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  1. Trying to shake the feeling but I feel detached from this coaching staff

    1. ladyhawke


      No former Huskers on the staff. Will be interesting 

    2. TonyStalloni


      It's the same feeling I've had when the neighbor family that mine had a lot in common with lost their job and took another one out of state. Now a new family moves in and while they are cordial, we haven't had enough life experiences to become friends with yet. They seem nice but it's going to take time. Coaching at Nebraska has become musical chairs for too long.

  2. I have moved all across the country over the pass 20 years and I can emphatically say people don't see us as a big name program and when outside BigTen and Big12 country most have forgotten we exist. The know us as the team that was good 20+ years ago. Regardless, you assert that Rhule is a finished product because he has experience. I doubt he is a finished product.
  3. We are likely to be Northwestern's only win this season. He accomplished a lot from where we started. And you can't compare having your own staff, off season, and playing in the weak Big12 to inheriting a mess mid season in the BIG10 while beating a team we have lost to in the past seven years, and almost beating Wisc. You're drinking the kool-aid. Nebraska hadn't been to a bowl game in 5 seasons. Prior to Rhule, Baylor and Temple had been to at least 3 bowl games in their past 5 seasons. I get it people wanted to go with the safe pick, but the safe picks of MR and Frost have got us nowhere. The players loved MJ and he deserved to be interviewed.
  4. This wasn't his staff! And he was able to accomplish those results. Folks like you make no sense. You're ok diminishing MJ's qualifications for being HC, but the guy we are bringing in had lesser results his first years at Temple and Baylor, and those were teams that at least two years prior had winning records. Rhule went 3-21 his first years at Baylor and Temple respectfully. MJ won 3 games with a staff that wasn't his, and for a team he took over mid season. You can doubt all you want, but if MJ goes elsewhere and becomes a successful HC, I hope he never comes back or looks back. And no one here could blame him for it.
  5. From where Frost left this team to where it is now MJ deserves a lot of credit. Very few thought we would stood a chance to win games in the East after GA Southern, and in spite of that we beat the spread on every game but Illinois, with multiple opportunities to win games late in the second half. What he did was remarkable given where we were. No one can doubt the way this team played under him he would have beat both NW and GA Southern, which would make him bowl eligible in his first year with a staff that wasn't his. Not to mention if he had his own staff Wisc and Minn would have likely been wins. The man was deserving of a minimum to be interviewed. And honestly should have had the job.
  6. They didn't give the man the dignity of an interview. I hope he becomes a successful HC and never looks back.
  7. Really hope he can pull one or both these games out. Out of the names mentioned, MJ is more than deserving of his shot.
  8. Odds are you right on the outside coach but I wouldn't count MJ out just yet. I think one reason for not announcing MJ right now is a lot of coaches are going to get canned. And if MJ were announced right now the media would be in a frenzy trying to figure out which coaches he would keep.
  9. Whoever the guy is needs to realize it's not just about development, especially with USC coming into the league, you need to be able to recruit as well.
  10. Makes you wonder what Frost was doing these past 4 seasons.
  11. I think cryptocurrency will be a thing once internet matures, maybe into the metaverse, and their is a need for a more universal currency. But right now, I just don't see the point.
  12. All first term Presidents have no experience running a country, but we still elect them. And I imagine running a country is more complicated than running a football team. Experience is an overrated stat that folks put in some make believe formula that they hope will equate to a successful HC. Imagine if only all the ADs around the country knew that to be successful you just need to hire a coach with experience... Rhule went 2-10 and 1-11 his first years at Temple and Baylor with staffs that were HIS. MJ is keeping pace with those stats on a team that he has only lead for 2 months. With the new BIG contract we are not a monetary dumpster fire as some folks want us to believe. And I'm not concerned for a second about the sellout streak as BAMA, UGA, Clemson etc. have done just fine without as many sellouts. MJ's ceiling is high. A lot higher than the others on Feldman's list. And he is showing he can be competitive under less than desirable circumstances. Not saying he gets the nod but he has done nothing to be dismissed.
  13. Minn was favored by 15.5, and we lost by 7 with a chance to win in the fourth. And folks are upset because we didn't pull the upset or Chubba. Chubba I get, but if we won would everyone who doesn't want MJ as HC been equally as enthusiastic to say MJ should be HC?
  14. 100% agree. While wins matter, I think Trev is mostly concerned about how Mickie is running the program. I've heard more 'you have to respect the process and once you do the wins will come' talk from NU, than I've heard in a long time. From what I've seen and heard, attitudes in the program are changing and it's only been a month and a half. That's impressive. The wholesale change folks are holding MJ to account for, with most of the same coaches and players that lost to NW earlier this year, are unreasonable. Dont care if the interim coach was Saban, he can't grow lineman in the middle of the season or make them more athletic. If folks want someone else as HC, just say that. Don't need to bash the man for unreasonable expectations.
  15. Frost wasn't able to beat the worst team in the BIG this year... Not saying MJ gets the nod, but don't take away from his successes.
  16. There will be worts on every coach that comes here. And if your expectation is whomever the HC is won't lose a few games in their first season, then this fan base won't be deserving of whomever we get. Even Saban lost six games his first year at BAMA.
  17. Frost was the head coach literally a month and half ago. So of course there will be similarities. But unlike Frost, who could choose his staff, players, and everything else that comes with being HC, MJ has not been afforded that same luxury. He is finding ways just like any new HC that'll come and make the most of what he got. And I think that is a point you're not getting, there will be teething pains with ANY new hire. 100% agree with you, but the rebuild is happening now. This team would beat Georgia Southern and NW if those games were played now. I call that progress
  18. No, I'm an adult who understands wholesale change doesn't happen in a month and a half. You my child may go to bed.
  19. Just because MJ wouldn't have got the opportunity if Frost was fired last season to be HC, doesn't mean he wouldn't be a good HC. Frost, Riley, Callahan all had HC cred but weren't nearly as successful as Bo no with HC experience. Let's not mention TO also didn't have HC creds before he got the nod. The man is doing well with what he has, and the situation he was brought into.
  20. Couldn't disagree with you more. The question is, whether he is getting the most out of what he has? He his overachieving in that regard. Remember this is not his staff. He didn't choose the strength and conditioning coach or how have the ability to hold all the players accountable during the off-season. The players he did bring in, CT and TP are the best things we have going. And I don't think anyone would doubt if he was HC at NW and Georgia Southern we would have won both those games, making us 5-3 at this point. If he is given the nod, which I hope it is either him or Mullen, he'll be just fine. And if you're thinking we need someone more HC creds, Dabo says sup!
  21. Not saying Joseph gets the HC position, but I think there are double standards at play. If the the new HC comes in and doesn't light it up the first season folks will say give him time to get their players in and get rid of the Frost recruits. MJ doesn't have an off season to get his staff in place and to get all his kids on the field. He is left patching holes on a sinking ship mid season.
  22. Loved his quote at the 10 minute mark and CT being on the ground.
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