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  1. With the announced/projected stadium renovation on the horizon, how will that’s play into NUs figures? What do these ADs do with all the TV revenue they’ve gained over the years? sheesh
  2. Oof, That’s rough…plate umpire made the correct signals too. My dad’s summer team lost on a BS walk off balk in the semis of a tournament. My buddy disengaged the rubber and separated his hands at the same time (everyone in the park knew he was stepping off), but opposing HC talked the umpire into a balk lol
  3. Walkoff homer. 2 out 2 strike pitch, got some good carry and gonezo
  4. agreed. I initially thought they were keeping him at the plate.
  5. It was better when the rule was simply “cannot increase your profile” as a batter with a HBP. Bad rule change and judgment there when a righty’s pitch runs in on a lefty and hits him flush.
  6. Would it surprise people that a NIL collective is shady? The main problem I see is that it’s not churning out more wins.
  7. The only pushback I can see is how the schools were left in the dark and not informed of impending schedule changes until after the negotiations were agreed to. Fans were pretty ticked with Eichorst who got canned days after he agreed to moving off Black Friday. Otherwise, the teams should play when decision makers want them to play, especially now that everyone is getting paid. Curious whether the Chicago Bears end up becoming this dysfunctional during his leadership.
  8. Maybe UGA does have him locked up at this point, but odd to me how a repeat national championship program has former players tweeting about a recruit like this. Seems like desperation hard sales pitch rather than a close. They just won again with a walk-on QB, why go nuts over a QB when they’ve proven it’s not about a highly touted QB recruit. Probably wrong, but hoping I’m right.
  9. The flip is actually pretty impressive.
  10. I don’t know if I would consider the type I’m referring to as anything “nice.” Truly not saying this argumentatively, whether they look like him, you, me or whatever, those people are easy to spot and even easier to identify within even a brief conversation. I have lived in that region too and long enough to reference the panhandle region with the understanding that you also get - I also know it’s “Boy-see,” and not “Boy-zee.” Pend Oreille is beautiful area but…you get it. Yup, it’s a cheap joke, but the stereotype of the panhandle is real.
  11. He must not visit the panhandle portion of Idaho much.
  12. ^I love this, the timing of this couldn’t be more uncanny. As I edited my post and saved it, I was reflecting back to that day in college because our buddies convinced this lovestruck friend of ours to wear gym shorts to the club. No more than 5 seconds later Barney, from How I Met Your Mother, makes the same comment you did hahahaha. Season 1 when they go to prom and Barney’s educating the HS boys lol.
  13. Believe it or not, one of my favorite “tracks” since hearing it for the first time in 8th grade, Napster was a helluva program. Took 1 visit to clean it up and a second to confirm it was 100%. Edit: hah! Oh shoot, I thought you meant the quote itself. Fuudge, I’m too cheap to pay for that. But true story, had a college friend freshman year drop too much money on one over the course of several visits - like close to a grand. She lead him on and exchanged a couple emails before blowing him off. He taught her though…cold shouldered her his next visit and dropped $250 on her coworker lol
  14. Need a lot of spray paint too
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