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  1. I got to a place that I discovered by moving right behind it and unfortunately it was on Diners Dives and drive in's and has made itself so hard to get meat from I have to order via the internet. I admit their food is ok and I smell the smokers going every morning but the butcher side is now a nightmare to get to. John Mulls Roadkill Grill is in the same building as my old butcher.
  2. I can't buy steaks from anywhere, it never comes the way I like it, rare to medium rare. I either get shoe leather that I won't eat or blue that I will eat unless it's cold in the middle as I have found a few times.
  3. Cajun food/Thai food. I know how it's supposed to taste, if you call your read beans and rice because you simply put red beans over rice, i'm calling you out on it same goes for a simple pad thai that tastes like some noodles with some chicken and bean sprouts.
  4. Poor guy had to deal with a former Iowa QB this past season, I would want out too
  5. Purdy definitely got duped here, but I guess he should have also done his research to see if his new, now old coach was in any rumors of going elsewhere.
  6. With the success they had the last decade and more, I don't think he even makes it 3 seasons. He loses more than 2 next season he's on the hot seat, he does that 2 seasons in a row he gone. Alabama fans have been spoiled under Saban, they aren't going to accept 2 losses in a season with the new guy.
  7. He was like put up your dukes and I was like I got no dukes
  8. Getting harder for Washington to win if their receivers can't catch the friggin ball. I've seen at least 4 tonight drops that should have extended drives.
  9. Bert has become dark as hell in his old age.
  10. Haha another :01 for Texas coming up. We know how ya feel Washington.
  11. Wow that injury really screwed Washington and then a stupid penalty on the punt, now Texas in a good spot with 20 to go.
  12. There would be riots in the friggin streets if this were true. It would be glorious
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