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  1. Arkansas fans talking trash, really. Hastings NE alone has more teeth total than the entirety of Arkansas.
  2. I now believe you knew the answer and you been holding this one in your pocket just waiting to use it, then CH gave you the soft pitch and you took it outta the park
  3. Who knows, could we still keep up with our former road graders up front, would we still be bringing in top tier Rb's thanks to all the touches they'd get? I read the article more as to saying everything depends on pounding the ball down their throats more so than saying keep the option myself. What we have currently is a spittering offense that is not very efficient and one play it's on, the next, well it's a one step forward, 2 steps back with either a penalty, loss of yards and 3rd down qb run up the middle no matter what.
  4. https://www.denverpost.com/2021/04/12/karl-dorrell-cu-buffs-nebraska-cornhuskers-football-running-game/ "Nebraska lost what made it Nebraska, what made it great, when the Big Red decided to be Ohio State Lite. (Nor does it help that the Huskers haven’t taken defense seriously — or as seriously as they should — since Lavonte David and Randy Gregory went pro. Or that everybody in the Big Ten now has state-of-the-art weight rooms and silly money to burn.)" Quite an interesting take that I don't disagree with.
  5. I should have gone with rumbling bumbling and lots of fumbling, but i kept it short and sweet.
  6. I went with no. As Knap points out above and our rumbling bumbling offense the last 2 seasons haven't really given me much hope. I do hope I am wrong and will be happy to be wrong.
  7. Seems like we haven't played Michigan hardly at all but every season we get Ohio St. Iowa gets Penn St and Wiscy gets Michigan and seem to never play Ohio St.
  8. We need to get him, name him captain immediately and screw with everyone. Captain General Booty.
  9. Guess you can go with Major Booty instead and salute the General.
  10. Right below it said you changed the topic name, I swore it said "signed LOL". I laughed, then realized it was LOI.
  11. If I recall Vedrahl did didn't he? The next season went to Rutgers Edit: it was Bunch as running stated.
  12. Venebels has been quoted as saying he does not want to be a HC, that definitely helps. We need a Venebels haha.
  13. Not a number a food, gyro. So anyone on that list whose Greek might be coming to Lincoln.
  14. Hate to see him go but if he wants to be a QB I don't think it would happen here. Good luck and hope you have a good career. Hope someone talks him into a WR role, I think at his height he could do quite well in that position.
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