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  1. Kinda makes me miss Adrian. You get used to a guys face after a while.
  2. 12-0 Its always 12-0, to think your going to lose is not the point.
  3. This is january, we have had this QB prospect for less than a week and theres already people lining for the i told you so's coming in september. f#&% me. Tell you what, lets just let the kids play ball, fight for what they want and well go from there.
  4. I will say that, losing does make you tired of things. No matter how positive your leader is.
  5. You think the team will buy in, 2AM has had the team for a couple years now. Might be some sour apples in the locker room.
  6. They just went and got david god dam putney because they felt like it.
  7. Ok so Purdy Chubby or Thompsons Water Seal
  8. This is a terrible day to be in nebraska, its cold as s#!t out
  9. Ok so if were having a 24 game playoff, how do you set that up because that does sound intreguing.
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