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  1. Who doesn't come one from a naturally strong family these days?
  2. You do realize that Joe Biden, Nunez, Schiff and all the other elected officials are public servants in the government, right? And as such their phone records on state devices are more than likely available to the public through a FOI request, right?
  3. Why can't I like all 4 teams? This is literally one of the most intriguing playoffs yet, minus OU. I've always had a great respect for OU, but good luck boomer... Dabo does things the right way at Clemson and has built a dynasty. You've gotta love coach O having success and the story of Joe Burrows. And damnit has it been fun to watch OSU roll this year, if they meet Clemson in the final it could be the game of the century.
  4. Uh... There are technologies available to store it with and people are coming up with new and more innovative ways every day. It may not be entirely economical right now, but just like electric car battery packs the prices will come down as the parent technology becomes more prevalent and people see the market growing.
  5. Are you implying that orchestrated the reopening? I've seen nothing to form that opinion. He's only ever said that he new about the then "new" emails and that the FBI asked him about how he knew when they investigated the leak.
  6. Didn't Mitch say he wasn't moving any legislation until they dropped impeachment?
  7. Literally the exact opposite of what a financially sound plan looks like.
  8. I explained to you a major reason why the premiums kept shooting up. Only one party is responsible for that. Do you see what it keeps coming back around to?
  9. If you're really concerned with the results then they should speak for themselves. Only one part has taken steps in the last 10 years to remedy the situation. The other has done everything it can to obstruct it.
  10. What exactly would he be guilty of? The "investigation" into Burisma had been on hold for years before Joe (as the US lead in Ukraine) had the prosecutor removed. Every ally in Europe agreed that the prosecutor was corrupt. Apparently there is a long standing tradition in Ukranian politics of announcing an investigation and then making it go away for a price. Sure, look into it but from everything we know it's almost certainly a bad look and nothing more.
  11. It'd be nice if we could give progressive things a chance. It was a step in the right direction at the very least. The GOP said they would implement something better, which would have been interesting to see, but their plan was to actually tear it down and do nothing.
  12. The players the past two years have admitted as much when it comes to confidence. We've heard them say in pressers how the chips were down, and they thought "here we go again..."
  13. So are we going to have to foot the bill for the legal fees when these get thrown out, or is it on Devin's dime?
  14. You could just say no, you didn't read the report.
  15. Here's a better question, why didn't Trump, Nunez, or anyone in the GOP care enough to investigate when they had full control of the legislature at the time?
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