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  1. It's almost like it is a...lie...or something.
  2. Russian misinformation is nonsense, but the GOP eats it up and spreads it wide and far.
  3. Biden followed formal American policy through proper channels. There wasn't anything wrong with how he handled Ukraine in the specific instance in Ukraine. Don't believe the catch all phrase "Biden did too". Biden did not. I say this as someone who doesn't want Biden to be our next president and don't particular like him, FWIW.
  4. I mean, the war on Christmas works over the base. Why not try another made up war the base will eat up?
  5. Trump tends to blame others for what he sees in himself. Looks like the president had a cardiac event and chest pain.
  6. You laugh, but someone posted a Q-Anon thing with that very message.
  7. The aging, obese president who eats like s#!t had a medical episode. SHOCKED, I tell you! SHOCKED!
  8. Eh, I heard him give an interview with NPR and, when confronted with right wing talking point about Sondland's testimony being changed to reflect what other witness had testified, he doubled down on Sondland's original statement that has been rectified. He seems like another stick in the bundle.
  9. It was a wild ride of mixed emotions. It and 2010 are beautiful tragedies that are big in the lexicon of recent hustler football.
  10. http://m.zimbio.com/photos/Zac+Lee/Nebraska+v+Missouri/GehqJhKA1zK
  11. Why can't I plus one and laugh at BRB's posts? What a waste that I must choose!
  12. He isn't even supposed to have a security clearance, let alone green light the biggest media killing in...a long time. The nuthouse gets nuttier.
  13. Linky Link A little dated, but I think this applies to what a lot of people are saying. Mind blowing when he compares the US elite (Max donors to political campaigns) to that of the Chinese proposal with Hong Kong. Interesting follow up if you have lots of time
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