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  1. His name is Chancellor. Don't dishonor his memory like that! He worked so hard to get promoted.
  2. That was the narrative but looking back we should have known better. Frost left for Stanford and transferred back into a well oiled machine. He also was not well liked if I recall and got ragged on by other players for lacking qualitites/traits they desired. He was a part of the environment, but had no influence on creating it or keeping it going, others did. That is exactly how his coaching tenure turned out as well, he couldn't create a strong environment himself and we carried right on being soft, weak, and full of sprinkles.
  3. This is really all you needed. I'm a Bronco fan as well. We've got much bigger problems in Denver than WR, like we do at NU. Gotta fix the line and be able to pick up some first downs running first like @shojust said.
  4. I think it's a stretch to compare NFL lineman to a kid who's played 2.5 games at Nebraska. Sure there are examples but they are the exception athletically.
  5. 8% increase huh? Rhule alone should account for about a 50% increase over Frosty.
  6. What would hit them if we rotate 5 QBs? The ball probably.
  7. I think everyone should be hoping Ajay Allen is RB1. Rahmir has some good skills to contribute also, but forget Grant, Ervin etc, I want to see Allen take this and run with it.
  8. Even if they found major things, who cares? Vacate titles they already won? That always makes me laugh. They won, no one's taking that away. The NCAA continues to be a joke.
  9. If you don't think the bolded was helpful then I don't know about your mental state my dude
  10. I have enjoyed living in the Boulder area for a decade, it's beautiful. There are good people here (as can be found everywhere) despite what people like to say.
  11. That was always my thought. I don't think anyone was practicing well under Frost because practices sucked.
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