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  1. They need depth and QB depth especially. It sounds like Frost is holding back? Ugh, it explains a lot
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression Snyder held out and landed a gig with more responsibilities. So I could find fault in Frost for not closing the deal or having a better fit in line. The worst thing I read so far, IMO, is how he wasn’t present for ST meetings.
  3. Pretty much consensus that Frost wanted Snyder and didn’t get his guy, so he fell back for Rutledge - correct? It wasn’t a fit after 1 year and now he goes looking for the “right guy” instead of someone who - as mentioned - has bounced around. See who we end up with and see where Rutledge winds up.
  4. This team lacked depth with upperclassman, while I do see your point, I also believe that could be a net gain *if* the depth is there to find a more talented and younger prospect. Yes, the amount of turnover in this program is worrisome, but I still believe it’s a numbers game. If managed properly, I believe this could be a good bridge gap for NU. The elite teams can only improve so much, their players want to leave and make that IRS money. The weaker programs can use this to build depth and maturity.
  5. We’ll be able to point out a moment or two each game, but I believe the tackling by the secondary improved over the final 2-3 games. They still shoulder pop more than I prefer, but I started noticing more contact, wrap, and drive. It was inspiring.
  6. If philosophical changes equals no more promising anything to anyone, then I’m on board.
  7. Sounds like the vote had to do with it too. Not so much the result but the messaging of splintering your team into factions of those who want to play, those who don’t, and those ‘tweeners who don’t want to choose a side. Frost has little to no control of the locker room. Self reflection and a koombaya is gonna be needed to save himself
  8. The problem I have with the swing passes is that Adrian often throws a flat pass that has gone backwards for a turnover or it doesn’t give the receiver momentum downhill. Sometimes he stares down the outlet pass before the first WR even comes out of a break, looks for the WR which now makes him late, then looks back at the outlet and the timing is too late there too. He’s gritty, he’s a bulldog, he’s a team player, but yet something seems unnatural. Most likely a mixture of talent and especially coaching to his strengths.
  9. Why didn’t Manning play this season?
  10. Grand Canyon College - keep some of these for profit student-athletes honest!
  11. NIL is going to be big for Nebraska and I am excited to see how they embrace it. If they can start winning, it will be tough to stop. 

  12. JoJo is the one that makes me most excited and surprised. It’s a great sign.
  13. Betts is a vertical threat, who can improve, but he was not targeted enough or given a chance. He should have at least 2 deep passes per game, instead he maybe had 2 all year.
  14. They gave up 300 rushing yards to one player in one half and lost the game, this board would meltdown if that happened...again
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