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  1. If he has an amazing season we may just have him for one season as he has the type of build to be an early draft pick.
  2. Agree. We could afford attrition in many other positions but not really the D line.
  3. I agree that the DL was the glaring weakness in terms of talent before Rogers entered the portal. BIG offenses will have their way with our D if we cannot find some experienced D linemen quick.
  4. This may be an unpopular opinion, but our offense has underperformed the last couple years and the more changes we encounter with the staff and players who were part of that underperformance, the better.
  5. When the person making the decision is the same (Alberts) I do think its important to have fair process and consistency. It sets the tone for the entire athletic department. Additionally, Nebraska is a historic football program, not basketball program, so expectations should really be higher for Frost.
  6. I completely agree that it would make no sense to fire Fred after 3 seasons when Frost has had 4 failing seasons and was given a 5th. Both guys have been horrible with Frost having the worst win percentage since the 1950s. The ultimatum from Alberts forced Frost to make some much needed changes and I am actually now excited for his 5th season. Perhaps this approach will work for Hoiberg too.
  7. Lol. While I am not overweight, I seem to always pick seats next to somebody that is. This was my top sugggestion for fixing in the AD survey and it sounds like many others felt the same if TA is already speaking about it. I would like to see seatbacks built in as well.
  8. Thompson was my favorite QB in the portal and I am so glad he is now a Husker. I really think the offense could be special this year.
  9. If Jackson is staying, somebody in the program should put out a quick tweet to confirm as its never good to have something false linger for a new member in the program.
  10. Here are my top 5 votes: 1. Improve comfort and space of seating. 2. Reduce overall capcity so we dont have to talk about the sellout streak every game. Number 1 will help with this. 3. Get students closer to the action 4. Better Wifi 5. Bigger variety of food and beverage options
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