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  1. You think trump a real estate mogul is the mastermind behind the republican party.
  2. People are looking for answer not making excuses
  3. See this is part of the discussion i have a very very very VERY hard time accepting. It when people think we settled for coach frost, or we took on a project in him. No Coach frost was the hottest coaching prospect that year, he won so many accolades for what he did in UCF in just a few short years. Moos couldnt of done any better that year, look what we were up against. Firing a coach AGAIN after just a few short years. Im sure no matter what the list was short on distinguished people who would of even wanted to come here in the first place. And moos got the best one the number one coac
  4. If no one i trying to pillage our coordinators there is a problem
  5. I dont think the question is are these guys coming back because im sure they are. I think there trying to get high tech twitter posts made up to top Jo Jo
  6. The leo thing i get, but the outback patch no way that wasnt intentional
  7. Just looked up Beau Davis, i dont think people would sit for 4 years just to ride the pine.
  8. Serious question, how does 2am and the wolverine stand up side to side. I mean pound for pound, height, throwing style, throwing ability, pocket passer vs 40time all of that. I feel somewhat like weve let so many potential good qbs go down the road because we stick with one guy and thats the guy. We forget the ints thrown all last year, we forget how they look when the pocket collapses. I remember when cody green, tristin gebba, patrick obrien, ryker fife were all considered the 2nd coming of christ. And yet none of them worked out. Did none of them work out or did none of them work in
  9. Any way we can start calling smothers The Wolverine
  10. But did those teams stand on a hill and demand to be part of something that was taken away. Its like when my kids would demand a bowl of cereal but only took a few bites when they got it and said they had enough.
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