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  1. Quotes from article about Tuberville's senate run. What do you think about his decision to align himself with Trump? Rodriguez: I’ll be honest. I didn’t really know what [party] he was representing. He coached multicultural kids. I would have thought it was gonna be on the Democratic side. You have knowledge of these kids’ backgrounds, where they come from. You sit in their homes and see their circumstances. But with him going on the Republican side, and backing in what Trump is trying to do, it’s raised a level of concern. And it makes me want to do my own research on
  2. They better be out for 3 weeks. Freaking whimps.
  3. They would want to run from this a$$ kicking we in were set to give.
  4. Really think we are on the cusp. Take away the fumble touchdown, and that last TD, OSU would have put up 38. And that's 38, with the officials blatantly helping them. Even with out using our stars, Mills and Robinson, and our more talented WRs not playing, we moved the ball at will, when we didn't shot ourselves in the foot. If we played more man coverage which our CBs appeared last year to be more comfortable, I think we have a ball game. If we build on what we did, I think everyone is going to like the result at the end of the season.
  5. On Big Red Overreaction, Benning suggested Manning wasn't injured/sick. Get the feeling he wasn't being a team player. Hope that has changed, and if it has, he needs to stop tweeting about it and do it.
  6. Weird, I know we got outscored, but it doesn't feel like we got beaten up. Kinda like watching a boxer who just wants to outpoint his opponent to win, rather than go for the KO.

    1. ZRod


      The score didn't really reflect the game. One garbage time TD that most coaches would have took a knee. Two gift wrapped by bad officiating. 31 - 21 is what the game felt like and what it should have been.

    2. SECHusker


      Agree with your analysis, which in my mind means no we are only a few pieces away, considering Mills and Robinson didn't get that many touches.

    3. ZRod


      Yeah, this will be a fun year. We have physicality on all sides, and guys who want to ball. We just need some guys to step up in the receiving corps and at Safety. Those were the glaring he's yesterday.

  7. -The BIG is out for us -I'm shocked we didn't see more downfield passing or a reliance on our RBs -Our front 7 has the chance to be exceptional. Shocked at the improvement at OLB. -Our DBs aren't as bad as the stats show. That was a lot of talent at WR for them -Really happy with how guys responded to adversity
  8. Seriously, I do not get the love affair with Justin Fields. He's a QB with an abundance of talent around him... That is all.

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    2. jaws


      Outside of Lawrence, who is currently better than him in college football? Last year only Burrow and Lawrence were better than him. He had a great year last year and that was his first year as a starter. I am not sure why you don't see why people love him. 

    3. RedDenver


      Fields looks like a legit Heisman frontrunner. Olave is special too. Other than the QB and WR's, I don't think the rest of tOSU looks like NC contenders yet, but it's just the first game of the season.

    4. SECHusker


      @jaws I would say, trask at FL, corral at ole miss (who is doing exceptional given talent around him), and a few others. Not saying he is horrible, but I want to see him play defenses that have CBs that won't give his WRs a 10 yard cushion. Because as of right now, you can put damn near any QB with OSUs talent and not expect much if any drop off.

  9. Now take it to the practice field
  10. Defenses adapting to him is one of my main concerns, my other is losing a year of leadership and development for Adrian. While the T-Mart era was at times fun to watch and productive, I don't care to see part two of it. Especially when we have recruited 6'2''+ WRs and a downfield threat TE for next year, that aren't coming here just to block for short WRs. Frost is in a difficult situation, I hope he finds a way to effectively navigate it.
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