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  1. I'm sure I'm in the minority because I think we ought to return kickoffs that do not go beyond the 5 yard line. I know there is risk. But there is also rewards. Starting the drive around the 38 yard line from a nice kick return instead of the 25 "fair catch", makes a nice field position difference. Wouldn't happen a lot but you never know unless you try and work on it. There is so much speed on this team, the possibility for good kick returns should be a part of the special teams value IMO.
  2. So expect some growing pains here and there Although I do like this group a lot.
  3. He should have kicked it. Tie the game. Then kick off and play defense. End of story. Period. Exclamation Point. The End. Bobby Bowden, Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, Dabo Sweeney, Jimbo Fischer, Les Miles, Mac Brown, Bob Stoops - would have all gone for the Xtra Point. Six years later, there would be fan grumbling for sure, but the Natty Trophy would still count (with a tie), and it would still be in a glass case on campus (National Champions). The outcome 10+ years later? - eh, nobody cares that much. Should have been smart enough to kick the extra p
  4. He's a really good kid and I wish him the best at Kentucky and beyond. Gave his best here. He'll always be a Husker.
  5. I hope not. Summer will be inevitable though. First time in over 4 years. Would love to squeeze a buck out of it (Market). Looking at a 3rd job, even though I will get taxed more now on every paycheck. It just sucks. I'm screwed no matter what.
  6. Thanks, I get that. I'm not in Nebraska though. Fuel hasn't been $2 in 9 months. It peaked at 1.84 three days ago. It jumped 40 cents more in three days since.
  7. I'm so excited about this! He played very well this year and can definitely improve upon this past season. I feel like these seniors can get after it together and enjoy their final season - true Blackshirt Style. Matured, Bigger, Stronger and experienced. These guys gone put it all together next season.
  8. That's really great news! I think he played real well this past season and can improve upon it even more.
  9. This stuff has been really interesting. I never really thought about the percentages at the time, because it was win or lose. I just barely remember they had to go for it even though chances were super difficult to convert during those times. But I remember momentum felt good? And after one replay it was obvious the play was perfect (even though I screamed for them throwing), but the Miami player made a great play to deflect the pass. I always knew if a player made a great play (for us or against us), then there is nothing you can do about it. Miami defender saved the day for them, but ki
  10. Hey I have fam in Gretna! You me and Teach could go throw down some dranks and wings....and then laugh at Teach lololol (I mean laugh with Teach)
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