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  1. They flopped immediately after I posted that. I hope they get in, but SEC amirite?
  2. I am sorry for you that you don't get to go on your trip. Hope you get better fast and feel back to normal!
  3. I admit that he was happy he made the 3rd down stop. I don't see any ill in starring down anyone for a short period of time without being in close proximity to any other individuals. You disagree. Fine. It wasn't taunting.
  4. Dude got cut from them earlier in the year and now he made a big play on 3rd down to help his team. Let him be happy and look down the coach/management that didn't think he deserved to be on their team. That is not just some semantics. You got bogged down by my timing and then misquoted me. Let adults be happy that they just helped their team in a crucial moment and don't ruin it for the fans.
  5. You say that not me. https://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/2021-nfl-rulebook/#2021-rule-changes He didn't say anything it looks like when he stared, so back peddling is the taunting you are describing. Looking at someone for 3ish seconds and backing off? I have encounter many people trying to enstill ill will toward me and none of them involved backpeddling.
  6. So this would then be 5ish with 2 seconds of it being him backpeddling. Really intimidating.
  7. You are wrong, read again. You include the extra two seconds it take for him to turn around after he backpeddles. Still 5 seconds from turning from his teammates to start running back to the bench.
  8. I literally found the live clip and time stamped the movements. 5 seconds from celebrating with teammates to turning from the bench to run off. It was literally that long.
  9. 5 seconds from turning from his teammates to turning back to run to his bench. So he stared for 3ish seconds. Reminds me of this:
  10. NFL doesn't know when to stop, do they?
  11. Dude will find a place in the NFL wherever. We have had less talented and dedicated players at Nebraska make it 4 or 5 years in the NFL as linebackers. He might not get the coveted second contract, but he will find the field. Hope he recovers and gets paid. Thanks for everything!
  12. Interesting persepective from an undercover cop. He was British, but I think he draws pretty good parallels.
  13. You just don’t think you have been influenced or been perceived differently. That is fine.
  14. So nobody has every swayed your perception on any topic ever. Believable. Or.......He is a very small fraction of your life that collectively changes how you percieve the world.
  15. Do you go out in public with him, affirm his behavior to others, or even listen to his thoughts and ideas about life? Then yes, he probably has had, even if only subconsciously, an impact on you and how others perceive you.
  16. It is the fiscally conservative thing to do... https://budget.house.gov/publications/report/funding-irs The increase in spending would be offset more than 10 to 1 by increased collections that are already in the current laws. Enforce the laws, right?!?!?
  17. No. Dan Snyder is a grooming a-hole and general POS, but it is hard to shame an owner out of his team if he is unwilling to leave.
  18. He disparaged the president of the company. When that gets unearthed you will find employment goes away quickly.
  19. X-Men entire arc from the start was an allegory to being gay/queer. There are so many reboots in comics that almost none of it matters because they constantly conflict directly with previous iterations. BTW, since when have any of you nerds actually cared about comic books? Just wait for the movie.
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