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  1. I mean I do... We're pretty much f#&%ed now. And it is what it is at this point. The whole "shutdown and reopening" was handle so poor that I don't think we can do anything to stop the spread now, other than masks and personal hygiene. There's no way we could handle more shutdowns; the economy would absolutely crash and burn. I don't think the fed printing money is the answer either.
  2. Yeah, this is one of those things where the school probably moved too fast and doesn't care about innocent until proven guilty. They just want to look good. If he gets off or charges get dropped I'm betting he sues them.
  3. Except for the F bomb. Apparently he worked at Oakland University.
  4. And the husband got fired from his job...
  5. Besides that it's a very distinct presentation of the eagle. The angle of the wings, the fullness of the wings, the pattern of the wings on the chest...
  6. So here's an interesting one just down the road from me... https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/couple-who-pulled-guns-black-mother-daughters-charged-felony-assault-n1232874 The video NBC chose to post is the short version, which doesn't show anything that led up to the gun being pulled; including the fact that the black lady threatened to "beat your white a$$" because somebody didn't apologize for bumping into them. That isn't mentioned in the article either. Does someone preventing you from leaving in your car justify drawing a gun? I tend to doubt it, but they were harassed, not allowed to leave and threatened with violence. Pretty much everyone here is an a$$h@!e including NBC. Here's the full version of the video
  7. Interesting post on Reddit. Not sure how accurate the data actually is.
  8. ZRod


    Officials are said to be turning off all cameras near her cell.
  9. Aren't these just lovely dog whistles. You can find this on the Trump organization website https://www.trumpstore.com/products/trump-baseball You can find the shirt on the front page of Trump's campaign site, which is affiliated with the RNC according to the text at the bottom of their page. I thought maybe they tried to copy the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor of the Marines but they do not look similar... https://shop.donaldjtrump.com Comparison pic stolen from Reddit.
  10. Yeah... Hence if you are black you are more likely to be in poverty... It doesn't make any sense to look at the raw number of people. It needs to be normalized somehow since there is not an equal number of black and white people in this country. Percentages make more sense IMO. Look at it this way: 38.1 million people live in poverty in the US. Of that 38.1 million 23% are black, but black people only account for 13.4% of the total US population. They are disproportionately more empoverished than whites. Whites make up 72% of the US population, but only 41% of those in poverty. Somethings wrong there.
  11. No joke. The article is saying that the number of black people killed by police is extraordinarily low (overall), so low that they imply it can't mean there is racial bias. It's true the number of people killed by police is rather low compared to things like automobile deaths, or heart disease. Just because the number is low doesn't prove anything about bias, as you well know. They later go on to give the percentage of people who are African American in the US. If you double back, that little fact about the demographics of the US makes the percent of black people killed by police look strange. They seem to be disproportionately represented in fatal shootings. Later they go on to say that people of color are more likely to live in Urban, high crime areas, and are therefore more likely to have negative encounters with police. But they never touch on why those areas are higher in crime.
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