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  1. Refusing to recruit Deshaun Watson may be part of it..
  2. Lol, all credit to LSU, they deserve it.
  3. Not sure I’ve ever shared much here, but I put some of my art in the 2019 College Football thread if y’all want to see how I pay the bills day-to-day.

  4. I made some art based on the upcoming National Championship game.
  5. WTF?



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    2. Judoka


      Xmas32 - They may as well be SEC, not much else in the ACC.

    3. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      Lol, ok. I guess we’re the bad guys now.

    4. ZRod


      If you're going to be a perennial playoff team, like you are, you had better get used to it. 


      It's better to be hated for being good than to be hate like OU is for being terrible and stumbling you way into the playoffs every year.

  6. Does anyone? I assumed they were gonna leave it as called on the field. Shocked me. Great game, y’all will be back. He’s 66-1 since taking over as the starter of his high school team.
  7. Probably not as big of a homer as you think. I’m pretty realistic. I called us losing to Bama 2 years back. As for the semifinal, I’ll take Venables with a month of preparation all day. Assuming we face LSU in the final, their defense is full of holes and I think our d stops them more than they stop us.
  8. Clemson will win it all. You heard it here first.
  9. Lol. I'm not the type to bring up something from 3 years ago. I'd love to see Ohio State's offense against this Venables' D this year.
  10. So you’d be ok with an unbeaten, defending National Champion not getting the right to defend their title? It’s the equivalent of a UFC champion being stripped of their title because two other fighters looked to be better. To be the man, you gotta beat the man...or at least someone does. Lol, get out of here. Alabama lost to Auburn in week 12 just two years ago before winning the title. And yes, the initial playoff rankings are irrelevant, but it is extremely insulting to the team that dominated the playoffs last season to hold them out, when they’ve still yet to be beaten.
  11. They lost to the team Clemson beat easily yesterday. Georgia lost to SC and is still in, but if Clemson lost to SC they’d be automatically taken out of the equation. That’s the point he was making. And yeah, he has every right to be bitter. Defending national champs who’ve yet to be beaten and left out of the initial top 4, for something out of their control like the strength of conference opponents. It’s not Clemson’s fault that A&M didn’t pan out this year or that FSU quit recruiting offensive lineman 4 years ago or that Miami & VT are not what they once were.
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