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  1. Can i ask how does one even begin to be racist in the common age. This isnt like in the early 1800s where it might be common to see any color other than white on the football field but now with different skin colors and backgrounds i thought the moment this stuff came to light it would be squashed. Forgive me for being ignorant but i would of thought that based on the statment i read is that maybe the surroundings were alittle to white. What i mean by that is that i mean this is iowa we are pretty frigging white with our country music, tractors, what not. Was it bad like they saying come here boy, we dont like your kind here or was it more like rap music and gold chains make us whities nervous. f#&% me when are we just going to learn as humans that were all different and different people like different things. I hate iowa football but if one of these players wants to listen to rap while they help me cut down some trees who the f#&% cares. But if the black players get more laps because there black well then WTF is that all about. Im sorry, this is just to much when are we going to just learn to get along as fellow humans on this planet. Start working for the common good as a species not as a race, sex, religion, what ever f#&%ing group we decide to put ourselves in. God (if you believe in that) i believe gave us all this wonderful gift of being so similar but yet so different. I have no idea what its like in Saudi Arabia when its 120' and im sure some random arab has no idea what its like to shovel 3ft of snow. Yet we are all born we live and we die it should be pretty simple. I feel sorry for people like BRI getting put under fire for just trying to do what they feel is right, i feel sorry for the george floyds of the world who die senseless deaths, i feel sorry for the teachers of the world who try to put there best foot forward when there students could give a crap if they pass or fail, i feel sorry for alot of things. Sorry for the rant, i guess im just tired of all the hate
  2. Why shouldnt BRI be on the defensiveis his way of life is being attacked. Wouldnt you feel like your back was against the wall if what you did for a living was under attack. I need to re affirm that im not a crook on a daily basis when someone asks me to fix there car. I need to defend my position because people before me try to cheat others out of money.
  3. Its really really easy to talk about these situations but then put yourself in them. Look ive been stopped by the police, i was harassed at one point because i went to Dowling (catholic private school) and drove a beater car in a nice neighborhood got pulled over and harassed when trying to teepee when i was a senior. Im not saying there bad cops, im not saying theres not good cops. Im saying try to use some perspective. I have family in the medical field who put up with angry drunk people all the time and yes some times there is a struggle. But you are on your own turf arent you. With the push of a button or a shout of your voice you can have a couple of people there in seconds to help you. When your a cop your sometimes out there on your own, with just you and your weapons. It is your job to keep your eyes open for things that dont look right, its your job to be first on the scene of a guy with the knife in there hand. Its your job to help serve that no knock search warrant even though you may or may not think its legal. s#!t sometimes people do what they do just to survive or do what they think they need to do to survive. I can honestly say that what happened in minn was no accident, but i dont believe every time someone is shot by the police it was intentioal. I can only imagine adrenalin pumping just wanting to get home to see your family or your dog or just drink a beer. Some asshat is being impatient with you yelling at you for pulling them over because of whatever reason. You ask them to be calm but they start screaming and flailing there arms around in anger. They reach for something after youve told them to be cool and they dont because there to pissed off at the situation. It takes 2 seconds to unholster your weapon and pull that trigger. And that trigger takes very little energy to pull. 2 seconds to change your life, 2 seconds to change theres, 2 seconds to decide if its them or you. If you just stop and think of it that way i think maybe things would be different. Theres a reason i drive my wifes minivan if i go to a friends house to drink for the evening and i dont drive my chevelle. Theres a reason when i do get pulled over even though im pissed i remain cool. Theres a reason that if im pulled over and the officers hand is visably on his gun i become (extra) cool. Because they are nervous about something and i dont want to increase that. We will never know what its like to be a cop unless you become one, to always be on guard, to always feel like your being judged, to always know someone is watching your every more. They are still just people
  4. Say a prayer for BIGREDIOWAN, he more than likely is dressed in riot gear downtown facing off with protesters in Des Moines.



      Appreciate your thoughts and prayers sir! I'm safe thankfully :thumbs

  5. Man our stadium is just a hodge podge kids erector set of design at this point.
  6. I dont want hype videos, i want results.
  7. For me the gun is used as a easly weapon to kill as anyone else. Yes its intended purpose is to hurl various types of lead through the air at high velocity. But there are many things that can be use for that reason. Honestly nothing being said here is new
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