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  1. Given the population density in the northeast, I would say it may be the majority thinking for the entire American population.
  2. It is awkward, but I still wouldn't want to be in his way.
  3. September 13th, 2020 ends and the Jaguars are in sole possession of first place in the AFC South. This really is some year, I tell you what.
  4. The first play of hitting your own lineman...that hit a soft spot in my heart.
  5. I am with you, but Biden feels like the lowest of bars. We have been dead ahead on moving "right" basically since the 90's.
  6. We are barely trying to keep the Fascists out of the White House, let alone "actually" fixing things. We are a long way off from real reform that makes our country cleaner, better for most people, and safer.
  7. He could be trying to protect the children. This is his vehicle? His knife was in the car, so he was the one with the children? You could let him get in the car. Make every attempt to disable the vehicle and send out a warning. You have vehicle description and last seen headed info and you can attempt to follow.
  8. *From what I have seen, which may not be the whole story* There is a 20-some second clip of him in the direct aftermath of a shooting where he is on his phone, carrying the same gun, and someone else is tending to a victim. The guy tending to the victim claims he is the shooter of the victim. *Between clips he flees the scene* A minute and a half clip shows people going after the person, yelling he is the shooter, trying to take him down and one tries to take his gun when he goes to the ground. The gun is strapped to him and doesn’t come free and then proceeds to fire on multiple nearby people. He then walks away from the scene as cops move straight toward the scene. He holds up his hands and says something about helping earlier as onlookers say he is the shooter. Cops initially slow past him before driving toward victims closer to the incident. *A 20-something second clip shows a bit afterward* Cops try to get the shooter to not advance and he says he works for a business down the street. After a few back and forths the video stops, but assumably he passes based on this lie.
  9. I don't know. Private, or what you think to be private, conversations tend to lead more forthcoming on how an individual thinks/feels. I am sure you have studied him more than a lot of others, but I think this puts a lot of mud into pretty choppy waters policy wise. Being smart enough to not write vitriol and have black family members doesn't really exonerate people.
  10. I remember saying we should kick a field goal on 2nd down against Iowa State because I didn't trust our offense. We fumbled on that play.
  11. Similar swings puts states like Kansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Missouri, Utah, Mississippi, Alaska, South Carolina, Iowa, Texas, Ohio Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan in play for Biden. That is a lot of room to maneuver to find a handful of electorates.
  12. You describe him as being like Steve Smith and I just thought in my head that he is way more like Maurice Jones-Drew. I look up Moore size and he isn't anywhere as big as I was thinking. The dude runs bigger than he is, much like a Saquan Barkley or MJD, in that you have to have good fundamentals and wrap up or he just slips out. Then I watch highlights to refresh myself and see him accelerate like Steve Smith and I remember why he is a nightmare to go up against. Thankfully Nebraska doesn't have to play him again.
  13. Smart kid and super talented. He will get his second NFL contract. Good luck and we will always remember how you destroyed tOSU as a freshman.
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