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  1. Thanks for sharing. We have by far the toughest schedule but I am just happy we are playing games. If we go 4-4 I assume we are bowl eligible?
  2. My apologies if this was already posted. A good read.
  3. Yes I wonder what the 2 crossovers will be, and when the CCG will take place.
  4. Any word yet on what the revised schedule looks like?
  5. Even TMZ is reporting on the hot mic moment. https://www.tmz.com/2020/09/15/nebraska-president-hot-mic-big-ten-football-announcement-coming/
  6. While we are still waiting to hear if/when the BIG might actually play football, it appears starting games in mid-October might happen in order to ensure the BIG can be a part of the CFP. Going down this path, a few questions come to mind. 1. How many total games will be played? My guess is that 8 would be the maximum number of games that could be played if the BIG wants to have a conference championship game completed by December 12. If the BIG starts games on October 10 and has one planned bye-week for makeups, they could still fit in the 9 planned conf
  7. I have seen various reports of the October 17 start date. If that were to be true, does anyone know how many total games would be played? It would seem 7 or 8 or so would be the max if they wanted to be finished by mid-December in time for the CFP and bowl season. If that is the case, one simple way of doing it would be to have the West play against each other, the East play against each other, and then each time would play 1 or 2 crossover games, and the winners will face off in a CCG which would be December 12. Outside of the CFP, has there been any indication of whether the
  8. It's very obvious some on here love the President and some cannot stand the guy, but for the sake of this football forum, can we at least just be excited that President Trump's conversation with Warren may bring about Husker football which is the one thing that unites all of us on huskerboard?
  9. Yes I agree...sounds like the "basket of deplorables" mindset from some who thing they are better.
  10. Yes Love to see this. It's nice to have a President fighting for the rights of our student athletes to make their own choice about competing this fall!
  11. This information is coming from many folks today, I just posted one link to it. If you look down further in that tweet there is a link to the CDC site with some of the data behind it. I think in general there has been a lot of misleading info from the CDC over the past several months. With that said, I think there does appear to be some agreement that the most at risk would be elderly and those at high risk, so with that said, let's play some football!
  12. It looks like the CDC is now saying only 6% of the previously reported COVID deaths were actually a Covid death. I know this is trending on twitter and creating a lot of dialogue, but I am wondering if some new data points like this from the CDC will help the BIG reverse course when it realizes that, while the spread of the virus may still happen, the worst-case scenario (death) is a much smaller percent than thought before.
  13. I think Van Pelt summarized what I was trying to say here. It seems silly to watch other P5 teams compete for a national championship while the BIG does its own thing.
  14. I don't want to make a political post but the POTUS just tweeted he wants the BIG Ten to play fall sports. I won't share the tweet if this is the wrong thread.
  15. These "reports" that the Big Ten is looking at a Thanksgiving season seems like an attempt by the league to buy itself time with all the pressure from parents and players. I think they likely want to see how the first couple weeks of games in other leagues go before commiting to a new timeline. If they see many games being places in the SEC, ACC, or Big 12, they realize the pressure for the Big Ten to play will grow. If they see that many games are getting canceled they are likely to pivot back to having games played in 2021.
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