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  1. Sorry fellas, just seeing this.... Yes I am totally in (if it's not too late)
  2. Yes but not entirely true. It was aimed to protect the defenseless receiver from getting helmet whacked by a defender that doesn't know how to wrap up/tackle. One of our guys got called for it on offense in a wham-bam sideline play this year. Instead of a first down it put us behind the sticks. Was either Morgan or Ozigbo, cannot recall exactly. I will look through the games and report it (since I do that a lot ). My thing is, a defender has more instinctive time (real time) to tell if a back is lowering his helmet (like Walter Payton did). It's face to face / head on. The rule is to protect the defenseless guy. But the NCAA is going to point to everything since they opened up that discussion. I don't necessary like it being called against the offense. Hard hitting football is good when you are face to face, lowering pads and shoulders, with helmets. Blind sighting a guy trying to catch a ball is not so good and should be penalized for safety precautions (unless it's the 1970's Oakland Raiders )
  3. I feel a bar guy chant going on.... "GOOOOOOOO... BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG.... REEEEEEEEED!" LOL carry on
  4. Between the sellout streak and the blackshirt talk,.... I get so confused IMO both are real and legit, without the obsession
  5. The east has had it's struggles, let's not forget that. Michigan wasn't all that with Rich Rod and Hoke. Ohio State sucked with Luke Ficknell (sp?), and PSU was under investigation or under sanctions. Throw in a few big time names that are media darlings (good or bad)....(Urban Meyer, Harbough) and a surprising resurgence under PSU (post O'Brien) and what a difference things make for that division and the B1G. Not saying things became automatic under them, but they sure did get plenty of top recruits, favortism and hype going into every season. Wisconsin and (gulp) Iowa have held their own. We just need Nebraska to become better than those 2 teams and let's see what happens. We just need to do our part now. We gotta get our a$$ in shape and the conference won't appear so lopsided in thought.
  6. I have to disagree with this and see no worries. Marty made some running plays when the pocket quickly collapsed on him. I don't think they called his number all that much. And I am not worried about an idea that there won't be running backs good enough next season that the offense will have to overuse Adrian in passing and running. Opportunity is there for the backs, it's their job, they all cannot wait to run. It's all good, next man up, and Martinez will keep doing his thing within the game
  7. 3-0, 20-16 on the year Locks: PSU Marylalnd - under 53 NW Illinois - under 58.5 osu tcu - under 56
  8. Late to get this in but have ISU vs Texas under 50.5 Maryland +14 Washington St - Over 63
  9. Hate Iowa, but love this Iowa State football team. I've liked them the past 4 or 5 years. Every week I want to wager them but long days at work (including saturdays) keep me away. Give me the Under in this one (at Texas 50.5). My other 2 picks pending. UT is a FG favorite but I think ISU wins. My pick on that part is pending, but favoring ISU with the points (or win outright as they should). Check their schedule/results. Not too shabby
  10. 3-0 (first sweep in a few years) 17-16 on the year
  11. 1-2 last weekend, 14-16 season Week 11 California at Southern Cal - Under 45.5 UNLV +24 UNLV at SDSU - Under 51.5
  12. Week 10 LOCKS slim pickins Fresno St vs UNLV - Over 60 BYU vs Boise St - Under 53.5 Washington St vs California - Over 51
  13. JJ, it sounds good but keep in mind that it might not be. Top 5 scoring teams with their W-L record with a combined score (over) 72 points in a game Alabama 2-6 Houston 5-3 Utah State 5-3 OU 4-4 UCF 2-5 Ohio State is around 7 or 8th scoring (2-6) I've won that point total once, got burned a different time. I'd stay away (71pts) even if it could be close to it or better, in a super shoot-out world.
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