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  1. Andy Reid on Rhule: https://www.espn.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/34336/chiefs-andy-reid-says-he-was-dumb-to-not-hire-panthers-matt-rhule
  2. I've seen some lazy comparisons about Rhule to Frost hell let's even use Riley. Did either of those guys bring a guy like Phil Snow to the program? How about having an assistant like Joey McGuire who's now doing a good job as HC at Texas Tech? Or a possible chance to keep a coach like Mickey Joesph on the staff? This alone tells me he's an upgrade from pervious coaches we've had. I'm excited to see what guys like Reimer & Hausman can do with this staff and what they can get out of guys like Teddy P & Cochran.
  3. I think some guys just have a ceiling. Bo for example.
  4. Tired of the former players doing the circle jerk
  5. Thank you Mickey! Am I the only one who gets a little sad when the Huskers season ends or am I mentally ill?
  6. Not many thought we would beat Iowa I'll admit I was wrong.
  7. He was up and down this year but how much of that was on him? The o-line was one of the worst in CFB, we didn't have much of a run game in a month, Whipple was well Whipple.
  8. I think getting Elijah Robinson from A&Ms staff would be a good first step
  9. Yep Riley/Frost had top 25 classes but stargazing means d!(k when you can't develop talent.
  10. He's done it everywhere he's been
  11. He's done it everywhere he's been He's done it everywhere he's been
  12. Imagine the talent he's brought here ay WR mixed in with a solid offensive line that can run the ball. This is going to be alot of fun.
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