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  1. JJ Husker

    ObamaCare (Ambetter) Insurance

    I’m on an exchange (Obamacare) plan in Colorado. IMO it’s ridiculously expensive for bare minimum coverage. I haven’t had any issues with them covering what they said they would cover. I also own a business but had to quit offering a group plan to my employees quite a few years ago. It was just getting too costly considering to qualify for the group plan I had to pay at least 50% of the employees coverage. It made my personal health insurance expense go up but overall it’s not costing me what it would be with 50% of the premium for even a few of my employees. I would agree that the only people making out on Obamacare plans are those who qualify for subsidies which I do not. The coverage is fair and it’s guaranteed issue but as I’ve always lamented, they didn’t fix the biggest problem...runaway premium costs. Healthcare in this country still needs to be fixed. And Trumpcare, buying across state lines etc. is not the answer. Single payer universal coverage is the only way forward I see. My understanding is that Obamacare plans vary greatly by carrier and state. I doubt anyone’s experiences in other states would be any kind of indicator for what you’ll get in Missouri.
  2. JJ Husker

    Worst Call Ever In A Husker Game

    No doubt there have been a handful of overly obvious bad calls but the one that cost us the most has to be the 82 Penn St out of bounds catch that led directly to them winning. That was our only loss and PSU ended up #1.
  3. I turned on the game, saw how terrible Rutgers was and then realized it was a tie game that by all accounts we we're trying to lose. Turned it back off.
  4. Likely the worst missed PI call in the history of the NFL, for sure in a conference championship game.

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Probably cost them a trip to the SB. Hate to see the Refs have an impact like that on such an important game.

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Yeah, I actually wanted the Rams to win but not like that. That for sure kept the Saints from locking up the W in regulation. No way that shouldn’t have been called and it ended up changing the outcome. Terrible.

  5. JJ Husker

    M. McConaughey appears to now run the Texas Bball program.

    I'm just extremely glad I never got so rich and famous that people were afraid to tell me when I looked and acted like a douchebag. What's up with that suit? Is he secretly filming a prequel for Dallas Buyers Club?
  6. JJ Husker

    Ozigbo to Play in East-West Shrine Game

    Ha. He was probably surprised to have such a big hole.
  7. I'm sure that is the difference. My Score app only lists player stats and I had to add them up, so the "team" rebounds would not be accounted for. MSU apparently had 42 real rebounds and 0 team while we were gifted 8. Helps explain why it looked like we weren't doing such a great job but the stats indicated differently.
  8. My "Score" app shows 42-30 The 38 may be right. It did seem like we rebounded somewhat better than usual. It's just a pet peeve of mine to watch guys throw up a bunch of 3's and nobody seems to be in position to rebound, don't box out and everyone is headed back down court before the other team grabs the board. We just don't seem to stress it and are usually on the losing end of rebounds, especially offensive boards.
  9. This is a pretty good take. We played pretty darned well against the best team on our schedule ....except we couldn't buy a basket. Some of that was due to the MSU defense and some of it was due to not having any offensive game plan. The lack of having a coherent plan really hurts when the shots aren't falling and it gets exacerbated when you're a poor rebounding team. We seemed to have pretty good luck driving to the basket, the few times we actually did that. I've got to wonder what the hell it is that Miles actually does. He should be the one noticing what is working and what isn't and making adjustments. But this team seems to solely rely on the skill level of the 5 starters and when 1 or 2 of them are off, we're screwed with no bench and no leadership. You stated we only got 4 less boards than them but my stat line shows the deficit at 12. It's just frustrating to watch the complete lack of rebounding effort (and this game wasn't as bad as usual) especially when the shot selection is questionable and nothing is falling. But all in all they played about as well as can be expected. MSU is very good and that Winston is something else.
  10. Out rebounded by 15, zero bench points and terrible from 3 point land. Other than that, not as bad as it could've been.
  11. Jack up a few more heavily contested 3’s and we’ll be right back in it
  12. If we would just rebound once in awhile it would help.
  13. That's effed up @krc1995. Now I feel bad sharing how, on a flight from Denver to Vegas we had to deice 3 times before taking off. It was a friggin blizzard, we deice once, are held on the taxiway too long so have to go back and deice again, then we sit forever and they take us back to the gate to switch crews because they're past their time limit or something. Then we have to refuel, go deice again and finally take off about 5 hours late. It worked out well in Vegas though. We were so late they had filled all the types of rooms we were supposed to be in and all they could give us was the penthouse suite. So we got a huge nice room out of the deal.
  14. Let the 3 day bender begin. Wife went to Lincoln/Omaha for the weekend and I'm bachin' it. Nothing better than ice cold Fat Tire.