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  1. ZRod

    End of NCAA College Football?

    They're getting a free education, room and board, and training facilities. The only other deal you're going to find like that is in the military, and you still don't get all those perks. Should Generals and CEO be compensated the same as privates and new hires?
  2. ZRod

    Trump-endorsed news sources

    I thought these people were violent rapists, gang members, and drug smugglers. He better armour up!
  3. ZRod

    Trump Foreign Policy

    It's utterly insane to me that anyone, ANYONE, thinks the world needs more nukes. Anyone who lived to through WWII, the cold war, and 9/11 should appreciate the shear terror and absurdity of nuclear weapons. We don't need them, the world doesn't need them, they should be put back into Pandora's box.
  4. ZRod

    Trump Foreign Policy

    When you can destroy the entire world multiple times over, what the f#&% is the point?
  5. Is Indiana the new Northwestern? They give the top teams fits year after year.

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    2. ZRod


      It was Frankenmuth lol. Ate way to frickin much. We dodge most of the rain bands and actually caught the end of a rainbow! Was a damn good day!

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      The whole Devin Bush thing, pretty douche move, but that Baker Mayfield kid should apologize....

    4. Michiganball


       Franakenmuth, been there many times, ate to much is standard for me there also. then picking up some sweets for  home, especially those custard mini fruit pies. But yea, thats a bit of a drive into the state and actually heading there you passed my place by like 5 minutes if you took the freeway up(live right of it). Anyway awesome that you had a great time and didn't get soaked by this unpredictable weather.

  6. ZRod

    Suicide Signs

    About 4 or 5 years ago someone jumped from one of the garages, and I think, killed themselves. That's probably why they're there...
  7. ZRod

    Look at this moron right here:

    Hope it's tasty! Thans for being a good sport. It tatse good though. Always proud to have a Husker shine!
  8. Where's my week old beer at Squakeye fans?

  9. ZRod

    The Republican Utopia

    This is another one of those "do we seriously need this" laws, like the Sharia ban, bathroom laws, cake laws. Everybody just needs to learn to play nice together.
  10. ZRod

    The murder of Jamal Khashoggi

    Hey, at least Obama isn't embarrassing us on the world stage anymore.
  11. ZRod

    The Angry Violent Right

    I see our education system has failed us again. The American public couldn't tell you the difference between Stalinism, Communism, or Socialism.
  12. ZRod

    The Republican Utopia

    And that's why we can't have nice things...
  13. Can't wait to see the first win of the Frost era tomorrow.


    Day by day...

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    2. Mavric


      Went to the Akron game expecting to see the first win.


      Went to the Colorado game thinking I had a good chance to see the first win.


      Going tomorrow. Never thought I had a chance to still see the first win but.....

    3. ScottyIce



      AND SEE IT!

    4. Cdog923


      You gonna watch the 1996 Michigan State game again? 

  14. God you're young... I got a Donk! Heck yeah, mine is Crocodile Dundee II!
  15. ZRod

    Minnesota Week Pressers

    Does the new 4 game redshirt rule affect medical redshirts at all? I wonder if it makes it more of a sure thing that you can get a medic if you only played 4 games.