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  1. The only good news I heard today is the rumor that Frost might be Iowa’s offensive coordinator. That is one game we are sure to win next year if that happens.
  2. I am sorry that the truth hurts. Can you point to what exactly is incorrect from what I said? Did we not lose 4 games in a row and finish 5-7 or were we watching something different. Success breeds success. Look at what our volleyball team has done and why they continue to attract top talent. Players nowadays are impatient. They want to play for the best. We need a few success stories in our football program to start attracting good talent. We don’t have many success stories in football over the past decade. Or do we?
  3. Why couldn’t we just win one more game? Why? Now, we have to listen to 1000000 reasons why good QBs don’t want to come here. We have not had a winning season for 6 years and we have not been relevant for over two decades. If you were a top QB, would you pick us? I would focus more on getting a better OL, a decent special teams coach, and a good QB coach and develop some talent to get us to win 8 or more games and then start competing for top talent. In many of our games this season, you could have had Tom Brady behind that OL and he would have sucked. I do not understand why we keep losing sight of what is important. With a decent OL and decent special teams we could have easily been 8-4. Iowa got to 10 wins with no QB and barely any talent on offense other than their OL. How did they do it? Also, if you were McCord and you hear that Raiola is considering coming to Nebraska and his uncle is an OL coach, would you come? It is not always about the money. The top QBs know that what you can get in the NFL is more than what you can get from NIL. What is important is to have the opportunity to play as a starter and prove yourself. Finally, does anyone on this board think that Dylan Raiola would even consider us if his uncle was not a coach here?
  4. I do not believe it was just about the money.
  5. https://fanrecap.com/article-485102/?utm_source=nebraska-cornhuskers&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=ncaaf-mk
  6. The timing of having Kyle McCord visit at the same time of Raiola potentially switching from Georgia to Nebraska was not good. Every QB in the portal wants to be the starter at the team they are transferring and they would rather not have much competition. The question remains as to our chances of actually landing a decent QB. Also, the potential of Raiola in college football is a question mark. Not proven until he plays his first game in college football. He might turn out to be a dud like his uncle’s coaching talent.
  7. Why do I have the feeling that coach Riaola was told that if his nephew does not come to Nebraska, he should start looking for another job?
  8. I guess adidas is limiting us from getting top talent. Damn adidas.
  9. This is what happens when your team cannot win 6 games to go bowling. If we went bowling, these discussions would have been delayed by a month. Nothing else to do now but hope and dream that some elite QB is confident enough that he can come to Nebraska and return us to our long lost glory days.
  10. We need more than a QB. We need some good TE as Fidone was overrated and underachieved. We need some good OL. We need some players on special teams as our special teams play was unspecial to say the least. We definitely need a good special teams coach. Many on this board ignore the importance of special teams. We would have had at least two more wins had our special teams done something special. The one time they did, we won the game convincingly. I am not sure what miracle Rhule is going to pull next year but he will need one if we are to go bowling. As I say that, I see how low our standards have dropped. From not being happy winning 9 games to hoping to get to 6-6 to go bowling.
  11. So sad, Jeff Sims is leaving. What will we do now?
  12. Dude, relax. It is just a poll. Either vote or don’t. No need to be condescending and pedantic. I honestly do not understand many on this board who enjoy acting like they are much smarter than others. Just be polite and understanding of others. If I do not like a topic, I simply do not comment on it. Simple as that. It is a simple question and I just wanted to get a feel for what people on this board think. I did not force you to read or vote. Stop being a child and grow up. BTW, your comment is not funny just in case you are wondering.
  13. I am just curious to know how many of us truly believe that next year will be better than what we saw this year. When considering that the schedule next year will be much tougher and the fact that it is highly unlikely that coach Rhule will make any coaching changes, do we really believe that the results next year will be much better? Our special teams were awful. Our offense was atrocious. We were last in FBS in turnovers and among the bottom in total offense. We still committed undisciplined penalties at the most in opportune times, and our head coach has no experience in game time management. Given all these observations, I really wonder how many of us are hopeful for a breakout season or at least 8 wins.
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