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  1. The problem I see isn't entirely with the coaching staff, granted I am not a fan of Dewitt, but with the culture and players. There is a mindset in this team that a coach can lead them to glory and all a coach can do is give them the tools to be successful... The players have to use them. And to that point we don't have many players with the mindset that they can be good in spite of coaching and take responsibility for their own play and actions. For all those guys on the team that have aspirations of playing in the league, they need to realize that they won't be able to choose their coaches in the league and yet they are still expected to produce.
  2. It's time to sit the OL in front of Mo. Mo is a talent and likely NFL prospect if he can stay out of trouble and gain weight. He's at a disadvantage now because the OL, and we have no passing game.
  3. I agree, we have whiffed on recruits, but tanor hasn't exactly been lighting it up. And no excuse for A. Davis' play or why he is countiously called to be out there on the field.
  4. Fish has been the best position coach we have, and it's not even close. L. Jackson is considered a first round draft pick... And he was subpar before Fish. Cam Taylor is a baller and Bootle has stepped up in a lot of ways. Fish has earned the right to call his shot, and Delancy is a legit prospect.
  5. Really want to the staff to consider changing the O-line. While Juergens gets a lot of heat for the snaps, he is a legit blocker; and everyone else is subpar. Outside of Dewitt, I don't think anyone should be asked to leave. With our OLBs playing the way they are, we are down two every snap.
  6. SECHusker


    This team will never get better if we can't win in the trenches, and with that in mind 3 of our OL need to sit indefinitely.
  7. Coach Fish has earned the right to call his shots on DB recruits. Happy to have this kid on board regardless of the stars.
  8. The RB rotation is the most perplexing thingĀ 

  9. Living in Florida, I want to play the Gators. Let's give Tebow something to cry about.
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  11. Curious how much he was biting his tongue.
  12. Underrated. Looks very athletic, and is able to pull as an OT. Also, has violent hands. Great prospect to potentially close out OL recruiting.
  13. Easily the most important offense recruit still left on our board. This news is great.
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