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  1. Tulane and Kansas State be like "Awesome! Let's Goooo!" USC and Alabama be like "Meh....I'm washing my hair that day"
  2. Well, in some of those games we didn't have Jimmy Mac
  3. I really don't hate saying this, but I think Michigan is 1B to Georgia's 1A this year. Wolverines (and their sharp all blue uni's) are looking and playing very well imo. #Respect
  4. P5 conference champions should mean more than it has. Unless KState wins lololol....just kidding. But, KSU would be in the playoff with 3 losses (awesome!) and a team like Alabama who didn't make it to the SEC CCG is on the ropes hoping to sneak in. KSU would be rejoicing! to know they got it done and because of it, they are in. Bama would be like "well, we didn't get to the CCG, but we deserve it, and nobody wants to play us". Fun for the whole family.
  5. Yes, but I'm not for that either. It's like, why give the rich celebrity a free steak because they are rich and a celebrity? Neutral ground bowl games without home crowd cooking would be ideal. Like a playoff
  6. I don't like 12. 8 game scenario is the most accurate way to have a bracket. 1-8 2-7 3-6 4-5 Meaning, if we are up in arms about determining who is 1-4, we can still be that way with 12 team playoffs - because the top 4 selection will receive a bye week. The other 8 teams are playing "win or go home" games, and we are right back into that top 4 dilemma again. Aren't we trying to avoid that confusion and just settle it on the field? Playoffs should be 8 games, kick it off, and no preferential treatment of bye weeks.
  7. Oh for sure. I am just super impressed how well Boston and NJ have been skating. Boston 20-3 !!! NJ 20-4-1 !!! I know it's all about momentum into the playoffs and how you finish. But dang, so far that is wicked impressive to say the least!
  8. Supposedly offered scholarship to Georgia QB for '25 the other day. QB kid was super happy. It's behind paywall.
  9. Michigan will take them to the woodshed. I'll still watch just in case they don't. But, I'd rather see Michigan win and keep Ohio State pissed off, upset and out of the playoffs. The Buckeyes have had plenty of chances over the years in the CFP. OSU loss badly again against Michigan, and now it's Back to Back years of "OSU didn't make the playoffs" I find that so incredibly refreshing, especially for the league.
  10. Super Bad a$$ DC Leonhard being retained......... * crickets *
  11. Nice work and thank you! Suggestion for clarification HC - Rhule/Joseph HC - Rhule/Scott Frost & Interim Mickey Joseph There would be no Rhule if Frost never got fired this year. Mick was interim.
  12. Yeah... the recent turn of events upset a lot of student athletes. Can't fault the football players if they want to move along. But also, Coach Rhule was hired before all that took place...., to rebuild this mess of a football program. And to his credit, he's been there and done that. Seen it all before. So, I feel even more glad he was hired for Nebraska.
  13. Not yet my friend! I am trying to decide between pulled pork or red meat on the grill. Then a sip or 2 of scotch (night cap) with the golf channel.
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