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  1. AOC has had some gaffes. But she's not stupid.
  2. I remember thinking it would be funny if they nominated Sr. That turned out well.
  3. I think I have more a problem with them halting the vaccinations. Regardless of what the reason was, the media would have needed to report about the halt. Otherwise the conspiracy theories would have been worse. Maybe they are reporting too often but there needs to be an explanation out there for the public.
  4. "Statistically zero" implies that something is not statistically significantly different from zero, which means you're talking about statistical significance, which involves p values although p values are going out of style. I wasn't arguing with you that the % wasn't low though. I was just saying that wasn't the right phrase to use for 7%. It could be for 0.00000099%. 75 million is a big sample size though. The bigger the sample size the more likely that's a significant difference from 0 but I'm not gonna calculate it. Anyhow, that's not where the 7% came from. It said out of thos
  5. It's not statistically zero it's 7% or whatever the number he gave was. What you're talking about sounds like practical significance. Difference Between Statistical significance and Practical significance | Difference Between
  6. The 100% number is from the trials I believe.
  7. You're the one who pointed out I was being nitpicky and then again asked why I bothered posting. I never said anything of the sort to you. All I asked was why you cared if I was being nitpicky and then harassed me about it. Again, I was talking about some random person on Twitter who will never see what I post. You're complaining directly about me. I wasn't even complaining about the post, just stating something about it. "Ditto" doesn't apply here.
  8. Ya I can definitely see both sides to this. There are some powertripping people working in schools and there are a lot of annoying kids.
  9. Why the hell not? It's a message board. I post unimportant s#!t on here sometimes. It's not like I'm giving another poster a hard time. I'm posting about some random guy who will never see this. Why harass me about it? Not every post has to be an attempt to make a point of some kind. I was pointing something out because I felt like it.
  10. Why do you care whether I nitpick?
  11. You're either underthinking it or it's a stupid tweet. No one cares what the total # of stops is when it comes to this. That isn't the topic of interest. It's the % that end in police getting killed. The low or high end % of killings is what's important. I think they that is what they were trying to say but flipped it around.
  12. 1 in 3.6 million is the low end? 1 in 20.1 million is the high end? They flipped that around.
  13. I think this tweeter is bad at fractions.
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