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  1. Let's be real, cheer the fans for that one, not any administrator. Kudos to the AD for actually doing it but no other place on Earth has fans that show up 92k strong for a women's sport period, let alone a regular season match.
  2. Seriously. I am a Bronco fan, and had to deal with Gordon fumbling every 5th snap for us a couple years ago, but now get to root for Samaje. Continued to deal with those feelings recently.
  3. The stuff between the ears doesn't necessarily become super easy, but I would argue the physical part is quite different. It should be much easier to elude a rush against South Dakota State. There's a reason those kids aren't starting for Ohio State. He can win being more physically gifted at a lower level is what I am getting at, making the mental part less important.
  4. Hey now. Didn't he throw a touchdown to beat Nebraska? I was in the stands for that glorious completion, his only of the game. In all seriousness, you only know that a handful are really good college QBs based on production they've already had, and those guys will be fought over heavily. Some might have been products of their old systems however, or of their old coaching staffs. Less experienced transfers might flourish in a new setting, and with new coaching. We basically can't predict what will happen.
  5. It happens much slower though, that's the idea. No guarantee of success, but you have to admit it's easier in FCS or D2.
  6. I think he knows HH is not a QB, and he tells him that. I think Purdy stays and gets a legit shot, with competition from a portal QB and a freshman. Purdy still has potential and has the tools to succeed.
  7. I'd expect that kind of a response from Frost's ghost. The buck stops with the HC, period. No more finger pointing with our HC, just the thumb.
  8. I was like "who is the worst???" Then I remembered.
  9. I can see that, but that team specifically doesn't call runs for QBs. That's the reason I asked if you watched them much. I like it, I'd rather not have a QB run outside of a scramble or maybe a sneak as you mentioned. Always ends in them being knicked up late in the year.
  10. Why are you surprised by that? Don't watch many Ohio State games I take it?
  11. Mods don't listen regardless even though other message boards do this routinely.
  12. Those numbers are expected outcomes based on probable win percentages during games. Basically it is saying with how we performed, the numbers/probabilities say we should have won 8.1 games, but we managed to snatch defeat from victory with our late game antics.
  13. And won 9 games, made the conference title game, won a bowl game, beat a couple ranked teams. You know, all of that the 2023 team never did.
  14. It is said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. That basically sums up how I feel sometimes about Nebraska football being cursed.
  15. 2009: #1 scoring D, that's kind of important , #8 rushing D, #18 passing D, #7 total D, all better than this year. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/years/2009-team-defense.html http://www.cfbstats.com/2009/leader/national/team/defense/split01/category10/sort01.html 2010: #10 scoring D, #5 passing D, #11 total D. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/years/2010-team-defense.html http://www.cfbstats.com/2010/leader/national/team/defense/split01/category10/sort01.html
  16. Stop being drunk at 3 PM on a Tuesday, dude! 2009 and 2010 want to have a word.
  17. Isn't having an identity exactly what opposing D Coordinators want? To know they should just stop the run or pass and they are good? Seems to me no identity is the way to be, good at everything.
  18. 75% less than they are about to in Lincoln.
  19. He would never say that though, which is a good thing. Leaders praise in public and teach/criticize in private. Whatever you truly think of the talent, that is what you have to work with right now and you roll with it until you have more.
  20. Yep! As an analyst for Mike Elko.
  21. Neither of those guys produced anything like they are now at their old schools, so the new environment helped all parties. We can hope for something like that, but it hasn't happened yet at Nebraska where all the pieces fit and raises everyone's play.
  22. That was my thought, you have to get someone better. What do we have to offer besides playing time that other schools can't match? Moving up a level to P5/B1G is a solid answer still for a lower level guy. This is an honest question. That's super helpful, thanks. I asked a legitimate question about why anyone would want to come here specifically, never did I say we shouldn't try. Would you like to actually try and answer my question now instead of being a smarta$$?
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