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  1. You gotta love Russia and the stuff they come up with! Reminds me of team MMA.
  2. The way our economy and society is run, that is a feature and not a bug. If people got the support to get out of a death spiral, a lot of people wouldn't come back for low pay and poor conditions.
  3. Looking into it is less "decided" than I thought, but I remember being taught 10-15 years ago that global warming would cause worse winters further south because the Artic warming would cause pockets of cold from the Artic to shift south while the artic warmed. Guess it is still being investigated from what I read. Maybe this lends more credence to that theory?
  4. I think "not in my backyard" is harder to stomach than the technical issues relating to the spent fuel. We have large pieces of federal land that is kinda useless in the Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, and Idaho.
  5. The fact that this is so quickly known is what will be interesting to see. Personally betting on something you end up taking part in is a big no-no. Wouldn't be surprised if the money is clawed back.
  6. Woah, woah, woah, woah. Hold your horses there. Sasse likes to talk about how smart and ethical he is, but voting the line is all he is good for. Speak loudly and carry a small stick or something...I don't know.
  7. JEEZE GUYS...when you put context around it you make it sound so bad. STAHP IT!
  8. This is how I feel. Rouge One was a good to maybe great slide into a bunch of characters mostly not seen before with a plot point we already know about and just dives in. Who cares if all the characters don't tie into a previous or future property, just tell us a good story in a universe that has endless rabbit holes to explore. There is a whole bunch of fan service in Mando, that I am sure melts the butter of the clone wars fans, but it doesn't detract from the fact that the basic principles are set and don't need to be explained. Just sit down and enjoy another story.
  9. Lump me in there too. I really don't like Biden, but you know what, in a two party system he wins not being Trump.
  10. The best part is that there are so many people aware now and the bear is out to defend her cubs. This should be an interesting ride.
  11. Sorry, I was referencing only Melvin Capital as they seem to have been the first target. You are correct on the bigger picture of the Gamestop stock as a whole and where this progressed to at the end of my summary.
  12. People are nostalgic for Gamestop. Some people invest/tell other on investing subreddit about investing into Gamestop. Gamestop goes up a little bit. People find out Hedge Fund is highly investing in Gamestop tanking (short selling the stock). Internet takes over and all kinds of people start investing in Gamestop to get said Hedge Fund to lose money. No real central players causing major issues to a particular investment company and people are concerned what is next. TLDR; real world Occupy Wall Street movement, but using financial institutions.
  13. I could see a jump, but I am not expecting anything over .500. Then we get into maintaining talent by having young talent on rookie contracts, negotiating salary of veteran players and making sure their value versus their cost is worthy of retention or marginal utility is replaceable, and attracting the right type of players to fit your system. Most of this is done by someone who isn't on the coaching staff and has to coordinate all these ideas with what a coach wants/schemes for. Urban could be the greatest coach, with the best staff and the Jags could still stiff him with terrible management
  14. College success =/ NFL success and vice versa. Jim Harbaugh is a good example the other way. From office/GM is just as important as coach and I am just as nervous/excited to see how that is handled. You can't be successful if you are tied down by poor roster management or bad contracts. It takes all these pieces to maintain success in the NFL.
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