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  1. Michigan gets Ohio State, Michigan State and Notre Dame at home but they have Wisconsin on the road. I believe Michigan’s overall schedule is ranked tougher. There just seems to be a lot of hype surrounding the fact that Harbaugh handed over the offense to Gattis and this new offense fits Shea Patterson to a T. People are assuming that Michigan’s D is going to be top five again which I think is a stretch. I think their defense is going to take a step back with the talent they lost to the NFL, and lack of depth.
  2. Here were the most popular Big Ten Championship Game predictions: Michigan over Nebraska (8) Michigan over Iowa (8) Ohio State over Iowa (6) Ohio State over Nebraska (4) Ohio State over Wisconsin (3) Nebraska over Michigan (2) Michigan over Wisconsin (1) Ohio State over Minnesota (1) Northwestern over Michigan (1) source: https://www.mlive.com/wolverines/2019/07/big-ten-reporters-pick-michigan-to-win-league-title-in-2019.html
  3. I keep looking at this thread for some reason. Sort of like passing a car wreck I guess.
  4. nic

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    I didn't know that many people in Nebraska were into sports betting.
  5. Tressel was good. Luke Fickel was a one year interim coach. There were no plans to keep him as head coach unless that one year was stellar. Truth be told, OSU was probably waiting for Meyer and already talking to him when Fickel took over. I have no proof of that, I am speaking rumors. before Tressel, Cooper was a 10 to 12 win coach most years. He got fired for going 2-9-1 against UofM.
  6. The pundits are all assuming they win at home against OSU, MSU, ND and on the road at Wiscy. I suspect Michigan will have tough time beating Army this year. Army took OU to the wire last year and returns almost everyone. The hype with Michigan is overblown.
  7. nic

    Athlon Quarterback Rankings

    How can they even rank some of these guys when they haven’t seen the field or have only seen it in mop up duty? I agree Fields has talent but needs to prove it. Patterson did well as Martinez last year and I think he was a bit hamstrung in the Harbaugh offense. That will change this year. Martinez was also playing injured last year. lewerke had a bad year last year but could surprise this year. MSU QBs have a way of doing that. It will be interesting to see how Hunter Johnson does.
  8. nic

    B1G Printing Money

    With the SEC ESPN contract locked for so long that could limit their upside. It will be interesting to see if the Big10 negotiates as well with new leadership at the helm, now that uncle Jim road off into the sunset.
  9. nic

    B1G Printing Money

    Doesn't the Big10 renegotiate in 2024? I think this current contract was shorter than others. That would mean we leap frog back a year later.
  10. nic

    B1G Printing Money

    Seriously though, when do they re negotiate their media deal? That might allow them the leap frog the BIG10 unless the cable cutters have put a dent in those contracts.
  11. nic

    B1G Printing Money

  12. nic

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    I stand corrected.
  13. nic

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Northwestern? That list looks suspect other than the $EC teams, because the committee will not shy away from having two of them.
  14. nic

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Every report from spring camp says Harbaugh handed over the keys. No more committee play calling. That said, I don't believe the hype. The defense is replacing too many and takes a step back this year. No depth on the dline either. Offense will be better than last year. Top 15 team for sure. Top 10 maybe.