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  1. KU basketball is good. If Lance Leipold turns them around in football, ain't nobody gonna want Kansas anymore lol
  2. Same. Field position is huge. Kick returns, kickoffs... Punt returns, punt coverage. I also hope HCSF and Lubick are working on their game management skills and situational timeouts. Seemed to be an area that wasn't too sharp last year.
  3. Frozen salisbury steak. Remember that mystery meat with brown gravy sauce/grease? It was delicious and went well with mash potatos, corn and glass of milk. Tried it 5 years ago, it was not that great as I recall But, I think that's the reason why I love the mcrib. It's like the bbq version of salisbury steak (similar, kinda, sorta).
  4. Regarding the bold, Thank you, that made me laugh so hard. People were filling up shopping buggies full of TP, water, sanitizer, paper towels, etc. Just hoarding. Like they were going off the grid or into a bunker. Stores were running out of it. What a mess it was. I am glad you were okay without the PPE. Takes guts. I did the same.
  5. You have these talented dudes creating mismatches at TE, and Toure in the slot. What are you going to do?! (Defense?) And with Martin and Manning outside. Depth at WR everywhere. Seriously, what are you going to do?!
  6. Calm down. We heard about Lambda in Peru and Latin America 45 days ago. It was not as strong as Delta variant, which is why it was under the radar. If it's new information to you and now being admitted as the next scare tactic, then go be scared and preach vaccinations. I'm sure social media and cable news will do it. In plain english, why have you not heard about it (or media) until now? Please..
  7. It's true. Can't argue with that. But that was the 2020 passing game. Completion % will look real nice. As it did with Taylor Martinez, doing the same thing with Kenny Bell & Alonzo Moore 2-3x a quarter. I feel we have stretch play guys for this year. Not just with Allen. It should look a little better (downfield). Toure, Martin, Allen, and hopefully Manning and Betts. Just got to call those plays.
  8. It's unfortunate about Fidone. But we do got Allen, Volkalecka, and Hickman. We'll be ah'right
  9. That's a good line. Don't forget Ty Robinson too
  10. admo

    2021 Olympics

    Very impressive. Slovenia has around 2 million people. Luka Doncic and Slovenia need one win for a medal in their Olympic basketball debut. They are 17-0 in competition with Doncic. https://www.espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/31949506/luka-doncic-leads-slovenia-semifinals-closer-first-olympic-basketball-medal Doncic was the leading scorer in the tournament with 28.3 points per game through the group stage. Olympic men's basketball semifinals: United States vs Australia, Slovenia vs unbeaten France (Thursday)
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