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  1. Cause each page only has like 5 posts per page.
  2. I had seen duke had already pulled out and is also looking to do a bubble at duke. And i could have sworn i saw something that said b4a wasnt going to be in souix falls. But everything has been changing so fast (well except the minds of b1g presidents) that what i read no longer is right.
  3. And now i see why justin bieber and taylor swift were added to brackets.
  4. Well i know who i am voting for next round.
  5. Hey, maybe now they can get a full blackout with all the cardboard cutouts.
  6. *looks at bracket* daf.... i mean what the hell are some of you listening to? justin bieber really? taylor swift? baby jesus is crying right now. i saw prince listed but not make the bracket. how? he is literally one of the best artists of all time. i really have no words. and maybe i should start reading more of the board. great concept, horrible tastes in music.
  7. Why do you keep deferring to "the smart people"? You have done it twice. Are you implying nebraskans and unl alumni/students/faculty are not smart? Iirc the lead physician studying cures for the corona virus is a unl alum. The university even developed their own saliva test. So maybe walk the narrative back about leaving things to the smart people who care about health and safety and realize we have all that and more in our state and university.
  8. How is how testing will be handled holding anything up? They have at least 2 schools that have well laid plans for that, and that was before they postponed the season.
  9. Tbf the marlins did have a -20 run differential in one game.
  10. Do i need to use a grill or will a nice bonfire suffice?
  11. Ive always thought they only used 10-12 enrollment figures. Or that is what they used when i was in school in the early 90's.
  12. How many pandemics and lost seasons have i missed in my lifetime? Then again if you cancel once and there is only one time, always is technically correct.
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