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  1. Like the idea, but 2030? This s#!ts prolly going down by 2023... I just don’t see how it this goes through there isn’t a massive consolidation immediately. I thought I saw a post along these lines proposing a big10/pac12 alliance where the league remains relatively the same but bakes in set matchups and a rose bowl game between the 2 conferences. Thought that was pretty cool because these massive leagues feel like we’re just watering s#!t down at this point
  2. Do they though? They seem like a distance step child to everyone else. For what its worth, I don't think they leave either and more just a wish list but I'd be shocked if colorado didnt at least take a call. The big10 is projected to double the revenue given to schools that Pac12 hands out with the next tv rights agreement. Money talks While the Big12 has been mostly a s#!t show, I could very easily make the argument that the Pac12 has displayed a greater level of incompetence. They have, by far, the worst TV rights of any P5 conference, they've failed to promote their brands
  3. Catching up on the thread. Feels like Kansas is a recurring theme... I'd love to see colorado added into the fold- would be great to bring back that annual series and the Denver market is explosive when you consider population growth. Ive seem some mention of UNC and some deeper south ACC squads, I just dont see why they would make that jump given its so drastic geographically speaking. Personally, I actually feel the ACC has done a pretty good job in past years on stability and schools theyve added in. They pretty much own the eastern part of the US and has some notable progr
  4. Given we're already at 14 members and 16 seems to be next logical step, which of those 2 would u say is most likely? I'd prolly rank FSU and GT as top two simply for recruiting purposes but I feel a case exists for all. I would think FSU would be #1 out of this list, tho Id be shocked if they would actually consider a jump like that
  5. Yeah i dont necessarily think they would either. But, if this actually has steam and happens I feel like we're gonna see somewhat of a school grab by the other conferences and these 2 would be at the top of the list, for me.
  6. Let's narrow in on probably the most important part of this thread. We talking gummies, cookies, chocolate bars? I've been on the kiva bars lately, hands down most consistent edible I've had the delight of enjoying the past few years. Always looking for new recommendations tho
  7. Dont have ESPN plus, what were some of the main talking points? Without knowing, here's what immediately come to mind for me over the past 10 years when i think of struggles and inconsistency: I haven't been proud of a defensive unit we've fielded in probably 11 years We are so undisciplined with a ridiculously high propensity of dumb and avoidable penalties that has now been an issue for 3 head coaches I haven't felt comfortable or optimistic with a 2nd half/4th quarter lead in probably 11-12 years I've been severely disappointed with our flat out
  8. While I agree, that real estate is already consumed...
  9. I might have the youthful exuberance of a 21 year old and decision making of one when I'm under the influence but this 47 year old is more than capable of making dumb decisions on his own
  10. Jesus Frosty is the prohibitive favorite, Im willing to expand to 10 if the natty happens
  11. Back when SF was hired, my buddies (big sports fans, non nebraska fans) were raving about the hire. At the time, they proclaimed we were back. In a drunken state, I proactively offered to get an a$$ tat if we made the playoffs within 5 years. While not looking likely, perhaps the new AD may give Frosty the confidence and freedom to truly be the man he is. What say ye? For those interested, here's some of the designs we narrowed in on:
  12. This is actually a very strong point you bring up that I havent seen on this board. All of the SF dissenters here acting like we had our pick at the litter and could have had ANYBODY take this job. This isnt the 90s anymore, no one gives a F about that- all they see is a midwestern school with massive recruiting challenges coupled with an unrealistic fanbase. Not saying SF can do or not do whatever he wants and keep his job forever, but you'd think we're a consistent 10 win team a year program in a hot recruiting locale based off the lack of patience with some membe
  13. Your only valid point is the misses on the local players... at least its for positions were pretty well set in for the foreseeable future. You also seem to have a very narrow minded view on the state of this recruiting class. We're an insanely young team and we simply dont have the scholarship room we do in a typical year given the extra year given with covid coupled with how young this team is from a freshman-soph standpoint. This might change depending on what the ncaa decides on scholly limits during this weird period but hasnt yet Realistically speaking, its proba
  14. Realistically speaking- isn’t this a basic requirement to not only win the Big 10, but also compete for playoff contention? To answer your question, no prolly not... but looking at the bigger picture I feel like every single playoff team the past few years also needed/had this outside of notre dame.
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