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  1. Lincoln in the Land of Lincoln….it’s an Onion headline.
  2. Smiley face all you want. Bill Maher agrees. "In the end, it comes down to what is in these boxes… if it turns out to be the real deal, if it turns out that Donald Trump has violated the Espionage Act, that is a serious crime and he should be held to account," Morgan said. "If it doesn't turn out to be there, that there are legitimate questions, I think, from the Trump supporters about the different standards applied to Donald Trump that hasn't been applied to Hillary Clinton, to James Comey, to Hunter Biden and the others."
  3. Interesting. They grabbed top secret docs. Didn’t Trump or someone say the FBI got nothing? Then it was that they were all declassified. I guess at first they were planted. I can't for the life of me figure out why some would knowingly take top secret docs unless is was malicious or some weird belief that he was above the law and he wanted to retain the info in those docs. I am very curious to know what the docs were, but that likely will not happen. The other thing is that it's hard to get a hold of these docs. They are not just lying around the oval office. They get signed out and tracked. You can't just hold on to them indefinitely because they would not be secure. I would say that Trump went all in and lost his hand. If convicted he cannot run for Pres I believe. Good news for the Republicans.
  4. Looks like Trump is all in. I think he just gave permission which is what the DOJ asked the judge for and the judge kicked the can back to Trump. I am not sure who has to officially release it. Do we know what if anything they found yet...for certain...not just media conjecture? I have heard everything from nuclear arsenal related info to nothing substantial. I would like for the DOJ to tell me and I can decide for myself how substantial it was.
  5. I have not been served a warrant so I do not know what is in one. What the country needs to know from the DOJ is why they raided the house and did they found what they were looking for. If they found documents related to national security, Trump is an extreme idiot or a criminal. If it’s either of those, charges should be brought. If we never find out what they found and no charges are brought against him, then his power increases and the claims of a witch hunt go on unfettered. The Government also needs to take care of this quickly for the sake of the country. If they delay until 2024, it’s a witch hunt in the eyes of many.
  6. That is why it's interesting. It's become a game of poker and I think he is in a no win situation. They called his bluff.
  7. I said earlier that the country needs to see the warrant info. That decision may be put in Trumps lap. This will get interesting. https://www.foxnews.com/live-news/president-donald-trump-fbi-raid-mar-a-lago-house-news
  8. I have been doing secure related work for 25 years longer than your daughter. I know the rules and have commented on them. I also mentioned in a prior post that Trumps personality is such that he would break rules that are bothersome to him. I doubt he would qualify for a clearance if he hadn't been given one due to the 2016 election. What I do not know is what the rules are for the commander in chief until he leaves office and afterwards.
  9. NU is going to hire Kirk Ferentz? "There's not a thing that I would change 'Cause you're amazing Just the way you are"
  10. This is my question, but it's also something I may not understand. I am not sure how security protocols work at the highest level. In a prior post, my guess is that he took them for some sort of perceived legal defense or its info that he thinks exonerates him from past accusations.
  11. From the Albany Union Times. I am starting to think this might be a good idea. Maybe it would calm folks down. "The public has an urgent and substantial interest in understanding the predicate for the execution of the unprecedented search warrant of the private residence of a former president and likely future political opponent," the organization said. "[N]o official explanation or information has been released about the search." It added: "As of the filing of this motion, the public record consists solely of speculation and inuendo. In short, the historical presumption of access to warrant materials vastly outweighs any interest the government may have in keeping the materials under seal."
  12. I thought I read that Trump complied with a subpoena to search his home for docs earlier this year and let agents in to retrieve some. I guess they did not get it all or I misread something.
  13. Uh oh. Someone better start a new thread... https://www.foxnews.com/health/new-virus-detected-china-infects-35-people-what-know
  14. I think this statement describes every politician with very few exceptions. Even ones that started with pure intentions are corrupted eventually.
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