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  1. Iowa doesn't use a dedicated coordinator, every coach has some ST responsibility including Ferentz.
  2. Windows is dominant for PCs but industry uses a variety of unix flavors for various things. If you're just talking about internet browsing, that's more about the browser itself than the OS. I use Chrome and Firefox on both Windows and Linux all the time, both work well. What else do you plan to do with this machine would be my next question to help select an OS.
  3. Why would we move the one successful coach on offense? How about a GA for RBs? Make Ron Brown a GA.
  4. Maybe, just maybe, if we had a dedicated section on this board for rumors the rest of the board wouldn't get filled with them.
  5. Is that Nick Henrich's arch nemesis?
  6. I think that probably tells us what we need to know.
  7. Honestly they'd be really good if they ever found a somewhat mobile, somewhat accurate QB. I've been waiting for them to figure that out.
  8. I'll open my mind. Let's air it out with running the ball. Sounds fun.
  9. Maybe if those kickers could kick a little harder we wouldn't be in this mess!
  10. I'd be in also. Next spring/summer let's make it happen.
  11. I haven't yet, which is sad as I love to golf. Next year I hope to get out there. Mainly play at Mariana in Loveland.
  12. I live west of I25 and avoid it like the plague so I go through Loveland and up on surface streets mostly. Maybe 25 minutes or so it takes.
  13. I don't know about you, but I prefer to voice my irrational thoughts anonymously via message board tourettes so that I can continue being a rational human being in the real world. Since I live about 30 minutes south of Fort Collins, I agree!
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