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  1. Why people keep bringing up Ed O? Isnt his background on the defensive side of the ball? I must be missing something why some are clamoring for him given its the offensive side we need to address
  2. I think its time both sides move on. Guys a gamer, kept us in a lot of games but also had his fair share of gaffes in big moments. I think mario v really f'd this kid over- his mechanics/play has not improved one bit since he arrived here. His inconsistent reads/missed throws coupled with his terrible play in the red zone lead me to wanting a new qb. Perhaps we're worse off, but i for one have seen enough for 4 years already to tell me not to expect much different in a potential 5th year, a 5th year mind you coming off a pretty significant surgery to his throwing shoulder. We were going into the transfer pool regardless- glass half full, maybe we get some stronger consideration from a solid transfer knowing they dont have to beat out a 5th year starter
  3. Well, partly due to I do crave a change of scenery at qb. 2AM great talent, but there's just something off between what this offense needs and what he's capable of from making the right read and delivering a consistent ball when it matters. Not all on him, plenty thats broken with this team, but i just dont expect anything different results wise from him that we havent seen in 4 years, not even taking into account what he's gonna be post shoulder surgery. Other part is at least we now know where he stands and he didnt drag this out. I think we were raiding the transfer market regardless but perhaps this actually increases our odds of getting a difference maker to consider us knowing they dont have to beat out a 5 year incumbent starter
  4. You might be right, I could look like an idiot a year from now and reminiscing on what coulda been. That being said, i didn't really see a drop off at all against iowa. Still moments the offense looked great, and long stretches it looked inept AF. Not sold that smothers is the guy and that in and of itself is unsettling. Probably near impossible to find a qb better than 2am in the portal knowing theres quite a few schools more attractive than us in the market for a qb. Still more concerned about fixing the OL and extension having a run game to lean on coupled with needed ST improvements. If none of this is addressed positively it really doesnt matter who the qb is
  5. What a relief. Guy played with a ton of heart and through a lot of BS but its time to move on to a new chapter for both sides. best of luck 2AM!
  6. lol, dude, can you at least wait until after we find out who the coaches are to lose your s#!t over it. For f#&%s sake, some of you guys have the patience and temperament like my 3 year old, and some posters even worse. Writing off the decisions before we even know who the hires are and expressing such a level of frustration when we dont know s#!t is somehow comical, worrisome, and amusing to me all at the same time.
  7. Probably a bit better- for the most part tho, we played the same teams outside of Ohio state (we'll get to see how iowa handles michigan this weekend). They didnt have an oklahoma non con on the schedule but we also lucked out in playing against rattler as their offense was almost as inept as ours. Still not creating enough turnovers and pushed around too easily by the minnesotas of the world for my liking.
  8. All I've asked Santa for this year is a god damn pass rusher. We fix the sack/qb pressure equation the TOs are bound to follow closely behind
  9. Right. Because a defense that ranked towards the middle in the country in most defensive stat categories and around 75th-80th in 3rd down efficiency just screams elite. Just because our offense was consistently inept doesn’t make the defense world beaters for playing better. Money doesn’t grow on trees and they’re already paid pretty well. Give me a defense that actually forces some turnovers and plays with aggression and you can talk pay raises
  10. *sigh*.. the coulda been of our offense this year with wan'dale solely at wide out doing his thing with allen over the middle and touré/co on the outside.... pumped to see the kid max potential but hot damn its annoying AF that we didnt figure this out with this one
  11. My apologies, it was a poster you quoted that said oklahoma may be slipping to the dark ages. The overarching point I was trying to make is that I feel a s#!t coaching hire for them will lead to this moreso than the impact of going to the SEC. Perhaps I should have added more context to my stance- I feel like OUs change is vastly differnet to all the others. They still get to play in Texas with UT and A&M in the SEC, Texas is still in their backyard, and now they get to play guaranteed games in fertile AF recruiting grouds in the Florida, Louisana and Georgia, amongst other talent rich states in the south. This to me, is completely different compared to what we went through where we were literally hanging on to a thread in texas recruiting by getting to play their a handful of times a year. Texas not in our backyard geographically and us moving away from those schools pretty much killed a strong foundation of our recruiting. I don't think this is going to happen with Oklahoma and I also think they have the capital/cache to go out and grab a great coach even with getting blindsided like this. And on the kool aid topic- I wish I had had more. I was deaf to the game and outcome on Friday- muted and subdued in my reaction due to the consistent let down of this progrum for years now in a game like that. I promise I will try my best to not misrepresent something you said when it should have been credited to another poster and for that I am sorry. Perhaps we can agree to disagree on the trajectory of OU, I for one, am hoping they continue to succeed at a similar level in the SEC because I think we have more in common wiht them, historically, than almost any other program in the country from a geography/success standpoint. I guess what I'm trying to say is, we're both prolly pretty agitated salty as hell husker fans clamoring for the days of even modest success. We can't let our internal dissension tear us apart any further, I f'n love you man.
  12. What's being disputed is you equating the outcome from middling conf teams to a perennial top 5 team in the country. To you, making a conf title game with 3-4 losses qualifies as conf champ material. To me, making a conf title game with 3-4 losses qualifies as a good year that got a bit lucky due to a weak division/circumstances that fell our way. Neither one of us knows wtf the future has in store. But your proclamation that OU is about to slip into the dark days, simply because they are switching conferences and providing a crappy comparison to other progrums with literally completely opposite track records, is borderline baseless as hell. I will also add and end it with this- the likelihood of Oklahoma maintaining a 10 win clip, even in the SEC, is much more likely to occur then them slipping to a .500 progrum you seem to be claiming. thanks bud!
  13. Maybe we're dropping a defensive coach? Do we really need 3 coaches between DL, ILB, OLB? Maybe they'll just on title switch Dawson to ST title wise and spend bulk of his duties there while pitching in on the LB coaching. Who knows but you'd think some kind of title change may be needed unless the below is what happens Weren't there rumors Frosty wanted Joseph as OC a few years back? I wonder if Joseph will get OC duties or they quasi split that between him and frost to make the numbers work.
  14. Ah yes, because a handful of teams, none of which were elite or even close to elite at said time of conference moving, is a fair sample size and totally an apt comparison to a title contending, conference champ program. You sir must have gotten an A+ in statistics back in the day because your perspective and scientific reasoning is bullet proof! If any one is creating the narrative they want to believe in I think its you bud. I simply laid out facts that Oklahoma, whether you want to look at the past 3, 5, 10, 20 years, is significantly better than where any of the teams you outlined at the time they switched. Your argument would have legs if said schools were actual conference champs prior to moving, but they weren't. In fact, of those schools- we were by far the closest and yet I'd still confidently make the case that our profile in the late aughts pales in comparison to the progrum oklahoma has had and will continue to had.
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