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  1. Could you tell them that frazier just broke another tackle and scored again.
  2. Whats the context of the tweets by carter? Why did he make the comments now?
  3. Bottom banner killed a notification for me. Couldnt click on it and now cant figure out how to get to the pm's from mobile.
  4. Think it was in the 2nd quarter that one of the announcers said NW was keying on mills and not even respecting AM's running ability.
  5. He was asked how we would adjust and you honestly think he should explain how he would do it? He sidestepped the question with a light hearted answer that was blown out of proportion because people ignored the words he actually used. Again he never said the b1g would have to adjust to him.
  6. Im hoping they have to adjust isnt saying they will have to adjust. So he never said they will have to adjust. I understand the english language is difficult so i will throw this out there "i hope i win the powerball tonight" does that mean i just won the powerball?
  7. Except he never said they'll have to adjust to his offense.
  8. If we are seen as the maryland and rutgers of the b1g, what are maryland and rutgers seen as?
  9. Not good taken in conjuction with the basketball team's issues.
  10. Wonder if he still gets paid since he is sitting out.
  11. High school teams usually play on friday. Duh. (It's a joke. So no need to remind me they won last year.)
  12. I would have invited only people without covid.
  13. The stadiums article is much worse. I'd post it but am on mobile and too lazy to do it. All i have to say is, if true, "yay, new coach and AD." Hopefully i put enough sarcasm in "yay". Think i might need to take up drinking after all this.
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