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  1. I was hopeful, but really only expected success for the NHL and NBA. Both due to the bubble model and only trying to stage tournaments and not seasons.
  2. Speed can mean footspeed or processing speed, you're right. Both can enable you to make a play faster and be a great LB.
  3. And I hope he sticks at DE, meaning we are good enough at NT without him. I'd love to see 315-330 and 6'6+ all across the line. Let them take care of the O line by themselves. Then continue to get Lavonte David type speed at LB and here we go.
  4. Please, teams will line up still to take a beating to fund their athletic departments. That isn't even a question. The question is if they can survive until then without those games this year.
  5. I wasn't at all the 90s games but this game in 2014 was both the most fun and the loudest game I've been to. Pure anger at another team from 80k.
  6. I don't get it either. I also don't understand why a spring season and a fall season is an outlandish suggestion due to wear and tear when a kid could go pro and play 16/19/22 games from September to January in the NFL. 24/26 ish games in 10 months versus 18/20 ish in 5.
  7. What else do you want us to do? Be reasonable and objective? You must be lost.
  8. Safety? World drivers: Sometimes the illusion of safety makes people do stupider things.
  9. Maybe it's just COVID-19, but it finally happened. I'm finally tired of hype videos until I see some actual improvement on the field.
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