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  1. This thread is the greatest thing since canned beer. Fanboy Central.
  2. I’d like to think that we can win a few more games, get bowl eligible AND get a start on rebuilding for more future success. I would agree that the best solution is not selling your soul in the transfer portal for short term success. But we should be able to flip some of those one score losses into the W column without getting too radical. Maybe I’m dreaming?
  3. I’m not bitter. At. All. But I have had my fill of Husker fans fellating Sanders. IDGAF if he pulls in every 5* in the country forevermore. And f#&% CU too. Maybe Prime will be the guy to finally make the Buffs relevant since the McCartney days? I’m more than happy we landed Rhule and not Sanders.
  4. What we need is a “Let’s all blow Prime” thread. We needed it during the coaching search and apparently we need it now that he’s going to CU.
  5. Meh. CU doesn’t get more schollys than anybody else. If he’s going to be pulling in all these 4* and 5* players, I’m thinking that is going to impact the Bamas, Clemsons, tOSUs much more than it is Nebraska. Everybody is probably right, he’ll get his but I don’t see it greatly impacting Nebraska.
  6. It’s all good. I’ve lived within an hour of Folsom field since the mid 80s. Think I’ve been to every Husker game there except for the last game. We’ve always had that place at least 30% full of Red. It’s just what happens.
  7. You kind of missed my point. 1- I’m maybe weird but I don’t particularly like the NFL. I’ll watch a game from time to time but I don’t have a team that breaks my heart when they lose or that makes me happy when they win. Only time I’m invested at all is when I have wagered on a game. 2- It doesn’t matter who is on the Huskers and I still support them but it is different now. Used to be you’d enjoy seeing players progress in their career. Now it’s more of a new mercenary squad every year. I still want Nebraska to win but it feels way different. The players are a commodity and their only purpose is to do their job or gtfo. It’s NFL light. Did I mention I don’t really care for the NFL?
  8. You are absolutely correct. And this is why NIL and the portal ruined CFB. No loyalty or commitment except to the almighty dollar. How are fans supposed to support players or programs in this environment?
  9. The scorned boyfriend wants to remain friends. Prob for the best since he apparently doesn’t have any greater desires.
  10. I’ve thought about it. Neither Burrow nor Duggan sniff the Heisman at Nebraska. If they played here, likely the only people who know who they are is Nebraska fans.
  11. Yep. Can’t put the cart in front of the horse.
  12. Getting the OL right is vastly more important than any one recruit. I saw nothing this year to make me think Raiola is capable of what’s needed.
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