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  1. I feel like when the NCAA starts trying to enforce that, the top conferences will finally just break away and be done with them.
  2. I personally approve of any shade being thrown in CU's direction. Real or otherwise.
  3. It's true, but until fans stop hemorrhaging money into the program not much will change. I like games in Lincoln still, but have grown to enjoy other newer stadiums better on road trips. The old place needs a remodel for sure.
  4. But that isn't going to be the sole focus. They don't want a Tom Brady statue back there, that's my point. My example, Russell Wilson, was known for his deep passes and he was always outside the pocket. If I had to wager, we will see more of that than straight up drop back passing.
  5. I don't think he needs to be the better down field, pocket passer because I don't envision them wanting that. They want more of a (pre Denver) Russell Wilson type who is on the move constantly, run or pass. That's where we are seeing different things. I agree with your assessment of Casey's skill set.
  6. I do know who the OC is, but I also know we have a head coach who has had QBs average 98 carries per year over his college career. Thompson had 56 carries (including 24 sacks) for -21 yards in 2022. If you don't expect at least a little change you haven't paid enough attention to what Rhule likes to do, no matter who his OC is. Couple that with them recruiting Sims specifically, and it's not hard to read these tea leaves.
  7. I am so looking forward to your reaction posts when Sims is named starter over Thompson. It's gonna happen my dude. They're going to want to run the QB. Casey might play some, but he doesn't fit the mold.
  8. The defensive line has potential, but thin. I still want to see Nash move to guard. I just have this gut feeling he'd be great there. The blank spot for 2nd string center kind of sums up the O line situation.
  9. Exactly, which is funny to me. He got hurt in the 2nd quarter and graded out 5th of 6 lineman per PFF in that game for the snaps he did play. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/pff-snap-counts-and-grades-for-nebraska-s-offensive-vs-michigan
  10. Agreed. Major eye roll from me when I see these.
  11. Teddy has played roughly 2-3 total games in college, and only graded well against the NW team we beat 56-7. I know we are awful on the line so I get it, but it is funny to me how people remember him so fondly with such a tiny body of work. He wasn't much better than the other tackles against good competition (Michigan before the injury).
  12. No. You read way too much into anything that happens in the offseason.
  13. Some of this is they want certain guys back and maybe don't want others back. The staff would rather give Betts a second chance for upside than Grimes etc. Some guys go in the portal and the staff is glad they did. Part of the game.
  14. Maybe Kansas and Iowa shouldn't be so $&*%## weak.
  15. I always think that when people say "they were one kick away from a 3 peat!". That's not how it works as previous years do build into others. Look at lots of other teams the year after they won and don't have quite the same fire/edge as the year before. Hard to keep the same level of motivation.
  16. Safe search on versus safe search off
  17. It's rhabdo, not rhabno. Short for rhabdomyolysis. Do you know how Google works?
  18. Resigned and re-signed mean two very different things Sean.
  19. I won't be shocked if Betts and IGC come back and contribute at a good clip. That would just further cement in my head how much Frost was a $&$*$&$*#* moron.
  20. He wanted $.10 per post, so that would add up quick was all I was saying
  21. You trying to bankrupt @Huskerfollower4life???
  22. Just throw a space in the name, The Husker Board collective.
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