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  1. I am working on getting all pop ups blocked. They were never approved.
  2. I am assuming you are referring to the anchor ad at the bottom. It has a close button in the top right. With the corona virus ad revenue is down 75% so the anchor ad is not going to go away as it has the best view ability and revenue. I have tried to keep a balance between generating revenue to cover the cost of the purchase and running the site and it will be at least another year or two before I break even.
  3. I have asked the ad agency to turn off the mobile anchor ad until they can get a close button on it.
  4. Congratulations to Eric. Completes the hat trick of Husker Heisman winners. Here is the list of all 19 Huskers in the HOF. I had the opportunity to attend the 2018 induction of Aaron Taylor. May have to make it back to NYC this December. Link
  5. If you can post the click through URLs I can get them blocked.
  6. Here's a full summary of yesterday's press conference and practice. LInk
  7. That is not the case. The Invision software platform is finicky and hard to deal with. It has been a learning experience and my first consideration when purchasing the site was to migrate to Xenforo which is what is on HuskerMax. Based on feedback I kept the Invision platform and will continue to keep it. Sent you a PM.
  8. The site optimization has been turned off. It appears that it was causing the problems.
  9. The politics ad have been blocked site wide and the screen squeezing problem should be resolved. We also did a site optimization that has improved the site loading speed.
  10. I spoke to the ad agency yesterday and they are checking into the screens being squeezed and also limiting the political ads to the politics forum only.
  11. I have a call with the ad agency tomorrow. Will follow up after the call.
  12. I was told they were turned off. I will talk to them tomorrow.
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