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  1. I’m not criticizing anything but only the content of the article, not debating whether they did or did not contact Joseph. With that said, who’s source? Sounds like this article is produced based on information gathered from an LSU writer, gathered from an anonymous source. Peterson has no source, personally. Good game of telephone.
  2. I hope there wasn’t an offer or that it wasn’t Joseph’s agent putting this out there because it could put strain on the relationship between the two coaches. Friends wouldn’t do that to each other, regardless of being opponents.
  3. Was hoping this was the news @PaulCrewe was alluding to last month but all we got was @EZ-E sign me up for Rumorville xSavage Husker
  4. Maybe he likes coaching/watching his son at the youth level?
  5. I had figured if Walters is leaving then Held would assume the OC gig. Or is that a definite no?
  6. Seahawks going to win the super bowl next year. They let good players walk who stopped buying into Pete and Schneider - Bennett, Sherman, ET - and have improved each of the last two seasons. Make some offseason moves, improve OL and secondary, and I like their chances. 

    1. Cdog923


      They're going to have to get through San Fransisco and Green Bay first, let alone Baltimore or Kansas City.

    2. JJ Husker
    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Shoot, I didn’t mean win, I meant “get to.” I wasn’t even drinking last night! They’ve already beaten SF, and half a yard short of taking both, I’m not worried about SF. GB, meh.

  7. We’re still talking about this from 8 years ago? Yeesh
  8. Least we get back at them in hoops

  9. So prolly hear something late this week or early next week. Something about posting job openings has to process, correct?
  10. Not saying this as a slight, but grow up in a pot friendly state and you’d have a different perspective. The biggest difference between those we hear about and the athletes who don’t get in trouble is that some are more brazen than others who just lay low and not make a scene about their habits. I’d bet most who get cops called on them are probably rubbing their peers the wrong way.
  11. I believe Kennessaw State Or not. My b
  12. Not a fan of commentators acknowledging point spreads and bad beats on the broadcast, but that’s just my opinion. 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ColoradoHusk


      @teachercd it's like the game commentators are giving you a long-distance dedication when they mention the bad beats.

    3. teachercd


      "And this bad beat goes out to teachercd...hang in there partner and keep betting those favorites"

    4. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      I don’t think I have great concrete reasoning, but I don’t care to hear about bad beats or back door covers. I get that it’s for the niche fan and sports betting has become more acceptable, but I don’t want it to be added to the in-game narrative like referee analysis has become because I view it as taking away from the game itself. Leave that to the degenerates who already know these numbers without being told! :lol:

  13. With all the lies you’ve been living in?
  14. They talked to Mo on Thursday and the Betts news broke on Thursday. I wish Mo well, I hope the findings of his criminal case go in his favor (or in any case, that justice prevails), and if he doesn’t end up back on the team and there is a chance for him to play still that it’s with ASU - if Herm can help him out with a fresh start. I know we are better with him, but I also believe we can win as many games without him.
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