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  1. Lol. While I am not overweight, I seem to always pick seats next to somebody that is. This was my top sugggestion for fixing in the AD survey and it sounds like many others felt the same if TA is already speaking about it. I would like to see seatbacks built in as well.
  2. Thompson was my favorite QB in the portal and I am so glad he is now a Husker. I really think the offense could be special this year.
  3. If Jackson is staying, somebody in the program should put out a quick tweet to confirm as its never good to have something false linger for a new member in the program.
  4. Here are my top 5 votes: 1. Improve comfort and space of seating. 2. Reduce overall capcity so we dont have to talk about the sellout streak every game. Number 1 will help with this. 3. Get students closer to the action 4. Better Wifi 5. Bigger variety of food and beverage options
  5. I understand the hires of Joesph, Whipple, Raiola and Busch. I am trying to understand the hire of Applewhite. Can somebody help me understand how Frost landed on him? Does he have something unique he brings to the table?
  6. 8-0 heading into November. This is the most favorable football schedule in many years. Please shower this post with Kool-Aid if u want!
  7. I am not overly fond of Purdy's film and would be content with Smothers, Haarberg and Torres as the competition with Thompson.
  8. I think the defense may take a step back but an easier schedule may hide that a bit. If the offense is doing its job the defense will not be on the field as much. Of course with Thompson as QB and the receivers we have, we are likely to score a TD in just 2 or 3 plays...oh yeah!
  9. We have made a lot of changes on the offensive side which I think are very significant. It may take a few games to work out the kinks, but now I am wondering if we have any glaring holes on defense given some attrition. Does the offense take a couple steps forward next season while the defense takes a step back?
  10. I am so happy we got Thompson. Receivers will be happy with him as their passer.
  11. With OU having their guy, I would expect its really down to Nebraska or Auburn. If his dad we went to OU, he likely understands the passion of the Nebraska fan base which now includes NIL potential.
  12. Very exciting. I was beginning to worry that Purdy may be the only guy interested in coming. Thompson would be a nice addition to our QB room.
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