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  1. This place is sad to be around anymore, seems like there is no hope for the future. Used to look forward to the games, week in and week out. Hearing everyones opinion on whats going on, how recruting was going. Now its just a sad place to be, so many of us are just so frustrated and tired of the same old weekend stuff. I havent put out my flag in 2 years, havent really worn my colors like i normally do also. Just a dump topic to post i know, but i figured i would try and read the room. Lots of posts lately are of nothing positive, just all the crap thats going on. Nothing to really look forward to, if we are lucky and can win 3 more we get invited to a crappy bowl. I dont know, wish these guys could just figure it out.
  2. My statement was directed at husker fans ripping on Iowa fans.
  3. Listen no one enjoyed the hawk loss more than me, living in iowa and seeing more Iowa Hawkeye shirts than normal makes it more annoying. And i was drinking hawkeye tears after the loss. But maybe that was because i was parched from my own f#&%ing teams stupidity. Buttttttttttttt, however id keep the gloating to yourself, there is nothing to boast about when a team has your number. None of the crap talk matters if you cant win.
  4. I would maybe look at the towns those universities are in.
  5. This is something i dont think we as fans think enough about. Nebraska is truly different because of how much the university truly relies on its football revenue. Way more then most schools i would say. Maybe if we look at that we just cant afford to have more than 4 losing seasons.
  6. I still believe if trev finds the right guy frost is gone. Couple of hot coaches out there this year up for the taking.
  7. Beers on me at The Chicken Coop if that happens
  8. The more i think about the more i think it will be situational. If trev thinks throws out a offer to a good p5 coach and they take it frost is gone no matter what. But if he casts a line out and no one bites hes holding firm till next year.
  9. What i fear worst is that this will be a continous thing. We will continue to have just outstanding kick a$$ games that we will win but every couple of times a year just come out like absolute trash and lose like we did under bo. Just un motivated, un diciplined crap of a game. I fear that could be the new norm which would be just as annoying.
  10. I hear you guys, im just saying ive heard it before. Where are Herman and Vernables now
  11. Listen ive been going to this highschool for 7 1/2 years............................Im no Dummy
  12. Do you hear yourself, i mean seriously do you. Im not making a crack or trying to be a d!(k. We had this exact same excuse for Riley, We had the NFL guy excuse for Callahan, We had the turn around excuse Frost, I mean seriously when do we stop f#&%ing around. And im not saying that you or headly have said anything about this in the past. Im saying the exact reasons you are giving for these coaches have been given for past coaches. If we do this, its time to BUY someone. Someone who will BUY wins, not someone who can work into them. If you want a work in progress stick with frost.
  13. Hedley. That is LITERALLY frost the 2nd coming.
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