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  1. I hope we whoop their asses!
  2. Our defense is going to have to create a turnover with a score for us to win this game.
  3. I have zero faith we win this game and that pisses me off.
  4. While this defense is good at times, they've given up big plays here and there like this all year.
  5. Disagree, his forward progress was stopped for enough time to whistle it dead. Agree about the TE though
  6. We'll stand by the road and cheer as the winner goes by....
  7. f#&%ing pitiful and I'm soooo sick of watching us lose almost every close game we play in and other teams becoming bowl eligible on us. Being a Husker fan has become a curse
  8. I learned that being a Husker fan is one of the more miserable things I've been a part of during my life. Fing OVER s#!t football!
  9. Our defense HAS to score for us to win this game.
  10. 4th and 2 and our QB is in the shotgun....
  11. Why in the **** are our DB's playing so far off of these receivers?
  12. The playcalling on offense better be heavy run/option, play-action, no passes more than 5 to 7 yards.
  13. I don't care what Rhule needs to do with his personnel but he needs to do whatever it takes to win a 6th game. Try everything!
  14. Any plays that are designed to have HH be a pocket passer should be thrown out of the playbook. The kid just can't do it
  15. If I never see that pass play again it'll be too soon
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