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  1. Hopefully all those R no votes come back to bite them in the a$$. If I’m an insulin user in Iowa or any state with R senators (and I have to believe that includes a whole bunch of voters) their little technicality BS excuse would ring very hollow with me.
  2. The R party has enough WTF idiocy in reserve to hold 6 concurrent CPACs everyday for the next ten years.
  3. This should be a Federal offense punishable by death. Blatant Lie=Firing squad at dawn.
  4. Abortion shouldn’t be a state issue. It should be a federally protected right. Same for same sex marriage. Same for mixed race marriage. Since our federal government and SCOTUS is FUBAR, maybe we just need to let Darwin take over. Let the backward hillbilly gun toting republican states ban all 3 while expanding gun rights. They can kill each other while all their businesses relocate and then the rest of them pay for their choice by starving to death. Better yet, let them secede or kick them out because I don’t want them getting one f#&%ing cent of my tax money. They can form their own Christian Nationalist Gilead and live (or preferably die) with it. So tired of this s#!t.
  5. Me too. The choice is definitely internal threat. But the examples that they listed for internal were biased imo. Clearer choices would help. And the best choice imo is the Republican party.
  6. I wonder what that chart looks like if they add one more choice, The Republican Party. Yes, that would be internal but the deep state example really spins that option.
  7. Everyone knows the climate changes. The problem is, you seem to attribute the negative changes to random chance like it will start trending in a better direction given enough time and you refer to overwhelming scientific consensus as alarmism. So the question becomes, do you believe man and emissions are negatively impacting climate change? Yes or no? If yes, why do you choose to refer to it as alarmist rather than actionable information? You can’t say you believe the science but then do nothing but cast aspersions on the science. It’s not consistent and it’s not credible.
  8. Good luck. Car shopping sucks bad right now. The computer chip shortage really screwed things up. Then toss in rampant inflation and you have a real mess. Even the vehicle you might be lucky enough to find might not have all the features it’s supposed to due to substituted or missing chips. My son had to get a vehicle almost a year ago and the car lots and selection was just sad.
  9. f#&%ing whackadoodle sonsab!^@hes Who, WHO is electing people like MTG?
  10. We’ll know you sold out when you change your name to firemanAB.
  11. Even @teachercd ? His user name makes it obvious that he is only a C/D level teacher.
  12. Exactly what I was going to say. The number of tropical cyclones and the amount of bleaching are directly affected by the climate which is directly affected by carbon emissions and ozone depletion. As far as I know, possibly even the number of COTS predators are negatively affected by climate. Only a simpleton can look at these factors and reduce them to “natural occurances” that ebb and flow with time. If you don’t believe we are negatively impacting the climate and environment, quite simply you don’t know s#!t and are trusting the wrong sources of information.
  13. Yes, absolitely, school performance and teacher performance to some degree are highly attributable to the luck of the draw on students and their parents. I’m certain many teachers in poor situations are much better teachers than many that are in the perfect district or school. This is one reason why any standard evaluation is almost impossible for teachers. It is reliant on factors outside the teachers control. The other thing that makes merit based raises tough is that most school districts don’t have extra money to throw at their best teachers. If the good ones get more money that would leave less for everyone else. Its different than most businesses because revenues don’t improve with exceptional performance. If they give out merit raises then all of sudden there are positions they can’t afford to staff. We had a kid in the K-12 system for about the 19 consecutive years. In that time we experienced one bad (horrible really) elementary school teacher and a couple I would say that were marginal/poor. All the others were very good and quite a few who were amazing/exceptional. As far as principals, one was terrible (didn’t realize she was in an extremely good situation of students/parents and instead treated everyone like she was in some inner city s#!thole school), a bunch of average principals and a couple really good ones. I have to agree with the majority here, bad teachers aren’t a huge problem but yes they need to be drummed out. And I see no way to fairly evaluate teachers other than to keep an eye on them to weed out any bad ones. Unfortunately there usually isn’t enough money to reward them for performance. Maybe that will change someday.
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