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  1. I’m definitely not the right person to ask
  2. I don’t have any trouble understanding or accepting transgender or homosexuals. Some people are just different than the plumbing they were born with. It’s some of these other things I have trouble wrapping my head around. Maybe you’re the person that can explain non-binary to me? My understanding is the person doesn’t identify as male or female and wants to be referred to as “they” or “them”. Okay, fine. Maybe it’s just my old fashioned binary brain but if they’re not male or female….I….I….I don’t get it. And I’m not sure what that is supposed to tell me about them or what it really means. Why do they feel it is important to let people know that?
  3. Hate to tell ya this but you’re only going 9/10 with 7 homers off the T-ball stand…again. Doesn’t matter what age you identify as
  4. I try my best to not offend people (in the real world anyway, not necessarily here on HB ) but it is all becoming a little convoluted imo. I’m pretty much of the opinion people can do or feel or identify as they see fit but I get a bit more reluctant when it comes to understanding or accepting some of these things. It sort of strikes me like some are trying to make it almost impossible. But I also often identify as an uncaring prick, so there is that
  5. This is a really good post. I agree. Most of my problem with a lot of these things is I don’t want to understand them. Life was so much simpler when there were just boys and girls and they were easily identified by the anatomical parts they were born with. However, I really have tried to understand some of these labels, like non-binary, and discovered I just don’t have the capability. A friend of ours son claims he is non-binary and I have read up on it and had people try to explain it to me and I’m more confused now than I was before I’d even heard of it. Signed- A lesbian trapped in a male body.
  6. Enough talk of your sexual fantasies. This is prolly the wrong thread but what up with the recent Jeopardy champion. She (former he) is trans but is in a gay relationship with a woman….. Does this confuse anybody else? Isn’t that the equivalent of a double negative? Is it really a gay relationship if it’s a former male with a female? So many questions.
  7. So do you like Archive more than Yellowjackets? I’m about ready to bump my whole list down and start something more manageable,
  8. Yeah, I’ve got about 4 series going right now. I’d prefer to have only 1 at a time and finish it. But Ray Donovan got a bit too depressing so I needed a break. And I’m also trying to get through the whole original X Files series (and the complete Star Trek universe) but those require some breaks because there is just so much. 7 or 8 episodes of Ozark was perfect
  9. 18” to 20”….you don’t have to be fat at all for an 18” wide seat to be too narrow. Add in your knees in the back of the person in front of you and it’s damn near claustrophobic in there. It’s really the most uncomfortable stadium seating I’ve ever encountered.
  10. I didn’t mean to take anything away from Whipple. He obviously had a huge influence on Pickett’s success. But there is an element of luck whenever a player with that much talent ends up on any coaches team and that level of success can’t be expected from every player he coaches.
  11. This is not only unpopular but wrong. It is the wrong opinion Now about s3 when his wife is on the broom most of the time, that got boring and drug on. Most of the show has some action and drama. I never thought it was boring. Probably won’t help now though. Once I decide I don’t like a show it’s pretty hard to change.
  12. Recruiting that talent, yes. But it still requires some luck and things out of the coaches control. I would say quite a bit of luck was involved in that particular quarterback going to Pitt. TBH, I don’t know if Whipple recruited him or not. Guessing he didn’t?
  13. … or a penalty or false start. Execution was as much to blame as play calling. Both failed at crucial times, repeatedly.
  14. …with the aberration of a Heisman caliber QB. Don’t get me wrong, I think Whipple is a very good coach and will help us in numerous ways but it gets a bit tiresome when people attribute too much credit to coaches when they stumble upon top level talent. I believe a fair amount of that happened with Frost at Oregon and UCF as well. Hopefully Thompson is that good that he makes the staff look like sorcerers.
  15. Yellowjackets is on my list. My list is getting too long. Trying to finish a full rewatch of Game of Thrones and I’m also half way through Ray Donovan but needed a break because s#!t just keeps getting worse and worse. Kinda depressing.
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