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  1. Pretty much what knapp said. I still get hungry. Certain things still sound like what I want to eat but, once I actually start eating, it just doesn't matter. If it weren't for sight and texture I wouldn't really have any clue. I know it can be kind of hard to imagine. My wife has not lost taste and smell (yet) and it's sort of like she can't believe that I can't taste things. We were just discussing what we were having for supper. I told her spaghetti or pizza is what sounds good but not to worry about what I want because it just doesn't matter.
  2. I had been dreading the brain swab for the last year but had my first PCR test a couple days ago and it was extremely easy. The nurse said they don’t do the brain bore anymore. She swabbed around inside each nostril for 5-10 seconds. Actually felt good since my nose was dry. Unfortunately I, and now my wife, tested positive. Hasn’t been terrible but I sure would like to get rid of this headache and quit having bouts of fever. The loss of taste and smell will definitely get annoying but comparatively those are minor inconveniences.
  3. When I saw the thread title all I could think was, WTH does Jimmy Carter have to do with football or stadiums or game attendance.
  4. Hey buddy!!!! JJ wants his JJ shot. You get your own CD shot.
  5. Figures.  2 to 3 weeks from being able to get the vaccine and catch the 'rona. Luckily I don't think it's going to be very bad at all.....unless it gets worse than the last couple days.

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    2. admo


      How are you feeling?

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      First couple days was like a mild chest cold, thought I was getting better. Then day 3 or 4 headache got worse, started a fever and lost sense of taste and smell and pretty fatigued. I've felt better for sure but it won't be terrible if it doesn't get worse. Got the PCR test today so should know for sure in a day or two.

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Test was positive. Worst part is this frikken headache. I'll be glad when that subsides. And I have the feeling not being able to taste is going to get real annoying quickly.

  6. Im not sure what hair we’re splitting here but this offense, the way it has performed, the way it has been coached, the way the players have played, the lack of points and quick scoring.....I’m sorry but it is not what transpired at UCF and there has been nothing in Frost’s 3 years here to suggest it is working. Of course we can say if this or if that but until those ifs actually happen and it translates into results on game days then I think it’s fair to say there has been zero evidence so far. I do agree with you that there are all sorts of reasons why it hasn’t worke
  7. C'mon people, this is funny.
  8. .....multiple horrible losses per year.
  9. ^^^ This. Sure we may have gotten curb stomped many times by the likes of tOSU and Wisconsin, but at least we saw those a$$ whoopings coming. In the Colorado games we went above and beyond to secure defeat at the hands of a team we should've beat. There's plenty more like these but being CU makes it that much worse.
  10. This may be even tougher. So many to choose from.
  11. 3 impressive wins since 2015? And 3 of ‘em, not even just 1.....What is this, impossible task day? Pretty sure I haven’t said “hey, that’s a good win” in reference to Nebraska football in a very long time.
  12. Remind me again why we would WANT a billionaire to run for President....ever? Maybe we should mandate a net worth of less than a few million dollars for President and Congress. Make some kind of attempt at limiting it to people who have a chance of relating to the vast majority of the people in this country.
  13. The Sinner on Netflix is a really good thriller/murder mystery. I'm up to s1 ep5 and can't quit watching. Solid cast, Bill Pullman and Jessica Biel. I guess it's been out for a few years since there are 3 seasons up on Netflix. It reminds me a lot of the first season of True Detective. So far fairly masterful in that it is not predictable at all. Highly recommend and I'll suggest you start it on a weekend rather than a Tuesday night as I'm going to be for sh#t at work tomorrow because I'll likely finish s1 yet tonight.
  14. Let's face it, if Luke's last name wasn't McCaffrey, nobody around here would even care. He wants to play QB and we've all seen enough to know we're glad it won't be here. As for Wan'dale, yes he was a talented receiver that Frost & Co misused out of necessity. It is what it is and he gone. I'm just excited at the prospects of maybe now having a running back that weighs more than 175 run between the tackles. But if some guys in the WR room (and the QB) don't step up to keep teams from stacking the box, not even Jerome Bettis would help us against B1G defenses. 2021 is the year we find out
  15. Sounds okay but I would recommend removing them from the grill at 145 degrees. That is the safe cooking temp for pork and they might start to get a little dry/overcooked at 160. Also, if you want really good pork chops or loin chops, brine them for a few hours before marinating or flavoring them. That way, if you do accidentally cook them a bit too long, they will still be juicy and not dry.
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