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  1. Don't think this is a conservative/liberal political problem. The President just banned travel from Europe! This coronavirus is a real threat as we are not prepared to treat everyone who could become sick. As the President said we need to set aside politics and embrace the fact that we are fighting something that doesn't care about whether you're an R or D.
  2. https://youtu.be/ftONvRECWLs
  3. Mental health ain't nothing to play with. Wish him nothing but the best.
  4. Any chance he gets a release from his LOI and starts looking?
  5. Interested to see how this goes down with folks calling for the heads of the other two coaches.
  6. Hoping Frost is watching OU's playcalling and is realizing playing cute won't win NCs.

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    2. NUance


      What does SF's coaching ability have to do with the Sooners getting taken to the woodshed? 

    3. ColoradoHusk


      So, teams which can't compete with other teams physically are just supposed to keep beating their heads against the wall and not try misdirection or other ways to utilize their speed and athleticism?  It's not getting "cute", it's trying alternative ways to get the ball to a team's play makers.

    4. man eating mastodon
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    2. teachercd


      Most of the Pac 12 recruiting sort of sucks.  It is like they have given up.  I know the U of Cal schools are broke but man, that broke that they can't recruit or are they just not that good at it anymore?

    3. NUance


      The thing is, it would be incredibly easy to recruit to USC.  And really, to most Pac 12 schools.  So, yeah, they must have just given up and going through the motions now.   Sad stuff.  For them, that is.  lol 


    4. Street Novelist

      Street Novelist

      only 11 commits...crazy

  7. Rivals is showing that he signed and committed on our commitment list
  8. I guess I'll be that guy, but I never saw anything anything great about him. He just looked like he was bigger than the kids he played against. Not saying he's a bad talent, but I liked some of the other OLBs we were in on more, and if he were in Florida he would be middle of the road. Honestly, thought Aho was a better get, and if Aho has a work ethic like Ozigbo he'll be a stud.
  9. Hopefully we can land him. We need length in the trenches and he looks to be an ideal athletic nose. Don't think with the direction we are going that D. Thomas and D. Daniels have much of a future in this D.
  10. Mauga looks like a ILB, ala Lavonte David, this guy looks like a OLB.
  11. Serious statement. Kid looks impressive on video. Great agility, good extension with his arms, and can run. If he is truly 6-4 and 235, which he appears to be in video, then he can start day one.
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