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  1. I am not sure what you mean, we typically use 5'8" 170 lb goal line rushers.
  2. I think the videos we've seen say otherwise about the deep throws, specifically the one horrendously under thrown ball that Javin made a one handed INT on.
  3. You really think Stille will only play on 3rd down? Tannor too? Got some head scratchers yourself.
  4. I'll be a happy camper if we have gifs from The Wire all season.
  5. Throwing the ball better than a WR is not a high bar.
  6. Those issues definitely are stigmatized. I always wonder how many troubled people who wind up in jail or committing violent acts could have beeen functioning members of society if someone would have been available to support them with their issues. And not have people look down on them when those same judgemental people have issues of their own they ignore. Back on topic, I really hope Omar thrives in this environment and it sets him up for a life of success. Maybe he even grows into an ambassador to help the next generation see it's ok to ask for help.
  7. That would be absolutely wonderful. Rhetorical question: How do we make that available to the rest of our society and every other kid who needs it too?
  8. You have to have a consistent pass rush in order to play a lot of man without giving up big plays. No corner in the world can cover for 5 seconds one on one all the time and not get beat. 2.5 or 3 seconds is a much different story. That is the single thing keeping this defense from being potential top 3 in the B1G in my opinion.
  9. Definitely, he is perfect for that job and a reason why it's not always a good decision to keep climbing the ladder. They will be making bowls and pulling upsets soon. For the thread....I don't care at all who it is but please let someone actually turn out to be underrated. Anyone at all please overachieve.
  10. Have they actually said they're ending the no visit rule in June?
  11. I expect the defense to be good, but the difference between good and great is an effective pass rush without having to manufacture pressure. I still think we are sorely lacking in that department. Man, I hope special teams takes a jump, the staff is finally saying the right things in that department for this conference. For #3, that will require a consistent run game to have red zone success and I hope we can find a RB and the young line gels. Stepp is a question mark with injuries and the young crew is largely unknown, great opportunity for someone to step up and seize the job there.
  12. So you're saying: Can't lose: Ill, Buffalo, MSU, Purdue, SELA (5-0) Can't win: OU and OSU (0-2) In between: Mich, NW, Minny, Wisconsin, Iowa (3-2) You see 8-4? That's some confidence my friend. Personally I don't see any way this team makes it 5-0 in that first category unless a switch has completely flipped this offseason. I think 4-1 is a reasonable goal there. That last 5 I think a reasonable goal is 2-3 but my gut says 1-4. So my prediction then becomes 5-7 with this schedule and the 2 other all but guaranteed losses, as 6-8 wins would requi
  13. We do get Michigan yep. So that random hat draw is one dude, alone, who announced the final results after the fact once the hat and contents were burned.
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