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  1. Poor left tackle just contributes to those errors. But hey, it's the qb's fault he gets hit a second or two after receiving the snap. We should minimalize every mitigating factor in every play. Receiver turns out when he should have turned in, qb should have read his mind. Receiver pulls up on a deep route, qb should know this and not throw so deep. Rb trips on his own feet, qb should right him and act as his legs until he gets his back. I know how I am viewing the game this week, only AM wins or loses.
  2. my bad. forgot this was a private conversation on a public board. i'll let you be and hope you get justification of your feelings since you didnt like the actual answer.
  3. it pushed back their visits to schools outside of nebraska back a little. as has been stated about the "top" talent in nebraska this year, they had no real desire to go to UNL. not sure why you brought this up since you've been told this before. sometimes i wonder if people even read and comprehend things or if they are being intentionally obtuse.
  4. how did this thread go from facetiousness to finding ways to point out nebraska sucks?
  5. i wont argue the class isnt good and probably should be better. it's the people who feel the need to just pile on their negativity. iirc their is also a thread in the recruiting forum. it is almost as if people wake up and go "i havent whined about this yet. im gonna go create a thread about it."
  6. yes and yes. and also if you had the team going 4-8 on the year you should be overly fired up about that too.
  7. whoa, huge blocked punt by UM. just need 2 tds and no more norrthwestern points and i get 1 w for my locks of the weak.
  8. unfortunately , ku fans dont listen to the games on the radio either. btw 17-14 now.
  9. this went way over my head. god i feel so old now.
  10. horrendous PI call against school up north. northwestern receiver pushes the db down and the refs calls PI against UM.
  11. ku looking to add to their lead. false start pushes them back. good run by qb on third down gets them inside the one. punch it in on 4th down. OU doesnt want to win.
  12. it was supposed to be a triple reverse but brody belt got knocked down. and if you watch am fade farther back it might have been a triple reverse flea flicker. would have been a huge play. davison looked wide open in the press box.
  13. michigan's defense has been good except for one play. their offense has been very nebraskaesque.
  14. the first one i thought was iffy. i think the DL for KU was just lazy and made no effort to defend himself. the second one was bad. took out a db the jumped on him.
  15. had that been tom brady, it still would have been roughing the passer.
  16. but lsu has something nebraska doesn't, 4 and 5 star talent in their backyard, front yard, living room, kitchen, down the street and around the corner. that might be worth an extra million or two. remember frost almost stayed at ucf knowing he could recruit and still be home by dinner.
  17. they probably dont roll him out because he'd just run into the defenders that are constantly beating the OT sooner. clock management gotta have that extra second.
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