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  1. We really need to get this off our backs, weve lot to them so many times the trophy is getting harder to unstick from its glass shelf. Not that i care to much about the trophy, just want to shut up these squakeyes around here.
  2. Tell Iowa to just keep the trophy in the case. When we hand out the blackshirts we lose, seems like every f#&%ing time. When we lose and talk about how we lost, turning a corner, big changes are happening we lose but larger. Its been 6 years of this crap
  3. Nothing is going to make this sound better. How much of that was the focused skill of the great mike riley, or the fact that Sam Foltz died and his teammates played there asses off for his memory.
  4. I think thats a good point about the qb, maybe weve been trying to hard to find a eric crouch, or a tommy frazier, or a scott frost. Might just need to find someone whose good and huckin the ball down the field. I didnt see the game so i dont know if the d might of been able to keep us in the game of the o would of kept them off the field. Not sure
  5. Thats IF kirk takes his foot off the gas, which he wont.
  6. Should open up a 42 point favorite because it going to be an a$$ whoopin
  7. Its a good thing i have alot of love and history watching this team, its a good thing when i get into memorial stadium a tear comes to my eyes. To be able to be part of something bigger than my little life. Because this s#!t show it getting to much to watch.
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