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  1. Looks like Trump still doesn't know how to keep project costs down either. No wonder Trump is the debt king.
  2. I mean...this is why healthcare in the U.S. sucks.
  3. Iowa State, Florida, Iowa State, and Iowa State. Is it broken?
  4. So why should we care if Poland invades Germany?
  5. No LOI according to 247. So you're saying there's a chance?
  6. "You got the bag, but can't afford it."
  7. Cute. I see you are more worried about eliciting an angry/worried response than considering the situation.
  8. They are investigating. So people are talking about the fact they are looking into the situation. Now people are talking about talking about it.
  9. I don't think anyone rushed. They are reviewing for potential issues. Did I miss the execution?
  10. Ask questions and try to understand the situation from both sides. You see how this works? Context matters.
  11. Do you see the beauty in being able to capture the language of others when you can claim it was a joke...unless no one is offended?
  12. It started as a troll job by 4chan, but it has since been adopted by white nationalists. It has since been added to the list of hate symbols with the caveat that it isn’t always a hate symbol when you see it and there is context to each scenario. Discretion is required.
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