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  1. I think you completely missed the point and purpose of my post.
  2. Mods @Mavric @Enhance We’ve got a live one here...
  3. The travesty is not that Trump touted HCQ or any specific treatments but rather that he ignored the experts and science and so many chose/choose to listen to him, a virtual moron, instead of people who know what the hell they’re doing. I mean half the country didn’t have their head up their a$$. Some of us are very capable of knowing who to believe and listen to in these situations, and who not to. But it still boggles my mind that people choose to listen to such a simpleton with absolutely no medical/scientific background and obviously conflicting motives. If you want to know how to swindle
  4. The only thing that would make this better is if they had won against Northwestern and this cancellation was the only thing keeping them out of the CCG. Karma’s a b!^@h.
  5. I really shouldn't be this way but yes, this provides some consolation to our crappy season.
  6. Might get by with it 2 or even 3 times. So 1 or 2 more scoring drives than normal
  7. I think that's called a playbook But yeah, script (schedule) them ahead of time so there is some sort of plan because what they're calling on the fly obviously hasn't been working out great. It's not gonna look worse, so yeah, sort of serious.
  8. My vote is they develope about 20 scripted plays and when they get through those, throw em back in the tumbler and start over. Cuz whatever they’ve been doing ain’t getting it. Of course it would be preferable if they could adjust and exploit based on what they’re seeing and setting up but they’ve been horrendous at it so far.
  9. This is what confuses me the most. More often than not our very first series of a game seems to have flow and a purpose. I mean it looks like what I think it’s supposed to look like. First series of the Illini game being the exception due to Luke’s brain fart or an ill advised plan but, for the most part, we’ve been fairly successful on our initial offensive possessions. But after that sh#t goes off the rails, penalty or high snap or whatever and from there on out the offensive game plan seems to be throw a handful of sh#t at the fan and see what happens. And when that doesn’t work, which it r
  10. Big fat 0fer, 10-11 year Wk 8 Picks Nebraska +14 at Iowa CMU -6.5 at EMU Colorado +13 at USC
  11. I get what your saying and don’t totally disagree but I also think having an offense that prevents the other team from stacking the box against the run would let backs like Mills and Scott be way more than serviceable. It’s a testament to Wandale that he can find little creases in those circumstances but I don’t think it’s anything an offense should have to rely on as much as we do. Any trace of a viable passing game and Mills, Scott et al would be just fine. I love Wandale but GD, we keep running him between the tackles and we won’t have him to rely on for very long. He’s popped
  12. Yep. I would be concerned about HCSF if he showed signs of not being willing to make changes or adjust what he’s doing (like Pelini exhibited) but that simply has not been the case. He has changed some coaches, tried other players and quarterbacks and I expect we’ll continue to see that until he gets things fixed. I don’t doubt his resolve to see this thing turned around. At. All. So yeah, it just boggles my mind when we have so many fans go off the deep end clamoring to replace Frost after games like NW and Illinois. It’s like they have not learned a single thing in the last 20 years.
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