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  1. There was an issue with the BBS software and the server upgrade. Took a lot of back and forth between the two to get it fixed. Thanks to @Mavricand our source for BBS upgrades for their help.
  2. I am going to cancel the old server and hopefully that will resolve this issue.
  3. Here is the response from the server company. Going to leave it the way it is now.
  4. I have reached out to the server company again. Don't expect to get a response until tomorrow.
  5. The new server upgrade has just been activated. Supposed to improve load time and performance.
  6. Got this information from our ad ops. ---------------- Google is experiencing a large scale glitch in ad creative rendering impacting Google DV360 and Adsense. This has been happening since Tuesday September 22 early morning. The issue manifests as a browser dialog box to confirm the download of a file. The file is -not- malicious, this does -not- contain malware, just ad serving code. -------------------- https://news.thewindowsclub.com/firefox-chrome-edge-safari-forced-to-download-mysterious-f-text-file-103254/ These f.txt is not malware according to this recent
  7. Also, we will be doing a migration to a new faster server and will be upgrading the BBS software as well.
  8. It has been reported to our ad ops. Screen shots would be helpful.
  9. It is a new agency and they have been paused.
  10. I am working on getting all pop ups blocked. They were never approved.
  11. I am assuming you are referring to the anchor ad at the bottom. It has a close button in the top right. With the corona virus ad revenue is down 75% so the anchor ad is not going to go away as it has the best view ability and revenue. I have tried to keep a balance between generating revenue to cover the cost of the purchase and running the site and it will be at least another year or two before I break even.
  12. I have asked the ad agency to turn off the mobile anchor ad until they can get a close button on it.
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