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  1. Sorry, a little off with the Roman Numerals LOL
  2. Superbowl 54 gets closer and closer. Who you got? I have to say I need to get back to rooting for one of these teams again. I was a 49ers fan when Joe Montana was QB, when the game was on in the waiting area of a hospital when I drove my Mom and Brother there because my brother had a dislocated finger. 49ers had an amazing come from behind victory, and I was hooked. It helped, with Tom Rathman and Roger Craig also being there. Then, when Joe went to play for the Kansas City Chiefs, they became my team as I rooted him on to victory, and once again another great Nebraska player was there too. Neil Smith. over the years, I've kind of been watching and rooting for a few teams, but recently, in the last few years, and especially this season, Patrick Mahomes has been fun to watch. I am picking the Kansas City Chiefs to win by 3. Should be an excellent game.
  3. Trump's defense team has nothing. They are questioning Hunter Biden being in a position he knows nothing about. Can you say Ivanka Trump amd Jared?? Those 2 didn't even have security clearance. The only people that believe what the defense team is the Fox News sheep. I'm sure Rush Limbaugh is going off every day talking about "This is a waste of Taxpayer money.. What a wonderful President.. by the way, remember the time that ....."
  4. So a late hit isn't a late hit anymore? They called it a flop? Oh wait, it wasn't done by Nebraska, or they'd call for an ejection
  5. BTN just said their "Stand Out Player" is their Field Goal Kicker. Need to make Iowa 1 dimensional, they can't run the ball, and this weather could hurt their passing game. Nebraska needs to run them ragged.
  6. 45 minutes to go approximately till kick off...
  7. Seems fitting today for some odd reason. Today we play Iowa, Today we BEAT Iowa.
  8. No retreat and no surrender!! Lets win this, and let Iowa say, "It wasn't a big game to us". I have the feeling of how I felt before a Nebraska-Oklahoma game. Time to become Bowl Eligible.
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