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  1. Collectives aren't the only place you can sell your name, image and likeness.
  2. NIL deals aren't tied to the university. If both parties really wanted to and state laws allowed it, a player could sign a NIL agreement before ever enrolling.
  3. Transfers don't sign nli's. They just enroll and sign the scholarship paperwork.
  4. Wut? There are just no words for this.
  5. About giving recruits NIL monies to walk on, isn't there rules for recruiting walk ons?
  6. I thought it made it sound like Indiana moved on from him. Or he moved on from them. And something else, that I read on another board, to consider is WSU is a LDS school and he is Polynesian. But that is all just speculation I have read.
  7. He's going to Weber St this weekend instead.
  8. That wasn't the comparison of manning being made. FWIW manning went to Baylor before going the juco route.
  9. 3 cents per word would be better. Emojis are free.
  10. This board is nowhere near as dramatic as other boards.
  11. So he had 5 good plays? Or are tds supposed to count for more?
  12. What's with the white stripe around the waist?
  13. You do realize they were coaching in the NFL? They were kind of under contract which most likely prevented them being officially named.
  14. I understand you think you're the utmost authority when it comes to Nebraska basketball, but sometimes what is said is merely said in jest. Not everyone takes everything serious 110% of the time. Sorry I had to spell that out. Not everyone understands human nature.
  15. 15 more points off free throws. 23 of 20 at the line would have been impressive.
  16. In a discussion on why the sky is blue you tell us water is wet.
  17. Part of the thinking is how Satterfield and rhule have spoken about the two in interviews. They've spoken glowing and at length about Sims but haven't said much about Thompson.
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