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  1. Just think of how hard they have it. You get so much condemnation for having so much money as everyone tries to come get their piece. It is only fair that they get lower rates!
  2. Technically plans were supposed to be grandfathered in and insurance companies not meeting the standards had to cancel plans. It was half true. Predicting what was considered double the best case projection on growth is just wrong.
  3. Member when Trump said he was going to get higher growth rates. Yeah, those were lies. Linky Link
  4. Outside of Trump's lies, I don't think any experts thought otherwise.
  5. At 6' 3", if that is legit, he could be the Enuwa or Petersen/Purify, that made Bell and Swift. He doesn't have to be the best, just scary enough to cause legitimate coverage schemes to deal with and make Spielman's life easier.
  6. But he could help right away. OL takes time and Betts could be the man right away.
  7. Can we stop playing Northern Illinois on my birthday weekend?!?!?
  8. That tweet is correct, but it just as easily could have ended at calls.
  9. The clowns are spilling out of the tent...
  10. I think a lot of this game will be how Fields responds to pressure. If Nebraska can keep things in front of them, Fields has never been under pressure to perform outside of a couple of carries in the SEC title game last year. All his other time has essentially been in blowouts where the game was decided quickly and he is able to ride the wave. If Fields can handle the pressure, this probably gets ugly for Nebraska and if he has some struggles, this might not be the tsunami most people expect. ***Or Dobbins bails him out and OSU runs for 300+ yards, whatever.
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