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  1. JJ Husker

    Pipeline Camp and Frosts Experience

    Those are the 5 that started the 95 Orange Bowl. Humphrey spelled Graham and Dishman spelled Zatechka. The other 3 played the whole game. But to be honest, none of them other than Stai look familiar to me in this picture.....and I was about 32 at the time.
  2. JJ Husker

    Pipeline Camp and Frosts Experience

    Sorry, I should've put a question mark because I'm not sure that's him. I just know he was the other guard on that line.
  3. JJ Husker

    Friday Night Lights 2019

    Ha, the guy in this freeze frame (bottom left, white T-shirt) looks just like Rudy/Sean Astin. How'd he sneak into FNL?
  4. JJ Husker

    Intro song suggestion

    Actually I've read most all of those threads and I don't recall the Immigrant Song being proposed. It may be because I'm about half drunk but I kinda dig it. Of course my first choice will always and forever be Enter Sandman. And no I do not care that Va Tech used it first, just like I don't care that the Bulls were using Sirius before the Huskers.
  5. JJ Husker

    Airbnb Experience - Your thoughts?

    This^ This host created a mess for you to deal with. I would pay myself for all the time and frustration spent getting it squared away and for any additional expenses incurred due to having to replace that reservation. IF there’s any money left after that then you could send it directly to the host. If not, then it’s a good lesson for the host to not screw people.
  6. JJ Husker

    How many Huskers will transfer?

    I think I missed CJ Smith......
  7. JJ Husker

    How many Huskers will transfer?

    As if? I thought the road to Corvallis goes through Lincoln.
  8. JJ Husker

    Baseball Coach Search

    You’re correct, you don’t have to have family connections etc. as a reason for a coach taking a certain job. But it is about more than money for many of these guys and trotting Hoiberg out as your example is pretty ill advised. If you hadn’t heard, Hoiberg’s grandfather was the Nebraska basketball coach before Cipriano and Fred grew up in Lincoln and has many family ties here. For Hoiberg it sure seemed to have a lot to do with his decision to come here. Hell almost every interview centered on his grandfather and family ties to the Huskers and he seemed more than happy to discuss those things while never mentioning the pay once. I’d feel pretty safe saying he would not have landed in Lincoln if it were not for those family ties.
  9. JJ Husker

    USWNT Sportsmanship vs Thailand

    Truth. I did not even know the World Cup was going on until the news reports afterwards. If it wouldn’t have been such a lopsided game resulting in all the pearl clutching I still wouldn’t know a thing about it.
  10. JJ Husker

    USWNT Sportsmanship vs Thailand

    I’ll start by saying I don’t like soccer and don’t pay attention to it. But I have no problem with scoring all the goals you can in World Cup play. There are a bunch of good reasons to; 1- Goal differential matters 2- It is the pinnacle of these player’s careers. They shouldn’t have to throttle their play. 3- There is no mercy rule and apparently substitutions are limited. That is the governing associations problem to address. 4- If you wanna run with the big dogs you’ve gotta get off the porch. I mean I feel some sympathy for Thailand because they are clearly outclassed on the WC stage but that is how sports work. It’s their job to get better, not our job to play down to the competition. 5- You can’t dial down at this level without consequences. They will be facing much tougher competition and you want your players at peak performance for later rounds. It’s not an easy task to get that edge back if you dial it down for an inferior opponent. As far as the much talked about “celebrations”, imo soccer celebrations are generally all excessive and frankly, ridiculous. I probably feel this way partly because I don’t particularly care for the sport but the celebrations and crowds are over the top. It could be a nondescript game of little importance and they go absolutely bonkers over a goal. NHL hockey teams that have just won the Stanley Cup are at about 10-20% of a typical run of the mill soccer game goal. So, accepting that it is just that way in the soccer world, what the US women did was nothing. There is no reason a player should not be able to celebrate any goal or 5 goals in World Cup play. And it was obvious their celebrations were not in any way intended to taunt or make fun of the other team. It just is what is, a much better team delivered an asskicking to an inferior opponent. Time for some people to grow up and realize there are winners and losers, especially in sports.
  11. JJ Husker

    The era of "All Gas, No Brakes"

    I remember my dad saying this more than once, at least as far back as the early 80’s. I have no idea when or where it began but I imagine it coming out of the 50’s/60’s related to drag racing. Nothing to base that on other than my gut.
  12. That might work until you run into a Randy Gregory. Then you’d just have the whole team pissed at the coach
  13. Jordan James be smokin’ something a lot stronger than weed. 11-1, that should be reserved for Kool-Aid drunk fans like me. I would all but guarantee we don’t lose to NW so maybe we’ll go 12-0. Whatever happens I just hope he’s right about Wisconsin.