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  1. NBC/peacock says they have the big 10. Would you sign up for peacock so you could listen to Husker games when your out of state?
  2. If and when we get good again, some team will repeatedly break our hearts, and become the mountain to get over in our quest for glory. That will be the new rivalry.
  3. What's the context, what is she talking about?
  4. Go back and read the first 1/2 dozen pages in this thread.
  5. If I was going to practice homelessness I'd go do it at Corpus Christi, or Big Pine Key. This nonsense of being homeless in brutal winter type regions really makes me question the cognitive horsepower of these guys.
  6. What's up with Calipari going to AR? Is he running from violations?
  7. Screwing the Pooch will be the title of ESPN's 30 for 30 on the Prime era at cu. Or Blowing Dion. One of the 2.
  8. Hey I came up with this idea like 10 years ago. Stupid billionaires.
  9. He jumped up and caught it. Why is it "incredible", and "unreal" ?
  10. What's LD's problem with NE?
  11. Tx never struck me as a blue blood. FSU, and UGA seem bluer than tx.
  12. Man, it's a beautiful opportunity to fail for 3 years and get fired for umpteen million.
  13. I don't know that whores ever done anything so egregious that they should associated with the likes of TX.
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