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  1. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30512340/auburn-tigers-fire-coach-gus-malzahn-eight-seasons Bring this man on board before Saban gets ahold of him.
  2. Good for him. I hope he lights the ACC up.
  3. Rutgers would be a great matchup. The thought of a potential 4-4 season gets me excited.
  4. They seemed to run the ball much easier with Ty Robinson out of the game.
  5. Coach Frost recognizes the gravity of this game, not only for the rivalry, but also the season. I'm confident he will break prior tendencies in order to put his best players on the field. That means Martinez at quarterback and Luke and Wandale at running back/slot receiver/all purpose back. That also means we will see a shakeup on the offensive line. It is obscene that our most gifted blocker has been watching from afar all season. Expect Kade Warner to finally get his chance to anchor that line against the Hawks.
  6. I think the answer is definitively Martinez. He's not vastly superiorly to McCaffrey, but I think he has the better deep ball. I also fancy the notion of having McCaffrey and Wandale both on the field most plays, used interchangeably at running back, slot, etc. Hopefully their presence would distract the defense enough to allow the wide receivers find creases/openings.
  7. It's currently being stockpiled by your former mayor.
  8. Our receivers get open more than you would think, the qb just doesn't find them
  9. What he has done to them boys ain't right.
  10. Mistakes are ok as long as they are committed at full speed
  11. Poor coaching Edit: There is no other explanation for consistent mental breakdowns.
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