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  1. Considering she is a Republican, it does a disservice to her to call out the Trumpster of the party. She likely would have faced much more scrutiny during the legislative session that just ended from her own constituents.
  2. Yant was the most productive RB on a team that had little ability to run with a RB and never was committed to it. I am a "fan" of having and using a RB to take the load off of the QB who was banged up and hit a lot.
  3. So Trump pressured the FBI to use informants to try and overthrow the election and democracy during the insurrection?
  4. "Your sugar has very little food in it." Sorry for the derailment. Continue...
  5. Goff has little guaranteed money after 2022 and can be cut to give the Lions a lot more money to work with. They could be in the QB drafting party. Texans might want a redo on using a good pick to cover the Mills pick last year. Not sure they want him moving forward despite his end of year progress. Jets out. Giants are probably tanking the upcoming season to be Joe Judge at that time and let Jones walk without a 5th year option. If they find someone they like though, might as well use one of the two picks they got. Panthers need a QB. Cam is too old/hurt, Darnold's only issue wasn't just Adam Gase at NYJ, and PJ Walker isn't quite up to snuff either. Rhule also needs to save his job at this point.
  6. I lost my championship game on the Najee Harris run. Even if he would have kneeled at the 1 to let the clock run out, would have saved me. No MJD miracle for me.
  7. Unless Eric Martin is on the opposing team...LOOK OUT!!!
  8. https://us.abalancingact.com/2022-federal-budget This is my favorite. You can only increase taxes on the top 1% and "upper income" individuals to a certain point (37%) before you get a warning that people will tax evade away your gains. Then you can turn around and make everyone else's taxes go to infinite rates (I quit at 300%.) to balance the budget. No agenda here.
  9. https://www.crfb.org/debtfixer/ Fun little calculator. It obviously has an agenda and only includes a lot of proposed changes and not a lot of good solutions that would not likely be in corporate America's best interest. A lot of defense spending changes I would propose aren't available but it does give you some interesting choices.
  10. Sorry you have to go through this. It is a b*tch! I hope you feel better. My entire family got it at the beginning of December. Nobody officially cracked a fever, but both my wife and I had headaches, sinus infection like pain in our nose/forehead, and congestion/chest pressure. We both lost our taste and I still haven't got mine back. Taking care of kids while we had it and they were sick, as well, was the worst part. I still have heart issues now (elevated rate while infected) and I am in the young and this won't effect you crowd. Good luck feeling better. Covid sucks and I wouldn't recommend it.
  11. Funny because as contributions to funding higher learning, by the public taxpayer, the more loans have been taken by students and the most coming around the Great Recession when more people were unlikely to find jobs anyway. Also, more and more total percentage of loans are being taken out by parents of students. Breakdown of types of loans. Funding for higher learning hasn't recovered from the .com bubble in early 2000's, while enrollment has increased due to the need for more educated workforce in general, with an enrollment bubble around the Great Recession.
  12. It would still be voting for you representative for your state. Wyoming can't be fixed and senate seats are usually done in off years meaning no state is supposed to have two senators elected at the same time. You can't fix one off votes.
  13. A state like Nebraska would have only 3 representatives for the house. The whole state votes on who they want to represent themselves without any borders being made. This would be less chances for gerrymandering. When it comes to state elections the opportunity still exists, but the number of line needing to be drawn are fewer and it can be easier to identify, this city should have 5 representatives thus the people in the city borders vote for such representatives. Some good info in another topic if you really want to know.
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