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  1. The year Ruud became an assistant is when it was bumped to 10.
  2. This is quite possibly one of the most ignorant and uninformed posts about coaching i have ever seen. There is so much more with coaching college football today than when Osborne coached.
  3. Someone did a simulation of the tourney, dont know where they got the brackets, and Dayton won.
  4. Damn helicopter parents always meddling in their kids' teams. (And i should pay more attention to things like this transfer) Without knowing anything else, i'd lean towards one of the schools in washington. Helluva pickup for whoever gets him.
  5. Anybody else get the vibe that by pulling him out of school now and bringing him home to get him treatment makes it easier for him to get a waiver to transfer even without new transfer rules?
  6. Now if we could get that kind of defensive effort of the basketball team. Hey, i even double checked what thread i was reading.
  7. They figure the qb will just use their extra cash to by them isotoners. Saul good
  8. Since special teams werent part of the equation, foltz for defense and henery for offense.
  9. Then we'll just assume you were one of the ones that didnt read the post. It didnt have my grammar error in it.
  10. Then what the hell am i doing to get earwax and cleft lip ads? I have never searched or visited a site remotely related to either.
  11. Some of ya'll are way over thinking this. And some appear to not have read or understood the first post. I mean how hard is it to pick 1 (one) player from offense then 1 (one) player from defense then repeat that process but not using any player somone else didnt name?
  12. Kids will use a prep year to get a better offer or get their grades up. The practice is used a lot in basketball. Hell in basketball some college coaches suggest it to help with the numbers. The extra year of high school doesnt impact their college eligibility at all.
  13. Pinstripes everyday. And i dont like the yankees at all.
  14. Must have gotten tired of davison grabbing his junk in practice.
  15. i'm a little worried a fifth of the us doesnt know how to make chili.
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