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  1. That Nebraska legacy is a bit unique though right? Your original example of TCU's run in 8-10 years pales in comparison to a higher level of dominance stretched over 40. I'd also argue that legacy was greatly boosted by the end run in 90s... would that 30 year run be as highly regarded if TO didn't bring home 3 titles in the 90s? While still respected, I think without those titles its nothing but a footnote to casual fans. I'll give you Oklahoma as they have a similar run to nebraska in the 80s/early 90s- ie- consistent top 5/top10 but no title and coming up short in the big games.
  2. I agree in that I would definitely take their stretch of football over the past 10-15 years. Legacy to me though means more than that. You've got to win at least a title and have a dominant run for say 3-4 years to earn a legacy. Baylor has a legacy, but for all the wrong reasons (see art briles)... only a few schools crack a legacy for me in the past decade- Bama, Clemson, ohio state, maybe the early-mid decade run oregon had. Not sure if I even throw Oklahoma as a legacy... have they even been in a title game this decade?
  3. LOL, TCU does not have a legacy. They have no more claim of a legacy than Baylor does.... that school will always be 4th or 8th fiddle in their own state
  4. The only difference is that none of these teams had that great of expectations outside of Texas and those who thought Jimbo would take A&M to a fringe SEC contender this early... We on the other hand, had a player in the top 4 of heisman odds and were a media darling pick for big 10 title winner and dark horse playoff contender with urban stepping down. Its not just the end record, its the end record relative to expectations
  5. lol, can you please elaborate on all the "talent" we've had at our disposal? Riley inflated his classes with 4 star skill position players, the majority of which never played a snap or stepped on campus. O line "talent" was atrocious and you simply can't compete with a young O line in today's football landscape. Show me one team with an O line mostly made up of freshman/sophomores and I'll show you a team with a 8 win ceiling max. While Bo did a decent job placing defensive talent in the NFL, the lack of all conf recognition along with minimal draft talent tells the story of the past decade
  6. Would have been nice to have a Stanley/Oz level replacement or have another year with both of them to see how this offense really stacks up. While I love spielman, he's too small to be a #1 receiver in my opinion and is ideal being that #2 receiver who can both burn you deep while living in the middle of the field. I didn't even need the stats (though its a great comparison!) as a simple eye test is all anyone needs to know this years offense was a shell of what we had last year and losing all conf talents at both the WR1 and RB position hurt more than we anticipated entering the year Running back wise, the maurice situation didnt help matters but neither did mills half season of adjustment. Mills really turned it up at the halfway point and cant wait to see what he's gonna do with another full year next year. I also cant help but wonder what would have happened had we simply learned to snap the f'n ball prior to 5 games into the season. While there were other factors in play, particularly around the colorado debacle, the horrendous snaps were an egregious mishap by a power 5 team and I think truly played a part in AM looking so tentative this year. The man spent nearly half the time needing to jump to corral an errant snap... a lot of this is pure fundamentals, but a lot of this also lands on frost not making adjustment to his formations when everyone could clearly see we couldnt get AM the ball consistently where it needs to be.
  7. Maybe a little optimistic but I don’t think I’m vastly overrating us. I think we pissed away the Purdue game early by not capitalizing with TDs and putting them away. We get them at home with pretty much our whole offense a year older with hopefully a few more pieces. I hope that an improved o line will enable this offense to do what he wants which will improve everything else
  8. THIS. half those players who start/play meaningful time don't even qualify as Big 10 level starters, IMHO. Where does lack of age/experience really show up? On the lines.... where was some of our weakest links on the team this year? Line play and lack of depth. Particularly around the offense... go back at look at those oregon offensive lines and what frost had to work with from a run blocking standpoint. We literally have no one even remotely close to being all big 10 status based off this past year, that will rarely work in a power 5 conference and will never work in the big 10
  9. Probably not, but he is so what's the point of playing devils advocate
  10. he's not wrong, have u bothered to even look at the schedule? Sure, the last 5 weeks are f'n brutal but we play away from memorial only once until 10/24 and its northwestern which who knows wtf to expect. I think you need to open your eyes and realize the house isnt on fire like u think it is
  11. Purdue, Central michigan, south dakota, rutgers and illinois... thats 5 heavily favored wins right there. Cinci will be a fun out of conf matchup but honestly, I think we still win this in convincing fashion. They didn't look that great against memphis. Northwestern, Iowa, and minnesota games will be toss ups Ohio state, penn state, wisconsin are what I'd mark as for sure wins and frankly, i think the Wisc match up could transition to a toss up depending on if we progress Assuming we win one of the toss up games (should beat NW handily but that game is always close) you're at 6, if we beat cinci thats 7.... So yeah, 5 is def achievable and frankly would put frost on the hot seat status if we're here next year at this time 5-7 again... We wont be tho
  12. actually it’s still there on page 1 and yet zero facts have been dropped by you. Just your own irrational opinion
  13. I thought there were leaders and then there’s the legends?
  14. Lol ok, can you lay out the facts? because what I’ve seen every Saturday is a vastly undersized football team with 1 difference maker who has been hobbled the past month and a half and happens to be a true freshman. I see a running game that can barely get to the line of scrimmage before having to break a tackle and I see a defense with zero difference makers. We most likely will have maybe one all Conf player in Lamar and perhaps AM based off his yardage total, but I don’t think he deserves it. I see a senior class leaving the program and there’s not one player I’m going to legitimately miss contribution wise on the field thumbing through the recruiting classes from 2014-2017 I see recruiting classes littered with names I don’t recognize because they either never stepped foot on campus or transferred shortly thereafter. Removing said transfers and departures you’re left with class sizes barely suitable for a power 5 conference and incredibly thin during the season when injuries are bound to happen. i also look at the college football landscape and ask, who are we bringing in if you’re so quick to put frost on the hot seat and give him the boot? News flash, you better be ok rolling the dice on a high risk possible low ceiling coach or get lucky scooping up a young guy from D2 ranks as there is NO ONE willing to come to a program with Alabama expectations yet hasn’t realized it’s just a slightly flashier version of Iowa- a program with limited talent nearby in a comparatively undesirable location to the majority of top programs. so I’d encourage you look in the mirror and actually consider your fan ness while also being realistic and subjective. Sure, frost has some things he needs to address both on this staff and philosophy wise; but I truly question these “fans” who expect double digit win seasons just because that’s what they knew 20 years ago. This takes time to build- perhaps you should just find a new interest on Saturday the next few years while the rebuild continues, its borderline laughable just how badly affected some of you are getting all worked up over how 18-23 year old boys play a game lol. bunch of arm chair qbs jumping to can perhaps our last realistic hope of returning to where we all want to be and you want to give him the boot less than 2 years in lol so go on, let’s here those facts arm chair coach
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