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  1. Everything revolves around him
  2. So, if it isn't an impeachable offense, then we did it. But if it is impeachable, then we didn't do it. Do I have that right?
  3. Like the saying goes, two wrongs don't make a right
  4. Not to mention that we don't have any receivers that are good blockers. Another thing that we miss with Stanley
  5. He's probably thinking of cheese curds
  6. That will put them in the aisles
  7. You mean the same guy that says that he, a wealthy individual, has been under audit for years?
  8. I was just coming here to post this
  9. So the fullback is making a comeback?
  10. Maybe he meant Wisconsin?
  11. Damn, Ohio St only has 40 more yards of offense per game, but scores 15 more points
  12. The officials were pretty terrible all around, imo
  13. Welcome to Nebraska, where we're used to plowing Fields
  14. Feeling confident that Georgia will win tonight?
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