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  1. I feel like all of my "must be in the the AAU posts" have been ignored. It because the big10 is arrogant. Wisconsin and Mich were the deciding votes to kick NU out....if I remember right.
  2. ACC is probably stuck, but here is a wish list if it can be blown up. And we almost get contiguous States and good brands... Clemson, FSU, KU, Virginia, ND, NC to the Big10. Go Big for 20 teams.
  3. If there is anything I learned from the last round, its that the Big10 Presidents want AAU membership, other than ND gets an exception. This limits the possibilities to KU, ISU, and ND, OR raid another conference. All talk of TT or Okie St. or WV can just get shelved unless the Big10 gets desperate. Raiding the ACC at this point seems unlikely. We should be concerned about them raiding PSU. They can have Maryland back and Rutgers for that matter. PAC12 merger...maybe....but not a raid. The SEC has the weakest GOR....I think. Maybe we get a pissed off
  4. I am sure there is. OU has sold their soul. I was hoping for KU/OU.
  5. IF true, and doubt it, Warren would get points for turning Texas away, and lose points if he did the same to OU.
  6. As I said...he sucks, and was not prepared for this. Delay would have had a plan....to get UConn
  7. I feel bad for him. That was more painful than watching George W speak. I know he has some speech issues, so I try to cut him a break, but I think there is more to it than that.
  8. Adding a note. Missouri wanted in the big10 when NU stepped in. Missouri is AAU. A&M is also AAU. If both get pissed for adding Texas it’s possible to switch to the big10. Not sure if the SEC has a GOR to keep them there though.
  9. What I meant was OU and ND would be accepted by the big10 even though they are not AAU members.
  10. They would be behind teams from the East for sure, but on the list none the less. The big 10s commish sucks. I am sure he is not ready for this and the big 10 will have to settle.
  11. The teams the Big 10 would take from the Big12 is Texas, Iowa St., Kansas and OU. OU would get a pass on not being part of the AAU similar to ND. I think ND will be stuck with the ACC. Big10 would take 2 more for 16. Kansas would be good. The other might come from out East, assuming the ACC doesn’t poach Maryland and PSU.
  12. Anyone see this from the Wash Post? I thought a lab leak theory was plausible a year and not because Trump said it. I am not sure about the NIH funding gain of function, but this Josh dude has been digging into it. A real reporter perhaps? Josh Rogin @joshrogin Hey guys, @RandPaul was right and Fauci was wrong. The NIH was funding gain of function research in Wuhan but NIH pretended it didn't meet their "gain of function" definition to avoid their own oversight me
  13. Trump is an a$$ that likes to talk about himself and embellish everything he says. Biden is having cognitive issues and is a gaff a minute. Some in the press politely call it “going off script”. If you look at past quotes from both, you will find questionable/bad comments ....not to mention actions. Most of these politicians just say/do what it takes to stay in power.
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