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  1. I think everyone else in the world knew that was the peak of what they could possibly expect up there. Maybe no one came calling for old PJ.
  2. First of all, the Big Ten didn't cancel the game or shut them down, Wisconsin did. I expect them to start themselves back up and they will indeed play on the 7th, with Chryst on the sidelines as it'll have been 10 days. I don't think anyone will say much of anything. Nebraska folks are getting excited about this but no one else will remember come next weekend.
  3. I can't believe in any universe the Big Ten would approve a game that would bring in any old team not following the same protocols. Pack it in folks.
  4. It's unfortunately already known that we would just have to sit out.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPasQzD7Vt03VC9ZAflLe9A I subscribe to this channel as they post full game replays that are 40 minutes long. Just cuts to the next play and lets me re-watch a couple times each week if I want.
  6. Pretty sure Coan is out indefinitely after foot surgery this month. Remember folks that the B1G rules say you have to sit out 21 days, so if enough of the team has it so that they have to cancel this weekend, they'd have to cancel the next 3 as far as I can tell. Do calls come for the conference as a whole to reconsider at that point?
  7. That is too bad, I don't want to see kids have to miss half of their season due to this. I wanted to face them with him.
  8. I disagree. It is interesting how some took yesterday's games, both ours and Wisconsin's, as us being awful and them being incredible. I saw very different things and expect a very competitive game on Saturday, with a good chance of NU winning.
  9. I am with you there. I do not want QBs running more than occasionally. Gotta have some RBs who can figure it out and do damage themselves.
  10. You said it wasn't one he should have caught, but could have. I am saying he absolutely should have as a P5 captain with two hands on the ball. That was the point I was trying to make, and to not just expect only perfect passes to be in the "should catch" category.
  11. You're a power 5 wide receiver, and a captain. A ball you have two hands on has to be caught. This argument that every pass has to be absolutely perfect needs to stop. We will never beat top teams with that line of thinking.
  12. Bingo. This team is better. Need Omar Manning something fierce though.
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