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  1. $100 says Kern watches gay porn on pornhub. Most of the people who shout the loudest about it being sinful are the ones that are “sinning” themselves.
  2. It’s pretty patronizing to think a pregnant woman doesn’t know what being pregnant means.
  3. 2018 had the lowest number of abortions reported since 1973 and the lowest abortion rate. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2019/11/27/birthrates-us-are-falling-abortions-have-also-hit-an-all-time-low/?fbclid=IwAR2_vr9eabT3jWDb_THI0VEl25lTl6VvpD2dChjLGCqmJNPDD3n0ljk9TAI&linkId=77835725
  4. Gabbard has said she won’t do the debate regardless.
  5. Trump wouldn’t be president if not for Fox News. They are good at making people angry over figments of someone’s imagination.
  6. Scalise sounds like someone who’s sure the bad guys are going to win. He just outright f#&%ing lies when the truth is there for everyone to see. We’re not going to be a democracy for long if a few Republicans don’t grow souls/balls/ovaries.
  7. I don't remember I wondering how many he's gone through to get it right.
  8. But why is sucking c$%k considered bad?
  9. I don’t think either of those is as bad.
  10. Even if we’re wrong about climate change, the new sources of power are better for the environment, e.g. the air we breathe.
  11. They kept records of those. I’d think the current White House would already have access to them. I think they would have all records of calls between Biden and a foreign leader.
  12. Not sure what I accidentally hit to end up on this topic, but here I am. What is the male equivalent for the word b!^@h?
  13. I continue to doubt numbers like these. Adding 30lbs of muscle is a lot as a beginning weightlifter, which Martinez is not. And by “a lot,” I mean almost all research I’ve read says it’s virtually impossible. It’s even less likely for someone who’s been lifting for awhile.
  14. Another Republican helping numb people to Russia's inevitable invasion of Ukraine. I can see it already. "Well, they both meddled in our elections so who are we to take sides?"
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