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  1. runningblind

    WR Zavier Betts

    My roommate in Harper got married to a non-football savvy woman, and they have twins. To be supportive, she tried to teach them how to cheer while Dad watches the Huskers as a surprise. Nebraska scores, he cheers, and the kids yell, "Corn Pride!". She made it up as she liked it better than GBR. Our collective group of friends now yells, "Corn Pride!", often and laugh about it.
  2. runningblind

    2019 NCAA Tournament Contest

    #1 Zags #2 Michigan #4 Kansas #6 Nova #7 Wofford #9 UCF #12 Oregon #13 St. Louis #14 Yale
  3. runningblind

    Replacements for Miles

    If they open the checkbook a bit, I don't see why they couldn't get a good, proven coach to come. The facilities and fan support are at sleeping giant level. Recruit halfway decently and develop/have some coaching chops you most likely will become the best in school history. One sweet sixteen and you get a statue.
  4. runningblind

    How’s Miles Jones Doing?

    Mcquitty has been here two, and has 3 years left. He is a redshirt sophomore. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=211447097&DB_OEM_ID=100&Q_SEASON=2019 I think you were trying to talk about Jones still but your post read like you meant Mcquitty, so I'm just clarifying.
  5. runningblind

    Spring Practice Notes

    Thanks Mike'l.
  6. runningblind

    2019 Season Prediction Thread

    We're just one sun burning out from extinction too.
  7. runningblind

    2019 Season Prediction Thread

    Detroit Lions fan eh?
  8. runningblind

    Changes on offense 2019

    I do realize that a 4-8 NU team lost to all 4 yes, 3 on the road, 2 by walk off field goals. We get three of the 4 in Lincoln in 2019. NW lost a 4 year starting qb. Iowa loses both starting D ends and an all everything safety, plus two all conference TEs. Wisconsin slipped on D, then lost their top LBs and will probably start a freshman at QB. Purdue also lost their longtime QB. Minny might be the actual most improved team. Year two should be a positive step for the defense simply from experience. Nose tackle is much better off this year than last, and I think LB is too. CB is the same, safety is a question but no one in the west slings it around a ton. They also played from behind all year last year. If this offense gets early some leads instead, that changes the outlook for the defense in that game. Combine all that with another offseason of learning for Martinez and things set up very well for Nebraska in the west.
  9. runningblind

    Changes on offense 2019

    The defense needs to be top 40 to win the B1G with this offense. The defense simply needs to be better than last year for NU to win the division. You vastly overstate the competition in the west. Wisconsin took a big step back on defense, Iowa and NW are who they are, very beatable even for a poor NU team last year. Everyone talks about "we can't stop the run! They'll hold the ball for 45 minutes!". Sure that is possible but very unlikely. What happens when Wisconsin is down by 13 and forced to take shots? Not every possesion will be 15 plays, 75 yards and 10 minutes. Yes we need to stop the run better, but we don't have to be Alabama to beat the west teams, that's ridiculous. The best coaches always make leaps in year 2, Frost already did it once. I'm not saying 12-0, but 10-2 and winning the west is right there for this team.
  10. runningblind

    Changes on offense 2019

    I feel good about the passing game because its year 2 for QB, JD becomes Stan, Wandale becomes JD and we have a bunch of talent to step up. O line being more experienced, Martinez making a jump will be the biggest factors.
  11. runningblind

    Nebraska Pro Day 2019

    Arm length. Some have it significantly easier when it comes to bench.
  12. runningblind

    WR Xavier Watts

    You would use officials for that yes. I would definitely check out any school within driving distance on unofficials, it doesn't make sense to not to. This is a big decision.