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  1. I don't think Frost will get fired this year, because his schedule is really easy next year. The easiest he's had by far. That will be his final season if he doesn't win at least 6 games IMO, but if they're "close" as he keeps saying, it should be an 8 win season at the very least.
  2. If we were actually close we would beat the Minnesotas and Purdues of the world by 2-3 touchdowns and not barely lose to most teams however s#!tty or good they are. It doesn't mean anything anymore to barely lose to top 10 teams, because the previous and next week we've also lost to a team that sucks. You have to start beating teams like that or claiming we're close makes you sound like a moron (speaking of Frost here).
  3. Yep. Makes it seem psychological. We play down or up to whoever we're playing and then barely lose.
  4. I think another factor is he finally got his dream job. Reaching your goal can have unintended effects mentally.
  5. Me too. Here's more. I think they made them square to crop some things out they don't want to show yet.
  6. Gotcha. I still think it's a stupid question but it makes more sense now.
  7. No one in Nebraska texted this announcer to ask why we're losing close games.
  8. I was wondering what happened to that rule
  9. Our guy moved first, then their guy entered the neutral zone, then our guy moved again to touch him.
  10. Damn these announcers are dumb. OMFG it obviously hit the ground. WOW.
  11. I was wondering if we've ever had a B1G schedule as easy as the ones Iowa and Wisconsin tend to get, and next year it looks like... almost. Our only tough crossover is Michigan. I believe this will be by far the easiest B1G crossover schedule we've had. I looked at Iowa's future schedules and in 2024 they have 0 tough crossovers. It's Indiana, Maryland, and Rutgers,
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