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  1. Dude really performed in his first start tonight. He was holding his own really well. If he can remain injury free, he's going to be a multi year starter and NFL draft pick.
  2. 110% correct. I think we've all been distracted by everything going on in 2020 and I honestly forgot his father had passed away this year. I am going to give Frost a pass this year. Damn. I can't imagine going through that in a year this has been with a fan base expecting what we expect.
  3. Tonight against Rutgers, I'm glad we only got Adrian. It is no doubt that Luke is an integral part to this team and I hope he can come back strong. However, we got to see good things from Adrian. It was certainly very sketchy with him and the turnovers, but he was able to take control tonight. I hope he can really take that same control into the offseason and into next season. That motivation has to come from him. He was banged up going into tonight. I thought he showed a lot of resolve tonight
  4. It seems like this team is finding a way to win close games. They continued to fight tonight
  5. I say why the hell not. They'll get a lot of Husker fans money whether it's on TV or in person
  6. Yeah I'll give Jurgens a lot of credit on that 3rd down play. Dude just pulled to kick out block after snapping a shotgun snap to win the game. Well done, dude
  7. It has certainly cost us games and it has most certainly been on Frost and his coaching staff for the continued errors. I will say it has gotten better the last few games. Martinez hasnt been taking 20 yard losses lately
  8. If this team had a killer instinct, this team would be a one loss team.
  9. I think this may be the most meta Martinez game ever.
  10. We have talent. We recruit a lot of talent. It's just not reflected in the W-L column. Frost has to get this figured out.
  11. Lol, throw some GD yolobombs out there. At least make it exciting
  12. You'd think that a guy who loves contact as much as him would be able to break a tackle. Never happens
  13. It's sad that such a metric should be discussed. I have hope that he matures and grows. I just don't see Moos getting rid of him
  14. His job should be in question at the very least. Every problem this team has is on his shoulders.
  15. I think we are going to go through several years of growing pains with Frost. I hope he matures as a head coach and we can turn this thing around. At this point, I'm not hopeful we win more than 6 games a year for the next 5 years.
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