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  1. That game really felt like Edmonton came guns blazing, and Florida was rusty, yet the Panthers won 3-0. My gut tells me Florida all the way after some correction on both sides to the mean. Skinner will be tested more, and that's not good for Edmonton, plus Florida will help Bob more, which is also not good for Edmonton.
  2. The hype was there with Riley, the hype was there with Frost. Not believing anything until they actually do something. I used to buy into "might as well get hyped and enjoy it as a fan!" but I am honestly meh right now. Waaaaayyyyy too many times they have underperformed expectations for me to even put energy into any hype right now. Some of this is no doubt all the changes in college football, the transfer portal, etc. Makes it harder every year to care about players and have any sort of confidence in progression of teams.
  3. What do you watch a lot of them if you have no clue about Iowa? You say this every year, and they go win 9 or 10 every year.
  4. It is fun for walk ons to get to be a part of the team, and a few play sure, but as the stats show most never see the field. IMO, cutting most walk-ons won't make a bit of difference to the quality football on the field. If this leads to player contracts and stops the transfer portal nonsense, I am all for it.
  5. He might take some snaps from under center occasionally, not all shotgun.
  6. Why can't we have both? Have a system that gives the players a cut, but they have to agree to terms to be at a school for 2-3 years. The constant transferring, coaches having to recruit their own teams is the main issue here IMO. Make kids commit so we can have a team concept again, fans can get to know players and root for them rather than wondering if they will even be here next year still.
  7. I am still watching, but the season is in fact, over after my Avs are eliminated. Ha! I am rooting hard for a Canadian cup though. Also glad a drought will end, if my team is out I just want someone new to win.
  8. Just imagine how much better those games could be at night.
  9. A night game, excellent! Let's make this an annual thing and get this rivalry going. Rivals aren't made at 11AM.
  10. They won the conference though, and got AN ACTUAL TROPHY haha. You are arguing like we are happy about finishing in last, because they aren't hosting a regional. Not quite the same thing.
  11. My brain is telling me to hurry up and bet UTEP -28 in the first game of a freshman's career.
  12. I don't think you can label them paper tigers. They were picked 5th in the conference preseason, and just won the B1G tournament and made a regional. They've over achieved, and it has already been a successful year relative to realistic expectations.
  13. Blue Neon costs a lot, look at it all.
  14. It's so short sighted. Line them up so people can watch both and you bet they will. I'm picking a playoff game of any sort over a regular season game not involving my team.
  15. Best game I went ever went to, and also the last W I have seen in person (I go to one every year and it has been since 2014, how sad is that?)
  16. It's disappointing yes, but this team was picked to finish 5th in the conference I think preseason. They came in with pitching question marks. Not sure what some of you are expecting, this is basically going as predicted more or less.
  17. He has been pro Nebraska for a long time, when we haven't deserved it. He was pro Riley and pro dumbass who shall not be named. He respects rivals and actually seems like a genuine dude.
  18. I've sat in south stadium probably 40 times, and I really don't think it's significantly worse than other sections. My least favorite place to be is north stadium honestly, seems like things bottleneck worse over there. The entire place is old and tired, so focusing on just one area isn't gonna cut it IMO. When I was in my 20s, going to games was all about nostalgia and the experience. Now that I am pushing 40, I'd much rather watch somewhere more comfortable with concession and bathroom access, plus individual seats. I don't want to pay to be crammed in with 18 other people impeding on the space I supposedly paid for. Reduce capacity and make the experience better, like professional stadiums. Otherwise I am way less inclined to go, and I don't think I'm alone.
  19. I've always thought the Men's and Women's teams should have the same base salary. They then could earn performance incentives and extra endorsement type things based on the revenue generating aspect of the sport. To me, that is the only way it is fair. Equal at the core while acknowledging that some teams generate more revenue.
  20. That probably makes too much sense. I am sure we have to declare it before the NCAA board and promise we won't give out Capri Sun during our time on that side.
  21. Explain to me why Frost wasn’t the reason? The longer he spent under Frost the worse he got, seems to be the definition of ruining someone.
  22. 6 weeks is June 8th, 8 weeks is the 22nd. I'd say there's a good chance of a before August return.
  23. That EDM-LA series I thought could be sneaky good. LOL to betting on Toronto! Go Avs.
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