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  1. Why do you want to discuss how bo gets buzzed and drunk better than you?
  2. Wait, so NU should have offered a scholarship to a punter that is walking on at wyoming, with possible academic issues to boot? Seems legit.
  3. Do either one of them have to leave? Might be better if neither one of them get out.
  4. so solely as a DC he excelled but as an HC that wanted to control everything he failed? because that is all landlord is saying, he excelled when his only responsibility was being a DC.
  5. The change would be easy if their favorite colors were like my dreams; red, gold, and green.
  6. The sugar coated version of corn flakes.
  7. dont forget who his qbs were.
  8. They did throw it sideways several times though, once on 3rd and 7.
  9. Maybe some other teams could step up and become competitive with them. It's not like they are the only team that can become dominant. Just takes a commitment from the school.
  10. all sorts of people bat .1000, usually pitchers though.
  11. ugh. michigan, wisconsin, usc and texass.
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