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  1. Steve Addazio named new HC at CSU. 

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    2. GSG


      Their schedule was weaker than ours and they got blown out by Kansas at home! I just don't think it's going to work out but we'll see. The locals are not very excited though

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      The ceiling for CSU is pretty much the Sonny Lubick years. I think Addazio is a good hire for them but the Rams are pretty much gonna be what they've been. If, like @GSG said, they can win some against Wyoming, CU, Air Force and Boise he could be there awhile. If not CSU will rinse and repeat.

    4. NUance


      @GSG:  You can't really compare Boston College to Nebraska.  They're a small private college, more like Northwestern.  BC played Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida State, Pitt and Va Tech.  That's a healthy schedule for them.  

  2. I was not attacking you, I was trying to help you see that every post you make is just complaining about some aspect of the team or coaches. If that's what you want to do, fine, there is a solution that will keep me from seeing it. Bye.
  3. And how many times and in how many ways do you feel compelled to lament this fact? We get it, you’re not happy with the performance of some college age kids who play football for the University of Nebraska and are even less happy with some or all of their coaches. So whatcha ya gonna do about it, piss and moan until....when? Or do you have something constructive to offer that will make things better?
  4. IDK what all he's been up to but thought I saw Walters was doing an in home with Omar this week (or maybe already did?). Considering our WR situation I can't imagine he's not extremely busy recruiting.
  5. I won't even ask how you stumbled across this
  6. This ^^^ LSU and Burrow this year is quite the story. I'll be pulling for them. OU takes the position of outgunned underdog so I would like to see them do well but I don't see it happening for them. OSU, as much as I dislike them, is still the rep from our conference and I'd like to see them knock out Clemson. Clemson is the only team of the 4 I would like to see sent home sooner rather than later. Kind of the Alabama effect I guess.
  7. I always told my daughter it was a steak dinner if she did that. I had to deliver a couple times. And she took one off the face/forehead as well one time but it returned over the net. It was in the middle of a long rally but her team ended up losing the point. We had to watch her for concussion symptoms but she was okay.
  8. Did they have a top 10 team in that 87 to 92 span? That's an entire recruiting cycle I believe.
  9. I was commenting on the 50 year elite claim and you changed it to losing seasons. Tell me if these look like elite teams to you. 71 6-4 78 7-4-1 87 6-4-1 88 4-6-1 89 8-4 90 7-4-1 91 8-4 92 8-3-1 94 9-4 99 6-6 00 8-4 01 7-5 04 8-4 11 6-7 Maybe we have different criteria for what elite is.
  10. You did say pretty much but if you look back you’ll find those 3 also had some pretty lean periods. They may not have gone through the 20 year skid we’re currently on but they sure weren’t on top for the last 50 years either.
  11. I know exactly what you mean, they just don't feel like Bond movies. But I really like them for what they are which is just an updated version with more modern action instead of the more cheesy campy Bond we grew up with.
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