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  1. 3 LBs, 2 DBs, and a DL to the draft alone. I don’t know about the opt-outs, but read about Stingley. I believe he’ll get it fixed, but I wouldn’t have expected the onslaught in the air. It’s interesting to go back to the Bo’s QB graveyard thread and the host of praise for shutting down future NFL starters to seeing LSU thread and now this lol
  2. My Wazzu buddies are quite content with Rolovich and most weren’t upset that Leach left, I think primarily because he only beat UW once, maybe twice. WSU has only been legit with Price in the 90s and Leach turned that program back around after Wulff. I’m interested to see how this Rolo era plays out for them and if the grass really is greener.
  3. My apologies if that’s how it came off, I just didn’t think of it as a “shootout,” until they pulled their 2-deep and we still had Pick-6 out there slinging the rock.
  4. They pulled a lot of starters on defense, such as Marcus Allen their safety. There were some clean jerseys on defense in that 4th quarter and it was a cold drizzle all game long on natural grass. My wife was whooping it up and I was shaking my head until the guy sitting next to me hands me his flask and says I need it more than he does! Lol
  5. It helped that they had their 3rd string vs our 1st string. That game sucked, but had a fun time tailgating
  6. PSU has great depth and has recruited very well year in year out. We are not there. They are in a great location for recruiting and do quite well along the mid-atlantic region. Bo’B was great during his tenure and held that program together during the Sandusky fallout, he made Hackenberg look good before Franklin arrived and opened the offense up. Franklin needed year 3 and a couple early losses to get his team on track before knocking off Michigan and making their run to what we see today. The biggest knock I have for PSU is their inability to step on a teams throat and put them awa
  7. I have pondered if praise by the staff (Frost) over Wan’Dale lead to JD feeling alienated or threatened by this upcoming seasons usage for him. Would love JDs skill on the field, but gut feeling is this is addition by distraction.(subtraction. Lol whoops)
  8. they could have used this for a double entendre and used smaller font size and gone with “(e).” Give the Silverado, ram, tundra guys extra incentive to buy and be a little more clever. the direct burn works too, I guess
  9. I think Carl also neutralized Bo, which I think helped the rest of the staff, whereas that personality was missing when he was gone.
  10. On paper it sounds whiny, in person it may sound different. Agreed that it doesn’t come off well, but emotions aside OSU plays Illinois and NU. It again makes B1G weak when looking at CFP, most contenders are playing 11 games this year? Doesn’t look good when we complain about schedules of the SEC and this year shouldn’t matter if it does indeed negatively affect OSU, it again leaves zero margin of error for 1-loss teams in the B1G. No one likes an I told you, so the whiners get scapegoated.
  11. Cheers to President Trump for assisting in the effort to make Nebraska football great again. Without his help, B1G may not have played football this year. 

    1. knapplc


      What, exactly, did he do?

    2. Enhance


      This conversation is probably better reserved for the P&R forum.


      Thank you!


  12. Even ESPN took down their article about it from their top stories
  13. How is that a guess and where is the inaccuracy that B1G ADs didn’t want to shoot for a start date that aligned with most of CFB kicking off the season? If he’s stealing info then that’s one thing, but his tweet doesn’t mention a prediction.
  14. Sir Yacht-zee has been pretty credible

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    2. RedDenver


      Well, the Guessing Dinghy swings and misses yet again.

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Well, he had the scoop all along, but your boy Kevin Warren is a dips#!t, yet again. 

    4. RedDenver


      "had the scoop all along" made me laugh

  15. I don’t see it happening unless there is a full sail realignment, which IMO will eventually happen - hence why I mention it. I don’t see it happening this year, but it would be a good time to strike since so much is up in air that it should allow “smart” people to initiate this dialogue. Moos has names of replacement coaches in his desk? I’m sure they have contingency plans in place over fallout, you don’t get threatened with expulsion from the league without getting your ish in order.
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