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  1. To coincide with the National Championship game tonight you can get all five of the Husker National Championship games plus the Gator Bowl win over Clemson in 2008 for a half off price of $49.95 and it includes free shipping. Click here to order.
  2. I got the same Comcast one on HuskerMax. Notified our ad ops yesterday. Be sure to clean out your history. Let me know if it continues.
  3. Don't forget to save a screen shot if you are 54% or higher to get the prize.
  4. We have a trivia contest running HuskerMax about the 1971 National Championship game. https://www.huskermax.com/13-questions-1971-orange-bowl-nebraska-vs-lsu/ Post a screen shot of your score and I will send the winner a prize by mail.
  5. My mistake. It's tomorrow Wednesday the 8th.
  6. The board will be upgraded tomorrow, 1/8, between 10 and 11 AM Central time. This should fix recent issues. There should be minimal down time.
  7. The update will be done on Wednesday between 10 and 11 AM Central time. Should be minimal down time.
  8. I will get the upgrade done this week.
  9. They have added additional malware scanning and have blocked the two items posted earlier. If you get more please post them in this thread so they can be blocked as well.
  10. I have reported this to our ad ops team.
  11. Link to game page with pre and post game articles.
  12. If you are referring to the ads that covered up the content that was due to coding errors by the programmer I hired and has been reversed. There are fewer ads here than on HuskerMax and that is by design.
  13. @BlitzFirst I purchased this site from the previous owners and it will take an absolute minimum of two years for me to recoup my investment so I am in it for the long haul. The only way I will recoup that investment and keep this site going is from a revenue stream. I do agree that advertising revenue is an ever changing medium and it will always be around in some form or fashion. The previous owners ran the site at a loss for many years and have now received a return on their investment that they deserve by selling the site. @knapplc It is not my intention to drive people away. It is my intention to find the happy medium of keeping the site going without a subscription model and the only way to do that is from advertising. It is unfortunate that with the upgrade the programmer I hired twice placed code that put the ads on top of the content. Not a good start and I will see to it that it doesn't happen a third time.
  14. Danny, I will consider making an ad free option. Too many posters want to label that as a subscription which is why I haven't offered it. I have stated it before and will state it again. Husker Board will not be a subscription board. The revenue model is 100% advertising and not subscriptions. A voluntary donation drive is not an option to get rid of the ads as the donors would be paying for those that don't donate. If enough posters want the option to pay not to view the ads I will add that option. That would give those that do pay the ability to view the board without ads.
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