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  1. Was it worth muting the TV broadcast? Been listening to the radio broadcast. I can’t stand Bahe
  2. Woke up this morning not reaching for glasses and able to see 20/20 for the first time in almost 25 years. Prior to today, I couldn’t see anything in focus that was more than 6” in front me of (there’s a joke or two somewhere in there). Thank the Lord for smart people who invented LASIK because this is effin awesome. 

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      So you finally were able to find your peter after 25 years? /jk


      Seriously tho, congrats. Near perfect eyesight is often taken for granted but once you've had it and lost it, it kinda sucks. I was 20/15 most of my life.....until I hit my mid 40's. Still about 20/30, not terrible but reading small print and up close is another story. When Lasik can correct to where I don't need readers or bifocals I'm in.



    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      It’s as small as I remember! 

      I envy those with good eyesight, they are fortunate people. I ended up developing a bad reaction to multi-purpose solution last year and couldn’t wear contacts for about 3-4 months until I switched to Clear Care solution, which helped but it created a paranoia about vision. Finally saved up and pulled the trigger. I see better now than I did with my contacts

  3. I’d take Bo back as a DC any day, with the caveat that he doesn’t get a chance to bring on “yes men” as position coaches - like he did here. Bo would be a better fit as a DC than HC. He’s too much of a perfectionist and micromanager. As a DC, he can play bad cop while the position coaches play the good cop, when needed. I’ll also come back to Perlman as the main culprit who lead us to the current state of the program. He used TO until TO was no longer useful to him and hired Eichorst to do his dirty work before riding off in the sunset. One could argue its not just deserved, but also necessary to go through this mess before things get better. I will expect winning seasons, but I’ll give it 3 more meh seasons before there’s real talk about winning the west.
  4. That’s a funny article, that individual loves his hate for Dirk. Objectively Dirk may be a good writer, but he’s good at only writing someone else’s story because when he interjects his opinion then he becomes a classic sportswriter moron - he doesn’t know s#!t from shinola. After that 1620 breakfast the other month with him and the players from his 24th and Glory book, I found it comical when he was describing how lowly of a job (stockyards?) something was, but then the player stopped him mid-sentence to correct him, not about a simple nuance but about what the job meant to that person. My point, is how much does he interject from his position as a cozy sportswriter voice vs actually sharing the perspective from the subject of the story? The guy just doesn’t get it, but because he writes about husker football, fans flood for any new available content, so he’s got that going for him. Outside of Chris Heady and Jon Nyatawa, that sports department at OWH acts too big for their britches.
  5. I hope we can upgrade at both ILBs, and I would like to see Dismuke slide down to OLB in this defense.
  6. Surprising that DB would be the one to connect those dots, no?
  7. I believe Oregon does the same thing.
  8. Penn State doesn’t hand out white tees, that’s a staple to their fan gear. The white pom poms are handed out though.
  9. Straighterline.com , CLEP or DSST. Good quick options and cheap
  10. Yup and those are things I believe, or hope, Frost has a plan of attack already to roll out or willing to look in the mirror and make necessary changes in the offseason.
  11. In terms of building a program and being in year 2, I brought them up as historical references to what we witnessed and what I don’t think Frost is doing. There are things that baffle me about decisions made by this staff, but those are in-game decisions, not what they’re doing for the future because I think it’s too soon for that judgment.
  12. They are recruiting Florida and Georgia because those are kids who play football as a means to end. No one is talking about our 5* because we don’t have any and of our 4*s, in spite of his struggles AM, and Wan’Dale are legit and we need more of them. You’re right, development is crucial but you’re telling us that 1.5 years into his tenure that development and culture is going to already be established after 7 years of Pelini promising playing time and not having true competition? 3 years of no accountability under Riley? 17 of 22 starters with 1 year or less D1 experience heading into the season and no seniors on offense. Hate Frost all you wish, Campbell is a great coach and many wanted him if it wasn’t Frost, but people need to chill the heck out because this isn’t a quick 1-3 season pad your resume for 3-4 mediocre seasons before moving on to a bigger job or getting fired, instead he’s establishing a program for beyond his tenure.
  13. I’m pretty certain roster management, redshirting these guys being named, is part of the plan. I am disappointed the players and the coaches don’t step up in these games and flat time after time. Gotta accept we just suck this year, just get to 6 wins, and reshape the team for 2020.
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