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  1. It looks like there is a sports task force that will be looking at when and how to reopen sporting events. I did not see a name for NCAA but there were names for most pro sports. I would guess if the NFL comes up with a plan that NCAA football could piggy back on it a bit. If this belongs elsewhere please move it but it seems in line with this thread. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2020/04/14/president-donald-trump-speaking-sports-leaders-reopening-country/2994033001/
  2. Perhaps I could have phrased it better. He did not seem as focused on retaining Walters in that transition timeframe. If you go back and look at that transition period, Walters was the one that took a while, and I believe Frosts success at UCF was more of what he brought to the table and less about what Walters brought. Given UCF was undefeated and Walters was not selected for a HC job, Frost brought Walters along with the rest of the staff. If you actually look at the last 2 seasons, I believe the offensive stats are more highly ranked than the defense. Its just that the defense really sucked in 2018 and showed very marginal improvement in 2019, while the offense was pretty darn good in 2018 and took a step back in 2019. Regardless I am excited to have the new OC in place with proven P5 experience, and if we struggle again on defense this coming season I am hopeful Frost will replace Chinander too. We need P5 experienced coordinators in my opinion to get where Frost wants to take the program.
  3. This is a great pickup. I dont believe Frost wanted Walters when he came to NU as that was the one assistant that lingered as Walters wanted to be a HC. Glad to see this happen!
  4. The right shakeups can do wonders. I love the new OC pickup. Not willing to change or try new things is failure in my opinion.
  5. I just had premonitions a week too early...lol. Seriously I am glad to see some staff shakeup and I hope we see more if things do not dramatically improve in Year 3.
  6. Hmm...we have a chance to bring some new coaching blood in and go back to a guy that was just here in 2018? Were the NY Giants great at the OLB position this year?
  7. Well it doesnt seem he is doing much of the OC position, and prior to coming to Nebraska there was speculation that he was looking for a HC position. Perhaps Frost can let Walters do more of the OC work and Frost can spend more time on defense and special teams. Regardless I like the idea of moving an existing coach to another position to create a dedicated spot for special teams. Ruud is an option to take Dewitts guys but Ruud has only been an assistant coach for 2 seasons. Maybe Fisher can help out?
  8. I agree a ST coach would be helpful especially in the BIG where defenses are strong and field position is everything. On another note, what exaxtly is Troy Walters doing as it feels like Frost runs the offense. Perhaps Walters can double up on a other offensive position which would allow a dedicated ST coach. Or if he wants to be a head coach someday and grow his defensive acumen he could take on a second position there which I know is unorthodox, but hey, we need to be thinking outside the box in this program.
  9. I think we have had a few good recruiting classes but are struggling with coaching acumen and player development. I would go for someone that can coach up the players and maximize their performance over a guy that may lack those qualities but be good at recruiting.
  10. PJ Fleck has passion and is willing to fight for his team.  He has had an amazing season and it looks like Minnesota is going to be 11-2 in his 3rd season there.  I think its safe to say Minnesota hired the right coach.

    1. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Yes they did,Flecks quirky but knows how to coach 

  11. Merry Xmas all and I hope everyone has a great and happy new year. The 2020s will be our decade! Also I wanted to pass along this twitter find.
  12. Maybe there is a more recent data point but I have seen a few stories showing California in the top 3 for losing residents. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/the-top-10-states-people-are-moving-out-of-us-2019-5
  13. This is tough for me as it feels like we got a lot of good guys, yet we will finish around 20 or 22 most likely in the final team rankings. Here is a summary of the last 4 classes we had. 2016-26th 2017-23rd 2018-23rd 2019-18th So simply looking at the composite rankings, we are in the ballpark of where we have been for 4 years plus, and we are still struggling to win games. But I feel we got some speed and size we have not seen in a while. I would give the class a B+
  14. This appears to mirror the national trend of an exodus in California. Its nice to see the talent be shared with other states!
  15. Nebraska now at 20th in the team rankings with 24 total commits. They have room to add a couple more.
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