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  1. it's to illustrate the lack of qb depth isn't just an NU thing.
  2. dear lord. you are basing the coaches' talent evals off of a revisionist history. every time joe burrow is brought up it ends back up in the same place, lsu burrow > nu burrow. the talent surrounding burrow at lsu helped him get to where he was and is. he would have had the same struggles 2AM has had. gebbia wasnt ran off, he took his ball and went home when he didnt get the starting spot after fall camp. if we are purely looking at their talent evaluation, now you have to consider every qb they have recruited even if they didnt land them. if you are looking at how 2
  3. it is part of making a case to trust the coaches, they at least know the players' names.
  4. he didnt even back them up. well maybe haskins bumped him down to third string in 2017. so i guess we need to look at third string qbs for the next great thing.
  5. wait, garbage time stats are now an indicator of greatness? damn, the coaches need to scour the backup qb ranks looking for the next guy who is 29/39 for 287 yds with 2 tds after being in a program for 3 yrs. again, burrows showed nothing during his tOSU days to make anyone think he would do what he did.
  6. i asked what he had done up to the point he transferred from tOSU and you said he won a heisman and a national championship. he did those things after he left. the coaches took a 4 yr player over a 2 yr player thinking there was more upside. they probably also werent expecting starting multiple walkon wrs after whiffing on several wrs. that doesnt even take into account the poor OL play the past 3 years. so not taking burrows wasnt a huge miss because burrows isnt getting drafted, winning a nc or the heisman playing at NU. he went to one of the best places to showcase his talents then had an O
  7. didnt know he won the heisman sitting on the bench at tOSU. learn something new every day.
  8. up to that point in burrows' college career pointed to the senior season he had? he wasnt very special his junior year and he also had some very good wrs to throw to at lsu.
  9. middle pic is how i remember it growing up. just dont remember the sign being so prominent.
  10. weird, it just used to be a door on the side of the building and you'd have to be walking by it to know that it was where kool aid was "founded".
  11. nice, kinda like how you've already written off the qbs on nebraska's roster who haven't taken a snap in a live game and want to replace them with tOSU's qbs who haven't take a snap in a live game.
  12. as a braves fan, i hate the end of july. get to watch all the other teams make deals to make a push for the playoffs and world series while the braves do almost nothing if they do anything. everything i had read is the braves were gonna see how they did after the all star break. well they just went .500 against the rays, padres, phillies and mets but not a peep about any potential trade rumors. so i hope the mets get bryant and davies then just run away from the pack in the NL east then maybe in the offseason the braves can sign another number 3 or 4 starter to go with the rest of
  13. White Castle was founded in Wichita. So Rutgers has basketball? xD
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