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  1. figured out my confusion, read the torres thread before this one. hate messing up names like that.
  2. San antonio texas is in nebraska? And flores is listed as a 2022 recruit.
  3. guess the only thing we get to learn about special teams is field goals and extra points. little disappointing but understandable.
  4. and it hit him in stride. didnt have to reach back for it or stop.
  5. steelers? who is the backup then, ben or aaron?
  6. what fanbase are you talking about? they could win every game and the nc and you'd still have people b!^@hing they didnt win pretty enough or by enough.
  7. think he went to wsu to play for marshall. and that didnt play out too well. i would have liked to see him return but with him waiting to make a decision and all the offers they sent out, seems as though they moved on not expecting him to stay.
  8. Figured he would go pro. How many years was he at uconn, 4 or 5?
  9. gonna have to say, you're getting a little too worried over something a 20 yr old said. then again, college aged individuals are never hyperbolic.
  10. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  11. What part of Omaha are those 2 arenas in?
  12. Well, there goes my theory he retired to become the B1G commish. Back to the store for more tinfoil.
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