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  1. Its the other intangibles a point guard brings. Very similar how one quarterback makes an offense good but another makes the same offense look great. The biggest recruiting win, imo, for roy williams at ku was jaque vaughn. I honestly feel he shot williams career upwards.
  2. Iirc nebraska then drew michigan for the next 6 years.
  3. Did virginia just use a video game cover with a player in a miami uniform to recruit a kid? Or am i just mistaken?
  4. Mods, i feel by placing my hand on surfaces. The trophy is a participation trophy. Everyone should get one for posting.
  5. The defense could get better statistically by having a better offense too. As the saying goes the best defense is a good offense. But then again......
  6. Yes, but havent had any in a week or so. They didnt start right away, then out of nowhere i had them playing. Was quite puzzling at first trying to figure out what i did.
  7. Do we get to collect alimony from the transfers? Or do we have to pay until they find a new school?
  8. Why exactly? He isnt a senior so he really doesnt need to announce he is returning and the players dont need to be back until the 16th. So what is the source of the worry?
  9. My comment wasnt based on reality it was based on being a braves fan. Just some good natured ribbing of the mets fans.
  10. Alas, no matter what they do they'll still be behind the braves.
  11. Thats a fairly stringent test. No reasoning just wasnt much offensive prowess. I am literally at a loss for words, and i can usually type out long meandering paragraphs before deleting them.
  12. Wow, did not realize troy davis got that little respect after back to back 2000 yard seasons.
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