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  1. But what happens when you lose to us?.........
  2. I keep hearing that Campbell isn't going to leave ISU unless it's for the OSU job.
  3. I get it, I just can't get behind it with what he did here. Great O-line coach yes, no doubt about it, one of the best in the game, but I'm personally saying no thanks.
  4. Did you just say you wanted to bring Bill Callahan back to coach our O-line.......the same Bill Callahan that helped destroy this program with an inept A.D.?! Yeah the guy can coach the O-line, but NO THANKS!!!!
  5. Are we on the fire Frost train again? This was ridiculous.
  6. This is bulls#!t.....so sick of this s#!tbox team!
  7. Ugh.... make from 50.....misses from there! F$^k kid!
  8. If AM can't figure this out he needs to be benched. He's all over the place right now!
  9. That was an absolute garbage fing call!
  10. Predictable....way to stall the drive guys!
  11. CTB is terrible by the way! No way he should be starting! He gets burned allll the time!
  12. Agreed! We get OSU and Iowa at home and I don't think this team is bothered by rankings at this point.....they can play with anybody! We'll beat one of those two and win against Minny, Wisky and Purdue. Or how about we just win the rest of them and finish 8-4?!
  13. YEPPPP!!! Absolutely DOMINATED in every facet of this game ANDDDD with an 84 yard punt on top of it!
  14. Honestly I think we can get enough wins to get to a bowl game. Purdue, Minnesota, and probably Wisconsin should be wins. Iowa hasn't played ANYONE outside of ISU so their undefeated record doesn't scare me. They have an easy a$$ schedule this year. Beat Michigan and we could beat OSU too. This team can hang with the teams left on the schedule.
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