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  1. Its not often a kid is so good in college that they name a Bourbon after him.
  2. Jordan's lucky there weren't any Canada gooses in the nba.
  3. Just heard on the radio that CO is talking to Bielma.
  4. Ok so I'll be naive, you guys dont think he's learned? Everybody gets better with experience.
  5. You ever see that cartoon where daffy duck gets pulled through the knot hole? That's what burrow would look like had he come here. Wounded, stove up, career over. Get us an oL before we sacrifice talents to the fickle fans.
  6. Let me mix some metaphors: We dont have the horses to run with the big dogs. We get some horses , and all of a sudden, the coaches seem a lot smarter. We get some horses on the OL, and all of a sudden the coaches are geniuses. Your a genius, your a genius, your a genius, everyone's a genius.
  7. Weed can't be good for your turbo. I wish I was enough athlete to be able to smoke weed, and still be freaky good.
  8. So what were his problems outside of the court case? Everyone dances with innuendos, but no one ever says what went wrong.
  9. Everyone knows how to get a girl in your room at Lincoln.......... Grease her hips.
  10. Dear Cornhuskers, I got your back fam! I can see it coming. Ignore the nitwits. I love ya. What can I do to help?
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