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  1. jsneb83

    Defensive Play

    Personally, I thought they just weren't as aggressive in the defensive playcalling as they were in the first half. They were content with keeping everything in front of them and shortening the game. I could be wrong though.
  2. jsneb83

    P&R Billboard Fun

    I like it. If a restaurant doesn't have Dr. Pepper, I'll have Pibb instead.
  3. jsneb83

    P&R Billboard Fun

    It's my favorite, I probably drink way too much of it.
  4. jsneb83

    P&R Billboard Fun

    I literally get a Dr Pepper ad 99% of the time, not that I'm complaining
  5. Heston Paige Freddy Mercury
  6. Isaiah Lewis Sideshow Bob
  7. Alex Fontenot Shorty Meeks-Scary Movie 2
  8. jsneb83

    Never Forget

    Or this
  9. jsneb83

    Offensive Play

    I agree for the most part, although I did like AK-47 for Andrei Kirilenko
  10. Definitely not, I was asleep at that time too
  11. jsneb83

    Lightening Again!

  12. jsneb83

    Which type I-back do you prefer?

    Hey, that's not real fair. Mo didn't have to run behind a Jurgens snapping line.