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  1. I just tuned in during my lunch and this is bad. Seems like she has no answers. It's been well over a week now. In my line of work if we have an issue this significant you are working day and night to get the answers and prep your managers/directors to report out to executive leadership within days!
  2. Despite what the GOP want to tell people she's pretty smart and pretty ruthless if she believes in the issue. Which any sane person would agree this was not acceptable no matter the candidate. It doesn't matter if Cheatle was directly responsible for the detail that day or if it was a subordinate f#&%ing up, you resign when an attempt is this real/close because ultimately the buck stops with you. The best she could do is say she will tender her resignation and fully cooperate in the investigation.
  3. Why are we so hung up on Biden being forced out. There's a pretty good chance that he and Trump wouldn't live out their term if elected. It's also clear that Joe is still a good leader, but as every old person does, he's on the decline physically and mentally. He would probably be fine for another year or 2 but towards the end of a second term he is going to be coming up on 85 years!
  4. Sounds about right for modern EA. You'll have to pay for them to fix it.
  5. Interesting that you're irked more by regulations than rape, infidelity, flat out boldfaced lies, nepotism, racism, and open corruption.
  6. Already got a text from a friend about her being the diversity hire Jesus Christ people, she's actually more qualified than Trump ever was.
  7. I mean he's pretty much as well known as governors can get. He weakness is his record of signing controversial liberal policy into to law. And people want to blame him for the high cost of living and homelessness problem that has been around for decades.
  8. Because she has a vagina. Allegedly. But really. I don't know. She kind of comes off as a know it all that hasn't really done it all. That's just the vibe I get.
  9. So who's it going to be? Newsom, Whitmer, Warren (no chance in hell), Harris? Let's get really weird and have Romney switch parties! 2024 Democratic bugaloo woohoo!!! On a side note: GOP, that's twice in a week. Look how easy it is to do the right thing for the country. Kick Trump, Gaetz, Bobo, Marge, and Gym to the curb and let's get back to reality.
  10. An officer was on the roof with him at some point. Again, it's a collosal failure by the secret service on many levels, and we'll know more once the investigation is all said and done.
  11. Money's money. If you want to f#&% up your face go ahead, but don't tell anyone it was me In all seriousness soooooo many people have non surgical stuff done and you would never know because it's subtle and done well. But, nobody wants to admit it.
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