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  1. His survival is mighty impressive. I wish the football team had that much fight & heart
  2. Initial reaction would be to replace special teams, wide receivers, and o-line coaches but Frost should be given 4 years to get his recruits developed. If certain positions continue to struggle, continue to lack the ability to execute, then changes will need to be made.
  3. 1. One game was against Ohio State 2. One game was without starting QB and we lost our biggest playmaker 3. No excuse for the NW game
  4. Agreed. Penalties, turnovers, and general lack of execution are indicators of poor coaching. I wonder how Coach Tom mentors Frost during their conversations/duck hunts.
  5. False. Per Fleck, last season was year 0 part deux. So this is year 1. Frost should be ashamed.
  6. Can you clarify your question? I'm not a mind reader, but she was probably wanting to know who she should pick between Martinez, Spielman, Robinson, and Touchdown Tommie. Now she will likely have to discuss someone else's personal tragedy and extol the virtues of a man she has never met.
  7. That's a very nice gesture by Gabrielle Union, but I whole heartedly agree with Landlord. Dumping this emotional burden onto a stranger is inconsiderate and it would be extremely difficult for Union to decline Christian's request in a graceful way. In general, publicizing personal tragedy just strikes me as odd. I understand wanting to honor one's father, but there are much better ways. I am not sure what shining the public spotlight on him accomplishes.
  8. Nebraska 21 Ohio State 52 Rush 132 Pass 232
  9. Wish they provided an in-depth analysis into what made each player stand out.
  10. Have you seen them play?!? They are a goliath.
  11. What I'm trying to convey is having 1/3 of your games played against Ohio State will make your stats look terrible.
  12. Get that garbage outta here. They were 11-2 last year, beating VT in a bowl game, and their only blemish this year is a 42-0 beat down from a stacked Ohio State team. Of course their stats will look poor, they've only played 3 games.
  13. I would argue Cincinnati is a very good team and OSU absolutely crushed them. I would also argue Colorado is decent.
  14. My sources tell me that one of the players tried to claim 80085 as their area code- Coach Frost did not find this humorous and decided to send a clear message.
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