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  1. Is there a post quota or limit that we are not aware of..?? Are you the post count monitor..?? And, what is your average daily post quote..?? asking for a friend....
  2. Maybe you should go back and re-read... you really like to argue sematics.. may I suggest something more calming other than social media..?? perhaphs crocheting..
  3. @Huskerfollower4life Most of us know and understand what you are asking and saying... a few on this board will complain if there are too many sprinkles on thier sundae or argue about the proper amount of said sprinkles... JMHO
  4. i didnt ask that question... i was responding to your post on my statement... its what YOU said..
  5. What question exactly is "ridiculous"..??
  6. So you would pass up good talent for a 19 yr olds minor mistakes..?? got it... I could see your point if we were taking armed robbery or murder.... but some academics and some weed..?? please...
  7. yes, because we all had it figured out by the time we were 19..?? right..??
  8. I would really love to have Rhule and White do a pod cast on what they think went wrong with TCU's 3-3-5, what Georgia did to exploit it and what adjustments they would have made to fix it...
  9. No worries @Farms... Im guessing most of us understand what you are saying and agree... there are some on here that will just be argumentative "literally" and others that are so lip locked to them that will comment even though its clear they have no clue... enjoy your day...
  10. agreed... I think this hire would be more for the progress of local HS coaches
  11. came here for some O-line talk and got the food network.... WTF...!!!
  12. Is there conformation that CT has had his surgery..?? with this possible delay and the fact that he chose to walk on senior day, opens the door for him moving past football and into the next stage of his life.. JMHO..
  13. My understanding is that was the initial plan but the existing structure will not support it so it will be a full phased rebuild
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