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  1. Maybe where we draw the line is who they talked to. If they went straight to Russia, a country with far less privacy and fewer freedoms than we have, to complain about our citizens' privacy being violated and publish it for the world to see, that's different than someone reporting it to the proper authorities within the U.S. Although, this is Snowden's claim:
  2. Eh, we have the highest population in the history of our country and Trump is a motivator.
  3. Some of it may be incompentance but going further left doesn't tend to please corporations, which some leaders in the DNC are beholden to. What needs to happen is more progressives winning primaries.
  4. Yes at least he's not Trump. Ideally Harris will lose to a progressive candidate in the 2024 primary and that person will beat whoever the GOP puts forth.
  5. You’re projecting. And you seem to have a lack of understanding of how much China has changed in that same period. It’s considered the fastest period of development in human history. And you are again ignoring per capita emissions.
  6. He attempted a coup and they are sticking with him, so ya.
  7. I don't think so. 2 years is a long time. Republicans already wouldn't pass the $2,000 stimulus a month ago even when Trump told them he wanted it. I think it will get done but they'll have to use budget reconciliation.
  8. I feel you aren’t interested in learning anything. Your first reaction to seeing this should be what the starting points are. But you never seem to go to that next step. The US has the highest CO2 emmissions per capita in the world. To answer the idiot Tweeter, yes. In the agreement, countries can increase in total but decrease in intensity. That means countries like China will continue to increase for awhile. They are still developing as compared to some of the other countries. I think the agreement could probably be stricter but it definit
  9. This isn't a good comparison because you are talking about a regulation that already exists. If no company is dumping sewage into the city swimming pool, there doesn't need to be a regulation telling them to not dump sewage into the city swimming pool. It makes 100% sense for Biden to pause this and make sure it's actually necessary. There has to be data on what these health centers are charging their customers.
  10. I think it’s being discussed in the EO topic. He is freezing the EO until March which would have started doing this, to see if they want to go forward with it. There is debate on whether this would have made it cheaper. The health centers that were going to be required to lower the price are saying they already passing the savings onto the customer and this EO just makes them go to more trouble to continue to keep getting the federal funding they are getting. They are saying they are already doing what the EO asks for.
  11. The bill wasn’t signed by Trump until Dec. 27. They attempted to change the $600 to $2,000 throughout December. That leaves like 9 days of campaigning where they could have mentioned $2,000 but I’ve known based on what they tried to pass and using their actual words for weeks now they have been talking about $2,000 total this entire time. It was never the plan to do $2,000 on top of $600.
  12. I mean, sure, if you don’t understand politics at all everything is going for him. If you do understand it even a little bit you know that Republicans wanted to do $600 checks and had enough Democrats agree to pass it. Democrats are the party that typically want to do this type of thing. Republicans didn’t want to do more than $600 and still don’t. Not a lot has changed for the Democrats on this topic. They won’t get vetoed and they hold power on what’s brought for a vote. They still need to get a bunch of Republicans to vote for the $1,400. That hasn’t changer at all.
  13. They probably will but an additional $1,400 has literally been what they’ve been saying for weeks now. Back to December even.
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