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  1. Boom! Neville.

    1. krc1995


      I’m not going to get to attached to any recruit, but he seems pretty confident about us. Love his size. 

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I'll get attached to as many 6'-4" fast and physical 4* WR's as want to commit to us. :D

    3. krc1995


      And I will love him and squeeze him and I will name him George. 

  2. So, what's the tldr on this post? Wear a mask or don't wear a mask? I couldn't tell what your point was.
  3. Yeah, nobody in their right mind LIKES wearing a mask. They suck, they're hot, they fog up your glasses. But many of us do wear them when in public places because it helps control the spread. I guess some of us are just tougher and smarter than others. Who knew so many could be so wimpy over such a simple thing.
  4. This is flawed logic. Doing nothing and waiting until it’s over is not a plan.....well, it seems to be dear leaders plan but it’s not a plan that will help mitigate the damage. Just because there are some unknowns about the disease is no reason to ignore the best information we do have. Masks help limit the spread. That is known. That is a fact. There actually are some folks who know something about it. They are commonly referred to as experts, epidemiologists, doctors, etc. So yes, there are some folks who know some truths and know what they are talking about. And I don’t believe anyone here has guaranteed football will occur with mask wearing. You may be Misinterpreting what “wear a damn mask if you want football” actually is saying. That is intended, and rightfully so, to mean that we likely won’t have football if people continue to not wear masks. It’s no guarantee that football will happen with masks but rather well supported and intentioned reasoning that it won’t even be a possibility unless people start helping to limit the spread. Really, this shouldn’t need to be explained to anyone who is paying attention or who is remotely trying to acknowledge facts. Nobody here is making absolute claims but some seem to be willfully ignoring the experts and what is known about this deal. If you want a chance at a football season being played, do your part and wear a mask to limit the spread. Please don’t wait until it’s over months/years from now to determine what it is we should‘ve been doing right now. You know what, it’s too late then. That’s like refusing to save for retirement, ignoring your financial advisor’s recommendations, reaching retirement age and only then realizing you should’ve saved some money.
  5. Yeah, I think it's too late, at least to get in a full fall season. They may start and then have to abandon it or it may never start at all. And, if people keep ignoring the evidence and questioning the good of masks, basketball, hockey etc. will be in the cross hairs once again. Too many slow blinkers around.
  6. It is that clear, for anyone open to seeing and understanding it. And having it under reasonable control does not necessarily lead to full stadiums and life as normal. But it would allow for the chance at games being played. It's not just an issue of transmission between players/teams. If that were the only issue, I believe the powers that be would figure out ways to isolate the infected and still continue to let the games be played. It's not that extremely dangerous for young healthy people so they would figure out a way around it. BUT if the numbers are out of control all over the place, then the prevailing sentiment will be to keep things locked down further and longer. So, like I said, the pandemic does not have to be over or of absolutely no threat for football to be played. Unfortunately our response as a country to this ordeal has not been such as to make that likely. It is pretty much out of control due to widespread lack of mask wearing. And yes, it may be too late now to do anything about it. We wasted the opportunities of March, April, May and June. And, even with all the evidence and data, it appears still too many are willing to squander July, August...... Wear a damn mask and quit spouting nonsense about the lack of good it does. If people had been doing that the last 4 months, football would've been assured.
  7. Of course mask wearing would help the chances of playing football, just as it helps the chances of doing anything. If the spread is out of control, we won't have football, concerts, open restaurants, large gatherings, etc. The pandemic does not have to be completely over or of absolutely no threat, it just has to be under reasonable control and then we'll be able to do these things. Really, it's not that hard to figure out.
  8. To be clear, those "reasons" are that way too many people in this country are selfish and/or stupid. It's that simple. Every person that doesn't wear a mask or that pitches some argument against wearing them, it can be boiled down to one or both of those things. I don't care how nice or reasonable those people otherwise appear to be. They are selfish and/or stupid.
  9. Thanks @GSG. I went down the YouTube hole for a couple hours tonight watching episodes of Hot Ones after seeing this post. I liked Gordon Ramsey and Will Ferrell the best so far but I’ve only just begun.
  10. The worst advertisements on network TV. Go.


    And I'm talking about known, reputable brands. Not some low quality little known product nobody's even heard of.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. dubsker


      @JJ Husker That's insane and I'm sorry you had to deal with that.  I'm not saying there isn't a need for the drug, I just hate the commercials.  Most pharmaceutical commercials are horrifically tacky.  At least it isn't like the 90s where it was just some dude wind surfing through a wheat field and they didn't even say what the drug was for, haha.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Well the joke’s on my insurance company. Neither Humira nor Entyvio accomplished for me what was hoped. In the end I paid relatively little compared to the thousands my insurance company forked over.


      This is off topic but my doctors were not even aware of how much those drugs cost. They were shocked and surprised when I told them how much they billed out for. Gotta love our healthcare system.

    4. dubsker


      Nothing feels better than winning vs your health insurance, hahah.

  11. Yep, I’ve seen it thousands of times in all sports, at all levels. It’s the rule rather than the exception for players to perform to the level of competition, be that in actual games or in practice. I’ve seen it in football, basketball, softball, baseball, tennis, hockey, track, cross country.... Athletes and teams as a whole tend to underperform against lesser competition and over perform against better competition. It doesn’t happen always, every time, but the tendency and correlation is undeniable.
  12. Yeah, that’s a headline you never see in the off season “Player XYZ looking to regress and perform at all-time low”.
  13. So, what you're saying is, it might be premature to start bemoaning the loss of Vedral or chants of Luke Luke Luke....
  14. I agree that lack of motivation or preparation is concerning in any athlete but Nebraska fans should temper this feeling a bit. These players haven't had the same 20 years experience that we have as fans. They are relatively new to it whereas it's been grating on us for seemingly ever. Sure they need to prepare, be motivated and compete, any athlete does. But the bigger issue to assure it happens are recruiting players with that competitor built in and then being vigilant about growing the correct culture....and we all know what that culture was like only a couple years ago. I'm not worried at all about a player like 2AM not being motivated enough. I think this statement was more about Frost lighting a fire rather than it having much substance about 2AM coasting.
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