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  1. Oh my goodness.. that's horrific He does Radio Host of the New York Philharmonic on weekend nights that I listen to here in dallas
  2. "The.. Peoples Show"... Love Carriker Chronicles!!! Don't see eye-to-eye 100% of the time, but I never miss. Most of the time we in sync though. I almost added his a$$ to the former husker players (forum) a few years ago. But didn't want to just keep adding links to his channel. Although it is pretty good stuff, if I may say so. And I do. That's all. And don't forget, throw the bones!
  3. Was he a Callahan recruit? Or solich. good for him
  4. If I wanted to read books I'd buy one
  5. I don't recall highlighting Oklahoma State or Oregon State. But for the sake of the hypothetical, let's assume #5 Ohio State. (Even though I don't refer the Buckeyes as "THEE osu") The question is, again, if the top 5 run the table (win out), except Alabama beats Georgia in the SEC CCG.... does Cincinnati make the playoffs? And/or who gets squeezed out of the picture? Big 10 Ohio State? Cincinnati? And why come the ACC can't get in, unless it's Clemson? What if a Pac 12 Oregon goes 12-1 also? Is this just a 4 team playoff with 2 SEC teams?
  6. I get a lame, boisterous AD on youtube each time I go there. "What if you invested in bitcoin and google back in.. 2009...." b!^@h, our phones weren't even 4G at the time lol GTFO here with that
  7. It's Halloween sizon. For the trick or treaters, I have a bowl of candy corn and peeps.


    Taking all suggestions to add to it...

    1. admo


      Maybe add hard candy to the bowl? Like, butterscotch?

    2. admo


      Or black licorice... what kid doesn't love that.


      Gimme some ideas :)

  8. Current AP poll 1 Georgia 7-0 2 Cincinnati 6-0 3 Oklahoma 7-0 4 Alabama 6-1 5 Ohio State 5-1 6 Michigan 6-0 7 Penn State 5-1 8 Oklahoma State 6-0 9 Michigan State 7-0 10 Oregon 5-1 11 Iowa 6-1 12 Ole Miss 5-1 13 Notre Dame 5-1 14 Coastal Caroli 6-0 15 Kentucky 6-1 15 Kentucky 6-1 16 Wake Forest 6-0 17 Texas A&M 5-2 18 NC State 5-1 19 Auburn 5-2 20 Baylor 6-1 21 SMU 6-0 22 San Diego State 6-0 23 Pittsburgh 5-1 24 UTSA 7-0 25 Purdue 4-2 Let's say the top 5 teams run their schedule, except Alabama beats Georgia in SEC championship. They both 12-1 Does Cincinnati make the playoffs? Does Bama & Georgia flip positions and both make the playoffs? Does OSU get squeezed?
  9. I agree it was the ankle the week prepping for Minn. He didn't scramble, couldn't run in the pocket, and couldn't plant feet throwing (sailing pass after pass). His non-script running is half his game. There were targets open that if he hit in stride, they was gone. I get that it was a must win for bowl hopes. But dang, you couldn't get Smoothers ready that week? With AM2 as an emergency backup (2nd half, if needed)? It's not like a QB controversy. You traveled with 4 QBs. I think the staff sacrificed the whole team's effort by going with a partially immobile AM. And who knows how they could have rallied around a backup QB (throwing, running, scrambling, making plays and passes). It was just one game.
  10. That's what we call a red flag game. You either laugh and grab wisconsin, or you go with the purdue points (because something, somewhere, knows something more than us). I got 5 on purdue ( ) because of it, and because it's just 5. A lock? oh no, not touching it lol
  11. One way to look at that is, yes... that makes sense. The other way to look at that is, YOU GET ON THE FN PITTSBURGH TRAIN RIGHT NOW, OR THE ACC MAFIA WILL CLEMSON YOU!!!!! AND YOU WILL BELIEVE IN THE ACC TIGERS!!!!! FOR THE PLAYOFFS lol
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