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  1. Russia is weak, but they are also a nuclear power with a weak leader that may lash out if cornered. There is a reason nuclear powers have never been in direct conflict. If Poland is attacked by Russia, the US is going to war as well, since Poland is a NATO member. May sound callous but I would prefer Ukrainian troops make the sacrifice, then potentially risking US soldiers. While Russia is weak, in a direct conflict with US there will certainly be US casualties. Regarding the amount of money given, a lot is to replenish our own stockpiles. Not to mention if $100B+ neuters Russia and diminishes there capabilities to the point they are no longer threat, then it's money well spent.
  2. The cost of preventing a direct conflict with an expansionist Russia is high, but the cost of a direct conflict with Russia is higher.
  3. Last I heard it got no bipartisan support in the House. So it wasn't really a bill, but a Republican wish list.
  4. Language says "encountered." So once 5k or so immigrants are "encountered" the provisions are enacted. Understanding you are definitely against the bill, but suggest reading what you are against before being confident in your objection.
  5. Mickey won the same amount of conference games last year as Rhule. With a staff that wasn't his. Rhule needs to do everything possible to bring Mickey and Busch on his staff. Dudes are great coaches.
  6. I think that is an issue. We have exceedingly high expectations for the defense and I imagine most people on this board would be upset if White leaves, even though he "has given up enough points to lose six games." We are the #18 scoring defense in the country, and that takes into consideration all the times the defense was put into a bad position. That's a stark change from the defenses from the previous years and it's largely with the same players from those teams. Contrast we are the #118 scoring offense. Averaging 18.9 points a game. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for 21 points in regulation from a guy who gets paid ~$1.4M.
  7. Tackling was definitely off but they've been under tremendous pressure because of our offense. And they still held Wisconsin to 17 points in regulation. Not saying I wasn't a little disappointed, but I also can't say the loss was completely on them.
  8. We also probably wouldn't have thrown our second pick in the redzone.
  9. Yes, a players action in games is not indicative of their coaching... You can pump sunshine all you want but if I know I have a turnover machine at qb or 3rd string quarterback that hasn't played much, I'm not putting them in bad positions. It may be boring but I'm simply handing the ball off.
  10. Respectfully disagree. There is enough talent in the offense to consistently score 21 points. The turnovers are a mix of not correctly coaching and not understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your personnel. As for next year, I have no confidence that Satterfield's playcalling will be any better. The most I would give him is co-OC, without playcalling responsibility.
  11. I just don't see us being a destination school for any good transfer QB with the offensive line woes we have.
  12. Good coaches know the strengths of their players. Satterfield doesn't.
  13. Defense deserves better and Rhule needs to re-evaluate the entire offensive staff.
  14. From the Minnesota game. All offense plays All defense plays
  15. I think he needs to calm down. He has consistently been beat on double moves. Once he gains more experience he should be fine.
  16. The offense isn't what I thought it would be. The fullback has been more of a show piece than anything. With MJ's case being dropped, would fire McQuire and the TE coach, bring MJ back to the coach those units and hire a dedicated QB coach. Would also bring back Busch to coach STs and fire Raiola. Would also very much consider firing Satterfield mid season if he can't get things going. Too much talent on offense being under utilized. What I don't believe Rhule gets is he needs fire power in his recruiting going forward.
  17. The defense deserves better and I'm surprised Newsome shutdown Hunter. The play calling on offense is still questionable, and I don't know how they practice but that damn.
  18. Not ready to say he sucks but I wouldn't blame the current players for some of these issues. And remember Sims is his guy.
  19. Still not sold on Rhule, but I give him respect for how he's handling this last game and pressers.
  20. My concern is whether Rhule and Satterfield can build around the personnel they have, or do we have to wait until we get the personnel that can play their scheme? White perfectly matched his scheme to the players he has, same with Deion and all the good coaches. It is has been obvious for years our line can't pass protect, that the TE corp is way more talented than the WRs, and that the running back room is one of the deepest groups on the field. Why not develop around that?
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