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  1. Yes I posted earlier in this thread that Frost has a lot of self-reflection to do this off-season including reconsidering his views on offensive and defensive philosophies to compete in the BIG. I am hoping he will finally make a change at DC and find a DC with a proven track record of success. Most importantly, the new DC should help shape and influence Frost rather than Frost forcing a new coordinator into his failed schemes. This is where being the CEO of the team comes into play...picking the best staff and then letting them lead their units.
  2. Great points. I will take a stout defense over an electric offense any day of the week. In 2009 NU had one of the best defenses in the country, and as a result, they were competitive in every game they played. A strong defense allows an offense to have an off game and still be in the game heading into the 4th quarter. Neither the defense or offense have played consistently the past 2 seasons. The defense has shown some arginal improvements but not on a consistent basis. I would not be surprised to see Iowa put up 35-plus points against Nebraska this Friday.
  3. I completely agree and posted a similar thread at the end of last season as well. I was happy to see Frost get a new OC but he has a lot more work to do regarding his staff. What worked for him at Oregon and UCF is not working in the BIG despite Nebraska having some of the best talent in the BIG West division. Here are some items Frost needs to consider if he wants to remain the long-term coach at Nebraska. Self-awareness-Frost needs to acknowledge what is not working and show a willingness to change his own perspectives. His initial press conference as Nebraska head coach s
  4. While Frost has been able to bring in some good talent, we learned he is still not a good Xs and Os coach. He should have fired Chinander after last season, but his desire to stay loyal is only bringing his reputation down. There is no reason a Nebraska D should ever let an Illinois team walk all over them. A good defense can keep a team in games when the offense is struggling (as Nebraska was today). Right now the defense seems to have 1 good performance out of every 4 or 5 games which is unacceptable. Frost needs to either clean house with his staff after this season or clean
  5. Perhaps they would this year but I think Nebraska lost its identify when leaving the Big 12 and perhaps they would not be in as bad of shape as they are now if they had remained. They have just never clicked in the Big Ten and I think the reasoning is they have never hired a coach that knows how to win BIG football games. It's a much different style of play than the Big 12 or the Pac 12.
  6. 10-19 in his first 29 games. When was the last coach to have this low of a winning percentage in his first 29 games? By my records you have to go back to the 1950s when Bill Jennings was head coach.
  7. You are assuming that KU is worthy of being a P5 football school. My point is that Frost is not up to being a P5 coach and it has shown. He has somehow taken a bad program and made it worse.
  8. Frost has definitely taken a bad program and made it worse which I never thought would happen. He is 10-19 at Nebraska and on the verge of having 4 losing seasons in 5 years as a head coach. He is definitely not Power 5 material.
  9. Frost may be the worst Nebraska coach of this century. He is 10-19 at Nebraska in his 3rd year which is abysmal.
  10. Nebraska is definitely not worthy of competing in a power 5 conference anymore. The program has been going downhill for some time, and I never thought it could get worse than what we saw with Mike Riley, but year 3 of Frost now has the program in an even dire situation despite Nebraska having some of the best talent in the BIG West per the recruiting services.
  11. We are continuing to see horrible team discipline in the Frost regime and I am curious why the Nebraska program seems stuck in a rut with this issue. We saw it with Pelini to an extent, then definitely with Riley, and now it seems to be even worse under Frost. We continue to see poor snaps, bad penalties, poor decision making, poor tackling and more. Does anyone have ideas on how this gets turned around? We are in year 3 of Frost and he has 80% of players he recruited on the team. Thoughts?
  12. We are now at a point in the game where we need to be conservative and I look for Frost to call some risky play.
  13. I don't get the play calling. Why have Luke just sit in the pocket with a blitz coming. Roll the guy out and give him the option to run or throw. Frost has horrible game management skills. The 2 wasted timeouts this half may also come back to bite him.
  14. Frost has waited to long to let McCaffrey loose in the passing game. We have not attempted many downfield passes the entire game, and the defense helped us get to a big lead and Frost chose to play conservative and it may come back to bite him now.
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