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  1. Why the ever living f*** do we have drug ads? My doctor should be more than knowledgeable enough to tell me what I need. Consumer ads should be eliminated. https://www.goodrx.com/blog/prescription-drug-advertising-regulation-united-states/
  2. If I remember correctly, isn't the only way to get into Juneau by flying or shipping in because you can't drive into it?
  3. In general monopolies suck, capitalism is great right up until their powerful structure is threatened by someone not trying to rack in huge profits and could ruin their gains. Then monopolistic/oligarchic tendencies destroy innovation and tend toward max profit structures at the cost of the consumer/public.
  4. We should break up monopolies and tax larger entities to avoid situations where the conglomeration can occur.
  5. I mean...the media is mostly owned by a very few large entities. But my favorite part is Benghazi.
  6. Umm. Thanks for showing he wasn't maliciously manipulating data.
  7. Just wanted to make sure you were making informed comments when you push really hard on other commenters. No, same/similar way and with complete data. Mostly/all republican leadership.
  8. Looks like when you complete the data set, some Red states float to the top. Excess deaths instead, but better than the piecemeal state counts. Age adjust deaths don't look too great for the south and NY/NJ.
  9. Sorry for the wrong original quote, but you have my concerns. Thanks for getting the "indexing" for me!
  10. Since Archy is backing his data he holds by, can I get how this guy came up with this "index" and why he only wanted to do 12 states with the highest population to avoid showing how bad rural states would be by the same account. It's been two weeks and you were adamant on how right you were on this.
  11. We should all move to Texas so we don’t get rapped!
  12. Btw, wtf is MSU wearing? The Spartan with green and white is down right classy. This white script is trash.
  13. Northwestern looks very bad at fundamental football. A lot of smart kids making level one mistakes. Hunter Johnson is trash. Sad to see a highly rated dude fail after multiple years/chances. Tate Martell equivalent with less transfers.
  14. So essentially we are ok with killing people for money. Glad we got that clarified for us.
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