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  1. I don't think the stimulus package does nearly enough. $1,200 per person. That's equivalent to a $14,400 salary. There needs to be a big push to open up food stamps for more people, at least temporarily. We need to take care of basic needs. I think a lot more people are going to lose their jobs. Expanding food stamps would address a problem for those that truly need the help. Or increasing the unemployment amount a person can get (maybe they already did that and I'm not aware of it). Maybe make it so if you were making less than $20,000 you get 100% of the amount you were making on the job.
  2. It's not only about karma though, if it's someone who is continuing to cause harm.
  3. Ya... holy s#!t. Hopefully that comes down to normal recession numbers next week...
  4. People who cause death deserve death as do rapists, imo. However, that doesn’t mean I think it’s up to humans to kill them. I don’t believe in magic or curses; wishing death on someone doesn’t make it happen. I know you knew what I meant, but your first reply was obnoxious.
  5. From what I can tell from my student loans, interest is still accruing. So, they didn't do enough in my opinion. They should have stopped them from being due, stopped interest from accruing, stopped everything, for 2 months or 4 months or whatever. That said I was able to pay off one of my loans to day so I'm pretty happy.
  6. Ok I'll explain it to you then. Hypothetically if all the sexual assault stuff about Biden and Trump is true The bolded part above needs to happen first. Everything that comes after is conditioned on it being true. If it's true, then: Yes I'm okay with wishing death on rapists, especially when I'm in a bad mood. Doesn't mean I'd be willing to kill them, but I'd be okay with them choking on a sandwich tonight if they pushed someone up against a wall and digitally penetrated them against their will, or did all the things Trump is accused of doing. And I don't feel a bit of guilt about it. I already think our choices are s#!tty, but if the accusations are true, then they just got worse. If you don't wish death on rapists, that's your prerogative. But I don't think it makes me a bad person unless I'm trying to make it happen.
  7. Not saying I want to watch, but I hope more videos start coming out from inside hospitals. I feel like people need to see in order to take things more seriously.
  8. Good point. Think you might be right. Although there may be some who live in big cities who see the benefit in living in a lower population area. Depends how bad it gets.
  9. Hypothetically if all the sexual assault stuff about Biden and Trump is true I wish they'd just drop dead today and we can have it be Pence vs. Sanders or Warren. I'm sick of having bad choices.
  10. Perhaps they’re too stupid to know the difference between quitting and being laid off.
  11. Then Biden should pick someone from Michigan. On a related note, one of the only reasons I wanted Biden over Sanders was I think Biden has a better chance of winning Pennsylvania.
  12. I read an article way back (like a week ago probably) about it being transferred through droplets and also fecal matter.
  13. My first thought was there was no way the full thing sounded that bad. Biden says plenty of baffling and stupid things, no need to edit him so he sounds dumber.
  14. The NCAA needs to make their brains smarter so they can learn to have common sense.
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