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  1. Wow this is a kick in the nuts. As long as I can remember, if you get fired/dismissed or you resign on a Friday night, it means that person was in some serious Hot Water. He did a great job with our secondary tackling. Best I've seen in forever. But this smells too fishy to resign without a "goodbye Huskers" tweet with all the kind words behind it. He been with Rhule for 11 years. Secondary/Defensive passing game coordinator Corner backs coach Recruiting Coordinator 3 years Director of Player Evaluation Assistant Director of Player Personnel I'm guessing that whatever happened that he was involved with, would make Tennessee and A&M self report to avoid probation. And it prolly caught up to him. I could be wrong, and I apologize if so. I'm only trying to connect the dots.
  2. admo

    NBA 2024-25

    Wow, somehow ppl keep thinking Paul George is a great player. I don't get it and never understood. Here's something that will also blow your mind..... NBA is 82 game regular season. Luka and SGA will both be eligible to earn $79/$80 mil per year with their next max contract. A cool one million dollars per game. Wow... The league / owners make so much money it's incredible.
  3. admo

    NBA 2024-25

    Klay Thompson chose Dallas over the LA Lakers, LeBron and Anthony Davis
  4. admo

    NBA 2024-25

    BREAKING NEWS OUT OF DALLAS JUST NOW Klay Thompson signs 3 yr $50 mil deal with Dallas !!! Luka, Kyrie, Klay.... @Jason Sitoke @Guy Chamberlin @Lorewarn @DevoHusker @Mavric @Madcows @AZRaiderH8r @teachercd
  5. This... It's so sad. I feel real bad for HCMikeRiley. Dee was always by his side and they just loved being a part of college football their entire lives. I'm sure they had many nights together having supper and talking about the game, the highs, the lows, the players that graduated, former coaches and friends, the big wins and the pitchforks when losing. Losing her is got to be so tough on him. I feel for them. RIP Dee Thoughts and Prayers Coach Riley
  6. Many preseason polls that are coming out now, do have Iowa in the Top 25. However, Phil Steele has them at #11...... ELEVEN And yet, most of us here on Huskerboard are correct to think we shall beat them this year. Maybe it's because it's a rivalry game (admo ducks and hides!!!) but also, we've played them pretty close most of the time, lost games we couldve won, and also, Iowa kinda sucks every - even though they win 10-11 times a season. It's crazy
  7. However, this looks like a fun schedule. Phil Steele came out with his preseason Top 40 recently. No shocker, CU is not listed. This is Colorado's schedule (with Phil's current ranking) North Dakota State - (Thurs 7pm ESPN) at #33 Nebraska - 630pm NBC/Peacock at Colorado State - 630pm CBS/Paramount Baylor at UCF OFF/BYE #23 Kansas State at #30 Arizona Cincinnati OFF/BYE at Texas Tech #8 Utah at #37 Kansas - Arrowhead Stadium #15 Oklahoma State - 11AM - ABC/ESPN3 - Black Friday I have seen a few preseason polls with Arizona in the Top 15 and Kansas in the Top 20, and Okie State around 11..... FWIW
  8. Would be a huge get to get this stud. Kaahaaina-Torres and Alofaituli would be a great interior pipeline for the Huskers !!! With Raiola at QB !!!
  9. Would love love love to get this guy playing for the Huskers !!! Alofaituli and Houston Kaahaaina-Torres - let's get both! please
  10. Please say it aint so.. All those years at TCU and CWS trips, goes to TexA&M, another CWS trip, and now going to Austin ??!!? Dang. He's such a good coach. But I never saw it coming
  11. I don't think Ham was a good coach, and I wonder who wanted Vogel fired and who wanted Darvin Ham to be the Lakers coach instead. From my couch, the biggest glowing problem for the LA Lakers is the players on the court. The players need to take the responsibility for not playing good enough the past 2-3 years. It's a players league and not a coaches league. Maybe JJ will make them play smart for once, and better.
  12. Someone should respond to "baseball's greatest moments" and inform them they said this incorrectly. It should have said... "There are reasons why that MLB’s all-time hits leader (Pete Rose), all-time HR leader (Barry Bonds), and all-time Cy Young leader (Roger Clemens) are all NOT in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  13. Forget about Finals, they need to be working on Free Throws !
  14. "Holy crap that looks awesome! That's so not fair!" -Pat Fitzgerald
  15. Congrats to Florida winning the Cup in game 7. It was a good game and the Panthers just looked better in this one. More physical and a fitting way to end game 7 (clock running down and they physically held the puck against the wall). Happy for EDM - no shame losing by 1 score in a Game 7 Championship
  16. admo

    NBA 2024-25

    I like JJ Redick and wish him the best with the Lakers. I think he can become a pretty good coach in this league. It might be after a stint in LA. I really was hoping he would have gone to Charlotte or Pistons or Cleveland instead. I don't see the Lakers having a talented team. That's why they sucked and everyone blames the head coach instead. Maybe JJ can turn them into a 6th seed in the West. But when they lose in the playoffs after a couple of years, and Lebron is 41, they'll fire JJ and blame him.
  17. I have 7 John McEnroe Larry Bird Dave Parker Dan Marino Mike Tyson Andre Agassi Dirk Nowitzki
  18. Regarding QB Jaden Rashada, the Univ of Florida, Boosters, and NIL promises, the following is a fascinating break down of what happened. Kid has the opportunity to go to Miami for 9.5 mil, but Florida offered 13.5 mil (that's an extra 4 mil), and then punked him. Plus, Why did the player trust them (Florida) in good faith and hand shakes? Why didn't someone tell him to get an attorney and help him with it? It's an awful story. It's sad and quite frankly, this is a s#!t load of money to offer a top 10-20 recruit coming out of HS. Under the disguise of "NIL". This should open up a lot of people's eyes with NIL opportunity, boosters and current state of college football.
  19. LOL my boy did a follow up on the Reese/Clark WNBA situation. He's done with it and I think most of are.
  20. admo

    PGA Tour 2024

    Yeah I feel the same. Time will tell. I'm kinda liking him more now, and he reminds me of Baker Mayfield a little bit. Baker hasn't just matured, but he's finally grown up. And maybe Bryson is starting to grow through it and get past the hard times. We will see.
  21. What does 5-3 mean ??!?! .. Is that bad ?!??? Did we do something wrong ?!!?? I don't understand...?!? what does won mean ??!?
  22. Both of my teams know how to turnt up And then..... it gets sad lol
  23. It clearly looks like the Celtics will represent the East for the next 3-4 Finals. They won because they were the best team all year, and proved it in the Finals. In the West I still lean on the Denver Nuggets to be the top dog in that conference. Not saying that OKC or Minn can't compete. Because we all know by now that they both are very good teams ready to take it to the next level too. Just saying it feels like a Boston vs Denver Finals for a few years. Or until the SA Spurs get all their other pieces in the draft to surround Wemby. Plus OKC, Minn, and maybe Dallas. LA Lakers, LA Clips and GS are just getting too old for this. And the playoffs are long, physical and brutal.
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