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  1. Is this Trey Wingo's from ESPN son? Edit: It is not.
  2. Transferred to Kansas State. Best of luck to him
  3. I've seen rumors of Brown being kept as an analyst for the team. Personally, I say hire the guy as the RB coach. I think he has a really good way of getting the most out of guys.
  4. I'm over it now. It's been that way for me for quite some time. I don't dwell on the losses anymore. I really feel for the fans who are strongly emotionally attached to this team. I was one of them at one time and I can certainly be one again, but not now. They haven't given me anything in years.
  5. The fact that NONE of these one score games went our way is all on Frost, not his players. Once again, we are the more talented team and once again, we find ways to lose the game.
  6. Husker fans as they watch the same movie while listening to announcers disbelief in the collapse of Nebraska:
  7. Tied up at 21. The game and momentum was completely different when I had to stop watching in the 3rd quarter. This is insane
  8. I haven't been able to watch since the 3rd quarter.WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED
  9. Good riddance fired Husker staff. This team looks so good right now
  10. A chance to equal our stride
  11. If that was the last we see of Adrian Martinez in a Husker uniform, I'm not sure if there's another Husker player in history with the roller coaster career of 2AM. If this is the end, I guess I just shrug and wish him the best. A guy with a heck of a lot of talent, but not the record to back it up. It's not entirely his fault, either.
  12. Is this a stage of grief? If so, I'm probably here. I mean, really, you couldn't have imagined this type of season for us.
  13. Another week, another one score loss. I think if Betts would have really pleaded with the refs on the last play, that we would have gotten PI. That wasn't the play to lose us the game. We allowed a 17 year old to rip us a new one
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