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  1. Is Kurt Warner referencing NU?



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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Yeah I agree with that. And it’s not that I disagree with his opinion, but If the athletes are on campus already, why wouldn’t they workout? 

    3. teachercd


      If I was in college again (Uggg. I wish) and I lived just off campus, I would still be trying to have friends over and party.  I know I would.  Now, is that as "bad" as forced workouts, I guess not, but I would be doing it!

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      If NU is holding workouts after spring break, I don't see any way he isn't referencing NU.


      And how can that be considered not level-headed? We may not like it but there are quite a few things more important than college football. Sure our team and players need every opportunity possible to get better but we've also recently been a .500+/- team. So in the grand scheme it really doesn't matter if they workout or practice at this time. jmo. Although it does seem they could easily maintain quarantine and safe distancing for lifting weights and workouts. Just may have to slow down a little and do a lot more sanitizing in between. It's not like the players have anywhere else to go.

  2. Alex Lewis and Maliek Collins both make the list for bargain signings. Was not expecting Lewis to be on this list, but really that’s what it seems it has come to, underachieving NU alum finding success in the NFL. 

    1. Xmas32


      Collins on a 1 year deal is a steal for the Raiders.  Here's hoping he has another great season and can secure a long term bag.

    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      I agree that Collins is a steal. I’m excited to see what comes of that team, just from a general interest, not raider fan or anything. 

      Also, by underachieving, I mostly mean as a team/unit, not just the individual talent. 

  3. I agree, but it’s the way it is. Per your 25% stat, I would be willing to bet Frost wants to be on the lower end of that figure and will curb that around his program, as long as it’s a rule.
  4. Hope he gets the help he needs, but part of me is also wondering if his absence will help the team develop. This has just been an odd storyline
  5. I think it was from last night against Bellevue West.
  6. Been wanting this implemented in NCAAF and NFL, so I’m happy to see XFL broadcast conversation between replay officials and on-field officials during a review. 

  7. Yeah true. Just disgruntled they are never held accountable, especially when it matters. Ask Dame
  8. Imagine if players and coaches could be this candid about officiating, but yet they get fined.
  9. Inspiring football being played. 

  10. Dude looks like he is on his way to become the next DK Metcalf. Holy smokes he is yuge
  11. Prolly ironing out contract and having lawyers review.
  12. Ah ok, I didn’t know he also played safety. I knew he was coming in to play DB, but thought he was more QB and then Safety was his secondary position when they needed him out there in a big game. Good points about the coaching. That secondary position had been abused especially during the Pelini and I think even the Riley years. So much turnover.
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