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  1. My point was simply that the camera caught one instance. I have a hard time believing that if you went back and studied every play you wouldn’t find similar stuff on other plays by players on both sides. I am just not convinced that one player caught doing something dirty makes it ‘dirty football from traditionally one of the dirtiest programs’. I was not trying to imply that players should do it, just that it does happen. To your first point, if a Husker was caught doing that, I’m betting more people would be championing some nastiness on our defense than condemning dirty play. Edit: I’m not trying to imply that you’re a hypocrite at all. I believe you would feel the same way if it was a Husker player who was caught, just that most fans would excuse what the video shows due to homerism, or whatever.
  2. This seems like sour grapes. There is always extra stuff going on at the bottom of piles by both teams. Colorado didn’t seem more dirty than any other team we play, and their coach seemed gracious in victory. It’s too easy to punish a current team for the sins of the past.
  3. Watched Kodachrome on Netflix. It was pretty good. Typical dysfunctional relationship resolves itself on a road trip requested by a dying man, but well done. Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis are good in it. Would recommend.
  4. Watching the draft last night and the Chargers were picking. My wife walks in and sees the logo and says who’s that team, it looks like Trump’s hair. Needless to say we will be calling them the Los Angeles Trump Hairs from now on.
  5. Yeah, you can tell some of the freshman haven't been 1 sport specialists as long as the upperclassmen have been. It's crazy how much muscle memory you lose in just a couple years.
  6. 1. Browns - Sam Darnold 2. Giants - Saquon Barkley 3. Jets(From Colts) - Josh Rosen 4. Browns(From Texans) - Bradley Chubb 5. Broncos - Josh Allen 6. Colts(From Jets) - Roquan Smith 7. Buccaneers - Quenton Nelson 8. Bears - Tremaine Edmunds 9. 49ers - Minkah Fitzpatrick 10. Raiders - Derwin James 11. Dolphins - Da'Ron Payne 12. Bills(From Bengals) - Baker Mayfield 13. Redskins - Vita Vea 14. Packers - Denzel Ward 15. Cardinals - Joshua Jackson 16. Ravens - Courtland Sutton 17. Chargers - Mike McGlinchey 18. Seahawks - Billy Price 19. Cowboys - Clavin Ridley 20. Lions - Marcus Davenport 21. Bengals(From Bills) - Isaiah Wynn 22. Bills(From Chiefs) - James Daniels 23. Patriots(From Rams) - Leighton Vander Esch 24. Panthers - D.J. Moore 25. Titans - Harold Landry 26. Falcons - Taven Bryan 27. Saints - Hayden Hurst 28. Steelers - Rashaad Evans 29. Jaguars - Christian Kirk 30. Vikings - Jaire Alexander 31. Patriots - Lamar Jackson 32. Eagles - Will Hernandez If I get 5-7 picked in the right spot even if the pick was traded that's a success. I'm guessing 2 right overall.
  7. You of all people should know it really only takes a suitcase full of money and a little help from Virgil to dominate in wrestling.
  8. It is, but only because Snake wouldn't agree calling the band Joey and the Joybuzzers. Which is way better.
  9. I don't necessarily agree with your opinion of Berringer as a qb, but I do agree with your view of him being romanticized. It's a situation where his on field accomplishments are maybe remembered a bit greater than reality due to his death, yet if he had been able to play in the NFL and prospered we may view him as the best qb ever to play at Nebraska. His potential being left in perpetuity has both increased and possibly decreased his greatness as a quarterback.
  10. I like that Nebraska is an adidas program. The only thing I would like more is if Puma wanted to do our gear and apparel.
  11. As to why, the same statistics that show that stars actually do correlate to success. Five stars pan out at a higher rate than 4 stars, and in general scholarship players are more talented than walk-ons. THERE CAN BE EXCEPTIONS. But the all walk-on team was posted in this thread and it's not as good as our current team IMO. Danny Woodhead was a great player that had a nice NFL career, he wouldn't have been the worst player on the team, but I would still feel like we could have been stronger at running back if he was the starter.
  12. That is exactly what I'm assuming. We're not the only school that scouts Nebraska, and the kids that are in state and elite get recognized. Is it possible for a kid to be a late bloomer or to slip through the cracks? Of course, but that should be the exception not the rule. You're making it about an individual position battle, and saying its no concern. I'm talking about the team as a whole and what it means for us on an institutional level if too much of our talent is dependent upon uncovering these hidden gems. To be clear, if a kid from Cozad is more talented than the other players than he should play and good on him. I'm not going to root against him just because he wasn't highly recruited or from the south, but if our coaches didn't think he was as good as players they did offer scholarships to, why is it hard to believe that I might come to that same conclusion.
  13. I'm trying to imply that I would be blaming Joe Walkon for not winning enough games, just that at some point if your scholarship players are routinely getting beat out by guys that didn't get a good enough offer to play somewhere else it's a problem. I agree with the points you've made about us having had successful walk-ons at every position, and that there are 18 other guys on the field. That's the reason that I brought up the number of walk-ons to begin with, if forced to start a WO at any position even QB you can overcome that with superior talent at the other positions. If its more than a couple though.....
  14. No, as my comment says, I would have no issue with 22 walk-ons if we won the whole thing. Anything short of that though, and I would be disappointed. I'm not anti walk-ons if they're the best we have, but I think that if you're starting large numbers of them in your team then success is a much more specific outcome.
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