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  1. No stripe on the sleeves in the second.
  2. After the play was basically over.
  3. Then we give him a lab and someone named "pinky" and let him.
  4. In today's college football, isn't that unnecessary roughness?
  5. Guess the pic with frost is the "potentially sensitive content"
  6. Given the deficiencies on both lines, he'd be hard pressed to vault nebraska into the rankings. Hence 2-3 years. You also have to remember he's been out of college coaching for 2 years and most of the highest ranked recruits have made their decisions. The deck is not stacked in his favor for an instant turnaround.
  7. That makes sense. I was picturing tom sitting in their laps flying the plane. Didn't even cross my mind to have them converted.
  8. Well he did say 2-3 years and year 3 falls into the 2-3 year timespan.
  9. not trying to be snarky or anything, but how? isnt it a single seat cockpit?
  10. i'd prefer 5 win nebraska vs 5 win iowa but that might be a good consolation.
  11. ikr there's no ditka on the list.
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