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  1. I might be an AM homer since day 1, but I really feel this could be the year. Don't get me wrong. I am excited for Logan to grow in the system next year and beyond..... But this season? I feel AM gone be good, yo.
  2. Oh my,,,, did someone pick Baylor? No way....
  3. Illinois - Revenge game, we win but surprisingly close. Bret Beliema Era begins Buffalo - Toss up. Although they have shown to be a winning program over the past 20+ games. We should win the game, but they might beat us by 10. Oklahoma - close at first possibly, then disaster and reality hits. We lose by a lot. Michigan State - Toss up - Road game - MSU plays ugly. Their defense is good. Their offense not so much. Could sneak a W here. Got to earn it. Northwestern - Toss up as always. Could go either way. It is what it is. Michigan - No contest
  4. Maybe a little, but not too much. If I remember correctly, he was the bass player for Nirvana.
  5. Yikes that's awful to hear. Praying for you brother. Glad you got the vaccine shot. From my circle, the 2nd shot should be nothing like it in comparison. Until then, rub some dirt on it! jk jk..
  6. In September President Trump said the vaccines were ready to roll out. September, Sir. I guess you (ignore) forgot that, sir. And you would believe Der Biden is due this credit now, lol. It's sad.
  7. So Biden has assigned the veep to handle the illegal border fiasco. I wish her the best in taking on this responsibility. It's a very heavy situation. Something the president of a country would want to take ownership of. So I think it's cowardly for Biden to duck down and hand the problem off Nothing wrong with coming to the US. The country just asks you do it legally. And since Jan 21st, it's been a whopping daily mess. The whole world knows it too.
  8. It's not a vacation, sir. It's just free room and board, a paid bodyguard, and delicious free meals. And did you say it's an illegal problem if you go get caught?
  9. Pro Days and Combines: The league is bored, need to travel, so How well can you exercise in shorts indoors?
  10. So what you are suggesting is, get free room and board, a paid body guard, and free buffets. Nice. Sign me up for some of that.
  11. No more 4 or 3 year starters at quarterback please. I've been thinking this since TMart (and again with Tommy Yolo Gun) and lately with my man AM. Nothing against these fellas. Just don't have the patience for on the job training and learning to "quarterback" as freshmen and sophomores. We need a system in place to have Juniors taking over from graduating Seniors. And repeat. That's time to mentally prepare, understand the plays, make the throws, the reads, get stronger, mature and grow in the program (as Fr/So). Only a rare spectacular player should be a 3 year starter. And in that cas
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