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  1. nic

    B1G Week 12

    C’mon start rowing!
  2. Or....he plays football for a have instead of a have not.
  3. Assuming a neutral site. OSU PSU/Wisconsin - toss up. INDIANA MICHIGAN MSU NU NW
  4. nic

    B1G Week 12

    Can replace Rutgers now please?
  5. nic

    B1G Week 11

    Row the boat. Nicely done Gophers. Glad to see the Illini are going bowling.
  6. Hmmmm. Seems like everyone has moved on to 2020.
  7. nic

    B1G Week 11

    At least the games this week are more interesting....where is the graphic Mav?
  8. This is a joke. He probably paid it back the week before the announcement. He should just sign with an agent and get ready for the combine. Pryor got busted for tattoos....that seems the lesser of evils. The NCAA sucks.
  9. I have always liked Fleck. Even when he was at WMU. Even though he is over bearing. Minnesota hasn’t done this since when....the 60s. Even if he goes 1 and 3 in the remaining games it’s a big win for that program. I will be watching PSU vs Minny and pulling for the Gophers.
  10. Or the iPad. The Nat’l tables are blurry.
  11. I think dvdcrr is implying the big ten will do what it can to get a playoff team including rigging a game. It has nothing to with OSU other than OSU is still a contender. PSU is also a contender, or will be if they beat Wiscy, OSU and go undefeated. I do not agree with this point, but this isn’t about OSU.
  12. nic

    B1G Week 9

    I started a new topic so I have somewhere to post this. Rutgers is paying Liberty $1M for the game this weekend. Rutgers opened a 7 point dog. New definition of 'pulling a Rutger'.
  13. 10-3, 10-3, 8-5, 10-3, 5-2....but who’s counting. Harbaugh’s biggest issue is losing to rivals and embarrassing loses in prime time games. No trophies. If you look back at Bo, his records are similar and he lost lots of bowls games. BUT he won conference championships which is that really what mattered back then. Bo is the coach most Michigan fans adore. Also Gary Moeller had similar success as Harbaugh and was “let go” after 5 years.
  14. No. It’s just an autocorrect nightmare.
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