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  1. Wow that might be the worst extra point attempt I have ever seen. Even if that would have gone straight it would have gone under the post.
  2. After today guessing he already has.
  3. Purdy has an excellent touch on the ball, he's putting the ball on target and giving them the chance to be caught but D is playing well.
  4. Thank God, because that last kick was horrible.
  5. FG kicking still a nightmare, do we only have 1 guy to take em now?
  6. Liking that Steve Buschimi went from comedy to Husker punter. All 3 of his pints have been pretty darn good so far. Normally our punting has been a comedy though so we may not know just yet.
  7. Do we have a punter? Just hope he can be consistent unlike what we have had the last few years.
  8. I just have to say one thing...make it happen. I haven't even been in the new stadium yet and this probably would be the only time I would go. Btw I am not biased at all if they move it to Vegas
  9. Frost is a Fraud and only 12 more game before we can end the suffering and fire his a$$.
  10. I hope you guys aren't seeing any last minute win here, this is Frosts Huskers, it just doesn't happen. He will do some cute play and we will fumble or throw and INT to end it.
  11. I did actually. We find a way to screw ourselves every single time. Was hoping to be wrong, then the jinx was brought on.
  12. Have we even run the option since the first half?
  13. 4 mil is why, it's free money he knows he getting to win 3 or 4 games. Not many easiest jobs to have and then when fired gets another big chunk of change.
  14. Congrats Frost. You are getting paid millions to be a 3-9 coach. You sir are a lucky man but an awful HC at Nebraska. You should be fired immediately.
  15. Whoever said put a fork in the Hawkeyes was wrong...very wrong.
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