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  1. If you have a PC try using Snip & Sketch. You can outline an image then copy and paste it. I just did it with your profile.
  2. I have notified the programmer about this issue.
  3. There is an upgrade available for the BBS software. I will get that done and see if it fixes the issue.
  4. @RedSavageHave you tried the suggestions in this article? https://blog.pcrisk.com/mac/12282-how-to-fix-a-problem-occurred-with-this-webpage-so-it-was-reloaded
  5. We are working on the issue and have disabled video ads on mobile to see if that is causing this problem.
  6. Here is an article about the problem. https://blog.pcrisk.com/mac/12282-how-to-fix-a-problem-occurred-with-this-webpage-so-it-was-reloaded I have never been a fan of this BBS software and have not received any complaints from the XenForo BBS software and I handle complaints from multiple XenForo websites. I will bring this issue up again with our ad ops team on our weekly call tomorrow. The solution might be converting to XenForo.
  7. The only way to get sound ads blocked is the click on the ad and send me the URL. All ads are supposed to be sound off but some agencies sneak these in every now and then.
  8. Here is the response from ad ops. The issue that user was experiencing does not appear to be malware related. The browser is crashing. This article talks about some things he can try on the site: https://blog.pcrisk.com/mac/12282-how-to-fix-a-problem-occurred-with-this-webpage-so-it-was-reloaded Blocking ads was a test that could determine if the issue is ad related or something else. If he had it blocked and went past admiral; if he got the error again, then we know something else is affecting him.
  9. More feedback from ad ops. If you are still having issues reply to this thread. IOS/Safari tend to be the ones we hear from the most with pop-ups or malvertising. Chrome is not immune either. However, I just enabled some extra ad quality scanning for mobile devices and it should put a stop to any of these redirect or popup ads preventing users from using the site. I activated this on huskermax & huskerboard at the moment. Let me know if you get any complaints after the top of the hour here. 12/Noon Eastern, 11am CST.
  10. Out of 12 sites that I work with Husker Board is the only one reporting issues. The only way we can fix it is to document instances. This is the reporting link that we use. https://goo.gl/forms/zha0Ydig8JQqD41B2
  11. If you could post the time of day when you have connectivity issues I can share it with the hosting company.
  12. Can you post screenshots? Also, I will PM you.
  13. I have posted this with our ad ops. Will let you know when they respond.
  14. HuskerMax officially became the content provider for Nebraska sports on Sports Illustrated. Something I have been working on for a long time. Here's the link.
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