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  1. There's definitely a tipping point with explosive athletes. I remember Von Miller gaining 20 pounds one offseason and it affected him greatly. Lost the weight again and what made him special returned. I think the QB running should be an X factor/change of pace and an ad lib but not a staple. Getting your guy banged up with 200 carries isn't the best idea in my book.
  2. That loophole could help, but the other assistant still has to understand it, and communicate it effectively/quickly enough to make a difference real time. If he were on staff he could execute without the middle man.
  3. A buddy of mine brought up Beckton last night. If the smoke around him were true, that would free up one more FT spot and Snyder could coach TE and be ST coordinator as well. He interviewed for that same spot at Texas this week. That would make me feel excited about the staff moving into 2020. I am not sold on an analyst covering ST in practice but someone else having to make calls on Saturday. That is a recipe for mistakes in games in my eyes no matter how good the teaching during the week has been.
  4. https://twitter.com/BruceFeldmanCFB/status/1218318016753987584?s=20
  5. Omaha schools were closed today no (classes cancelled at least)? The speculation is reaching epic levels.
  6. Does it seem to anyone else that special teams still isn't a top priority? In watching a decade of Big Ten football now that seems like a recipe to lose more close games than you win. Field position is critical more often than not. Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa all have full time special teams coordinators for reference.
  7. https://twitter.com/HuskerFBNation/status/1217816289781129216 https://huskers.com/news/2020/1/16/dawson-returns-to-nebraska-football-staff.aspx Held is now recruiting coordinator and Austin is run game coordinator according to the article.
  8. Screenshot it and upload the image (click to choose files) is the easiest way.
  9. Can it be? I disappointment myself regularly as well.
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