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  1. One thing I learned very early on as a supervisor......."praise in public, criticize in private" Frost needs to understand that concept or it's going to bite him in the a$$ in the end.
  2. We're screwed with A-Mart at the helm.
  3. We'll give up the 1st down somehow.........
  4. Why continue to run that play? It's laughable at this point, I mean listen to the announcers here?!
  5. That was garbage by JD...........really dumb decision on his part.
  6. I guarantee you that if he puts McCaffrey in there he'll leave it all on the field and get us a TD. He plays with so much fire and passion for the game. Hope to see him on the next drive.
  7. You talk about a great play by Cam!!!! *edit his right knee*
  8. Now we're getting fired up, LET'S GO HUSKERS FIGHT TO THE END!!!
  9. Put McCaffrey in, it'll at least change up the pace of the damn offense and the kid gets fired up!
  10. This is ridiculous..........I want to scream, but I can't muster it up to even care anymore.
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