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  1. Coaching carousel, maybe they want his Pops down the road?
  2. Getting him out of the pocket and rolling out seems to be more comfortable for him too. I still question his passing and think he’ll continue to try too much instead of taking what’s there now to setup the big play later, but I think they’ll get the playbook right this year.
  3. Lol you’re right, he does. Maybe it’s my bias, but OU doesn’t always do it in a way to hate on Nebraska the way Buffs media does - just seems more like an inferiority complex.
  4. Good on you, Denver Post. getting more clicks from another fanbase because their own doesn’t care.
  5. I’d like to say I did see some improvement on wrapping up in the final 2-3 games. After that Minnesota game, there was a little change.
  6. Honestly, Barry is a bigger detriment to NU than people give credit for. The dude buried Osborne behind his back and gave Perlman the poison pill.
  7. Was born in, but raised outside of Nebraska. It was hard to come across someone who wasn’t a hater - football or general - that I couldn’t wait to move away from that state when I was growing up. Then I move back to Omaha and the people I would meet were like “why would you move to Omaha,” - it’s an interesting self-loathing complex.
  8. 100% agreement. They spent such a long time with Larry Scott believing in him that who knows what those presidents think.
  9. So is this where we see Nebraska get stuck with a 5 seed and then matchup in the quarterfinals against another B1G opponent?
  10. Id like Joe Burrow for position competition and depth, he would have been more prepared than AM and that is one of many faults on Frost, but in the end he was paid a favor. Plus, even Vegas liked AM more than JB preseason (and they tell us Nebraska isn’t relevant)
  11. The fact they are releasing results to the public is a positive step for the program. Transparency is good. Hopefully this drives more competition amongst each player or identifies those who need to move on.
  12. If you’re looking at Frost end of year 5, then I believe you’ll be fine with the trajectory at that point. Snyder was 13-20 in his first 3 and had 3 losing seasons out of 4. If we are comparing the two programs then I don’t agree that Klieman’s task is comparable when it comes to succeeding the coach who created the culture of KSU. This program hasn’t seen such poor talent in decades - we ended our draft streak and had “anonymous” coaches questioning what’s going on at NU before Frost ever was an idea. Yes, Frost is responsible and at fault - I don’t think we should ever
  13. For comparison sake, Their head coach is 12-11 and just went through a losing season, what’s their trajectory look like?
  14. 3 weeks to get that class together with the new signing rules.
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