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  1. They went 1-11, and we lost to a 1-11 team last year. You really think 4-8 is that different? I am not gonna shut up because you want to think your 4-8 team is so much cooler than a 1-11 team. Have fun with your delusions, we may easily lose to them.
  2. So, the program sucks, but Colorado sucks worse, but we also haved sucked for longer, so losing to CU would make sense even though there's no way we lose to CU since they lost all their players from last year when they also sucked. I think I understand.
  3. You guys do realize you're jinxing this right? This loss is gonna be on you.
  4. I'm not convinced it will be a red out like last time. Colorado people are more interested, Nebraska people felt burned last time and ticket prices are way higher than the already ridiculous last time. I'm not going this time and I work 15 minutes from CU.
  5. For Rhule yes, but if Frost had done slightly better? They'd have given him longer and it's sad honestly.
  6. I would believe it. See my post in the why/why not Rhule will success thread.
  7. This is the biggest reason he has a chance to be successful. I am not convinced there is any guarantee anyone will actually be successful here again. It shouldn't be that hard, but here we are. Reasons he could be - past experience, genuine dude that guys will want to play for, has an actual plan. Proven talent developer (in easier leagues, see below). Reasons he might not be - too many cooks in the kitchen. People still listen to Tom Osborne and are obsessed with the past and love to meddle in this program. Unproven schemes and coaches in this league. Yet to prove he can develop the talent required to win in the B1G. Honestly I keep coming back to the outside forces. Yes it turned out Scott Frost is just a colossal F up, but so many people are trying to steer and mess with Nebraska football. That is the absolute #1 reason we keep having issues, and I am not sure that is going to be fixed. All of our collective caring (over caring) is most likely contributing to our downfall. We need to hire good people and let them do their jobs. Stop listening to former players, coaches, boosters etc. Let the new hires do their own work and make this their own.
  8. Couple beers on Friday night and he'll be back.
  9. That's the sad part. I have an N decorative rock out in front of my house, and it just garners pity from my neighbors these days (I live in Colorado, near Boulder). We are not even worth making fun of anymore.
  10. Since you brought it up...F Scott Frost. If I never see that guy again it'll be too soon.
  11. I am not going to be shocked if they end up with a much better record than us. I also won't be shocked if they go 0-12, but I am leaning towards betting them over 3.5 wins for sure.
  12. I can't stand early games. College football belongs at night, or at least ending with the sun fading. This game would be crazy at night no doubt, amd I suspect we lose in that atmosphere, but it would be great TV.
  13. Am I the only one who thinks he looks an awful lot like Logan Smothers? Name is similar sounding too.
  14. It's a circular argument to a point. Slow paces offense lends itself to better defensive performance, and vice versa. You also always play better against styles you see repeatedly.
  15. Don't worry, he's probably been on the phone with Frost all offseason figuring out how to win at NU also.
  16. Made me chuckle! You not knowing anything about OSU last year is akin to no one knowing about CU this year. We have no clue and can't predict. They could win 10 or 0, should be fun to watch!
  17. Looking back this was pretty obvious from his playing days/off the field issues. Seems like his life long M.O.
  18. Second game. We play in Minneapolis first. Back to back on the road to start.
  19. The people you're referring to are nice to folks who look like Gatlin, just not to anyone different from them. He's from the southern part of the state though, I used to live nearby in Boise, and people are generally nice as he says in that area.
  20. We have no idea how we will be with a new staff and turnover, likewise with CU. Losing to them means absolutely nothing for us or Rhule at that point. This next year is going to be rough regardless.
  21. It's a message board, people debate, sorry if you don't like that. You are entitled to your opinion of course, but others are also entitled to respond on a public forum you posted said opinion on.
  22. I don't think anyone is saying signing Raoila is any guarantee of any success. The options are however, play ball in this new NIL game or don't. Have a chance at a very talented 5* legacy QB, or don't. You always said we should wait until we are more established before spending money on a QB, well there is no guarantee that ever happens without a significant upgrade in talent. This isn't like your small business where you have limited resources for specific needs, there is money being given specifically for this purpose. I think we should still try to be good and spend that money that was given just for this. Donors have shown they aren't yet ready to stop giving money to Nebraska football, unlike when customers might stop using your small business. It isn't unlimited, I get that before you say it, but there are millions to spend for this exact thing you are arguing against.
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