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  1. Guess we're going to find out how well our fanbase truly travels!
  2. I think this is pretty cool! I've always wanted to go to Ireland and it looks like I need to find a reason to go now!
  3. Good god I didn't know this! That's an improvement then for sure!
  4. I'm unhappy as anyone else about how we're playing this season at times. We're very inconsistent and there are several things that are glaringly wrong with the Huskers this year. I realized last night though that last year we lost a bunch of close games. We couldn't seem to put the games away in the end and have a few things go our way. This season though we're finally starting to win the close ones. Yeah we lost a close one in Colorado, but that game should've never ended that way. Illinois, close game and we pull it out, Northwestern, close game and we pull it out! I don't hope we're in a bunch of tight games from here on out mainly because my stress level goes through the roof and the older I get the less I can deal with that! But if we are it seems like we'll scratch and claw for the W and that's a step in the right direction this season.
  5. He played great again and I'm damn glad we have him on the team this year. I'd hate to think about where we'd be right now without him.
  6. Yesterday there were several plays where receivers dropped the balls that Martinez was throwing to them. Most of those throws weren't the best throws, but they were in the area where the receivers should've caught them. As has been said this O-line play has been terrible and that isn't going to fix itself overnight. The snap issue can be corrected, but it doesn't seem like the coaches are willing to sit him for now to help with that. It'll be interesting to see how things go next weekend IF Vedral gets the start.
  7. We HAVE to stop turning the ball over, right now I don't know how we beat Wisconsin to win the west. They are really good and I'm scared of what their lines will do to us. Iowa is beatable because their offense isn't built to score a lot of points in a game. They grind you down with fundamental football so if we get them out of their game and don't let them do that we win that game. I think we should get them in a track meet type game because they can't handle that. We have to beat them because it's unbearable living in Iowa with these damn Iowa fans! Of course if we make it to Indy somehow I don't think we beat OSU and at this point I'd be shocked if we ended up there. All the other games outside of Iowa and Wisky should be wins because those teams just aren't good enough at this point.
  8. I'm just gonna hope you guys are right. Honestly I don't pay enough attention to recruiting anymore to know. I'm just going by what I'm seeing on the field at this point.
  9. Need more than 2 guys though, not saying they aren't huge dudes, but they're only two guys and that's not going to get the job done. I'm in no hurry, I know this is gonna be one helluva long process.
  10. It's pretty simple we need to focus on recruiting to our lines and especially our O-line. Until we make that a priority we won't do much in the B1G. If you've got a 4 and 5 star O-line with road graders playing on it you can have a 3 star RB and he'll run pretty damn well with holes the size of a Cadillac. And we need depth so we can rotate when we are getting gassed. We don't have that, not even close! I don't think we realized how good Ziggy was until he wasn't here. Good lord did he cover up alot of issues on the O-line!
  11. Well I guess I don't think our RB's are tiny by any means, but they definitely need to bulk up some. Washington is 6'1" 190 and kinda lanky so he needs to put some muscle on to survive the B1G and Mills 5'11" 220 and has the look of more of a bruiser back, but hasn't really filled that roll completely just yet. Mills is getting better don't get me wrong, but they both might be in intensive care by the end of the season. Let's not talk about Wan'Dale Robinson running up the middle. He's a GREAT athlete, but we can't rely on him to pound the rock so to speak. He's 5'10" 190 and has some growing to do as well. Felt terrible for the kid with some of the hits he took against OSU. When Mills and Washington went out against Illinois we relied on Robinson to become our back for the rest of that game. So we've seen some baffling things so far this season with play calling, but when we threw it back old school and lined up under center and in the I-formation OSU didn't know what to do with us until AM threw a damn INT.
  12. We can't run this flashy offense in the B1G without a power running game as an addition. And right now our interior line play is horrible and I don't care if we had the Barry Sanders running back there, it's impossible to run between the tackles with this O-line it seems. I'm not blaming AM for all of the problems, it's not just him.
  13. Oh great...........yeah thanks for that revelation!
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