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  1. That sounds like a great time. Also the one of the 3 I haven't been to a game at, will need to remedy that situation I think.
  2. There are only 3 FBS stadiums at over a mile of elevation and they're all within a couple hours of me: Wyoming: 7215 Air Force: 6620 Colorado: 5360
  3. The transfer comment at least means he fully gets the urgency. Freshman in 2022 won't help a bit if you don't win a bunch of games next year and get canned. Need difference makers plugged in right away.
  4. While I tend to agree with that statement, you sure do speak in superlatives a lot. Can one truly be that sure of anything?
  5. I know this thread is about new coaches, but I am now fully convinced that in addition to @KingBlank being Bo Pelini, that @TheSker is Scott Frost.
  6. There's no hope. F*ck everything. Go Big Red.
  7. I agree, that was the best game I've been to crowd wise. It's really fun to absolutely dislike the other team.
  8. 2024 will be a fun one, we get Michigan/OSU/PSU back to back to back.
  9. This game will be close, we have yet to win a road game and they have 2 weeks to prepare. NU by one score.
  10. Great idea, I think I'll join you.
  11. Whining about the refs is lame. Yes Adrian screwed up but we aren't in the game without him so whining about him being the worst thing ever is lame also. Pretty much I hate whining. That was a damn good team we played, they made more plays. Tip your cap and move on.
  12. You're late to the party to tell me that. They did change QBs though, Rattler wasn't good against us or today.
  13. No way guys, waiting and posting a reasonable response afterwards is no fun!
  14. I was confident in O line improvement, but today I suspect this will look the same as the first 5 after watching Michigan highlights. Michigan's D line is good.
  15. I'm cooling my kool-aid as it appears OU isn't a good litmus test for anything. 28-7 Texas in the first quarter. Maybe we really haven't played anyone yet.
  16. I forgot Wisconsin was canceled last year and thought that was him throwing shade at NW not being a P5 team.
  17. I get the troll hate but they have won 6 in a row, doesn't matter by single scores or not. The organic/fan sell out streak is also manufactured at this point, it's a business/booster sell out streak now. Still cool but also kind of forced. Responding to him just means he's in your heads, which is what he wants.
  18. I gotcha. That scenario would be a lot of fun indeed.
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