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  1. Hmm Iowa calls it 8 person football. Do they have a lot of girls that play football over there?
  2. Sure, but we have three “homegrown” kids at the TE position. Essentially you’re saying that the talent evaluation of the coaching staff is poor if they take Rollins over Carnie and that they need to be replaced because of that lack of talent judgement. But isn’t that always the case that the coaches job security is based on good talent evaluation? Can you imagine if we had the in state talent of Texas of Florida. We’d have to let really good in state kids go to rival schools every year.
  3. It looks like the Bengals cut Stanley Morgan and Freedom Akinmoladun. Also, the Raiders cut Demornay and the Texans cut Brent Qvale.
  4. It might be controversial but not realistic. With conference affiliation teams aren’t getting relegated. Maybe if you had said NU should get relegated that would warrant a response, but then you’d need to explain what the tiers would be and what warrants relegation when it’s impossible for all the teams to play each other.
  5. default_28


    Watching the 30 for 30 on Lance Armstrong. He is a jerk of a level few will ever attain. Arrogant, a bully, competitive to an unhealthy amount. I recognize that he cheated to accomplish his victories. He’s one of my favorite athletes of all time. I loved watching the Tour de France when he was at the peak of his abilities. His competition were doping too and he beat them. I couldn’t do what he did if I used the drugs he used. He sucks as a person in a lot of ways, which makes him an easy target to hate. But I think that what he was as an athlete should
  6. Sure, but 8 titles in 9 years top heavy? Maybe division three with Mt Union was that dominated years back. I’d have to research it. I completely agree that there should be a level between the top of the FBS and the bottom of the FCS about 80 teams at each level. Maybe someday that’ll happen.
  7. Why? Because the product has become predictable and somewhat boring. It’s not NDSU’s fault. They’ve figured out a system that is miles ahead of anyone else. That’s why I didn’t say they should move up, I said they should be forced to move up. Which was said tongue in cheek but also is how I feel about competitive imbalance.
  8. NDSU wins another title. As a fan of FCS football I wonder, can the NCAA force a school to move up a level? I’m sure not, but it’d be nice if they did.
  9. Crouch? I don’t think he’s better than the players on the list already, but I can’t think of anyone else.
  10. What’s the answer? Jumbo Stiem?
  11. My point was simply that the camera caught one instance. I have a hard time believing that if you went back and studied every play you wouldn’t find similar stuff on other plays by players on both sides. I am just not convinced that one player caught doing something dirty makes it ‘dirty football from traditionally one of the dirtiest programs’. I was not trying to imply that players should do it, just that it does happen. To your first point, if a Husker was caught doing that, I’m betting more people would be championing some nastiness on our defense than condemning dirty play. Ed
  12. This seems like sour grapes. There is always extra stuff going on at the bottom of piles by both teams. Colorado didn’t seem more dirty than any other team we play, and their coach seemed gracious in victory. It’s too easy to punish a current team for the sins of the past.
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