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  1. Drop to 6 so espn can introduce the sec/swac challenge. It'll be similar to the acc/b1g challenge in basketball.
  2. Even if they change, Nebraska will still never play Indiana.
  3. 11 for the braves now. Their offense is way too much all or nothing.
  4. Yes, sometime between now and the beginning of the school year.
  5. Look at Nike ripping off under armor for iowa's unis.
  6. All they have to do is convince him that Lincoln is candied island and he's as good as in.
  7. Wut? There are tweets posted in this thread regarding nil and his agent.
  8. Tbf, West Virginia and New Mexico State are the only 2 schools where leaving seems to be solely his decision. He was kicked off of Wichita State, his juco year was his 3rd year in school, and leaving NU seems to be a mutual decision.
  9. Wichita State looks so much better.
  10. Naw, just get into their bullpen and wear down their arms for game 2.
  11. Wait, with the pitchers they have had this is only their second? Crazy.
  12. indoor hitting helps immensely. hard to do live fielding. but hitting and pitching they should be able to do indoors. just be an adjustment period with hitting indoors versus outdoors. not sure how the batting eye would be recreated indoors for an outside venue.
  13. do they not have a facility they can do live hitting in? you dont need an entire field to take live pitching indoors. simulated games exist for a reason.
  14. But were the lead actors saying there wasn't going to be a second season in interviews? Keeping it quiet from everyone if they are.
  15. But why only 6 episodes? I see nothing getting wrapped up in the last episode. So much story to be told. Oscar Isaac said his contract hasn't been picked up for a season 2 and didn't expect it to. Yes it was a clickbait article but it used an actual interview with him.
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