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  1. The real question here should be: “How less does Frost think of McCAffrey and Vedral to choose a not so healthy Martinez over them even when they had the hotter hand?” I understand that not sharing injury reports is a good strategy to keep opponents guessing but if you choose to go with an injured Martinez over other healthy QBs, what message does that send them? Anyone wonder why Bunch is in the transfer portal!
  2. I am sure in real life you are hilarious. The life of the party...I mean a real JOKER.
  3. What is it with some people on this board that get their jollies from attacking other members for stating their opinion? I mean, get off your high horse and stop being annoying. You have done that on more than one occasion and you are not really making any sense. What exactly do I have the power to do except state my opinion that I am not happy with the performance and I WISH that Frost makes some personnel changes as there were some glaring deficiencies in several areas. That coupled with the news that several players have entered the transfer portal does not inspire confidence. These are facts and I am sure many others share these opinions. If you don’t like it, stop attacking and mind your own business. And stating my opinion does not make me less of a fan but makes me a concerned fan that wishes his team would turn the corner. After all, it has been two decades of draught. If that offends you, your royal highness, I apologize.
  4. And your point is? We are still not going bowling and we still lost to Iowa and Purdue. Losing is losing, you can’t sugarcoat that. Trust me, there was no one happier than me to see Riley leave but I was hoping that we would do much better this year and sadly we only improved by one more win.
  5. Can we also throw these tremendous assistant coaches a parade? The extension is not enough. We really need to celebrate their accomplishments. I never thought we would drop so far into oblivion but I guess this is the new norm now.
  6. I am not surprised at all. They deserve it since they all did a wonderful job this year at all phases of the game and we are going to an excellent bowl game this year. Oh wait, sorry, Iowa is the one going bowling, we are going dormant.
  7. It seems like every day we hear of a new player entering the transfer portal. Are these players who have not bought in or simply fed up with the lack of proper coaching? I hope Frost is evaluating his staff in the offseason and asking the tough questions. While I am not surprised that Andrew Bunch wants to transfer given that Frost is in love with Martinez, I am really surprised about Stallbird. He is a Nebraska kid and he must have a good reason to want to transfer. We really can’t afford any good players leaving the special teams given how poorly they performed all year. I feel like we are about to hear a bunch more enter the transfer portal. This is what happens when you miss the bowl season three years in a row. I hope this staff is looking at this seriously and considering major improvements ahead of next year’s brutal schedule.
  8. I just wonder whether Martinez watched Burrow play Georgia yesterday. He gave a clinic on what a QB should do. He was surveying the field for three receivers in almost every play and his runs were decisive and positive. Martinez was the extreme opposite this season, focusing on one receiver and if they were not open, he would try to run up the middle but mostly assume the fetal position. Most of the interceptions were caused by him staring down his one target. He must improve tremendously if we are to have a chance to get to 6-6. I am of the opinion to focus on McCaffrey. I really think this kid is special and has what is needed to lead our offense.
  9. I would add Frost’s bad decisions to that list, especially insisting to go with a struggling Martinez when you have two other capable QBs, and his endless swing pass calls that killed many of our drives.
  10. Just because the defense numbers look slightly better does not mean that the defense was great. Far from it. I believe that all three phases of the game took a couple of steps back from the team that finished the season last year. Being slightly better than horrible is still bad. All three phases must improve drastically if we are to even be competitive with next year’s schedule.
  11. I still remember Ndamukong Suh throwing the Texas QB like a rag doll during the conference championship like it was yesterday. That was the closest we came to actually winning a conference championship in the past two decades. That was one dominant defense but our offense sucked then.
  12. If Frost stays the course and does not make any personnel changes and continues to favor Struggling Martinez, we are looking at no better than 4-8 and that is assuming we beat South Dakota State who gave us fits last time we played them.
  13. Spielman gains absolutely nothing from leaving Nebraska and going to Minnie. He is poised to break records at Nebraska. NFL scouts will want him one way or the other.
  14. I already posted what I learned from this game but what I would really like to learn is whether Frost is stubborn or persistent. Seriously, this question has been on my mind for a while now but yesterday’s game emphasized it. For example, he continued to call for swing passes that were ineffective. The majority of the swing passes either resulted in no gain or negative gain yet he continued to call them. Also, I am confident that he noticed that Martinez was struggling yet he stuck with him in key moments of the game. So, is that persistence on his part thinking that if he continued to call swing passes and continue with Martinez eventually something good is going to happen or simply stubbornness on his part. I would really like to know the answer to this question because this will tell us a lot about what to expect going into the next two BRUTAL Years in terms of schedule and away games.
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