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  1. Buckeyes 55 Huskers 38 Rush - 150 Pass - 300
  2. Adrian Martinez and JoJoDo... (I forget how to spell his last name)
  3. @Hooked on Huskers Well done. You have always done a nice job with these over the years.
  4. Week 3 Lock-Ness Monster Picks Minnesota +3.5 (vs Michigan) South Carolina +6.5 (at LSU) Baylor +10 (at Texas)
  5. But why now? Aren't liberals saying they want to create a new developing situation where more democratic SCJ will rule on the SC ? I.E. "packing the courts" in favor of the democratic party? I mean, does that plan not sound like a new court dictatorship in the making? Just curious why that is now tolerant, cool and OK to do so
  6. Glad they have a mute button this time. Just noticed these topics are kind of similar to the first debate. Or maybe it's just me. 10/22 Fighting COVID-19 American Families Race in America Climate Change National Security Leadership 9/29 Covid-19; the coronavirus pandemic The Economy Race and Violence in our Cities The Integrity of the Election Trump and Biden records The Supreme Court
  7. No. I was initially confused reading it the first time. Because it didn't flow with all the numbers thrown in. So I lol'd at myself and read it again. Why should I have to clarify?
  8. @Danny Bateman´╗┐´╗┐ Cool thank you DB
  9. No offense, but this tweet feels like a math word problem. Had to read it again lol.
  10. What time does it start? And what are the topics for tonight's debate? Thanks
  11. Last year is so over. AM2 is healthy, fresh and ready to have a great new year. And if it doesn't work out that way, it'll be unfortunate. That's why it's also great to have Luke as well.
  12. @RedDenver I totally understand. I'm pumped up for the first game of the sizon, no matter who it is. It feels good to have a Husker Saturday again
  13. The drive is probably worth it.
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