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  1. MLS doesn't pay like the Euro leagues and NFL, MLB and NBA comes close.
  2. It will happen now that we have the MLS teams building up kids like they do in other countries. I can't even watch the MLS myself but they are starting to build a foundation we hadn't had previously and taking a play out of the Bundesliga and EPL, that should help but it's still a young foundation. These kids will get a good start and hopefully move up and out to the EPL, Bundesliga, Series A etc and get a real footy background because as of yet the MLS is not it.
  3. We need another McBride. We thought we had that in Altidore but then we realized Jozy was just lazy and could only play the ball if it was right to him.
  4. What we need is people who can finish. We play too cute rather than shooting the ball. We have finesse players when we need that bruiser who is greedy and just shoots the damn ball, instead we always see them try and make that 1 extra pass and give away a chance. This game we have looked too tired and you are right, our back line has Ream who hasn't been bad, but then you have Zimmerman who gets 1 or 2 great plays and then does something absolutely stupid the most inopportune time.
  5. USC hadn't been wrecked yet, now they can say the last games counted more than when Bama got beat because "they are better now"
  6. I would never say never, they will definitely try and say the OU/Mich game was so lopsided they put Bama in above them.
  7. I think I will be awaiting details before I make another comment. We don't know much of anything and when it all comes out some or all of us may be looking foolish.
  8. As long as the biggest one is nicknamed String bean
  9. At least of of them on D can catch the friggin ball and end this game.
  10. Good lord, a time out called and a play called and they still f it up. We may have the dumbest players in div 1, absolute morons
  11. MJ has no marbles. Whipple can ride his scooter back to Lincoln and then GTFO.
  12. We are the laughing stock of the B1G at this point. They are actually laughing at these losers.
  13. Here we go, that ball is theirs. Damn we are so friggin bad.
  14. Dragged 3 of our guys 4 yards. Just f'ing tackle the guy.
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