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  1. lol i legitimately was asking whether you think our depth at QB is ideal. Why couldn’t you answer the straightforward question? I then proceeded to answer your questions that pertain to my comment on this subject and explain my reasonings. If you care to disprove me then you go do your own research and share if you’d like. All I was saying was that qb depth is mismanaged (provided examples and stated what I would have expected) and yet qb room has also shown signs of development. (Gasp!) In the same time I have been told: Rutgers doesn’t count (when I suggested Ved
  2. Find transfers themselves and cultivate competition to prevent their zero experienced underclassman from being thrown into the B1G defenses. You know what you’re doing Mav. You believe our QB room is ideal? Apparently We have recruited a kid to coach other kids and let it be fine that he transfers out because that’s all we expected out of him We signed a kid who wasn’t wanted at QB by any reputable program, let alone P5 now. We haven’t gone out and found a transfer to bridge the gap from throwing another zero experienced underclassman under cen
  3. Ok, my apologies - 65% of the league. Still not “the majority of the teams are in the same position as us” argument that Mav is making. Glad to see OSU depth is a point of emphasis in this…Even their backup scored on Nebraska last year.
  4. I didn’t ignore what you said, i mocked it because it’s a waste of time, scholarship, and reps for a kid who you don’t plan on having on your team and would leave a gap in depth. If Frost intentionally did what you’re saying, then he wasted a scholarship because the level of QB play and results would not support that decision another go around. Yes, it’s simple to separate the two. One is a relationship between two individuals and the other is managed by a coach, it’s cause and effect. Frost has shown no urgency to create competition at the QB position. They have the ability to rec
  5. Yes, mismanagement of the QB room - which was my original point. I did not specifically say that Frost mismanaged Vedral and his situation. I disagreed with your opinion about why he would be brought in, that’s your opinion I’m disagreeing with, not Frosts.
  6. Saying teams are in the same position as us is not factual and you’re trying to incorporate “proven” experience. You’re adding a qualifier that I have never expressed nor “complained” about. Would you or would you not ideally want a football program to have experience at the QB position? The backup would have experience that? We don’t have that and 70% of teams in the B1G do. Why are you attempting to add more to a comment than what is face value? Why are you so argumentative?
  7. Dude. I said that in my recent post. Over 70% of the teams in the B1G have multiple players with QB experience, even OSU. That point was back at Mav who seems to think the majority of schools are in our position. Good for you to reduce Kellogg’s career to just “throwing a Hail Mary” - wow.
  8. Not at all. You’re stretching to argue for arguments sake. A critique is NOT just a complain for complaining sake - sheesh. I can see how it comes off that way in message board but that’s not at all why I expressed my initial opinion. You chimed in on my comment and started to create a narrative that I never brought up. I never ignored any part of your argument. I don’t believe that bringing in a player to coach another player is the right move - that’s why they pay someone (called a coach) to do that job and why Vedral is no loo longer on the team. That’s a terrible reason to recrui
  9. Yes. I am saying exactly that. EXACTLY that. SMH. I don’t know why he left, but he did. You’re putting words in my mouth and creating some narrative I have never expressed. It’s a flat statement critiquing where we stand at the moment. I simply said the QB development at NU is not that bad to where a QB left NU and is starting for another P5 school in his 1st year, that says something positive about development. (But apparently Rutgers isn’t a good enough school to compare to? Or did Vedral coach himself while he was coaching Adrian?) I also noted that our current depth s
  10. What are you talking about? He helped who learn? AM? ONE QB?! Nebraska is the only school in the country to recruit a scholarship athlete to teach 1 teammate how to run the offense
  11. You’re cherry picking a point that misapplies the comment back to BigRedBuster which was bringing in a scholarship player to be a “teacher” to others. I’m opining that I wish we still had Vedral, that his departure is not good management of the qb room which is severely lacking depth. That he had developed into a QB who could backup when AM got hurt, or stunk it up last year. I get the rise of LM because he had the high ceiling, but in the end, it didn’t work out and Nebraska is stuck with no zero depth behind AM and just question marks whether a backup is good enough. I’d take Vedral
  12. IMO, then that’s a wasted scholarship, thus mismanaged roster.
  13. I don’t care about other programs. I can guarantee other schools who want to compete amongst don’t have this issue you are trying to pick at. You’re deviating from the topic and creating a red herring
  14. Yeah, I get that. That’s not the point of my comment, I can’t care any less about other programs.
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