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  1. Savage Husker

    Bo Pelini positive achievements

    Something about apples and oranges. That’s a fair opinion. I don’t see it that way and think it’s only an issue to those who want to make it an issue.
  2. Savage Husker

    Bo Pelini positive achievements

    I don’t think anyone forgot about it, but just don’t consider it that big of a deal as others who hold him in contempt for a private opinion that was leaked to the public in attempt to sabotage him. These leaks have caused more lingering harm to the university than him expressing his opinion. His farewell speech shouldn’t have been spoken to those players, but anyone arguing that his opinions about Harvey and Eichorst aren’t accurate are most likely lying to themselves. I’m happy he said what he did and it was dumb for the Athletic Dept to respond in the way that they did. Upon the news of his son, I don’t think Eichorst has a leg to stand on when it comes to opining about who should be “leading young men.” If we’re going to bring up Bo flirting with leaving NU, imagine TO interviewing with CU in the era of twitter and watching fans flame out. Anyway, I get that my opinion is unpopular, but reading some people’s reactions is exactly why I feel it’s appropriate to extend an invite in the future. Look at our own fans now and how they react even after a W.
  3. Savage Husker

    Bo Pelini positive achievements

    I especially agree about Bo’s firing led to Frost and I’m thankful for that. It’s my opinion that it’s easier to get over something by confronting it and making amends rather than stewing over something that the majority of us don’t even understand what happened behind the scenes. If people are still pissed about the OSU audio, then how do they feel about Rex Burkhead echoing Bo’s opinion about how s#!tty it was for fans to leave the game early? There are a number of things I wish Bo did or didn’t do, but Harvey acted like a snake and fueled the drama, and Bo did more good things than bad for the program.
  4. Savage Husker

    Bo Pelini positive achievements

    Been thinking lately that Nebraska should eventually bury the hatchet and invite Bo back to campus sometime. He really wasn’t as bad of a person as some make him out to be and stories like this, on top of bringing the program out of the BC era, are reason enough. The two knotheads who ran him out are gone and not missed.
  5. Savage Husker

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Ohio State (Game 5) **

    Anyone else in the camp of, let’s just not get embarrassed during prime time on national TV? Or is it just me?
  6. Savage Husker

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    Why hand the ball off to the same guy who just ripped off a long run like that?
  7. Savage Husker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I thought the continuances is a result of his lawyer here in Lincoln becoming eligible to practice in CA courts?
  8. Savage Husker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I think most get your point and I doubt this will change your opinion, but I believe “recruit you” is different than being on campus and a member of the team. The university has decided to support the player, not just Frost, and I also believe there is much more information we are not privy too that would give the university pause reason to let this play out in court first.
  9. Savage Husker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Do you mind sharing why - being a felony and all - that they’re treated differently because he’s a minor and Mo wasn’t? Or were they not charged with a felony? Legitimately curious
  10. Savage Husker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Someone on Twitter was saying that one of the other boys involved only received probation. Any truth to that? (My apologies if I missed that in a prior post)
  11. Savage Husker

    Rhonda Revelle suspended pending review

    It may not be a good position for the university to publicly address each complaint individually. There can be restrictions by FERPA and they also gain nothing by exposing exact details of their findings until it is absolutely necessary, otherwise it gives the plaintiff the ability to build their case and attack their argument. The university has a harder time defending itself in the court of public opinion due to privacy laws which protect the student’s rights, so they will make a vague statement, like the one put out. Whoever is behind this will have to determine whether it’s worth it to risk legal fees to attack their defense and most universities have better lawyers than any ol average person.
  12. Savage Husker

    DE R.J. Sorensen [Nebraska Commit]

    Committed to NU
  13. Savage Husker

    **2019 Nebraska Season Predictions: Call Your Shot**

    Gimme that kool-aid. 10-2. If they come out firing, manhandle Colorado and look better than week 1, then this team won’t lose more than 3 games. If they come out neutral from week 1 then it’ll be 8-4 or 7-5, but I’m optimistically counting on culture being righted and we steal a couple games for 10-2. Oh yeahh
  14. Savage Husker

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    Run, Run, Run, Run, short pass. Option pass rolls right, drops back, throws against body to post for a TD.
  15. Savage Husker

    Plans for the first game?

    Yeah, I’m lucky it’s week one.