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  1. I agree that punishing clauses is not the way to go. But rather, like you pointed out, structure the deals with incentives (or reverse punishment). Throw fewer than 1 pick a game = extra pay. Or a certain percentage of TDs to INTs etc. It could be setup in a positive fashion while still trying to attain the same goal. Thing is they are being paid by boosters, companies, etc. for their name, image or likeness and not on field performance. But I see no reason the people paying the bill couldn’t put such stipulations on it. Just not quite sure too many of the higher dollar guys would go for it. Another school would offer no stipulations so they’d just go there instead. The whole situation is a turd sandwich.
  2. If it’s truly a “job” then maybe there should be employment contracts or labor regulations in effect. Fact is it isn’t a “job” and there are scarcely any rules other than the team they’re “working” for has to be completely hands off on the compensation side. So I don’t think comparing this situation to a normal job is applicable.
  3. So he’s going to document in great detail how his mismanagement of X caused his revenue sources to pull their ads and bankrupt his company? What a douchebag.
  4. Can’t believe this thread still has contributors. Thought everyone would’ve sobered up by now and realized there was basically nothing Satt could do with this QB room and decimated receiver corp. Just run the ball doesn’t work when the opponent knows that is all you can attempt. Unless you think Satt is coaching them to throw horribly and without any field awareness and to inexplicably drop balls while running then it might be best to hide your lack of understanding from the rest of the board. Maybe I’m slow on the uptake but I find it very hard to crucify the guy when he had absolutely nothing to work with. Yes there were many questionable play calls but I’d like to see somebody here complaining figure out something/anything that could’ve possibly worked. Having said that…I wouldn’t miss him if he were to be let go.
  5. I’m claiming tied for last in the B1G West. Why? #1- It makes it sound like there was a real battle to achieve it. #2- It will make the return to respectability, if/when that occurs, seem much better. Going from 4th to 1st….pffft, but last to 1st, now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout. /s
  6. I think it’s apparent. God reads Huskerboard and gets a kick out of all the hot takes and butthurt.
  7. Fell a bit short of my overly optimistic preseason prediction but I can’t say I’m disappointed as I’ve learned to not really have any expectations. Gave the defense a B grade. Hugely improved from last year but didn’t maintain through the last 4 or 5 games. Gave ST a C. Still a liability but nevertheless improved from last season. Offense gets an F. Not going to temper my grade based on injuries. The QB room was even worse, like Blutarsky 0.0 bad. I cannot and will not hold the new staff accountable for the s#!tshow of players they inherited. Yes they swung and missed on Sims and yes there were many instances of bad time management and questionable play calls but there was so very little raw material they had to work with. Overall team grade is a D. There were many good reasons they sucked but they did suck nonetheless. But in the midst of all that suck I believe there were some signs that things will improve. Unfortunately the improvement will have to come while facing tougher competition. Things will never be easier schedule wise so that is cause for concern. But at least these losses don’t ruin my day any longer. I expect them to create ways to lose so, if/when they quit beating themselves, it will be enjoyable…maybe…someday in the future.
  8. I learned that many posters are absolutely useless at recognizing the actual problem areas and miss the mark pretty far at assigning blame appropriately. Wow at some of the brutally bad takes. Or…..there are a lot of drinking problems with terrible emotion control.
  9. I can think of about a thousand things worse than some of the offensive players hitting the portal. I’m available to help them carry their bags….
  10. Til we can’t be beat, won’t be beat GBR
  11. Day by day we get better and better
  12. This is why you should never read the book AND watch the movie Whichever you do 2nd, never seems to meet expectations in some way.
  13. Huskers 17 Hawkeyes 15 Air 174 Land 121 Bonus- How Iowa will score? 1 defensive touchdown, 2 FGs and a safety, not necessarily in that order.
  14. No. I do not believe he was referring to NU except to say that NU does have the commitment commensurate with the expectations. He was basically supporting Tony (as he has to all of his coaches) but also giving him helpful advice and saying what he could to try to keep him here.
  15. 23-25 Week 13 Iowa +2.5 Oklahoma -10 Kansas -6 Bonus Iowa/Neb over 26.5
  16. I’d say Frost’s offenses were indirectly the problem. Yes they scored more but it was not complimentary. Often they would go 3 and out in the matter of about 20 some seconds and then we’d have to put our gassed D right back out there.
  17. Oh I’ll be sure to keep an eye out. You really narrowed it down with that description.
  18. It was really good. Clocked in at about 4 hours total. I don’t recall any slow moments but I can see how it could’ve dragged on in a book.
  19. All The Light We Cannot See on Netflix. Excellent 4 episode limited series. Watch it.
  20. I learned that we’ll put a fullback in the game and run an iso on 1st and ten but we won’t do that on 4th and 1 when we need a first down. I think I learned that 2 minutes of game time with 3 timeouts in your pocket is not nearly enough to bother attempting to score a TD from 30 yards away. Everybody is complaining about clock management but I think it was just a horrible decision to play for the FG. I had it reaffirmed again that I would not want to be tasked with calling plays with this group of players. The OL is a sieve and the receivers can’t block or run routes and get open. The only thing we can do with any intermittent success is run the ball but that goes out the window as soon as defenses realize all they have to do is load the box and apply pressure. Opposing defenses arrive in our offensive backfield in the same amount of time as it takes the ball to get to our QBs hands but, going the other way, it takes our D two lifetimes to get to their QB….well, get to him only to miss the tackle. Our current version of the option looks nothing at all like an actual option play. The decision process seems to be the QB deciding if he wants to get tackled for a 5 yard loss or pitch it back the RB for an 8 yard loss. The option doesn’t and won’t work when the line is getting their s#!t shoved in and the WRs don’t block anybody. And it sure as hell won’t work if our QB is angling backwards instead of running parallel down the line. It was nice not committing turnovers. Would have been extremely helpful to get at least one takeaway. Purdy looked purdy good.
  21. Farmer’s cable? Is that some specialized combination of rabbit ears and a wad of aluminum foil?
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