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  1. 1-2 (again), 5-10 overall Week 5 Oregon -7.5 at Stanford Mich St -10.5 vs WKentucky Nebraska -10.5 vs Northwestern
  2. I don’t know about your neighbor but I can tell you many of us Husker fans are annoyed that you spend so much time posting on a Husker football site to brag about how much landscaping and yard work you’re doing instead of watching the football team you b!^@h, moan and gripe about. If your time is really freed up, maybe try kicking this habit too. Good luck.
  3. When? I didn’t vote because I have no frikken clue. I know it won’t be this year. When I see some/any progress towards fixing the things (penalties, special teams and red zone offense) that are keeping us from at least 6 wins, then I might chime in.
  4. Stats look good. Adrian looks good (most of the time). We’ve improved at RB and WR and we’re actually starting to utilize TEs. Heck even certain aspects of OL play is improving. But none of that matters if they can’t find a way to the other side of the slash mark separating Ls from Ws. Penalties and special teams have been, are and will keep this team from winning. The offense has to find a way to get more than 20ish points on the board. Has to, because ST and stupid penalties are showing no signs if improving and the D is doing all (more) than we can expect it to.
  5. Apathy is winning, understandably.
  6. Fine. Just don’t perpetuate the nonsense that the offense is doing enough. All evidence indicates they are not. Look at how many more games we would have won with just one more score from the offense in all of Frost’s losses. It’s amazing. Yes, our special teams is as bad as any team ever in the history of the sport. Completely unacceptable and the true culprit in so many of our losses. But the offense can and should be so much better. The D can’t be the only side of the ball helping to cover up for our disgustingly bad ST play.
  7. I am so sick of seeing this BS. I don’t know if it is just you posting it multiple times or if there are some others around here with the same wrong thoughts. The offense did NOT do enough to win the game. It is doubley wrong to say the OL did enough to win. 20 points, or the 16 last week vs OU, is not enough. The offense is not pulling their weight. We can’t and shouldn’t expect the defense to shoulder the full burden of winning games. 20 points is not going to win many games, evidenced by our current record and the fact that we lost to Illinois with 22, OU with 16 and MSU with 20. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH so quit spouting nonsense. It can also be true that our special teams are constantly costing us victories and are an even bigger concern. But the offense is not getting the job done. Way too many stupid penalties, too many turnovers, abysmal in the red zone and folding like a cheap suit at the worst possible times. Please just stop.
  8. Ahh f#&% it. I don’t care enough to vent anymore. The football program is a joke.
  9. Don’t disagree about our “special” special teams but 16 and 20 points from the offense is not enough when you lose. Those anemic numbers are only enough when you actually win. O line is a joke and our red zone offense is pathetic.
  10. Is it too late to switch directions on the new football temple? I’m imagining an ice rink with a future hockey facility built on the former memorial stadium site.

  11. I don’t disagree, yet he picks really inopportune times to make critical mistakes. Probably not fair to expect him to cover up the s#!tshow around him. Impossible to overcome the position the coaches and totally inept o line put this team in. I agree, he is the least of the problems and is often a bright spot. Unfortunately that’s not good enough and doesn’t mean d!(k when you can’t get the W’s.
  12. He does a lot right and then he…takes sacks when a quarterback absolutely cannot give up a sack (no matter how bad the O line is), misses wide open receivers regularly, overthrows wide open 6’-10” receivers, fumbles and throws picks. I mean you’re right, he is the least of the offenses problem but that really isn’t saying much with this offense and this special teams. Hard to heap praise on anyone associated with this s#!tshow. The defense and Chinander, that’s all this team has going for it.
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