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  1. I am looking for a single ticket in Sec 26 preferably or anything on the West side, it's my 3rd wheel ticket! Contact me @huskerdavo82 twitter for faster response! Thanks and GO BIG RED!
  2. This... And add fantasy if those happen! Oregon Michigan Bama
  3. Thanks for all the info guys. Hope to see you all up there with a pissed off O line I hope
  4. Not from Chicago at all....lol Anyone want to give me some pointers where to stay thats cheap? safe....lol
  5. lets seal the fate for Golden this week. Blow em out send them home with broken flip flops
  6. 4 (tommy) + 4 (Gregory) = 4 wins thanks pg 444 my bad editing lol
  7. das boot could possibly be a new horrid fashion trend similar to high waist-ed jean shorts
  8. Been looking forward to Miami game glad we have taken care of business so far! I am excited about our team just hope we can keep intensity up GBR
  9. Found 4 in Sec 32 anyone want to sell one ticket in that section for a 5th wheel
  10. Been a long time I cant believe this thread is still going....lol feels good woot woot
  11. Yeah I hope they return! I remember was a lively crowd as always and only problem was our coach Cally with strategy of not losing to terribly bad. I think he knelt it on first play lol. I kid. He just ran the clock out such a classy guy. Too complex for this rube to understand. GBR lets make it one heck of a year! Undefeated in August hell yeah!!!
  12. Trying to take my 5 yr old son and grandpa (3 generations) to first Husker game !!!! Please get ahold of me at huskerdavo@gmail.com or PM here is fine thank you in advance
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