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  1. Or we could--wouldn't make a difference /s
  2. If we are keeping it to 20 at halftime and maintain, I'll be happy.
  3. I don't know if this has been posted yet, but Melvin Gordon rushed for 408 yards IN THREE QUARTERS against that Pelini defense. Then spent the 4th quarter dancing on the sideline. Can't say I blame him.
  4. Once JD gets on the field for TCU, he will rarely leave. It's just about learning the plays and their style of offense. He'll add a lot to TCU. Sucks we lost him, but wish him well.
  5. LOL B1G sure is trying to give it to us.
  6. I like Rollins. He reminds me of Zach Potter. Same school, similar positions, and similar body build. Solid get. If he adds 15-20 lbs in the weight room, we will hear his name a lot.
  7. Assuming we have an eight week season, if we go 4-4, then maybe we can get into a bowl somewhere this season. That would be neat.
  8. The more people realize this, the clearer the picture becomes. It really is all about money, notoriety, and power. Disney is an ultra powerful media magnate that has reaches far deeper than we could ever imagine. Their influence has heavily tipped the scale towards the SEC for years.
  9. Harris has things she has to answer for, but when it comes to debating skills, I think that she would mop the floor with Pence.
  10. Warren can go f#&% himself. His failure to plan FOR 5 MONTHS is punishing the players and coaches that have worked so hard to keep everybody safe so far. No team has the perfect plan, but AT LEAST THEY HAVE A PLAN. Now, he's saying if we go to another conference for one year, then we have to leave the conference forever. He's punishing programs for his lack of planning and then threatening punishment for those same programs trying to do anything to salvage a season. He can go jump off a bridge.
  11. Won't happen. 2 years in a row without March madness. Coupled with the loss of a football season may spell the doom of athletic programs at a lot of colleges. We may not even have a football season next year if we keep our current pace. There isnt enough alcohol in the world for that scenario
  12. I just don't understand why he would transfer. IMO Nebraska is positioned to be his best bet for a good draft pick next year. If Adrian's injuries were preventing his sophomore season and his offseason surgeries are a success, then wow--we have an amazing amount of talent (yet unproven) at wide receiver talent of Omar, Alante, Betts, etc, with established players in Robinson. WIth a healthy Adrian throwing to them with (hopefully) a better offensive line--we will definitely have a dangerous offense. Spielman, Robinson, Omar, Alanta, Betts is a pretty damn good WR corps
  13. I actually wonder what if Tom Osborne had coached longer than he had. Sure, 25 seasons as a head coach is a lot and he had more seasons as an assistant...but he retired at age 60. Nick Saban is 68. Imagine what Nebraska would be if he had hung around for maybe 5-10 years longer. Nebraska was THE program during the last years of his tenure and it seemed like his teams were finally able to break through the ceiling against the teams of Miami, Florida, etc.
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