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  1. nic

    Penn State

    This is funny...but then I started to wonder if Frank was being sarcastic too...which is also funny. I guess I am good. Thanks for the laughs fellas.
  2. nic

    Penn State

    Never had hazing of any kind when playing sports...or anywhere...what is wrong with people.
  3. nic

    Penn State

    Anyone who would even threaten doing that is sick in the head.
  4. It's so NU can catch a breather ( including Rutgers) before crap hits the fan.
  5. Maybe that is one of the reasons why Michigan rarely gets a top 5 class. They have had a number of freshman bow out due to academics as well. One was a 5 star kid that ended up in prep school.
  6. Did recruiting standards go up when NU joined the Big 10? Just curious.
  7. the Big ten has 3 maybe 4 bowls wins.
  8. 3 and 6. Maybe 4 wins. What the heck is Michigan doing playing Bama? Why is that not PSU or Wiscy? I guess maybe Michigan was 4th in the Big Ten on the CPF rankings, but they should be below Minny record wise.
  9. I see 6 wins easy. One of Purdue/Cincy, SDSU, CMU, one of NW/Illini, Rutgers, one of Wiscy/Minny/Iowa.
  10. Man you guys are pessimistic. I see 6 wins and a bowl game. Of course, I picked 8 wins this year.
  11. nic

    B1G Week 15

    Would have been better to have MSU vs PSU and Rutgers vs Maryland to end the season. The rest of the match ups are great.
  12. nic

    B1G Week 15

    NU and Michigan pull off upsets.....Drinking the Kool-Aid.
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