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  1. Kevin Warren Out as Big 10 Commissioner

  2. So i don't get it, should we be super pumped about this class. Im not trying to be negative, there seems to be a lot of hype with this class, next years class and the staff. Weve been duped before so i don't want to get to charged up, but it seems like i should be.
  3. Yea like Oklahoma kicked us into the dirt last year and ended up being mediocre at best.
  4. This is in my opinion just a terrible take. We have been pushing the last narative for the last 20 years. Everyone who has coached here has been Vaguely competent at coaching football. And as far as the flashy black guy comment, Being black has nothing to do with this.
  5. Does someone wana tell that kid who hightailed it to michigan that he probably should of stuck around. Also please tell him not to visit right now, this weather might scare someone not accustomed.
  6. Anyone know where i can go someplace to start creating t shirts.

    1. 308_Husker


      What are you going to put on them?

    2. krc1995


      Are you in Lincoln? Do you have a design? 

    3. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      Im not in lincoln and i woudl like to create a design first

  7. I think this whole thing is rediculious. First of all that one austin martin is quite a few years old. I dont think modern HYPE community even accept that as cool. Was probably the only booster car they could find that was Gold in color. 2nd thing is that if this is what this young man wants then so be it. We can take all the high road or whatnot all we want but if this young man gets turned away by bling and flash when he knows he could go to nebraska and get paid just as well. Then thats the way he wants. I dont want people like that who are so easly tricked by flash and gold. I will tell you what, i was really all in on prime but the more i look into everything ive seen transpire on him going to colorado ive made a entire 180. He could go 10-2 next year and id feel the same way. I want the old school way where people want to learn to do something well to move on to that next level. Prime seems like the person who puts him image first and if your good enough to come along for the ride then great. And if this young man from nebraska wants that, then colorado can keep him. Just make sure and give him a extra greeting when we face him.
  8. After i saw the new Prime lineup of gear, Im glad we didnt get coach prime.
  9. I think the problem is also that you think that anyone who is concerned about what prime can do is automatically thinking we made the wrong hire. Because alot of us aren't.
  10. How about for you JJ i just say your right until your not and then we can take it from there.
  11. We can either believe in 1 of two things. Rhule couldnt find anyone else, or rhule believes that he is the best man for the job.
  12. I think a get like this would pull top guys out of the portal.
  13. If i had to lay money down, it would be colorado. s#!t most of you guys are saying we wont win more than 2 games next year.
  14. This is what i think people are missing. He relates to that genz generation with the flash and the social media. IF you watch that meeting he sais were gonna make you famous were gonna blow you up. Thats what alot of this generation wants, but he uses that old school genx way of teaching football. he may of just found a perfect balance. He might not be in our conference, but you better believe hes coming after our players. Yea this was the worst place he could of wound up for us. We can live with getting our a$$ kicked for 2 years but poaching our players its something that is going to suck for a long time.
  15. 8 teams makes more sense, then the bottom 8 dont need to play one more game, or am i not thinking about this correctly.
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