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  1. I think I found my new Fantasy Football team name
  2. If true, I'm placing more blame on our cheap-a$$ Regents, rather than the cheap-a$$ Panthers. Less than two months ago, we forked over an additional $7.5M to get rid of Frost three weeks early, but now all of a sudden we can't pony up the additional funds to finalize a deal with a top-tier hire? SMH.
  3. Alright, I'll play along... Where are you getting this information about Carolina playing hardball?
  4. My mood shift in that hour between the false announcement of Bielema and the real announcement of Riley was pretty drastic. I went from being really excited for the future to completely meh.
  5. Yeah, I really want to know what went down in 2014.
  6. Since this has been brought up several times, here's the link to Mickey's revised contract. Regarding whether or not he's required to be retained by a new head coach, pay special attention to sub-section "1. Term" and interpret it as you will. interim-head-football-coach-mickey-joseph-contract-of-employment.pdf
  7. Which means we need to jump on the Lane Train before it ends up on the Plains.
  8. Let's see here... Base salary of $1M $500K bonus for each win up to 6 wins $750K bonus for each win 7-10 $1M bonus for each win 11-12 $500K bonus for winning B1G West $1M bonus for winning B1G $1.5M bonus for making CFP $3.0M bonus for winning CFP NOTE: All bonuses are cumulative. So, win 7 games, make $4.75M. Go undefeated and win it all, make $15M. Seems pretty fair to me.
  9. I'm sure this is just Trev importing some Spotted Cow to sell at PBA, right? https://flightaware.com/live/flight/EJA437/history/20221003/2012Z/KMSN/KLNK
  10. I originally posted the flight tracker stuff half-jokingly, but maybe there really is a little more smoke around Dave Aranda than I realized.
  11. Private planes from Waco and South Bend have landed in Lincoln within the last couple hours. Have there been any confirmed Dave Aranda or Knute Rockne sightings at Runza yet?
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