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  1. Johnathon Rutledge, Special teams analyst let go. Weird that when I clocked on the link to the article, it was no longer found though.
  2. Starting to see rumblings that Luke may be next. Hope it's not true but if he is dead set on qb it may be true. Just posting what i saw on reddit for future reference.
  3. Only 12? They better be tallboys you lightweight.
  4. Reading my replay, i didn't mean to sound like a d!(k, though yes it does sound that way. Friggin rum and mr pibbs make me blunt haha.
  5. Just saying I wouldn't jump the gun, we are still bottom half of the conference and played a game against maybe the very bottom of it.
  6. @Mavricmerge this one with the other please, someone wasn't paying attention to the one created almost 15 mins ago.
  7. This I don't know about, tonight we almost scored more points in the 2nd half than we scored the previous 7 games together(the second halves).
  8. You saw that too eh? Angles, then more angles then the outside and angles. Was weird in the time lapse.
  9. You're medulla oblangata needs a checkin Cy, we get the moola.
  10. I learned that the Cruzan wild cherry rum goes great with Mr. Pibb.
  11. HAHAHA i just said to the wife, here comes a TD. Good god we are a stupid team.
  12. Can't, he's in street clothes. I think Smothers is the other QB dressed, or Masker. Not sure.
  13. All i can do is shake my head anymore. This offense is bad, like really bad.
  14. Wow, a completion over 20 yards and not 20 yards over his head. That's a first this season.
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