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  1. If the NE/WI coaching hires were reversed we'd have the exact same posts on message boards. EXACTLY the same.
  2. If he turns this ship show around?...... Probably any place he wants to.
  3. I just click on the links people put up here..
  4. The Wisconsin fans comments on twatter exactly mirror the comments we've been reading about Rhule.
  5. We suffered the slings and arrows of a couple AD hires. We suffered the slings and arrows of a couple fan base hires. Now an admin, working together with "football heads" across the entire industry has done the research, and made the best pick possible. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Iowa's always going to pull an Iowa. Every season. When do they start calling for a change at head coach?
  7. Kiffin - been everywhere - done nothing. Does he even break .500 on the wins and losses? Why do people say his name?
  8. If you actually type out "yall" the world instantly writes you off as a moron.
  9. That's not unpopular, that's what everyone thought from the start.
  10. Fair point. It's the only connection we have to bridge the abyss from former glory, to the next run of glory.
  11. Why Kiffin? He's been everywhere and done nothing. Where does the kiffin love come from? Straight up question - no snark.
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