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  1. Just as a punter, you would think Przystup would see that his protection was wrong..
  2. pretty sure most mentioned here have already announced
  3. That would be like turning a lambo over to a 6 yr old.. frost is a horrible play caller..
  4. I'm sure that number will be what ever number gets us to a bowl game...
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/careersandeducation/unl-student-government-votes-to-end-husker-balloon-release/ar-AAQMrZE?li=BBnbfcL
  6. ummm... Compare apples to zebras much? Huge difference between HC and O-line coach, not so much OC and HC.. and YES I do and the 1 1/2 to 2 yrs stints I think prove my point..
  7. You don't think it matters..?? Huh... Well maybe we should go get Mario Andretti... you know... it doesn't matter... SMMFH!
  8. Not sure how you bank on a guy who took the ducks from an 11 win season to a 4 win season in four years
  9. Odd that you have that take, I've watch frost's presser, 3-4 local sports news clips and 2 national clips that don't.. You're entitled to your opinion but special teams is not special and would be hard for anyone to agree that "dawson has done a great job running special teams"..
  10. agreed... just clicked on the thread to see if it was a joke...!
  11. Not sure how you get the intent to "deceive"..?? the "full" quote would be long but @5:47 he clearly states that "dawson has done a great job running special teams" and @5:55 frost states "but our special teams have vastly improved". Not sure many in the football realm would agree...
  12. "Frost: “There’s a lot of people with jobs in other places, and I imagine nothing can be done until after the season’s over." Unless your speaking to someone that is currently jobless..??
  13. Not sure if im glad I got the reference or not...
  14. Well frost has admitted to playing a hobbled Martinez... So he decided to ride with a broken QB, OR we don't have a sufficient back up QB after 4 yrs which mean frost should have freed up Verduzco's money. So there is a pretty big adjustment that frost didnt make.. Even if its more than 2-3 the problem is he is not adjusting any of them...
  15. I'm more confused on why, after 4 years, we don't have a "competent" back-up QB that should have been in for the Minnesota game.. I haven't seen any development of any of our QBs .
  16. Id say most are on board with Verduzco being on that list as well..
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