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  1. Thank you, this would make perfect sense. It's no biggie right now.
  2. Pretty much. Nouilli / Boe Wilson (similar things). I think the OL is a year away still. I hope not though. Our most recent best of course, was Brenden Jaimes, Matt Farniok, and Cam Jurgens. (Jaimes & Farniok signed 4 year NFL contracts in 2021. Cam is set too). Teddy, Benhart and Cork can be that good too someday. It's up to them and Raiola.
  3. Speaking of past D Coordinators... Diaco, Mark Banker, Cosgrove, Bohl... Was a bit worried with Chins defense during his first year, but as time goes by, we really need to appreciate him a bit more as a Husker. Players respect him, and he tells it to you strait in pressers. Sidenote: I think he would make a fine Head Football Coach, if he wanted. There is always a Memphis, Houston, Fresno team that would benefit with him as HC.
  4. I have to agree. The 9 win thing was an Osborne thing playing 11 games. If Bo needed 13 & 14 games to reach that mark, it doesn't exactly make it the same. And I like Bo. I also like Riley, but that was never a good idea to hire him beyond his prime (winning years). Sad part is, Mike Riley took the blame for the 3 years he coached, plus 3 years under Frost. And all he ever did was accept a million dollar offer from Nebraska to be the coach. I hope Husker fans eventually stop blaming him for his few years as HC. We all would have taken the job. And IMO, it did not set Frost back 3+ years. We are going into year 5 with Frost on the hot seat. Easy schedule, make it or break it year to keep coaching. Nothing to do with Riley or Bo.
  5. Stupid question Suh, but are they practicing 4 full weeks? Or three weeks, then walk throughs final week and fly, followed by week of light work before game? I seen the schedule but cannot recall.
  6. I completely agree. Out of plus 1's until tomorrow, but I gotchu
  7. It's cool, my cousin name Rhameer, so maybe thats why. No worries, I got it straight now.
  8. Appreciate you looking into stuff @BigRedMax Not a huge deal, but on mobile if I am on HB and listening to Pandora, Shazaam, or a Music playlist on my phone, there are ads that shut down those running apps. Not like getting muted, but actually shutting them down to play the spoken word ads on HB. It's happening last two weeks. Frustrating. A separate issue, from desktop, sometimes an ad (at the bottom) will stop me in the middle of typing a reply for the ad to play first. I don't know which ads because I just roll with it. But whatever ads that do that, it's pretty crummy. Wondering if others run across this?
  9. RN I tend to lean that the D has more continuity and consistency, perhaps more athletic ability, but the OL still has time to get it together as a unit from 6-8 guys. Technique in pads takes more time to do it right. Fall camp seems to be where the rubber meets the road. Also, OL seems to play better after week 1, and even moreso after week 3. It takes more time.
  10. agree @ColoradoHusk It also means the last 5-6 games on schedule will be interesting how we handle them.
  11. That's how I always thought it was spelt. KNow I feel pretty embarrassed. I got the mental note know.
  12. The picture doesn't show much corn. Could be the photographer tho.
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