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  1. HuskerNation1

    DT Matthew Pola-Mao

    I couldnt agree more Ulty!! Plus NU can offer four seasons and prepare him for the cold weather reality in the NFL!
  2. HuskerNation1

    2019 Spring Game

    Lol I just read an article on how the past 2 years have been the coolest in a long time.
  3. HuskerNation1

    Predict Final 2019 Team Ranking

    With Robinsons commit we are at #22 per 247Sports. If we take close to 30 in this class we could push a top 15 class as a result of the large numbers for the class.
  4. HuskerNation1

    B1G Looking to Change CCG Criteria?

    I agree with Sam the West does not get the hype the East does but the West has put forth some pretty good teams. Plus these things ebb and flow and we could be entering a stretch where the West is the more dominant division. In 2018 the West has 5 teams to qualify for a Bowl and the East has 4.
  5. I agree...Tressel and Meyer had a proven track record. They are taking a big risk in my opinion.
  6. I was at the 2012 game and it seemed pretty full to me and it was a fun experience despite getting our butts kicked.
  7. Well said...and I fully agree. The West was more competitive this year and we should compete for the West title next year with our schedule.
  8. Haha...I still think it's a risk for OSU...going from Tressel who had proven himself already as a head coach to Meyer who had done the same...and then going to Day who I do not believe has been a head coach before.
  9. Knapplc-We already have a thread on how a top coach in the BIG leaving (Meyer) could affect how the Huskers fare in the future, and there are MANY replies already in that thread. Mod-SHould this thread be merged?
  10. I am hearing Kliff Kingsbury to USC
  11. HuskerNation1

    DB Marquez Beason [Illinois Commit]

    I am surprised he still is committed to Illinois even with Lovies contract being extended.
  12. I think Meyer realized Frost and other newcomers like Brohm were going to make his life in BIG difficult and he was ready to step aside. I also think the scandal to start this year affected Meyer as his team was not as crisp this year despite having oodles of talent.
  13. Meyer will coach the Rose Bowl and he wants Day to succeed him similar to Lincoln Riley succeeding Stoops at OU
  14. More tweets coming in.
  15. Reports out that Meyer is retiring after the Rose Bowl. This could make for some instability in the OSU program despite current assistsnt Ryan Day will be taking over. OSU will still get plenty of recruits but Day is not a proven head coach as Tressel and Meyer were before taking over. Seems a bit of risk to me for an OSU program that has dominated the BIG most of this century.