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  1. If not Chins, Kalen DeBoer- Fresno State HC. Has experience in the BIG (former Indiana HC) or, Aranda from Baylor, but he ain't coming cheap.
  2. Why? So he can have a fifth season of "being this close," "working on the details," "seeing this movie again," "finding a new way to lose," or whatever frost-ism that amounts to nothing?
  3. We weren't exactly rolling under McCaffrey or Noah.
  4. Frost's future is bright as an offensive analyst for Saban.
  5. That would be great, but I think frost couldn't help but meddle.
  6. It's better to get our a$$ kicked for an early game, than it is to wait around all day and get our a$$ kicked at night.
  7. Changing the offensive staff wouldn't change, the confusing WR rotation, why we don't consistently target our draftable TEs (10-20 times a game), why it takes multiple games to find our starting RB, and most importantly the playcalling. Love Chins and the defensive staff but it's time to cleanhouse.
  8. Yeah, not calling a qb sneak from center is great playcalling...
  9. He lacks situational awareness... Like his coach
  10. So practice doesn't matter? If that's the case free Betts, and all of our other dudes.
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