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  1. When I look back on the 2019 and 2020 seasons, we definitely had special teams challenges, but we also saw Kulp earn kicker of the year last year. I really think the entire offense was a bigger issue in 2019 and 2020, whether it was poor QB play (from Martinez and McCaffrey when he played) or the O-line which was underperforming. In 2021 we have seen special teams get worse, O-line performance remain about the same as 2019 and 2020 (with dumb penalties continuing), and QB play has improved (outside of the Illinois game). Regardless, by Year 4 we should not be seeing such deficiencies with offense or special teams and that is why there is so much heat on Frost. Unless I am mistaken, he is making more money per year than any other Husker employee, so expectations should be high for him.
  2. I agree that there were other significant issues for the loss against MSU, but as a 4-year starter in OT, we at least need to try to get 3 points on the board so any turnover in OT is very costly. Regarding the Illini game, I was at the game and agree the fumble was costly, but the bigger concern was the number of passes completely off target and over the heads of our receivers that cost us points on the scoreboard. AM has improved his accuracy in recent games so I am hoping this trend will continue the rest of the season.
  3. This is very true. Martinez can be brilliant like we saw against Oklahoma, but then can be subpar as we saw him miss receivers all over the place against Illinois. His fumble before half against Illinois and INT in OT against MSU were key turnovers that affected the outcome of those games.
  4. Frost has done one very good thing in his tenure....bring in consecutive top 25 recruiting classes. We have the talent to compete with nearly anybody, and with a new coach that knows how to get the most out of their personnel, it could be as early as next year that we go bowling again.
  5. Actually the different types of bias can be found in various classes and leadership curriculum.
  6. Very true. It's called familiarity bias where objective decisions are skewed because the decision maker maintains a preference for what they are familiar with. In this case some fans maintain a preference for Frost because of his ties to Nebraska and his status as a former player. If those preferences and familiarity with Frost did not exist, there would be even more calls for his firing.
  7. Why should Frost get an extra long leash. In reality any other guy without ties to Nebraska likely would have been gone after year 3. This native son mentality is clouding what normally would be objective minds about the reality of the 14-23 record which is the worst for any Nebraska coach since the 1950s.
  8. You nailed it. Frost was hired to win division or conference titles by Year 4. Some have lowered their standards so much that finishing 6-6 or 7-5 is like a major milestone. I want to let Frost finish out this season, but the bar should be a winning season for him to keep his job. I am curious if Nebraska had hired rising star Tom Herman (instead of Frost) and his record was 14-23 in his 4th year, would those claiming Frost needs more time feel the same about Herman?
  9. Great post. I think some Husker fans are so in love with Frost's past ties to Nebraska that they are unable to objectively look at his results as a head coach, and they were so invested in him being the only guy that could turn the program around that they now feel nobody else can do it. There are a lot of good football coaches out there for sure. And for those that think its a program killer to seek new coaches every few years until you find a great one, I think Florida is an interesting program to follow. After Spurrier, they gave Ron Zook a try and he was not as good (but still finished 14 games over .500) and then they hired Urban Meyer. We all know Meyer delivered great results but then he left and they tried Muschamp and McElwain, two guys that both finished with decent records but not up to Florida standards. They now have Dan Mullen who is 32-10 as the Florida head coach and is doing well.
  10. I do not agree that Nebraska cannot land a good coach to right the ship and truly turn this program around. Frost has had 4 years to get a real O line coach and a real ST coach. This is his team and his staff based upon the decisions he made. If Mike Riley had the record Frost does now, he would have already been fired.
  11. If it were me Frost would not stay even at 6-6 but I agree Trev may keep him with that record. If he is under .500 there is no reason to keep him in his 4th year.
  12. https://www.espn.com/college-football/game/_/gameId/293110158
  13. I agree that the D is playing spectacular, but that alone should not be enough to save Frost his job. He has chosen all the players and coaches on offense and special teams which continue to cost us games. He has also brought in great talent, so if we do bring in a new coach that can manage all facets of the game, that new coach would start with a full cupboard.
  14. Klatts comments obviously got a lot of attention because we played OU so close, but if he actually looked at the full resume of HCSF he would see we already have been in a position of losing close games since Year 1. At some point a head coach needs to stop losing the close games and we have not seen that.
  15. Umm...we have lost small often over Frosts 4 year tenure especially in season 1. I agree the defense has improved, but there is no way it should take more than 4 seasons for a coach that has the resources that Nebraska provides to finish above .500. At some point we have to stop blaming the players or one assistant here and another there and look at the head coach who runs the team, has hired every single staff member and has brought on all the players he felt he needed.
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