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  1. But obviously higher than 40% right.............
  2. Your opinion is your opinion and just so we understand one another I'm a veteran as well, but that doesn't mean my opinion matters more than anyone else's and I'm not sure what that has to do with anything at this point?! You have a funny way of crafting your posts so that they come across in the manner that I've described in my past posts. So maybe you need to change the way you're crafting them as numerous posters have tried to talk to you in the past about it in this very forum and you've refused to listen. And damn right I take it personal because I take pride in my job and I won't allow you or ANYONE to post some of the things you've posted and not get called out on it!
  3. You're unbelievable, don't tell me I'm wearing rose colored glasses when it's obvious you have no clue what you're talking about. I think you're wearing your cop hating glasses and refuse to see anything else. First person I'm putting on ignore after 15 years of being on this board.
  4. We're up to what?......500 videos that are being posted on cops doing bad things on that whole Twitter feed or whatever it is? I haven't watched all just a few here or there, but there's between 700,000 and 800,000 cops out there. So there's an awful lot of us not ending up on social media because of our actions.......That's all I'm getting at here. I'm still not happy with the amount of videos that are popping up on there either, but fatigue is setting in with some of these officers and they're doing stupid **** because of it. Not excusable, just saying it's becoming a problem.
  5. Just a friendly reminder that 99.9% of us do ......is it so hard to remind some in the public to not paint us with a broad brush and claim that we're all bad because of a few?
  6. https://news.yahoo.com/3-officers-were-hospitalized-unknown-040635182.html This is B.S. and I hope the people responsible are charged! And I had WAYYYYY more than 21 weeks of training, but let's continue to paint with that broad brush......
  7. There have been plenty of instances where an officer is giving chase on a suspect and that suspect gets a shot off on an officer and ends up getting shot in the back. That doesn't justify or not justify the shooting for me in situations. I can see both sides of the situation in Atlanta. Having been shot with the Taser and having used the Taser on suspects it renders you completely helpless if contact is made appropriately with the probes. That becomes a concern for an officer in reference to your gun possibly being taken from you. If you hold the trigger down on the Taser it'll just keep going and going. It's more than "confetti" being shot out of those things. Of course if people would comply in these situations first of all and not play court on the side of the road or wherever ALOT of situations could be avoided.
  8. Yep, sure do. It's still a dumb idea to disband a force of that size or even vote on it when all that hasn't been even talked about yet. What happens when 800 officers say "**** it, I'm out!" next week because of this? What's the plan then?
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/minneapolis-council-majority-backs-disbanding-233744273.html These people have no idea what they're doing and they don't have a plan in place for the aftermath for this decision either. I'd move if I lived in Minneapolis!
  10. It just depends on the department culture and if that's something that's okay in that environment. Unfortunately not all law enforcement agencies are created equally so what's okay in one department may not be okay in another. It SHOULD be okay everywhere for an officer to step in if another officer is doing something wrong, there's no question about that!
  11. Dude you've done nothing but tell me I need to prove to you I'm a good police officer and I'm the one that's ignorant?! Give me a break...... you've made up your mind on your side and obviously refuse to see my side of things so why should I keep trying to talk with you about it?! So who's really being the adult here by walking away and saying "It's cool, I'm done"
  12. I guess I should've clarified I was posting it more as an opinion piece that had some good opinions in it.
  13. That's EXACTLY how every police officer in America feels right now though. And that was created in December before any of this. We deal with EVERYTHING that society wants fixed and that's wayyyyy more than just drug issues. So people expect us to be all those things. My perspective is different than yours on this article. How come everything has a counter argument from folks in here when it's posted? Read it for what it is.
  14. http://www.theruralbadge.com/2019/12/decide-what-you-want.html?m=1 If you're interested in a read that isn't Twitter, or Facebook, or a post from every Tom, d!(k and Harry who has an account and an opinion that they're pushing as the #truth
  15. In this life I don't need to prove anything to anyone but myself...... I'm done conversing with you about this.
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