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  1. desertshox


    i think this is the documentation thread for bad calls to justify the bias against frost thread.
  2. desertshox

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    yeah, we're in agreement. and the section i was sitting in most likely was too considering all the booing being directed at the refs.
  3. desertshox

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    no, the odd thing was the flag was thrown well after the play when martinez was standing next to the ref. thought he was getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty thrown on him.
  4. desertshox

    Rank the alternates

    so how do the other 900 years of alternates look? does adidas get a few right or does UNL switch apparel companies?
  5. desertshox

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    he never said they will have to adjust to his scheme. he said he hopes they have to adjust.
  6. desertshox

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    uh no. the opposing offense should have just asked for it to be 3rd down on 1st and they would have made it every time. and that was the last couple years.
  7. desertshox

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    no wonder chin doesnt blitz anymore. they havent a clue what they are doing.
  8. desertshox

    S Semaj Brown

  9. desertshox

    Good bye Greg Bell

    the window closed like 5 days ago.
  10. desertshox

    Squakeyes having the time of their lives!

    yes, he forgot the login on the first. soon it will be three as he will have forgotten the second.
  11. desertshox

    Chinander Defense

    not that one. it was one of the other wisconsin rb's. reed hits him and celebrates as the guy continues running by him. it was in the 2nd quarter.
  12. desertshox

    JUCO Recruiting

    i take it garden city doesnt throw the ball much. given watt's highlights in that game were warmups and a kickoff coverage.
  13. desertshox

    Martinez Sets Husker Freshman Passing Record

    adding to your point a little but also a slight tangent. when one side of the ball does well the other seems to struggle. defense gets a stop, offense does nothing with the ball. offense gets a touchdown, defense gives it right back. for some odd reason the whole team just cant get momentum going.
  14. desertshox

    Huskers Hold Players-Only Meeting

    are we sure about that?