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  1. Illinois upsets Wisconsin with game ending field goal. Iowa wears down Purdue. Indiana - Maryland up next.
  2. The developer that did the upgrade is still involved and if any more issues like the mobile ad over content comes up it will be addressed and fixed. Glad it got done before the weekend.
  3. I will get it tweaked so it doesn't continue to happen. It may take a day or two.
  4. Never mind. I thought you were on desk top. The developer is tweaking the upgrade and that is causing the ad to show on mobile. I will have him fix it.
  5. Turn off your ad blocker and refresh the page and it will go away.
  6. I got assurances this morning that the ad is blocked. Can you Colorado posters confirm?
  7. That never happens. It works the other way like getting the Colorado ad removed.
  8. The analogy that I use is do you take your bacon and eggs into the restaurant and ask them to cook it for free? Tolerating ads is all this restaurant is asking for in exchange for being the restaurant where you can have your bacon and eggs for free since the ads are paying for your meal.
  9. The average is four and the ads don't load until they come into view.
  10. If you don't use an ad blocker you can read and post for free. If you use an ad blocker you won't be able to view the site. If you want to view the sites without ads I am considering an OPTIONAL subscription model for those that want to post and view without ads. The best option is to not use an ad blocker and continue to view and post for free.
  11. That is under consideration. The revenue from the site is mainly from ads. You can post and read for free if you allow ads. If you use an ad blocker you will soon be seeing a message to turn off your ad blocker. Bottom line is this site would not exist without revenue to keep it going. The choice is very simple. Don't use an ad blocker and continue to read and post for free. There is not and there will not be a subscription model to post or read on this site.
  12. There will be no requirement to pay to post and read. Not sure where you heard that but it is incorrect.
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