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  1. Again, watch the game. The hired hands may only want to count passing play blitzes, but that's not what I was talking about. And it doesn't tell you much because we can audible to adjust. 6:05 1st Q - Double A Gap blitz. We run QB Power for a 1st down 5:35 1st Q - A Gap blitz. Well blocked triple option, Rahmir goes up the gut for a 1st down. 0:42 1st Q - 5 man rush with a spy. Adrian sacked. 14:07 2nd Q - 5 man rush. Pass complete to Betts for 1st down That's 4 blitzes on 5 possessions and we barely started the 2nd quarter.
  2. Then watch the game again.
  3. Most of the blitzes weren't from the line. Like I said we had good play calls/checks into the blitz and ended running it more than passing it when they brought extra guys. I'm actually quite impressed on the rewatch with that aspect.
  4. This is absolutely false. They were bringing 5 and 6 guys a couple times every series. We actually did an excellent job of play calling around it. Almost everytime they crashed the middle we had a play call going to the outside.
  5. Agreed. I'm sticking with 4 offensive TDs per game are needed.
  6. If Bo had the Cardiac Huskers, always pulling out the close win, Scott's got the Catarac Huskers.

  7. They're trying to get him to throw somebody under the bus. He's not that kind of person, and nobody on this team is either, thank god. Maybe not doing enough, but they're slowly improving. I said at the beginning of the year they need to score 4 TDs a game for us to be in it to win it. We just need to close things out in the RedZone, and we're there. To me a field goal is a loss inside the 20. We need to figure out how to cut down on the sacks. 26 first downs and 442 yards of offense in a game like this is not too shabby. All night it felt like Rahmir was close to busting one loose. We just need to find chunk plays in the running game and we'll be a completely different team. This game has me feeling really good about this team. We have a legitimate chance to win every remaining game on our schedule this year. Gotta find a way.
  8. I would say this was the Online's best game of the year. MSU did the exact opposite of OU and brought tons of pressure. Quite a few times they were sending 5 and 6 guys. I was a lot more pleased with blitz pickup and guys blocking LBs in the run game. There were still a lot of mistakes blocking (the number of penalties is inexcusable), but I actually see some improvement.
  9. I know OP is wrong because we didn't run in OT.
  10. Wisconsin has not looked good this year. Very winnable game with our defense. Just need 4 TDs from our offense and we've got it in the bag. Minny lost their best player. Should be a dub too.
  11. It's a message board. I'm allowed to chastise your opinion, and you mine. Then we clink beers and cheer for our Huskers.
  12. I mean we've almost always had similar uniforms. Kinda hard to look different when you're both a similar shade of red and white with conservative uniforms.
  13. The Kirk curse! He's always a homer for us, and we've let him down so many times.
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