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  1. ehhh, I don’t think that is the biggest tragedy. That is a pretty innocuous example. I agree that the primary focus and use of those funds needs to be to help the community but if nobody comes to your church, that also means less donations. Certainly there needs to be a balance between entertainment and the comfort of the parish but you have to spend money to make money also. But yeah I realize many churches and organized religions fail to meet a good standard and shouldn’t be tax exempt to the extent they are. Maybe the solution is testing their expenditures and only exempting the truly char
  2. I can’t disagree. I struggle with many of these same issues. The difference may be that I don’t get quite as hung up on the Old Testament things like slaves and a vengeful God. Whenever mere human beings are in control of the message, as they really are with everything from the writing of the Bible to being in charge of organized religion, I have an easier rime explaining away things that don’t seem to add up. But that also flies in the face of the Bible being the unerring word of God. I may be a bad Christian because I do pick and choose what sounds right and what doesn’t seem right but it’s
  3. I’ll share a little story here for what it’s worth. It doesn’t directly pertain to this issue but….. Back, way back, when I was going through confirmation in the Lutheran church I was questioning our class teacher (the Pastor of our church) about the Lutheran position being that unbaptized babies who die will go to hell. He stopped and looked at me and asked me “JJ, don’t you think that God in his infinite wisdom will do the right thing?” That one question has pretty much been my one guiding principle ever since. I’ve seen way too much horrid sh#t in this world to beli
  4. C’mon, are you forgetting about Kevin Warren? You don’t just stumble into leadership like that everyday.
  5. You seem to be oddly defensive about the possibility of higher than usual inflation. To be clear I’m not claiming proposed government spending will be the cause. I’ve simply stated what Ive seen in my line of business and that it does not seem to be solely the result of pandemic recovery and also seems like its going to get worse and last longer than the short term. But whatever, I guess I don’t need to convince you. We’ll both see what actually happens soon enough.
  6. Thats fine. I’m not usually concerned much about inflation. And I haven’t seen it trotted out as any kind of boogeyman. But I have been in my line of work for about 35 years and I’ve never seen such rapid and extreme increases in so many things. Maybe its just anecdotal but it sure seems like something economically unpleasant is afoot. BTW how old are you? I’m 58 and I haven’t heard jack squat about any coming inflation. Although I do remember some s#!t that happened in the 70s and 80s. I remember 18%+ mortgages...
  7. Like you say, reasonable people can disagree but usually one of them is more close to right than the other. I think you're being shortsighted if you can't see how steel and aluminum spreads into and contributes to costs in most every facet of the economy. A more obvious similar example might be when gas significantly increases (as is also occuring now). What we're seeing happening right now is not solely due to the economy picking back up from the pandemic. Just a couple examples from my small business. We primarily sell steel based products to the food processing industry. The
  8. There are issues making inflation worse than it has to be. It is false to say it is all completely natural due to pandemic recovery. Much of it is being caused by the Trump steel tariffs. Below is a letter sent to President Biden by 33 trade associations which mimics previous requests made by 300+ US manufacturers. This may be a problem Trump caused but it is Biden's job to get this corrected. This letter doesn't delve into the inflationary pressures the tariffs are causing but it is well documented that the tariffs are causing US manufacturers to pay at least 30% higher prices than our globa
  9. Avs choke in the playoffs again. I mean Vegas is very good so I shouldn’t take anything away from them but I hate Vegas so.... Avs have to get a little tougher and more physical if they want to compete with teams like that. Vegas has the key for negating their speed and a pure finesse game isn’t worth much when you’re getting out muscled and are sloppy with the puck. Oh well, I bet on 4 teams to win the cup at the beginning of the season; Maple Leafs and Avs are done but still looking very good with Knights +800 and Bolts +900. At least I can pull for Tampa now.
  10. Yeah, I’m a big fan of the first half of that decade. Thats when I was a student there. Shouldve had a natty or two. But for some reason when I hear 80’s and Oklahoma I think of the last half that wasn’t quite as good.
  11. That is your opinion and you’re welcome to it but I feel pretty much the opposite. I am sure Frost had this discussion with him, probably more than once. He decided to bail on his team mates and made the same decision again after just a few days in Louisville. He has done nothing to make me think he is listening to anyone or anything other than his ill conceived notion that he deserves to be a quarterback. Not worth another look for Nebraska and probably also not for most any D1 team. If he wants to play QB he better set his sights much lower. Too bad because the kid was an athlete but I’m no
  12. They aint come here to play school. But it would be nice if they stuck around and played the foosball. I would guess that Lincoln is not nearly as bad as your typical SEC school when it comes to not winning.
  13. 80’s....Oklahoma......with Keith Jackson (who seemingly played for them for all ten years of the 80’s)? No thanks. More games against them might actually have succeeded in running off TO.
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