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  1. If they want to run the option, I would expect they'll give Emory Jones at Florida a hard look.
  2. Smothers doesn't have an arm, and running him as much as we did is no way for him to make it through a season.
  3. Strahan to space next month. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32698466/new-york-giants-great-michael-strahan-set-space-tourist-next-month%3fplatform=amp
  4. Tom Herman is an offensive analyst... Just saying.
  5. Really liked how we targeted the TE. That needs to be the offense going forward.
  6. Just had Wendy's new fries, and dare I say they were better than McDonald's average fries. Granted when McDonald's fries are done right, there may be nothing better...Except maybe Chick-fil-A's fries.

  7. Another company, with a novel way to get to space. And how it works:
  8. Another US rocket company made it to orbit! Gents, Star Trek is coming!
  9. I'm more concerned he'll take a lateral for an SEC school that offers more money. Think Florida is the biggest fear in that regard.
  10. Do you watch less CFB when we have a bad season?

    1. The Dude
    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      No. I watch every game we play, and still watch some other teams as well.

    3. admo


      What bad season?  I love football 



  11. Thinking it will be Jeff Libby from Ole miss. They'll pay him more and he'll get playcalling responsibilities. No inside info just a gut reaction.
  12. Wouldn't mind Dan Mullen if Florida lets him go and he promises to keep the defense staff.
  13. The actual ship is 16 stories tall, and has more cargo space than a 747. When fully stacked (with the booster), I didn't see this, it is close to 400 feet tall. Linked is a photo I took. If you zoom in real close to the object under the Ship on the road you can see a size comparison. And even this pic doesn't do it justice. https://photos.app.goo.gl/nnTm8rge8KVGAvqb8
  14. Was able to see this rocket in person a few months back. If it works as planned it will be an absolute game changer for cheaper access to space. About 150t to low earth orbit, same altitude as international space station, for only $2M per launch when production is ramped up.
  15. Kalen Deboer. Overall record as an HC 77-8.
  16. What about having one win against a bad northwestern team, makes you think frost will do any better next year in the BIG?
  17. But they haven't developed/recruited someone to replace him. That's on the coaches.
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