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  1. HuskerNation1

    Martinez Sets Husker Freshman Passing Record

    There is a reason Frost flew across the country last December with the flu and in between Peach Bowl practices...
  2. HuskerNation1

    Purdue 49 Ohio State 20

    Not looking forward to playing OSU after a loss and two weeks to think about it.
  3. HuskerNation1

    First Frost-Era Win - Congratulations!

    So excited to get the monkey off this teams back....now lets hope they can get a few more wins this season.
  4. I agree and there are some on here who would have been all over Riley and his staff and are reluctant to criticize Frost as a coach as a result of their experience with Frost as a player. I think as fans we just need to be consistent in how we praise or criticize the coaching staffs.
  5. HuskerNation1

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    Thanks for sharing some additional data points. I did a quick spot check and am not sure there is direct correlation between tempo, total yards given up and opponents play total. I see some that look correlated but other examples that dont. For instance, Clemson is 2nd in total defense but 40th in opponents plays per game. Wisconsin is top 5 in opponents plays per game but 40s in total defense. It would be interesting to do some regression analysis. At the end of the day, I usually look at total defense/yards as the best measure of how robust the defense is. Scoring defense is good too but I am not sure if that includes points allowed when the other teams defense scores. I think a strong defense keeps total yardage down regardless if the opponent runs up tempo or normal tempo. Chin and the Nebraska defense is below average now in many categories and I am not sure with better talent if they would ever become dominant.
  6. HuskerNation1

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    I agree totally and the primary point of my post was to do a thorough look at the overall history of the defenses Frost and Chin were a part of. Just as Diaco had one great season as a DC with Notre Dame, all his other seasons were meidocre or poor. I do think Frost is a smart guy and has shown it on the offensive side, but I dont see his engagement in mastering the defensive side. His comment after the NW game that he doesnt call the plays on defense seemed like an admission he has delegated that side of the ball completely. Regarding our up tempo style being a reason the defense gives up so many points and yards, this would assume that opponents would have our defense on the field over 60 or 70% of the game. In the case of last weekends game there was a 14 second difference in time of possession, so our defense should not have been that tired. In half our games this year the time of possession has been pretty evenly split with the opponent (with 30 seconds) or favored Nebraska. Moreover, if we had a stout defense, we would likely cause more 3 and outs that would turn the ball back over to our offense more quickly.
  7. HuskerNation1

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    I agree he defensive staff is not validated and still is in question. The 2017 UCF team gave up significant points and yards against the 4 ranked teams they played, and so far in 2018 we are not seeing any signs of improvement since the Colorado game on the defensive side.
  8. HuskerNation1

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    I did watch them play and believe they had some really good players on defense. With that said against the 4 ranked teams they played in 2017 they gave up over 34 points a game. Some have said that is not a bad defense....my point in this thread is that Frost should be seeking to establish a Dominant defense....not one deemed "not bad" or "good enough" as long as the offense scores a ton of points.
  9. HuskerNation1

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    Well said. It feels like some want to use the up tempo style as an excuse for playing poor defense. Some of the best championship teams over the past couple decades were dominant on both sides of the ball, and that should really be Frosts long-term goal. I think he has a good long-term offensive approach but I think changes are needed on the defensive approach. If he and Chin are open-minded they can work together to change things up.
  10. HuskerNation1

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    Well said.
  11. HuskerNation1

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    Thanks Jeepy. The intent of this post was not to take a narrow look at our results this season and make a quick judgment but rather to look at the historical results that Chin has been a part of. Just as Riley had a long track record of being a .500 coach when Nebraska hired him, and he continued those average ways, I am fearful we are in for more of the same with Chin unless Frost gets engaged and partners with Chin to make adjustments. Oregon was a hot team when Chin was there and they should have had the talent needed for the system...I just dont see the current system being the long-term answer for this program. The offensive system has that positive history of success which I am excited about.
  12. HuskerNation1

    Northwestern Post-Game Presser

    Thanks for sharing these every week. Frost is looking a bit defeated. I feel the team and this staff could use a week off to mentally regroup but that wont be happening this year.
  13. HuskerNation1

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    Fair point. You can look at several defensive metrics but I have often found total defense to be most comprehensive. My overall concern is that we keep bringing in DCs that do not have a track record of dominant defenses, and if that history is not there, I have little faith it will miraculously correct itself.
  14. HuskerNation1

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    I actually agree with these comments so its odd you are not interested in taking a more in depth look at Chinaders background prior to coming to NU given your comments on looking at historical data.
  15. HuskerNation1

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    So if I waited a few more hours until Sunday it would make the data more valid? Also I have created 2 threads on Saturdays this season...not sure that qualifies as every Saturday but please share the 6 threads I have created like this on gameday Saturdays. Its just unfortunate this is your only response. Perhaps you should take Saturdays off on this board.