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  1. Can't wait for Ty Robinson or Wynn Jr. wearing number 4 or 7.
  2. Total market collapse. That's who would handle it.
  3. Pretty sure Elon is idiotic for not knowing, what I can only assume, one of the most well compensated employee does/is.
  4. Objective complete! Now we need even more of you comrades to bind together to take back the motherland!
  5. All you weirdos lurking around here can help us out. We can eliminate the Buffaloes from this wretched map.
  6. I love how half of Lavonte David’s big plays are from him just getting pissed off the play before or during a play and knowing how to capitalize.
  7. Playoffs!?!?!?! Playoffs!!!!
  8. I know everyone has an agenda to push, but I had to look it up. Nobody bothered to visit the closest high school to campus since Macke was hired in 2011. They have had some pretty good teams there m, especially recently. Not even for a walk on or scouting info on other Lincoln area school players?
  9. He turned down staying as a head coach at a lower level to be a coordinator at a mid major in sin city. We all know what brought him round.
  10. Holy moly, I hadn't seen this. I feel like this should be bigger news, but haven't heard a peep. Dude has been getting Purdue rolling and was just in the B1G title game. Purdue probably headed back into the basement of the West/B1G. Good luck at Louisville. Hope you find the next Teddy B, Lamar Jackson, or Michael Bush and **checks notes** Brian Brohm... Maybe they will be fine.
  11. Also, had Oregon been able to hold on against Washington, they would have finally united the entire country the following week by beating Utah. If that were the case, Oregon State would now own the whole country and not just the two NDSU territories.
  12. Fun fact: If you do the 2016 to current map, they don't actually tract FCS level and below. So the NDSU taking Iowa's territory isn't changed until they lost to Arizona this year (2022). In that time NDSU lost to FCS opponents and it should actually go like this: {Date}: Owner (losses to) -> Opponent (new owner) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oct 15, 2016: North Dakota St -> South Dakota State Oct 29, 2016: South Dakota St -> Illinois State Nov 26, 2016: Illinois St -> Central Arkansas Dec 3, 2016: Central Arkansas -> Eastern Washington Dec 17, 2016: Eastern Washington -> Youngstown State (Bo Pelini's Team) Jan 7, 2017: Youngstown State -> James Madison (FCS Champions) Jan 6, 2018: James Madison -> North Dakota St (FCS Champions) Feb 27, 2021: North Dakota St (Undefeated in 2018 and 2019) -> Southern Illinois Mar 20, 2021: Southern Illinois -> South Dakota State May 16, 2021: South Dakota State -> Sam Houston State (FCS Champions) Dec 11, 2021: Sam Houston State -> Montana State Jan 8, 2022: Montana State -> North Dakota State Sep 17, 2022: North Dakota St -> Arizona (Who the map says gets it!) All that to say the map shows the correct owner now, but is actually wrong in the intermediary.
  13. Matt Canada is taking a bludgeoning this year at OC and the offensive staff may be on their way out. Not sure what connections he has to hang around in the NFL or if a trip back to college is in the works until another/better offer comes.
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