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  1. We still have 5 games left plus a potential bowl game. I would let them play and not worry about redshirts...especially if we can have a steady stream of good recruiting classes. Too much redshirting simply delays getting good results from what Frost hopes to accomplish at Nebraska.
  2. By year 3 we should be on a positive trajectory and competitive in all games. I think most expected that this year but I think Frost will still get a pass. Year 3 he would have 2 full recruiting classes plus his S&C coach to help mold and improve any carryovers. If Fleck can excel in Year 3 at Minnesota with lower ranked recruiting classes then we should expect the same from Frost in Year 3. We are seeing the same at Baylor where Matt Rhule's team won only one game in his first year, seven in his 2nd year and they are currently 6-0 this year. And Rhule inherited a dumpster fire with the crap that occurred under Briles with many recruits backing out. Nebraska had a higher composite team ranking in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  3. Well said and I agree. At this point I would place the priority on next year as we cannot win the West this year. We need to build for year 3. By next year there will be no excuses left for Frost as he will have had ample time to install his system and will likely have over 75% of his guys playing.
  4. I wonder if this will be played the Saturday of labor day weekend or sometime earlier to allow the teams to get some rest before Week 2.
  5. I am hopeful you are right, but in many aspects of both sides of the ball we are seeing players remain stagnant or regress a bit. We also heard Frost proclaim that this years team and talent were far better than last year across the board, yet on the field against common competition the 2019 team is worse statistically. We are 2-2 in the league and could easily be 0-4 without comeback wins against Illinois and Northwestern.
  6. My bad...I saw a difft headline in that thread. Regardless a very spot on article. Lets hope Frost is able to make changes this offseason.
  7. Here is a good read from USA Today. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/3969147002
  8. This might be true if this were the 1st or 2nd game in 2018...unfortunately this is year 2 and our stats against common competition are worse overall. Against Colorado, Illinois, Ohio State, Northwestern and Minnesota here are some key metrics to show regression this year relative to 2018. We are 2-3 against these 5 teams year over year, but the 3 losses in 2018 were by 5 points in less. In 2019 two of our losses have been by 27 points and 41 points. The average points Nebraska scored in 2018 against these 5 teams was 39.4. The average in 2019 is 20.0. The average points allowed year over year is roughly the same (33.2 to 32.8) so no real improvement in that regard The average total yards Nebraska had in 2018 against these 5 teams was 552.4. The average in 2019 is 398.4. We have 154 fewer yards per game against the same competition in 2019 than we did in 2018, and this is a full year into Frost's system with more of his players and schemes that have been employed. Overall the data shows regression in many categories, with the offense showing the most regression while the defense is about the same as 2018 from these key metrics. I didn't even bother looking at special teams as we all know that has gone downhill. I don't think most Husker fans expected to win the West in Year 2 of Frost, but we certainly expected to see a positive trajectory...not a trajectory showing the team is getting worse.
  9. He was coming off a high of turning around UCF and believing he could use the same formula and staff to dominate the BIG and have the league adjust to his coaching style. Perhaps it will still happen but I am less confident of that now than when the 2018 season ended. There are moments and events in life that are humbling and force a person to reconsider what they thought they knew...I am hoping Frost will do a lot of introspection this off season.
  10. Nobody is saying you Fire Frost now...but if he is the CEO of this team he is responsible for putting a staff together to have this team in the best position to win. If he feels this staff is the right staff...more power to him. Also, making changes to a staff is not the same as having a revolving door as the head coach. Many top college and NFL teams see coordinators go every year or couple of years.
  11. With all due respect, the 2019 Nebraska team looks eerily similar to some of Mike Rileys teams. If Nebraska was willing to fire a head coach after 3 seasons why would Nebraska be ok keeping all of Frosts staff for 7 seasons. Moreover...many of these position coached have their players performing worse in 2019 than they were to end 2018. If we were seeing signs of improvement I dont think we would be having this discussion now.
  12. At this point the goal of winning the West is done. I would play many younger guys and only play seniors if they are fighting hard. We need to focus on year 3 of the Frost regime as I could care less if we miss out on the Foster Farms bowl this year.
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