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  1. This is fun. I lucked into it in 4 tries. Is there a standard strategy to this game? Is there a word or two that you start with every time that narrows down the possibilities quickly?
  2. No it doesn’t seem to have changed anything
  3. Yeah, if we had made our field goals we would have been 54 in scoring. Still need to improve in the red zone, but it feels like there is a foundation there. Of course if we had made our field goals we would have won more than three games and we didn't so......
  4. I don't have a drop box at the bottom. Is there anything else I can do?
  5. You would expect your tackles to give up the most qb pressures and sacks on your team. They face the other teams best pass rushers and most of the time one on one. I'm not saying they were good, they weren't, just not sure that those stats prove they were much worse than the rest of the line.
  6. I don’t have an option to change my theme.
  7. I have this issue on mobile, but not on desktop. On a side note, I used to be able to view the desktop version on my phone, but now I can't find a place to switch over. I dislike the mobile version very much.
  8. Bud is suing Top Rank. https://www.espn.com/boxing/story/_/id/33051680/terence-crawford-accuses-bob-arum-bias-favoring-white-latino-fighters-lawsuit-top-rank
  9. I dislike that red turf. Many a bad day has been spent in Cheney.
  10. 1. The divisions are fine, the west is balanced. The east is top heavy and bad at the bottom. You could try to even them out but good teams are cyclical and who knows maybe Nebraska will be good again someday and it will be more even. 2. I think 9 conference games is good. I wouldn’t mind doing an SEC type cream puff weekend later in the year so teams can heal up. 3. I am a fan of bigger playoffs. I’m an alum of an FCS team so I like the 24 team format. 4. It sucks when we lose, but I wouldn’t want to avoid OSU just for an inflated win total.
  11. What a curious decision. I understand that Utah State won the conference this season, but it's not like they're head and shoulders better than Wyoming. I wonder if there was something else involved here. Did he just want out of Laramie or away from Bohl? Does he have a girlfriend who plays soccer at Utah State? Is he LDS? Maybe it's not any of these things and he feels that this is a step up for him and his future, but with the teams that Wyoming has had recently and the Josh Allen effect, this one is a surprise.
  12. Saw this yesterday. I enjoyed it and thought it was a good fan service movie (not a criticism, I think they should do fan service). But definitely not my favorite MCU film.
  13. You’re a better sport than I would be. But I’ve learned a lot about what seems most fair in fantasy hockey scoring for the future. I’m really enjoying this league so far.
  14. The SWAC champion is contractually obligated to play in the Celebration bowl, so Jackson State and Prairie View were ineligible for the playoffs this year because they played the SWAC title game during the playoffs. But Florida A&M we’re able to go to the playoffs as an at large. As far as playing for a national championship, The SWAC stopped sending its champion to the playoffs because they hadn’t won a single playoff game in the past twenty years. And the team that went this year as an at large got blown out by a team that was pretty average and Jackson State barely squeaked by them in the regular season. So it’s unlikely that Jackson State would have won a playoff game had they participated this year. This signing though makes it look as though the winds may be changing for HBCUs going forward.
  15. Interesting, is it like chili flavored sloppy Joe consistency? Broader question, what makes a chili, a chili?
  16. Are the beans a different flavor than the chili? Are there beans in the chili and then more on the side? Why distinguish between the beans and chili?
  17. Grew up in central Nebraska and have never tried nor had ever heard about it until recently. This thread is maybe one of the more informative on the board, now I know that you don’t smother the cinnamon roll in the chili which is what my brain assumed you must do. Will I try it at some point? I don’t know, I already like chili, but you all seem to really enjoy it that way. It is interesting to me that people that grew up with it think of it as quintessential Nebraska fare when I lived there 18 years without encountering it, must be one of those if you know, you know sort of things.
  18. Cameron Ward is on this list. I’m not sure what I’m missing.
  19. Montana really wants this guy. I’m sure he has lots of FCS offers, but the Griz are hoping he wants free school over potential P5 play after a couple of walk-on years.
  20. I think I drafted poorly. I should have looked closer at what actually gives you points. When Radko Gudas was drafted early I was very confused. Now I see that offensive d men will get you few points but guys that rack up hits will score a lot. May have to tinker with my defense some.
  21. If you move to week 4 you can adjust your roster
  22. This is cool. so glad that hockey is back.
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