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  1. nic

    Brohm gone?

    I hope he stays. He makes the Big Ten better. Its hard to turn down your alma mater however.
  2. nic

    B1G Week 10

    Well, Minny did give up 55 points to the Illini......
  3. nic

    B1G Week 10

    MIchigan lost their backup QB Dylan McCaffrey with a broken collar bone when he was in just running out the clock. He stayed in after the hit that broke it. He ran one more play, flinched as he handed off the ball, and walked off the field before the fnial keel down. I am bummed for this kid. Michigan is playing Rutgers next week. He probably would have played the 2nd and 3rd quarters. I bet NU gests a similar gem in Luke McCaffery.
  4. No idea. There was no way Durkin would be a successful coach at Maryland after this and he only had 2 years left on his contract anyway. The only thing they could have done to make this worse was extend his contract.
  5. President Loh came out looking like a boss. He re-instatnes Durkin after being ordered to do so against his betrer judgement. Retires "resigns" at the end of the year. Then fires Durkin....and the board can't fire him, because he already quit.
  6. At this point they should have held off till the end of the season. Their season is going relatively well. It will be interesting to see if it tanks. Crazy how the reinstatement was handled
  7. nic

    B1G Week 8

    So Dantoniio didn't get fined for lying? They have video of him walking behind the payers smiling.
  8. nic

    Purdue 49 Ohio State 20

    please share them.
  9. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    No I meant about where both teams have been since 1997.
  10. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    When asked about 1997. Harbaugh: "I haven't thought about it," said Harbaugh, a Michigan alum. "I have a very small rear view mirror." Frost: "You watched the Rose Bowl and the Orange Bowl. Michigan won with a controversial play at the end. We took apart the third-ranked team in the country."
  11. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    Misery loves company.
  12. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    "Also, Michigan beat Colorado by 24 which I believe is a three-score game." Did they have the 2-point conversion back then? Its been too long, I dont remember. By the way, I read both MIchigan and NU forums. I don't see this discussion on UofM boards like I do on NU boards. Not sure why. Maybe I am just not on the correct UoFM board. I also have many freinds that are NU fans and they always bring this up when the two teams play. I don't hear Michigan fans bring it up. It seems like NU fans feel more slighted by the split polls. Or maybe Michigan fans were just happy to get a NC after a 50 year drought. :-)
  13. The Michigan D gives opponents first downs on 3rd down penalties.
  14. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    You must be a BYU fan and I must not have any football knowledge because I didnt expect them to beat Wisconsin. I think the spread was around 24 points, so I am not alone..
  15. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    Wasn't bashing BYU. I was pointing out that Wisconsin was supposed to win that game easily.