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  1. Oh. Well no, it’s useless except for Husker games. I would find a way to watch football games regardless but it’s particularly useful for volleyball, basketball, etc.
  2. Those are quite the loaded poll choices Doesn’t really cover the possible spectrum.
  3. Kinda the same thing happening in our family pool. Son’s GF’s bracket looked ridiculous. Memphis-Drake in the final, Princeton in final four….but she’s going to win it. We reward underdog picks with the seeding difference in points and she cleaned up there. Your wife’s bracket at least makes some sense.
  4. Anybody whose bracket looks good at this point didn’t know what the hell they were doing when they filled it out. I’m not bitter
  5. Well yeah Food for BBQing and marinating etc. doesn’t count as wife’s general grocery “food”. Our older garage fridge shelled out about a year ago. I picked up a smaller Samsung stainless steel model with a garage use rated compressor (no, I don’t know for sure if that’s really better) for like $800 and it’s been great. Only thing I don’t like is the shelves aren’t infinitely adjustable. Some taller bottles/jugs only fit in the door.
  6. I keep a few bottles of alcohol, vodka etc., in the freezer portion of my main beer fridge. (Yes I technically have 2 beer fridges ). The trick is to keep your wife from thinking she can put food in there BTW- IDK why I have 2 beer fridges. I have max maybe 2-3 beers a week. It’s handy for parties and events tho. And I guess we do regularly put food in the garage beer fridge.
  7. You have to spell it out fully until you earn the right to use initials. Matt’s Rule.
  8. UConn-Arky game was a yawner but those other 3…..Wow!
  9. Most things like this, they have a preconceived notion of the ranking they want, they cherry pick a few things, stir up the bulls#!t and call it analytical grading. It’s science. (aka off season clickbait)
  10. That WC#2 spot in the East is not a good place to be. Maybe they can go on a run and move up to WC#1….put it off a bit longer. My son summed up last nights game well. Avs played with a 6 on 5 advantage for the final 5 minutes and Jarry had more shots on goal than they did
  11. Yea yea yea….. I’m still pissed after watching that pathetic display by the Avs. They are nowhere near the same team they were last season.
  12. Sorry, I realize we got off topic there for a bit but this thread is going on 5 years old. There’s been 50 pages of talk about putting this POS in prison and nada yet.
  13. Finally an eventuality that I can agree with Trump. I can live with it if he is martyred. The only reason he wants to be handcuffed and perp walked is because he knows that would play well with his brainless followers. Hopefully it’s taken care of behind the scenes so he doesn’t get his wish.
  14. $4800 out of pocket every 2-3 years…….give me Jiffy Lube. Heck they may not even require the pre evacuation procedure.
  15. Ah okay. Possibly just for the prosthetic…..
  16. Where can you get a hip joint for only $4,000 let alone $900? Or was that just an example of economies of scale? Hell, Im due for a colonoscopy again and the last time was pushing $5k. Without getting graphic, we all know how petty that is compared to actual surgery. Pretty sure any joint replacement would make that look like chicken feed.
  17. This. The savings/reductions won’t work without the mandate. The pool of insured is in poorer health with more preexisting conditions so of course the premiums continue to rise faster. Reinstate the mandate and penalties and shift the FDA focus from protecting big pharma to doing what is best for the citizens and we might have something halfway workable.
  18. Why you have to go and ruin it?
  19. So is he an Arizona fan or Purdue? The format is fine and the tournament is perfect as is. Love me some upsets.
  20. 50/50 with a 10% chance…. Would that be 5/5 or 5/95? Just brushing up on my math skills.
  21. I agree. Hopefully it’s for the more serious things and not item number 106 on the list.
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