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  1. i have felt like an a$$ the past 3 days because i cant do this either.
  2. 17-24-1 michigan -11 pitt -3.5 san diego st -6
  3. thats the funny part, he was brought in to be a center but whenever they'd pull cam, they'd put matt back at center.
  4. matt moved to guard to make room for cam. he didnt leave until after his senior season. will was basically told bye that same year. (maybe not the best way to phrase that given what is going on.)
  5. you dont remember correctly. cam redshirted frost's first year. farniok was the center that year. he was also cam's backup in games even though the other farniok was listed as the backup.
  6. can we make a poll thread of what our poll thread should be about?
  7. must be something in the water there. he's pretty much sucked as a head coach.
  8. then explain to the masses how he was insulting? and your constructive remarks will have no effect on me whatsoever. i am fairly competent in grammar, just lazy when using a keyboard.
  9. ulty's first sentence is constructive criticism. the second is a fact followed by an observation. he didnt actually call you "insufferably d!ckish". he stated that is how your posts are being viewed.
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