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  1. ZRod

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    That face shield is dope! Too bad they can't actually wear them. Also...
  2. ZRod

    Healthcare Reform

    I understand being frustrated with it, but there will always be abuses of any system. The only thing that can be done is to try to regulate around it if it's truly a statistically significant problem. The other side of the coin is those regulations could make it more difficult for the people who really need it to get assistance. It's one of those things where I would be less pisses about the system the. I would be as the lazy POS taking advantage of it.
  3. ZRod

    The Trump Economy

    I don't really feel that load... Just fortunate.
  4. ZRod

    Fall Camp Notes

    Must. Contain. Nerd bulge. This is pretty cool. It's crazy that we have this technology at our disposal now. That being said it seems like there are a lot of variables that would affect the accuracy of their models, but the amount of exertion on the body is probably the biggest one and they can measure that. If you could link this with sleep, diet, and tie in flexibility/muscle imbalances you would have the ultimate system.
  5. ZRod

    Fall Camp Notes

    Go on...
  6. Is it game day yet?

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    2. ZRod


      Note to self: @GSG is a jerk face. Don't invite him to friends giving this year.

    3. GSG


      @ZRod Joke's on you bro. I make the best smoked turkey and my fiancee makes the best stuffing. Your loss!

    4. ZRod


      I'll bet you like her stuffing you, you degenerate!


      If you're not using cherry wood then it ain't the best.

  7. ZRod

    The Trump Economy

    Uh, no. It means we as a country f#&%ed up, and should do something to try to fix the problem that was created.
  8. ZRod

    Healthcare Reform

    I improved my diet in my mid twenties and my season allergies went away. Diet and sleep are two very important things that we a ignore. Poor sleep cause me to have minor depression.
  9. ZRod

    Healthcare Reform

    This is a good one to discuss. While Obamacare didn't do too much to improve the price of health insurance,what it tried to do was gutted by Rebuplicans and Trump. The insurance companies we're supposed to receive subsidies from the government (I believe the money came from new taxes on medical devices or something). The GOP stonewalled these subsidies with lawsuites and Trump finally said he wouldn't pay them. The net result was increased premiums. The subsidies we're designed to help control any rise in premiums due to insurance companies been required by law to pick up low income and extremely sick people who did not previous have coverage. When you gut a crucial part of a bill of course it will begin to fail. The truth is that Obamacare was never given a chance by the GOP, because it likely would have been a minor net positive for the country.
  10. ZRod

    challenge for trump supporters

    Uh, you didn't really dispute what he was saying, and he didn't mention anything about the Fed. So... What's backwards about ensuring that banks aren't engaged in wild speculation with people's life savings?
  11. ZRod

    The wait is almost over

    Huskerboard doesn't like giphy or tenor's format for whatever reason. Wait for the gif image to showul before you post it to make sure it worked right.
  12. ZRod

    Healthcare Reform

    I think you're right.
  13. ZRod

    Healthcare Reform

    Oh! So now you want a handout???
  14. ZRod


    Just because someone seems upbeat when you're around them doesn't mean they aren't depressed or suicidal.
  15. The Wisconsin #jakefromstatefarm Badgers :rollin