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  1. Agree. We don't owe UCF a gd thing. I was pulling for them last year but couldn't give two sh#ts what they do now.
  2. Both good points and I didn’t even consider he would have had to sit out. About the only thing he could have done better is to avoid a few of 2AM’s more confusing Freshman mistakes. I’m not complaining though, those are excellent learning moments for him going forward.
  3. I totally agree with the OP and most of the resulting comments. I was one that said I’d be happy if we just played more sensibly with heart and a sense of desire. This team has done that and more. Considering they started 0-6 it still felt way different and much better than anything during the Riley era and Pelini’s last couple of years. Hope and culture are wonderful things. There were many things much more important to improve this year than the W-L record and the groundwork has been laid.
  4. And Milton apparently has a much better attitude and higher level of team commitment and playing for his brothers than Gebbia did...obviously. But I’m glad he didn’t follow and we got Martinez. May have had more of an immediate impact but, before 2AM is done, I think he will eclipse Milton. Milton is great but Martinez is going to be super special.
  5. Holy Cow! Speeding ticket fines have really increased since I last got one.

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    2. RedDenver


      If you pay it early without contesting it, you can pay far less and not have it count on your record. At least I did when I got a ticket in Boulder a few years ago. (Should be instructions on the back of the ticket.)

    3. GSG




    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Yeah, it’s 4 points, reduced to 2 if paid within 20 days. No reduction on the fine though. It was a city of Evans cop, on Hwy 85 between Greeley and Evans. Most people are doing about 60 through that stretch....at least I usually am :lol: I cant complain too much, I was due considering how I drive but the speed limit there should be higher IMO. The amount of the fine surprised me a little for 11 over.

  6. JJ Husker

    The Better America of our Dreams

    GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush and Obama all seem to get along pretty well. But I get the feeling Trump won’t be willingly included in their club. One of my favorite video snippets is of GW sneaking a piece of candy to Michelle Obama at the McCain memorial service..
  7. JJ Husker

    Defensive Philosophy

    Maybe because they’ve been here the sum total of one year, don’t have the talent they need on that side of the ball yet and there only so many things they can magically transform in such a short period of time.
  8. Smallest town I’ve lived in is Columbus. Population IDK.....18,000 at the time, guessing. I’ve had extended stays in a few towns slightly smaller. Largest would be Lincoln. I wouldn’t like anything smaller than about 50K unless it was very near a larger city. I also don’t think I’d like anything larger than about 500K but I wouldn’t mind being a short distance away from a large city. I really like Greeley at about 100K and within an hour of Denver. I’d go nuts in a very small rural area but I can see why people who grew up that way would like it.
  9. The more fun (and tougher) question might be the last one that Leach wouldn’t answer...”which one would you fear least?”
  10. I guess I don’t know the “in their prime”. I answered Frost because he was plenty tough back in the day but Fitz or anybody who played linebacker at the collegiate level couldn’t have been slouches. But today, Frost is still pretty ripped. Not many challengers based on how they look on TV.
  11. JJ Husker

    Locks of the Weak; 2018 edition

    2-1, 15-16 Week 12 Illinois +16 (Iowa) Nebraska +2 (MSU) Neb-MSU Over 49.5
  12. JJ Husker

    *** Michigan State Prediction Contest ***

    Nebraska 40 Mich St 30 Air 268 Land 205
  13. JJ Husker

    Blind QB poll

    2700 yards and 7 TD’s will win a lot more games than 1800 yds and 1 TD or 1500 yds and 2 TD’s...... But like I said it depends if other things are equal, like the number of games. Besides that, I think 2AM is QB2 and I think those turnovers will improve over the sample period.
  14. JJ Husker

    Blind QB poll

    I don’t know how you don’t pick QB2. Maybe I’m thinking wrong but if games played are equal, he has way more production than the other two.
  15. JJ Husker

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    Great. Fox cfb broadcasts are the absolute worst. The tOSU game broadcast 2 weeks ago was simply horrible. Announcers, camera work and direction, pregame show, Dean f’n Blandino talking out his a$$ about reviews.......all of it. I’ll be so glad when we finally climb up the hierarchy a bit and aren’t subjected to so many 11AM starts with D team announcers.