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  1. This was the impetus of this thread. Jefferson Davis was hunted down with a bounty on his head, while Lee lived his life out and is taught as if he is a noble statesman. Outside of abolitionists (not a political party), I don’t think any political party has any claim to “freeing” slaves. Lincoln would rather have seen slaves freed through legislation as political move - enough evidence to verify that. Seems more like to the victors go the spoils. Discussing this topic made me have to remember how much Kansas’ desire for pro-slavery and being above the Mason-Dixon Line played into the lead up of the war - also makes more sense about Kansas in general. The North also put a lot of pressure on the South with high trade prices while placing tariffs on foreign goods - albeit who were trying to undercut the North to break apart the US. If it weren’t for the unintended consequences, the civil war is just a terrible smear in US history. I say that with caution due to the current climate we are living in, plus foreign nations are actively trying to implode the US, many domestic government leaders are overreaching with their control, and who knows if someone tries to suspend habeas corpus because unfortunately that’s probably not out of the question.
  2. I do agree with you and the point you are making. I’m not painting any blush or intending to diminish any aspect by pointing out that there other reasons people fought in that war, as Teach touched on. 6th (non-italicized) paragraph down, I think that helps provide aide to this discussion and your first sentence in your second paragraph. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/making-sense-of-robert-e-lee-85017563/ There are other references that discuss Lee’s dilemma over slavery, in both pro/con narrative. There are also more references that he sided with his state no matter which side they chose. I’m not arguing your points in morality, I understand where you’re coming from.
  3. And act like he’s 40 years older than he is to cover his projected ignorance? Lol
  4. I guarantee the two players were treated the same, thus the culture is being formed. Some seem to think because two completely separate situations are handled differently means players aren’t treated equally. The kid you’re trying to tear down has and is holding up his end of the bargain, legally. Both kids you are referring to here are both off the team, one was essentially kicked off the team and the other was granted a medical scholarship. Seems like the one you are defending had the best opportunity given their situations.
  5. Keep your poison out of these threats, man.
  6. Is he announcing today or is the pin just for a visit?
  7. The UNL 2019-2020 academic schedule just ended on Friday, June 5th. Seems like they just waited until the new academic year, which terminates/begins the next scholarship cycle and make it official and also “mutual.”
  8. Wish him well and thankful for his contribution to the team, but good to have closure on this. Probably should have happened last year.
  9. Based on opinion. A lot of little things and nothing in particular, just a low percentage path for a student to return. Maybe I’m wrong, we’re in a real goofy era. I don’t think he is or was bad for the team, nothing ill to say about JD - as you note - because he is a reserve kid. I respect that. My opinion is he hasn’t been happy, hence the sabbatical, a kid who isn’t fully committed to the team does create a distraction. I also believe attitudes are contagious, therefore I think the team is better off without him and let him return when he figures out what he wants and then if the team will accept him back.
  10. I highly doubt JD is coming back and I will also say that the team will be better off for it. That dunk by CJ there is pretty good. I’m not happy to hear what he has to say, but the truth stings and needs to be said. I don’t think his son said anything terrible, it’s a unique situation given the circumstances, but that is locker room material for when kids line up against him - this fall even - and when he’s at Iowa.
  11. Man, imagine when winning games is actually the main focus they direct their attention to in this program.
  12. Bethel used to be a state power house, some tough kids in that area. His brother is a 2020 signee to Oregon.
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