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  1. Yep. I will say, I get the feeling the department is in better hands with Trev Alberts. To help them however he can, but also put down some winning expectations. I do think Frost has another chance to finally turn this around and get it into a winning program again. Not so sure it would have happened under Moos if he was still here. And, I really really did not like hearing about the quiet contract extension Hoiberg received. It literally has messed things up severely, because Trev's hands are tied because of it (assuming things don't get better next season).
  2. Thanks. Yeah I'm just giving him due credit for hiring so many coaches in a short period time. But I also agree with you, that he had his assistants handle the bulk of the job duties beyond the hiring.
  3. What you hear? And what could be better than a perfect 10?
  4. No Buccaneers? No Packers? No Titans? No Cowboys? What league is this lol. I say go with the heart for whoever you want to win. I'm starting to feel like the 49ers are on this mysterious super bowl destination, after beating Cowboys & Packers on the road. Heck I just learned the 49ers have beaten the Rams 6 straight times (2 this year, 2 the year before and twice the season before that)....wow
  5. Only if you're not instructed from the sideline to put your hand up
  6. Same. When the season ended, I felt like 5 wins would be the ceiling. And it sucked to say that. But after the additions, 7 or 8 seems possible.
  7. Moos hired 9 head coaches. It's not like he didn't do anything for the athletic department.
  8. admo

    QB J.J. Kohl

    "The more you know, the more you......" (I'll see myself out )
  9. ^^^ For 3 years, media and Huskers online said 6'9 255. https://huskers.com/sports/football/roster/austin-allen/42775 Maybe if a player is listed at 6'0, we might want to drop it down a peg or two? And perhaps, for some, 10lbs lighter....
  10. Sir, you took his opinion about a booster.... and brought up masks, overwhelming the medical system, War, and making sacrifices. We are simply discussing a booster shot(s)
  11. Huskers have lost 11 out of their last 12 games. Next 2 games are against top 20 teams (OSU & Wisconsin). Their only win came against Kennessaw State. Very frustrating for staff, players and fans. I just didn't see this coming to be honest. But I know that if there wasn't a super extension for Hoiberg, he'd be gone sooner than later. Now you have to stick with him and he has to get them winning again. Winning cures everything.
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