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  1. (1) Latest Russia-Ukraine War News: Live Updates - The New York Times (nytimes.com) I wonder how many old Russians will sign up having no idea the war isn't going great.
  2. Oops. You said on the regular. I'm buying a car soon and ignoring everything else.
  3. People having more money is one of the main causes of inflation. Part of the reason shortages can occur is more people are able to purchase more things so the demand is higher than the supply. Some companies do take advantage and that is another factor, but it's ignorant to ignore the others. I also think that while there are examples of greed, you're also conflating supply and demand with greed. Production in some areas ground to a halt due to Covid. Due to this supplies became low, e.g. with lumber. When there is short supply, people try to outbid each other. It isn't greedy to sell something to a higher bidder. It's smart. Lastly, whether corporate greed caused inflation or something else did, (or in reality, a combination of things did), it's still called inflation.
  4. Why would Roe restrict abortions? It's been interpreted that Roe doesn't mean states can't have a limit on the # of weeks at which an abortion can be done.
  5. The fight against teaching the truth about our history is very Soviet of Republicans.
  6. Ukraine apparently killed/wounded 400 Russians in one battle, although it doesn't even sound like a battle. This is also saying even the popular pro-Russian bloggers are talking about it. My only fear when it comes to successes like this is Russia won't be able to handle the embarrassment and will start dropping bombs everywhere. Pro-Russian Bloggers React to Reported Donets Military Disaster - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  7. Pillen is a wacko too. He's taking pretty much all of the talking points of Fox News, like the Critical Race Theory bulls#!t.
  8. Russia is threatening them if they join NATO, but Russia attacked Ukraine when Ukraine didn't join NATO. That makes joining a no-brainer, IMO. I don't think Russia is going to do anything but try to hurt them economically.
  9. They're in debt. If I had to guess they must put X amount of $ towards the debt each year, so that's how they could still have an annual surplus. Maybe they should put the surplus towards the debt, but they probably won't.
  10. Nor would they try to ban gays from adopting.
  11. Anyone (male or female) can be pro life and not be an ignoramus. And I am okay with males being involved in the decision if they educate themselves. (And I'm sure there are plenty of women who don't know much about women's health too). Having a senator connect IUDs to abortion is something that should never, ever happen. We should not elect morons. I don't know why all the dumb people want other dumb people to represent them. I guess so they can feel good about themselves.
  12. Ok Jim, mind giving that $317,692 back to the government? EWG Farm Subsidy Database ||
  13. Christians who believe Putin is Christian are just as dumb as Christians who believe Trump is Christian. They probably hate communists too.
  14. Unbiased is not synonymous with 50/50. If one side murders baby kittens just for the fun of it and the other side solves world hunger without doing anything immoral, unbiased is wholeheartedly supporting the latter. These are extremes to make a point, but I see comments all the time suggesting that the media has to equally support the Democratic party and the Republican party, regardless of how horrible or good one or the other is. That is not what bias is. Bias is deciding whether something is good or bad regardless of who is doing the good or bad thing. It's focusing on the WHAT, not the WHO. f a Democrat does a s#!tty thing and a Republican does the same s#!tty thing, unbiased means treating them both the same. If 9 Democrats do a s#!tty thing and 1 Republican does the same s#!tty thing, unbiased means giving the Democrats 90% of the negative coverage and the Republican 10% of the negative coverage. In this situation, the Republican only getting 10% of the negative coverage doesn't mean the news organization is biased for Republicans. It means they are treating both sides equally based on the what.
  15. It’s moronic for so many reasons. They lay eggs outside of their bodies. They can destroy the eggs if they want. They can abandon the eggs if they want. He’s implying (if he even thought it through this far) that people who are pro choice want to harm even the babies of those who want to have them. That’s the closest thing to his dumbass example. If he wants to use that example he should use it as a reason to improve women’s health care and reduce the infant mortailty rate for wanted pregnancies.
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