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  1. Not so fun facts: During that timeframe we are: 4-4 vs. Illinois 3-5 vs. Minnesota 3-5 vs. Purdue 3-5 vs. Northwestern 0-7 vs. Wisconsin 0-6 vs. Ohio State 0-3 vs. Michigan 0-2 vs. Oklahoma 0-2 vs. Colorado 0-1 vs. Georgia Southern 0-1 vs. Troy 0-1 vs. BYU 0-1 vs. Miami (FL) Current Losing Streaks: 9 Wisconsin 7 Ohio State 6 Texas 4 Minnesota 4 Florida State 4 Texas Tech 3 Illinois 3 Michigan 3 Oklahoma 3 USC (never beat in 5 games)
  2. Was pretty good on my assessment. Games that changed the division that I missed: Michigan State (W) @ Illinois -Surprise upset that makes the 3 loss certain. New adds to the list above since if we end at 3 losses, Wisconsin winning out gets the division these would all slot between Iowa/Purdue and Purdue/Indiana: Wisconsin @ Iowa (W) -Wisconsin has now been eliminated. Minnesota @ Wisconsin is more favorited toward Wisconsin. -Doesn't matter because Wisconsin lost to Iowa. Wisconsin (W) @ Nebraska So we went the bat s#!t crazy route... Iowa beat Northwestern, @ Purdue, Wisconsin, and @ Minnesota in a row to remain at 3 losses which eliminated Wisconsin and Minnesota. With Purdue beating Illinois at the top, it opened the door for Iowa to have the tie-breaker on Purdue. Nebraska @ Iowa -For the division for Iowa. Illinois @ Northwestern -If both Iowa and Purdue lose, a Illinois Win gets them the division. If Iowa, Purdue, and Illinois lose, Iowa holds Tiebreakers over Purdue and Wisconsin/Minnesota winner with head to head tiebreaker (2-0). A Wisconsin win would make them 2nd in the division with Purdue 3rd and a Minnesota win would make Purdue 2nd and Minnesota 3rd.
  3. Was pretty good on my assessment. Games that changed the division that I missed: Michigan State (W) @ Illinois -Surprise upset that makes the 3 loss route almost certain. New adds to the list above since if we end at 3 losses, Wisconsin winning out gets the division these would all slot between Iowa/Purdue and Purdue/Indiana: Wisconsin @ Iowa is a coin toss. This is why Wisconsin doesn't have power ranking odds to win the division. Minnesota @ Wisconsin is more favorited toward Wisconsin. Wisconsin @ Nebraska is a likely layup for Wisconsin, but a loss would still ruin them.
  4. To be fair, his time at UCF was a downward slope (12-1, 10-3, 6-4) that most people would say is riding off the previous staff's players. Who would have guessed year two in Tennessee would be this high. It just points to coaching hires and what a crapshoot it is. Note this guys grades for 2021 hires. Heupel is last based on his time at UCF. https://theathletic.com/2389471/2021/02/16/college-football-coaching-hires-2020-2021-ranking/
  5. Still lost to Colorado twice, three and four years ago. Thanks Frost!
  6. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Northwestern all have 3 losses and only Northwestern hasn't lost to Illinois. They all have to play two of the others in the list which means that they need to sweep the rest of their games to get into the division conversation. This leaves Illinois with a huge advantage over the rest with only one loss. Purdue and Nebraska are in the wings, but Purdue can take down Illinois and have the tie breaker over Nebraska and Illinois and in the driver seat at two losses with only games against Iowa, Maryland , and Indiana outside that. Nebraska also needs to win out to likely have a good chance at the division with Purdue dropping to Illinois and another game to get them behind since they won head to head. Illinois has been through the most to get to a division win with 2 losses. Stuff happens, Purdue has the best shot as division winner with 3 losses, if they can get past Illinois. Purdue @ Illinois is the most impactful to the division. Illinois @ Nebraska play important parts in tiebreakers, placing. Iowa @ Purdue is the most likely game for Purdue to get to 3 or 4 losses. Purdue @ Indiana is the last rivalry game to get Purdue into the muck of a weird 5-4 tiebreak system that is a mess. Illinois @ Michigan is a game that if Illinois wins breaks all chances of someone outside of Illinois, Purdue, or Nebraska winning the division.
  7. I would take Shaw. Funny thing is that Covid year might have been a good one had it been played out. He didn't actually get to play much with Mills and he turned out to be a pretty good QB in the NFL, even with the crappy Texans. The only question would be can he get similarly talented QBs to show up to Nebraska without the fancy degree. The only QB he didn't get fresh off the top of the recruiting list was Hogan, but made him work well for four years. Maybe Shaw needs more players in his profile and not high recruits he can't ride with since (KJ Costello transferred out, Mills left early). He also wouldn't be a top pick by any means, but I think he could right the ship for someone later.
  8. Purdue's win over Maryland is huge. They keep only one loss to the East with Indiana remaining. They beat Minny who still has Penn St which will likely be a loss. Illinois still has Michigan and Wisky has to survive Maryland as well. Purdue has to travel to Illinois and Wisky, but come out 1-1 there and they have done most of the work to win the division.
  9. So this is our first shot since 2013 to play back to back unranked teams to get back to back road victories. Which the previous time we had that opportunity was 2006 which we accomplished. Fun fact, we failed in 2005 to win back to back unranked road games as well as in 2002. We also failed in 2002 again with one being ranked, 2003, and 2004. Even 1998 and 1999 teams couldn't win back to back road games. Best stat, 1994 team did it twice, but the 1997 team never had back to back road games.
  10. Also, the way scheduling works those almost always need to be back to back conference wins that you only get an opportunity to do once a year. Opportunities since: 2007 (Both losses to ranked teams) 2008 (Loss to ranked team in OT, should have been a back to back wins) 2011 (2) (Loss to ranked team) (Loss to ranked team after beating a ranked team) 2012 (Loss to ranked team) 2013 (Loss to Minny, this should have been a back to back win) 2014 (Loss to a ranked team) 2016 (Both losses to ranked teams, one in OT) 2017 (One loss to ranked team, Minny murdered us in unranked sad game) 2018 (Loss to ranked team and overtime loss) 2020 (2 - one because the Wisky game was canceled) (Both losses in the pair are to ranked teams) 2021 (2 ranked teams)
  11. I don't know what Mizzou was trying to do with run fits, but it wasn't good against doubling pulling lineman.
  12. I would also lump Taylor and Adrian into together buckets of being talented runners who lost their edge after leg injuries. Pre Mizzou Taylor (Longer time to put on tape) and Adrian (Colorado-which to be fair is game one) both seemed to be devastating runners who would also be able to throw. Granted Adrian seemed to have showed up with more ability to throw, Taylor definitely worked to be a pretty good passer as time went on. Tommy had a wizard like spin move that created some awfully good highlights and bailed out a lot of very sad tackle play in his career. Oh yeah, he had a freaking cannon too.
  13. Rumorville around Wisky had turmoil with the administration. I thought it to be a bit overblown, but, after Illinois, it seems these rumors were true.
  14. Changes in defenses after seeing film on him, the o-line can't give enough time for him to get open, his inability to hang onto the ball after the catch. Could be a lot of things. Also, Northwestern's pass defense is garbage. Duke doesn't throw much but were highly efficient against them and SIU had success as a FCS school. Miami (OH) didn't do well against them, but they can't throw to save their lives since Gabbert got hurt. If Gabbert weren't hurt, they could probably dinked and dunked NW for 300 yards too.
  15. 1. Get good recruits 2. Develop Players 3. ??? 4. Profit
  16. Honestly, I could see Rahmir Johnson leaving. He has talent, but seemed to get plugged in all the time in game situations and fall flat. Yant seems to have the whole stack dealt against him and he still has had more flashes of potential than Rahmir. With Frost gone, I could see him exiting.
  17. Nothing says rivalry like, “You guys suck @$$! Oh wait, we are garbage too! Maybe next year?” Proceed to forget said team exists. Seriously, since Bo left, I know we haven’t beat them in a lot of close losses, but I can’t say I remember any of them. I think a couple have even been overtime. We just suck so bad that it doesn’t even matter. Iowa doesn’t piss me off as much as Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Northwestern does. Wisconsin is just better, Minnesota gives us fits when we should be using them a stepping stone towards success, and Northwestern doesn’t f up their gameplay and they are so inferior that losing to them reminds me of how sh*tty we are.
  18. I had never actually heard Bob Stoops talk for so long in my life. He is way more of a peculiar person than I pictured of the early 2000s.
  19. Woah, woah, woah. We don’t suck that bad!
  20. Though I walk through the desert, the fresh spring awaits on the horizon.
  21. Right, we need someone to get us back to 9-3. That also means we probably aren't luring the guys away that are looking for a 9-3 to take to 12-0.
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