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  1. There may be something to this curse thing I've been pooh poohing over the years.
  2. Nut jobs: "we want frost" Cooler Heads: "he's never coached in the big leagues." Nut Jobs: "JUST HIRE HIM!" Cooler Heads: " Are you thinking this through?" Nut Jobs: "we don't care , give him 5 to 7 years, just get him." Reality: "that's not how it works." Nut jobs: FIRE HIM! Cooler Heads: "but you said....." Nut Jobs: "FIRE HIM!" If you Nut Jobs are selling your Fost stock, I'm buying.
  3. OFFS! give him an o-line, and good coaches he's put a couple hiesmans in the trophy case.
  4. Nope, that's when the switch was flipped, and nothings been the same since.
  5. A lot mountain climbers quit within sight of the peak. Frost needed to learn how to coach in the big leagues. Smart people knew that during the honeymoon phase. Now we're invested in the bottom end of the learning curve , and we're going cut him loose so someone else can enjoy fun part, the upper end of the learning curve? Doesn't make sense.
  6. Being a chosen son, doesn't make you an organizational behavior whisperer. Are we (fans) going to help with the learning curve, or call for heads? What responsibility do the fans take in this merry-go-round of disappointment?
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