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  1. Well in the meme, the GOP is the one driving the car off the cliff.
  2. Oh I don't know, Devin, maybe because they were being investigated. Smart people usually hang low while that happens and definitely don't keep doing the thing they're being investigated for
  3. So you don't love us? Ouch, that hurts man
  4. I'm pretty sure "off the record" means what you say, not how you say it. And I don't think the "basic rules of journalism and decency" applies when you are berating and insulting the journalist. But what do I know?
  5. Hasn't the only time he's been CB has been at Nebraska? And on top of that his first two years were under Riley's amazingness? I can see why scouts are saying he lacks ball awareness. He's still fairly raw as a corner, but has the size and athleticism they like.
  6. His base are the same people who posted on facebook when Trump was elected that God was going to be in the White House again. They don't want separation of Church and state because they're religion is the one that's being conjoined.
  7. Maybe Russia wanted him gone and had us do the dirty work so they could keep their hands clean?
  8. I'm not saying it is or isn't, I'm just saying other countries actually give them the healthcare they need
  9. Most of the rest of the world also has better/universal healthcare
  10. Frost is on record saying he wanted to mix Oregon speed with Husker Power, so it sounds like he and Cristobal have similar mentalities.
  11. Don't forget the "Pound the Rock" rock that Frost got rid of
  12. I agree. I just fear that people will accuse anyone who uses the sign without knowing the context. That will just divide the country even more than we already are.
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