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  1. Most departments are working 10 or 12 hour shifts. Are you saying that those hours we don't work are paid or unpaid?
  2. Because the TASER works maybe 60% of the time and deadly force is the appropriate response in this situation to protect a life. I've got three ribs that are still broken from the last time I used a TASER on a guy and it didn't work. He was hopped up on PCP and god knows what else. In my career the TASER will eventually cease to exist honestly.
  3. I'm sorry, but "Brian" is a moron and just posting inflammatory things to keep the hate going. I'd argue that situation has more to do with cops being afraid to do their jobs and use force when it's necessary than it does about race. But that doesn't fit the hate topic. Personally I probably would've shot that guy, but I also wouldn't have jumped on the side of a truck with a crazy bastard behind the wheel! Nevermind it's in Minnesota where I'm guessing most cops are apprehensive to even go to calls for service at this point let alone be proactive and I can't blame them.
  4. Yes this is correct, we are taught to shoot center mass due to our percentage of hits goes way down in a critical situation. We also teach our officers to shoot until the threat is no longer a threat. Not necessarily to kill someone although that's the result in officer involved shootings from time to time. As far as her mistaking her firearm for a TASER it's unacceptable and I agree it never should've happened, but this HAS happened in law enforcement before across the country and there IS a "reasoning" behind it, it seems, and it has to do with how the officer was dealing with s
  5. I think Suh will get in but it'll take a few ballots before he makes it. I think David will have to wait longer unfortunately. If they repeat next year then yeah sure, it makes it easier. David has put together on helluva career and IMO is one of the best LB's to ever play the game.
  6. He needs to be his own man and do what he thinks he needs to do. Not what dad thinks he needs to do. If he leaves it's a mistake on his part. He's not going to get more touches than he's getting here and Kentucky isn't some huge football destination last I checked!
  7. Any chance we jump on any of those receivers though? Obviously we need some help in that area.....
  8. Hate to see him go, but it's the right decision for him to go ahead and give it a shot. Thanks and good luck Jack!
  9. If anyone has a chance to go to the NFL from the seniors they should absolutely go as they have no idea what next year might bring. If they don't have a shot, but can contribute, they should stick around because they might give themselves a chance next year or they could get one more year of the "glory years" to take with them through life.
  10. 9 yards is all Mills needs for 200 yards....
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