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  1. They beat poor little Ronny during their 3 way romp in the hay?
  2. Yawn... Who cares? Elon and his fan bois are lame anyways.
  3. Used to mooch it. It's alright if you like Nat Geo, Marvel Movies, Star Wars, and obviously Disney. I think it's the only way to watch Home Alone now. The UI is not the greatest, but there's lots of rubbish to watch on there. I just bought it for 2 bucks a month with adds as part of the 99¢ Hulu Black Friday deal. Not a fan of paying for adds but we'll see how it goes.
  4. They call it Realpolitik, we'd probably call it sociopathy.
  5. Guys, idk if you know this but Elon isn't really that smart.
  6. Iran Contra says "Hey!" As does Halliburton. *Edit* In honor of Kissinger Laos and Cambodia say "What's up!"
  7. Charlie and I think a lot alike, but I'm poor The first time I learned what EBIT was I thought it was the stupidest metric I'd ever heard of. It's like telling a host at the party that you made enough cookie dough for everyone to have one cookie, but you don't tell them your kid ate 25% of it before you baked them. Like what's the point?
  8. Also, the 1898 Treaty of Paris gave the US control of Puerto Rico, Guam, the Philippines, and Cuba. We obviously still control 2 of the 4 as territories today. Maybe stop cutting funding for education Kevin. You need it.
  9. You nailed it. The only thing I'll say is we don't have the all 22. I have a feeling no one is open most of the time, and Purdy isn't confident enough to throw guys open, so he's panicking and trying to buy more time.
  10. Again, I'd disagree. At the beginning of the season, yes. The second half of the season not so much. A lot of what you might think of as the tackles getting beat is our QBs trying to scramble out of the pocket instead of stepping up as @BigRedBuster alluded to with QB in the passing game. I just rewatch the Purdy plays again from the other page, and for the Iowa game I think the tackles got "beat" once, and even then it wasn't bad. Benhardt had a really difficult assignment when Iowa was showing 7 and brought 6. He had to take a guy in a wide 9 stance and just kind of got in his way a bit. It was ugly, but Purdy scrambled out to that side and completed a pass for a first down. I'd probably up my grade to a solid B on the rewatch.
  11. I'd disagree with this statement. At the beginning of the season, yes they were, but they improved tremendously as the season went along. The Iowa game they did ok in pass pro. I'd probably give them a B or -B grade for the game.
  12. He was wrong that one time about Dedrick Mills or Ozigbo. Can't remember which
  13. I don't think you deserved a warning, but, I mean, you basically just s#!t all over a thread that is explicitly dedicated to positivity... I was just pointing out how the team was in almost every single game despite 3rd stringers playing important positions, and even with the horrible turnovers we still had a chance to win every game but 1.
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