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  1. He would be newer as a DC but brings a lot of swagger to the defense.
  2. I am not sure if this was posted before, but there appears to be a connection between the likely OLB coach and Schumann. https://huskercorner.com/2022/12/05/nebraska-football-rob-dvoracek/
  3. This is why I said earlier in this thread that HR for Husker Athletics is not raising enough red flags, or else they are and the administration is overlooking it. If Frost had issues with drinking and was missing visits for key recruits, that is something that in most organizations would result in immediate termination (if it's impacting job performance). I cannot imagine these habits just started late in his 4th season too and it explains a lot for why this team continued to lose games. As for Joseph, I agree with you that his past misconduct at a minimum should have caused pause in bringing him on as a coach, and if anybody in HR or the athletic administration knew the full story, it likely would have meant passing on him taking over as interim HC.
  4. That's a good point. Not sure if that is the case every year for AF's offense as their defense often ranks in the top 40. Also, Iowa State's D has ranked high the past few years. There DC (Jon Heacock) is a bit older but learned under Jim Tressel and has tons of experience.
  5. Rhule has had Phil Snow at most of his stops (Temple, Baylor and Carolina). If it were Snow, I would assume we would know by now unless they are dealing with contractual issues with Carolina. I am hoping it's Schumann or some other big name. Here are the top defenses this year. I scanned through a couple of names and Illinois' DC got a pay raise and is now making just over $1M. Kentucky's DC (Brad White) is making $1.4M. There is room for Schumann to grow his salary and I am guessing he would cost up to $1.5M to land him. There are quite a few good DC's to steal from other BIG teams. Air Force's DC has coached at other P5 schools so he could be an option too. https://www.covers.com/sport/football/ncaaf/statistics/team-defense/2022-2023
  6. Given Schumann is a co-DC and making $800,000 a year, perhaps the ability to be sole DC and have a pay raise would bring him along.
  7. Given how bad Frost drove this program into the ground, it's going to take time before we see results. I fully expect us to only win a few games again in 2023 due to the number of new players and coaches we will have in the program. Rhule has shown that Year 3 is when we should really start to see improvements in the win column, so I intend to give him some time to work this out. This doesn't mean I won't be critical in some games, but at the macro level he deserves time.
  8. With USC losing, we could see 2 BIG teams make the playoff. I would love to see Ohio State sneak in at #4 and knock off Georgia! Thoughts on the CFP?
  9. Here were the top 25 DCs heading into the start of this season... https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/ranking-the-top-25-defensive-coordinators-in-college-football-in-2022/amp/
  10. The lack of info or leaks suggests its an existing coach and the timing is dependent on some things that Rhule cannot control.
  11. Jim Leonhard or Glenn Schumann would be nice!
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