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  1. Give him time. They haven’t folded yet. Meta and others are cutting the workforce like crazy. A reality check.
  2. Elon was figuring out how to make Twitter more profitable. That is his new job.
  3. I See my last response to Guy… honestly I know that my bro and his wife are on Obamacare. I will ask them what they think, but they are very liberal…or at least my sister in law is. I have very few people I know to ask about it.
  4. I think I know of who you speak. I have a neighbor that drank himself to the point of cirrhosis of the liver. On my run yesterday, I saw him. I am pretty sure he is on disability at this point. That would be a safety net provided primarily by the Dems. I am 90% sure he is a MAGA guy and if you try and sell him on Dem policies it wouldn’t matter or make a difference, but if you took his disability payment away…..
  5. So you think the Dems will win over voters by accusing them of being racist or whatever else? That sounds like a great winning strategy. We have gotten to the point were people of color are not allowed have conservative views.
  6. I don't buy obamacare. When most people see a ballot measure that raises taxes they vote no. The way Colorado gets these passed is by lying and saying the extra revenue will go to education, and better roads. Then people pass it. I agree on social security and min wage (to a point) but Republicans stopped fighting on SS.
  7. Obama care? Really? Maybe. I have not heard that at all. Crop subsidies I buy, but most don't even know it's a thing. Social security. Yup. Republicans gave up on that several years ago. Welfare...I bet they think it is mostly wasted money. The concept yes, but not run administrated very well.
  8. I have certainly heard the socialist labels, but more so years ago. Not as much lately. Clean air, safe water, protected park land...sure...most want that, but those issues are not communicated directly...nor opposed directly. Maybe indirectly by policy, but no one wins an election running on these issues. I don't think most independents want more government. I think most want more efficient government. If we look at green energy....most would want to protect the environment, until they get the utility bill. If that goes up when the government forces the energy companies to provide a certain amount of renewable energy...folks no longer want it. Then it's 'drill baby drill'. If we look at education, i bet the black community would actually prefer school of choice. I do not think most independents currently approve of the education system. How else did Youngkin win in Virginia. I bet they are also for public safety...and maybe even getting control of immigration, although that is a failure for both parties. I still can’t believe Trump won on building a wall, but he did and we stuck with the mess. Dems want to say it's all racist, but People are sick of being called racist. Doesn't matter if it's true or not. How do Dems communicate their policies better to convince independents? I wrote off the Republicans in this discussion. If Dems win the independents it doesn't matter.
  9. That is what they are arresting Trump for? I have honestly been out of country and not paying attention. I find it hard to fathom that people in power do time for such things. It would be great if people in power were held accountable, it just rarely seems to happen.
  10. I am curious which ones...I am not looking for proof...but I am curious. Identity politics is usually pinned on the Dems, but in this case I assume you mean they are just going to vote republican, regardless.
  11. I have OMG thread on my future "I told you so" response list for when someone other than Trump wins the nomination...or I will respond while eating crow...but I will respond...
  12. I don't think Dem policies are very popular on the right or for some independents. The social issues, even global warming don't move the needle. I am not saying they shouldn't, but I do not believe they do. Some independents will keep Trump out...others will vote policy others third party. I am now fearing this will be another Trump Biden battle.
  13. True. DeSantis was gaining ground and then I read he fell way back again at some conservative conference recently. Trump was over 50%.
  14. Agreed. I feel like Trump was fading. This arrest might elevate him back. If his followers riot like Jan6 however, that might hurt him.
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