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  1. Moiraine


    Then there's Pelini having to be driven to the hospital during/right after a game.
  2. From what I read during that time, it seems Walters was the 2nd choice for head coach at UCF. It took longer with him because he was in the running for that job, and I doubt Frost blamed him at all for wanting it. In fact, Frost probably would have liked that, even if he thought Walters would be good on our staff, because he cared about that program and those players. I don't disagree with anything else you said. I just don't think Frost didn't want Walters back then.
  3. Unfortunately, lots of them will win.
  4. He's anti establishment but tries to come off as not all in on Trump. And ya I think he's an a$$h@!e.
  5. Gotcha. He's a lot more anti liberal than pro Trump, or that's the feeling I get. I don't pay much attention to him but Elaida listens to his podcast sometimes.
  6. I hope it's right I just am not hopeful at all for any of these people facing justice. And so in the meantime I will assume it won't happen. And the voters won't necessarily matter if our elections are compromised. Hopefully we get the right people in place to fight that before it gets too bad.
  7. The replies to his tweet are insane and unsurprising. They are all either “fake news” or Trump was right we should get out of forever wars or he was fighting the deep state.
  8. If he didn't want him he wouldn't have brought him.
  9. I read the replies, and I think my favorite was "They are eerily similar to our Earth Force uniforms."
  10. I think you haven't been paying attention. There will be no repercussions to any of this except what we might be able to do as voters.
  11. Did anyone post that Bo got fired yet? 'Cause I hear he did but I don't want to repeat the news.
  12. The people surrounding him failed to do their duty and get rid of him. And they aren't speaking up.
  13. Because it's a big show and it's an obvious desperation move, and I think most Democrats/Independents regardless of who their favorite candidate is want the Dem candidates to mostly get along. I don't really have a favorite, I just don't want it to be Biden unless he's the only one who can beat Trump.
  14. Receiving a perfect blow job is a way sexier way to get impeached.
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