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  1. I think I'm ok with this. If somebody can stand up there for 24 hours or whatever and talk. Then so be it.
  2. Actually it was about unaccompanied minors at the border. It's very clever how he continually tries to change the corner stone of the conversation to fit his chosen narrative.
  3. No. It's quite clear that it was the Trump administrations policy to separate families as a deterrent, which is abhorrent. The CDC (not necessarily the administration) has made this recommendation due to an increase in child migrants without parents. Not the same thing.
  4. I guess report your own post with your concern. When Redux was trolled the mods seemed to get a resolution for it.
  5. This isn't that hard I've already explained to you, quite thoroughly, how your argument is a false equivalency. Again, try reading. Your attempt at a gish gallop in this last post is just furthering the logical fallacy, because once again these are not the same circumstances. I fully understand where you wanted your original post to lead, but anybody who takes a step back to look at the situations with an open mind understands they are not the same.
  6. You should read or reread the Axios article. The tweet you posted is a s#!t post making your post a s#!t post. The kids in cages issue started long before COVID. This is not the same issue. These are not children who were separated from their parents by government agencies, they are children and teens who crossed alone. There are no shipping containers mentioned. The picture taken shows intensive care tents being used as over flow shelters due to lack of room. The lack of room is due to an increase of children migrants up 47% from January. The CDC recommendation came about only as
  7. My "quibble" is that you s#!t posted a tweet that isn't even relevant to the article it cites. Read!
  8. Crazy that it took 3 years though...
  9. Could this have been one of those situations where they needed him not to suspect they are on to him as they were building the case against him?
  10. And the Saudis just happened to stay at Trump hotels.
  11. Gotta get those Argon filled windows homie. I'm sure the Journalism nerds asked the engineering nerds in Turdue what to use.
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