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  1. I’d be caught dead before I put anything but mice in @Elaida‘s bed.
  2. It wasn’t her tyvm.
  3. *purses lips* Apparently you have never heard of tBotW.
  4. Not always and only weird announcers refer to us just as “Big Red.”
  5. Nebraska's had a couple QBs lately who just needed to learn to check down and... while they were pretty good they weren't unstoppable. Hopefully if he does figure it out, it'll be after we play them this season.
  6. Well for some reason Moiraine was cast before anyone thought to consult me. They picked this lady who looks just like her, dark hair and brown eyes and short. I mean blonde and light eyes and 5’8. I hear she’s a good actor though so I s’pose I will withhold judgement.
  7. Moiraine

    The Republican Utopia

    Yes, I totally agree with that. I’m just going a little further and don’t think it’s even reprehensible.
  8. Moiraine

    The Republican Utopia

    He probably knows what socialism is. But he knows he can just throw the word out there to get the idiots to not like something.
  9. Moiraine

    The Republican Utopia

    ^ Flag burning isn’t reprehensible. It doesn’t hurt anyone. The word reprehensible should be saved for things like murder, rape, assault.
  10. Moiraine

    Ranking Nebraska's Best Coaches (All Sports)

    Of course it’s not easy, but championships across sports shouldn’t be compared apples to apples. If I’m understanding what I’m reading, there are currently less than 50 division I bowling teams and I’m guessing they don’t all offer scholarhips. Back in 2004 there were less than 50 bowling teams of any division. Nebraska mostly likely had a pretty big leg up in getting athletes. Straub might be the best coach but just throwing the # of championships out there doesn’t tell the whole story.
  11. Moiraine


    I don’t like the headlines on this one. They’re handing democracy a win. It’s not relevant which party it’s better for.
  12. I would fire them too. I think they leaked polling results that were meant to be private.