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  1. Do we forget that maryland was straight up murdering there oponents at the beginning of the season. Both NW and Purdue were going to be easy wins as well. This team is way to inconsistent for that. Unless they beat wisconson i have a feeling they will spiral out of control and lose the last 3. Ive seen it to many times over the last 5 years. You think going bowling would be enough.
  2. Just go back and watch Scott Frosts introductory press conference.  It will just make you feel better, so much promise then.  There still is promise but it just makes you remember how special this entire thing was and how proud we should be that he is here.

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    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      I expected better than Riley's worst season by year 2.  Boy isn't my face red.

    3. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      @ladyhawke The problem is, Frost hasn't met the expectations he so arrogantly set.

    4. ladyhawke


      B.B. don’t you attribute some of that to the fact that he’s young and as my Grandpa would say, “A little full of piss and vinegar.”  I liked his confidence. I also liked the fact that he asked for help, from the current players, former players and the fans. 

      I love it that he is really-establishing broken relationships with our state high school coaches and working hard to get the players he needs. 

      He has s big job ahead of him and so venture to guess that no one feels as badly as he does about the results so far. 

  3. Eases the pain when it happens. This team has shown zero bounce back, zero ability to make adjustments. Martinez looks like a lost puppy, its hopeless. And god forbid if they did win and magically got to 6 we end up in a toilet bowl. Woo Hoo
  4. We need to win at least one of our last two home games. Getting a$$ raped in memorial stadium is becoming to much of a norm.
  5. Thank god we can get the beating done early so i can enjoy the rest of the day.
  6. If LSU blows this game this old tv gets it.

    1. Waldo


      How many TVs do you break a week 

    2. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      I have cheered for 4 teams today.  Penn St let me down, TCU let me down, if Wisconson and LSU let me down im just gonna snap.  I still havent replaced the last one that broke.

  7. Pretty sure after this Minn win i want to drink even more.
  8. Time is the most precious thing we have and no one knows how much of it we have. Id like to see good quality football in my lifetime again.
  9. I think i liked it better when Nebraska Football mattered 

    1. NUance


      We could still be the spoiler for some team.  We could keep Wiscy or Iowa from going to Indianapolis.  Maybe both!  (Hey, it could happen.)

  10. I dont think it would of been a bad thing to let martinez sit for a couple of those clutch situations. Both the times we had good takeaways and we were in the redzone. Thats not in martinez wheelhouse lately, he just doesnt have the focus or the wheels to just look then tuck and run while Verdral or McCaffery do. He sure could chuck a few downfield though so if this is whats going on then he just needs to sit for those clutch plays. If i was a qb it would make me mad to need to sit but if im not getting the job done and i want to go bowling your god dam right my 2nd or 3rd in command can take my spot. Both of those guys could of ran it in , we were getting very little qb pressure and just needed someone with some wheels.
  11. I would argue that, not with the players i think your spot on with that but as far as coaches i think hes not willing to give up on them. One thing that has been difficult for me to defend here is the need for keeping these guys here. No one wants to go to a school where they keep dumping coaches and i think he knows that. So hes going to hold on to those guys as long as he feels necessary. But the players more importantly Martinez i dont know how you cant see the product on the field, much less because hes a former qb you would think he would know that if his qb isnt in his right head he doesnt need to be out there.
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