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  1. Memba when Tommy threw the longest pass and TD in history? I memba!
  2. Ho Lee Fuk what a dark time these past few years have been...
  3. No. Those threads are reserved for Bo-lovers.
  4. It's inevitable though. JFK has his famous quote.People have spoke out, protested, asked for accountability for decades, but nothing has changed.
  5. I would say they failed to properly identify themselves and their attire was questionable. A single shout of "police" at midnight isn't a good policy for identify yourself. But yes, this speaks to the overall larger issue of how policy is failing our LEOs and endangering the public. That's really where BLM and police reform needs to head. This isn't just systematic racism, it's an overall policy issue of how the police departments approach their roll in society.
  6. The only other account I've seen is a witness who says he heard them shout "police" one time. It's night time, they were asleep and probably never even heard the shout. Walker says he and Breonna were shouting who is it after they heard banging on the door, but never got a response. Why are the cops serving a no-knock in plains clothes on a last know residence for her ex (who the cops were after) when all they did was see him leave with a package 3 months prior??? And to top it off her ex was already arrested earlier in the day! At a minimum who ever approved the raid should als
  7. I didn't necessarily mean it as a rebuttal to your last post, but more so the last handful. This is an idea I've been marinating in my head for some time. I just haven't really said it here because I didn't want to deal with the blow back some will give it. Funny side note to your post though... The fiancee came home a few weeks ago from her ICU job. I asked how her night went. She said in a somwhat cheery but mostly deadpan voice "It was a good night. No one died and I actually got to eat." I just busted out laughing a nurse's perspective is so much different than most of o
  8. So... Maybe is a socioeconomic issue with how we/police view and treat people "below" our social class (not necessarily a racial issue)?
  9. FYI... It's a commuter lot for students who live off campus, but you do have to have a pass to park there. Anybody who's not a freshman knows how this works, and knows your taking your wallet into your own hands when you park somewhere you're not supposed to without a permit. The parking Nazis rarely miss.
  10. I know my war planes and at first glance I wouldn't have know the silhouette wasn't an F 15. It looks similar but the vertical stabilizers and pylons on the wings are all wrong. The soldier was very obvious. We're beat over the head with what our soldiers look like. You can tell the right guy has a head scarf on, his pants are way too baggy, and the gun isn't American. The guy on the left looks wrong too.
  11. I shaved my beard off today. Now after every drink I take I go to suck the liquid off my stache, but there's nothing there. I don't know who I am anymore! It's a cold world out here!!!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Redux


      I'm sure it'll grow back in a few years

    3. ZRod


      The fiancee (who wanted it shaved) asked if I can grow it back in time for he wedding. I think I won this round fellas!

    4. The Dude
  12. And I whole heartedly 100% agree with everything you just said.
  13. I wish they would turn off this fake crowd noise in the empty stadiums. It'd be cool just hearing pads popping and players talking.

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    2. ZRod


      It's not Wrastlin!!!


      I started playing fanatsy football again, so I've been watching more NFL this year. Plus that GaTech FSU game was pretty good. 


      It was comical to see the Lions are still the Lions in 2020. Somethings will never change. Come out looking like Superbowl contenders for 3 quarters and choke it away in the 4th.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      The Lions have NEVER looked like Superbowl contenders. :P:lol:


      ...he sheepishly says just prior to the Broncos stinking it up on MNF.

    4. ZRod


      They were smoking the Bears in the first half. They really did look pretty good, but then they did that thing they do so well.

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