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  1. 8-12-1 on the year Week 8 picks Pittsburgh -3.5 at Syracuse Houston -22 at UConn Cincinnati -17 vs Tulsa Cal -10.5 vs Oreg St (bonus catch up pick) Hopefully it doesn’t backfire and give me another L.
  2. I'd be interested to know when you have an ad free subscription model. I can guarantee that I will NEVER buy anything from an ad on an internet page. Best case they might plant an idea subliminally but just on principle it will never be a click through purchase. On the off chance, I would highly prefer a donation model.
  3. I mean really at this point the only surprising thing would be if the wall was not being used to launder money. This administration and this whole deal is....is.....is beyond words. They always said if you want to make a lie believable to take it to the extreme. I'm not sure extreme covers this sufficiently.
  4. I agree but I don't think his requesting the young guys to step up is because he's confident in getting bowl eligible. I think it's because he truly needs somebody to step up and help them get there. Pretty sure he saw the same lack of effort the rest of us did in that Minny game. Seems like he is anxious to make some needed changes/additions.
  5. Hell, that’s just me. Every time I spend more than 5 minutes in P&R I threaten to leave in a snit ....and I usually do just that. I used to spend much more time in here but it just all seems so redundant and hopeless anymore. I enjoy seeing and discussing alternative view points and sharing how I feel on issues but I don’t enjoy that so many of the discussions turn so confrontational or the debate tactics that force people further apart rather than towards what they agree on. It just seems to be the nature of the beast. It’s also why I’m disillusioned with our whole political system and why I try to avoid the news even though I also like knowing what is going on. I’m just happier when I leave it all alone.
  6. Who am I fighting with exactly? And why is my reaction odd? It doesn’t feel odd to me at all so wondering what you are seeing here.
  7. I suppose that’s pretty darned close. It’s not the whole truth as it doesn’t touch on the repetition or waste of time most of these discussions involve, but yeah, it usually ends up putting me in a foul mood. It just seems that way too often people usually feel about the same and are basically on the same side of the issue but for whatever reason we/they still end up arguing with each other. This topic is the perfect case in point. China is bad, we all know that and agree. The NBA is just a money grubbing corporation. We know this and agree. Certain players will sell their souls to protect their income. We know that and agree. But where do we currently find ourselves on this topic? Arguing with people who are in basic agreement. It’s so exhausting.
  8. I’d be interested to know why you think I have been avoiding P&R. Just curious if you think it’s for the reasons I have tried to make abundantly clear or if you seem to think it’s something else.
  9. Actually the whole issue doesn’t interest me very much and I’m done with it. I only began because I saw teach’s little exchange in the shed and thought I’d kill some time that I don’t actually have to kill. I know what China is and does. No amount of talking about it on Huskerboard is going to make one ounce of difference. However, I did find it semi-interesting the extent an American sports league and some of its players will go to, to make sure their revenue stream won’t experience any hiccups....but I’m over it.
  10. As somebody famous once said “we can walk and chew gum at the same time”. This is exactly why I have been avoiding P&R. We could probably all agree that what China is doing is bad and that the NBA and certain players have made comments that put them on the wrong side of issue. But no. People just want to argue and they move the goal posts so that they can argue for their specific POV. As far as I could tell this thread was made for the purpose of addressing the things certain NBA players have recently said that obviously was for the purpose of maintaining their own little cash cow. But now those of us talking about that are supposed to be more concerned with the bigger picture and only talk about the atrocities of China. Well F that. I want to talk about how some NBA players are conveniently outraged by things that don’t affect the amount of money they make but are little bitches for sticking up for the NBA and China. So carry on. I’ll go back to avoiding P&R again. Should’ve known better.
  11. I hadn’t considered WHY they were commenting on it now. So you may have a very good point here. Although I would hope they could handle the questioning by dodging or avoiding and, if all else fails, by giving much better answers. I understand it’s hard to bite the hand that feeds you but standing with China on this issue sure is not a good look. We’ve seen how they’ve addressed other issues that didn’t affect their pocketbook. If they don’t want to be seen as inconsistent and keep fielding these inconvenient questions, maybe they need to get on the right side of the issue and use their superstardom to effect positive change instead just making sure they stay much better off than all us common folk.
  12. Yep, precisely. But I don’t even care if they dribble or throw the ball. The key part is the JUST SHUT UP. Are they making any good points on this China deal? Doesn’t seem like they’re helping the issue or themselves at the moment.
  13. Mr. Adam Best doesn’t make a very compelling argument. All he is doing is attempting to turn this into a “nasty, bad conservatives” narrative. Who is blasting Lebron for not taking a political stance? That isn’t what I see happening at all. He/They are getting blasted for taking the wrong stance instead of keeping their mouth shut. They are simply being mouthpiece puppets for their big money sugar daddy corporations and are only looking out for their own money interests. There may be a segment of our population that wants them to take political stances and make their thoughts known. I’m sure not among that segment. That is why I’d much prefer it if Kaepernick and Lebron or whoever stuck to the sports they know and stay the F out of politics. Same goes for Hollywood actors etc. I really worry about people who want to know what these people think about anything. They’re all over privileged, over paid douches that don’t have a tenable grip on reality and they should stay in their lane.
  14. So, from what I can deduce here, the NBA and certain players aren’t really concerned about any injustices in the world if and when it may affect their income. Buncha money grubbing whores. I get why they’re going there though. They’ve already alienated a whole bunch of people in the US so they are left trying to appease the Chinese government. I knew there was a reason I quit watching or caring about the NBA a long time ago. Seems to me they’ve carefully chosen their target audience(s) inner city gangbangers and now oppressive communist regimes. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Sleep in that bed, dicks.
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