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  1. I just don't understand why he would transfer. IMO Nebraska is positioned to be his best bet for a good draft pick next year. If Adrian's injuries were preventing his sophomore season and his offseason surgeries are a success, then wow--we have an amazing amount of talent (yet unproven) at wide receiver talent of Omar, Alante, Betts, etc, with established players in Robinson. WIth a healthy Adrian throwing to them with (hopefully) a better offensive line--we will definitely have a dangerous offense. Spielman, Robinson, Omar, Alanta, Betts is a pretty damn good WR corps on paper. Those players will hopefully take pressure off of him on offense and allow him to flourish with the new talent around him. He could also prove that he's the best player among them and prove himself to be the best player on the field at any time. That's up to him. It would suck to lose him and if he wants to play with some friends--I guess thats fine., but he is giving up a possibly huge opportunity here.
  2. I actually wonder what if Tom Osborne had coached longer than he had. Sure, 25 seasons as a head coach is a lot and he had more seasons as an assistant...but he retired at age 60. Nick Saban is 68. Imagine what Nebraska would be if he had hung around for maybe 5-10 years longer. Nebraska was THE program during the last years of his tenure and it seemed like his teams were finally able to break through the ceiling against the teams of Miami, Florida, etc.
  3. There were the occasional "This is stupid" comments on the Facebook live stream, but the overwhelming response was positive. With over 20k viewing across all platforms, that is mightily impressive and goes to show the support this program has. I applaud the univeristy for making th best out of a bad situation and having some fun at the same time.
  4. The way the players were running and playing in the game leads me to believe that at least the gameplay was simulated. Maybe they picked the plays, but I the they didn't have an actual hand in playing the gameplay.
  5. I'm sure he won't stay committed to MN but we HAVE to win these kids that are in state. Doesn't matter about recent recruiting success at the specific positions. If he's 6'0 170, hell, then line him up in the slot, or flex position if we're stacked in the secondary. We can find places on the roster for athletes of this caliber. We have to.
  6. I approve all of the breaking bad references made in this thread
  7. Give me some f#&%ing nitroglycerine. f#&%ing huskers
  8. We can only sustain our defense for so long
  9. Put Luke in on offense, defense, and special teams
  10. Frost, pull your head out of your a$$ and win this game. FFS Iowa is very beatable if our coaches do their goddam jobs
  11. Here we go. The last half of football for the season.
  12. Even IF it works (meaning not a 5 yard loss), I still really f#&%ing hate that play.
  13. Remember when we ran the I formation against Ohio State? That was fun while it lasted.
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