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  1. Maybe you can explain it to a person who never has understood places east of the Mississippi calling themselves the Midwest. Doesn’t it have to be somehow relative to the geography of the country? What exactly are the boundaries of the Midwest region? I’m 58 and it’s never made sense to me. The East is East, west is west, southeast is southeast, northeast is northeast but somehow the Midwest is east of over 50% of the country?
  2. And I’m right there with them. I wore a mask the whole time I was supposed to. I didn’t whine and cry about it like so many did. It sucked and it was inconvenient but it was necessary. And then I got vaccinated about a month after having Covid. I’m done with the masks. Ain’t going back. Kids under 12 and people who couldn’t be vaccinated unfortunately may need to mask up but not this cat. I’ve done my part. Done. I give my employees one safety day (paid day) per year for being accident free. Starting a couple months ago the only way they are getting that day is to provide proof of
  3. To be clear, I wasn’t down playing it or saying a person shouldn’t be upset by it. My tolerance for this BS would be much less if I still had school aged children. But I don’t and now I’m just a grumpy old bastard who is tired of daily hearing about yet another thing that’s effed up on this planet. It just gets old (and that is not intended to shoot the messenger).
  4. And that’s fine if this is actually genuine. But I don’t have the energy to get outraged over every effed up thing I read about. This world and country are so completely effed, I’ll leave most of these things up to the people it actually effects. There’s just too many things a person could get upset about.
  5. I wasn’t inferring any of those teams don’t bring in solid athletics money necessarily. My only point was that Nebraska is not at risk of getting kicked out of the B1G due to not bringing in athletics money. If we’re in danger using that criteria then a whole bunch of other B1G schools would also be. I thought it was a rather silly thing to say.
  6. Because of their track record of kicking out teams like Illinois, Indiana, Northwestern, Rutgers, Maryland etc.?
  7. I’m having trouble being outraged over this. Sure it’s way wrong for the teacher to tell the student(s) not to tell their parents but it’s also fully within the parent(s) control to nip this sh#t in the bud. If this had been our kid, and it happened exactly as portrayed in the article (questionable), I know two people who would be crawling up the a$$ of a teacher, principal and school district. The fact this is an article in the Daily Mail leads me to believe this is just intended to generate outrage. Let the parents it actually involves get outraged. I’m sure they can deal with it.
  8. Tried this tonight and it was excellent. Grilling white fish is usually a challenge trying to keep it from falling apart and sticking to the grates. Found this technique on Amazing Ribs and it was so easy and worked great. Simply season the catfish fillets with Cajun blackened seasoning, place them on orange slices on the grates and cook until done. The orange slices impart a bit of orange flavor which goes nicely with the spicy blackened seasoning and the fillets held together well yet had that grilled flavor. I did not do the lemon cream sauce or asparagus mentioned in the recipe. IIMO they
  9. It is time once again to care about obscure sports and pretend to understand them.

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Watched USA vs Mongolia womens 3x3 basketball this morning. Myself and any two neighbors from the cul de sac would destroy Mongolia and probably give the US a run for their money. It was so sad.

    3. chamrocck


      Was it better than men’s basketball?  Pathetic showing.  

    4. admo


      Can't wait til they add Nathan's hot dog contest, and Kimchi.  Maybe in a few more years. 

  10. I agree and yes, Crouch was not a big guy at all. I too have stood right beside him and he played much bigger than he was. He didn’t strike me as being inherently tough but he sure was.
  11. Comparatively speaking, yes Crouch had more of a supporting cast than any of the other three. But, at the time, it was probably the weakest supporting cast in about 20 years. TM, TA and 2AM would all have done much better with that kind of help. I don’t want to disparage any of them as none of them were the weak link in their time but certainly EC would not have been the weak link in any of those times. And yes, if Adrian could get some of that fearlessness (back) it would definitely be something to see. Maybe this year….. I prefer the cinnamon hard candys as well.
  12. Yeah, not sure what has happened to 2AM. TBH I think the coaches have him thinking too much and are trying to firce him ti distribute the ball more and there just hasn’t been anyone to lighten the burden. Hopefully that will change this season. But c’mon man, TM or TA over Crouch? And Crouch had a supporting cast? What you be smoking? He carried that team offensively. For sure none of them could throw the ball but dang….how many Heismans did TM or TA win? They don’t just hand those out like bubblegum.
  13. Agree. Frost and his staff have to begin showing some growth in their decision making and adjustments. I like Frost and want him to do well but he has been outcoached at almost every turn. That needs to change. It’s not all on the players and talent level.
  14. Agree but I think what others are saying is, we have to have better on field results to get better recruits. We’re pretty much at our ceiling for talent until we start winning more. All things being equal, I can’t imagine too many really good players would choose a 5-7 program over a 9-3 program.
  15. Sad but true. At this point it’s an addiction more than simple fandom. Lord knows I’ve wanted to give it up quite a few times over the last 20 years….but I still look forward to and watch every gut wrenching minute of every game. I did force myself to not watch some of a few games towards the end of Callahan’s tenure and I shut off a couple Pelini and Riley games early but not watching is as tough as experiencing the debacle so now I just drink more
  16. We all have the right to complain. If it wasn’t for complainers this site would’ve folded up long ago. However it would be nice if some hereabouts would take about 10 to 20% off.
  17. Would’ve been about 70 age 6 or 7. A bunch of players and coaches came to Columbus (I assume on a state tour like they do now). I got a bunch of autographs- Johnny Rodgers, Jerry Tagge, Bill Olds, Maury Damkroger, Frosty Anderson etc. Of course it helped that they were B-B champions 70-71 but been following them ever since. And I got a booster dose being a student at UNL 81-84 when TO should’ve won his first title or two. Those were very good years to have student tickets. As much as we don’t like our irrelevance of the last 20 years, I know deep down the only thing that can stop
  18. Sounds kinda like a threat Why wait two more years? If you’re not enjoying it, get out. Nobody is stopping you or even asking you to stay. I can guarantee you that absolutely no other coach will care as much for this program or put forth the effort that SF will and does. So if you’re fed up with him after three years, leave. BTW I’ve got two more years invested than you do.
  19. 7 years is enough time but that doesn’t have jack to do with the contract. The University should be fully behind any coach….until they aren’t. They can’t let their support decrease based on relative lack of progress. It has to be an all in or all out deal imo.
  20. And that is exactly how you hamstring a coach and assure failure. Like it or not there is a price tag to compete at this level. Buying out an overblown contract is just the price of admission. A coach that doesn’t have the full backing of the University isn’t going to be able to recruit as well as one that does and, in some cases, isn’t going to work as hard either. You extend the contracts, sever them when required and pay the price.
  21. Usually I would agree that playing another game, a bowl game, is preferable. Not just for the additional chance of seeing them play but moreso for the additional practices a team that desperately needs more practice would get. However last season, I firmly believe doing more of what they had been doing all season would’ve done more harm than good. Better to get everybody away from it and give the coaches a chance to reevaluate what they were doing wrong.
  22. Well said. And there’s 1-3 more wins than 7 if we actually improve beyond simply fixing the headscratching stuff.
  23. I’m not sure why people are upset about not playing that bowl game. The way things were going stepping away from it was probably a much better thing for the team than continuing whatever it was we had been doing. Lord knows I’m glad they didn’t accept a bowl game at that point so I’m not going to b!^@h about some players recognizing what was obvious. Better to step back and reevaluate imo.
  24. Thank you for restating my first sentence.
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