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  1. Such sad news! RIP sir thoughts and prayers to the Frost family.
  2. How about we keep the thread about the possible return of football and keep the politics and opinions about politics and whatever in that section or the board please?
  3. Our department already did biased based policing training, mental health training, etc. before President Obama asked police across the country to do. We also received several grants through the COPS now grant process and we received those grants based on what we did in community policing and what we planned to do in community policing. We received funds to hire more officers with the understanding that we would expand our community policing once we received those funds. Which we've done and we have a large amount of community support in our community. Law enforcement as a whole is, generally speaking, a Republican leaning occupation similar to the military. That's due to several reasons, but that's why you'll see support from President Trump. I personally haven't met an officer that has supported his games though so there's a divide there. I did not personally hear those comments from him, but that's because I basically have shut the news off for months now and don't want to listen to the man speak either. lol
  4. I'd be all for it and I think you'd see A LOT of law enforcement trainers be all for it! There's only so much time in the year unfortunately so balancing all of the different training could become challenging for some departments based on staffing. Also you'd have to take into consideration how to handle the older officers of the profession because their bodies are pretty beat up from a 30 year career. I've been doing this 20 years and 20 years of a duty belt and gear has done a number on my lower back and hips that's for sure. lol
  5. I agree there has to be a better way and I think collectively as a whole we all want that. I just want to protect my community the best way that I can and if that gets me better training in the long run and everyone is safer that's a win/win.
  6. Good question and it varies from department to department unfortunately. I'd say as a whole officers aren't taught defensive tactics at a level they should be unless they decide to do some training on their own. For example in Iowa their is no mandate for defensive tactics to be completed X number of times per year.
  7. I agree with you on them closing distance as it makes no sense from an officer safety standpoint. We are taught the 21 foot rule in the academy and through our training. That states if a suspect is standing 21 feet away from you with a knife and your weapon is holstered they can get to you and stab you before you can get your weapon out of the holster and fire one shot. So distance is your friend with a suspect with a knife. Obviously that can change if the suspect starts moving towards and innocent bystander or something. That's my guess at what the officer will try and say in this situation in some form or another. However the courts aren't real happy with Officers "creating a deadly force situation" through their actions so time will tell on this one.
  8. Eh, I get what you're saying in that first part, but "in fear of my life or another's life" is absolutely being "scared". Not trying to justify or not justify what happened just clarifying is all. Also officers are not trained to shoot at legs or arms or whatever. They are taught to shoot center mass for several reasons to stop the threat. There are scientific reasons behind that based on how the human body responds to a critical incident.
  9. He probably could, but he shouldn't because he should wait until the hearing officer presents all the evidence to him and gives their recommendation on discipline. He's basically the "judge" in this situation. Could he explain that process so everyone understands, sure, should he screw this process up though, no.
  10. While I understand the "shock" in the Sheriff maybe not seeing that you'd have to understand how internal affairs works in law enforcement agencies and the layer's involved with that. For instance I've been involved in a few as a supervisor over the years. There's usually an investigator involved or the "finder of fact", then a hearing officer and then the disciplinary officer. Typically the Chief/Sheriff is the disciplinary officer and makes his/her decision off of what the hearing officer says. The investigator gets all the evidence together and presents that to the hearing officer who then forms an opinion and gives recommendations to the Chief. It's kinda similar to how courts work and this process is based off of employment law, department policy, state law, and case law. It's not a simple process and you can't **** it up or you'll be screwed as a department in several ways in the end.
  11. If you think about it from a marketing stand point though, maybe Frost and Co trying to fight for football will pay off in dividends in reference to some recruits hearing about us now that maybe wouldn't have before?
  12. Ohio State can ask, but we can't because it's a problem. Makes sense B1G....
  13. I'm not randomly drug tested at work surprisingly. But I do watch what I take and I've never liked taking one supplement and then needed to take support supps to counteract any negative side effects. So in that respect I take care of myself.
  14. Meh, I've been lifting for 20+ years and I've taken all kinds of different products out there. I remember taking the first powered creatine where you had to load up with it........terrible taste! His stuff is on par with pretty much everything else, but I personally like his protein powder more than any other one I've ever tried. I've achieved decent results from that and his protein tastes pretty amazing IMO. Everything that's out there seems watered down and mediocre at best. I haven't tried a pre-workout in probably 8 years or so that works for me. The last one that did was called Animal Rage and that made me lift crazy amounts in the gym, but it's no longer on the market for a reason.
  15. Ashwagandha is in a Test booster I tried from Jym products. Gave me the worst headaches I've ever had in my life so I stopped taking it. Like I'm talking 24 hours solid of a serious headache where I had to sit in a dark room and just let my body process it. Some folks are sensitive to that stuff and I guess I'm one of them. I'd love to try a test booster that's actually a decent one, but have yet to find one yet that'll work decent.
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