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  1. Hope they keep the guy who hit him out for the year as well if it was intentional. That crap shouldn't fly at any level.
  2. He probably came from a naturally strong family.
  3. Always make sure to keep an eye out for the Hulu promotional around Thanksgiving. The wife has paid 24 bucks total for Hulu in 2 years, they have had 99 cent a month hulu around turkey day. She just cancels her current and uses a new email for it.
  4. Thanks for giving an idea for ye another post of complaints as if we didn't have enough haha.
  5. Nothing to discuss, previous coaches didnt want him, current coach wanted Martinez, end of story.
  6. Welp, Bama lost by 5, means LSU goes to 1, Bama stays at 2, OSU to 5.

  7. Yeah, the explanation seems more like a need to come up with some excuse and not well thought out in my opinion. I don't know if he got his hand caught in the cookie jar, but the explanation is questionable at best.
  8. Especially when it's a family friend he got the summer before his freshman year. Had he just left it at family friend it may have been less obvious, but the summer before you start at OSU you get a loan from someone you basically just met?
  9. A lot of those yards are LB's chasing WR and RB's and picking up chunks all the way down the field. Had an ad blocking my ability to quote Nuances post so that's why it seems out of nowhere. It's in regards to our passing yards allowed.
  10. Saw the slow-mo during the game, said that ankle was broken but never heard anything about it until now. Thanks for posting it.
  11. Might be the only thing to keep em off our Qb because they sure can't.
  12. Have any of you seen a UNLV game before? I have gone to a few over the years to drink with friends and even that makes me sick when watching them because they are so bad. I think UNLV could give this team a run for their money this season and they are still really bad.
  13. Did Chin do a press conference after the game? I can't find any online. He needs to at least give us some excuses for whatever he calls the squad he's coaching.
  14. I allowed ads so the owner could make a few cents off me and now i'm getting warnings about it attempted to sidelode malware. Who wants the screenie since I don't have a place to host the photo?
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