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  1. Why would you be disappointed? That's literally what you saw out there. A team that didn't want to put in the effort to ball out today.
  2. I feel like we just didn't bring pressure this game. Not to the extent we did against PSU. There's definitely signs of improvement; swarming to the ball, going for strips, hard hitting. But there are critical errors every play; can't get the ball carrier down on the first hit, horrendous on 3rd downs, too many busted coverages.
  3. They've been saying this since March. It's like the boy who cried wolf at this point and I don't fully agree with her, or rather the health department's, latest mandate.
  4. I do believe that's a defenseless player...
  5. I see you're an old testament kind of guy.
  6. We won a game we weren't supposed to!!!!









    And 10 years ago Courtney Osborne cause a sack fumble for a TD.

    1. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      Ahhh the Osborne brothers. There's a name I haven't heard in a while. I was always surprised we didn't see more production from Steven.

    2. funhusker


      It still amazes me that not only did the TD not count, but Mizzou got to keep the ball...:facepalm:

    3. JoeHuskers!


      Been quite a while since we've seen defense like that around here too :(

  7. Which is so odd because they almost compromised if it wasn't for the tea party. And now he pimps our weed.
  8. Oddly enough I've been thinking that John Bohner of all people was the last hope for the old gaurd of GOP leadership. He and Obama not being able to compromise on the Grand Bargain was the end of reasonable compromises. Both parties would have lost and gained and come out equal.
  9. I don't disagree, but we screwed it up from the beginning and it's kinda too late now unless we really want to get our wallet out to fix things. There are better option then completely choking off small buisness revenue. Shutdown those who haven't followed the rules (there are a ton of them!) Because those that have deserve a fighting chance. Trump is a tool, but he is right that the fix can't be worse than the issue. He was way wrong fighting against the initial shutdowns and mask mandates. They would have kept this at bay.
  10. He just needed a burrito and a bed. He'll be good now.
  11. Yeah, we all new stricter mandates were coming but these are pretty harsh. We've already lost a lot of buisnesses, and will be losing even more now. She's going to be a one term governor now. They didn't think big, big picture on this one. Jim was on the hot seat to start the season. He's the coveted Michigan Man, but he's gotten zero results. Most fans want aa change. MSU fans don't
  12. Like I said it's stupid, to the extent that I don't agree fully with her order either. Pretty sure I'll be sending an email to voice my concerns. That will be my resistance, because imo she isn't thinking about what this really means for small business owners. She's writing their death warrant. The call to be disorderly and not distance or wear masks is moronic for sure, and why we are now in danger of losing these businesses.
  13. I can't believe we're still having issues with snaps. It really killed quite a few play on Saturday. Timing just gets all shot to hell when you gotta field a high heater.
  14. This isn't a call for violence. It's a call for resistance, which is stupid to an extent. I do not agree with this lastest madate by her. Unless they are going to give out massive loans (which I haven't heard a peep about) she is effectively killing small business like local restaurants and bars. They cannot survive this again. Reduce capacity, sure. By all means fine those who don't follow the mandate, but you can't close indoor dinning in the winter. I know a guy who opened his restaurant in March and can't get any of the loans because he doesn't have a year's worth o
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