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  1. The statement he made was that they have much better talent than their recruiting rankings. My point was that their talent is what it is, they simply have developed and done more with what they have. Unless somebody has developed a newfangled measure of talent? Or maybe he’s going off “the eye test”
  2. Scott Frost San Francisco Sigmund Freud Sally Field.....Et al They get all the kudos.
  3. I won't dispute any of that. We can say they've played better, been more productive, have developed better, have beaten us, outcoached us and all kinds of other things. But you can't say they have much better talent than us. That simply isn't true. Their talent is what their rankings say it is. They've just done more with what they have.
  4. Aaaand there it is. Who said Beetlejuice 3 times in a row?
  5. How do you quantify that they have much better talent than their recruiting rankings? I'm curious what you base that statement on. I'll buy that they have done a better job developing players and that they know what they are and what they want to do but "much better talent"....based on what?
  6. Or there is Kansas City, who it has taken 50 years to make it back to THE game. Not drawing any parallels, just sayin.
  7. Sorry, I can't quit laughing about the thought of a player petitioning for shorter/easier practices....on a Scott Frost led team. If that actually happened...
  8. I didn't see the option for "SF but only the plays that work". I guess that's pretty much the same as #4.
  9. Pretty much the same with me. But It did find the movie about his life interesting. At least it gives you a glimpse of how and why he created the fantasy world that he did. Plus I thought they did a really good job with the time period involved.
  10. Just watched the movie Tolkien a couple days ago. I found it very interesting even though I'm not a huge fan. I had to read The Hobbit many many years ago in school. IIRC it was not the easiest read.
  11. It seems likely as Golden Corral does have all you can eat deals.
  12. I may have mentioned this pages back but The Expanse on Prime is a really excellent sci fi series.
  13. Whoever would've rather had Mickey Joseph than Lubick needs to have their head examined. MJ soured on Nebraska even before his time on the team was done. Doing wonderful things with WRs at LSU is more of a given than any sign of being an exceptional coach. And his brother Vance is nothing to brag about either. If you don't think Lubick is an immensely better hire, you just don't get it.
  14. It's about time Wales caught up with the rest of the world.
  15. Im not opposed to changes when they are warranted. I love the idea of replacing both Dewitt and Walters. OLB, special teams and our WR play have really been subpar imo. And it has sort of felt like Troy always had one foot out the door. I’m just not sure if he was 100% responsible for our lack of WR production and poor perimeter blocking. For sure some of that has to be the responsibility of the coaches involved and I’m happy with those two changes. But I also don’t believe change just for the sake of change is necessarily always a good thing. In fact I think it should be avoided unless and until it becomes obvious the problem is coaching. I guess my initial response depends on what you meant by showing “drastic” improvement next season. I think we could show drastic improvement in numerous areas but the W-L record may not improve drastically.
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