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  1. Because this one would benefit Nebraska also and not Ohio State. You new around here? I suspect this is something different.
  2. Some like to say that but I've been quietly following Kentucky camp and there's a good chance he does really well there. They'll have problems on defense but he should get his.
  3. We may self destruct around here before we even get to August 28th. This is beyond peak off-season stuff, I'm impressed.
  4. I really doubt we'd even be ranked at 3-0 with wins over no one. Big loss to OU and it would take 4-1 or 5-1 to get us back in right now.
  5. I think we've only won 3 games in alternate uniforms since joining the B1G, and two were versus Illinois. Something like that. The alternate uni curse is real.
  6. Nah, that plane wasn't intercepted upon takeoff.
  7. It's been ok while the team has been bad, get it over with and still have the day, I get that. But I don't plan on them being bad forever and I want excitement to build all day again!
  8. Late night is preferable to the 10 AM Mountain/11AM Central kicks. College football should not be played in the morning. Anticipation needs to build, tailgating needs to happen and the lights should be on. Mid afternoon kick minimum in my eyes.
  9. I've got family in Norman who are Sooner fans and that is accurate. They're convinced they'll keep on rolling with zero negative impact here, can only be positive. We shall see, I'm skeptical.
  10. Have I ever told you how smart you are?
  11. Running back is a position you can make hay as a freshman. Ervin and Morrison are the ones built to be high carry backs and we need one of em to succeed. Stepp and Yant aren't going to be the answer more than change of pace or short yardage. Yant is just too big for 3 downs.
  12. That was all for show. This was settled months ago but they had to act like they haven't been talking all this time.
  13. Seems to be just a lot of repeating things he's read on the internet. Might be a really impressive bot.
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