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  1. It's Halloween sizon. For the trick or treaters, I have a bowl of candy corn and peeps.


    Taking all suggestions to add to it...

    1. admo


      Maybe add hard candy to the bowl? Like, butterscotch?

    2. admo


      Or black licorice... what kid doesn't love that.


      Gimme some ideas :)

  2. Current AP poll 1 Georgia 7-0 2 Cincinnati 6-0 3 Oklahoma 7-0 4 Alabama 6-1 5 Ohio State 5-1 6 Michigan 6-0 7 Penn State 5-1 8 Oklahoma State 6-0 9 Michigan State 7-0 10 Oregon 5-1 11 Iowa 6-1 12 Ole Miss 5-1 13 Notre Dame 5-1 14 Coastal Caroli 6-0 15 Kentucky 6-1 15 Kentucky 6-1 16 Wake Forest 6-0 17 Texas A&M 5-2 18 NC State 5-1 19 Auburn 5-2 20 Baylor 6-1 21 SMU 6-0 22 San Diego State 6-0 23 Pittsburgh 5-1 24 UTSA 7-0 25 Purdue 4-2 Let's say the top 5 teams run their schedule, except Alabama beats Georgia in SEC championship. They both 12-1 Does Cincinnati make the playoffs? Does Bama & Georgia flip positions and both make the playoffs? Does OSU get squeezed?
  3. I agree it was the ankle the week prepping for Minn. He didn't scramble, couldn't run in the pocket, and couldn't plant feet throwing (sailing pass after pass). His non-script running is half his game. There were targets open that if he hit in stride, they was gone. I get that it was a must win for bowl hopes. But dang, you couldn't get Smoothers ready that week? With AM2 as an emergency backup (2nd half, if needed)? It's not like a QB controversy. You traveled with 4 QBs. I think the staff sacrificed the whole team's effort by going with a partially immobile AM. And who knows how they could have rallied around a backup QB (throwing, running, scrambling, making plays and passes). It was just one game.
  4. That's what we call a red flag game. You either laugh and grab wisconsin, or you go with the purdue points (because something, somewhere, knows something more than us). I got 5 on purdue ( ) because of it, and because it's just 5. A lock? oh no, not touching it lol
  5. One way to look at that is, yes... that makes sense. The other way to look at that is, YOU GET ON THE FN PITTSBURGH TRAIN RIGHT NOW, OR THE ACC MAFIA WILL CLEMSON YOU!!!!! AND YOU WILL BELIEVE IN THE ACC TIGERS!!!!! FOR THE PLAYOFFS lol
  6. Georgia been good to you, but that's once a week. Your other 2 weekly picks?
  7. This made me laugh so fn hard!!!!!!!!
  8. No you isnt. If you was just sayin that, you could have said it in less than 1000 posts ago, Sat night. And moved on. We got lots of football ahead of us. No mutiny needed.
  9. Come on man, buck up dawg. 2 weeks ago against Michigan, that was one of the best games of the year across the nation. It was ABC. It was back and forth. It was a comeback in the making. We had them too. s#!t went bad at the end, but man was it fun. Against Michigan State, we dominated them. We was up 7. There was only 4 minutes in the game. They had only 11 first downs and 50 yards rushing (roughly from memory). We had this game won. It was intense, and a fun night (road game). Oklahoma. Damn son, we was suppose to lose 58-14. This game was physical, and was a good ol' fashion throwback. It was fairly close all the way, and we had some opportunities for an upset. All 3 games were against ranked opponents, and that we was underdogs. Look how much fun it was, because it's only a few weeks back. I just recommend seeing it for what it is. That we are real close to turning a corner. And these games prove that there is no game in front of us that we cannot compete in to the end. Might even pull off some upsets. There are a lot of great games ahead of us to get up for, and you don't want to miss it. So enjoy your bye week like errbody else, and come back ready for purdue. b!^@h
  10. Also got a few ATS champs. Seems crazy, but what you gonna do. Pitt (Heisman QB candidate, real good offense + good defense) 4-1 ATS vs Clemson 0-5 ATS. Pitt is favorite to win by 3.5 now (I took them at -3). Not a dog, but to win by a FG+..... wow!!. I like it, let's see it. Syracuse 3-4 on the year, playing at VaTech 3-3. Except, Syracuse been on fire since replacing QB (offense) and is 6-1 ATS (5 straight). VaTech is a power brand name, tough at home, and 2-3 ATS. They just played Notre Dame and Pittsburgh back to back. Probably exhausted, and feeling like Syracuse is a relief. So I will gladly take Syracuse +3.5. (and their close game covers) ACC is fun
  11. I LOVE that SMU pick. Other than a little struggle with option football (Navy), and now coming off a bye week, they've been pretty sneaky at scoring lots of points on offense. I have them in a parlay with NCST (-3) beating Miami,FL
  12. So, it's on CNN? Ok. I know what you are saying, and I'll get back to you between 2:30AM and 4:29AM, when it's just early. Because, between 7AM - 7PM isn't quiet enough, to do things the right way.
  13. All I'm saying is, to look at your kids. Or your favorite kids in homeroom class. And ask, why they being separated from parents, put on a midnight flight to New York? Night after night. Why? How is that good? And placed with a "sponsor" Even college kids get homesick.
  14. Texas has better weather than NY. And these kids would be closer to their parents. Just something you might not want to overlook. Why so defensive about your president making midnight flights for young migrants? Thought some would be curious enough to ask questions about these executive decisions . Its not like I'm calling him names. There is no fake outrage. CNN hasn't said so yet.
  15. So no big deal? They don't deserve daytime flights? This is all a good quiet plan? While everyone is sleeping? Lol
  16. No word coming from CNN or MSNBC, so I'm not sure how valid? Nothing good happens after midnight, they say. Midnight runs: Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in the dead of night https://www.foxnews.com/us/midnight-biden-secretly-flying-underage-migrants-ny-night Psaki denies transporting illegal immigrants at 2:30 am is 'middle of the night,' calls it 'early flight'
  17. Yeah, it opened at -17. So apparently, Brandon Peters is out for Illinois. BB isn't sure if qb will be sitkowski or a freshmen. Gifford isn't ruled out for Penn State yet, but the top 2 backup qbs for them have been competing since the bye week. Before gifford's "unknown injury - they won't tell" penn state was up on iowa 17-7. They lost when qb2 took over. So there's a lot of good story lines for this one. It's homecoming for PSU, and they are wearing alternate uni's. And coming off a bye week. And they play ohio state next. I suppose the line would have been a lot higher with gifford. I think he won't play vs illinois. I'm so confused lol
  18. I wouldn't make any changes. What our program and team needs more than anything is stability. Players will not grow with constant changes to staff. It will set them back, I promise. This staff has 16 games to decide their fate. 4 this year, 12 next year. They also have recruiting, spring ball, summer, fall camp, etc. They are close, the games are close. Turn those into winners and build off of that. And coach better. And get the players tougher mentally and physically. 2 deep, 3 deep. That is the objective for this staff.
  19. I lost my a$$ on that game. And pj fleck rowed my boat. Then slapped my face with an oar. Then kung-fu kicked me out of the boat, and threw a trident at me. No more big money on Huskers for sure lol.
  20. Purdue is a -3 dog vs Wisconsin. How bout that, isn't that just great.
  21. lol that always sucks, but you will turn it around, I know it. Go get you some automatic fun juice on penn state -23, before it sky rockets to -30. After this little gem, Illinois might walk off the field by half time
  22. That's just Skoal. It's a pretty big plug. He's alright
  23. Fire him? Ah, hell no!. Who you gon hire, dirk fickell from ohio? He stays, and we just got to hang in there. Be patient. Stay strong. It will get better. And that dude from Coastal is doing SO well, because his toughest opponent is Applachain state. wOW.
  24. 2-1 week 14-9-1 on the year Gee thanks Huskers... You know where I'm wearing my watch because of it
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