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  1. Just win baby! Also, beat the hawkeyes for good measure!
  2. One safety spot riding the bench for a few years.....take the blue pill Noa!
  3. Sometimes it feels like an early christmas present, but if it's not for Nebraska it feels like someone pissed in my cheerios.
  4. Steve Wiltfong stated he has been thinking about switching his crystal ball pick to Nebraska.
  5. I'm going for it! Looking to snag a Big Bulldozer out of the 609!! -Cav
  6. Passing along info that the West Virginia offensive coordinator took a head coaching job at Texas State. Calling a flip alert on this one!!
  7. Mike Dawson visiting today. His recruitment is picking up fast.
  8. He has yet to use an official to come see Nebraska. You could probably count on Frost to use our visit strategically.
  9. Rumors swirling that Cropper started following Frost and other Nebraska coaches today. He did have several crystal balls come in for Utah today I believe though.
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