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  1. The random squawking by Collins and the progressively louder and louder gavel banging by Nadler is definitely entertaining
  2. This post is in multiple treads, so I'll post my same question here... How are the Trumpers going to spin this one?
  3. How are the Trumpers going to spin this one?
  4. Correct, Schiff is not a law enforcement officer. But the HPSCI which he chairs definitely has the subpoena power to obtain such records for an investigation like this. Giuliani, Nunes and '-1': A Look At What The Impeachment Report Phone Records Mean The phone records were presumably obtained through a subpoena issued by the Intelligence Committee, but the report never specifies how the logs were secured. A spokesman for AT&T, Jim Greer, would not comment on the records, only saying the company complies with information requests from all law enforcement agencies. "In all cases, we ensure that requests for assistance are valid and that we act in compliance with the law," Greer said.
  5. So, let me get this straight... Accessing the phone records of Nunes, Parnas, and Giuliani during an investigation involving national security = BAD Accessing the phone records of Strzok and Page during an investigation involving national security = GOOD I'm so confused...
  6. That would be FANTASTIC. Rather than boarding Marine One and flying away into the sunset, he gets escorted into an unmarked black SUV.
  7. How long before someone recognizes the "undisclosed location" based on the d├ęcor?
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