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  1. They only got Capone on tax fraud. It’s not like Trump did anything like that………….oh. Oh. Well then.
  2. So the top earners pay closer to their fair share and we are supposed to be mad?
  3. But Nixon clearly said, “I am NOT a crook!”
  4. Unless LSU’s defense continues to be absolutely porous and make Wisky look like machines of efficiency on offense. Oh boy…
  5. I tend to eat crow with bad opinions, but Iowa can probably with stand Tennessee or make it a mud fight, but Wisky is going to get burned.
  6. Yeah, it is looking more like B1G defenses were pretty good and the offenses being inept was only a small part. Mizzou had one of the best offenses in the SEC and didn’t get hit too hard by opt outs. tOSU held them in check all night. tOSU offense getting obliterated by the portal/Harrison JR opt out hurt their offense.
  7. But at least Brownback got to be ambassador of religious freedom under Trump! Nothing like failing up your whole life!
  8. I don’t disagree with you, but the “Just catch the ball.” line is reference to the fact that we can’t even do that. It is a whole third of the game and if you aren’t setting up returns, be good at blocking kicks. Happens even at the NFL level with the best and brightest scheming protections.
  9. The bigger picture problem is that the fertility rate is 1.4-1.5 and is well below the replacement rate of 2.1 kids per female. The tactic of being able to do a war of attrition is of a bygone era for Russia. Unless structural societal changes happen inside Russia, the numbers won’t be there for much longer.
  10. I did list 2 during his time and DPE being his recruit. Still not the game changers that I remember Groce being. The phrase we had around our house was, “If you can’t Cheatham (cheat them) Newcome (nuke them). And if you can’t Newcome, Cheatham.” Having a good punt returner does miracles when you play the punt national champions every year.
  11. Free Martin! Watching T-Mart launch TDs because Okie Lite had spies and contain was fun. I also remember our defense/punt coverage not being great. Our kick/punt return game is also an overlooked piece of Nebraska’s overall decline. Wiggins, Walker, Groce, Newcome, Paul, Ameer, and DPE. During the Frost years, we got down to “Just catch the ball!”
  12. If we could have Fleming, even for just a year, I would be so happy! That would be like the Trey Palmer get, but on steroids! Trey had the profile, but hadn’t really produced when he came to Lincoln, but Fleming is a known producer who is just stashed in the most loaded receiver room in America. Yes, please!
  13. Remember when third string Cardale Jones lead tOSU to a national title? Pepperidge Farms remembers!
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