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  1. Moiraine

    Sort By Controversial

    I don't get it.
  2. Moiraine

    The Shutdown

    They can just blame the shutdown on Pelosi.
  3. Moiraine

    Sort By Controversial

    I'm sure it works on some, maybe a lot. But I don't think the people I've disagreed with on this particular thing are bad or stupid. I think they're normal people who have a different viewpoint of their surroundings than I have. But the surroundings are things we don't REALLY know the truth of. We just think we do sometimes. What we really know is how we treat people. All the other stuff is throwing opinions out about the world in general. I should probably tell myself this more often 'cause I can be kind of a butthead sometimes and I was kind of a butthead to @B.B. Hemingway today.
  4. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    I figure they and the parents did. I don’t question the kids wanting to go to DC. I was wrong in what I said earlier about them not giving a s#!t. I cared about it as a teen. It’s kinda hard to imagine teen boys understanding it well (I didn’t myself) or caring a lot about it though. So what I question is the people sending them to it (instead of just talking about it at church), and especially being ok with them wearing political paraphernalia at the actual march.
  5. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    It’s annoying how often that term is used and how often it’s used incorrectly. I don’t have a “narrative.” I post opinions on things as I see them when I see them. The Native American guy made it sound like things were worse than they were and he shouldn’t be getting credit. The person who took the original video should be blaster for not including the few minutes she/he has leading up to it (I believe they cut it off and not the media but I could be wrong). The 4 Black guys were awful and I wouldn’t mind if they lose their jobs. The Native American guy is not to blame for the kids’ reacting by chanting around him, including mock “Native American” chants. The main kid, in turn, made it seem better than it was. And as an aside I do think wearing MAGA hats to a pro life rally is, at best, extremely tacky. It takes attention away from the issue. I also think it’s a weird rally for teenagers to attend. I almost attended an anti abortion protest as a teen and I know now I had no business being at something like that. In case anyone takes the last sentence wrong, I don’t mean they should be disallowed. I think they should be sent on mission trips and disaster relief trips and food banks and homeless shelters. I’m guessing some of these kids go to those too, though.
  6. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    They’d be called on the Black kids. But you might be right about Ellen.
  7. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    Black kids are more likely to get shot while unarmed, shot for the same crimes, arrested for the same crimes. If you think nothing happens, even at this level of what happened with these kids, to 100 Black kids in BLM and Malcolm X hats shouting at a national monument where they don’t have a permit for a planned rally, I don’t know what to say other than to laugh bitterly.
  8. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    Looking in the mirror?
  9. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    lol. The police would have been called. Immediately. There may have been deaths among the kids.
  10. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    100 BLM and Malcolm X hat wearing Black kids chanting loudly.
  11. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    lol You have a wild imagination if you think that’s what would happen.
  12. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    The kid’s letter is BS. That’s what I’m disputing. He wasn’t praying or trying to diffuse anything with this goofy a$$ grin on before the guy approached him. I don’t think he wrote much of it.
  13. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    I’ve seen the entire video. The same thing could be said for full minutes of the video. A huge part of the argument is how the staredown started, and this is from before it started.
  14. Moiraine

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    This is definitely how I look when I’m in silent prayer trying to diffuse tense situations.
  15. Moiraine

    JUCO OLB Soni Fonua

    I would put Pola Mao at #1 on the list if these lists are who we will give a scholarship to and not just who we’d prefer. If we made a promise to Pola-Gates, I don’t think we’re gonna break it. I think if Pola Mao wants N he’s N.