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  1. I dont have stand up arcades, but I have a very cool disk I play on a computer with Mame stuff on it, and there is retro pie stuff that is totally cool too. If I ever when the lottery, one of my plans is to have an arcade room with tons of stand up games.
  2. I have a feeling Nebraska will shut down Minnesota on the run. Nebraska is going to will themselves to victory. It's time for a breakout game. Nebraska also gets a week off after this game, so I think they are gonna let it all fly.
  3. I was having issues with my Genesis, then after looking online, found a great remedy. Glass cleaner and qtips and cleaning the contacts inside the games. Let them sit overnight, the next day, they played wonderfully. I'm all for the retro systems that come out, but I think the genesis is the only 1 that will actually play cartridges. If there would be a way to have a lot more memory of the PS systems, its too bad that there isn't a way to download the game onto the new system if you already have the game. I'd love to play the older WWE games on ps4, but I'm not going to shell out more $$ when I already paid for it once.
  4. Don't know if this topic has been discussed yet before, but I recently reconnected my PS2 slim which hasn't been played for years since I got my PS3 and then my PS4. Cleaned it up, connected everything to flat screen TV in the bedroom, and powered it on, much to my enjoyment, It works. I also own a Sega Genesis, and a Retro Pie with different Nintendo/Super Nintendo Games. Anybody else own Retro/Old School gaming systems they still use?
  5. Insert Nebraska Defense against Minnesota here... Similar Outcome...
  6. I can't take credit for, it... Just sharing. But it's another historical moment of Nebraska Football History, and proves that the Walk On program is incredible!
  7. Considering how the 2nd half of the season played out up to so far this season, 8-4 is a good start. as far as the 2019 Season goes, this is a team who could go 9-3. That might be a stretch, but there was something pretty special in their eyes at the end of the Northwestern game. It wasn't pretty but they overcame adversity, and ground out a win.
  8. https://fanbuzz.com/college-football/doug-flutie-maximum-football/ Customize your football universe in Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019. Featuring in-game editors for logos, teams, uniforms, and players. Download your copy on Friday September 27th from the Xbox One & PS4…
  9. I wonder if the upgrades will be from Donors or Increase in ticket prices or would they be going thru with the beer sales. If they'd sell beer, I think they'd need to invest in upgrading the rest rooms.
  10. I think the rain would fire up this team. They have been all about overcoming the odds. I think it stings big time that they lost by 3 to Colorado in OT. They will lay their bodies on the line to grind out a victory, rain or shine. They will accept nothing less, and do so as a team.
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