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  1. I've only gotten the seasonal flu once and I never f#&%ing want to have it again. Huge headache. Every hair on my body hurt. Switching between fever and chills every few minutes. Felt like death. That's why I get my flu shot every year now, and why I got the Rona vaccine. Plus I was so busy with work the first half of this year I quite frankly couldn't afford to get sick with COVID.
  2. It's not really even a theory. It's more a frame work of discussion about the history of racism in America and it's socioeconomic and legal aspects. It's just another frame of reference for looking at how the system affects people based on race (something everyone already does).
  3. This rant isn't even what critical race theory is about...
  4. I'm not taking exception to gripes with politicians. Much like I don't take exceptions with gribes about Schumer, Pelosi, Reid, Mcconnell, Gavin, Cruz, etc. I just think your gripe is misguided, and if something is factually wrong I would expect it to be called out for myself or anyone else.
  5. You just said it wasn't hypocrisy though??? You said she's talking about the looters at the capitol (which I'll assume is the violent ones). Which would be the violence she condones, and not the people who protested and remained outside. Nobody is talking about the people who stayed outside and didn't break things, assualt officers, or otherwise cause chaos. While they're misguided in my opinion they weren't the problem.
  6. Right, so why is it weird, or why did it need to be called out?
  7. She's said before that she doesn't condone the violence of the 2020 unrest. The people who stormed the capitol threatening to hang Pence, kill Nancy, and we're looking for AOC is different than people protesting for fair and equal treatment, which is different than riots and looting (which is similar to the insurrection).
  8. Cool. I'm glad we agree the first tweet was garbage. In regards to AOC's tweet, I don't want to keep doing your dirty work. If you post stuff I'd assume you'd do the leg work to back it up if it's challenged. I'm not concerned with the authenticity, but the context. Again there's a difference between riots and protests.
  9. He didn't use a "Reid" rule. Both men used an procedural rule that has been in place since the 70s.
  10. True, but I think the reason she was trotted out so much initially was because the Republican party refused to condemned her antics, while simultaneously punishing Cheney. In essence saying it's ok to spew hateful BS as long as you toe the party line. A massive display of moral decay for the party that claims to defend moral decency.
  11. Was the first tweet you posted accurate or not? Did you ever provide a link to the AOC tweet?
  12. Not body can but here's one from last month. There out there.
  13. Just look at his second post in his own thread and the follow-up discussion here and in the shed. OP isn't interested in honest conversation.
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