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  1. I thought Will Bolt was supposed to make Nebraska Baseball Great Again...


    Did I misunderstand this?

  2. Yeah, not saying I liked it, just that I saw it.
  3. I saw someone on Twitter mention the name Graham Harrell. I should have taken a screenshot. Anyone else see this? OC and QBs coach.
  4. But Dawson is doing a great job with special teams. I kid I kid.
  5. 82 just laid someone out on that TD play (or at least it looked like it from what I saw).
  6. And cheer as the winners go by
  7. Thanks. I was looking on YouTube. Should have tried ESPN. Duh.
  8. With faith and honor held high
  9. A chance to equal our strife
  10. Illinois is losing to UTSA...

  11. I mean...they run it over and over in practice and that never seems to happen... haha...I kid, I kid...
  12. In the Battles we go through life
  13. No Prayer Thread?

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    2. commando


      friday night lights.   maybe we do have a chance.  kind of like the old days when i cheered for Stille and the Bluejays against vedral and his cavaliers

    3. HuskerInLostWages


      I think this team is beyond prayers, we need a full on exorcism.

    4. Loebarth


      @HuskerInLostWages - thanks for the laugh.. much appreciated :)

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