for a penalty with lineman down the field. It's scheme related and they do what they're told. Run plays are blocked differently, this isn't binary. Here is what both we and Pitt did last year (credit to @J-MAGICand his newsletter here for the graphic and leg work) We ran close to 60% rpo/pass where lineman are catching or redirecting rushers and not firing off the ball by design. Pitt was at 72%, we shall see what we get this fall. That's a lot more pass blocking than firing 3 yards off the line right away.
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