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  1. Why are we using overall records as the criteria when there is more than a handful of head to head matchups to look at? I guess it just depends which side wants to tout a preconceived position. The original claim was that “Penn State always destroyed Nebraska”. That is simply not true. And then people started listing overall records which has absolutely nothing to do with PSU historically destroying us or not....
  2. Quick story. I actually won the tickets to The Wall through The Bear radio station. I don’t usually call in for those deals but I was driving to work and they were playing extremely short snippets of Pink Floyd songs. The 10th caller with the correct answer wins. They played about two chords of Have a Cigar and I got through at the right time. But that only won me tickets to an Eagles hockey game where I had to go down on the ice between periods 1 & 2 for another competition. They had thrown tons of CD’s on the ice with song names written on them and several of us had to scramble to find t
  3. It definitely accentuated the laser Floyd show I went to many years ago. I did see the Roger Waters The Wall show at Pepsi Center in Denver 7ish years ago. Only a slight contact high for that one but still great. Would've loved to have seen Queen live in their prime but nada.
  4. Of course I strictly meant from natural causes..... That’s on okay thing to hope for, right?
  5. Of course your spin on this does not surprise me. In fact the only thing that would surprise me is if you actually knew what you were talking about. The dems/Pelosi have been trying to get a much larger aid packaged passed and are being obstructed by the repubs/Trump. Those darned dems trying to sneak things in the bill to prevent the aid being given to people who don’t need it, large corporations who don’t need it, etc. How conveniently you forget/ignore that the repubs control the executive and the Senate. Duuuuurrr let’s blame the dems, duuuuurrrr.
  6. Im sure most have connected these dots, but just in case... The reason Trump is encouraging his supporters to vote by absentee, mail-in etc. is; 1- Of course he wants them to vote for him. And he knows there is no real problem with voting that way. 2- It helps drive up the numbers (percentage) of people not voting in person which will provide him added ammunition to dispute the results and take extraordinary measures because of his pre-positioned claims of illegitimacy of mail-in and absentee ballots. He gets what he wants either way. It’s why he’s
  7. I think the intent was well reasoned...the execution, not so much. Boulder saw drastic increases in the spread of Covid when the students got back on campus. The majority of CU students were ignoring any and all mitigation efforts, wilder parties than usual, etc. and were pretty much the sole contributors to the problem. So I understand what the Peoples Republic of Boulder was attempting. But yeah, the narrow targeting of that certain demographic would seem to be a problem.
  8. Friends don’t let friend’s kids go to CU. Shame on you.
  9. My 2 cents. I think it looks great and I don’t usually dig changes. The best part is it is locked in and fits my iPad screen, finally. No more bouncing left-right. Everything appears a bit sharper and more refined. Haven’t had a chance to explore much else yet and haven’t tried it on my phone. Edit- I withdraw some of my praise after visiting the site on my phone. The subtext font is way too light. They're a very light gray on white background....not good. Not as noticable on a larger screen but squint worthy on the smaller device.
  10. It just happened to me for the first time. I simply clicked the tab for loading the home page and got a pop up box asking if I wanted to download the file t.something. Seems a little sketchy.
  11. Unfortunately, or fortunately, anything Pat Forde has to say about Nebraska football has to be taken with a grain of salt. It really doesn't matter if he's right or if he's wrong, his predisposition disqualifies him. I don't care about any of these jokers harsh truths because our fans run the gamut from excessively delusional to painstakingly realistic, as any fanbase does. Any attempt to paint the whole fanbase one way or the other is incorrect. It has to be because we aren't all the same. And Desmond is just a f#ckin clown that should be thanking God every day he still has that job.
  12. Agreed. It would be nice to be receiving at least some of that credit instead of being portrayed as petulant children who don't know their place. But as we realize, most of the bad mouthing is done to generate clicks and some of it is done by those with a chip on their shoulder because of our past dominance (aka Pat Forde).
  13. I got over what Pat Forde has to say about Nebraska football a loooong time ago. And some in the national media do have a hard on for Nebraska and they like to pull our chain. That’s just a fact. Desmond had all kinds of sh#t to say about us but he didn’t say d#ck about tOSU saying basically the same things we were. I don’t think a lot of these national pundits understand that Nebraska fans won’t ever give it up. They want us to abandon the team and become fair weather fans because that’s what so many others would do, so it sort of bothers them that we never just go away and collectively we do
  14. He made a brief statement about the schedule that was 100% spot on correct. That statement could only be characterized as "whining" by a person with an agenda. Now some of our fans....yeah, some people need to grow a pair and get over it.
  15. Ooooh, I hear Desmond doesn’t like us either. Clickbait. And yes, Forde is a massive tool.
  16. Yeah, I was being a little overzealous. I like both of them too. I just feel Pink Floyd is on a slightly higher level. May just be my personal preference.
  17. Are you on crack? There is no multiverse where Prince is better or more favored than Pink Floyd with any stipulations. You may like Prince better and that's fine but objectively Pink Floyd is the only right answer here
  18. But we’re not the ones placing bets with YOUR bookie, you are
  19. I know, I should know better than to desire anything else. My bad. It just completely baffles me how anyone gets to this point. It's sad but not the kind of sad that makes you feel sorry for the person. Rather the kind of sad you wished didn't exist.
  20. What the eff do these two responses have to do with anything? Hint, if you want to downplay the disconnected from reality vibe that you so often exude, maybe try staying on topic with replies in line with the discussion. Of course I realize it may not be a "vibe" but rather an all too real tragedy.
  21. I wonder, if we got 40,000 outside the west wall and 40,000 outside the east and get the HUSKER....POWER chant going, would they even hear it on the field? I'll probably just watch the games on TV.
  22. I agree. How many times have we been faced with a schedule that is back loaded only to lull us into distorted expectations. I look forward to facing these "better" teams early for a change. I'll take tOSU before they're running like a well oiled machine any time.
  23. If I were you I'd probably avoid watching the Huskers play this season. You won't be happy either way. If we do good, it means you were wrong so you'll be sad. If we do poorly, you were right and therefore we suck and you'll be sad. You are in a no win situation my friend. Time to find a hobby.
  24. 2 Team Doyle Neb +30 v tOSU Neb +16 v Wiscy
  25. Thanks for the schedule and alternate viewing option.
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