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  1. James Madison has 4, and a directional Michigan team has 3. Who would have thought.
  2. Wow that spread quick. I wish that all well.
  3. Minny crushes MSU and Maryland upsets Wiscy. It’s gonna be a fun and crazy year of hoops.
  4. Agreed. It's all predictions based on current rank. The Big Ten teams will eat each other alive and still get 10 teams in the tourney....and others in the NIT, if there is one.
  5. "The top-to-bottom strength of the conference is remarkable; 13 of the 14 teams are inside the top 55 nationally when you average KenPom and Torvik rankings. KenPom predicts all 13 of those teams to finish with at least eight conference wins, leaving Nebraska—which isn't an awful bottom-end power conference team!—with a projected 3-17 record."
  6. The Big Ten is very good. We are a basketball conference now. 1 good football team and very good hoops all around.
  7. Teddy Buckets. He went off for sure. I think he is comfortable in any venue, including the playground. He reminded me of Vinnie “microwave” Johnson. Did I just date myself?
  8. I thought I heard OSU has some cases now. The marquee game will be NU vs Rutgers.
  9. Rumor has it that the transfer portal will soon be full. Maybe the real reason they could not play is that they all quit. I actually did hear that the 2nd QB quit after he got benched for the 3rd string guy. The starter was Dylan McCaffery who quit the day after the season was turned back on.....smart kid.
  10. The answer is no. 19 cases. 50 kids out total per Big Ten rules....which are overboard. It’s worse this week than it was last week. My guess is the kids went out partying to drown their sorrows.
  11. I have been hearing Campbell too.
  12. I doubt it. They had 45 in quarantine or contract tracing and injury....or so the rumor goes. Not sure what rules are, but it’s the big ten so they are probably overkill. I bet they barely field a team and lose 70 to 0. Harbaugh seems to like inflicting pain on the program. Edit: I guess M’s first practice since they shutdown was yesterday.
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