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  1. I had Kangaroo jerky once, while in the dorms in Lincoln! It was pretty good, a bit gamey like Elk jerky.
  2. On 1/3 the update was KU leads. He lives in Lawrence. Wants to play baseball also and Kansas has said he can do both. Makes enough sense to me.
  3. He can fix airplanes? That's pretty sweet.
  4. I suspect both of those would be temporary effects. Things go back to normal for 6 months and a large percentage of people go right back to the way things were.
  5. I know it sounds like hyperbole, but the psyche of this team is such that the success in that first 7 really does hinge on the opening game. I have a strong gut feeling about that. We've seen it the last two years with CU. Win against Purdue and 7-0 is possible with renewed belief in themselves and the program. Lose and 4-3, 3-4 becomes likely and a bowl becomes quite the challenge again.
  6. You're still talking about "expert" predictions here, they're just different from before. He'll get drafted, just like Tanner Lee, based on potential. The talking heads don't work for NFL teams, and it just takes one team to like him. Teams don't like to show their hands ahead of time either.
  7. Ha! Don't use the camera. Half the people who work from home are in pajamas on conference calls. Share a screen or charts or something useful.
  8. Do we need both 2 LB coaches? How about TE and QB? Can Chinander take a position? A 10th was approved a couplr years back I think.
  9. Maybe so, and maybe my gut feeling is more that Fidone has blown up so much NU may have a hard time keeping him home rather rhan Iowa specifically.
  10. Ruh roh shaggy. I have a gut feeling Iowa gets both.
  11. I'm not convinced having an analyst alone, who can only gameplan, while relying on coaches focused on other positions to teach in practice and make in game adjustments qualifies as a new focus on ST. A new focus would have been hiring Rutledge, or Snyder, as a FT ST coordinator allowing that person to actually coach. Here's hoping it helps none the less.
  12. Nothing from 2019 I can tell you that much.
  13. Yeah.... Nebraska is 9-11 the last 3 years in Lincoln. The Huskers aren't a tough out anywhere at the moment, let alone against a top 10 team.
  14. I think it's a reasonable, different way of looking at it. Having all the new kids together would be a plus for sure. I also think practice closer to the season would be a definite plus. Some folks just aren't able to think any way other than what they always have, as seen in some responses above.
  15. I don't necessarily agree with that, unless there is no time at all for visits. If there is some summer time session available to recruit, and a full season played, then there is time to get kids on campus still. If those things are cancelled as well, I would imagine dates get pushed back by the NCAA to accommodate this concern.
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