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  1. JJ Husker

    2019 AP Preseason Top 25

    That stuck out to me as well. No other team in this top 25 had fewer than 8 wins last season. I'll take it though. Starting higher than maybe we should've could fall in our favor somewhere down the road. Plus I think we'll end up proving this was deserved.
  2. If you haven’t watched Frost speaking to US Strategic Command on leadership, do yourself a favor and get in here.



    1. Decoy73


      I agree.  Definitely worth it.

    2. TonyStalloni


      An incredible speech!

  3. Heck, I didn't even know who my source was until my brother in law told me who it was.
  4. I agree. I’ve heard from a reliable source that these players/issues have already been dealt with internally by Frost. The way it was relayed to me, I imagined a whole bunch stadium steps....something like that. No matter the method, it’s clear the message has been relayed to the players and team and they know it’s not acceptable behavior. And imo, that is how issues like this should be handled.
  5. JJ Husker

    Huskers in 2019....

    If it helps, I’m pulling for a later start as well. We’re making the trip from Colorado for this one and I’d hate to miss out on the full pregame experience. I’m thinking the football gods look out for us on this one and we get Gameday and the 7:00 PM slot.
  6. JJ Husker

    Who's too good to not play this year?

    Wan'dale, Green, Luke Reimer, Bryce Benhart. Have heard Benhart is terribly impressive. One of the strongest, most powerful guys on the team.
  7. JJ Husker

    Frost Appearances & Interviews

    And I would also add, if he can’t do the job, nobody can. I agree, he will hold himself accountable to the highest level of performance and if he ever feels he isn’t the guy for the job he will step down. This is not simply a paycheck or step up the ladder for him, imo. He has learned the best lessons from quite a few very good teachers and I see no possible scenario where firing him would ever put Nebraska Football in a better position. As long as he is the HC I will readily accept that any outcome, any result, any W-L record is the absolute best we could ever possibly hope for.
  8. JJ Husker

    Fall Camp Notes

    The story I’m hearing is that Jurgens actually injured his foot playing sand volleyball. Also sounds like maybe the coaches have had a little trouble getting Cam to realize some of the things he needs to do and not do to see the field. In that context, it would seem all these things we’re hearing the coaches say about him are probably meant more for his sake and trying to motivate him to make some better choices.
  9. JJ Husker

    Husker player safety and targeting

    Exactly when did they legalize marijuana in your state of residence? This would be a "fun" rule. Player avoids targeting by repositioning himself, doesn't strike the other players head, but then is penalized for attempted targeting
  10. JJ Husker

    The wait is almost over

  11. JJ Husker

    Which type I-back do you prefer?

    And anyone making that argument would be wrong. Did he run/play in a violent manner, sometimes-sure, but if you’ve read much about him from his coaches and teammates you’d know his success on the field really had nothing to do with his temper and demons off of it. Every account I’ve ever seen (and they’re many) claims he was a great teammate and actually a stable, calming force in practice, on the sidelines and in games. You don’t receive those glowing reviews based on being controlled by a temper.
  12. JJ Husker

    Which type I-back do you prefer?

    I would say the only reason Craig (arguably the best pro career of any Husker RB) doesn’t make the top 4 or 5 on this list is because he had the disadvantage of most of his career coinciding with that of Rozier. If Roger would’ve been the feature back for 3 or 4 years he’d likely be widely considered just as high as Rozier. And of course I prefer a combination of speed and toughness at the RB position. But I chose toughness/physicality over speed on the assumption that it had to be one or the other. Also it’s really dependent on the quality of the O line. With our better O lines, I would lean towards speed/quick backs. But with average to poor O lines, definitely the physical type back.
  13. JJ Husker

    Which type I-back do you prefer?

    I’ll always prefer the physical type back that can get you 3-4 yards regardless. There are always situations where that is needed. This offense can utilize so many different types of weapons in so many ways it’s crazy. Of course it requires numerous speed/finesse type players but those guys can’t always get you the first down or touchdown on 3rd and short and that’s important if you wanna keep your offense on the field. It’s good to see that we have both types available for differing situations.
  14. JJ Husker

    Colorado Tickets

    Guaranteed you can see some sh#t on the Pearl Street mall that isn’t in your hometown