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  1. You withhold playing time until the hot mom decides to ask you why?
  2. My biggest issue wearing a mask is the fibers make my nose itch. Other than that they aren't much of an issue.
  3. They'll just go to a 3 qb system, each one gets a quarter and whoever does the best gets the 4th. And if the incoming freshman in a year is too good to sit they each get a quarter. Do i need the sarcasm emoji?
  4. They need the bye week to reachedule games when akron is on the schedule.
  5. Why wouldnt they have been able to dance in bikinis on tik tok before?
  6. 18 miles 24 minutes Traffic in lincoln just really slows the trip down.
  7. He's going to Wichita State with his younger brother.
  8. They are offering it to ALL student-athletes where unl is offering it to EVERY student-athlete. It's all in the wording.
  9. (Gratuitous cheating jab) dont forget penny pays well.
  10. This puzzles me. Team that runs a 3-4 defense drafting a dl better suited for a 4-3. (And i base this thought off of what i read here.) Aside from that, i cant complain. The stillers have needed more huskers for years.
  11. The year Ruud became an assistant is when it was bumped to 10.
  12. This is quite possibly one of the most ignorant and uninformed posts about coaching i have ever seen. There is so much more with coaching college football today than when Osborne coached.
  13. Someone did a simulation of the tourney, dont know where they got the brackets, and Dayton won.
  14. Damn helicopter parents always meddling in their kids' teams. (And i should pay more attention to things like this transfer) Without knowing anything else, i'd lean towards one of the schools in washington. Helluva pickup for whoever gets him.
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