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  1. I wasn’t trying to imply that Sam is right or that Oregon and Washington aren’t getting an invite. Just that people did see this chess move coming. Just no major source could confirm it.
  2. There has been rumblings of USC joining the B1G since early April. While today was surprising it was hardly out of left field.
  3. @Mavric Your Mets are looking pretty good it seems. I haven’t been following the season but I see them come up on my social media sometimes. Congrats and I hope they keep it up.
  4. I enjoyed the first two episodes, but I’m not a big star wars fan so I’m easier to please than some of the more diehard fans. More engaging than some of the other recent Star Wars shows imo.
  5. A McDavid vs MacKinnon series should be pretty fun to watch. Colorado has such an advantage in the goalie category that I wouldn't expect it to be an overly long series, but should have some electricity while it's happening.
  6. You’re right that I overstated it and Kadri probably shouldn’t be in the same category as Kane and Deangelo. But to me he’s easily one of the least likeable players in the NHL. No this doesn’t mean he should get death threats or have to deal with racist garbage, that’s completely uncalled for in any situation. I just wouldn’t ever express that I’m glad a guy that’s been suspended 6+ times for dirty play is doing well. Sorry if I was taking a shot at a guy that avs fans like. But if a guy on my team was continually showing himself to be dirty I’d have a hard time rooting for him.
  7. If it's a good French onion dip, I'm happy with just about any chip to dip in it. The dip is usually the star, but French onion is one of my favorites
  8. I'm no Blues fan, but it's strange to see people openly rooting for Nazim Kadri. Are we rooting for Evander Kane too?
  9. I wonder if there will be a time in the future when the NFL plays a bunch of games in the same weekend in London? Have a game at Wembley, Spurs, Stamford Bridge, Emerates, West Ham's Olympic Stadium, and send a third of the league over there for the week.
  10. Nice story recounting Lavonte’s draft. It’s awesome the career he’s had. Couldn’t be happier for him. https://theathletic.com/3272517/2022/04/27/bucs-2012-draft-lavonte-david-oral-history/?source=user_shared_article
  11. Thank you for your research. This is more important than you know.
  12. A very unreliable source is saying that USC has reached out to the B1G about possible membership. Completely unsubstantiated, but something to discuss and watch. You’d assume that there would be a response to the SEC adding OUT, adding USC and possibly Stanford could be a long play to get Notre Dame to join. Here is the tweet.
  13. Can’t be too unhappy with that draw. Iran is winnable. The Playoff winner is winnable. England wets the bed once every four years so we could get out of that group.
  14. We have more talent than we’ve ever had. Guys like Pulisic, McKinnie, Reyna and Dest that play for some of the biggest clubs in the world. Ten years ago we only had goalies playing meaningful minutes in Europe, now we have guys in England, Germany and Spain and young guys coming up in Portugal and Holland. That said, we don’t have elite CBs or Striker yet, so it’s hard to say how far this team can go. But the World Cup is still eight months away or whatever so a lot can change. But definitely getting better.
  15. It sucks when you root for a team who has what is almost unanimously seen as the worst ownership in the league. But then that owner unexpectedly dies, sad but also giving a glimmer of hope. Things just got a lot more interesting around here that’s for sure.
  16. Do you mean at the team level? Or the US Soccer Federation level? There will always be USMNT fans that are unhappy with the current coach and his style of play, but as long as we qualify I don't see Berhalter going anywhere. If it's the federation, then I would say that current president Cindy Parlow-Cone is viewed better than past presidents Carlos Cordeiro or Sunil Gulati. Cordeiro mishandled the women's team pay and other stuff. Gulati was chummy with former infamous FIFA president Sepp Blatter. None of this has much effect on the team, but as far as mismanagement goes, this is what comes to mind.
  17. We’ll be without McKinnie and Aaronson two of our best midfielders, so I’m not sure we can get a point at the Azteca. But hopefully we can and then the big matchup will be Sunday against Panama, where if we win we’re qualified.
  18. I'm not sure if I'm alone on this, but I think this makes Irsay look worse than Wentz. Or at least as bad. Why wouldn't you at least meet with your starting qb and see what he has to say about his behavior?
  19. That’s pretty elite. He cuts it off at 8. I’d probably go with ten or twelve.
  20. On another board that I frequent, the question was asked of which schools are college football blue-bloods. Some people included Nebraska, others said the recent drop off meant they weren’t at that level anymore. I’m not asking if we think that Nebraska should be on that list, but more which schools you include on the list. What are your criteria? How many years of success and how far back does it have to go? How many years of irrelevance before a school is not considered anymore (Minnesota, Army, Navy etc)?
  21. Informal poll. Respond with yes or no. Will any of the major sports leagues (NFL, nba, mlb, nhl, MLS) ever collapse and fold?
  22. I hope you're right. We're all tired of losing, and it doesn't make much sense to not have hope at this point in the season. But, I think saying we'll be in the conversation for winning the conference next season is a bit delusional. Saying that we'll be in the conversation to win the division is optimistic but not unreasonable. But I wouldn't consider this team, even if it was in the conference championship game, as really in the conversation to win the conference. Now, if this fall, the team plays much better than I've seen over the last five seasons then I'll change my stance on this, but we just seem to be so far behind OSU, Mich or even PSU to say we're a viable option to win the B1G.
  23. Well, that escalated quickly.
  24. So, I have this thing about eating under cooked meat. Yes I know that makes me weird and it’s an unpopular opinion I just can’t bring myself to eat steak if it’s not cooked to a crisp. But when you tell people you want your steak well done you get judged like a puppy killer. So, that’s why I wouldn’t mind if it disappeared. I’ll report to the old saw mill at 12:15. But not less effort than crab legs I would say.
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