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  1. Geesh guys, lighten up. It is a possibility.
  2. All these great portal gets that we are receiving has me pretty excited for this year. BUT BOOM!! Monkey Pox! Season cancelled due to another "pandemic". Would just be Frost's luck if this occurred. What do you guys think the odds of this happening are? Maybe I shouldn't of started a thread for this. But hey! it's the off season
  3. There might be a few 9cent an hour sweat shop children that would hope we'd stop buying Nike. I've never purchased Nike products but I was still a cool kid in my Puma's. Just saying
  4. It's also disheartening to see an NFL team getting blown out and see a shot of their bench and their laughing and smiling. Paycheck remains the same win or lose. NFL is boring and very meh.
  5. Depending on how much fear the mainstream media can keep drumming up. Who knows
  6. Don't let him fool you. I'm not that easy
  7. I'm too old for those anymore no worries
  8. Same one that gave you permission to be rude
  9. Heard it from my boss at work who has some in roads to the program. Don't shoot the messenger
  10. I was told today that we cancelled a flight for a QB we were after because Rattler is N
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