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  1. 247 composite lists Glynn Watson as NUs highest rated recruit ever at .9692. Second highest is the kid from France this year.
  2. runningblind

    ESPN College Gameday

    Welcome! We definitely have choked on the big stage for a very long time, but those teams knew they had lost before those games started. That is starting to change. This team now believes they can compete with anyone and will relish the big moments when we finally get another one with something on the line.
  3. runningblind

    Huskers Land Grad Transfer WR From Cal

    Terrance Nunn, but he doesn't fumble!
  4. runningblind

    Open Letter to New Husker Staff

    Most people don't understand that it is actually better for all parties to be brutally honest if things aren't a good fit. Don't let trying not to hurt someone's feelings make the situation worse for both sides in the long run. If they wouldn't play, tell them and let them move on also. I 100% agree with what Hoiberg is doing.
  5. runningblind

    Re-bump Scott Frost Mega Thread

    Exactly. I never played football, just soccer and basketball, but relentless energy never failed to get the other guy pissed at you and off his game. I was never the most athletic, so I had to make up for it by going full Rudy all the time.
  6. runningblind

    The Running Back Room

    This. I think you'll be surprised. Johnson has the potential to be Mo or better, and I think Thompkins (if healthy) can be at 200 lb by fall and be the change of pace guy. Sure they don't have experience, but it's not like Mo and Mills are multiple year starters we need to replace.
  7. runningblind

    DE Coziah Izzard

    Agreed. I've always felt that if we only offer a kid with big schools interested in mid May, who is in next February's class, that is most likely too late. It is different when a coach was just hired at the school, but they've been at NU 18 months already. Sure they might visit and be wowed, but these kids already have relationships built by now.
  8. runningblind

    JUCO RB Dedrick Mills [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Agreed. If it isn't looking good with two weeks to go, I think that tells us all we need to know.
  9. runningblind

    *Opponent Preview - Northwestern** Games 46-48

    The season's almost over, so today's temperature really doesn't hold water in an argument. Taking 10% of the teams, for less than 1/4 of a season in MLB is your argument for the same thing? The on field results speak for the recruiting ratings.
  10. runningblind

    *Opponent Preview - Northwestern** Games 46-48

    Curious why you thought that. It was a move to a poor conference with terrible spring baseball weather, away from where the talent is. I was saying it was a terrible move as no top talent wants to play baseball in the big ten. They want to be in the west or south all the time, not just a few non conference games a year and then play the rest in 40 degrees.
  11. runningblind

    *Opponent Preview - Northwestern** Games 46-48

    The move to the B1G was great for a lot of sports, but it was a terrible move for baseball. Not playing southward all the time is a huge detriment to the program.
  12. runningblind

    Injury Reports Coming to College Football?

    I'm sure you're interested in historical data then also. I had a nagging groin injury from flag football in 2006 while on scholarship. By far the most interesting thing to happen to that region the whole year.
  13. runningblind

    *** 2024 Recruiting ***