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  1. Savage Husker

    Martinez Top-Rated B1G QB This Week

    He’s a stud who can get better and knows he will get better. Greg Austin’s quote about recruits wanting to play around him is awesome to read about. So excited to see this team every week again. Hoping to snap my 5 game losing streak his Saturday!
  2. Savage Husker

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    The Kentucky writer squashing rumors by spreading rumors is a great touch to this story lol
  3. Savage Husker

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    I heard he was promised a zjay
  4. Savage Husker

    Jurgens to Center

    Soooo...does this mean we’re gonna see the fumblerooskie?
  5. Savage Husker


    A friend sent me a screenshot from a Robin Washut post, said the staff sent in about 16 plays last week after Purdue and the response from the league was that 8 of the calls were incorrect against Nebraska. I don’t remember specifics as I was just a little guy in the early 90s, but leading up to Nebraska’s run, I remember hearing how bad Nebraska would get hosed on calls and had to play through it. I don’t expect us to get any favors, even when we start to become a disciplined team. There were legit calls and then there were several blatant bad calls and no calls as @Born N Bled Red has referenced. It’s not why they’ve lost games, but it’s killed momentum. The refs for the Michigan game were just as bad but they didn’t ruin any outcome of the game, they legit stunk on both sides of the ball. The no call on the Michigan punt return face mask...they didn’t throw the flag until immediately following the replay on the vision board in the stadium. They literally watched the replay and then called the flag. The “safety” was abhorently awful. And there was also the review on targeting when the Michigan defender stuck JD with one of the cleanest tackles, like Nate Gerry’s in the bowl game against UCLA.
  6. Savage Husker

    Jurgens to Center

    Benning has been alluding to him as a tackle for over a year, mentioning his frame could easily convert to an athletic OL. Was a little surprised to hear Center but not about moving him to OL
  7. Savage Husker

    Listening to the post games

    The two games I’ve been to - these past two - have been in an endzone to the left of the left goalpost. Martinez had less time against Michigan, but showed off some impressive speed against their defenders one on one. Yesterday he snuck through some holes that when he took off I couldn’t believe he escaped and turned the jets on. Hope he can sustain his health and gain some more talent around him these next few yesrs
  8. Savage Husker

    Listening to the post games

    The last coach who took over a previously Riley led team straight up quit head coaching with millions on the table. It’s frustrating, but I’ll happily give Frost time to filter out the knuckleheads and sift through who the gamers are
  9. Savage Husker

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    No one had a good game against Michigan - there was one particular run where he tried getting around the edge, but ended up getting run down for a 2 yard gain, instead of cutting up and burying a shoulder into the LB. He came at it hard yesterday and ran like a champ, super happy and impressed by his effort.
  10. Quietest game I’ve ever been to. Sad to see that too many fans are as fickle as the players we complain about not buying in. As a guy behind us said, “I think too many fans show up to keep their streak alive than stand behind the team and make difference.”

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      True JJ and I agree. It actually got louder at that point than it was in the first half haha. I know I am venting frustration, but I think it’s fair to say that both the team and fans could give more effort

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      We can agree on that. Hopefully the team will take the lead by eliminating some of the costly mistakes. Doesn't seem like it should be that difficult to stop the head shakers.

    4. 4skers89


      They were louder than I figured they would be.  I thought the team needed to start well and continue to play well to give them something to cheer about otherwise it would be quiet.  Good for the fans.

  11. Savage Husker

    Michigan Game Recap

    We partied too hard on Friday and got a slow start to Saturday so only tailgated for about an hour. My buddy lives about 15 minute walk from bars and stadium, so was cool to commute around town without having to drive or uber. My buddy works at the children’s hospital and got the invite to a sweet tailgate on their golf course that was next to the stadium. It took longer for us to wait to cross the street than it did to walk from tailgate to stadium. Probably more of a hyper critical comment, but the only time Michigan fans randomly came up to me to chat or say anything was when I was alone and away from my group of friends - who were Michigan fans - and it was a passive comment like, “you’re in dangerous territory” or “corn is the color of maize, think about that.” Terrible game, fun time outside of the game because of my buddies I was with. The refs get dumber and dumber and over thought a lot of calls on both sides of the ball. They didn’t throw the flag on the face mask until they gathered and finished watching the replay screen showing the face mask before immediatley throwing the flag. It was awful
  12. Sheeeh, it’s like you can’t even reference the 90s Huskers without getting attacked for wanting a winning mentality.
  13. Need to get where players are kicking teammates off the field or practice if the expectation isn’t being met a la Tommie Frazier and Benning story that’s been mentioned a bit. The leaders on the team need to be an extension of the coaches. The kool aid was tainted and I drank a ton, gonna need to weed out some losers and move on without their baggage. I’d like to see Wyatt Mazour get real touches, he has great balance and keeps his feet moving.
  14. Savage Husker

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Are you still looking for a single? Depending on our groups arrangements, we *may* have an extra ticket available.
  15. Savage Husker

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    What time of night was that?? Oh yeah, no I was clean and sober just on one though!