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  1. Dems wanted Taylor Swift to come out support Biden.
  2. I have to entertaining to hear about Joy Reid and Rachel Madow meltdowns. May they are in the denial stage of grief. MSNBC's Joy Reid, who has questioned whether Trump was actually shot with a bullet at his rally on Saturday, argued on Wednesday that President Biden getting COVID-19 and recovering was "the same thing" as Trump surviving an assassination attempt. "This current President of the United States is 81 years old and has COVID, should he be fine in a couple of days, doesn't that convey exactly the same thing? That he’s strong enough – older than Trump – to have gotten something that used to really be fatal to people his age. So, if he does fine out of it and comes back and is able to do rallies, isn't that exactly the same?" Reid said. "These two men are both elderly. Donald Trump is an elderly man who, for whatever reason, was given nine seconds to take an iconic photo op during an active shooter situation. Weird situation, we'll figure that out one day," Reid said. And Madow with her Lord of the Rings White Nationalism Easter eggs from JD Vance. "Like his mentor, like Peter Thiel, who had given him all his jobs in the world, Mr. Vance also when he founded his own venture capital firm with help from Peter Thiel, named it after a Lord of the Rings thing. He called it Narya, N-A-R-Y-A, which you can remember because it’s Aryan, but you move the n to the front," Maddow said. "Apparently, that word has something to do with elves and rings from the Lord of the Rings series, I don’t know."
  3. I guess you should post that research on her twitter feed or Tik Tok so she can change her mind before the election. I think she said she did her research, are you saying young women of color can’t research this properly? I am completely joking with that statement. I know you are not. I am just practicing my made up racism accusations.
  4. My wife watched a little of the convention and mentioned Amber Rose’s speech. I guess she was a Trump hater because she was told he was a racist. Her dad challenged her to prove it. Anyway, I guess her speech for Trump was very good. Van Jones agrees. VAN JONES, CNN: That was probably the most dangerous speech for the Democratic coalition. That is a young woman of color. She's describing the experience a lot of people have, feeling that maybe if you're around too many liberals you might get criticized too much, or you might not be able to speak your mind. And she spoke to it really well. And she's way more famous than any of us up here. I'm going to tell you that. Way more famous. And so to the extent that these guys are trying to bust up our coalition, that was a bunker buster right there. By the way, and it's one of the things we've been talking about, but there are speakers who speak to the room, and there are speakers who speak through the television screen. She speaks through the camera to the audience at home, not— I mean, she's effective in the room, but when you're yelling into the room, that is not communicating directly through the lens edit: https://www.cnn.com/2024/07/16/politics/video/amber-rose-rnc-speech-video-trump-digvid
  5. "Yet nearly 48 hours after the shooting, investigators are struck by the lack of leads they’re finding about Crooks’ mindset and possible motives. Even after successfully breaking into his phone and searching his computer, scouring his search history and bedroom, and interviewing his family and friends, agents still haven’t found evidence that would suggest political or ideological impetus for the shooting, law enforcement sources told CNN." https://www.cnn.com/2024/07/15/us/thomas-crooks-trump-rally-shooting-invs/index.html Sounds like his Dad owned lots of guns and they went shooting together. Not much online presence for the kid. He knew how to make bombs without google. I bet he covered his tracks. Programmer type.
  6. Based on what little I have heard. Loner. Bullied. Part of a gun club. Didn't make the rifle team. I would not have been surprise if he went after his school. I heard he hadn't used his discord account in several months, but he was probably a gamer. Maybe he wanted to one up Dillion and Klebold and be the next Lee Harvey Oswald.
  7. I would like to know his background what groups he was involved in, social media posts, metal heath state. You name it. I want to know his motivation. I hate to say it, but I am not sure the FBI will dig in and share.
  8. I hope this kid wrote a manifesto and authorities actually share it this time....unlike Tennessee.
  9. The threat to democracy is political. Just ignore it. It will be interesting to see if the Biden campaign dials that back now. Who knows. There are people filled with hatred for this guy. I am surprised this didn't happen sooner. Both sides have nut jobs. It's a shame. The only thing that should be said is what Biden said. It's sick. There is no place for it. Glad he is OK.
  10. I hope there is not some sort of 'retaliation' that happens. People need to dial it down.
  11. This report says the DA made a statement that the gunman and 1 attendee are dead. https://www.fox8live.com/2024/07/13/donald-trump-whisked-off-stage-pennsylvania-after-loud-noises-rang-through-crowd-3/
  12. False flag? That is the first place some of you go? Worrying about poll numbers? Looked like real bood. Maybe he had somthing hiding behind his ear that he broke open. I can almost hear my sister-in-law lamenting that it was a near miss.
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