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  1. Same, he doesnt need to have technical commentry. You can tell the passion in his voice when the team plays and thats what i like about him.
  2. This seems extremely out of the loop. Honest question, do you think the B1G new money deal is causing universities to have the ability to not be as patient as they were before. I just dont remember a university like Wisconson being that unpatient after a bad year. And right now there 2 and 2, theres still more games to be had.
  3. I laughed so hard at this, and there are a couple more like this on twitter.
  4. Me to, ive always thought Campbell was (Meh). I wouldnt hate him as a coach i just think we could do better. Again, if its MJ vs Campbell ill pick MJ. Someone with nebraska ties who gets the program. VS someone whos coming in for maybe just a paycheck.
  5. Same, this team hasnt won couple games in a row for a while And a road game at a good Rutgers team will be good mojo for the team.
  6. I think your forgetting something, WE are the terrible team, stop thinking this is 10 years ago. This is now and Indiana has beaten us quite a few times in the past few years. Hey................We are now the Illinois of 10 years ago, We are the Indiana of 10 years ago, WE are the Maryland of 10 years ago. We are the terrible big 10 team. So please stop thinking we are somehow superior to others because the win loss column says otherwise. Does mickey deserve a look, yes he does because honestly i dont think he can do any better or worse than anyone out there. Im on the Urban train, or the Lane trane, but if those are out then there is no one else who has that proven of a record that can do any better.
  7. There is no way that is happening that fast. They are having there first bad season since i can remember. Hes fine for now.
  8. Ill say this, if the players will play hard for mickey and bill can handle the d. Im for it
  9. You see Trev out there. Jesus man, im all tears.
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