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  1. So, how do we lessen our country's stupidity so this kind of excrement doesn't get voted in again? Or is moving away the best option? There's another topic where we were talking about what the GOP might learn if they lose the Senate and presidency. I don't think they'll learn anything.
  2. I wouldn’t have said anything but it’s the 2nd time :p It’s “complicit” The Republican leadership is simple not complicated.
  3. Um, what elicited this question? I would not be surprised at all if it turned out Clinton was a rapist/child molestor. I can think that without believing in the dumbass conspiracy theories about the Clintons. His potentially being a child molester doesn’t mean he has the power to have Epstein murdered under Trump’s DOJ or various other murders there are conspiracy theories about where either he or Hillary had someone murdered. Honestly it’s crazy to think that a bunch of police/security would do his bidding. Most don’t like Democrats or Clinton. It’s amazing how many conspiracies there are about Hillary especially.
  4. When they get to death rate they should be bucketing it by age. My guess it's similar now to what it was awhile ago, but people are way more careful about access to retirement homes than they were in March and we've now had 4 months of hearing young people aren't highly impacted, so they're probably being less careful. So if that's the case, the overall death rate would be lower due to age distribution, but the death rate by age would be similar to what it always was (unless treatment has improved).
  5. I can't believe it took them this long. Pretty sure I remember there being talk of this in the 90s.
  6. It continues to amaze me what people think the Clintons are capable of. You’d think if they were that capable, even if it’s murdering people, that people would give them more respect for being geniuses.
  7. And/or they are getting better at treating it. Or we’re better at protecting people in retirement homes.
  8. Or you make a nice hard tackle on the running back then you do a little dance about how awesome you are but he had already gained 30 yards.
  9. You and laughy face (if it's not you) are making a weird thing out of this. It should be in the riot topic and say that CHAZ isn't peaceful anymore.
  10. It's obvious if the tapes exist that they were used to blackmail Trump.
  11. K, I don’t agree at all. They are entirely different from each other. One was used as blackmail from a foreign government. The other was a mistake that so far we have no evidence caused any problems with foreign influence or spying. If the tapes exist they are extremely relevant as long as Trump is president because they show that the dossier was correct all along. The two don’t really even belong in the same conversation.
  12. Um, yes. That should be obvious.
  13. Can you elaborate? Are you saying you think they exist but aren’t a big deal? If so I disagree completely, because if they exist they’ve been used to blackmail him into doing their bidding. Although I think the $ he owes them is probably a bigger deal.
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