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  1. I said he needed fired last night, but I'm kinda cooling on that idea now. We are soooo damn close to being 5-0 or 4-1 right now it's frustrating. Special teams cost us two wins against Top 25 teams along with our constant penalties on the O-line. Frost needs to fix those two areas IMMEDIATELY and I think we can keep up with any team we've got on the schedule. This team is so damn close in several ways and it's frustrating to watch as a fan. FIX IT FROST!
  2. I give up on this f#&%ing team! Been watching for 30 years! Tired of watching this team find ways to lose! Time for Frost to go!
  3. Come on Huskers we NEED THIS!!! I'm pacing like crazy right now!
  4. I'll say it...... this offensive line is the worst I've ever seen at Nebraska!
  5. Great job oline...... you guys should quit football.... you just aren't good at it.
  6. And rightfully so! Those guys and special teams lost that game for us last week and here we go again! I hope he's spraying spit he's ao angry!
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