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  1. I watched a bit of his film -- he is a very skilled player that plays a lot like Deebo Samuel. He takes handoffs, screens, deep throws, short throws all for touchdowns. He reads the field very well
  2. Let's put it this way, he will be making more than his uncle
  3. I can't watch the game, but did Haarberg get hurt?
  4. Yeah, that 2014 Miami game was amazing. Honoring the 1994 Championship team by beating Miami and getting the (I think) 400th win at Memorial Stadium. That one might be my best, as well. Another one is 2010 Missouri where Helu broke the single game rushing record and the defense absolutely demolished Blaine Gabbert and their offense. Those two are probably my top two home games that I've attended. My favorite away game probably is the 2010 Kansas State game in Manhattan, KS. Taylor Martinez's freshman year (before he got hit in the leg vs Missouri (?)) was remarkable and to destroy coach Snyder's team on his birthday was extra special.
  5. I could call a better offensive game plan and I'm a f#&%ing idiot.
  6. As a Huskers fan looking at the last 10 years: 1. August 2. April 3. July 4. June 5. May 6. March 7. September 8. January 9. February 10. October 11. November 12. December
  7. I recognize the coolers next to the throne. Those are patented mobile air conditioners that actually take the humidity out of the air. I watched a video on them. They look legit for you outdoorsy people out there. I think the guy was affiliated somehow with CU
  8. I'm at work, but see it's still scoreless. How is the game?
  9. I mean, wow. I think everyone knew what would happen when we fumbled with about 5 minutes left. I don't even know what to say looking at that graph, other than we suck. We don't know how to pull in 17 straight one loss games? I will forever support this team, but the next generation won't as much because we suck. And the generation after them sure as hell won't because we suck. We are not generating young fans the same way we did in the past. I have confidence Rhule is the guy for the job and I'm giving him time, but the Huskers MUST start winning soon, otherwise just lock us away in the archives of the past. This may be an overreaction, but it's my Husker existential dread.
  10. Okay, let's see if we have what it takes to get this W
  11. This Minnesota guy has decent picket presence
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