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  1. That is tough stuff coming from one of their best backs in a long time.
  2. From their source ”Blacks were more likely to be pulled over in trafc stops than whites and Hispanics” ” When police initiated the contact, blacks (5.2%) and Hispanics (5.1%) were more likely to experience the threat or use of physical force than whites (2.4%)” “Whites were more likely than blacks and Hispanics to say police behaved properly during street stops.” Definitely worth reading.
  3. “Black people do more crime so, of coarse, they have to deal with the police more.”
  4. I only know of one person who has contracted Covid with a confirmed test. He is under 30 and spiked a fever and constantly couldn't keep fluids down/stay hydrated. He ended up hospitalized and on a ventilator for a few days. From what I know, no other underlying conditions and relatively healthy guy.
  5. Nice articles, but kinda boils down to may not be more beneficial. But if it fixes people not being able to vote their true agenda, isn’t that worth a try?
  6. Funnies Another good video on the two party system.
  7. It was Wisconsin, so that is something’s
  8. Yeah, I call BS on that. He has struggled to stay healthy, but the kid looks like TMart when he has got action. I remember he had an insane run on us when he got in on our blowout loss at Michigan and he had another big one like it against Penn St as well.
  9. Checks notes...before coronavirus hit the U.S. fully.
  10. I mean, technically, it looks like they are being used by the public.
  11. He probably has been driving again for a long time. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2694486-nebraska-wr-coach-keith-williams-sentenced-to-30-days-in-jail-for-3rd-dui
  12. Scott Frost helped Jordan Akins get drafted.
  13. Nah. Sioux City is Iowa. South Sioux City is Nebraska. North Sioux City is South Dakota, but is actually west of Sioux City.
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