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  1. Yup, i cant blame the guy. Perhaps he coulda worked up to first round status with one more year but id argue injury risk woulda been much more likely for him. I'm really banking on Raiola being much more effective at coaching the fundamentals. That story of frosty bringing in that ex o lineman and he corrected cam's snapping s#!t in 5 mins when our own o line coach couldnt fix it for 2 years was just inexcusable
  2. SC fans will travel, UCLA, yeah they wont show
  3. You mean an organization with 32 teams and a robust corporate structure led by a commissioner has a better management strategy than a ghost organization over 130+ teams with conflicting priorities? go figure
  4. I think it's more so lack of development and execution. I'm guessing this list doesn't include Jurgens as I count 4 4* OL (teddy, benhart, corcoran and cam) I'd certainly take more 4* talent on the lines but im more concerned with our ability to actually develop them. Cam was drafted high but felt like it took us 2 years to actually get him to an acceptable level of play- need more of cams behind him and make the depth chart plug and play through effective development
  5. I guess Brian is ok with a 19.5 hour drive from lincoln to new brunswick tho?
  6. Is this actually true? I was somewhat under the impression that even frosty was turning a page on the feature the running qb thing as we're now on year 12 of having a qb dinged up at somepoint in the season from running too much. Sure, milton had his scrambling moments at UCF but I dont recall the level of qb designed runs like we saw with 2am the past 4 years. Perhaps I missed something but I really thought whipple coming in was gonna transition us to more of a traditional qb role on the offense with occasionally sprinkling in some running plays that frosts likes with all the misdirections and lateral movement he likes.
  7. We should retitle and rerun this poll for biggest concern after o line as thats gonna be the clear number 1. for me- it’s offensive identity/play calling. Improvement in how we call plays and establishing what we’re good at early and consistently will tremendously help the o line and all position groups.
  8. Why a pessimistic take? 4*, top 300 on 247. is it the list of other schools that offered him and lack of major programs the reason?
  9. I think this thread is getting way too much attention to it. What else is he gonna realistically say "eh, my new squad sucks a$$ I shoulda never left?" I'm sure the 2AM K state is gonna get is gonna be the exact guy we saw for the past 14 years, a solid football player who has the athelticism to make some jaw dropping plays but also a good arm at best that is prone to f'n up some basic responsibilities as a passer. There were plenty of moments where he covered up our ineptitude and plenty of WTF moments that were solely on him (thinking about that purdue outing of his) Perhaps in the Big12 where defense really isnt a thing his strengths will shine more than the big10. Wish him the best of luck as a player but K state can go F itself. Someone let them know the only reason he went there was because of the GF
  10. I think its Whipple and its not even close. Couldn't really describe to you wtf our offensive philosophy has been the past few years. OL group is key for sure but frankly, we've been without consistently solid OL, RB, and WR play for close to 5 years now and that largely goes back to an overall offensive philosophy with too many identities, none of which we were good at.
  11. Most impactful, 2AM leaving Guys a gamer, but we needed a refresh in the locker room and see a frosty team with a new QB. *here come the pitchforks*
  12. I voted for poor AD as the main reason. Seems as if lack of accountability and inability to build out supporting functions and resources at a winning level in 2021 was not there. If I look at all 3, I think I'd say I was most disappointed at the basketball flop. Yeah, Frosty's stubbornness in rolling with his buddies, most of which were under-qualified from day 1, is incredibly frustrating. Guy has said endlessly this is his dream job and wouldn't want to go any where else yet didn't act that way. That being said, basketball was such an utter disappointment. Unlike football and baseball, I'm of the belief you can actually turn around a program in a year or 2 if you have the talent. We're most likely going to have a guy drafted top 20, maybe top 15, in a sport where one elite guy can truly carry a team moreso than the other sports and we were dead last in the big10, inexcusable.
  13. The concept of pods, which seems to just be a word for smaller divisions lol, is to build up and maintain rivalries. I don't think there's a way to schedule games that makes everyone happy where you both rotate the schedule and have protected rivalry games at the same time that is also fair for all schools.
  14. Well, key word there is legitimately. Even if they do away with divisions I still think there are going to be regional pods and we just have to figure out how to not be incompetent and beat the likes of iowa/wisc/minnesota/purdue. We might not be the best 2 teams but if we can just take care of business we still have a pretty easy path relative to the likes of a michigan/mich st/penn st who need to beat one another then figure out the beast that is OSU every year.
  15. He most certainly did. Ryan Day could very well build a similar powerhouse that can be sustained. History says tho that typically you don't when you follow a generational coach which urban easily falls in that bucket
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