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  1. Next time, ask her to guess where you are taking her. Then take her to the first place she responds with.
  2. Thank you. I wanted to comment this last week when it all started, but didn’t have the kahunas.
  3. Over the summer it was the toxicity of the fans - according to one metro kid, which sparked others to pipe up. Now it’s the coaching What’s next?
  4. Ok, sick burn. He doesn’t exemplify the football IQ to play the QB position at Nebraska.
  5. This is exactly what Chiefs players said about the difference between Mahomes and Smith. I think one was quoted (loosely) as saying, “No offense against Alex, he hit us when we were open, but Mahomes throws the ball to make us open.” That’s part of the intangibles I’d add to what @Guy Chamberlin is referencing. I think everyone knows that the OL is trash, but those are 1st to 3rd year guys. The one player everyone hated on the most, and hated on Frost for moving him, has improved to where no one mentions his failures or the assessment of the coach. We just complain about freshman and sophomores who are playing in a “physical league like the B10.” Martinez cleaned some things up this year and wasnt the sole reason why they lost 9 games, but I won’t miss his lack of feel for the game and how to win.
  6. It would be an interesting poll to see opinions about talent Frost inherited/recruited vs talent that AM was surrounded by as compared to TM and TA. Also, Taylor Martinez threw 60%+ in his Junior and portion of Sr., the kid made measurable strides to improving that area of his game.
  7. Great kid, great competitor. Glad he’s moving on for both parties involved.
  8. Why pay 1 coach 10-12mil a year when you could be finding better methods to pay 10-12 kids $1mil/year. With that said, any player should be potential, it’s boosters money anyway.
  9. Losing Williams and the DL will really hurt. CTB has played pretty selfish at times, caught with his eyes in the backfield leaving a man open. Shoes to fill, but a disciplined back will make up for a drop off in skill. Did Dismuke standout? Maybe I didn’t pay close enough attention but he didn’t stand out to me too often. However, what do we have to replace him with is what I question. Newsome played well and that was nice to see. If Honas could come back then that would be nice to keep the depth.
  10. Comprehension must be hard for the fans who have to shove their opinion down people’s throats. They expect people to have to reiterate their stance for someone who is insecure in their own opinion. Or they are baiting people to share so they can tear them down. Threads like these are for special masochists who not only sit through a Husker game but then want to take their frustration out on others.
  11. Yup and AM commits more turnovers. Supporting cast…funny that gets mentioned about the talent on the roster when discussing player success vs talking about what Frost inherited - but I digress. The eye ball test, Id take Adrian in a heartbeat, but his body of work regardless of subjective considerations doesn’t jump out as better than TM. Thus, my opinion of taking TM over AM. TM in this offense with this cast? Whoa boy, that would make anybody forget about AM.
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