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  1. If Frost stays stubborn with his staff and doesn't make changes his time here won't last too long unfortunately. I hope the guy makes some changes to the coaching staff because I don't want to see him end up getting fired for being stubborn and refusing to change things.
  2. First off there were a few different reasons Solich was fired. It wasn't just the product on the football field and if you were a Nebraska fan you'd know the reasons. Secondly I haven't seen anyone around here beating their chests about the 90's and saying **** about winning a N.C. We just want to be competitive again and see disciplined football! Third if you're here to troll just go ahead and leave now and save me the trouble of having to ban you. You want to discuss things rationally......cool.....if not go away! Lastly, to answer the OP's original que
  3. Adrian is the better passing QB and it's obvious he gives us a bigger playbook to work with but he's slow to make decisions and needs more touch on his pass. McCaffrey has the quicker feet and decision making, but lacks the long bomb passing that we need to stretch the field with our younger wide receivers. I'm starting Adrian from here on out and bringing McCaffrey in to do some wildcat or get more speed and weapons on the field. I'm also bringing Adrian under center to take care of the snapping issues cause that's killing us along with dumba$$ penalties. The play calling has bee
  4. No reason to risk him being injured for good by bringing him back too soon. This season is basically over anyways. He can be a leader on the sidelines. Thank god the kid is okay!
  5. Why the hell haven't the receivers been going 100% in practice?! And why haven't the coaches been on their a$$es about it and fixed this sooner?! We're a dumba$$ football team that's for sure! Mustaches......gimme a break!
  6. I'd love it if we pulled off the W somehow but I won't be counting on it by any means! Lol
  7. Such a nasty hit to that knee! Hope Rex heals up okay and can come back 100%
  8. Something that happens when I eat too much Taco Bell.....
  9. Iowa wins by 24 and that's me being generous!
  10. I'll be turning it off at the half, I've got s#!t to do and it won't involve sitting here and watching s#!t football for most of the day.
  11. Frost's seat is hot as hell after this game, he has his guys, he's had 3 years of strength training behind the program, yet we still see s#!t football and dumb penalties on the field?!
  12. Cam is terrible.....high snaps, holding that badly.....go ride the pine!
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