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  1. I read the comment same on 11 warriors. Harbaugh finally started to do that in 2020.
  2. I just cancelled for the second time. I came back for a $3 per month for 6 months offer and that just ran out. The Marvel movies have gone downhill and I have watched most of the other content. I might fire it up again when the next season of Andor comes back.
  3. It’s only McCord’s first year as a starter. And JJs 2nd. JJ was a bit nervous last year. I think what helped Michigan was the past few years was getting rid of Don Brown and John Harbaugh sending young future NFL DCs to his brother. This quote from Marvin Harrison says a lot about how Minter prepares. I think the coverage schemes caught McCord off guard too. “I don’t know if I’ve gotten doubled more in a game than today,” Harrison said. “The safety help they had over top or inside — I’ve never seen anything like it until today. The bracket coverage in the red zone that we got, we got doubled a lot more today than I ever have before.” now I get to look forward to losing in the post season per usual.
  4. nic

    B1G Week 13

    Nasty Injury. I think it turned the game around.
  5. nic

    B1G Week 13

    Not big10, but this is funny.
  6. I have never signed up for the MGo Board. They are a bunch of pompous a$$e$. They spend most of their time correcting grammar on posts, but the game analysis is great. Good writers. I joined this board back when NU joined the Big10 out of curiosity about what the fans thought. I adopted NU as a second favorite because of the fanbase, but they have been hard to watch invent new ways to lose. Now that Michigan is the new villain I need to own it. It seems like most people view the sign stealing as man slaughter, to me its more of a speeding ticket, but I guess we will see what the NCAA thinks....eventually.
  7. I think it's laughable that you think this is his attempt to distract from something that isn't going away until the NCAA finishes up. No one at Michigan can comment on an open investigation per NCAA rules, so what would you like him to say about the investigation? Plus, he has made statements like this before either investigation. He advocated for NIL before anyone knew what NIL would be. It sure does seem like he doing this to piss them off, but you are free to disagree.
  8. No, he keeps poking the bear. Giving the same statement twice after he returns from suspensions seems very intentional, and the statement has nothing to do with the suspensions. Maybe not very wise, but who is going to argue with that statement other than the NCAA and some conferences? Michigan is still under investigation from the NCAA for both infractions. His statement doesn't change that, but it is sort of a middle finger.
  9. He returns from his second suspension this year and once again advocates for the players. https://www.maizenbrew.com/2023/11/26/23977025/michigan-football-jim-harbaugh-ncaa-revenue-sharing-ohio-state-big-ten-championship On Sunday afternoon during a Big Ten Championship Game news conference, Harbaugh expanded his thoughts on players being compensated. “Who could be against the players being compensated for what they do? At least even minimum wage. Who could argue against that? When there’s injury or not. The emotional buildup watching it on TV,” Harbaugh explained. “There wasn’t a commercial that went by, a sporting event that was played all week that you didn’t see those two teams and the buildup and the hype and talk about players’ legacies and everything that could possibly be rolled into one game on the line. Then you see the amount of people that are benefiting financially from those players’ efforts out there. I wonder who could be against that.” Harbaugh wants other coaches to do what he’s doing, use their voice to help student-athletes from all sports get compensated. “I ask other coaches to get on board. To use their platform and their voice for the student-athletes. Not just football players, all student-athletes to be sharing in this ever-increasing revenue.” Harbaugh said. “That was another thought that I had, and I just don’t know who could be against that.”
  10. https://www.thenation.com/article/society/thanksgiving-debate/?utm_campaign=SproutSocial&utm_content=The+Nation&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter Sean Sherman argues that we need to decolonize Thanksgiving, while Chase Iron Eyes calls for replacing Thanksgiving with a “Truthsgiving.”
  11. This is true. They think tOSU are the bad guys, but they do not hate them as much as MSU. MSU they have despised for several years now. OSU always had a level of respect. This is reasonable article on Michigan/OSUs game behind The Game, which OSU just won with flying colors. https://www.si.com/college/2023/11/21/michigan-and-ohio-state-rule-book-war-daily-cover "If Stalions hires somebody to videotape Ohio State’s signals against another opponent, then that’s apparently illegal, it’s a major strategic advantage (according to the Big Ten) and Harbaugh can be punished because he should have known. But if Harbaugh then gives all of those signals to Ohio State’s next opponent, that’s within the rules … or is it? Is the recipient also supposed to have known how the intel was acquired? Should Purdue’s Brohm have grilled Ohio State and Rutgers to make sure they obtained Michigan’s signals legally last year? The Big Ten, by the way, has the right under its sportsmanship policy to punish Ohio State, Rutgers and Purdue for their signs exchange last year, even though they did not violate NCAA rules. The rationale for punishing Harbaugh before the NCAA finished its investigation was that the coach was not being punished for breaking rules; the program was punished to protect “integrity of the competition, civility toward all, and respect, particularly toward opponents and officials.”" I bolded the text above. Based on what I have been reading civility and respect have left the building. It will be interesting and fun to watch how this all ends.
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