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  1. Sounds like Donnie forgot to take his Xanax. Meanwhile in Alt-Right Land...
  2. Pence has already declined to participate in the impeachment inquiry. He's willing to go down with the ship dinghy.
  3. Maybe Trump stashed his tax returns in Syria...
  4. That's not too far-fetched. Remember Halliburton? Most of their post-Iraq War contracts were taxpayer fraud at best, massive money laundering scheme at worst. Lots of shadiness.
  5. As long as they can do this from some super secret, remote location to avoid becoming a statistic. I truly fear for their safety and well-being.
  6. John Hickenlooper just earned himself a campaign donation from me because of Gardner's dip$hit comments.
  7. I had no idea that 40% of Kurdish soldiers are female. https://femalesonthefrontline.org/
  8. It wouldn't be a party without Lindsey Olin Graham!
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