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  1. We already have funds for disaster relief including for individuals. That's part of what a FEMA declaration is for.
  2. I'm talking about their excuse for using nukes - because Kyiv was going to bomb Moscow.
  3. It's a bit scary they're talking about Kyiv bombing Moscow because that means they could start arguing for pre-emptive strikes on Kyiv.
  4. Russia is conscripting Ukrainian men by force now. It’s so f#&%ing messed up, and not legal.
  5. Entry level jobs with low pay that don't require any formal training.
  6. Lowering quotas is a bad idea. We need more skilled and unskilled workers at the very least until the boomers die off.
  7. Yes Iraq is a good one. Actually maybe more dumb than this war since they’re halfway across the world and not a former part of what we think is our territory.
  8. I don’t think it’s like Vietnam. I don’t think Putin was really that concerned about the West. I think he just wants some strategic areas of Ukraine. Maybe because he’s bored. But probably because he wants the riches they would provide. The rest was just an excuse to do it. I think with Vietnam, even though it was dumb, our leaders truly were concerned about communism.
  9. Is this the dumbest war there has ever been? It’s just a territory grab but I just don’t see how it’s going to be worth it to Russia in the end. And it’s entirely based on lies.
  10. I kept reading 2-3 months ago Ukraine was sending men to England to train and I was wondering how long that would take and I wonder if some of them have come back.
  11. In hindsight, Frost either should have been fired last year or been allowed to retain the coaches he wanted to retain. That said that may have dragged this out longer because he might have gone 5-7.
  13. GD they REALLY need to start putting bars on those windows. They must not have any safety regulations in Russia.
  14. Equating the Clintons to Trump and claiming they offed people just shows you the Republicans' bulls#!t works remarkably well. They are great at what they do. Much better at it than the Democrats. Unfortunately it sucks for the country. And I have disliked Clinton since I first saw him speak and realized he's smarmy as s#!t and can't be trusted.
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