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  1. I think Suh will get in but it'll take a few ballots before he makes it. I think David will have to wait longer unfortunately. If they repeat next year then yeah sure, it makes it easier. David has put together on helluva career and IMO is one of the best LB's to ever play the game.
  2. He needs to be his own man and do what he thinks he needs to do. Not what dad thinks he needs to do. If he leaves it's a mistake on his part. He's not going to get more touches than he's getting here and Kentucky isn't some huge football destination last I checked!
  3. Any chance we jump on any of those receivers though? Obviously we need some help in that area.....
  4. Hate to see him go, but it's the right decision for him to go ahead and give it a shot. Thanks and good luck Jack!
  5. If anyone has a chance to go to the NFL from the seniors they should absolutely go as they have no idea what next year might bring. If they don't have a shot, but can contribute, they should stick around because they might give themselves a chance next year or they could get one more year of the "glory years" to take with them through life.
  6. 9 yards is all Mills needs for 200 yards....
  7. Just keep handing it off to Mills and give the guy his 200 yard game with a TD at the end of the drive. Get this season over with!
  8. You watch......we'll leave the middle of the field open for those QB sneaks this drive.
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