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  1. Tough loss, but Ohio State has spoken up... "First of all, we have a mutual agreement with the Conference. The B1G is Ohio State, and nobody else. That's why we have been undefeated. And so far they are letting us down. Michigan did not beat us, again. I repeat, Michigan did not beat us. They cheat" "The Private Investigators told us that Michigan watched us in the Huddle. Yes, during the game. We believe they are reading lips" "Yes double coverage is illegal. You can't do that against us" "The only thing left to do now... on behalf of Ohio State and the entire board of the Big Ten Conference, I've asked our Private Investigation team to hire Tony Knuckles and Jimmy Fats....to kill them. Because we are Ohio State, and Michigan is bad for the Big Ten" "Yeah it's drastic, but other than beating them, I mean, there is nothing else we can do"
  2. Okay I'll say it. 2009 - It's good! It's good! Dang...
  3. That averages to 2100 yard passing seasons, 18TDs 7 INT, 6 rush TDs .... Casey Thompson basically did that in 9 games too. Not really mind blowing if you ask me, but if you like, you like.
  4. 2009 husker defense - all world and greatest ever played 8 terrible teams and went 7-1 beat Missouri in the pouring rain and won beat 7-5 OU played 3 teams that won 8 games and lost all 3 didn't win the conference beat a decent Arizona team in the bowl game Yeah, Thunderstruck.
  5. I know I got some of yall fired up (which is always exciting for me!), but I don't want to come across as a snob or jerk or know-it-all. It's just my opinion. I am wrong to quickly think that the 2023 defense is the best I ever saw. Which was my opinion. I was told the 2023 was not the best I've seen. I don't remember that season being so awesome that you all are so fond of back in 2009. If you want to reflect on that year and husk your corn over it, go have a ball. No worries. That was a long time ago, I'm sure there some video out there with full games and not just highlights or slow motion highlights and hip-hop music to keep you fired up. And that's fine too. I just don't understand the push back. This 2023 defense did great with points per game allowed, and even yards per game and yards per play. I shouldn't have ever said best ever on a Nebraska football message board. Because it's like having a different opinion about the Runza, and folks will let you know how wrong you are. On record, neither team won a conference championship (2009 or 2023).
  6. Well that's your opinion. I have mine. You have to go WAAAY back to 2009...... 13 years ago to bring up your bragging points or discredit the 2023 team. Again, yall need to really understand this. Outside of the top 15 rankings for wins and losses, and the ever changing top 20, nobody cares about "strength of opposing offenses" stats. In fact, nobody cares about any team's worth outside the top 15. Nobody cares if you hold down the fort against teams with stats ranked outside of.............. Including 2009. But, the 2009 defense did their job pretty good, and so did 2023. And neither won the conference.
  7. Yards per game? What about 2010? @runningblind said 2009 AND 2010. Nobody cares about offenses faced unless you want to put your own personal oomph into it. Plus nobody cares. When you play anyone outside of the top 20, you can't be taken seriously. Probably top 15. If you know, you know. And, .64 per play more is not really that impressive. It's not that much more to be honest. Because nobody cares. 10.4 points per game is very impressive. I will give you that. Good job 2009 Husker defense!
  8. @Decked I think you should edit the topic/thread to "discussing Saterfield". That way, we can continue to have the discussions, and your first post and thoughts can remain golden! Plus, the thread can go on and on forever until, someday Sat gets a fat raise or does get fired. Come on dawg, you are in Kansas and I am in Texas. If you alter the thread title a little bit to keep it civilized on HB, I will meet you in Arkansas for hog hunting, and grill you some pork chops, pork butt and bacon. With extra pork butt fat. And backstrap.
  9. That's right, extra practices are just practices. Season is over and players have game tape to work off of. They have 9 months too. How is anybody going to get better with 15 more practices in December, when everybody knows it's just bulls#!t
  10. Let's go have wings, drinks, shoot pool and discuss it! Seriously though, tell me what did 2009 and 2010 defenses do better? You can talk about Peso (6-7 DB's at once!!!! That's fire!!!) and bring up Ndakamato Suh!!!! But hopefully, you can add more to what you are implying from those 2 old defenses that were clearly better than this year's defense. I don't mind listening and being proven wrong. I am probably wrong and that's okay. But not far off though. Maybe I'm just thinking that this is the best defense in the past 5 years. Or 7 years. 2010 would be 13 years. Maybe I need a reminder instead? Tell me how good the 2009 & 2010 defenses did in comparison? With points allowed per game, yards per game, and other neat stats that was more impressive. I'd love to see the comparison, because I want to know if I am clearly wrong to think this was the best defense I have ever seen collectively. Show me those 2009 AND 2010 stats. Then let's go shoot pool and grab wings
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