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  1. I wonder how long it will be before someone mentions Rudy's name and the Logan act in the same sentence. As Trump's personal lawyer (not the President's) he can not negotiate in anyway with a foreign government. Also, he says his bank account is clean. He's going through a divorce right now and being accessed of hiding money and working for Trump for free. How much do you want to bet he set up a shell company that is having money funneled to it by some arm of the Trump organization, so he can recoup the money once this "blows over".
  2. I'll second this. I like the various view points we get in here and it help me learn as well.
  3. You know what it means This isn't just an NBA thing. If you've been on the internets a lot of gaming companies are getting blown back for banning and censoring users who speak out about Hong Kong. Boycott Blizzard is the new thing for the nerds. If you take a step back we're kind of getting a taste of our own medicine now. For almost a hundred years the US controlled world consumption. Now the sheer mass of the Chinese population is dictating consumption. The media, sports teams, artists, and companies are all kowtowing to China because they know it's a massive marker just by the defacto population, and they will be left in the dust if they aren't able to break in and maintain a foot hold. The only problem is, as South Park has so amazingly pointed out (yet again), you have to compromise your tegrity to do that. Sell your soul to the devil to make a buck.
  4. Lost that hack that Mav gave me for the desktop version permanently on mobile, now status updates are at the very bottom and there's no visible way to select desktop mode. Also, I finally have adds showing up. All in all, not a good start...
  5. The guy who wrote the Article and then book on Black Hawk Down. He has always seemed like a pretty fair and unbiased observer. That's scary if he's hearing that from top brass.
  6. I know he says "don't yell at them" but I don't think he means don't raise your voice at them, because he clearly did that today. He means don't criticize them without teaching and coaching them to be better. Which is strong leadership. You don't berate people to get them to perform better, you let them know what they did wrong and how to fix it.
  7. So... We just going to box these things up and try again next year?
  8. Seems like every time Hurts comes off the field Lincoln Riley should be saying "don't do that again." Forcing balls across his body in the endzone instead of throwing it away. Changing hands behind his back with a defender tackling him. Dangerous play for a QB.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      And there are also many positives to having him out there doing what he does. High risk, high reward.

  9. A NATO country shelling another NATO country on purpose. Just what Vlad wanted after he sold them the missle system. Erdogan is a loose cannon right now for the US and Russia, but I'm sure Putin will take chaos in NATO if he has to make some Syrian sacrifices.
  10. Trump boy is lucky Turkey is a NATO ally, otherwise it's not hard to spin this as treason since it's pretty obvious they are letting ISIL loose on purpose.
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