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  1. I don’t even know if Johansson is right in suing Disney and I don’t really care if she is. This is such a f#&%ing piece of s#!t response:
  2. I can't tell if you're saying someone pointed out the grammar error or not because you gone off on a short tangent.
  3. What I really want to know is, has anyone commented on the grammar error yet?
  4. Some of you are nuts. Ya, Nebraska has sucked at football a lot, and I've lost a lot of interest over the past 5 years, but to think we won't be in a major conference is asinine. The brand keeps us afloat and will for the foreseeable future.
  5. Can we stop acting like Opinion anchors ourselves and not speak in hyperbole? It's utter nonsense to say Tucker isn't any worse than any CNN/MSNBC/FOX anchor. He and Hannity are the worst of the worst. Picking Lemon is a lot different than saying they're all like Tucker.
  6. I think it's a mix, like the flat earther thing. Now chem trails is more of a left thing I think. That politics made people decide not to get a vaccine is scary. A cousin of my mom had 2 siblings die to polio and she won't get it - and obviously that means she is in the age group that is vulnerable.
  7. Haven't watched it yet but American Vandal looks good. It's a mockumentary (or mock true crime) about a high schooler wrongly(?) accused of drawing penises on faculty cars.
  8. Unfortunately the longer people hold out the more likely it starts to negatively impact people who are vaccinated.
  9. Please don't do your own s#!tty internet research. That's a huge part of the problem right now, and not just with Covid.
  10. I don't think it will happen within the next 8 years. I can see it happening if he beats Biden in 2024 and refuses to leave in 2029. But he'd probably win and stay in power until he dies at the age of 86 or whatever.
  11. Some of them are just doing it to get votes, but the GOP leaders and candidates are prepping their base so they'll be ok with an authoritarian takeover. If it happens they will simply say "The Democrats got into the habit of stealing elections so something had to be done to stop them and stop communism. If it hadn't been us they would've done it first" and bam Republican voters fall in line.
  12. Way more people should be disgusted that a f#&%ing moron like this can get elected.
  13. When you put it that way it sounds like a terrible idea for me, but I think there are better ways to put it... E.g. the health care costs for pregnant women could be paid for by the rest of the population. If not through medicare for all then through some sort of specific to child birth program. I would think both the Democrats and Republicans could get behind this. Instead of fighting abortion the Republicans could incentivize not taking that option. I'm guessing part of the problem is having a lot of jobs that are used to support a top heavy population, so when the bo
  14. We actually slowed down not only manual labor but also skilled labor from entering the country during the past 4 years. We need both.
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