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  1. You are so close to understanding my point. We werent tested away from home. That is objectively fact.
  2. yes. Stanford was on the road. PSU on the road. (notably, we lost a few sets). Purdue on the road, 5 set match. We weren't tested. Playing all the best opponents at home is different.
  3. Texas was locked in from the start. Our ladies seemed unfocused. Maybe we should schedule tougher opponents away from Devaney.
  4. Plus, should the goofers win, Fleck will make them all rings and we can, of course, make fun of them
  5. Glad we won, but what the hell was up with the announcers at the end? We are #1, Minnesota is awful. The fact they took us to 4 and gave us hell late is concerning. I hate the hyperbole. I really do. We should have won. We did win. 3 sets...5 sets...doesn't matter one bit. On to the tournament and overall 1 or 2 seed, home gym. Bring it. GBR
  6. I just saw USF won to hit 6 wins. So that seems to check out with the army/navy game next week and Colo St and Cal games in play. Plus the 2 former FCS teams waiting...no more spots no matter how you slice it
  7. Appears to be 5 spots left. Winner of Army-Navy next week gets in. Cal is up 3-0 over UCLA. Colorado State can get in with a win over Hawaii. South Carolina lost, so they're out. Same with Washington State. Etc. etc. James Madison And Jacksonville State get "priority bids" if fewer than 82 teams are eligible. That leaves 3 spots. Minnesota leads APR. Mississippi State is 2. That is as far as I have capacity to cipher through. If we are 6+ in APR, we aren't gonna sneak in.
  8. My point was again, opinion. Why a 1 year bowl ineligibility when moving up? It's dumb. Jackson St is 11-1. the other is Georgia Southern I think. Georgia directional in any event. They are 6-6, so their case is weak. But, I read somewhere that they lose the ineligibility year 1 in the event there are spots - which seems to punctuate my point completely. Move up to a tougher place...no ban needed? The annual discussion with mediocre teams suggests to me there are too many bowl games.
  9. games are still being played. there aren't 82 teams yet to my knowledge. But there are 2 teams that aren't "eligible" for the absurd reason that they moved UP from FCS to FBS that magically become eligible and take the first 2 spots if not enough teams get to mediocre. Sorry, I don't have a link for you. We aren't getting a bid - that is my belief.
  10. 82 teams compete. Period. We arent one of them.
  11. 82 teams play in a bowl game. The bar is set at 6 wins. 6-6. That's not a high bar. I think anyone that suggests there aren't too many bowl games is not being honest about it. There are. Objectively that seems to be fact, proven by an entire methodology for letting losing teams in because of sponsors and advertisers. Most teams lose a lot of money on the lesser bowls due to mandatory ticket buys. They have to sell travel packages to recover their "nut" and often dont, but they still have to buy a set amount of tickets regardless.
  12. History books are closed on the Big Ten West. 2014-2023, our Huskers have an impressive 21-38 record and zero West titles. Only Illinois is worse. Only Illinois and Minnesota also have no West titles. That is tragically bad. On to the next chapter for Husker football. I am looking forward to new beginnings mostly because the past is a dumpster fire.
  13. Jacksonville State absolutely earned the right to play in a bowl. They moved up to FBS and won 11 games. Georgia State is 6-6 and similarly moved up. They earned it too. We, on the other hand, do not. Pure and simple. Do better, play better. Winning 1 more game was all that was necessary and we couldn't do that. Season is over. Let Rhule do his thing. Expect improvement next year. Does that mean better fundamentals? I think so, does it mean players buying into his system, definitely. He needs to rebuild this thing from the frame up. That much is clear. Let him cook.
  14. This might be the worst take ever. Because. That's why. Nobody cares about any bowl game anymore outside of the playoffs. The benefit is for additional practice, recruiting and the players come home with a bit of swag. Remove that incentive and it completes the destruction of college football. Sorry, I can't get behind your suggestion. We don't deserve a bowl game, we don't get to keep practicing. We have to get better. Win one more game. That is not a hard concept.
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