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  1. ZRod

    Martinez for Heisman

    You're probably right, but if he isn't a finalist at a minimum before he leaves NU then something went horribly wrong. A True Frosh putting up the numbers he did without playing his senior year in high school is pretty amazing to me.
  2. ZRod

    Martinez for Heisman

    Will you two just kiss already?
  3. ZRod

    The Trump Economy

    Corporate Austerity There's something wrong here anyway you look at it
  4. ZRod

    Martinez and the QB running game.

    I would bet my bottom dollar you are right.
  5. ZRod

    Martinez and the QB running game.

    Honestly, I didn't think we had enough designed runs for AM this year. We really held on to that QB draw a lot and Frost made sure he lulled the defense asleep before he would spring it on them for first downs. Also, a lot of the read options seemed to be predetermined gives. I think we could pretty safely add some more dart and QB power plays without fear of putting too much on his shoulders.
  6. ZRod


    Comrade, you're looking to deep! They only need the outward appearance that we've done something similar so they can use the whataboutisms.
  7. ZRod

    It’s cold outside

    this whole thing. It's clearly a flirtatious song about playing hard to get. I pitty the generation that will have to sign a general consent form to make it to first base.
  8. ZRod


    Looks like they're taking a page out of our playbook, circa 2003.
  9. ZRod

    The Angry Violent Right

    Why do I need to know his name, but not the name of his victim(s)?
  10. ZRod

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Jesus... I know you all love this quote, but it's out of context. And in full context Rudy's point was correct.
  11. If Mastadon doesn't show said brown out within the hour do we ban him?
  12. I know Consumers Energy, a major power provider in Michigan, has pledge to end all coal plants by 2040. Seems like Donnie is fighting a losing battle. Not that we didn't already know that.