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  1. This isn't the first time we've heard about something like this from a political figure. It's a perfect example of why we ask them to divest or set up some kind of independently managed fund (which it kind of sounds like this is). The bigger issue is that Trump/Cohen have taken money from the company in the past.
  2. Pretty interesting article from a doctor who has COVID and survived the Cytokine Storm, aka the relapse phase. https://www.salon.com/test/2020/04/05/what-it-feels-like-to-survive-covid-19s-dreaded-cytokine-storm/
  3. Yes, Trump should have used it and foreseen what was going to happen. That's a separate, although somewhat related, issue from what Kushner said.
  4. Or maybe despite his incompetence there's still truth in his words... Price gouging isn't necessarily related to the stockpile. It was going to happen sooner or later because there would never have been enough supplies in the fed's reserves to cover an event like this; it's supposed to help bridge the gap. That being said the executive should step in and ensure that everything is being done to help remove roadblocks and manipulation.
  5. He never said that. What he said, while phrased horribly, makes sense. The national stockpile is there to support the states in an emergency that they can not care for on their own. There isn't enough supplies to cover everyone. The states need to use their resources as well.
  6. Care to elaborate on why it hurts the economy so much? I know material prices are dropping and our company is working hard to lock in those savings.
  7. Here they are offering up the empty college dorms for healthcare workers to stay at if they have family members at home who are immune compromised.
  8. My Fiancée said that her hospital ran out of vents last night... Tonight is her last night this week, thank god. I absolutely hate the "This generation's WWII" comparison, but for these nurse, nurse assistants, and doctors it absolutely is like a war. The emotional toll it's taking is very heavy, especially for newer healthcare workers.
  9. I try to remind myself of that... It's hard though.
  10. No it's not. You're being hyperbolic. Take it and have people review the material for quality. It can be thrown out if it's bad.
  11. Then we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. The article didn't seem to state why they were useless and made no comment of vents.
  12. Umm... Because when people's lives are on the line you take what you can get, as fast as you can get it.
  13. Because you didn't see it doesn't mean it's not there. There was some praise for taking on Chinese trade, also some criticisms because we were told it wouldn't affect the US consumer or producers which we knew wasn't true. Several times it was said that we we're glad he hadn't screwed up the economy or employment yet. There was some praise for NAFTA 2.0, but it has yet to be ratified and is closer to NAFTA than what it was originally billed as. People we're happy with the tax cuts, but why would you cut taxes and raise expenditures in a time of prosperity? It's kind of hard to praise incompetence though. The guy gets s#!t on because he's full of s#!t. If you deliver the message appropriately then you get a better reaction, see almost any other president. If you tell us "We're going to take on trade with China. It's going to be tough for a bit, but we'll be better for it. In the mean time we'll support farmers and consumers who are impacted." You going to inspire confidence and people are going to feel better about what you're doing. Likewise if you say "We've been watching the developing situation in China, and will be stepping up production of vital equipment and supplies to prepare." You're going to get a lot better reaction even if you fail than saying it's a hoax. We're responding better than anyone in the world it'll be done soon. It's not that hard to be professional and presidential...
  14. The bolded in my quote is 100% accurate. No one is criticizing Trump or anyone else for non-existent 100 or 2000 death cap because that's not reality. People have given Trump credit when it's due, we also criticize him when it's due. So I can confidently say that 90% of the people here would be very happy to give Trump credit for managing this better than any other country, but that's unfortunately not what's happening.
  15. Some people would have attacked him no matter what, yes, but the people in this thread have only criticized the reality we know. He fired the pandemic team, data from simulated pandemics went unheaded, no preparation was done until it was already too late to make a difference, red States are getting what they want while blue states are not. Those are the facts. Obviously any amount of prep in 3 months wouldn't have been enough to stop this in it's tracks, but it would have made a huge difference. Now we are where we are because of inaction. If we had the lowest case ratio this place would be signing a different tune entirely. I can guarantee you that.
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