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  1. @UniversalMartin would probably have more insight on this but Paul Wulff is a reason to hedge this idea.
  2. Congrats to Aaron Judge on breaking Maris’ HR record. Hell of an accomplishment and hope he adds on. 

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      *tying. Here’s to breaking it though. 

    3. ladyhawke


      I heard he tied Maris’ record. 

    4. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      @ladyhawke yeah, I’m my bad there. Not a Yankee fan but not a hater either and from all accounts I’ve heard is that Judge is a great dude. Hard to root against him and happy for his successes

  3. I thought I read a story where Deion Sanders lit up a teammate in practice for half assing their assignment on a play. The teammate tried to sell him into trusting he’d be there in the game, and Deion ripped him to be there in practice so he could trust him in a game. Maybe I’m misremembering professionals, but that’s the type of instruction I’d want out of a coach.
  4. Shoot. I wouldn’t mind Rhule myself. Would the anti-BoB people entertain this? He would essentially be the ‘20s version of BoB
  5. Drives me nuts that our former coach was just a fraud. I’d take douche over fraud
  6. Good for Adrian, good for a staff that can coach and not just preach gimmicky catch phrases.
  7. I see where you’re coming from regarding why a coach wouldn’t want to leave something they’ve built just to restart at NU. Losing OU and UT will be detrimental to the B12, at least to start. B12 is going to be .5-1 game behind SEC and B1G schools in terms of SOS conversation. USC to the B1G will strengthen the conference too. A guy like Campbell, who has a nice 4mil base with 250k bonus per win for winning more than 7 games would have to be paid what…$6-7mil to think about coming to NU? That’s a lot of money for a coach without a conference title who hasn’t quite parlayed success into greater results. It actually makes me worried if he comes to NU, based on his own words and what you’ve expressed. Breaking bank on guys like Urban have no guarantees and larger buyouts. Going next tier below will cost more to lure someone away, like you’re saying, and large buyout. And a lesser coach would not move the needle. The more I think about it, this is a really tricky coaching search. If I were Trev, I would weed out anyone who isn’t a football junkie for life who insists on self and team discipline. At this moment, Lincoln isn’t any better than Ames, but when momentum swings our way and all the resources built, then I believe it should turn into an unstoppable force.
  8. Yeah that’s fair and not really against your point because expansion could give a program like Cincy an advantage. A decade of security with a competitive team vs 4 years of stress…to over simplify it edit, to add: do you really see the committee being that accepting to multiple lower tier teams making playoff or is it just going to mean more politicking for Power conference schools?
  9. Get paid for winning at NU and all the glory or get paid $$$ to buy you out for sucking. There’s really no losing.
  10. Yeah I have a suspicion they don’t just let the AD do their job, or maybe just are not good at their own job. There are a few aspects that make me question what’s going on, but all I can do is support Trev in hopes that he’s taken the reigns and gets the ship righted, as opposed to being just a “yes man.”
  11. That kinda falls on the upper administration though, right?
  12. Mickey saying there’s a percentage of guys on the team that like him lead me to wonder what players move on too.
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