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  1. I’ll do a little more listening and reading before I completely dismiss it. But I will be very skeptical, if for no other reason, the timing of it coming out is extremely curious. And as much as I am not impressed by Biden, he just doesn’t strike me as the type to engage in that behavior. But virtually all politicians have major character flaws, so maybe there is something to it.
  2. I am far from any type of Biden supporter but the timing of this allegation is so suspect that I just can’t believe her at all. He is a very high profile person, she could’ve made these allegations at any prior time....unless this is purely politically motivated, which it is. It stinks of Trump involvement. If you believe her, I’ve got some beach front property for sale in Western Nebraska. And for clarification, I’ve only seen it mentioned a few times in this thread. Haven’t read a single link or heard anything about it outside of this thread. And yes, I’m still 99% sure it is complete BS.
  3. I'll explain my answer of firing them. If it were normal sick leave, under normal circumstances, I likely wouldn't even mention it to them or do anything. But with what the country is dealing with right now, I would have zero tolerance for either of the two possibilities. One, they are either gaming the system at a very vulnerable time so that tells me they're a lying POS. Or two, they really are sick and endangering other people, so they're either too stupid for me to want to keep employing them or they know better and don't care about the consequences of their actions. I don't see any other possibilities so they would be looking for their next job.
  4. For starters, anyone who claims to be self quarantining should not be out at all , regardless if it’s essential or non essential. Secondly, if that person had told me that’s why they weren’t at work and I found out they weren’t quarantining, their sick pay would end and their unemployment would likely begin.
  5. I’ve never had oxtail with bbq sauce but it’s really good if you make a Guinness (or other stout beer) gravy to braise it in. You can chunk up some potatoes and throw them in with it or just make some mashed potatoes and serve it on top. Particularly good on a cold or bad weather day.
  6. We’ve been eating a lot more meals at home these past few weeks. I’d say typically we were eating out or getting carry out about 3 or 4 days per week (mostly because we love Mexican and Chinese food) whereas this last week it has been zero times (except on Saturday when I had to move my daughter back from UNL). I had to get my Valentino’s on that day. I may have mentioned this one before, but another easy thing to do is pick up a Papa Murphy’s pizza and grill that sucker on the grill or pellet grill. You can leave it on that paper tray it comes in (unless your flames will hit it). Gives it a nice wood grilled flavor. Haven’t done it yet but going to try pellet grilling one of my wife’s homemade pizzas.
  7. “Essential”.......posting on HB Seriously though, I’m glad you’re in that position. My business is also considered essential since we are a critical supplier for the food supply chain as well as infrastructure, agriculture and construction. I have been waiting for the Weld County health department to show up and ask why we are still operating but I did just receive a letter from the worlds largest protein supplier outlining how we are necessary for their continued operations to feed the world. Might be (no it is) the nicest thing they’ve ever said to us
  8. God, could our military please stage a coup already? I’d suggest another possible solution but it would likely get me in trouble.
  9. Agreed. The curious thing is why on earth would anyone writing a story like this include anything that asshat has to say about it. But I guess they’re still reporting what Trump has to say about it too...
  10. There’s a very comprehensive solution that a person as smart and knowledgeable as yourself should easily identify. If the viewpoints here on good ole Huskerboard are too idiotic, skewed and fascist for your taste, you could stick to just visiting those other political forums that support your notions and preferences. I mean I’d hate to think you were somehow being forced into some Orwellian experience. It’ll be our loss and your gain but I’m sure we’ll find a way to go on.
  11. Well, there is a pretty good reason he is formerly of Wells Fargo. Unfortunately the article did not list his current (if any) place of employment.
  12. Agreed. It will be a dangerous situation, especially for the old and more vulnerable, until a vaccine and some form of treatment is developed. I get that there is some need to balance mitigation with economic concerns but we are nowhere near that point. And really I don’t feel that China is either. It’s one thing to have flattened the curve but, without a vaccine and almost 100% testing, there are still way too many who could fall victim.
  13. I totally understand the concern but there is some evidence that a lot more people have been infected than we know about and that, possibly for a majority of people, they never experience any symptoms and it doesn’t affect them. Of course the US is nowhere near the point we should be easing restrictions but it will be interesting to see how it goes in China.
  14. That may be what you or I do with whatever pittance they bestow upon us. But I’d venture to say the vast majority of people will spend it on either necessities (those who really need it) or whatever frivolous crap they’ve been wanting to buy (a whole bunch of people in the next tier) before the check even clears the bank. Have you seen the rate of savings for the average person? It’s not good. I’m really impressed by how they hold $1000 in such high esteem when it’s going directly to a taxpayer but simultaneously they act like millions or billions are nothing when it’s going to their campaign contributors or pork projects. They’re all scum.
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