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  1. And why can’t “commie” be used in the classroom? It’s just short for communist, and that is an actual thing.
  2. Yeah…..of course I’m older than dirt but we were taught about slavery and how native Americans got screwed. My kids (a lot more recently) were taught all kinds of negative things about ‘Merica. Heck even Christopher Columbus is a bad guy now. He was still a good guy when I went to school. I don’t doubt though that in some locations of the US that many things aren’t taught or covered fully. Recently the CRT issue comes to mind.
  3. @Archy1221 ??? Will you walk back calling this hyperbole now?
  4. Okay, here’s my report. Went to Boiler first. Started with the Alarm Clock Coffee Stout. It was reasonably good, definite coffee flavor. Then I tried the Coconut Caramel Apple Delight. I did not like it at all. Too much going on with this beer. The apple component made it undrinkable imo. Guy I was with had tried the Coconut Pineapple Whip Selzer and was raving about it so I gave it a go. I’m not a selzer or cider fan but this s#!t was amazing. It was basically a liquid pina colada. Loved it. Move over mimosa. This stuff would be excellent for breakfast, brunch, whatever. Went to Catalyst next. The Hawaiian Porter sounded great bit didn’t deliver. I really wanted to give the Blood Orange Lager a go but they were out. By this time I was feeling pretty good and went with the tried and true Kincaider Devils Gap Jalapeño Ale. I really like that beer but I already knew that. Had some of their Fried Mushroom Strips and Avocado Fries. Both apps very good. Actually went back there tonight and had another Devils Gap with the same apps. But the star of the day was definitely that Pineapple Whip Selzer. Going to see if I can buy some of that to take back to Colorado.
  5. If you read his rationale, you’ll know how that came about. After he makes them sit a year, then he has everything proceeding as it does currently. He conveniently left out how that change makes transfers and large immediate NIL deals obsolete.
  6. I think the less drama part is absolutely true. As for his premise of “transforming the country”, I guess I haven’t seen much radical transformation attempted. Pretty tough to transform much of anything when you can’t get any bills passed. And of course what constitutes good or bad transforming is in the eye of the beholder.
  7. I don’t understand Barta’s reasoning about sitting out a year fixing anything other than obviously slowing down transfers and delaying NIL deals. I’d guess a lot of players would choose to not transfer if they couldn’t cash in on a big deal immediately. On 2nd thought, maybe that does fix this mess they’ve allowed to occur by curtailing both things.
  8. They need a TABOR (taxpayer bill of rights) law like Colorado has. When they take in more revenue than needed/allowed, it gets refunded directly to the people. I think each taxpayer is getting $400 back this year.
  9. The goal isn’t to end up, in any logical fashion, with the best team remaining as champion. The goal is one thing, $$$$. It’s the only explanation for anything they’ve been doing anymore.
  10. I hope I’m right and this proves once again just how important one person with a vision, like an Osborne or Alvarez or Saban, can be to the success of a program. You go right ahead and shake things up Bucky, you’re getting left behind.
  11. That would be the epitome of Nebraska football as of late. We get penalized for some ticky tacky thing that is no longer deemed a violation.
  12. The ones that I want to try are; Catalyst Blood Orange Lager Hawaiian Porter Boiler Coconut Caramel Apple Delight Stout Alarm Clock Coffee Stout 3 Way Chocolate Stout Drunkel Tim Munich Dunkel Double Koo Koo Coffee Nilla Gorilla Stout Boiler has some long strange names. I’m going to have to stick with 4oz tasters there or it won’t matter how short the walking distance.
  13. Going to be in Lincoln this weekend. Staying at a place within walking distance of 3 taprooms; Boiler Brewing, Catalyst Brewing and Zipline. I’ve tried Zipline Copper Alt before but nothing from the other two. Both Boiler and Catalyst have some interesting sounding beers. Any recommendations?
  14. Actually the entirety of your 1) item is what makes you a Trump worshiper. You “could” level criticism towards Trump, but you don’t. And the delusional part is that you think anti Trumpers reasons are silly and exaggerated. Wow. Just wow. You’re way too effin nice
  15. How dare big tech place spam directly into the spam folder. Are there more than 4 people who actually want to receive email from republicans…or democrats?
  16. I wrote it down then I told I about it and I was right. There’s no me in winner, but there is I.
  17. Oops, forgot to give the remaining answer. The first one is Key Largo. Probably my favorite Bogey & Bacall movie with the added bonus of Lionel Barrymore and Edward G Robinson.
  18. Yeah, I’m pretty strongly anti-abortion but even I am good up to the 18-20 week range. After 20 probably needs to be reserved for cases where the mother’s health or life are in danger or there is clearly something wrong with the fetus. I know the whole issue is driven by religious zealots and the whole political wedge thing but it seems the vast majority agree with us. Only the whackos want it less than the first trimester or up until birth. The American people need to quit electing whackos, primarily because they support radical judges.
  19. IDK, I hadn’t heard about the hearing loss thing but it doesn’t surprise me. Seems like the list of things attributable to it is never ending.
  20. Hope you get to feeling better and have no long term effects. Out of curiosity, did you have Covid prior? And how many vax shots had you received? My wife’s taste is still screwed up. She now hates things with sour cream, butter, or ranch dip. She really liked those things before and pretty much can’t stand them now. I too have spells of things tasting very off. f#&%ing covid.
  21. Well, in a state that outlaws them, via mail would be the easiest alternate option to still get them. Not surprisingly they’re covering their bases. Next thing ya know they’ll institute travel bans that prevent pregnant women from leaving the state. And no I’m not kidding. Everyone knows they would do it if they could.
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