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  1. Hopefully we can land him. We need length in the trenches and he looks to be an ideal athletic nose. Don't think with the direction we are going that D. Thomas and D. Daniels have much of a future in this D.
  2. Mauga looks like a ILB, ala Lavonte David, this guy looks like a OLB.
  3. Serious statement. Kid looks impressive on video. Great agility, good extension with his arms, and can run. If he is truly 6-4 and 235, which he appears to be in video, then he can start day one.
  4. My hope: QB: Martinez, Vedral, McCaffrey RB: Mills, Johnson, Thompkins, Morrison LT: Jamies, Cochran or Sichterman LG: Piper, Wilson, Bando C: Juergens, Farniok RT: Farniok or Banks, Hixson RG: Benhart, Bando or Farniok WR: Manning, Houston or Warner, Nance WR: Betts or Chase, Nance, Warner Duck-R/Slot: Spielman or Robinson, Warner TE: Allen, Hickman or Still, Vokolek Based on Frost's statements about starting true freshman in the trenches I don't see Cochran starting at tackle. From what tidbits I've heard they have high hopes for Piper. At WR I would like to see bigger bodies start. Because Spielman and Robinson have been prone to injury late in the season, I would like for them to split reps to maintain their health.
  5. While Martinez didn't have the year we expected, dude battled through some s#!t. We lost a 1000 yard receiver and no one picked up the slack. Warner was injured most of the year; our o-line, for most of the year, was atrocious; and we didn't have a consistent run game. And somehow folks place all of that on him? I understand every mistake made by him was put under a microscope, as we couldn't afford to make many mistakes on offense, but most of this uproar is crazy talk considering what he had. Martinez is the best talent we have at qb and maybe the team. I understand there is a love fest with McCaffrey, but it's obvious the dude isn't a natural passer, and when defenses have film on him they'll learn how to exploit him as well.
  6. Will Frost stop being so cute in offense?

  7. I enjoyed the game. Players showed heart and it looks like we found a running game. 

    1. C N Red

      C N Red

      At least until we decided to quit using it

    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      It's wasn't as bad as I expected.  That's pretty much as good as a win these days.

  8. The issues with this team start with Frost. I truly believe he doesn't see himself as the leader of this program. When the season started he said Martinez is leader of the team and we'll go as far as Martinez will take us. I cringed when I heard it because that's putting too much on a 19 year old kid. Then throughout the season he talks about the players as though he isn't the head coach; says he doesn't watch the defense while they are on the field; and babies some players at the exclusion of others (he's ok with anyone and everyone leaving, but is holding onto Washington for dear life) Accountability should start and stop with him, and he needs to own it, or we will never get better.
  9. -Frost doesn't trust his line and teams expect us to run East and West. -Our LB play is horrendous. -No one gets benched at Nebraska
  10. So on 1st in goal we run for 4 yards and get down to 3. Next two plays are passing plays... What a joke.
  11. No, this isn't on the players. When Daniels intercepted the ball and returned it to the 3, Frost called 2 pass plays back to back. That's on him and indicative of the s#!tty playcalling I've seen this game.
  12. This on the O. We've had excellent field position and two turnovers and we only have 10 points? Frost is s#!tting the bed with playcalling

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    2. ZRod


      What? Who threw the friggin pick? That's what I asked. Collectively the players aren't performing. Show me where the play calling has been so bad that it costs us games? 

    3. SECHusker


      @ZRod you're the coach you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your players. Frost is calling plays like he doesn't. And yet again down within to the 3 and we call two pass plays...

    4. ZRod


      He called a read play for you on 3rd and short...


      You can't predict guys not being consistent play to play. You can't predict you star QB trying to force balls into double coverage.

  13. This is on him. We should have at least 21 points but frost s#!t the bed with playcalling.
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