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  1. I think I drafted poorly. I should have looked closer at what actually gives you points. When Radko Gudas was drafted early I was very confused. Now I see that offensive d men will get you few points but guys that rack up hits will score a lot. May have to tinker with my defense some.
  2. If you move to week 4 you can adjust your roster
  3. This is cool. so glad that hockey is back.
  4. We need four more. Let’s start recruiting.
  5. @admo When will we start this league?
  6. If this happens, the Texas 3 are in trouble. And I can only assume they missed out because they decided they were going to stick together.
  7. I’d love to try this out. I think I could commit to doing it justice.
  8. Not NHL, but didn’t want to start a new thread. Timur Faizutdinov 19 year old captain of KHL team Dynamo St Petersburg has died after being struck in the head by a puck. The incident didn’t seem bad, guys have been struck harder. Just one of those freak things. https://www.espn.com/olympics/hockey/story/_/id/31074525/russian-hockey-player-dies-being-hit-puck
  9. Indeed, top three reverse retros in the league.
  10. Yeah, if the sens had even average goalies their record would be mid table but oh well. It’s supposed to be a weaker draft this year too so there’s no point in tanking. They are fun to watch though. There’s always goals and on occasion it’s Ottawa that scores them.
  11. I’m a passionate follower of your Ottawa Senators. It’s been a rough few years. Since you’re both Avs fans I’ll ask a question. What do you think of the Avs blue pants? I personally find them hideous and ruin the whole look.
  12. Hmm Iowa calls it 8 person football. Do they have a lot of girls that play football over there?
  13. Sure, but we have three “homegrown” kids at the TE position. Essentially you’re saying that the talent evaluation of the coaching staff is poor if they take Rollins over Carnie and that they need to be replaced because of that lack of talent judgement. But isn’t that always the case that the coaches job security is based on good talent evaluation? Can you imagine if we had the in state talent of Texas of Florida. We’d have to let really good in state kids go to rival schools every year.
  14. It looks like the Bengals cut Stanley Morgan and Freedom Akinmoladun. Also, the Raiders cut Demornay and the Texans cut Brent Qvale.
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