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  1. He hasn't been one of the most positive posters. He is absolutely miserable when "his" coach isn't on the sidelines.
  2. What does this have to do with the price of rice in China?
  3. Did I miss something? I keep seeing round peg in a square hole. Round pegs still fit in square holes unless the circumference of the peg is bigger than the square. Please fix for my sanity.
  4. Because no one would have to.
  5. Quoting you only because yours is the last post in this discussion. Read what the sign actually says. It is including fans of both teams. It isn't stating only Nebraska fans are the greatest. So what dictates "greatest fans" are any that attend a game in Memorial stadium.
  6. I didn't read this thread. Is it just another whinefest?
  7. Each team in the east looks at the others and think we have to "top their" scandal.
  8. Where's the o/u on Sims turnovers? Or does that not show up until next week?
  9. Do I think TCU is better than Minny? Not really.
  10. So you think this TCU team is as good as last year's TCU team? Their defense has looked slow and not very good at all.
  11. We won't put them on the field to defend them. We'll use our defense to compete against them.
  12. If you are referring to the deep throw on the td drive, the defender was making a play on the ball and the receiver came back into him. The no call was the right call.
  13. Nobody is stopping them from transferring. The rule is just preventing them from playing.
  14. Oh how the mighty have fallen
  15. He was an analyst up until now. He will make $150k for the year. How much is he worth in your opinion? Then ask yourself why he wasn't an assistant somewhere else. After that think about how most of the assistant contracts are structured and the time frame they are usually for. Maybe, just maybe there was a reason to do it this way and all parties were well informed why it is being done this way.
  16. So if 2 more teams leave does it become 2PAC?
  17. You mean besides them and the university of South Compton?
  18. We'd all try to forget those 15 yrs too.
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