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  1. 11-29 in the last 40 games he's coached. Great hire TCU last year and how many first year coaches take their teams to bowl games? MORE TIME!!!!!
  2. .... we just got blown out by a first year coach wtf are you talking about
  3. Very poorly coached team no accountability.
  4. Is the program folding after this week? Say we lose and go 3-9 this year and in 2 years win 10 games is the program still a joke?
  5. Waaaaay too early to make any sort assessment. Give it 3 seasons
  6. Defense and special teams were pretty damn good and Ervin averaged 8 yards a carry. Very disappointed with how we blew the game but there are some semblances of good with this team
  7. Yeah this is the typical answer I'd expect from our loser fan base. Guess it wasn't a circus when our tight ends coach was fired before fall camp or our transfer tight end is arrested days before kickoff.
  8. Minnesota offense sucked. We don't have 1 guy who can cover Hunter
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