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  1. Probably is. I’m just currently fed up with the nonstop negativity. Some people need to put on their big boy pants and quit whining about every possible thing from every possible angle. Or maybe I just need to go away for awhile.
  2. Yup. Embarrassing that others respond to him like he is anything other than a troll fan of another team.
  3. We’ve got a big box of them from back in the day….and Pokemon cards. Are they still a thing? Maybe I’m sitting on a gold mine here. I have a very hard time wrapping my mind around cryptos and NFTs. Maybe it’s my age and old fashioned ideas about what is and isn’t valuable but they just aren’t something I’d ever “invest” in. Stocks, bonds, Mutual funds etc. all make sense to me. NFTs, cryptos that can be mined, blockchains..….I just don’t get it.
  4. Okay. No problem. People are wrong all the time about lots of different things. 20 to 40 players away.…
  5. 4 Possible 3 Possible 1 maybe 2 Likely 0 Possible Playing the actual games can’t yield a worse result than what this poll will tell us.
  6. TBF, at that point in time TO had no bounds and he was the program. Only in hindsight can we say that maybe Frank wasn’t the best choice. But at the time TO wanted to assure program continuity and had the authority and credibility to name his successor. Anybody who would’ve claimed otherwise in 1997 would’ve been labeled a raving lunatic.
  7. McBride? Tenopir?….Anyone with a heartbeat would’ve taken this job in 1998. Sorry, I answered that question without the “you” in it.
  8. I was thinking about starting a poll asking if Martinez is the major contributing factor to all our woes (as ndobney has claimed repeatedly). I guess that would settle the issue. As soon as that sucker breaks 50% to the No side, I’ll claim a clear cut victory and attribute it to cooler heads.
  9. A coach really can’t win either way with these comments. Sure, you get the right two pieces (OL please) and things are instantly better. But that doesn’t mean that is the only issue holding us back. A coach has to make the pieces he does have work. It’s year 4 for godsakes. If he’s missing one or two pieces, whose fault is that?
  10. So 165 total votes on one message board that is at 56.4/43.6 tells the story of what is or isn’t going to happen? 21, a strong majority? As Joe B would say, c’mon man. Whatever happens is not going to be reliant on this poll whatsoever. Some think he should be given more time, some think he should be gone, some would’ve got rid of him a year ago and some never would. It’s just people’s opinions man. Some are knee jerk and some aren’t thought through enough. There’s no right or wrong.
  11. Crap. I forgot that game was tonight…..and apparently so did CC.
  12. Maybe some of those 20 people wagered every last dollar they had left in their MGM sportsbook account on Nebraska to beat Minnesota and now they voted for 0-4 the rest of the way to remind them to never plan on Nebraska winning. Anyways, that’s what my buddy’s friend thinks could be happening with at least 1 errr some of those 20 people. IDK. And I’m guessing Vegas would set our remaining 4 game over under total at 1 or even possibly .5. This is a 3-5 team that has not won against 3 of those teams in a long time and has only been victorious against 3 versions of the Little Sisters of the blind so far this year. Vegas doesn’t care how close we were to almost winning some games.
  13. s#!t, if I knew we could do teasers I’d probably be 10-14 And @Mavric 23 is not divisible by 3. You’re missing 1 more somewhere. Hint, it’s not on the 15
  14. Should Frost be fired? Yes. Every measurable metric and stat screams yes, absolutely. Do I want Frost fired? Not really. I like the guy and think he is trying his level best. There may very well be better coaches out there but not one of them would care as much for this program. It would be worth another couple more subpar seasons to see if he can finally deliver. Unlikely at this point but WTF. That’s my two cents. Is this message board a dumpster fire right now? Yes, yes it is. When the usual, casual, infrequent b!^@hing and moaning turns into a bunch of individual crusades it becomes really unappealing and unpleasant.
  15. 9-15 Week 8 Coastal Carolina -4 Penn St -23.5 Cincinnati -27.5
  16. Any and all programs that strive to be top 20 year in and year out. And what happened with Frank or Bo years ago has absolutely nothing to do with the current situation. I don’t have the answers but you sure can’t settle on 3 or 4 wins annually because you’re afraid you’ll get another Callahan or Riley…..or Frost.
  17. Yet when Nebraska faces a 2nd or 3rd string quarterback we instantly place them into Heisman contention. Macaffrey was never a real backup option, who knows about Gebbia and can’t blame Vedral for wanting to play somewhere. Serviceable is all I’d ask for but apparently that’s too big of an ask. There’s a price to pay for hitching your cart to one and only one QB. I think we paid a good chunk of it Saturday. Other teams seem to manage okay. For every Penn St example there are a couple OUs. Its just one more thing this staff is failing at. Might be survivable if it wasn’t everything.
  18. Or HCSF enters the chat to explain why he thinks he can run a one horse rodeo in the B1G.
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