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  1. runningblind

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    Fully agree. We are all so invested in this, spend hours of our lives, and in some cases way too much money (CU tickets!). It is petty and silly to call out people for using we and our. Yes we know we're not playing, get over yourself and have a good time.
  2. runningblind

    Northern Illinois Game Highlights

    Here's a channel that makes a 40 minute condensed playback every week: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCPasQzD7Vt03VC9ZAflLe9A/videos
  3. runningblind

    Kicking Game

    McCallum looks like he can kick XP just fine. My answer is to not bother with FG, just score touchdowns.
  4. runningblind

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    It's 2019 people, looking at you @BIG ERN, if you have a cable subscription with Fox channels, download the Fox sports app, login in and watch the game there.
  5. runningblind

    The run game

    I've seen it marked a reception on the box scores I've looked at.
  6. runningblind

    So who has a big day tomorrow?

    The backups because they get to play!
  7. runningblind

    Colorado Rewatch

    I just watched it again and didn't realize just how much time the D was on the field in the first half. NU didn't even get the ball until about the 7 minute mark in the first quarter. It's not the end all, but it is a bit bigger deal than most realize. Source: I live at elevation. Some people even get sick just visiting us at 5/6 thousand feet.
  8. runningblind

    WR Brenden Rice

    He's gonna be sad his best home game experience was his visit. They won't top that in the next 4-5 years. Maybe won't even sell another game out.
  9. runningblind

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    Clearly the coaching staff can't adjust if they can't figure out a way to counter the defense stopping them from scoring points the day before the game. This is ridiculous.
  10. We're gonna run the option now?!?!?!
  11. If that were true, which I don't think I buy just yet, then he should be benched. I think this all boils down to an inexperienced o line who needs more reps before the offense can get in a rhythm. Martinez has happy feet at the moment because of it. Even after reading all the chicken little posts around here all week I have developed a calm before this next game. I think it will all start clicking and they put a much better product on the field Saturday night.