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  1. So a late hit isn't a late hit anymore? They called it a flop? Oh wait, it wasn't done by Nebraska, or they'd call for an ejection
  2. BTN just said their "Stand Out Player" is their Field Goal Kicker. Need to make Iowa 1 dimensional, they can't run the ball, and this weather could hurt their passing game. Nebraska needs to run them ragged.
  3. 45 minutes to go approximately till kick off...
  4. Seems fitting today for some odd reason. Today we play Iowa, Today we BEAT Iowa.
  5. No retreat and no surrender!! Lets win this, and let Iowa say, "It wasn't a big game to us". I have the feeling of how I felt before a Nebraska-Oklahoma game. Time to become Bowl Eligible.
  6. I see 2 ways Iowa reacts. They win, "Nebraska still sucks" They lose, "Nebraska still sucks, it just wasn't a big game to us..." Nebraska has nothing to lose and everything to gain. 6-6 and Bowl Game bound. Let it snow, and get nasty, plant some Hawkeyes into the field.
  7. Been cranking this up since the Saturday game against Maryland 1 win away from a Bowl Game. Time to have Nebraska take another step towards greatness. Can't be beat... Feel free to add to this lets rock!
  8. Have to admit, its prettier than the broken chair trophy
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