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  1. What's that even mean? Why are people so damn vague in these situations?! It's like they're smuggling the nuclear codes in their a$$ at times!
  2. I heard from a former ISU receiver today that graduated from there that he's heard Campbell isn't interested in the job at all. Of course he could be BSing me I'm just passing on what I heard.
  3. Whomever we hire better be either a current or have been head coach in a successful P5 conference. NU has to spend record money here to fix this on a proven comodity or its over and its never coming back! No experiments, no "we hope it works out" pay the goddamn money and FIX THIS!
  4. It's NOT hard to see him going after him IF you think of his job being secure standpoint though. He's going to be let go as well if he messes this hire up. NU needs to be prepared to drop #1 in pay type money on this hire. This is an all in type situation.
  5. Husker football is dead, I'll be shocked if anyone decent wants to come here. What a joke!
  6. I'm not mistaken because I realized that you have no idea what you're talking about and you just confirmed it. Anyone that thinks that Suh can just walk in and coach defense kinda speaks for themselves on how much they "know"
  7. The kicker for the Jacksonville Jaguars alledges he was kicked by U.M. not sure if that was verified by an uninvolved 3rd party though.
  8. Define your level of success? Dabo Sweeney and Nick Saban both "played" football but weren't stand out players but are amazing National Championship winning coaches. Just because someone can play football and become hall of fame players don't mean they can coach. Mike Singletary was a terrible head coach but a Hall of Fame player.
  9. What makes you think Suh can coach at all? There's this thought process that past successful players are automatically good coaches and that's just not how it works!
  10. Jackson State he's the head coach there
  11. It's gotta be a known name that's been successful at the Division 1 level. No more experiments! Goddammit I wanted Frost to be the guy!
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