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  1. Avs playing all their top guys tonight. Georgiev lookin good. I figured Nichuskin would be slowed or out for awhile with that broken foot but he’s playing possessed.
  2. No Nebraska fan should ever have to ask this question. Just a few off the top of my head. Our record in one score games. Our special teams play the 3 years prior to this year. The fact we out recruit the West division but haven’t finished in even the top half. All miraculous and bad.
  3. 9-6 Weak 6 Nebraska -3 at Rutgers Nevada -3.5 vs CSU Washington -14 at ASU tOSU -26.5 at MSU Illinois -3.5 vs Iowa Oregon -13 at Zona Picking 3 extra games this week to get caught up since missed week 0. Prob go Ofer
  4. At least they got rid of 1st shot automatic goal Jonas Johansson.
  5. Huskers 34 Jersey Boys 24 Air 245 Land 150
  6. Mr. Douche Y. Canoe would probably go off on a real tangent over fist bumps. What a jagoff.
  7. Nah. This is a hang another banner and mint up some division 6th place rings type of year for them.
  8. Sorry….I forgot about Deion Sanders.
  9. Well our list hasn’t exactly been limited. The list so far has been any living breathing coach, employed or not, and in some cases, living or dead.
  10. I believe you meant to say they are competing with us
  11. Yeah I have serious reservations that it will play out that way. But It’s something to cling to for the next month or so.
  12. I think about anyone could win 30 games playing behind the Avs D. I will say that Georgiev didn’t inspire a lot of confidence in that assertion in his game against VGK a few days ago. Of course the best player we skated was Compher so it was hard to tell. But 6 goals on 18 shots….ouch. He’ll prob be okay with some top liners tho.
  13. Who/What are you talking about? He’s saying he hopes Mickey can keep our players heads up after we play Michigan this year. Since that game currently looks to be beyond our capability to win and we all know how the team would respond if Frost were the coach, it would be a very positive indicator of what Mickey can do. Or did you mean to say Oklahoma?
  14. If Mickey gets us bowl eligible, especially considering where we were 3 weeks ago, it definitely would be a miracle and the job should absolutely be his imo. I’d love to see it play out that way.
  15. Po, Rike, Frott……maybe you’ve discovered the real source of our football jinx. Maybe it was never about the debacle in Boulder, Solich, Pederson, Callahan……
  16. Yes, he did too much dancing and not enough heading north south. Juking the first guy makes some sense but you ain’t going anywhere if you try it on the 2nd and 3rd guy……but we still had more return yards than all of last year. Kind of mind boggling when you consider the yardage was nothing to write home about. The more I think about Frost….Chins…..his special teams the more pissed I get. Good riddance.
  17. I just learned that we had more punt return yards in this one game than we did all of last season. And the yards weren’t that amazing. I guess it shows that actually catching some punts and returning a few is a good thing. Thanks no fear of failure Frost.
  18. I agree, the refs were a much bigger part of the game than they needed to be
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