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  1. Man, Shane Komine was a bulldog on the mound and had great stuff. A true dominator. Him and Matt Hopper were my guys. So much respect.
  2. Thanks I will give it a try this summer. I just picked up Oak Cliff Bourbon - a cheaper local spirit that I get once a year. Came out around 2012. Although ice and heavy spashes of diet coca-cola are needed
  3. Dolphins or Bears !!!! Love me some Trey Palmer !
  4. Goooo Biiiig Reeeddd !!!!
  5. Thanks, I can see his point. Additionally, there have always been some talented players (across all sports) that have this fluke tendency with the injury bug. Even if they put in the hard work and do all the right things. But yeah, being 6'9 or 6'10 offensive lineman and 3 straight years of having an injury makes one wonder why. Hope he recovers, because I don't think we've seen nearly half of his true talent yet.
  6. Thank You for noticing and the kind words! I too thought it was a brilliant masterpiece... of s#!t Wait a second. Is it "I too" or "Me too"??!?? I forget which one isn't possibly appropriate to say anymore. #Not apologizing for being a C- student #Michael Jordan is still the GOAT !!!!
  7. Man, and I thought the NFL's Dallas Cowboys had too many cameras for social media moments and stirring up tweets lol.... Sometimes it really be like that for Nebraska college football
  8. Come on. This for drill only. Don't get so carried away. @runningblind said it well. But also, when a special player gets away with going less than full, others will follow. EJB clearly wasn't having it. Sidenote: You either are cleared for practice or not. No ifs. A player coming off an injury and from surgery might be cleared physically but not ready mentally to go full speed. I would assume this the case for Allen. That is not the coach's fault. AA was cleared to go but was not giving his best, and that isn't ok for the coach's drill. Maybe AA needs some more sideline time to get his mind to trust his body until he go full speed and do what coach ask him to do.
  9. I wouldn't look to deep into it. EJB was establishing that he is the coach, this is what he is teaching and wants from them. He isn't afraid to tell one of our best backs to sit down. That's all it is, nothing more imho. Remember, the coaching staff's motto of getting better 1% every day. He didn't see that happening and sat his a$$ down. I would too.
  10. Call him and ask. He was sent to the corner during the rest of the drill while others participated.
  11. Although it's unknown about future production, I am getting more and more excited about the possibilities of Fidone and Gilbert next season. It's a long way to go before now and Minnesota game 1. Stay healthy and keep grinding, we should be good!
  12. Dang. Sometimes you wonder if his body too big to play this sport - esp the physical grind as an o-lineman.
  13. He sayin "I'm done with you RN" Get yourself together! It's up to the player to remove his personal feels and sorry attitude, and respond with "I'll do whatever you ask of me! Let's gooo!!! I'm all in"
  14. Absolutely loooove this by Coach EJB !!! Who wouldn't do what he wants you to do ?!!! even if it takes you 100x to get it done right. And sprint back if he say sprint back !
  15. Michael Jordan played 15 years. Not to hurt people's feelings, but 1/3rd of his career, his team finished below .500 winning %. That's 5 years I mean the guy was great, no question, and arguably the greatest individual player ever. Fun "highlight reel" stuff. He made a killing at the free throw line, and also with shot attempts per game. Kept the league going when Bird and Magic and Kareem all ended their careers. Had arguably the greatest NBA basketball Coach at the time (Phil Jackson). And the much needed help from players like Scottie Pippen (All-Star), Horace Grant, Cartwright, Paxson, BJ Armstrong, Steve Kerr... Just saying, he was possibly absolutely the greatest ever, and we should all agree with it. Even if there are some flaws and questions and remembering years when he wasn't the greatest when he played.
  16. 222lbs !... no longer a true freshman on the field... Determined... and finally healthy. If you need 2-3 yards in the big ten, and then do it again, and again, and again and then break one... It is better than losing 3 yards bouncing around in the backfield. I mean, if he had on a Penn State uniform, or Michigan uniform, or Minnesota or Ohio State uniform.... Time will tell. But I believe that Gabe Ervin gonna put in the work this Spring, Summer and Fall... and prove himself. I am sooo glad he's a Husker.
  17. Wrong. But there is still time for you to come around Not a solid theory. There is still time for you to come around
  18. He looked the part of a physical football player during the competitions they recently had. And his vert on that dunk proved he has athletic ability. Didn't see others dunking like that, if they could have, they would have. I hope he finds another spot so he can play football and contribute on the field. Holding a clipboard doesn't help the Huskers at all with that kind of athletic ability.
  19. A little bit Interesting. I like it. I don't understand it but I don't question it. I am sure there is some football psychology behind it coming from the coach's standpoint, with a reward during fall camp. Maybe dual numbers translate to teamwork and unity, and a single digit represents individuality? It's cool, I like it.
  20. I don't care about previous stats, but Gabe Ervin appeared to me like the best RB of the crew. The same defenses that got to Grant in the backfield, Ervin played it like Rex did and made positive tough yards out of nothing. The tape is there. I saw plenty of consistency in how he runs the ball. Hits the hole, plays with physicality, has better vision and balance, and can make moves in the open field. Grant has the best moves, but that is where he is limited. Anybody can look good on one or two plays, but this conference needs tough, physical RBs that can wear a defense down. Would have been nice to see Ajay Allen in big ten play. Thought he was obviously a great 2nd back. I'm all in on Gabe Irvin. Will be great to see how time will tell.
  21. Hope he has a blast !!! Hope he become a Husker! Sidenote: McGahee and Clinton Portis were studs with Miami !!!!
  22. Some pretty good matchups today/tonight ! Tennesse beat Duke 65-52 (saw that one coming) San Diego St beat Furman 75-52 (Errbody saw that one coming) #8 Arkansas vs #1 Kansas #7 Missouri Tigers vs #15 Princeton Tigers #1 Houston vs #9 Auburn #2 Texas vs #10 Penn State #2 UCLA vs #7 Northwestern I like all of the favorites to win in these games, but pulling for UH Coogs, Arkansas, Texas, UCLA
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