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  1. That league is known for kicking ankles and just piss poor players, basically they are hacks and every Bud Light Cup their top 2 teams are normally in at least 1 fight during the tournament. There's been a few cups their league isn't even invited because of the way they play and start fights when they are getting throttled.
  2. So let me see if I am understanding this correctly... Kid gets told to stop saying n word, kid complains coach called him an n word and bunch of kids sit out. Kid gets called out for lying by other team mates and then all talk about it and say coach should never say n word even when telling kid not to be saying it. This correctly sum it up? If not I am really confused.
  3. In 30 years of playing soccer, I have been spit at once in what we call the Mexican league here in Vegas. He was maybe 5'4 and me at 6'4 (btw, i too come from a naturally strong family ) he missed as he was pissed off that he had no chance getting by me on defense, so he spit at me, i backhanded him and that was my last game in the Mexican league after we both go red cards. That is the nastiest thing I think someone could do in the sport, but he will never forget being slapped like the little punk he was.
  4. No way, he's claiming his strength coach made racist comments and will get a waiver this season. It was well documented and his coach was let go on his own accord. If he wants to play this season, I would definitely push it to the NCAA, it has worked for others.
  5. My friends in Lincoln, please keep an eye out for my cousin who is currently missing since 8pm last night.  Her name is Cathy Wysocki and she was driving a 2017 Jeep Compass(black).  She recently had neck surgery and is epileptic.  Lincoln PD has been notified but no one has heard from her since last night.  

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    2. HuskerInLostWages


      She has been found, thanks guys.

    3. krc1995



    4. dubsker


      Good to hear.  I hope she was safe.

  6. Hopefully we get him if we want him and just nickname him Kiwi.
  7. I hit Costco yesterday just to buy one of their corned beef packages, saw zero parking and said screw that. Then I saw the line for gas, JACKPOT. I waited for a single car and then filled up. Normally if I am there I don't get gas because the line sits for 20 minutes.
  8. Apparently people don't can foods anymore? I have 20 jars of spaghetti sauce just from last season, pickles, zucchinis, carrots deer meat and elk. I would think most Midwestern folks did this with grandparents, I know very few do it on the west coast but I don't want to waste my home grown veggies. We could easily live for a couple months with all my canned foods. Must not be something done anymore because I see nothing ever mentioned about it.
  9. He could have received a lot more. Food tampering caught hefty sentences after that Tylenol fiasco many years ago.
  10. We have a new commit today and nothing?  Sami Khawja a punter for 2020.

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    2. NUance


      Glad to have him on campus.  We need all the ST help we can get!  But, to use golf terms, he seems to have a bit of a draw on both punts and kicks as you can see in the video below.    


    3. HuskerInLostWages


      He definitely does, not worried about fg kicking, soccer style like he kicks means he knows the hooks and how to use it, the punts kinda worry me because thats where I got in my head and always thought push it to the right to play the hook where I wanted it.  He has someone who can help with that i am sure, I just had a guy telling me go kick it in HS.

    4. Special Teams

      Special Teams

      Omaha Punter/Kicker in Class of 2021.  Kohls has him at 5 Star Punter/4.5 Star Kicker.  Pat Foley from Creighton Prep.






  11. You definitely wouldn't see this kind of thing in a normal big name program. Too many misses not enough hits. I can't even think of a team with that many misses and came out ahead. We really shot ourselves in the foot hiring Riley.
  12. My 3 and 5 year old haven't found that channel yet, we will keep it that way.
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