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  1. There is a longer history for Iowa vs ISU, Minn, Wisc so I get it. I don't mind this being our rival game. We will win one and then things will really heat up between the 2 states.
  2. @The Dude I agree with you about quarterback. I feel very confident in CT. Also agree with you on addressing the kicking/punting/ST game. Looking good there. My biggest concern is Inside Linebacker depth, and replacing the production of JoJo Doman. No matter what anyone says, G Nelson is a DE and not a linebacker. I have watched the games over and over. He only lines up against an Offensive Tackle. Don't watch games like Purdue, Minnesota, Wisconsin because you won't notice contributions there. The top 3 tacklers from last year - Reimer, Henrich, Doman. It's not even close after that. And LR and HH have to provide coverage in the flat (Like JoJo did as well). Can they take the punishment each week and remain healthy? I worry there isn't a lot of depth to keep them healthy and fresh. They are the most important part of the defense (DLine gums up the line, ILB have to make the plays. That is Chins defense. If they are being blocked or miss a tackle, safeties have to get involved there. And we've seen how that hasn't gone very well)
  3. That's unfortunate. I like the kid. Guards looking like Corcoran, Williams, Bando... Piper in a pinch.
  4. Yeah it's noticed for most when it's just talking about it behind closed doors. Hey did you know that Nebraska is 88 or 90% white? Like supreme white. Top 5 whitest states around (although someone will boast that it is only in the top 8 or 9). And Montana? It's the ultra, super duper supreme whitest state in America. I wouldn't listen to them about diversity or immigration, oof.
  5. Thank you, I will read it tonight or tomorrow
  6. @teachercd I'm conservative, with family in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi. But if my aunties, cousins, half brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews (like, 27+ family members) don't vote for Joe Biden, then we ain't black. That's we he said. We didn't like that. But we just keep going, hoping this fuel and inflation thing ends soon. I don't think it will
  7. !!! Hilarious !!! Well I am 1/4 black and 3/4 white! I have never seen Airplane and you know I'm an 80s movie buff!!! I'm cry
  8. $2.72 here. I can't do mornings without black coffee and 2-3 fried eggs, 5 times a week. I make them as good as waffle house. It's getting crazy expensive for the cheap basics.
  9. You damn right he was. Casey Thompson, son of OU legend Charles Thompson, will quietly prove his critics wrong.
  10. Well pretty soon it will be $5.40 gallon, from Nebraska to Texas, and people will talk about how they wished it was $3.75. And nobody ever wished gasoline was only $3.75. Most Americans are too busy working and getting groceries, to sit around and figure out why? ("whatever google says") People are fed up with fuel prices and a dozen eggs costing $3 bucks. That's just the truth.
  11. Some truth serum. 1. War causes inflation. 2. We are not at war. 3. We gave $50 Billion dollars to the war. 4. I guess we are at war. 5. Inflation? See step 1-4. More truth serum. 1. We have oil 2. We have enough oil in our country to produce cheap fuel, for 1000+ years 3. We cannot talk about gas prices under this Administration 4. The New green deal is mandatory by 2035
  12. Home ice! Let's play a few in Canada, ay? Oilers closed the regular season with a 14-1 home record. Not too shabby. 4-2 during playoffs (18-3).
  13. 2nd period, no worries...
  14. Well said my man, I feel the same way. Interesting enough, how about this little gem I noticed: 9/17 Oklahoma at Nebraska 9/24 Kansas St at Oklahoma Looks like 2AM gets to see the Sooners right after us. OU will be their 4th game of the year, just like the Huskers 4th game as well. I can't wait to watch and see if either can upset the Sooners.
  15. I haven't been following, because the only team I like in the East is the Philadelphia Flyers. I hope whoever wins between Avs/Oilers will win the cup. My teams are Oilers, Flyers and Seattle Kraken. I've adopted the Kraken since Day 1 of existence. Could be a long ride before anything meaningful for them, but I'm on board.
  16. What does this mean when you say: "Throw a few tots and pears"??
  17. admo

    LIV Golf Tour

    Yeah I'll watch too
  18. Love it! I know we will go 8-4 this year, but the thing that worries me most, and I have not seen anyone mention yet, is going 6-6 the following year (Or worse, like 5-7). We cannot do that at this point.
  19. 8-6 final Cant ask for more than that, in a first game conf finals hockey game!!! Well you can, but... That was fun hockey !!!
  20. I'm the same, butter on toast or baked potato is all I do for layering. Hot melted butter is good on fish/shrimp dishes but the brand doesn't matter. I do like to fuse oil and butter together with garlic and onions, so any kind will do. Same with warm tortillas or garlic bread.
  21. 3-2 after one.. Avs up This is fun hockey!
  22. I think you both are right!
  23. I am excited about this series. Colorado should win, and I agree with the Oiler players saying, "the Avs are the best team in hockey". Plus the Avs have a tremendous record at home. I'm real proud Edmonton made it this far; it's been a great year. I'm thinking Avs in 6. I want Oilers in 7 lol. Can't wait until the puck drops!
  24. Here is how the B1G tourney went down. With Michigan winning it all. Only 2 teams make it to NCAA tournament, Maryland and Michigan (auto-birth). I did not feel like making a new thread just for that. I am surprised and disappointed Rutgers did not make it. They had a solid year and played well enough IMO.
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