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  1. No way Mav. Never regret a successful defend!
  2. I successfully defended Minnesota despite the odds.
  3. I just started a Reddit account for the purpose of helping out and MVP’d my first day keeping Nebraska Nebraska. Whoot! Whoot!
  4. Sorry you have to deal with this. I hope things are going well for you now.
  5. Gotta make sure we keep all those money grubbing people off our system to make it look better. It doesn't matter whether they need real help or not, we can't have them getting anything from us. Now that we have a really big problem, the system is unusable. Florida
  6. This is why they should have just cut a check to everyone and just taxed it on the back end next year when people over X requirement don't need it.
  7. This projection software seems very sensitive to how bad the outbreak is on a given day, but Iowa is projected a pretty bad shortfall. Says Nebraska will be ok, but Colorado and Iowa may cause us to take in some of their shortfall. https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections
  8. 3Blue1Brown is killing it with his models and explanations. I have been trying to discuss some of these things here, but he sums a lot of the explanations in one place. Not the numbers, but the ideas behind the math and what small changes in big ways.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/JesseLehrich/status/1244053944554401800
  10. Wow...just, wow. The “Great Recession” looks like a blip on the radar. We probably haven’t even seen the beginning of this either.
  11. I had a two bedroom apartment after getting married and was excited that is was just under $900/month, excluding gas & electric. Most decent places we looked at were $1,100-$1,400 for similar living spaces. Before that, I lived in the "sketchy" part of town in a single bedroom apartment for $400/month which included all my utilities. I saved bank at that tiny dungeon of a pit.
  12. Not at all surprised Red. Dude made his career at Goldman Sachs learning how to squeeze every penny out of the less intelligent and then used those skills to harvest profit off the backs of people during the Great Recession housing crisis. I believe Dirty Money on Netflix had a good episode on the nature of Goldman Sachs from season 1. It is crazy to watch the heartlessness.
  13. But some of the cases that are being caught from adjacent family members are the mild cases. They are just harder to track down. Once again, though, relatively conservative values gives ideas, but if we are missing that many more percentage of cases, we are in that much more trouble.
  14. That is why I said at least. The numbers only get scarier the less conservative you get with data out of China.
  15. Fun math time: WHO says it takes on average 5 days to develop symptoms. That means we can reasonably assume that it takes at least 7 days for someone to become infected before dying. As of March 23rd, we had 553 deaths. 7 days before that, on March 16, we had 4663 case confirmed in the US. That means that the fatality rate in the US is something like 553/4663=> 11.85% Now I know you say, we don't have testing, so it is impossible to know how many cases there are. If we say that even half of the cases are mild, then a week ago the US already had about 10,000 cases. Or is you build from the back and say that this is just a product of bad testing, if 1.5% of cases end up in a fatality it takes approximately 67 cases to get a fatality. This means that on March 16th, there easily could have been about 37,000 cases. This was all before restrictions were put into place anywhere and even with full lock down now could be exposing their households to the virus. That being said, we either aren't catching almost anyone who is sick or the death rate is much higher in the US. Both prospects are very concerning, either way.
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