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  1. Could not agree with you more…our best players should be on special teams. You need players who can handle the ball and block legally and not commit silly blocks in the back. We need difference makers on special teams. Instead, what we had were a bunch of players with not much experience trying their best not to screw up.
  2. Finally, we will see some much needed improvement in one of the worst special teams units in P5 football.
  3. Wow…we are in great company…Kansas football. Oh wait…Kansas is good at basketball.
  4. I really hope he gets to play at Kansas state and do well. He is a tough kid and gave it his all. I wish him all the best.
  5. Thanks for proving me right and admitting what you are.
  6. I have been saying that all season long yet some fans still believe that any coach can do a decent job coaching the special teams because we only spend 15 minutes practicing for special teams as one poster pointed out. No wonder our rankings are stellar in special teams play. Now, you will see a couple of jackasses put laughing emojis as their way of being passive aggressive.
  7. If Frost does not hire a dedicated special teams coach, he will have sealed his fate.
  8. It is mind boggling that so many fans underestimate the importance of special teams. No wonder Frost neglected this unit for 4 years now and look where it got us. I am sorry but running backs were NOT the reason we lost so many games. In fact, in most games, we ran the ball good enough to win. What killed us were the special teams. How many times did Frost opt to go for it rather than kick the field goal because he did not trust his special teams? How many points did we leave on the field? How many positive yards did our special teams get this season? I bet that the total positive yards our special teams got were among the lowest in FBS if not dead bottom. Not a single aspect of our special teams is working. We need a professional special teams coach who can fix the many issues very quickly or we will be in the same boat next year. I do not understand why so many downplay the importance of having someone who knows how to coach special teams. The most special thing our special teams did this season is field the punt at our own 10 yard or less. Had Frost brought some guys from the stands, they would probably have done better than our “coached” special teams.
  9. Hiring an expert special teams coach is the most important hire this offseason. Frost has no idea how to coach special teams or else we would not have the worst special teams in P5 over the past 4 years. We need someone with a proven record in coaching special teams. Currently our special teams do not know how to kick, punt, block, return, or even line up correctly. These are results after 4 years. So, investing in a proven special teams coach MUST be a priority. Special teams win games for you or at least close out games when you are leading.
  10. I still believe that if we were competing for a championship and we were so close to making it to the playoffs, most players would want to stay and see it through. With our record being what it is, I completely understand them moving on and wanting to try their luck with the NFL draft. Absolutely the right decision. However, if the Huskers were the Huskers of the 90s, I am willing to bet good money that most of these players come back for an additional season. Unfortunately, we can never find out who is right and so we will just have to agree to disagree.
  11. There are zero guarantees that they would be drafted in the NFL. I can give you many examples of players that stayed with Alabama and Ohio state for a chance to win the championship. They could have been drafted and they did not because they were playing for a winning team. However, you just were eager to use the words “get over yourself” in a sentence.
  12. I really like Dave Aranda and his demeanor on the side line. He is confident, calm, and seems to truly understand his team’s capabilities and utilizes their strengths. I watched the game against Oklahoma state. Out of all the coaches out there, I believe that Dave Aranda would be the best fit for Nebraska. Unfortunately, that ain’t happening now.
  13. Players who respect their coach and believe in his vision for the team do not leave. It is obvious that the players know Frost is clueless on how to fix things and turn the corner. That is why we have first stringers bailing. If we were 9-3 this season with a real chance to compete next season no player would be leaving the team. I bet Allen, Domann, Daniels, jurgens, cam-Taylor-Britt, and Martinez would be looking forward to next season. Unfortunately, we are 3-9 and I am sure the players who are the closest to Frost and his coaches know that Frost is way over his head so they are jumping ship. I do not blame them. They gave Frost 4 years of their careers and Frost pissed it down the drain because he cannot game plan or put his team in a position to close games. I have nothing but respect for all the players who gave it their best. The blame falls on Frost and Trev Alberts. This experiment should have run its course by now. I bet that Oklahoma who lost their winning coach will still do much better next year than us with a coach who is in his fifth year at the helm. We keep looking for reasons to blame the players. Start pointing the fingers where they should.
  14. I do not believe that…the entire state supports the football team. We pack the stadium even with a 3-9 team. No other football team in the nation can claim that. And most importantly, money talks…you can get any coach you want if the price is right, especially when the coach gets to compete in the BiG Ten which receives tons of attention. So, sorry, I do not buy that no one of caliber would come to Nebraska. If that is the case then let us just shut down the program.
  15. I do not blame players for anything. They are not the ones making millions. The players are as good as their coaching. If players are coached right, they accomplish and move on to the next phase of their careers where they have a chance to make millions in the NFL. If they are not coached right, then they are an afterthought at best. I do not blame Daniels for wanting to move on or JURGENS. The future is uncertain with Frost and after a record of 3-9 four seasons in, it would make anyone question Frost’s ability to turn things around. Some of these players had a very good season and I can totally see them wanting to make the best out of a horrible situation. Unfortunately, the person to blame for this situation and drama is Trev Alberts who chose to give Frost another year so he can save some money. All the big shot coaches we have been talking about in our threads are quickly being taken by other teams while we wait and see what miracle Frost can conjure next season. I have a sinking feeling that this is just the beginning and many other players will start leaving. We could be looking at many changes to our roster come next season, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. We will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, the drama will escalate and we have just begun our roller coaster ride. It promises to be a very bumpy ride full of drama and surprises.
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