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  1. I've heard some rumors about OU and UT reaching out to both the SEC and the B1G, but the B1G saying thanks be no thanks because OU isn't in the AAU. Don't get me wrong, I want to stay as far away from the Longhorns as possible. But unless you have some other high profile team like ND lined up, don't you have to at least entertain the idea if you're the B1G? If the B1G truly wanted to make a play for OU and UT, this guy brings up a pretty interesting idea...
  2. I've been to a lot of games at Memorial Stadium over the years, but I haven't had season tickets since grad school. Whenever I do go to a game these days, about the only "normal" seats (i.e. not club level or suite level) that I'll even consider getting are in the old east balcony (Sections 101-111). Despite not having seatbacks like the new east balcony (Sections 601-613), this area offers way better sightlines, some protection from the wind, and access to an indoor concourse with concessions, modern restrooms, and a view of the action on the field through massive glass windows. Give me enoug
  3. Do any of them involve Moos filing a libel/slander lawsuit against the university?
  4. I don't disagree - dealing with credit card fraud is a complete cluster. I was just making the point that between violent and non-violent criminals, I'd rather see the former behind bars for the maximum amount of time. Give the latter something else unsavory to do, like 500 hours of scraping bubble gum off the bottoms of stadium seats. Or 1,000 hours of listening to a fourth grader play the oboe.
  5. I agree that many of these people could be viewed as victims, but they still should have known when to push the proverbial stop button. It sets a bad precedence if we can simply blame someone else for convincing us to commit crimes.
  6. I probably should have rephrased my question to say something like "At what point are prosecutors going to start asking for more than what appears to be a slap on the wrist?" While I don't disagree that Hodgkins' life is going to be in shambles after all of this, I fear that outsiders (including would-be insurrectionists) will view this as a minor punishment. Like you said, it was for a non-violent crime, and I generally support reduced sentences for things like possession of drugs or credit card fraud. But being part of a plot to overturn an election (no matter how minor or non-violent) is di
  7. Rhetorical question: At what point are prosecutors going to start asking for more than a slap on the wrist?
  8. He could have received up to 20 years, instead receives 8 months. Let's hope future sentences trend upward.
  9. I've never been much of a Bryson fan, and shenanigans like this definitely don't help...
  10. Nebraska will opt to go independent long before it opts to rejoin the Big 12. And neither of those things are happening anytime in the near future.
  11. I fully expected to see some chiropractors speak out in support of LB643 (since I know several who are antivaxxers), but the number of other health care professionals doing the same is appalling.
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