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  1. Did he slather on extra spray tan tonight because he's back in Jersey?
  2. Can we just have the British actually clean up one of their messes for once?
  3. The guy who's charity was shut down and forced to pay $2M for misuse of funds. The guy who's "University" was shut down and forced to pay $25M in settlements for law suits related to illegal business practices. The guy who's hotels the Saudis always stay at when they're in town. The guy who has scammed his way out of taxes by manipulating the value of his units. The guy who has Russian mobster buy and live in his condos to launder money. The guy who has massive loans with Deutsche Bank, who oddly received similar amounts of money from the Russians... All verifiable facts. But this guy is interested in rooting out corruption...
  4. Could you imagine Goldman cross examining Trump?
  5. I mean... Kelly does have a masters in European studies from Cambridge, so I could easily see how she would confuses Ukraine and Bangladesh... What a bafoon! Maybe don't act like a jacka$$ and you wouldn't have to worry about what is and isn't on the record. Furthermore, I think if you're such a nasty person that you try to degrade someone asking you legitimate questions your dirty laundry deserves to be aired.
  6. I read the transcript. It's just... I get that there may be an unwritten rule that journalist don't want to smear a public official; but when someone verbally abuses you and then insults your intelligence over legitimate interview questions, and that someone is the Secretary of State... The public deserves to hear what a POS they really are.
  7. Kelly may be critical of this administration, but she is anything but dumb. The woman has it as far as credentials. Pompeo is an absolute idiot if this is true. He was talking to one of the most qualified journalist out there, and he pulled this s#!t? I'm curious where the audio is.
  8. Young Trump actually sounds intelligent, and I'm not just saying it because of his position on the issue then. What the hell happened to him that he can barely put a sentence together these days.
  9. Deb doesn't want facts like she said. The facts are pretty alarming if she cared to pay attention, and quite a bit "stranger" than mentioning the Bidens. I've been considering sending her and Sasse an email even though I'm not living in the state anymore. As a Nebraskan born and raised (I'll never be anything else no matter where I live) they're an embarrassment.
  10. That's fine. know it's your schtick to post click bait, but it's dishonest. People are hammering away at Irish Joe over there about context and honesty, but somehow we don't have a problem when it bashes Trump. Using the context of the conversation's audio it's pretty obvious that he wasn't speaking literally about the wheel. The rocket stuff is hilariously stupid, the wheel stuff is a not too uncommon conversational cadence that the Twitter guy is twisting to fit his narrative.
  11. This one is a leap...
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