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  1. Best animation I've seen of SpaceX/NASA Lunar Lander.
  2. "WASHINGTON — The size of NASA’s astronaut corps may soon fall below the minimum level the agency needs to support space station and Artemis missions [missions back to the moon] and other activities, the agency’s inspector general warns." https://spacenews.com/nasa-inspector-general-warns-astronaut-corps-may-be-too-small/ Coach put me in, I'll go. Rest of y'all suit up.
  3. Damn, why did they have to put MJ vs Prince? House 7.
  4. Hope we are going after their OLBs, or at least giving them a look. https://alabama.rivals.com/news/several-players-from-alabama-enter-ncaa-transfer-portal While I think athletically we'll be better on defense this year, I don't think we are at that reload spot yet. Could really use some edge rushers.
  5. Forgot that the championship game was on tonight. Never thought that would happen, but now I see it, I don't really care to watch it.

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    2. BigRedBuster


      @ZRod I agree.  My attitude was slightly better.  Still not an ideal situation,

    3. funhusker


      I also forgot all about it.  I got home from my daughter's BB practice and was just messing on my phone and happened to see a halftime update.  I thought, "That's right!  I'll watch."


      I watched the 3rd quarter and went to bed.  Wasn't worth staying up for me.  I know it was a good game, I just realized I didn't care at that point.



    4. admo


      @SECHusker Yeah I totally understand, just giving you a hard time lol.  Pretty sure the vibe everywhere is that the Alabama Championship Game is getting tiring.  And typically we see the playoffs having the usual suspects - Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, OU, or another SEC team.  So the excitement is getting dull.   And I agree with @ZRod that you really shouldn't be in the playoffs without winning your conference.  But as I watched the season, Georgia really was the best team all year, and the slightly better team in the national title game too.



  6. Just watched the 3rd season of Westworld. I really enjoyed it. Far simpler to follow than season 2.
  7. Amazing to think SpaceX is going to use the arms on the launch tower to catch the rockets coming back to earth.
  8. Evidently with the new engines and increased engines on the booster (29 previously to 33 engines) and starship (6 previously to 9 engines), folks are calculating SpaceX will be able to put 220t to low earth orbit (LEO), with a cargo bay far bigger than the ISS. And on Lex Friedman's podcast, Musk stated starship theoretically can go down to $1M per launch. For perspective the new starship is theorized to be 21 feet longer, so about 180 feet tall and is 9 meters or 27ish feet across, with a cargo capacity of a 747 jumbo jet and then some. 220t is the weight of more than 150 average sized cars. And at $1M per launch is a fraction of $450M per launch of the space shuttle and that could only carry 29t to LEO. Furthermore with refueling Starship can bring that same 220t to the moon, mars, etc. Also, add at scale production Musk says they'll be able to produce 2 Starships per week, and believes he'll be able to launch this behemoth 2-3 times a day. While the future is still unknown, we are on the cusp of something special.
  9. I think safety and not being a guinea pig is most people's apprehension, but id say after 100 or so uneventful trips to the moon people would be throwing there money at the opportunity.
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