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  1. Had the server company do multiple tweaks to get the site back online. The main problem was memory. Instead of trimming threads I purchased more memory so it should be good to go from here.
  2. Got this response from the server company. Need techies on the board to give me advice on how to proceed. ----------------- Thank you for your update and patience up to now. What we have established after reviewing the case is that there is not enough diskspace on the partition ( / directory) where your MySQL and MySQL databases reside. This partition is 50GB SSD. What we can do for you is the following: Reconfigure the MySQL service to run and store the databases on the 2TB partition (/home directory) where the primary home directory resides. Note that this is a 2
  3. It was down earlier today as well. Twice in two days. If it becomes a pattern I may need to change server companies.
  4. I have been assured again that these ads are no longer running. Hope they are correct. Let me know if you see any more. If it happens a third time I may have to shut off that agency for good.
  5. Board has been upgraded to the latest version on 1/17/21. Let me know if you notice any issues.
  6. They should be removed now. Let me know if they continue.
  7. Thanks. I have contacted them to get it removed.
  8. Send me a screen shot and/or a click through URL and I will get it taken off.
  9. It is being worked on. I have a programmer working with Invision support. With any luck today's the day.
  10. The quote function will be fixed soon depending on the availability of the programmer. Probably Monday.
  11. I have located a programmer that has experience with Invision and will be working with him early next week to fix the current issues. Did not want to attempt it on a game day weekend.
  12. I have been searching for a programmer to fix these issues and not having much luck. If there is a member out there with programming experience I would love to work with them. Using the online programming sites is an exercise in futility. Personally I am not enamored with Invision. Xenforo is much more user friendly from a back end perspective. I was going to switch when I bought the domain but decided not to based on feedback.
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