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  1. Man our stadium is just a hodge podge kids erector set of design at this point.
  2. I dont want hype videos, i want results.
  3. For me the gun is used as a easly weapon to kill as anyone else. Yes its intended purpose is to hurl various types of lead through the air at high velocity. But there are many things that can be use for that reason. Honestly nothing being said here is new
  4. The point for me not being told what to do. If im a law abiding citizen, follow my ps and qs then it doesnt matter how many guns i have.
  5. Neither do the guns, its the people holding them.
  6. I guess i would counter that with what if the government said you could only drink one pepsi per week, because thats healthier for you.
  7. Was there ever any doubt that this guy would want to coach here. Can you imagine him sitting on some beach, or winging a duck out of a blind while chewin on come copenhagen
  8. I just want football to matter again.

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Husker football to matter again.

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