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  1. Maybe, but no one would have done a "good" job unless one of them had run at Trump and piledriven his skull into the floor. Although that wouldn't have had much of an effect since he's brain dead already.
  2. Trump constantly attacks the 2 most important institutions in a democracy. That should be enough for any voter to make the right choice.
  3. Trump is completely trashing our democracy right now. He can’t be gone soon enough.
  4. I agree it won’t end well and that’s what Trump wants.
  5. Biden should have ripped him a new one for interrupting him on Beau. The federal government manages the forests he’s talking about.
  6. How did the “slowest recovery” thing take off? It was the 2nd worst recession. How dumb can you get to fall for that s#!t?
  7. Biden needs to do more talking and less laughing. Tell him he’s full of s#!t.
  8. f#&%ing little diaper pooping toddler trump. they need to start muting mics.
  9. It's not just that they want to side with the police against whoever, a lot of them are racist. And a lot of the racists don't want to think they're racist so they convince themselves they're just being logical.
  10. Maybe not. I thought the video was from that day.
  11. I've been saying he's desperate for months now and every story about him going to jail scares the s#!t out of me because he will stop at nothing to remain in office until he forces that possibility to go away.
  12. It's kind of a stupid stat though. As stupid as the Nebraska 3rd district being the most conservative if it was a state. You could easily pick subsets of other states that are probably more educated or more conservative.
  13. I agree with that but I don't know many people who think because someone is a good actor that they are smart/educated on political issues.
  14. On a related note, I don't get why people get so mad about celebrities getting involved in politics. I'm guessing most celebrities grew up middle class or poor. They're mostly just regular people who now make a lot of $.
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