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  1. killer cacti

    QB Transfers

    But did we lose?
  2. killer cacti

    2018 Schedule Wallpaper

    I did a clemson wallpaper...but it’s now out of date.
  3. killer cacti

    QB Transfers

    And guess who’s 3rd string?!?!?
  4. killer cacti

    QB Transfers

    Um, we did. They’ve all just been elite and know they’ll play elsewhere. 4th QB transfer at Clemson since January. We outrecruited ourselves.
  5. killer cacti

    QB Transfers

    Yep. He could come in and provide some experience & knowledge, as a player who’s played in the CFP. FWIW, I think he ends up in the SEC. I’m guessing Auburn or Arkansas. Chad Morris was at Clemson before SMU.
  6. killer cacti

    QB Transfers

    He no doubt would be the best QB at Nebraska.
  7. Y’all.

    1. redout22


      It's been a minute killer!

    2. HuskerInLostWages


      I believe you forgot to finish your sentence, It should be "Y'all suck" and we'd be ok with you saying it.

  8. killer cacti

    *** Official Troy Game Thread ***

    Ummm, guys? What the f#&% is going on?
  9. Yep. From what I’ve heard, he’s pretty shifty.
  10. killer cacti

    2018 NCAA Tournament

    Anyone need me to send them some Clemson gear?!
  11. killer cacti

    ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Fair point. Need to stop by more often. Dilly dilly!
  12. killer cacti

    ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Venables makes damn near 2 million. Worth every penny. I know every coach says stuff like this, but when questioned about other jobs this week, his quote was something like ‘why would I leave here? I love it here, have a great job, and my son is playing here starting next year.’ Maybe I’m crazy, but if I’m making that much $$$, in a low cost of living area, and didn’t have the pressure on me that a head coach has, I’m staying. It’s also his first chance to coach his son, and I can only imagine how much that means to him since I’m sure coaches on that level miss a lot of time with their kids due to recruiting.
  13. killer cacti

    ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Clemson became good after he was let go. He was a decent recruiting coach but a horrible OC. Also, worked as a student with the team when I was in school...and he’s a complete douche.