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  1. No, they only need big men who are 7 foot tall.
  2. How did lsu jump tosu to get the bye?
  3. he going to hire him away from tOSU? that seems like a step down for johnson.
  4. he does too have guys that can make the defense miss, those are just the guys who are supposed to be blocking. they make them miss their block to make the tackle.
  5. collin miller with his best hit of the game on his own punter.
  6. nice illustration on the replay how the lb didnt play that reverse correctly at all.
  7. rebounding isnt just about height. a lot of it is a mindset of just wanting to do it. and when you get 5 guys on the court who want to rebound then you are going to get more rebounds. and that doesnt even get into positioning and knowing how the ball is going to come off the rim. then you add in that most schools arent rolling out a front court of 7'1" center, 2 forwards 6'11". you need some height but damn think before you freak out. hoiberg is going to get what he needs for the team to succeed but give him some time. he's only coached a few games here.
  8. by the end of the game you might just be right though.
  9. still a head case though. got kicked out of a game already. led to a nasty accusation by some reporter that he supposedly made a gun with his hand, pointed it at the refs head then acted like he pulled the trigger. the reporter's tweet is all i have heard about the incident. and in teddy buckets defense, the refs had no control on the fans in the game. they were extremely nasty to him. in most arenas the fans would have been removed. still would love to see him play for nebraska since i didnt get to watch him in a shocker uniform. damn ncaa and their lack of consistency in granting transfer waivers.
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