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  1. She got paid whatever it was to actually hold offenders accountable for the issues they created and didn’t allow bankruptcy to just leave the victims out to dry. Not necessarily this case, but bankruptcy does get used to cut off the bleeding of one company, limit its’ liabilities to a wealthy owner who turns around and starts a similar company with all the same issues all over again. Good to see her actually get retribution for her clients.
  2. deedsker

    2019 B1G Tournament

    Well of course, they both won yesterday and are looking to get a day off!
  3. deedsker

    2019 B1G Tournament

    You say the same thing Tuesday night and I would have laughed at you. Wacky tournament thus far.
  4. I didn't read your sentence well enough and was like, "Dang, not Warren!". I proceeded to read the quoted section and by the end I was like, "Good for her. Good for her." Then I realized what you actually said and I am like. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. deedsker

    2019 B1G Tournament

  6. deedsker

    Trump's Taxes

    So this is why the infrastructure talks sank today? Cool.
  7. deedsker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    When you need an enemy to legitimize your thoughts, binary thinking is a must.
  8. deedsker

    Trump's cabinet

    I think Trump’s hair must have plugged the drain.
  9. deedsker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    But where are his emails?
  10. deedsker

    Stress - Is life more stressful today?

    I would say social media in Nebraska is pretty stressful right now.
  11. deedsker

    House Judiciary Committee Investigation

    And for context, the first drop is the tech bubble, the second drop is the great recession, and Obama leading a slow growth back. It leveled off in his last year, but then went back to a similar rise seen at the end of the great recession under Obama.
  12. Beliefs? They are straight facts and everyone else is fake news! 'Merica!
  13. deedsker

    2019 P&R Tanget Thread

    Opens thread:
  14. Somebody must have just discovered huskerboard has a P&R section.
  15. deedsker

    Gun Control

    Since your confused, I would guess Turkey and Russia's involvement, as well as Kurdish forces, has more to do with slow progress against ISIS and the ability of them to hang on as it isn't us versus them alone. Everyone has a piece of their stakes in any given decision and, if someone steps on the wrong foot, now you are an enemy to what should be your ally or frienemy. But yes, by all means guerrilla warfare will surely stop any oppressive force all the time and there is no way civilians would suffer for it. /s