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  1. Wrong. He already shot someone before the events you described. “The mob” coming for him is tracking him down because he has already shot someone and they are trying to prevent him from getting away.
  2. I am sure Florida isn't doing anything to make things look better than they are. https://www.npr.org/2020/06/29/884551391/florida-scientist-says-she-was-fired-for-not-manipulating-covid-19-data
  3. Apparently we only care about people about to die... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_hospital_beds **Good job finding a stat that leaves out the whole picture but helps your argument though.**
  4. Done and done. Now it’s all your guys problem.
  5. Eh, I will just open carry my gun and say I am helping enforce curfew. Seems to work for most problems with police.
  6. I forgot that I pay extra to have VSP that outlines exactly how useless it is. So yeah, I pay for two insurance providers to not be covered for what I was talking about.
  7. Plan only covers eye ware when a change in prescription occurs. Literally all other things are on the list of what isn't covered. Consultation, surgery, and therapy wouldn't be covered by my plan and would all be out of pocket. So with the US being so great, if you can pay out of pocket for your services, it's great. The other 85-90% of us are kind of screwed. So back to the talk of, if you can afford to snow bird to Phoenix, you probably like getting good treatment in the US. If you don't have the fiscal means to make everything go away with money, you like actually b
  8. Looked it up, I wouldn't be covered by anything doing with a ophthalmologist outside of a change in prescription. And I got the good insurance...
  9. The most ridiculous tend to get the most push back. BRB isn't too hot on a few particular people when insanity is prevalent everywhere.
  10. It's almost like I have heard this exact phrase repeated into perpetuity on loop. How fast the candle burns...
  11. Knapplc is Huskerboard. You are the flavor of the month. Maybe week.
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