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  1. Here are the standings. NU on top. https://bigten.org/standings.aspx?path=baseball
  2. I see lots of coverage of Michigan baseball and softball, but not on BTN yet. Only on Michigan sights and only when they are decent teams, like lately. I suspect there will be no BTN coverage of either unless some team makes the college world series.
  3. Cool. Men’s gymnastics was well represented by the Big Ten including NU. Final standings below. 4 of the top 6. Team standings 1. Stanford — 414.521 2. Oklahoma — 411.591 3. Michigan — 410.358 4. Nebraska — 406.624 5. Minnesota — 406.291 6. Illinois — 397.991
  4. National champs....no idea whether BTN had anything about it. https://www.mlive.com/wolverines/2021/04/michigan-womens-gymnastics-wins-first-national-title.html
  5. I have been a BigTen fan for decades, and you are not wrong. Historically they have not had great baseball teams, besides the occasional run in the college World Series. Even then, this only gets some interest from a band wagon jumping fan base during the run. There is more interest in hockey, and even lacrosse recently. I wondered how NU fans would feel about this when they joined. You probably didn’t realize it would not be a good match for baseball. Others areas have been great however....women’s volleyball for example.
  6. Actually I didn’t think about it, but sure why not, I’ll take credit. It’s funny.
  7. Leaving for the NBA was bad choice by him. He is a great dude, bummer it didn't work out. Juwan, is working out great at Michigan so far though. I think Beilein is back at Michigan in some teaching or advising capacity. He should teach ethics.
  8. The fan base would have to be patient and he doesn’t go for the one and done types....maybe AZ?
  9. Those are pretty high profile jobs, although I am not sure Texas will ever be satisfied with any coach. Football or Basketball. I would avoid that one. Edit: wonder if John Beilein will jump back into college hoops at one of these spots.
  10. Probably a better point. I didn't realize TBS had limited viewership.
  11. I bet all the missing blue bloods and upsets actually caused less viewership. Also Tuesday night.
  12. No. Does that mean they are gonna win it all?
  13. I suspect sarcasm in this post, but when the leaders and legends existed, I thought this might be possible.
  14. Only one team in the sweet 16. Terrible with all those high seeds. Michigan won't make it much further unless they have bench players score 21 a few more times. I don't see them getting past the elite 8 without Livers. The Big Dud.
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