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  1. As an Iowan Living in Iowa who roots for Nebraska, i will never believe another Iowan rooting for Iowa Schools is Thrilled to work for nebraska.
  2. Your good, i deserve it. Just happy its over and now the team can move on to working together
  3. His googled net worth is 5 million. That isnt s#!t now a-days.
  4. Sorry, its a different world. Money does things to people. Id throw all of you under the bus if it meant getting life changing money and i dont think many other people are different from that.
  5. To be honest, its not going to happen because it would of happened by now. And im tired of this bull s#!t narative that keeps coming up with it. If it signs it would be great, but a 18 year old kid is jerking 2 programs around. And how it looks in todays word that if it doesnt work out for him hell leave for another school in 1 to 2 years if he doesnt see what he wants. This place has melted down, but not loosing the top pick qb melted down yet.
  6. Just curious why Linoln Riley needs another Good qb
  7. Seems to me that fumbling is a player problem, not a coach scheme problem.
  8. I feel this is so much of it. I would hope they wouldnt have that fear of failure so bad that they cant get out of there own heads. But i can see that. I truly can, this place, there are alot of expectations that come with it. Look at the big programs that have had a hard time coming back. Florida, Miami, Texas, USC are all chock full of talent and have been at the pinacle but are having a huge problem getting back to 10+ wins
  9. Hey, kudos to you for hanging out here this long. I think youve been here a few years now.
  10. How do you think the season changes if we win certain games.
  11. I learned alot I learned i dont like watching the games anymore, Over the past 20 or so years when things have gotten tougher and tougher it becomes harder and harder to watch. For me personally that comes with a hand full of things. It was never the end of november when we were deciding of making a bowl game was possible or not. But the worse and worse the team gets harder and harder it is to sustain things. And so now we are playing close in games, games in which 7 years ago we were blowing out these teams and now we barely hang on. Where it used to be just 3 or 4 chest clenchers a year its all 12 now. And what was worse this year is that it seemed like we had a chance but we fall short. We always fall short anymore. Coach Rhule looks tired. Even if we lose on friday it would be one of the fastest turnarounds hes had yet. From seeing the dime nor he has had the past 3 games i think hes tired of us fans s#!t. He isnt used to being scrutinized this much, that im sure of. Even if its what hes paid to do you would get sick of turning in the best report you could of done and all your boss does is talk about the grammar. I think were ugly fans, i honestly see how we talk and treat these people on social media is just sad. I hate how we are ready to string up Sat on the goalpost even though there is no answer on who or what to replace him with. Just fire him and lets move on but no one has any time or patience for the next guy either. Ive seen this for years now on here and on social media. I dont know how much of a fan i am of this anymore, its not the fact of winning an being a winner if that were the case id just bandwagon any of the other regular top 10 teams. It can be just as simple as buying a hat and watching a game. Its that this has me more upset than ive been in a while. Is that the hope it takes to watch someone fix themselves and all you can do is cheer on the sidelines. You can truly do nothing to help because there is nothing that you can do. I honestly do think we play football just fine, i think there is something else, some type of lingering thing that just keeps holding on here. None of those trophys they see mean anything to them, none of the past holds any weight here. In this new place, in our new place. Theres a reason we are holding on to those losing records, why those things linger. Like old people talking bout the war that no one was old enough to experience but were to put a dot behind it and put some respect when we talk about it. I think i like the off season more, because with hope you can at least be surprised by what may or may not happen. Lots of Hope but alot of despair also
  12. See i think your wrong here. Weve been losing to teams who have been losing, Since iowa has been winning i think we will win.
  13. I knew i was going to misspell that, i was just to tired to care when i wrote it. But i think you get my meaning.
  14. We just cant keep getting on this fire train everytime this gets bad. And this is bad, this isnt a good west division and i dont feel we have handled any of the teams we have played this year. Id love to give everyone in that room the next 4 years to not make any changes, input there system and show us what they can do. I dont like this stuff in fact i hate it. But to win games we need consistancy, to get better players we need to win games, and all of that starts with the first game. Start by winning the first game, get confidence
  15. I need to have some type of intelectial conversation with someone on how this team keeps winning. It baffles me every week, week in week out how they manage to scrape by on wins. They never just own there opponent, they just barely win.
  16. I cant watch the game gang, i may be the bad luck guy. Ill catch yall at the end.
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