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  1. There should be no reason at least some fans cant be in the stands 30 days from now.  

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    2. chamrocck


      Yep it’s nice to see some fans, even if it is not full.  There is virtually zero risk unless you are older or have compromised health.

    3. commando


      everyone always complains about all the blue hairs at the games.    are you guys thinking this might be a way to thin that herd?

    4. chamrocck


      Props to the South Carolina crowd for making some noise. This is the best game on right now.  Tied late in the third.

  2. As a guy who liked bo and didnt think he should of left the program, i need to ask why is this post 29 pages long.
  3. If we win all of our games, does that earn us a trip to the college football playoffs since our schedule is so difficult.

  4. Honestly i dont think ive seen a team this season that looks ready. Lets hope frost can get the guys ready. Im not a fair weathered fan so ill be rooting, ill be outside memorial stadium for the 1st home game if im allowed. I wanted this, WE wanted this. Lets prove we are the greatest fans in college football, let frost get the boys ready,
  5. The negativity of this fan base is just saggering. Did the Big load up the schedule for us, probably but nothing you can do about it but play the game. This is a unprecedented year so all we can do is just play the game. Nothing is going to be a given, hell osu could come down with covid by then, then what. All we can do is attempt to play the game this year.
  6. Any chance we can stand outside the stadium to cheer on the huskers.
  7. Im looking forward to chanting this outside the stadium
  8. OMG Tenesee vs Georgia, that was a great game

  9. Got pulled over tonight, no front plate.  Cop said can i see your license, i was like well im failing as an adult because my license is expired, my current tags arent on the car, and my insurance card is a year old.  Cop was very cool though, just gave me two warnings and was like these are easily fixable my man.  I thanked him for giving me a break

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    2. Toe


      Hmm, IME most of that is forgivable as long as you get it fixed, but they usually come down pretty hard on insurance. Although it's a good idea to keep your insurance company's app on your phone...

    3. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      Yea i fixed everything today, was just flabergasted i had that many issues i just let go.  Made sure all lights and signals worked while i was at it.  Cleaned up the headlights also so they shine better.  I will need to wait for the license as it takes a bit to get during covid but i think thell let that slide if i explain them and show my warning tickets.

    4. TonyStalloni


      I think they can see that you have current insurance when they check you out. 

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