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  1. But we just got the ball back with a chance to score. Lots of game left. I know it's ugly
  2. Indiana fakes it more than my wife. Christ
  3. I wish I did, except we see the same stuff every week.
  4. Was it a good week at practice this week? Anybody know?
  5. Lol...just f#&%ing Lol The football gods f#&%ing hate us
  6. We should be better than Indiana. Period. We have to act and play like it. These kids are shattered mentally right now, but if they play with confidence and aggression, I have no doubt that we win this game.
  7. Got any recipes to help the Huskers play better? Dash of motivation? A splash of discipline? Maybe a pinch of grit. That should do the trick.
  8. Did the defense have a good week at practice? Wow.

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    2. 308_Husker


      I guess the bright side is we are only down 14. Defense better bring their track cleats for the 2nd half. 

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Best Monday AND Wednesday practices ever. Tells me they aren’t practicing correctly.

    4. Toe


      The defense could be holding them to just 3 points, but it really doesn't matter if the offense can't even score one freaking point. At some point, the offense needs to do, like, anything at all.

  9. At this point, I'd probably lean more towards a year 2 TM than a year 2 AM. Adrian's descent has been so f#&%ing baffling this season.
  10. 308_Husker


    Why is this a topic the week we play Ohio State? It has been seen the very first game against South Alabama.
  11. It's bad for us. Unless our offensive line somehow pulls a FREAKING miracle and decides to start blocking against the front seven of Ohio State....any kind of rain or adverse conditions is bad for us. If our interior lineman can't move South Alabama, Colorado, and Northern Illinois in good conditions....we are in for a long night. I really hope I'm wrong.
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