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  1. Can anyone explain how we're going to deal with all these commitments from the scholorship side of things? Good problem to have obviously but are we going to cut some players before the season starts?
  2. But regardless Mickey's hand or hands are alleged to be around her throat to the point the victim describes not being able to breath. It's not uncommon for witnesses to observe things and then retell them inaccurately. If LPD is smart here they advised her to get a scan of her throat for possible internal injuries. These would occur when a strangulation happens. Hopefully they also obtained medical consent to obtain these records from the victim. Even if he's cleared of this in the end he's gone folks.
  3. We get it.... you want the thread locked.... it's the offseason and when stuff like this happens discussion is bound to occur on the topic. You can always stay out of the thread if you don't care for the topic. Everyone is speculating right now across every platform so this isn't unique to Huskerboard.
  4. The personal attacks and going back and forth in this thread need to stop otherwise formal warnings will be issued. We have a woodshed for a reason. Take it there you two. P.S. I love you both...
  5. Either is a possibility but I'd guess more chance of it being alcohol.
  6. Well if these allegations are true I feel for his family during this time. I do not condone what he is accused of though and if true the book needs thrown at him. I've been to many domestics involving strangulations and the victims are truly at deaths door step at that moment. The suspect in those cases though don't go 0 to 60 and all of the sudden decide to strangle one day. There's usually a violent road to get to that point in my experience. Truly a sad situation....
  7. Just watched the press conference. I'm impressed with how he commanded the podium. You can tell he's a leader and Trev showed a ton of class with his speech as well. Excited for the future!
  8. For that type of money he better have the best receiver crew in the country. That's nuts!
  9. If true that would probably be a good move on Rhule's part. Gives some consistency for the kids moving into next year, keeps the recruits we've gotten so far and satisfies the masses that think he should've been the head coach.
  10. Thread locked due to coaching announcement! Welcome to Nebraska Coach Rhule!
  11. I agree that I think he'll keep MJ and I hope he does so he can be developed more! He's a great WR coach and a great recruiter.
  12. This might be my most favorite post on Huskerboard of all time! #gold
  13. Whipple can't go soon enough with this play calling! f#&% you old man!
  14. It was about time for us to mess this up....
  15. Keep playing hard Huskers! This game is farrrr from over!
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