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  1. Let it be by the code Faith and honor held high
  2. Need to show the players this game, they played with heart, didn't lose their cool, and played as a team
  3. apparently you can lead a player to the game but you can't make him block
  4. Fox, Scott Frost is gone at Nebraska, why keep bringing him up?
  5. Mickey Joseph leading the police and the team. I hope the players have fire in their eyes heading thru the tunnel
  6. Nebraska has everything to gain and nothing to lose in this game. Next week is bye week I hope to see Nebraska going 100% and full throttle all game
  7. Turned down the volume on Fox, turned up the Radio to Z92 for Cornhusker radio. 35 minutes to go. Goosebumps
  8. Brian Bozworth any way we can sign him as Defensive Coordinator?
  9. Fox Big Noon Kickoff Good to see all the fans cheering. Larry the Cable Guy has arrived
  10. Nebraska needs to let it all out for 4 quarters. Next week is a bye week. Its time to shock the world
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