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  1. deedsker

    Verduzco on Quarterbacks

    I would love to turn into Ohio States issue of starting QB got hurt in preseason so the backup is great and starts all year, but at the end he gets hurt and third stringer just plays lights out and wins us a national title. The next year, you’re looking at should be starter (talent), dedicated starter from the previous year, and national title winner all wanting to play. Those are the problems I dream of at Nebraska.
  2. The problem is that he has a family history of great athletes. One brother was a heisman trophy runner-up and the other looks the part as an athletic QB. If Luke was the freshman QB for Wisconsin this year instead of Mertz, I wouldn't exactly be excited to play against him.
  3. deedsker

    Trump's America

    It's Uruguay today, but it's Finland and Germany tomorrow.
  4. deedsker

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    Holy Crap! They say Trump is such a narcissist that he can’t admit a mistake and he doesn’t read that often that he will make up words as he goes and refuse to say he meant or said otherwise. You can can see it as he finishes the Toledo sentence. He quickly shakes his head like he made a mistake and you can see the half second pause on what to do next. He licks his lips and then moves on to the next sentence with no correction and like nothing happened.
  5. deedsker

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    I have Nebraska as a 4 loss team overall. I guess it goes into whether one of those is Colorado or not. Biggest thing I realized is when teams are playing each other and whether they are ready for their opponent or not. Wisconsin has a tough hill to climb and it has Northwestern early. Not good for getting the kinks of a new an QB. Purdue can do well if they can notch wins at home, but I have little faith they can gets wins on the road given who they play. Minnesota just needs to play well consistently and they will be higher up in the division. Iowa was actually kind of sad as a team now that I look back at last year. All those offensive weapons and they still didn’t rack up a lot of yards/points.
  6. deedsker

    OLB Tyler Berrong [USF Commit]

    I think that is why people are confused.
  7. deedsker

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    I went through every game in the west division, conference games only, and tried to figure out who would win every game. I initially gave out wins, losses, and tossups trying to weed out the easy decisions versus harder ones. After picking all of the easy ones, I went back and played around with who wins what games after digging into more of the team’s schedule and play last year. My initial output ended up with a 5-way tie for the division with Northwestern taking the tiebreaker over Iowa at 3-1 versus tied teams. W L Northwestern 5 4 Iowa 5 4 Minnesota 5 4 Purdue 5 4 Nebraska 5 4 Wisconsin 4 5 Illinois 1 8 The one thing I was questioning was to make Iowa beat Northwestern, but then lose to Nebraska since I had both as tossups and was trying to figure out which games Iowa might lose. Doing this, Nebraska goes from 5th to winning the division and Northwestern goes from division winner to 6th. W L Nebraska 6 3 Iowa 5 4 Purdue 5 4 Minnesota 5 4 Wisconsin 4 5 Northwestern 4 5 Illinois 1 8 Long story short, I think this is why everyone is struggling to put a finger on who will win the division. The best in the conference have tougher schedules and some of the dark horses have easier schedules that could springboard them to the top. Should be a fun year.
  8. deedsker

    OLB Tyler Berrong [USF Commit]

    It's not everything, but Nick Herbig (15 rated OLB) is a 4* with almost the exact same measurables and 4.9 40.
  9. deedsker

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    You ask me what I have felt about games meaning more. A little bit of bad feelings about what transpires on the field. Northwestern and Michigan State have felt different. Northwestern keeps having wild rides that feel immensely glorifying or desperately painful. They have been fun games to watch almost every time. Michigan State has also felt a little more impactful. They have felt like the slimy team under Dantonio that need to have the knife twisted on. The “clap”, the comeback, the shutdown of Cousins, Turner time. Neither one of these teams is one that I would “want” as a rival but the product on and around the field has been something extra. Iowa, for better or worse, has been a junk game because Nebraska can’t make a bowl game or is just the difference between Foster Farmers bowl or Gator Bowl. No real emotion. I keep forgetting we went to overtime last year. That should be a significant memory for a rivalry. To me it’s a, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” I can’t even tell you about any specific game against Iowa other than last year Martinez’s “shimmy” and the one year there was ice everywhere in Lincoln that made travel hell. I know we lost that game, but without looking up highlights I don’t remember the exact game.
  10. deedsker

    Cases of Election Fraud

    Are there nonRepublican Trump bootlickers? That list has to be super short otherwise, right?
  11. deedsker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I don't think voting for a Democrat is in the tea leaves. I have family that are farmers, that last I saw them or saw some of their activities on social media, they still love Trump. I don't know how to rap my head around it or explain anything otherwise, but since he is a GOP president it is thumbs up from them. They are relatively good people, who just want things to work out for them and their community, but I don't think they even have to contemplate what Trumps words and actions mean for people in other places in the country.
  12. deedsker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Sadly, that is good enough for a lot of people around me, but to be fair, I don't live in Baltimore.
  13. deedsker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I mean, I would say he is a populist in claims and demeanor but only trying to provide for the elites (or his group of elites).
  14. Given how this poll has predicted the season against how it finishes, I am guessing now that Ohio State ends up pulling out the east and Wisconsin wins the west with Nebraska coming in second or third and Iowa disappointingly getting 4th or 5th while Minnesota, Northwestern, or Purdue jump up and notch a 2nd or 3rd place finish. With that, Ohio State over Wisconsin is my guess after seeing this.