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  1. I approve all of the breaking bad references made in this thread
  2. Give me some f#&%ing nitroglycerine. f#&%ing huskers
  3. We can only sustain our defense for so long
  4. Put Luke in on offense, defense, and special teams
  5. Frost, pull your head out of your a$$ and win this game. FFS Iowa is very beatable if our coaches do their goddam jobs
  6. Here we go. The last half of football for the season.
  7. Even IF it works (meaning not a 5 yard loss), I still really f#&%ing hate that play.
  8. Remember when we ran the I formation against Ohio State? That was fun while it lasted.
  9. Luke is a gamer. Love his attitude Adrian showed his bipolar tendencies with flashes of greatness followed by mind boggling (what would be) mistakes throwing into questionable coverage. Although, when he is going, this offense really can't be stopped. He's our X factor, live and die by him. We were better in almost all statistical categories possible, but it was nice to see us play well to the ball on defense. Not a lot of yards after initial contact and we Tackled pretty well in the bad weather
  10. Holy s#!t if we lose this game to MARYLAND being up by 24!?!? The state of Nebraska would collapse into a black hole
  11. Maryland is out Nebraska-ing Nebraska. Impressive!
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