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  1. Last season finally broke me. Normally a Kool-Aid article like this would get me dreaming.....but nada.
  2. The world of Colorado, United States, Earth, Milky Way galaxy. Please keep in mind I am older and did not take into account Buttigieg’s younger age (or yours). I guess I’ve become accustomed to our elected officials and politicians all being multi millionaires. Nor did I realize there were still places in this country where you could actually buy a home for less than $150-$200K. Seriously, my home value has increased over $100K in just the last two years. And it isn’t anything special, it is about 22 years old and is worth 2.5x what I bought it for. A net worth of $100k or less is entirely plausible for persons under 40 and those who still have student loan debt. But if that person owned a home anywhere near where I do, their net worth would’ve also increased $100k +/- over the last two years. That is the world I live in.
  3. I've got a pretty good grasp of millions. I thought I understood billions....until you see it put in perspective like this. I mean it's just math and numbers, right? Wrong. And trillions, forget about it.
  4. I haven't been able to shake this all day. $36B (a little over half of Bloomberg's 62.5B) amounts to $15,000 per month or $180,000 per year..........for 200,000 years. Is that crazy?
  5. I honestly did not think or realize that there was a place left in this country with a median home price under 100K. That's crazy. You can't even get a sparse starter home around here for under 250K-300.
  6. I mean I picked up that much just on the appraised value increase of my home in the last 2 years.... Part of that makes me like him more but it makes me even more leery of his capabilities to go shopping at Walmart, let alone running a city or the country.
  7. Holy .......! Can it really be accurate that Buttigieg only has a net worth of $100K? Heck, if you've even owned a house for 5 years you'd cover that unless you were goofy in debt.
  8. Mine too. That is the exact same impression I got after last night's debate. Only difference is, I have no idea who I'd vote for today or who I will 7 months from now.
  9. I thought Joe did better last night than at anytime Ive seen him in past few months. He spoke better and didn't come off quite as much as the stroke victim he's seemed lately. He pretty much stayed out off the really nasty exchanges for the most part and seemed a bit of a non-factor. I think he's probably done.
  10. No, but that's not due entirely to the reason(s) you probably think it should be. I know what a sh#t stain of a person he is but, even considering all the bad stuff, if he had an answer and a plan for our healthcare woes, I would strongly entertain the notion.
  11. Usually these debates are a little mind numbing. This one was actually highly entertaining and ultra confrontational. Unfortunately it has only muddied my thinking and preferences. I actually like Sanders ideas for healthcare and taxing the wealthy more. But I just don’t think the US is ready to embrace that level of change and, if that means nothing will actually change, then it seems like a waste. Klobucher and Warrens and Biden’s stock rose with me, Buttegeig fell and I just don’t like Bloomberg. If Trump had an actual feasible plan to fix healthcare I’d go with him but he is the worst of all of them on my top priority. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do.
  12. Does this really belong in the Husker Football forum? Seems like a very strong candidate for Other Sports....
  13. I agree with that. It makes me sick to see these politicians pretending to be Christian or religious. Their actions speak otherwise, constantly. An event like the prayer breakfast means nothing to them other than a photo op and publicity to dupe potential voters.
  14. I won’t get into how perverted and partisan the National Prayer breakfast has become but I’m curious why you say politicians shouldn’t be attending it anyway? Is it because of the joke it has become or some misguided idea of separation of church and state? I mean it could be a good thing if things weren’t so drastically out of whack....
  15. I think you misread my summary. I (they) said Trump, not the dem candidates, would explode the deficit. The knock on the dems was massive new spending would have an even more dire effect than cutting taxes, particularly in light of projected entitlement spending increases. And they also make a compelling point as to why raising the tax rate on the top 5% won’t generate the needed revenue. I believe they stated upping the top rate to 70% wouldn’t even cover half of what is needed. Im not sure how I feel about a VAT tax. It’s a pretty regressive form of taxation that hits the lower and middle classes relatively harder than the rich. The whole gist of the article is that it will be needed even with significantly higher taxes on the rich. And it seems to me that when our government needs money the definition of “rich” just keeps creeping lower and lower. So of course no candidates will tell us the whole truth of what their plans will cost the average taxpayer. Anyway, it’s an interesting article ( if the registration process is free and easy). I got the whole article on my phone with Google News. Not sure why when I linked the same article it was limited.
  16. Crap! I didn't realize you had to register to see the bulk of that article. It basically says that Trump will explode the deficit or any of the Dems will bury us in new spending and the only way out is a new VAT tax and increasing the rate on payroll taxes. Raising taxes on the rich is not near enough to cover our level of spending and to keep up with soaring Social security and medicare expenditures. Drastically cutting military spending could help but we all know how little will really get cut. The one item they focused on was M4A costs if/when that ever comes to fruition. They're predicting something like 30 Trillion in new spending for M4A. Their point is that will have to be paid for somehow (obviously) but they didn't take the next step to figure in what savings we might experience in reduced healthcare costs and premiums. Either way we're likely headed towards the middle and working classes having to shoulder an ever increasing share of the tax burden. Not great news imo.
  17. https://fortune.com/2020/02/18/middle-class-taxes-value-added-tax-2020-candidates/ I found this article interesting.....and a bit scary.
  18. Oh they know. That camera, on your phone....they know.
  19. Totally agree with both these sentiments. I'll sure miss many of the posters (like you guys) and the interaction but between being bombarded from every angle with ads and the extra effort it takes to make a post through those ads, it just isn't really worth it. It might be different if there was worthwhile original content but it's just a message board that allows people to discuss. When discussing things becomes near impossible, well.....
  20. That was a classic. Can't remember exactly what he said but he said it once (in a status reply) and then immediately doubled down on it. Respect.
  21. I can only think of two posters who use the 20 paragraph style of posting. So it must have been one of them that jumped into the fray.
  22. ...and 13 of those 14 links had absolutely nothing to do with the discussion at hand and the one that did, didn't even support their point.
  23. You just can't let it go, can you? I told you I was done but you just keep bringing it back up.
  24. Another good one is when you make a point related to the discussion, they'll claim you are moving the goalposts. But when they do the exact same thing, and you point it out, they'll say "we can walk and chew gum at the same time, can't we?"
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