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  1. Easy...That was the End of "the curse" poem!
  2. Someone mentioned something about eating crow earlier...
  3. Part of it I think is they've been paying too much attention to the game instead of just playing it like a good wrestling match. Not as players but a team that keeps on whittling. The wood is tough and grainy. You've got to have the mindset that you're going to lean into the grind. That is going to cause you to become even sharper still on and on play by play game to game. The game is played in the moment. It's like boxing. You really don't know what it's going to take to eventually prevail. It's successfully landing punches, avoiding them and responding after being hit. There's a confidence factor. With competence comes confidence. The more successful one is, the more confident. With that confidence, you are comfortable doing a larger variety of things. And, the confidence has to be sustained even when you get smacked and can smack back capitalizing on opportunities. Alright, I've got a gash above my eye, that's not going to deter me or us. I kind of rather enjoy it when our swords meet clanging. Patience and transitioning. You don't dictate what's given you but you do determine how you'll respond even while you don't know specifically what will be required as it comes to you. You've got to be have the ability to be variable. When to slow up, put the hammer down and everything in between. Ride the horse however it does. It's difficult to have a winning instinct haven't had won a lot. You're teaching a whole group to do it not just an individual. Things get tight, you overcome circumstances, there's learning. That's a hill we mightily struggle to get over, overcoming. How are we going to win? Whatever it takes. The team answers. There's no damned recipe to achieving the outcome. You have the ability to adjust and adapt whatever is thrown your way based upon sheer determination and having absolute faith in your coaches, teammates and training. There's a game plan sure but your opponent is going to do everything in their power to derail it. Being like water seems a simple enough task, now get a whole group of men doing it together. Tricky. There's blood and sweat all around and you look over across to the opponent and think, maybe it's time we send these guys back to the locker room losers. Instead of losing focus when challenged, you focus better still. Taking advantage of opportunities as they're presented trusting ourselves and each other. We aren't doing those things well enough now. Maybe having an "identity" is having cohesion. Doing whatever "it" is together well. Every "drop" working together where there's flow. The whole thing has got be better for it to gain greater momentum. Usually we focus on this or that when we'd it'd better serve us to look at the relationships within all the moving parts of the system. Dang, what's up with these dudes? They don't let up. We just delivered a blow and not only are they not phased, they're are stronger yet. Our will is in the opponent's heads now. Click, click, click. Doubt creeps in. Get started and keep on going! Being good is scary territory to negotiate too. But that's a topic for another time. lol Hopefully sooner, rather than later.
  4. Fireworks went off at the stadium too right?
  5. Forgo even the first week. In game experience is the best. Sink or swim!
  6. There's likely a correlation to coordinator's success rankings in relation to the players that are participating in their offenses. I'm guessing that talent and higher athletic abilities have something to do with fueling the success one enjoys as well as other factors that work on behalf of the unit. We'll call these nuances. Correlations aren't "causes" of coarse and, they can coexist together. The coach has to have the ability to acquire those players, develop them and have strategies and contingencies to effectively implement their strengths. Maybe the player experiences the coach has even offer opportunities for these teachers to learn as well parlaying into improving their craft. Most of us here likely have self reflected on our work performances throughout our lives and have gone about the business making corrections and improving so that we could compete with our peers, offer value. We've experienced coworkers too who blame others, rarely, if ever accepting responsibility and are very good at arguing. You are the target of their wrath. There's not much reflection going on with those folks if any but lots of irrational reactions and answers to almost everything independent of whatever competencies they might have. We have markets for managers and employees and coaches and players. If you've ever been a manager or coach, you know you work with what you can get with what you can offer the employees or players. Sometimes you just hope that the people you've chosen to lead can learn, reflect and have the potential for growth not possessing ethical flexibility and that sort of stuff. It's on you to seek those people out and do the very best you can to generate the results you're seeking. On a Friday night you order a pizza. Lots of things have gone into your having a satisfying experience. All the ingredients being worked with, the persons hired to prepare it, the manager charged with executing the mission of serving it to you and a whole host of contributing factors. If the person forgets to put the meat on your pizza or, if the meat on your pizza pie happens to have a bone in it that chips a tooth, all of the sudden a bunch of efforts were spoiled. You'd have every right to bring it to someone's attention and not be pleased with the ordeal. People make both honest and reckless errors and, errors due to incompetence and a variety of other reasons. Sometimes we can exact responsibility upon one individual, other times not. Perhaps it's a combination of things with grey areas. I used to know a guy that would go off saying wild things absent any reasoning. He knew what he wanted and most of the time what he wanted wasn't unreasonable. It's just that he placed guilt and shame on people that oftentimes wasn't warranted. As a consequence, those who were serving were less motivated to carry out their tasks. Others were reluctant to join the team. You probably know the routine. No one wins. It's just more exhaustion and suffering. Sometimes people complain to make themselves feel better about themselves. We want to say to those particular nasty ones criticizing us, "Alright, do ya feel better now". Maybe they go on platforms saying the same things again and again or simply hurl a can of beer at your place for upsetting them. You laugh at the ridiculousness of it. Wouldn't have sitting down having a discussion over beverages been better! Alright, counseling sessions and potential medication could be more in order. (Ha) The outcome of this season hurts. There seems no way out of the ongoing, unrelenting hell. It'd be abnormal if you and I weren't hurting. That's be like someone cutting themselves or repetitively placing their fingers on very hot surface and their enjoying it instead of experiencing pain. Or, dating the person who throws you one hurtful bomb after one hurtful bomb expecting the relationship to be blissful. STOP IT. I LOVE YOU. BUT YOU ARE DRIVING ME NUTS!!! Except you can't. You chose not to anyway. There's no doubt in my mind that Coach Rhule and his team are reflecting on the season and are beginning now to do what they can to produce the results they intend on delivering. They are neither satisfied or happy and will work toward making what seems impossible possible and, do what they can to accomplish their aim. As challenging as it is, like our team we have to put our faith in and trust the process. Everyone will have their opportunities to share their humble opinions as we should. Along with that though, keeping things in perspective and going a little easier on ourselves and each other is in our interest too. You can come up with something I'm sure.
  7. Is it possible that there was an error or something unintentional occurred? Contacting one of the moderators in a message to inquire about it is what I'd suggest. I'm sure that they'd provide an explanation if a warning was indeed intended.
  8. Disappointed. Anticipated a bit better and being more encouraged heading into the off season. Big uphill climb yet. Defense B Solid results year 1. Hopefully White remains and we will make significant strides again next year. Offense D QB play, turnovers, injuries, limited options to work with. The effort was there though and they didn't give up. Special Teams C- Returns the main issue there. We're just not generating better field position. Limiting returns seemed a touch better. Kicking and punting okay. I'll throw in Offensive Line (C), Defensive Line (B-), Halftime Adjustments (C+) and Game Management (C). OVERALL C Gotta continue to get better every day and continue acquiring contributors!
  9. The prize is that you're entitled to your opinion and likewise, others are entitled to theirs.
  10. The firing squad has been pretty consistent over the years too though true? There were quite a few having reservations over Peetz when his name was being brought up. He did well there and was a bust there, Etc. It's possible that we'd be having a similar discussion to what we're having now had he been hired. Our last HC was deemed to be somewhat of an offensive mastermind and struggled to generate anything remarkable with his coordinators. I don't know if Satterfield improves, if he's a fit or, if there's anyone available who wants to come here that would do better. That's not to suggest that criticisms aren't justifiable. They were when Banker was here but then we wound up with the Diaco fiasco that was worse.
  11. The quarterback position issue is much more relevant than Satterfield and his play calling. I'm not sure how many more games we'd have won with Casey Thompson though the choice to acquire Sims was an error. There was good reasoning behind making a change though the quarterback we acquired wasn't an improvement over Thompson. Not only his skill, he could've provided leadership for the offense. It's easy to criticize now in hindsight although we really did strike out there. It seems the intent was a longer term solution and they wanted more physical, durable QB (perhaps). Quarterback selections and management has been challenging for Rhule. Bringing in a staff member that can assist with that area of play would be advantageous.
  12. Whatever it takes! Bowl of Wheaties for every player on the team and the entire coaching staff. DAILY.
  13. Whenever "portal" is mentioned, I envision a tall tier of multiple slides that reach out to the various teams.
  14. We don't need to throw mega pints into the mix. Satterfield isn't going anywhere.
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