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  1. I can tell you this: South Carolina was ecstatic that y’all hired him away. They were beyond worried that Beamer wouldn’t fire him after last season.

    1. knapplc


      That was interesting. At one point he jump cuts from the west stadium under the press boxes to the east concourse. I'm surprised at some of the places he got into. Makes me think he had permission... but maybe not. I've done this several times at Memorial Stadium, especially when they were doing stadium construction. I've never gone as far into the team areas as he went, but I've been on the field at least a dozen times. Did the same thing when they were building PBA.


      It's funny how much access you can have to a place if you just act like you belong.

  3. I know most of you guys hate when I post anything about Clemson, but I finally got to take the boys up to a game. We had a good time, and got to see my old buddy CJ after the game.
  4. Y'all make sure you watch every week. As a CBS Sports employee, I need y'all to watch.
  5. We've had WR problems for the past few years. Unfortunately nothing new there.
  6. Duke did beat Clemson, but Duke isn't quite the Duke of old. Elko has those guys playing very well. I wouldn't be surprised if he's an SEC HC very soon. They were a 9 win team last year...(Clemson was 11). So it's not like they're the 3-4 win team of the past. However, that being said. Clemson was atrocious last night. 5 redzone visits for 7 points. I personally feel like Dabo's policy of hiring former players with no experience is catching up with us.
  7. After the block on the 40-something yard FG, I'm glad they didn't try that one. It would've only been over sooner.
  8. Week 0 bay bay!

    1. admo


      Navy vs Notre Dame in Dublin, Ireland, baby !!!!  Great game, great venue, historical teams and matchup !!! 


      Cannot wait!  :w00t:w00t

  9. Yep - It's kind of a mashup of a bull/bison since they've used both at different times. I had help from an IU grad on that one, lol.
  10. So, during the pandemic, I had to sit with my son for virtual school since he was in 1st grade, has autism, and just needed someone there to help him if he needed it. As a sports-focused graphic designer, and to pass the time, I started drawing Logo Concepts, starting with Penn State & then Michigan, then I decided to do the entire B1G...then the entire P5. The general setup for them was symmetrical, front facing logo that would incorporate the helmet stripe somehow (if the team has a helmet stripe). Anyways, thought I'd share them here (You may have seen them on 247Sports' instagram feed where it got tons of lovely responses.) Anyway, here they are, with the exception of IU, bc I just sold the rights that one to a bar in Bloomington.
  11. Putting this in a spoiler because apparently it offends some if I bring up my alma mater & favorite team...
  12. I'd be interested to see if FSU takes a bid where it's not an equal revenue share at first. As vocal as they are about the ACC and it's equal revenue share not being fair, going to another conference where they're getting lower than the rest just seems like something new for them to b!^@h about once the honeymoon phase is over. They're giving high maintenance girlfriend vibes right now.
  13. True story: I traveled with the team while in school at Clemson, and we had a Thursday night game and had to miss a test, university approved. There were 5 of us who missed the test...and the teacher was pissed. He gave the class the usual, 52 question multiple choice test, so a possibility of a 104. He gave us a make up test which was 5 essay questions, 20 points each with subjective grading. No one made over a 24, I made a 19. I'm not saying this happens a lot, but there are professors who will punish kids for not being in class.
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