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  1. schriznoeder

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I'm not going to bet against you.
  2. schriznoeder

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    It's a crazy idea. But we live in crazy times... Jennifer Rubin: Trump will resign 10 minutes before next inauguration so Mike Pence can pardon him "He risks being prosecuted after he leaves office,” she explained. “For that very reason, I would predict here on MSNBC that when Trump leaves office, he will resign the presidency 10 minutes before Mike Pence leaves office, allowing Pence to pardon him.” “Wow!” MSNBC guest host Jonthan Capehart replied. “We got that on tape.”
  3. schriznoeder

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I don't ever see that happening. But if it did, it would be PRICELESS.
  4. schriznoeder

    The Trump Economy

  5. schriznoeder

    The Republican Utopia

    It's all fun and games... Until you-know-who shows up...
  6. schriznoeder

    The Environment

    This is CRAZY.
  7. schriznoeder

    Big announcement coming?

    Exactly. But some sort of wrought iron option like this (from the aptly-named Cornstalk Hotel in New Orleans) might work.
  8. schriznoeder

    Fun with Giuliani

    This is priceless. Rudy accidentally left out a space in this recent tweet, thus forming a hyperlink. Someone who spotted this was smart enough buy the domain for g-20.com and have a little fun at Rudy's expense...
  9. schriznoeder


  10. schriznoeder

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    Wow, this is a bit of a shocker (that's what she said).