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  1. golly, so much celebrating on the Husker bench...weird
  2. easy to break a big run if your blockers are all holding
  3. So far, It's a statue of liberty...sadly to the other team...to be continued
  4. Over/under on what play is forever dubbed the Heinrich maneuver?
  5. Let's try to make that happen! Even if only for one week/game. I'm in.
  6. Nope, not mine. When we come out and demolish someone, anyone who has a pulse...then I will regain hope and they will quickly revert to who they are and I will lose hope again. Why do I keep buying tickets for this ride? I know how it ends every time and yet...I keep getting in and dropping the shoulder harness. gbr (lower case this time due to lack of enthusiasm)
  7. I would take a good hot dog vendor over Rhule
  8. 3 seems like a stretch. Sims is trash. Our defense is the bright spot but mid at best in my view. Rhule is not the guy. but he was destined to fail with this roster.
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