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  1. Funny...but shame on you.
  2. Those Wisconsin folks just can't help but party and drink.
  3. Speaking as an outsider, I really like this game each year. I know NW is not a flashy rival to have, but these games have really been fun to watch and they are a respectful team. Maybe you can play each year for the right to use “NU”. Not sure what the trophy would be.
  4. Looks like another “will there be a college football season” thread getting started.
  5. nic

    B1G Week 2

    Indiana #17 in the AP...thanks to poor coaching by Franklin. He is not limited to stupid timeouts.
  6. nic

    B1G Week 2

    Nice to have football back. Saturday felt normal.
  7. nic

    B1G Week 1

    I am not sure Indiana scored that 2 pt conversion, but it’s fun to see Penn state lose. Purdue surprised me. Michigan played well. I am NOT surprised about MSU. New coach, lost talent and no Spring ball.
  8. I didn't understand the reasoning for Nebraska either. For me the top three are MSU always whining about disrespect, Wisconsin because they are obnoxiously drunk most of the time, and Michigan because they are pompous asses.
  9. The girl from Maryland pounding the beer was impressive though.
  10. Most annoying schools in the Big Ten ranked. Guess who got #1? https://mooncrew.substack.com/p/14-big-ten-universities-ranked-by
  11. If past criteria is still valid, KSU would not make the cut. AAU membership was required. I think KU, ISU and Texas all have that. My guess is that OU would get an exception for football and the academic heads will cringe. I doubt KSU gets the nod over KU.
  12. 3 games in your pod (Iowa,OU,Kansas) every year. 4 games against pod B 2 games against 2 teams from pod C sorry my math was wrong....a 9 game conference schedule. in year 2, pod D replaces B and you play the other two teams from C. The division” alternates every year.
  13. If the conference uses 4-team pods and rotates them on a 9 game schedule, teams would play each other more often than they do now. Everyone would meet every 2 years, home and home every 4 years.
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