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  1. nic

    Tathan Martell Transferring to Miami

    How did Martell and Justin fields get hardship transfers the allow them to play right away? What were the hardships? I am not against letting kids play right away, I am just curious since this type of thing has been difficult to get from the NCAA in the past. has the NCAA ightended up? Do the lawyers have a strategy that the NCAA is afriad of?
  2. nic

    Delaney to Retire

    Please no.
  3. nic

    B1G Basketball 2018

    OT, Baby! Can't believe Purdue won. Dang it...wrong again. I punt
  4. nic

    B1G Basketball 2018

    I take it they beat Maryland....I guess I jumped the gun a little.
  5. I didn't know where to post this, but thought it was fun. This article lists the colleges that Super Bowl QBs attended. Notable stats: Not one QB from a Texas school has started in a Super Bowl. 11 from the Big Ten. 3 from Purdue leads the way. Cal leads the pack with 5. https://amp.businessinsider.com/super-bowl-quarterbacks-colleges-2019-1
  6. nic

    B1G Basketball 2018

    We have won 79% of our non conference games. 33 against power conferences.
  7. nic

    B1G Basketball 2018

    We should put about seven team's into the tournament. It is shaping up to be a fun year for Big Ten hoops.
  8. nic

    The BIG in Bowls

    Minny and Wiscy won. At least we can beat the ACC. MichiganDad3, I hope the Big Ten does well, but I do not think this years bowl results help next years playoff selection. Big Ten only lost 1 bolw game last year, I think. It didnt help OSU get in. I wish for a 8 team playoff, but that discussion is in another thread.
  9. nic

    The BIG in Bowls

    There are a bunch of starters for Michigan sitting out the game including 2 team captains. Getting ready for the NFL I guess. Some of these guys are late round picks as well. The team and fan base seem very apathetic toward playing Florida again. I’d be surprised if Michigan wins. That said, I agree with Colorado Husk, the bowl games mean less and less if you are not in the 4 team play-off. With all the key players opting out of playing, it starts to feel like a warm up for next year.
  10. The part of the course on how to cover your tracks by deleting texts messages will be well received.
  11. Wow. Maybe failure teaches good lessons.
  12. GT is an option. They are AAU. Wasn't the Big 10 flirting with Virginia and NC? Didn't that cause the ACC to create a GOR?
  13. Yes we are stuck with Rutgers, but we can make jokes about other teams being Rutgered.
  14. Keep in mind the Big10 had a criteria to only accept schools that were part of the AAU the last time they expanded. NU was part of the AAU at the time. KU and Texas are members of the AAU. OU is not. Notre Dame is also not a member. I believe the Big 10 would make an exception for OU and Notre Dame, but I don't think they would take Oklahoma State. I agree that ND makes sense. If we put them in the East Pod it may satisfy their desire to play games on the east coast. Pod1: NU,OU,Iowa,Purdue Pod2: Wisconsin, NW, Minn., Illinois Pod3: OSU, MSU, UofM, Indiana Pod4: PSU, ND, Maryland, Rutgers Better yet, replace Ruters with Virginia.
  15. I believe the big 10 did consider TAMU before they went to the SEC. I doubt they would leave the SEC now.