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  1. I can't be the only one thinking/feeling this, but it seems like this team is starting to find itself. Dare, I say, establish its culture. I sense this building momentum and when this team clicks, it really clicks. We have some DUDES on this team and I think they're beginning to realize it. They can line up against anybody and compete. That's maybe what I saw from this past Saturday. A very competitive loss that left me with a really good impression. Or, maybe I'm just sitting here on a Monday night with a nice glass of kool-aid.
  2. I didn't get to watch the game, but seeing those highlights. Wow--we looked impressive; other than the penalties. Adrian looked like the Heisman candidate instead of Rattler.
  3. I don't recall off the top of my head specific games, but the first half of last season was pretty abysmal for him. He even lost his starting role because of it (coupled with Luke hysteria). He has been such a better player/competitor since that time, though. I'm rooting hard for the guy.
  4. No doubt he has done things in the past to hurt us and cost us wins, but today was not one of those days. Not by a long shot.
  5. Was this the "prettiest" loss of the Frost era? Either this one or Ohio State his first year. I hope this game gives these players the confidence that they can line up and play with the "big" programs. Athletically, we passed the eye test today. I think the pundits have seen this as well.
  6. If our team and Adrian play like they did today, then I believe we can get to a bowl game this year. Adrian looked like Houdini on some of those plays where he had a LB, or DL right in his face. I didn't get to watch much of the game, but it looked like he was under control for most of what I saw.
  7. We ask for a chance that's fair
  8. I share the same views/thoughts on Husker_X. I don't think he's been here in years. I hope he's okay.
  9. Don't worry, everybody. We're all bipolar AF Husker fans.
  10. It begins and ends with both of our lines. We won't sniff a score within 24 points if they don't perform well.
  11. Yeah, the O Line was bad, again, vs Buffalo. I sure hope we get it cleaned up for Oklahoma.
  12. It's nice to beat a lesser opponent. Simple as that.
  13. That picture says it's about to be a yolo bomb
  14. We ask for a chance that's fair
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